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Brian Mitchell Maslowe


									                                                    Brian Maslowe
                     San Diego, CA ; (h) 760-634-8017 (c) 760-419-8017 ;
A hard working, results oriented Senior/Lead Software Developer with expertise in design/implementation of software,
Java/database development, and managing/leading engineers. Strengths include design, implementation, managing details,
developing procedures and teaching/mentoring. Track record of high quality, full life cycle development. A highly motivated,
innovative lead that works well under pressure both independently and as part of a team.
                                                 PROFESSIONAL SKILLS
     Extensive knowledge and proficiency in computer software architecture, design and implementation with Java, JSP,
      Struts, JDBC, Servlets, EJB, C++, C, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, shell scripting, and Perl in the UNIX and Windows NT
     Have developed extensively utilizing Oracle and SQL Server databases (more so with Oracle).
     Have developed extensively in Open Source Eclipse IDE, Oracle JDeveloper IDE, and Borland JBuilder IDE
     Proficient in database programming and design utilizing JDBC and ODBC connectivity and DBI/DBD Perl interface
     Very experienced developing code in and administering Weblogic application server.
     Have developed applications in IPlanet, Resin, and Apache/Tomcat environments as well.
     Have utilized code revision and control systems on both Unix and NT systems. CVS, Subversion (SVN) and
      SourceSafe (VSS).
     Excellent communication skills in explaining design concepts and requirements.

                                           TECHNOLOGY KNOWLEDGE
     Servers: Jboss, Apache, Tomcat, Jetty, Weblogic (worked w/ clustered environment), Iplanet FastTrack server, Resin,
     Machines/operating systems:
         Unix: Sunos, Linux, SGI, DEC Alpha, HP 9000
         Other: PC/XP/NT/Windows 2000
     Languages/Protocols: Java, JSP, Servlets, EJB, C++, C, TCP/IP, shell/CGI/PERL, HTML, SQL, SQLPLUS,
      FORTRAN, UNIX internals (sockets, RPC, etc.), CORBA.
     Databases: Oracle, SQL Server 7.0, MySQL, and Microsoft Access.

