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Welcome to the first Dance Massive.

Currently in Australia there are around 50 dance companies and more
than 200 choreographers investigating a range of techniques, culturally
diverse forms, contexts and media.
Dance Massive is designed to celebrate this diverse culture by presenting
many of these exhilarating works, artists and companies in what is
arguably the creative epicentre of contemporary dance in Australia.
This collection of work is a visually spectacular series of sensory and
physical experiences that range in style and scope, from the energetic
and playful to the contemplative and intimate. Enjoy this first edition of
Dance Massive.
Dance Massive is an initiative of Arts House, Malthouse Theatre and
Dancehouse in conjunction with Ausdance Victoria and with the support
of the Australia Council for the Arts and Arts Victoria.

Australia is home to the oldest living culture on earth. Respect and
engagement with this ancient culture and its contemporary lineage
continues to make a unique contribution to creativity in this place and
inspire our collective consciousness and understanding. The presenters
of Dance Massive acknowledge and respect the customs and traditions of
Indigenous Australians and their special relationship with the land. The
artists and organisers respectfully acknowledge that this program takes
place on the land of the traditional owners of the Kulin Nation.

page 2               ROADKILL Splintergroup
page 3               LAWN Splintergroup
page 4&5             MORTAL ENGINE Chunky Move
page 6               HUIT á HUIT Russell Dumas
page 7               UNTRAINED Lucy Guerin Inc
page 8               A VOLUME PROBLEM, THE COUNTING, PUCK Rogue
page 9               MORPHIA SERIES Helen Herbertson and Ben Cobham
page 10&11           180 SECONDS IN (DISCO) HEAVEN OR HELL
page 12              NO SUCCESS LIKE FAILURE The Fondue Set
page 13              INERT a collaboration
page 14              MELBOURNE SPAWNED A MONSTER Jo Lloyd (double bill)
page 14              LIMINA Michaela Pegum (double bill)
page 15              VIANNE Shelley Lasica
page 16              LIFESIZE Luke George

inside back cover    Event Planner and Booking Information
outside back cover   Venue Locations and Access Information

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    Splinterdeal - both shows $45 see

    roadkill                                         Splintergroup

    “Fuelled by a collective creativity and inventive stagecraft,
     it is dark, primitive and very exciting.” Daily Express

    A couple are stranded in the middle of nowhere with a car that won’t start next
    to a phone box that doesn’t work. This is a road trip into the agoraphobia and
    desolation of the Australian outback: a place of dreams and dust and ghosts.
    A land where backpackers disappear and tragedy strikes the vulnerable.
    roadkill is stunning, edge of your seat dance theatre: highly physical,
    and ultimately intensely unnerving.

    Thu 5 – Sun 8 March                                                           Warnings: Cigarette smoke, smoke effects
    Thu 5 – Sat 7, 7.30pm
    Sun 8 – 6pm
    Post show artist talk Fri 6 March                                             Choreography: Splintergroup
                                                                                  Produced by Brisbane Powerhouse and Dancenorth,
    75 minutes – no interval                                                      presented by Arts House and Mobile States
    Arts House, Meat Market                                                       Performers: Gavin Webber, Grayson Millwood,
    5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne                                           Sarah-Jayne Howard, Dramaturg: Andrew Ross,
                                                                                  Sound Design: Luke Smiles, Lighting Designer: Mark Howett,
    Tickets: $25 / $18                                                            Rehearsal Director: Michelle Ryan                                                           Photo: Tim Page
    or 03 9639 0096                                                     

    roadkill is toured by Performing Lines for Mobile States: Touring Contemporary Performance Australia. Mobile States is a national touring
    initiative of the theatre board of the Australia Council. It has received support from the Australian Government through the Australia Council,
    its arts funding and advisory body.

    developed in the CultureLAB

lawn                  Splintergroup

“It’s simply one of the best things you will see in the theatre…A series of
 physical and imaginative miracles.” The Australian
In a one-room apartment high above the snow covered streets of Berlin a man
is dreaming of the open lawns of his childhood. Beneath the wallpaper are the
shadows of former tenants. In the walls and in his clothes there is a darker past
he is trying to repress, but it keeps crawling out.
Accompanied by a live score composed and performed by Iain Grandage, lawn
is an expertly crafted horror fantasy that has been widely lauded by critics and
audiences alike for its striking images, intense theatrical movement and ironic
sense of play.

