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									Salads: Additional Recipes                                                     

          Salads: Additional Recipes

                        CUCUMBER-ZUCCHINI SALAD
                            (Ivory Coast)
                        CABBAGE AND PINEAPPLE SALAD
                            (West Africa)
                            (West Africa)
                        AVOCADO STUFFED WITH SEAFOOD
                            (South Africa)
                            (East Africa)
                        SUMMER-DAY SALAD BOWL
                            (Ivory Coast)
                        AFRICAN FRUIT SALAD

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                 (Ivory Coast)

                 Yield: salad bowl for 8

          In a 2-quart bowl:

          Arrange in alternate layers: 2 medium CUCUMBERS, scored with a fork, not peeled but sliced very thinly

          2 medium ZUCCHINI, raw, same size as cucumbers, prepared the same way.

          Blend: 1/2 cup WHITE VINEGAR with

          4 Tbs. SUGAR dissolved in
          1 cup HOT WATER
          1 Tbs. SALT
          1 tsp. COARSE BLACK PEPPER (fresh ground if available)
          1 tsp. CRUSHED RED PEPPER.

          Drain any water formed from cucumbers before adding the dressing.

          Allow vegetables to marinate in the dressing at least 1 hour before serving.

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Salads: Additional Recipes                                                    

          Serve with meat, fish, or poultry.

          Note that no oil is used in the above dressing. The amount of sugar is not excessive for this kind of dressing.
          An artificial sweetener may be substituted for the sugar if desired.

          In Africa many raw vegetables are used in salads. To tossed greens you can add raw cauliflower, young fresh
          broccoli, very fresh string beans, cut in small pieces, raw carrot rings, zucchini, or any fresh young squash. Or
          you may cut bits of yellow cheese and anchovies into your green salad as well as the raw vegetables. Always
          add thin slices of Bermuda onion.

                 (West Africa)

                 Yield: 8 small salads or a 2-quart salad bowl

          Shred in thin slivers 1 Ib. YOUNG CABBAGE (or Chinese cabbage).

          Lift a handful of cabbage at a time and from a 12-inch height allow the cabbage to drop lightly into a 2-quart

          Add: 1 cup CELERY, cut diagonally (Chinese cut)

          1/2 cup GREEN PEPPERS, in thin strips
          1/2 cup TOMATOES, in tiny wedges
          1 cup FRESH PINEAPPLE, in 1/2-inch dice
          1 tsp. SALT
          1 grind of FRESHLY GRATED PEPPER
          1 tsp. SALAD HERBS.

          Blend in lightly the following dressing:

          Combine: 1 cup YOGURT with

          2 Tbs. SOUR CREAM
          2 to 3 Tbs. MILK.

          Beat together until consistency of heavy cream.

          Add only enough dressing to hold the salad together.

          Serve in small wooden salad bowls or one large bowl for the table.

          Garnish with parsley or watercress.

                 (West Africa)

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Salads: Additional Recipes                                                    

                 Yield: 8 salads

          Peel 4 medium CUCUMBERS in strips 1/2-inch apart.

          Cut each in half lengthwise to give eight halves (or one half per person).

          Cut out soft centers with a grapefruit knife. Chop and set aside.

          Cut a strip from bottom of cucumber half so that it will rest firmly on the plate.

          In a 2-quart bowl:

          Combine: 2 cups COLD FLAKED FISH as halibut, bass, etc. (or use canned tuna or salmon)

          1/2 cup CELERY in 1/2-inch pieces and
          all the CHOPPED CUCUMBER scooped from "boats."

          Blend: 1/2 cup SOUR CREAM with

          4 Tbs. LEMON JUICE
          2 Tbs. SUGAR
          1/2 tsp. SALT.

          Add to fish mixture, blend well, and chill.

          Shred 1 head LETTUCE in long thin slivers to simulate waves."

          Arrange on dinner or large salad plates.

          Place the cucumber boat on the lettuce.

          Heap the fish mixture to fill the cucumber shells.

          Cut 1 slice AMERICAN CHEESE in half diagonally to form a "sail."

          Place in the center of mixture, narrow edge upright.

          Cut a tiny banner of 1 PIMIENTO piece 1/2 inch x 1 1/2 inches and pin it to the center of narrow side of
          cheese with a piece of toothpick.

          Garnish around edge with 2 or 3 TOMATO SLICES and PARSLEY SPRIGS.

                 (South Africa)

                 Yield: 8 portions

          In a 1-quart bowl:

          Blend: 1/4 cup LEMON JUICE

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Salads: Additional Recipes                                                  

          1/4 cup DRY WHITE WINE
          1 tsp. CURRY POWDER
          1/2 tsp. MACE.

          Add 1 pint MAYONNAISE.

          Mix: 1 Ib. CRABMEAT or LOBSTER MEAT

          1/2 Ib. SHRIMP, cleaned and deveined.

