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Understanding ABN AMRO Security
Security over the Internet
    ABN AMRO INSIGHT is an online service exclusively for clients of ABN AMRO
    Private Banking. It provides you convenient access to your account information via
    the Internet: anywhere, anytime. The Internet, or World Wide Web, is the result of
    many and different parties communicating with each other. Users decide how they
    want to use the Internet; it is a community without a managing authority. This is
    one of the reasons why securing Internet sites and computers is very complex,
    with new threats appearing every day.

    At ABN AMRO, your privacy and confidentiality is a cornerstone of how we do
    business. ABN AMRO takes Internet security very seriously and has applied a wide
    range of methods and technologies to keep your account information confidential.
    These measures are in line with the strict standards of financial regulators around
    the world, such as the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Hong Kong Monetary

    As a user of our online service you also play an important role in safeguarding your
    account information. This security brief outlines practices that you can adopt to
    protect yourself against the risks of using the Internet.

What ABN AMRO does
   Secure connection and firewalls
   ABN AMRO INSIGHT is protected by firewalls, which are special combinations of
   software and computers, designed to prevent unauthorized access to your account
   details via the Internet. As soon as you start the login process with ABN AMRO
   INSIGHT a secured connection is established between the ABN AMRO server and
   your computer based on the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This technology
   is widely used by financial institutions and encodes the data that is exchanged
   between your computer and ABN AMRO. This encoding, or scrambling, of data is
   referred to as encryption.

   How secure is the encryption?
   The level of security of encryption is measured in terms of how long the key is- the
   longer the key, the longer it would take for someone without the correct “decoder”
   to break the code. The length of the key is measured in bits. ABN AMRO INSIGHT
   requires a browser that supports a minimum of 128-bit encryption key. This is currently
   the strongest encryption level that is generally available for internet browsers.

   How do I know I am securely connected to ABN AMRO?
   You can verify whether you have a secure connection with ABN AMRO before you
   • Make sure that the beginning of the web-address in your browser read “https://”
   • Double-click the yellow key-lock in the lower right hand corner of your browser;
     a window will appear that shows you the security certificate used by this website.
     The certificate should have a valid certificate date and display the URL, or web
     address,of ABN AMRO’s online banking website. This is the same address as in
     the address bar of your Internet browser, for example,

   How can I see that encryption is switched on?
   You can see that encryption is switched on in Microsoft Internet Explorer when a
   small “closed padlock” icon appears in the in the lower right hand corner of your
   browser. You can determine what kind of encryption your browser uses by clicking
   on Help in your browser and selecting the About Internet Explorer option. The
   window that pops up should say “Cipher strength: 128-bit”.

Your personal security token and PIN
ABN AMRO INSIGHT is an online service with restricted access. Only you have
access to your account information with the correct combination of your security
token and secret Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Your security token looks like a small calculator. This device is unique and specially
programmed for you. You use this personal security token to create a new code
each time you log-in via the internet. You can only use this token with the
corresponding Personal Identification Number (PIN). This PIN is a 6 digit number
that works like a password. Only you know this code. Without this PIN you cannot
use your security token.

If you (or someone else) keys-in the wrong PIN or special login code three times,
your account and security token will be blocked. This ensures that no unauthorized
person can attempt to access your accounts by trying combinations of the PIN
and/or special login code. If you lose your security token, or forget your PIN, you
should immediately contact your Private Banker.

Automatic logoff
If you are logged-on to ABN AMRO INSIGHT, but do not use the online service for
15 minutes, your online banking session is automatically terminated. This means
that you need to log-in again with your security token to continue using the online
service. This ensures that no unauthorized person can use your previous login if
you leave your computer unattended.

Constant monitoring and periodic security reviews
ABN AMRO has a number of security surveillance systems in place to constantly
monitor and instantly detect any potential form of illegitimate activities on our
network and systems.

Internal and external security experts regularly perform reviews and tests of all the
security aspects of our online service. These preventive inspections ensure that
our service complies with the latest developments in technology and improvements
to security.

What you can do
   Protect your PIN and security token
   • Memorise your PIN. Do not write it down or store it on your computer or mobile phone.
   • You may only choose numbers for your PIN. Select numbers that you can easily
     remember but cannot be guessed by others. For example, do not use your date
     of birth, postal code, telephone number or passport number.
   • Do not share your PIN with anyone else – it is personal and confidential.
   • Change your PIN regularly. Change it immediately if you suspect someone else
     might know the number.

   Beware of social engineering and fraudulent e-mails and websites
   A known and growing criminal practice is the sending of official looking email that
   claims to originate from a reputable organization, such as ABN AMRO. Such e-mails
   usually request you to provide or confirm personal information - your user id and
   PIN for example - via a website that looks like ABN AMRO’s website. Such
   fraudulent activities are referred to as ‘phishing’, ‘pharming’ or ‘spoofing’

   Under no circumstances will ABN AMRO send you an e-mail asking for personal
   information or ask you for sensitive information via a website popup. If you should
   ever receive a suspicious email, contact your private banker immediately. Do not
   reply to the e-mail or click on any web-links it may contain. Simply delete it.

   Unscrupulous individuals may also contact you via conventional ways to attempt to
   manipulate or trick you into providing confidential information. This is referred to as
   “Social Engineering”. Be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls or visits from
   individuals asking you to provide personal or banking information. Contact your
   private banker if you are unsure about the authenticity of a request.