Wed 11 – Sat 14 March
Wed 11 (Preview) & Thu 12, 8pm
Fri 13, 6:30pm & 9pm
Sat 14, 8pm
80 minutes – no interval                               Choreography: Splintergroup
Merlyn Theatre                                         Produced by Brisbane Powerhouse and Dancenorth,
                                                       presented by Malthouse Theatre in association with Arts
at the C.U.B. Malthouse                                House. Toured by Mobile States.
113 Sturt Street, Southbank
                                                       Performers: Vincent Crowley, Grayson Millwood, Gavin Webber
Tickets from $24 – $37                                 Rehearsal Director: Michelle Ryan, Dramaturg: Andrew Ross,                                    Musical Composer/Performer: Iain Grandage,
or 03 9685 5111                                        Designer: Zoe Atkinson, Lighting Designer: Mark Howett
                                                       Photo: Tim Page
Warning: Smoke effects

                 developed in the CultureLAB

    Mortal engine                                         Chunky Move
    2008 Helpmann Award
    Best Visual or Physical Theatre Production

    “The effect is terrifying, beautiful, unique and absolutely unforgettable...
     from the second the whirlpool of light hits the surface of the unfeasibly
     steep set, the audience is at Mortal Engine’s mercy.” The Metro, London

    Somewhere between waking and sleeping, between thought and feeling, lies a
    body that we possess but cannot control – Chunky Move’s startling new work
    begins here.
    Mortal Engine is a dance-video-laser performance using movement-responsive
    technology to portray an ever-shifting, shimmering world in which the limits of
    the human body are an illusion. Mortal Engine accelerates us into a reality of
    permanent change where crackling light and staining shadows represent the
    most perfect and the most sinister of souls.
    Following the resounding success of ‘Glow’ for the 2007 Melbourne Festival,
    Mortal Engine continues Gideon Obarzanek and Frieder Weiss’ interactive
    fusion of live performance and digital technology.
    After its sell-out premiere for the Sydney Festival, Mortal Engine enjoyed
    standing ovations at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival. In this co-presentation with
    Chunky Move, Malthouse Theatre brings this highly anticipated production
    home to Melbourne.
Wed 4 – Sun 8 March
Wed 4 (Preview) & Thu 5, 8pm
Fri 6, 6.30pm & 9pm                   Presented by Malthouse Theatre and Chunky Move
Sat 7, 2pm & 8pm
                                      Direction/Choreography: Gideon Obarzanek
Sun 8, 5.30pm
                                      Interactive System Design: Frieder Weiss,
50 minutes – no interval              Laser and Sound Artist: Robin Fox, Composer: Ben Frost,
                                      Costume Designer: Paula Levis, Lighting Designer: Damien
Merlyn Theatre                        Cooper, Set Design: Richard Dinnen, Gideon Obarzanek
at the C.U.B. Malthouse               Performers: Kristy Ayre, Sara Black, Amber Haines,
113 Sturt Street, Southbank           Antony Hamilton, Lee Serle, James Shannon,
                                      Charmene Yap
Tickets from $24 – $37
                                      Photo: Andrew Curtis
or 03 9685 5111             

                                      Chunky Move is supported by the Victorian Government,
Warnings: Smoke, laser and strobe
                                      through Arts Victoria and the Australian Government through the
lighting effects, loud volume audio   Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

    Huit á Huit                               Russell Dumas

    “… much of Dumas’ work is performed in silence and is concerned with the
     articulation of questions rather than with narrative or with the development
     of answers to questions posed.” Australia Dancing
    An artisan’s observation of dancecraft and practice for the time being – this is
    not contemporary dance. Influential Australian dance master Russell Dumas has
    created a series of pas de deux that navigate the audience/performer relationship.
    Huit á Huit is an immersive and provocative work comprising live performance,
    film and installation.
    Huit á Huit is presented over four days across the three Dancehouse spaces.

