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Accent Librarian Overview


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									Accent Librarian™

                    Accent Librarian
Accent Librarian's Technology Platform Revolutionizes the Management, Distribution and   If you are interested in an online

Re-Use of Critical Business Documents and Media                                          demo of Accent Librarian, email

Librarian is a specialized document management system optimized to provide
sales and marketing teams with fast, web-based access to critical business
documents presentations, rich-media files and other relevant information. Sales
teams react quickly and accurately to new opportunities and marketing teams
gain control over the materials presented to clients.
                                                                                          "Accent Librarian’s Advanced
Librarian’s Advanced Document Management (ADM) technology is a new                        Document Management (ADM)
approach to the challenge of locating and repurposing information. Instead of             technology is a new approach
just providing access to files, it lets team members browse and search inside             to an age-old challenge. The
files to quickly assemble new documents from relevant content in the library              sales team focus is on selling—
or from other data sources.                                                               reducing time spent gathering
                                                                                          and assembling documents."
With Librarian’s flexible business modules, organizations can adopt and configure
Librarian to meet their exact needs. Pick from our broad add-on module portfolio
to add new functionality as business needs expand or change.

Key Benefits
 React faster to selling opportunities with precise materials and information
 Streamline the process of gathering and delivering critical information
 to clients
 Improve quality of service to clients and prospects by providing
 tailored materials

Key Capabilities
 Fully functional document management system focused on streamlining the
 sales and marketing process
 Full-text search and retrieval at the relevant content level (pages,
 slides, paragraphs)
 Powerful document assembly technology
 Web-based administration for fast library creation and maintenance
 Built-in user and group security to restrict content access to appropriate
 individuals or groups
 Broad portfolio of add-on modules allows organization to configure Librarian
 to meet exact needs

document intelligence

 Accent Technologies
 1270 Lake Washington Road, Suite C
 Melbourne, Florida 32935 USA
 telephone 321.242.7438
 toll-free  800.771.6011
 facsimile 321.242.8629



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