Session 2 - Panel Discussion by liuhongmei


									          Session 2 - Panel Discussion

Q. What is anthrotherapist?
A: Cross cultural expertise and mindset

Q. Do you do acclimatisation before shift workers start? Is this a
   good thing?
A: If worker has enough sleep, will get used to shift. e.g. in work
   places with permanent night shifts.

Q. What is the value of psychometric testing, and relevance in
A. Mathematical models have poor predictability. Different answers
   from different cultures.

Q. Social factors have changed over last 20 years – erosion of
   social fabric. Impact on stress?
A. Youth culture. Dominated by young generation – questing.
          Session 2 - Panel Discussion

Q. Local rehab opportunities in Region?
A. Not yet found occupational and/or rehab organisation in UAE
Q: Pre-employment examination of shift worker - what criteria to
     reject them?
A: e.g. diabetes, sleep disorders. Can look at varying shiftwork –
     make shift fit medical condition.
Q: Acceptability of females in shiftwork?
A: No reason to discriminate. Previously legislation prevented
     this. Locally, apart from hospitals, industry opposed to using
     women at night. Legal prevention.
Q: Over-work – What is your recommendation for someone
     working 2 shifts/jobs?
A: Two issues – shift work and extended hours. In UK would
     contravene legislation. Self-employed are difficult to enforce.
          Session 2 - Panel Discussion

Q: Alternative therapies e.g. Chiro, acupuncture and impact on
A: If proven by good scientific controls OK. Others might appear
   to work through psycho-social results – might give miserable
   results. More comfortable with conventional psychologist if
   well trained. Evidence that some alternative therapies do have
   benefit, eg muscular. EG chiropractor

Q: Shiftwork duration recommendation or legislation – link to
   retirement age, or change to another environment?
A: No specific guidelines on how many years shiftwork. Linked to
   eg sleep patterns. Depends on family/social. Look at heart
   disease – look at possible mechanisms. Intervene and try to
           Session 2 - Panel Discussion

Q. Concern at compensation for mental disability disputed by
    insurers. Dispute mental. How to quantify cost?

A.   In PDO, individual diagnosis – assessed by specialist, and
     evaluate state of health. If unfit to continue duties. Includes
     self-inflicted e.g. alcohol/drugs.
     Needs to be treated like any other illness. Based on signed
     agreement. No discrimination on illness type

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