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									Accent Group Strategic Plan
2009 – 2012

                                                                          and lives.
                        Making a difference… improving homes, communities
                                                                                               ing homes, keeping them
                            To achieve our vision we will help to support communities by provid
                                                                                             education and training.
                             in good condition and helpi  ng people into employment through

Accent is here to serve our residents. Everything that we do seeks to increase the resources   We have set four objectives to help achieve our vision and they are:
we have to invest in our homes, and to serve and support the people who live in them.          1. Deliver excellent services.
Some highlights from 2008 show that this has been our priority.                                2. Provide great places to live.
L Serving nearly 20,000 households.                                                            3. Give residents and their communities more choice and opportunity.
L Almost 2,000 families rehoused.                                                              4. Be a well run and viable company.
L Over 200 people supported into employment.                                                   Under each objective we have set out the milestones we need to achieve during
L Almost 500 new homes built.                                                                  the first year of this plan.
L Winning Housing Corporation Gold Award – Tackling Worklessness.
L 50 new businesses supported into financial viability.

one voice, many accents                                                                                                           ACCENT VALUES: Respect L Creativity L Dependability
             Deliver excellent services
                                                                                     s of both performance,
             Our aim is to improve the quali ty of services that we deliver, in term
                                                                                          volvement with our
                                                   is our aim to improve the level of in
             and value for money. Critical to this                               way we work.
             customers, and to use their feedback to continually improve the

   The key elements to achieving this            2009/10 MILESTONES                                4. Overall tenant satisfaction figures in March   7. By December 2009 achieve Investors in
   objective are:                                1. To have a common set of minimum                   2009, and targets for March 2011 are:             Diversity Award for the Group.
                                                    service standards shared by Accent                                      Score       Target       8. To support the delivery of excellent services
   L Quality of service will be tracked                                                            RSL                      08/09       10/11
     through customer satisfaction feedback         Foundation, Accent Nene and Accent                                                                  we will modernise our computer systems:
                                                                                                   Accent Foundation       79.4%         85%
     derived from the Status Survey, QHS            Peerless by March 2010.                                                                             I   By Summer 2009 to go live with new
                                                                                                   Accent Nene             84.3%         90%
     audits and customer satisfaction surveys.   2. By March 2010 we will have reviewed                                                                     systems for addressing complaints and
                                                    all our core operating procedures with         Accent Peerless         79.4%         85%                anti-social behaviour.
   L Resident involvement activity will be
     increased so that it becomes an integral       tenants pending the introduction of a                                                               I   By March 2010 to have completed the
                                                    new ICT system:                                5. Overall satisfaction with views being                 procurement phase of the new housing
     part of the way we work.                                                                         taken into account in March 2009,
                                                   I   Complete review of processes for reactive                                                            management system (the new system
   L Performance will be benchmarked                                                                  and targets for March 2011 are:                       will be implemented during 2010/11).
     against Key Performance Indicators and            repairs, allocations and lettings and
                                                       income management by March 2010.                                     Score       Target          I   By September 2009 to have improved
     SMART targets.                                                                                RSL                      08/09       10/11               the existing websites.
                                                   I   Review, simplify and agree all main
   L Value for money will be measured by                                                           Accent Foundation       59.3%         67%            I   By March 2010 to have delivered
                                                       housing standard operating procedures
     developing a much better understanding            (SOPs) by March 2010.                       Accent Nene             58.5%         67%                a new Group-wide website with
     for how much key activities cost,                                                                                                                      significantly greater improved
                                                 3. To identify actions required to improve        Accent Peerless         52.9%         60%
     benchmarking and involving tenants                                                                                                                     functionality for residents.
     in determining quality standards.              performance by at least one quartile on
                                                                                                   6. Overall satisfaction with the repairs
                                                    all performance indicators by March
   Achievement of this objective will mean                                                            service in March 2009, and targets
                                                    2010 (specific actions are identified in
   that Accent will become an example                                                                 for March 2011 are:
                                                    the service plans for Accent Foundation,
   of excellent service delivery in the                                                                                     Score       Target
                                                    Accent Nene, Accent Peerless) or to            RSL                      08/09       10/11
   sector and, more importantly, will be            remain upper quartile.                         Accent Foundation       68.5%         77%
   a landlord of choice for our residents.
                                                                                                   Accent Nene             81.3%         85%
                                                                                                   Accent Peerless         73.6%         80%

