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									    Post-Famine Journal:

   30 Days with the
     Word of God

 Work through one entry each day for 30 days. If
you miss a day for some reason, just come back to
it when you do your devotions again. Don’t try to
catch up and do more than one per day though! A
 little bit each day is better than a lot on one day!
          How has God
    provided for you today? Write down some
 of the physical blessings He has given you:

Genesis 28:20-21
                        Jacob trusted God completely
                             to provide for him. Write
                                      where you find it
                                       difficult to trust
                                                                                     Corinthians that God provided for their spiritual
                                                                  Paul reminds the
                                         1 Corinthians
have in common with their ancestors?


               ancestors long ago. What did the Corinthians (and us!)

                                                                               was the
                                       Exodus                          real test for the
                                                                 people in this verse?
                                                        Compare this to Matthew 6:11.
               Isaiah 55:11

           When have you gone somewhere other than
Jesus looking for spiritual food or drink? How does Jesus
say we receive this spiritual food here?
 Matthew 4:4

                       Who was Jesus responding to here?
                      How did Jesus fight this temptation?
                             Check out Deuteronomy 8:3
                                  Choose a Bible
           verse to memorize. Try treasuring it more
                    than your daily bread” by reading it
                      before every meal for the next week.
                                    Write the verse below:

        John               What was the Jewish Passover
                                feast a remembrance of?
                             Check out Exodus 12:12-13
           John 6:8-13
                                   What does this story suggest
                                         about what Jesus can
                                                    do with our
                                                       small gifts?
John 6:26-29

                    What is the food that endures to eternal life?
               What “work” does Jesus call us to do to receive it?
                                                            that Jesus is the bread of life?
                                        What does it mean

Circle the characteristics of bread below that
apply to Jesus being the “bread of life”:

     Made of flour
      and water                      Edible

       Nourishes                      Soft

     Easy to obtain                  Fluffy

           John 6:48-51

         What is Jesus foreshadowing here? Check out
Matthew 26:26-28. What does this meal bring to us?
      Where else can
 we receive eternal life?

1 Peter 2:2-3
                        Why should we crave spiritual
                                    food from God?
                                               growing in our faith? What “solid” spiritual food
                            Is it ok to stop
  1 Corinthians

                   should we start using?

                           Make a list of your
Psalm               favorite sweet foods. Try
                   memorizing this verse and
                saying it before you eat them.
                 Luke 12:15-21

          What mistake did the rich man make? Write
down a time when you made the same mistake, then ask
God for forgiveness.
 Luke 12:22-28

                               Make a list of all the blessings
                            God has given you. Say a prayer
                      of thanks to God for providing for you!
                             What is the most
                  important thing for serving God?

                                         What does it
                                   mean to bear God’s
       Jeremiah             name? There are hundreds
                         of names for God in the Bible.
                              How many can you list?
        How is Jesus
   described here? What does this
say about the Bible as the Word of God?

Romans 10:17
                           Why is it important to hear
                            God’s Word on a regular
                              basis? Try reading the
                                  remaining scripture
                                    passages out loud
                                      as a part of your
                                         of God enough?
                   Is hearing the Word

2 Timothy
                            Why did God
                       give us His Word?
   Ephesians 2:8-9, hiding God’s Word
in your heart.

 Joshua 1:8
                     What can you do to spend more
                        time in God’s Word? Write
                         down a plan below. If you
                                need help, ask your
                                    youth leader or
                                          pastor for
                                                   Righteous man described here? Compare it to the
                                      How is the

                    reading of John 15 you did.

Revelation                     Is it ok to accept part
                       of the Bible and not all of it?
                                    Why or why not?
                  John 17:17

         What does this statement mean for us today?
How does this relate to John 14:6?
 1 Timothy 4:12

                       How can you set an example for others?
                    Write down one specific thing you can do in
                        two of the five areas listed in this verse.

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