Cheek swab sampling instruction - human

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					Instructions for cheek swabs sampling

Sampling kit includes:

   §    sterile brush

   §    small envelope for brush lodgement

   §    postal envelope with return address

Cheek swab sampling procedure:
   1. The oral cavity should be clean. It is recommended not to serve food or water for 15 minutes before

   2. Remove the brush from its cover. Take care not to touch other tissues except sampled oral mucosa.

   3. With the tip of the brush, swab the inside of the cheek for at least 5 seconds. Change the direction of
        movement and rotate the brush gently. Be thorough. In the end of sampling a visible amount of
        material should be collected.

   4. Hold the brush to dry for several seconds.

   5. Insert the brush into small envelope and seal well.

   6. Legibly write allotted sample number on the envelope.

   7. Fill in and sign the informed consent. Examination cannot be done without it!

   8. Pack sample and informed consent into addressed envelope and dispatch as soon as possible.

   9.   Samples should be dispatched through regular mail to:

                                                       Teslova 3
                                                      30100 Pilsen
                                                   Czech Republic, EU