Soapstone Carving

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					   Soapstone is a soft
    metamorphic rock that is
    perfect for beginning to
    carve. (Metamorphic is a
    rock that changes from
    one type into another
    type of rock).
   It is made up mostly of
    talc, with some
    Magnesium mixed in.
   Soapstone is
    available in a
    variety of colors,
    including rose,
    green, turquoise,
    black, white, and
   Grinding – this is the time to
    use Rifflers (files on sticks)
    and chisels to shape your
   Sanding – smoothing and
    refining your sculpture.
   Polishing – applying a finish
    to your sculpture.
   Grinding is done
    with chisels (for
    large areas) and
    with Rifflers for
    smaller areas.
   Before grinding, it is
    a good idea to mark
    your stone with
    dots to use as
    guides for grinding
    off areas.
   Sanding can be done with
    coarse sandpaper at first,
    then with fine sandpaper as
    you get closer to finishing.
   Polishing can be done by
    applying a wax to your
    sculpture, then buffing it off.
    This helps seal and protect
    your sculpture, and makes it
    less dusty.