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									                  PKF Survival Bracelet Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a Palmetto Kayak Fishing hand woven survival bracelet. These
bracelets are crafted in Lexington, SC and contain approximately 20 feet of Mil Spec 550
paracord. In a survival situation, you can unwind the bracelet from the ends closest to the knot
ball (opposite of the loop end) if a length of cord is needed.

PKF’s bracelets will be quite stiff before they wear in – this is normal. Over a short period of
time it will become easier to slide the knot ball through the loop when putting on or taking off
the bracelet. We leave a small length of cord extending from the end of the knot ball to allow for
a more custom fit. In the event that you need to make the bracelet a little larger or smaller,
simply untie the knot and then retie it where it suits you best. When a final size is made, cut the
tag ends of the paracord that extend from the backside of the knot and carefully melt the strands
with a lighter.

On the loop end there are a few black small black rubber bands. After putting on the bracelet,
simply slide the rubber to “tighten” the loop around the knot ball cords to prevent the bracelet
from accidentally falling off. To remove the bracelet, slide the black rubber bands towards the
braided portion and remove the knot ball from the loop.

*If in the future you need to shrink the bracelet further, soak it in water and let it dry out; repeat
this process a few times. This will cause the bracelet to shrink approximately ¼”.

We hope you enjoy your survival bracelets and thanks again for your business!

Best Regards,

Paul Davis
President – Palmetto Kayak Fishing, LLC

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