2 Deliver excellent services                                                                                                             ACCENT VALUES: Respect L Creativity L Dependability
                        Provide great places to live
                                                                  maintained homes in a
                         We  aim to provide a wide range of well
                                                                           eds and demand.
                         variety of areas in order to respond to housing ne

                                                                     2009/10 MILESTONES
   Our most important milestone is to achieve the Decent             1. By Dec 2010 we will achieve the Decent Homes Standard     5. By summer 2010 we will have developed detailed plans
   Homes Standard (DHS) across the Group by December                    (DHS) across our whole housing stock with the exception      for further stock rationalisation and transfer stock to
   2010. We will then develop a new standard for Accent                 of Accent Foundation’s Manningham and Easington              RSLs who can provide a more local service and seek to
   properties, working with our residents, so that our homes            stock which will follow on as part of our regeneration       purchase stock where we can deliver excellent services.
   reach a higher standard. Our financial plan will take                of priority neighbourhoods.                               6. Through the 2009/11 development programme we will
   into account our need to achieve and sustain the DHS.             2. By autumn 2009, in consultation with residents,              complete 1200 new homes for rent and sale that will
   We will bring forward plans to transfer stock in outlying areas      we will develop our Accent Standard – a condition            meet the Code for Sustainable Homes, level 3.
   to Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) who can provide a more         standard that exceeds the minimum standard required       7. To launch the Accent Environmental Strategy which will
   local service and seek to purchase other RSL stock within            by Decent Homes.                                             include targets for new build properties by June 2009.
   our footprint where we can deliver excellent services.            3. By autumn 2009 we will have completed a major
   We will focus our new housing development and our other                                                                        8. By June 2009 we will complete the implementation of
                                                                        consultation exercise with residentss to develop a Five      the Development Control System.
   community development activities into a smaller number of            Year Planned Maintenance Programme taking account
   core local authority areas. We will also make sure that any          of the new Accent Standard.
   new homes we build meet sustainability standards and are
   built in a way that is environmentally responsible.               4. By autumn 2009 Group Board will have reviewed our
                                                                        financial plan to confirm that the funding requirements
                                                                        for the Five Year Planned Maintenance Programme are

3 Provide great places to live                                                                                                        ACCENT VALUES: Respect L Creativity L Dependability
                                                                           d opportunity
                        Give residents and their communities more choice an
                                                                                how their services are
                        Accent aims to pr ovide more choice to its residents in
                                                            d costs.
                        provided, their service standards an