Be careful when using public computers
You are advised not to use our online service from shared or public computers.
For example, internet cafes, hotel business centres or free internet access
computers at airports. If you do use a shared or public computer, it is strongly
recommended you always clear your browser cache and delete temporary files
after each session.

Be mindful when downloading information to your computer
You can save your bank documents in PDF format from your ABN AMRO INSIGHT
electronic archive to your own computer. Be aware that your computer may not
provide the same security measures as ABN AMRO INSIGHT and that unauthorised
persons may be able to access your computer.

Protect your computer from viruses and malicious programs
When you use the Internet or e-mail, you may unknowingly receive a computer
virus when you download information. This could damage your computer or have
severe consequences for the security of your computer. Never install programs or
open e-mail attachments from unknown sources and be suspicious of programs or
e-mail attachments forwarded to you by people you do know – their own security
may not be as good as yours.

You are advised to install anti-virus and anti-spyware programs on your computer to
help detect and protect against unwanted, malicious software. Make sure that the
anti-virus program is always active even if you are not connected to the Internet.
Always install the latest anti-virus program updates and run a complete virus scan
of your computer on a regular basis. You are also advised to install a firewall on your
computer. A firewall is a program that alerts you when people try to access
information on your computer through an internet connection.

Always log-off your online session and empty your browser’s history
Do not leave your computer unattended while connected to ABN AMRO INSIGHT
and logged into your accounts. Use the Log-off option in the ABN AMRO INSIGHT
menu to end your online banking session and close your browser window. You are
strongly advised to protect your computer with a password and turn-off your
computer when you are not using it. This will prevent unauthorised access to your

When you visit websites on the internet, pages, images and files that you visit or
download are stored on your computer to enhance performance. Clearing your
browser’s history (also called the browser cache) ensures that these local copies
are removed. Follow these steps to empty your browser’s history:

In Microsoft Internet Explorer;
1. Select “Internet Options” from the “Tools” Menu;
2. Select the tab “General”
3. Click the button “Delete Files” in the section “Temporary Internet Files”
4. Click the button “Clear History” in the section “History”;
5. Click on the “OK” button;
6. Close your browser window;

Use the latest Internet browser version and security settings
ABN AMRO recommends you download the latest browser version to improve
security. ABN AMRO INSIGHT has been developed to work with the Microsoft
Internet Explorer browser. Other browsers may not work. You can download the
latest version of this browser for free from www.microsoft.com. Your browser
must be installed with the Java plugin. You can download this plugin for free from

The following settings will improve the security of your Microsoft Internet browser:

• Set your browser to “Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when Browser is closed
  1. In Microsoft Internet Explorer;
  2. Select “Internet Options” from the “Tools” Menu;
  3. Select the tab “Advanced”
  4. Under “security” options, select the option “Empty Temporary
     Internet Files folder when Browser is closed”
  5. Click on the “OK” button

• Set your browser to “Do not save encrypted pages to disk”
  1. In Microsoft Internet Explorer;
  2. Select “Internet Options” from the “Tools” Menu;
  3. Select the tab “Advanced”
  4. Under “security” options, select the option “Empty Temporary
     Internet Files folder when Browser is closed”
  5. Click on the “OK” button “

• Disable Auto complete on your browserIn Microsoft Internet Explorer;
  1. In Microsoft Internet Explorer;
  2. Select “Internet Options” from the “Tools” Menu;
  3. Select the tab “Content”, and click on the button “AutoComplete”
     in the section “Personal Information”.
  4. In the AutoComplete Settings dialog box, make sure the options
     “Forms” and “User Names and passwords on forms” are NOT selected.
  5. Click on the button “Clear Forms”
  6. Click on the “OK” button
  7. Click on the “OK” button again

Inform your Private Banker immediately
in case of security concerns
   If you have noticed any unusual or unauthorised transactions on your account, or
   you suspect that unauthorized individuals have access to your ABN AMRO INSIGHT
   user id, please notify your Private Banker immediately. Your Private Banker can
   temporarily block your ABN AMRO INSIGHT user id while ABN AMRO’s technical
   experts investigate your concerns.

   Also, notify your Private Banker immediately if you lose your security token or if
   you believe someone else knows your PIN. If you have misplaced your security
   token, the Bank will temporarily block your ABN AMRO INSIGHT user id for security
   reasons. We will then provide you with a new security token and Activation PIN.

   If you have forgotten your PIN and keyed-in the wrong PIN 3 times, your security
   token will block. It will read “BLOCK” and display a 7 digit number. You must
   provide your Private Banker with this 7 digit number. ABN AMRO will then send
   you a new Activation PIN to unblock your security token.
One Raffles Quay
25th Floor, South Tower
Singapore 048583
Tel: (+65) 6518 8866
Fax: (+65) 6518 5200

Hong Kong
37th Floor, Cheung Kong Center
2 Queen‘s Road Central
Hong Kong
Tel: (+852) 2700 3700
Fax: (+852) 2700 3709

The ABN AMRO INSIGHT Service (“Service”) is provided subject to terms and conditions
contained in the “INSIGHT APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT” (“Agreement”) which you must
enter into with the Bank, and which you should read and understand in full, before signing-up
for or using the Service.

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