    Tue 3 – Fri 6 March
    4pm to 7pm
    Durational performance. Individual tickets
    offer unlimited access to all sessions
    150 Princes Street
    North Carlton
    Tickets: $10 – $18                                    Presented by Dancehouse and Dance Exchange                                   Choreography: Russell Dumas
    or 03 9347 2860                                       Dancers: Jonathan Sinatra, Linda Sastradipradja,
                                                          Rebecca Hilton, Stuart Shugg, Philipa Rothfield,
    Warning: Smoke effects                                Deanne Butterworth, Sarah Cartwright, David Young,
                                                          Madeleine Krenek, Kelly Jirsa, Simone Litchfield,
                                                          Gabbi Cass, Nicole Jenvey, Christine Babinskas

untrained                               Lucy Guerin Inc

A new work by Lucy Guerin Inc which questions our ideas about what is worth
watching in a performance. This casual theatrical exploration presents four men,
in a humorous and courageous examination of themselves and their art.
Two of these men are highly skilled, experienced dancers and two are acclaimed visual
artists with no movement training whatsoever. The complex, refined movements that
one man can do with ease, another can only approximate. But there are things that an
untrained body can do that a trained one can’t.
All performers are given the same instructions. How they execute them constructs an
individual portrait of each man and also an unavoidable comparison between them.
This evolution of information, built up through units of action, points out what they have
in common and where their physical histories set them apart.

Wed 11 – Sat 14 March
Wed 11 & Thu 12, 7.30pm
Fri 13, 6.30pm & 9.30pm
Sat 14, 4pm & 7.30pm
Post show artist talk Thurs 12 March
                                                      Presented by Arts House and Lucy Guerin Inc
60 minutes – no interval
                                                      Concept/Direction: Lucy Guerin
Arts House, Meat Market                               Performers: Ross Coulter, Antony Hamilton,
5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne                   Simon Obarzanek, Byron Perry
                                                      Producer: Michaela Coventry
Tickets: $25 / $18
                                                      Photo: Untrained artists
or 03 9639 0096                             

                                                      Lucy Guerin Inc is supported by the Australian Government
                                                      through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.
                                                      Untrained was developed in the CultureLAB.

developed in the CultureLAB

    a VoluMe ProbleM, tHe counting, Puck Rogue

    “Intricate… sublime… an important new force in Melbourne’s
     dance scene.” Realtime

     After exploding out of the 2008 Next Wave Festival, Rogue have created a triptych of
     intimate and intelligent dance, reigniting two high impact works alongside a brand
     new ensemble piece. The Counting dissects circadian rhythms set to a blistering
     underscore of driving beats while A Volume Problem draws parallels between
     population growth and the auditory phenomenon of feedback. And, as for Puck
    – Rogue’s latest offering… well… every good story has a prankster. Puck has been
     imagined throughout history, mischievous, curious and cheekily outlandish.

    Wed 11 – Sun 15 March
    Wed 11 (Preview), Thu 12 & Fri 13, 7pm
    Sat 14, 2.30pm & 7pm
    Sun 15, 4.30pm                                         Presented by Malthouse Theatre

    50 minutes – no interval                               A Volume Problem – Choreography: Byron Perry,
                                                           Composer: Luke Smiles, Set Construction: Anita Holloway
    Tower Theatre                                          The Counting – Choreography: Antony Hamilton and Rogue
    at the C.U.B Malthouse                                 Sound Designer: Pansonic, Costume Designer: Doyle Barrow
    113 Sturt Street, Southbank                            Puck – Choreography: Rogue, Costume Designer:
                                                           Doyle Barrow
    Tickets: $20 – $30                                    Rogue are: Derrick Amanatidis, Sara Black, Danielle Canavan,
                                                           Holly Durrant, Laura Levitus, Kathryn Newnham, Harriet
    or 03 9685 5111                                        Ritchie, Production/Stage Manager: Bluebottle3 – Frog,
                                                           Project Management: Moriarty’s Project
                                                           Photo: Byron Perry

MorPHia series                                             Helen Herbertson & Ben Cobham

 Described as one of the quietest, smallest dance pieces ever seen, yet one of
 the bravest and most compelling.
 Another remarkable work from the award-winning creative partnership behind
‘Sunstruck’ (Melbourne Festival, 2008). This intimate, boutique performance
 transports the audience through a series of sensory experiences. Inspired by
 Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams, the piece is a vivid encounter with image,
 sound, text and movement, which will surprise and enchant.
The highly acclaimed Morphia Series has been performed for Melbourne and
Adelaide audiences, and internationally; in Dublin, Glasgow, Zurich, Singapore
and Portland.

