A mythical creature by gjjur4356


									A mythical                                      Thinking about your story                          Thinking about your reader
creature                                        Who are the characters in the story?                Make your writing interesting and write
                                                Where and when does the story take place?
Write a story about a mythical creature that                                                         •	 select your words carefully (vocabulary)
                                                What is the problem or conflict in the story?
has special powers.
                                                Use an interesting way to start and finish the       •	 write your sentences correctly (word
Who or what is this creature?                                                                           order and punctuation)
What powers does the creature have?                                                                  •	 organise your ideas (paragraphs)
                                                You may want to give another title to the story.
Are its powers used to help or cause trouble?                                                        •	 edit your work. You may want to add or
                                                                                                        change some words or sentences.

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