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					Meeting minutes
Subject              CSP Digital Group: How can private sector companies, especially technology companies, help
                     you deliver your core service agreement with Sport England?

Location             Sport England                                                       Date    01.09.09

Chair Person         Caroline Gilbert                                                    Time    11am

Email Address                                   Page    1

Present              Julian Pratt, West Yorkshire Sport

                     Xerxes Setna, Tyne and Wear Sport

                     Sam Bull, Essex Sport

                     Steve Nelson, West of England Sports Trust

                     Richard Barrington, West of England Sports Trust

                     Martin Kimberley, Active Dorset

                     Steve DeWint, Lincolnshire Sports Partnership

                     Adrian Ledbury, Pro-Active North London

                     Lee Mason, Bucks Sport

                     Kenny Chu, Merseyside Sports Partnership

                     Kerry Stewart, Merseyside Sports Partnership

                     Thomas Godfrey, Sport England

                     Caroline Gilbert, Sport England

                     Louise Griew, Sport England

 1        Background
          Digital technology is being used to varying degrees across CSPs and NGBs
          and Sport England’s commercial department has been exploring ways to
          improve the online presence of community sport, and improve the way sport
          is organised, digitally.
          We would like to work with CSPs to make it easier for people to find and
          organise sport online by bringing CSPs together with technology partners
          and relevant experts.

3rd Floor, Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London WC1B 4SE
T 08458 508 508 F 020 7383 5740 E
 Meeting minutes
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       Specifically, we would like to achieve the following by working with CSPs:
                 Harness digital technology and social media to help connect people
                  across the whole of England with sport and physical activity, locally.
                 Enable and help coordinate a consistent approach across the country,
                  making best use of digital technology in community sport.
                 Enable and accelerate good decision making regarding digital
                  technology across the CSPN, leading to greater efficiency.
                 Represent and help scale good digital practice.
                 Make best use of national private sector partners, such as Facebook
                  and Google, and public sector partners, such as the NHS.

 2     Sport England and Facebook, Background
       The facebook sport platform is a set of applications placed on the facebook fan page infrastructure.
       Objectives of phase 1:
       To help NGBs and clubs to better market and organise their sports
       To create a network of clubs, groups and informal participants through facebook and reach the 75% of people who participate in sport but do not do so in
       club and NGB structures. (Source, APS2)
       To help NGBs become relevant to people playing their sport through providing high quality content and functionality.
       To build an asset that NGBs can commercialise with existing or prospective partners
       To give NGBs the ability to utilise real time reporting
       Test Project
       BUCS and 6 NGBs (Athletics, Badminton, Volleyball, Judo, Netball, Table Tennis) across 19 universities.
       Aim is to get 12,000 people participating in sport and using the sport platform
       It’s a new product – so minor tweaks may be required following the test.
       See slides for further detail on the sport platform.
       See how the new applications work at the sport platform engine room page on facebook. From here you can also see the NGB and university fan pages that
       are already up and running.

3rd Floor, Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London WC1B 4SE
T 08458 508 508 F 020 7383 5740 E
 Meeting minutes
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       Next steps:
       All to consider whether CSPs could:
           Use the facebook sport platform infrastructure to support business to business or business to consumer communications? If so, how?
           Support partners to use the facebook sport platform? If so, how?
       Please feed back to Caroline.

 3     Making sport more searchable – the proposed expansion of Active Places
       Vision: To develop a trusted, comprehensive and inclusive 21st Century information service, which connects people to sport and each other.
       Background: Sport England will build on its Active Places database of sports facilities, utilising current infrastructure and contracts in place, to create a
       new website, which can easily syndicate data to other users. Working with partners such as CSPs and NGBs, new data will be added and through the
       development of a flexible data model and web forms, more power will be given to data owners to add and manage content. How CSPs feed into this
       model will be crucial to its success.
       Next steps:
       Steve De Wint to talk to Martin, Adrian and Richard about their respective approaches to collecting data. Produce a report by the end of September,
       which will be incorporated into the redevelopment of Active Places.

 4     Google Apps for Community Sport: Background
       Google Apps for Community Sport will be a set of free online tools, brought together in a template specifically designed for community sport, to help sports
       staff, teams and clubs organise and manage sport better, online. The tools will be tested in further education colleges between October and December
       2009, working with British Colleges Sport and the Association of Colleges.
       Please keep this confidential at the moment, until the launch of the test in October.
       Next steps:
       Caroline to work with Richard Barrington to set up a test of Google Apps for Community Sport with partners in Wesport area.

 5     Justgiving: Background
       Sport England and Justgiving are exploring a partnership based around two projects that will:
           get more people to do more sport by using fundraising as a motivation;
           make it easier for community amateur sports clubs to fundraise using Justgiving.
       See attached briefing note for further details.

3rd Floor, Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London WC1B 4SE
T 08458 508 508 F 020 7383 5740 E
 Meeting minutes
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       Next steps:
       CSPs to consider how a partnership between Justgiving and Sport England could benefit CSPs and feed back to Caroline/Thomas.

 6     Ways of working: Next steps
       Lee to suggest a way of working that will allow CSPs to:
           act as a sounding board to provide feedback on how Sport England’s partnerships with digital companies would support the work of CSPs
           identify and secure buy in from local partners to test new products and ways of working
           assemble working groups on specific projects, when needed
       Lee to work with Caroline to:
           set up a means for the sounding board to communicate virtually
           include digital technology on the agenda at the next CSP conference/seminar

3rd Floor, Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London WC1B 4SE
T 08458 508 508 F 020 7383 5740 E

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