Tues 10 – Sun 15 March
Tues 10 – Sat 14, 7.30pm, 8.15pm & 9pm
Sun 15, 5.30pm, 6.15pm & 7pm
18 minutes – no interval
Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensberry Street,
North Melbourne
Tickets: $22.50                                        Presented by Arts House
                                                       Artists: Helen Herbertson, Ben Cobham
or 03 9639 0096
                                                       Photo: Rachelle Roberts

                                                       Morphia Series has been assisted by the Australian Government
                                                       through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

developed in the CultureLAB

     180 seconds in (disco) HeaVen or Hell

     Infusing a little ‘Night Fever’ into Dance Massive, 180
     Seconds in (Disco) Heaven or Hell presents a night of
     choreographic speed-dating meets po-mo disco.

     Hosted by the glamorous and calamitous, The Fondue Set,
     180 Seconds in (Disco) Heaven or Hell puts the TEMPO back
     in to contemporary dance with three-minute showcases of
     solid gold. In six arranged marriages, a handful of red-hot
     local choreographers add their signature groove to the likes
     of ballroom, breaking and bhangra.
     It’s the bomb, it’s time limited, it’s disco, it’s crazy - 180
     Seconds of SOLID GOLD

Sun 8 March
8pm – til late with intervals
Arts House, Meat Market
5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne
Tickets: $10
or 03 9639 0096
Warnings: Strobe lighting, smoke, possible
nudity and bad dance moves. Over 18 only.    Guest artists: The Fondue Set –
                                             Emma Saunders, Elizabeth Ryan,
                                             Jane McKernan. Panther, WickidForce
                                             Breakers, Byron Perry, Kelly Ryall,
                                             Moth Design and many more.
                                             Photo: Byron Perry

developed in the CultureLAB

     no success like Failure The Fondue Set
     “Failure never looked so good, so silly, so successful...and so intelligent as The Fondue
      Set achieve a new level of wit in a bizarrely coherent show that is as carefully paced
      as it is manic...” RealTime

     Part talent quest, part educational forum and part cabaret, No Success Like Failure is an
     hilarious ‘how-to’ show that expertly leads dance in to new and playful territory.
     With the help of UK director and performer Wendy Houstoun, (Desert Island Dances and
     Happy Hour, Melbourne Festival, 2008), The Fondue Set embark on a post, post-modern
     exploration of loss, emptiness, giving up, giving in and letting go.
     At times both hilarious and poignant, No Success Like Failure returns for a strictly
     limited Melbourne season.

     Thu 5 – Sat 7 March
                                                           Presented by Arts House
     70 minutes – no interval
                                                           Creators/Performers: Emma Saunders, Elizabeth Ryan,
     Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall                 Jane McKernan
     521 Queensberry Street,                               Collaborating Director: Wendy Houstoun,
     North Melbourne                                       Outside Eye: Julie-Anne Long, Original Lighting
                                                           Design/Production Manager: Neil Simpson,
     Tickets: $25 / $18                                    Collaborating Designer: Agatha Gothe-Snape                                   Producer: Rosalind Richards, Artful Management
     or 03 9639 0096                                       Photo: Iren Skaarnes
     Warning: Smoke effects                      

                                                           No Success Like Failure has been assisted by the Australian
                                                           Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and
                                                           advisory body and by Arts NSW.

     developed in the CultureLAB

inert                         a collaboration

 Two performers.
 Two viewers.
 Love in two parts.

“ intimate, intricately made work” The Australian

 How close is too close?
 Inert is a performance experience that delves into the psychology of love and
 loss when one is heard and seen—or not—by an intimate other. Small in scale,
 yet broad in its sensory scope, Inert offers a boutique performance experience
 immersing its audience in a subtle and moving world.