   Residents will be included in all our value for money            Meeting this objective means that our regeneration activity,    5. Through existing contracts, to:
   appraisals of services and will help set the service             housing services and housing development activities, are all       I   Establish 66 small business start-ups by March 2011
   standards. This transparency will lead to residents being        closely aligned. This approach will only succeed when key              in Bradford.
   able to make valued judgements about the services                decisions are made by our residents. We will increase their        I   Expand 213 small businesses to achieve increased gross
   that we provide and how well we are performing.                  opportunities to become involved.                                      value added (GVA = turnover less profit less salaries
   We will also provide, the means and mechanism                                                                                           and depreciation ) of £675,000 in Bradford.
   for residents to challenge us and work together to               2009/10 MILESTONES
                                                                                                                                       I   Deliver 100 people into jobs in Bradford, Huddersfield,
   improve any areas of weakness such as the creation               1. To establish and launch our National Residents’ Panel               Middlesbrough. Stockton, Easington and Burnley.
   of the National Residents’ Panel.                                   by May 2009                                                     I   Generate 20 direct or indirect training places
   As well as providing choice regarding service standards and      2. To establish our first ‘priority community’ pilot scheme            associated with our residential development activity.
   provision, Accent is also trying to provide residents with          based at Easington in the North East by March 2010.             I   Generate 6 direct or indirect training places in
   more choices and opportunities for life.                                                                                                Accent Foundation associated with our Decent
                                                                    3. By Autumn 2009 to increase residents choice as they
   Accent has developed a strong regeneration function in                                                                                  Homes Programme.
                                                                       influence and define:
   Accent Regeneration and Community Partnerships (ARCP).
                                                                                                                                       I   Generate 6 training places in Accent’s repairs and
                                                                       I   in the planned maintenance programme;                           maintenance supply chain.
   ARCP activity will focus on a small number of ‘priority             I   the Accent Standard;
   communities’ and, in a departure from the past, work more                                                                        6. Extend the residents’ e-learning pilot to our priority
                                                                       I   core operating procedures;
   directly with Accent’s own residents, a large proportion of                                                                         communities by September 2009.
                                                                       I   menus of services provided by service charge;
   whom are not working. These priority communities are also                                                                        7. Widen the YouthBuild model to include childcare and
                                                                       I   development strategies; and
   reflected in service plans and development plans.                                                                                   social welfare services in one location from Burnley,
                                                                       I   defining our priority communities and schemes.
   Accent can also increase people’s choices in homes, whether                                                                         Middlesbrough or Bradford.
                                                                    4. To design a detailed proposal for the Residents Training
   through rent, shared ownership or purchase. Our development
                                                                       Initiative to be piloted in Accent Foundation during 2009.
   strategy also focuses on our priority areas to make sure that
   we are increasing choices where housing need is greatest.
   Residents will also be offered choice in the services they pay
   for from service charges.

4 Give residents and their communities more choice and opportunity                                                                         ACCENT VALUES: Respect L Creativity L Dependability
                       Be a well run and viable company
                                                                            ucing the number
                       We aim to simplify the way we run our business by red
                       of companies within our structure.

  This will speed up decision making and reduce our               GOVERNANCE                                                  VALUE FOR MONEY
  running costs. We will also simplify our business               L 2009/10 – simplify our company structure by reducing      L During the 2009/10 business planning process each
  by standardising our processes and service delivery               the number of companies within the Group by 50%.            RSL will identify VFM issues to be addressed.
  methods whilst maintaining the flexibility to meet
  local needs. Some targets for this are set down under           L 2009/10 – implement a new Finance ICT System              L 2009/10 – develop a value for money strategy (incorpo-
  our first objective.                                              improving financial controls, forecasting and reporting     rating procurement and efficiency), which enables us to
                                                                    and standardising processes.                                achieve 3% running cost savings year on year, excluding
  We also aim to make it more efficient by keeping all our                                                                      maintenance and staff costs.
  costs under review and setting ourselves targets for savings.   L By September 2010 all boards of management to
  We also aim to test all our processes against a quality           have considered and adopted the recommendations of        L 2009/10 – implement a new purchasing and procurement
  measure to assess our success or otherwise.                       the Governance Working Party including a plan to get        service, process and ICT system.
                                                                    resident representation on all boards.                    ORGANISATIONAL GROWTH
  A further aim is to increase our transparency. This means       QUALITY
  making sure that all our governance, processes and boards                                                                   L 2009/10 – improvement in indicators of staff satisfaction
  represent our residents interests and those residents have      L By March 2010 – develop an Accent Quality                   by five percentage points in the following categories.
  access to these processes.                                        Management Strategy which retains ISO9000 external          I   overall satisfaction;
                                                                    accreditation and achieves QHS accreditation.               I   leadership; and
                                                                                                                                I   communication and involvement.
                                                                                                                              L By March 2010 to have new group wide terms and
                                                                                                                                conditions for employment and practices.

5 Be a well run and viable company                                                                                                  ACCENT VALUES: Respect L Creativity L Dependability
  Accent Group Strategic Plan
  One voice, many accents…

6 one voice, many accents
Your feedback
What are your top priorities within the plan?

 1. Deliver Excellent Services                      2. Provide great places to live

 3. Give residents and their communities            4. Be a well run and viable company
    more choice and opportunity

 Have we missed anything that’s important to you?
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