          Marinate the seafood slightly with a little of the dressing immediately before serving. Use only enough
          dressing to blend.

          Arrange LETTUCE leaves to form cups on plates.

          Place AVOCADO halves, peeled, in center of cup.

          Fill Iightly with seafood blended with dressing.

          Arrange 4 GRAPEFRUIT SECTIONS at side of plate.

          Place 1 strip of PIMIENTO across grapefruit.

          Place 2 sprigs CHICORY, one at each end of grapefruit.

          Top with 1 BLACK OLIVE.

          Garnish with 1/2 HARD BOILED EGG.

          Top with: 3 or 4 CAPERS

          2 CARROT CURLS, one at each side.

                 (East Africa)

                 Yield: 8 salads

          In a 2 quart bowl:

          Combine: 2 cups COOKED CHICKEN in 1,/2-inch cubes

          1 cup CANNED PINEAPPLE CHUNKS, drained.

          Blend: 1/2 cup MAYONNAlSE with

          1/2 tsp. CURRY POWDER
          2 Tbs. CRYSTALLIZED GINGER chopped finely.

          Combine all but a few tablespoons of the ginger mayonnaise with chicken and pineapple.

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Salads: Additional Recipes                                              


          Cut 1 to 2 heads LETTUCE and shape into eight uniform cups on dinner plates.

          Remove stems from 8 TOMATOES. Make six even cuts from the blossom end three-quarters of the way
          through each tomato. Do not cut through. Open out to form a rose.

          Place tomato rose in center of each lettuce bed.

          Fill tomatoes with mixture. (Use a scoop if available.)

          Place 1 tsp. GINGER MAYONNAISE on top of mixture.

          Garnish with: 1 BLACK OLIVE and

          1 or 2 sprigs WATERCRESS or PARSLEY.

          Arrange 6 to 8 PLANTAIN CHIPS at side of plate.

                   (Ivory Coast)

                   Yield: 8 large salad bowls

          In a 2-quart bowl:

          Combine: 3 cups COOKED COLD RICE

          1 cup COOKED HAM in 1/2 inch cubes
          1 cup COOKED CHICKEN in 1/2-inch cubes
          1/2 cup CELERY in 1/4-inch pieces
          2 PIMIENTOS (canned) in 1/4-inch pieces
          1 cup PINEAPPLE or MELON or both
          2 Tbs. SHREDDED COCONUT
          2 Tbs. CHOPPED PEANUTS
          1 tsp. SALT.

          Blend: 1 cup MAYONNAISE with

          3 Tbs. FROZEN ORANGE JUICE CONCENTRATE, undiluted.

          Combine 3/4 cup of orange mayonnaise with the mixture.

          Line wooden salad bowls using 1 to 2 heads LETTUCE.

          Divide mixture among the bowls.

          Garnish top of salad with 1 to 2 Tbs. ORANGE MAYONNAISE.

          Sprinkle 1 tsp. CHOPPED PEANUTS on the mayonnaise.

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Salads: Additional Recipes                                                    

          Decorate with WATERCRESS or PARSLEY SPRIGS.

                 Yield: 8 wooden salad bowls

          This salad or comparable greens and fruit combinations are served in all parts of Africa. The salad is ideal for
          a group of women on any occasion and men also appreciate it on a hot day. It is especially appropriate for a
          weekend or outdoor luncheon.

          In a 2-gallon bowl:

          Stem, Wash, and Tear into medium-sized pieces: 2 quarts RAW SPINACH

          2 quarts ROMAINE
          1 quart CHICORY
          1 quart LETTUCE

          Fill the bowls with the mixture of greens.

          Use any flesh fruits, coconut, and chopped peanuts in combinations like this:

          FRESH PINEAPPLE cut in fingers, about 3 per bowl
          FRESH MANGO in strips, about 2-3 per bowl
          AVOCADO, dipped in lemon juice and cut in strips
          FRESH COCONUT, cut in thin slices
          ORANGES (California type), thinly sliced with skins left on
          BANANAS, cut in chunks, thinly coated with
          MAYONNAISE and dipped in
          CHOPPED PEANUTS (or coconut)
          1 pint-basket STRAWBERRIES or any berries in season.

          Arrange the fruits attractively in the individual salad bowls or in one large bowl.

          Serve with LIME DRESSING:

          Grate: 4 LIMES, and add grated rinds with their juice to

          1 quart MAYONNAISE.

          Fold in: 1 cup WHIPPED CREAM sweetened with

          2 Tbs. SUGAR
          few drops GREEN VEGETABLE COLORING.

          Extracts from: Bea Sandler. The African Cookbook. Diane & Leo Dillon (Illust.). New York: Carol
          Publishing Group, 1993.

          To order a copy of The African Cookbook, please contact:

          The Carol Publishing Group

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