Tue 3 – Sun 15 March
Tue 3 – Fri 6 & Tue 10 – Fri 13, 6pm, 6.30pm, 7pm,
8pm, 8.30pm, 9pm
Sat 7 & Sat 14, 4pm, 4.30pm, 5pm, 6pm,
6.30pm, 7pm
Sun 8 & Sun 15, 4pm, 4.30pm, 5pm, 5.30pm              Presented by Arts House
20 minutes – no interval                              Choreography/Performers: Simon Ellis, Shannon Bott,
                                                      Sound Design: David Corbet, Environment: Scott Mitchell,
Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall                 Video: Cormac Lally
521 Queensberry Street,                               Photo: Natalie Cursio
North Melbourne                             
Tickets: $22.50 or 03 9639 0096                   Inert was first developed with the support of Arts Victoria,
                                                      Dancehouse and the University of Northampton.
Warning: Audiences will be moved

developed in the CultureLAB


     liMina                        Michaela Pegum               Melbourne sPawned
                                                                a Monster Jo Lloyd
     At the point where one thing becomes another, for a        “Complete. Dizzying. Satisfying...Melbourne
     moment it is both. Limina explores these threshold          Spawned a Monster is far and away the best
     moments, merging psychological and physical spaces,         original work we’ve seen from (Jo) Lloyd.”
     memory and present, dream and reality, to create an         Chris Boyd
     environment where linearity is re-arranged and we
     exist in multiple places at once.                          Melbourne Spawned a Monster takes an intimate
                                                                and confronting look at the monster that lurks within.
     30 minutes – no interval                                   Jo Lloyd’s strong and multi-directional choreography
     Choreography/Performer: Michaela Pegum                     creates a powerful and fragile performance that
     Sound: Julia Mant, Video: Cherie Green,
                                                                explores the layers of the public/private self.
     Original Lighting Design: Jennifer Hector
                                                                30 minutes – no interval
     Photo: Michaela Pegum
                                                                Choreography: Jo Lloyd
                                                                Performer: Luke George, Costume: Tim Jomartz,
                                                                Set: Rob McCredie, Sound: Duane Morrison
                                                                Image: Famous Visual Services
     developed in the CultureLAB

     Sat 7 March                         Sun 8 March            Dancehouse                           Tickets: Double Bill
     9.30pm Limina                       2.30pm Limina          150 Princes Street                   $12 – $22
     10pm Melbourne                      3pm Melbourne          North Carlton                        Single show $10 – $15
     Spawned a Monster                   Spawned a Monster                                 
                                                                                                     or 03 9347 2860

                                                                Limina and Melbourne Spawned a Monster were
                                                                produced and presented by Dancehouse through
                                                                the Housemate Residency Program.

Vianne                     Shelley Lasica

Vianne is ‘about the space and the place one holds within, that is also inhabited
with other people: it is about knowing and how one knows. Where is Vianne,
what does Vianne know and how does she know it?’

Vianne imagines a world created by luminous shapes that create the appearance
of solid forms in a theatricalised landscape.
Sound images fly through an electronic world that simulates another time, a lost
memory. The dance is the map by which we can orient ourselves in Vianne’s

                                                      Presented by Dancehouse
Tue 10 & Wed March 11, 7.30pm
                                                      Choreography: Shelley Lasica
50 minutes – no interval
                                                      Performers: Deanne Butterworth, Jo Lloyd,
Dancehouse                                            Timothy Harvey, Lee Serle, Bonnie Paskas,
                                                      Music: PEACE OUT! (Milo Kossowski and
150 Princes Street                                    Morgan McWaters, from Melbourne band The
North Carlton                                         Emergency), Set: Anne-Marie May, Costumes: Shelley
                                                      Lasica & Kara Baker for Project, Lighting: Ben Cobham
Tickets: $10 – $18
                                                      Photo: Rohan Young
or 03 9347 2860                                       Shelley Lasica is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery

     liFesiZe                      Luke George

     “…bordering on the pornographic… It intrigues, titillates and leaves one
      wondering whether one should be watching; (George) craftily sucks us all in.”
      The Age
     Described as a cross-artform orgy of dance, sound, video and light, LIFESIZE
     explores the new worlds we create in seeking personal connection and expression.
     The textures and tactics of the work glean ideas from popular and media culture.
     With tones of visceral drama and brutal subversions, two performers explore the
     substitution of real life with imitation.