                                          PROFESSIONIAL EXPERIENCE
Websidestory/Visual Sciences, San Diego, CA                                                                2001 - 2008
Senior/Lead Software Developer
     Lead a team of five developers in designing and developing new User Interface functionality for Websidestory’s
      flagship HBX Enterprise web analytics product.
     From requirement specifications, designed, developed and implemented new functionality for HBX.
     Played a key role in the management team with regards to product strategizing, system design and ultimate application
     Worked closely with CTO, product management, and product marketing throughout all stages of the feature
      development process. Initiated and managed meetings to validate designs were commensurate with what would be
      useful to customers and/or what customers desired.
     Lead developer in the company’s design and development of Websidestory’s version 1 of Bid, a keyword bidding
     Utilized Struts in developing Bid forms.
     Wrote new Java classes and servlets to support Oracle DB connectivity and communication along with a caching
      function to minimize DB accesses.
                                                 Brian Maslowe
    Created complex template based administration screens, which enabled total separation of content and backend
     coding to allow for effective maintenance and enhancements. This entailed utilization of html templates and
     separate backend Java classes/DB (oracle) access coding,
    Made connectivity code multithreaded to enable Viewer operation if DB is down.
    Planned and facilitated strategic cross-departmental feature requirement meetings in response to a design flaw
     resulting in a redesigned feature that enabled customers to utilize market campaigns effectively.
    Designed time zone specific DB queries, since application is used worldwide and requires localization.
    Made fixes to complex SQL queries to significantly speed up operations. Eliminated unnecessary joins and
     optimized SQL code such that hash joins were performed rather then loops, which are very inefficient.
    Converted from VSS code revision system to CVS. Wrote all bash shell scripts for the conversion as well as scripts
     for deploying our code to our staging servers.
GoShip, Laguna Niguel, CA                                                                                 1999 - 2001
Senior/Lead Software Developer
    Lead developer and architect for e-commerce client/server application written in Java.
    Wrote and maintained a backend Servlet application to provide GoShip Rating Engine functionality via HTTP.
    Design and development of Java code and DB design and developed backend to support new functionality in our
     rating engine.
    Wrote Java and JDBC application to support detailed logging of Rating Engine transactions.
    Designed, developed, and wrote Java, JDBC, and JSP code to implement Administration and Registration
    Designed and developed an EJB session bean application that encapsulates a new business function and
     integrated the bean into our rating engine servlet.
    Setup and maintained Weblogic enterprise application servers that ran in a clustered environment on SUN sparc
     Unix boxes.
    Implemented backend code modifications and bug fixes, HTML and JavaScript development and maintenance.
Learning Tree University, Irvine, CA                                                                      2000 - 2001
Java Programming Professor
    Taught Java Programming in evenings at the Learning Tree University.
TAC Engineering Services Inc., Irvine, CA                                                                 1999 - 2000
Consultant/Senior Software Developer at Evolve Products Inc.
    Redesigned Microsoft Access database and wrote numerous Perl scripts utilizing DBI/DBD/ODBC in NT server
     environment to insert/update new TV guide channel lineup records received on a daily basis from Tribune.
    Since daily data feed encompassed 750,000 records, fast speed was imperative and computer resources were
     limited, wrote Perl scripts using a combination of index array and hash arrays. The index array, used in the
     capacity of a RAM disk, was used to limit memory usage while providing fast data access, while the hash arrays
     were used as pointers to segment out sections of data stored in the index array.
    Got Internet and intranet web servers operational, using IIS and Apache http servers respectively.
    Migrated Access databases to SQL server. Setup SQL Server to operate with current database access Perl
    Using Visual C++, modified a C++ image conversion program to convert images from png format to an image
     format called sbm, which is similar in nature to the bitmap format bmp. The difference between sbm and bmp is
     how the data is oriented and little endian vs. big endian data representation.
                                                     Brian Maslowe
Prolink Services Consulting, Falls Church, VA                                                                     1997 - 1999
Consultant/Software Developer at MCI
    Lead developer for Facilities Service Request Management System.
    System development is in C++ using Rogue Wave tool libraries, Oracle database, CVS version control system, and
     GDB debugger in a HP UNIX environment.
    Created design documents from high-level product assessments, specifying Interface Definition Language (IDL)
     API requirements, and implementing commensurate code and database methods. Responsible for overseeing and
     assigning specific tasks to junior developers.
    Lead developer of coding effort for Change In/Out project. Participated in numerous project assessment meetings,
     wrote the design document, coded the application, worked with DBA to develop necessary database SQL
     conversion scripts and was responsible for debugging and assigning and helping junior developers with debugging
    Modified LSP maintenance application, which encompassed a JAVA front end, CGI-BIN calls to execute password
     validation korn shell scripts, which subsequently executed a C program on the UNIX system that made DCE/RPC
     calls to the LSP database server. Modifications were made to the JAVA, C, and korn scripts to support the latest
     upcoming software release.
    Wrote recursive script in Perl to detect differences between code release trees.
Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Adelphi, Maryland                                                                 1983 - 1997
Algorithm and Software Designer, UNIX System Administrator, Electronic Engineer
    Algorithm/software designer in incorporating a Second Level Detection (SLD) Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
     algorithm in ARL’s Automatic Target Recognition laboratory (ATRLAB).
    Developed C code within the construct of the Khoros Image Processing environment to generate SLD templates,
     perform SLD algorithm testing, and interface to ATRLAB’s Oracle database for storage of pertinent information and
    Developed a full suite of utilities and support routines, utilizing C code and various shell scripts, to facilitate
     algorithm testing, analysis, and modification.
    Integrated a VME based Sparc 20 hardware accelerator, originally interfaced to a SUN workstation, and interfaced
     it to our Silicon Graphics (SGI) workstation environment. Made extensive hardware code modifications, both on the
     VxWorks based hardware accelerator server and the IRIX based workstation client, to establish the new interface.
     Once the interface was established and operational, created a number of C programs to integrate the accelerator
     into our Khoros Image Processing software environment. This allowed for the direct interface to our Oracle
     database, and made development and testing of the SLD algorithm extremely efficient.
    Technical lead for our Intelligent Bandwidth Compression (IBC) program. Responsible for developing a laboratory
     demonstration testbed to evaluate various SAR image compression techniques to allow for the transmission of high
     data rate imagery over a standard T1 communication link. Designed a baseline testbed utilizing a combination of
     C, C++, and shell scripts.

                                       OTHER DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS
    Home project: wrote JSP/Access DB music sheet search engine application. This was for my father who is a
     collector of vintage sheet music. This is available on my home website at (link Harvey’s Sheet
     Music Collection). This application is running on my home computer using Apache Tomcat 4.1.

                              EDUCATION & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
    Masters of Science in Computer Science: Johns Hopkins University, 1995
    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering: Pennsylvania State University, 1983
    Advanced Java training: Learning Tree University, 2000
    Java Developer Workshop: Learning Tree University, 2000
    Weblogic Server Administration: BEA/Weblogic 2000
    EJB development in Weblogic environment: BEA/Weblogic, 2000

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