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Welcome… Please ensure that all information, including all relevant attachments,                                           1 March 2011
are distributed to the intended recipients. To view previous editions of school-news                                           Issue 21
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Courses and events          Safeguarding                 Reports, guidance             People and               Other
                                                         and consultation              improvement

1. CLICSargent              2. Ofsted Inspection         5. Informationon H&S          6. HRBusiness Partner    7. Attendanceand
(P,S,SP)                    report (P,S,SP,N)            issues re Graffiti            Contacts (P,S,SP,N)      Weekly Data Export
                                                         (P,S,SP,N)                                             Reminder (P,S,SP,N)
.                           3. REMINDER    - Cultural
                            Diversity &                                                                         8. Model delivery from
                            Safeguarding Children                                                               the Inclusion Team
                            (P,S,SP,N)                                                                          Teachers for Learning
                            4. WSCB  Training
                            Programme 2011-2012                                                                              Active
                                                                                                                9. Sainsbury's
                            (P,S,SP,N)                                                                          Kids 2011 (P,S,SP,N)

                         School Phase Key      -    P = Primary    S = Secondary       SP = Special   N = Nursery
1. CLIC Sargent                                                                                       Audience: All Staff

CLIC Sargent, the children's Cancer charity has a new fundraiser called, "Kick". Schools receive a
free event pack when they sign up and free footballs when their event is complete. Also, any       Action: For more information and
monies raised is subject to schools keeping 25% of it to put back into sports equipment too!       details on how to register your school,
                                                                                                   go to:
     CLIC Sargent - Kick Fundraiser                                                     
Contact: Mrs Paula Pearson, 07572-419-478
                                                                                                      If registering, inform Tom Haworth
                                                                                                      (ASET) 01925-444-110 or 07734-281-
Back to the top                                                                                       071 and/or Pat Hendrie (WaSSP)
                                                                                                      01925-755-458 or 07704-562-499 so
                                                                                                      that they can try to involve your local
                                                                                                      football club in your project.

                                                                                                      Due date:

2. Ofsted inspection report                                                                           Audience: All staff

As you are aware, last month Ofsted returned to Warrington to re-inspect safeguarding and
looked after children services.
Their judgement, announced today, is that the council and its partners are now meeting all of their
statutory requirements - performance is rated as adequate in 20 areas and good in the remaining
                                                                                                      Due date:
We are now liaising with the DfE to discuss taking us out of special measures in recognition of the
improvements that have been achieved. We will also be working with Ofsted to agree
Warrington’s wider Children’s Services Annual Ofsted Assessment judgement which is due to be
published in the next few weeks.

Contact: Jennifer Perry, 01925 443301
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3. REMINDER - Cultural Diversity & Safeguarding Children                                            Audience: Designated Senior Person
                                                                                                    for Child Protection
Aim of the course:
To discuss and explain the composition of Warrington’s ethnic minority community
To develop an understanding in meeting the needs of children and young people from minority         Action: See attached flier. Application
communities                                                                                         sent to WSCB Core team or emailed
                                                                                                    via manager to WSCB mailbox
      Flyer and Application Form

Contact: Marcia Dale, 01925 443439                                                                  Due date: as per application form

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4. WSCB Training Programme 2011-2012                                                                Audience: All school staff

2011-2012 Training Programme including CAF and Safeguarding Children Courses. Also new
application form which needs to be completed in full.                                               Action: Please circulate to all staff and
                                                                                                    retain for future use. NB new
      Training Programme                                                                           application form which must be fully
      Application Form                                                                             completed
Contact: Marcia Dale, 01925 443439                                                                            Due date: N/A
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5. Information on H&S issues re Graffiti                                                            Audience: Headteachers /
                                                                                                    Maintenance Officers
Please find attached documents highlighting important information regarding graffiti in or around
school grounds.
                                                                                                   Action: N/A
If you have any questions or would like further information please do not hesitate to contact
Caroline Simpson in the Health and Safety Team on 01925 442039.

      Graffiti Safety Alert                                                                       Due date: N/A
      Graffiti Leaflet

Contact: Caroline Simpson, 01925 442039
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6. HR Business Partner Contacts                                                                    Audience: Headteacher

For all your HR queries please contact your designated HR Business Partner:

Helen Ferguson:            01925 442945                                                            Action:
Amanda Hopwood:            01925 442941
Sarah Whittaker:           01925 443871
Michael Wafer:             01025 442742
                                                                                                   Due date: N/A
Contact: designated HR Business Partner

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7. Attendance and Weekly Data Export Reminder                                                      Audience: - School Secretary

This is just a reminder for all schools to run a data export from SIMS showing just changed data
every week and send via AVCO. Can schools please also ensure that the attendance marks are         Action: Attendance marks in SIMS to
updated every week to help keep our records as up-to-date as possible.                             be updated weekly. Data export
                                                                                                   showing changes only to be sent to LA
      Weekly Data Export                                                                          weekly.

Contact: Deborah Robinson 01925 442975                                                                         Due date: Weekly
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8. Model delivery from the Inclusion Team Teachers for Learning                                      Audience: Headteacher, SENCO

Following the Tier 4 structural review of Children and Young People's Services there will be a
reduction in the Inclusion Team Teacher for Learning (ITTL) posts, from April 2011. There are
two new documents explaining the model of delivery for the summer term 2011 and the criteria for Action: Please pass the 2 documents
accessing this service.                                                                          to the SENCo

      Model of delivery ITTL
      Criteria ITTL                                                                                 Due date:

Contact: Viv Briney, 01925 443151

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9. Sainsbury's Active Kids 2011                                                                      Audience: All Staff

Active kids is all about inspiring youngsters to lead healthier lifestyles. Register your nursery,
school, sports club, Scout or Guide group so you can start collecting vouchers now! There is also
an impressive catalogue available for you to then browse through and redeem your vouchers into       Action: For more information and
suitable worthwhile resources.                                                                       details on how to register your school,
                                                                                                     go to:
Contact: Mrs Paula Pearson, 07572-419-478                                                            ACTIVEKIDS/Registration/Default.aspx
                                                                                                     Due date:
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