     Thu 12 & Fri 13 March

     45 minutes – no interval
     150 Princes Street                                     Presented by Dancehouse
     North Carlton                                          Choreography: Luke George
                                                            Performers: Luke George, Kristy Ayre,
     Tickets: $10 - $18                                     Sound: Luke Smiles, Video: Martyn Coutts                                    Lighting: Benjamin Cisterne
     or 03 9347 2860                                        Photo: Dean Grennan

                                                            LIFESIZE has been assisted by the Australian Government through the
                                                            Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and auspiced by
                                                            Ausdance Victoria.


Event                                 Pg        Artist / Company Name           Venue               Tue 3   Wed 4
180 Seconds in Disco Heaven or Hell   10 & 11                                   Arts House
A Volume Problem/The Counting/Puck    8         Rogue                           Malthouse Theatre
Huit à Huit                           6         Russell Dumas                   Dancehouse           ★       ★
Inert                                 13        a collaboration                 Arts House           ★       ★
lawn                                  3         Splintergroup                   Malthouse Theatre
Limina                                14        Michaela Pegum                  Dancehouse
LIFESIZE                              16        Luke George                     Dancehouse
Melbourne Spawned A Monster           14        Jo Lloyd                        Dancehouse
Morphia Series                        9         Helen Herbertson & Ben Cobham   Arts House
Mortal Engine                         4&5       Chunky Move                     Malthouse Theatre            ★
No Success Like Failure               12        The Fondue Set                  Arts House
roadkill                              2         Splintergroup                   Arts House
Untrained                             7         Lucy Guerin Inc                 Arts House
Vianne                                15        Shelley Lasica                  Dancehouse


developed in the CultureLAB

Presenting Partners
Thu 5      Fri 6      Sat 7       Sun 8      Mon 9       Tues 10   Wed 11   Thu 12       Fri 13     Sat 14    Sun 15
                                                                     ★          ★          ★          ★           ★
 ★          ★
 ★          ★           ★           ★                      ★         ★          ★          ★          ★           ★
                                                                     ★          ★          ★          ★
                        ★           ★
                                                                                ★          ★
                        ★           ★
                                                           ★         ★          ★          ★          ★           ★
 ★          ★           ★           ★
 ★          ★           ★
 ★          ★           ★           ★
                                                                     ★          ★          ★          ★
                                                           ★         ★

   Tickets can be purchased online, over the phone, or in person at venue box offices
   and agency outlets.

   To purchase multiple tickets across the 3 venues contact Arts House
   on 03 9322 3713 or

   On line                                                  In person /phone:                                  Arts House – Easytix, 03 9639 0096
   Ticketing agencies vary according to venue.              Malthouse Theatre – M-Tix, 03 9685 5111

                                                            Dancehouse – 03 9347 2860

   Arts House shows                         Malthouse Theatre shows                 Dancehouse shows
   Inert                                    Mortal Engine                           Huit á Huit
   No Success Like Failure                  lawn                                    Limina
   roadkill                                 The Counting / A Volume Problem /       Melbourne Spawned a Monster
   180 Seconds in (Disco) Heaven or Hell    Puck                                    Vianne
   Morphia Series                                                                   LIFESIZE

   Back cover: Morphia Series, photo: Rachelle Roberts

Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall     Malthouse Theatre
521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne   At the C.U.B Malthouse
Tel: 03 9322 3713                         113 Sturt Street, Southbank
Mel Ref: 2A J 10                          Tel: 03 9685 5100
                                          Mel Ref: 1D Q10
Arts House, Meat Market
5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne
Tel: 03 9322 3713
Mel Ref: 2B A9

Dancehouse                                Accessible info.
150 Princes Street, North Carlton         Arts House, Malthouse Theatre and Dancehouse
Tel: 03 9347 2860                         have made every effort to offer wheelchair and
Mel Ref: 2B H4                            limited mobility access throughout the program.
                                          Please contact each venue for further information.
3–15 March 2009