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									CAMPAIGN 13                                                     ISSUE 12

                          NEWS LETTER

        Hello there.

        Before I start anything, I would like to say Thank You all for your
        hard work.

        I know times are tough at the moment, sales are slightly down on
        last year and customers are on their holidays, but we still need
        to stay positive and keep plugging away at finding new customers
        to compensate for those who are not ordering at the moment.

        There are various ways of finding new customers. Drop off some
        brochures to your local shops or take them to any groups that you
        belong to. Speak to as many people that you sell Avon. Wear the
        products so when people comment on them, you can tell them to
        buy them from you.

        This month I’ve had a T Shirt printed with my details on, which I will
         wear down the street whilst shopping. Also, check out the Boost
        Your Business section for more information on how to increase
        your sales.

        Don’t forget to tempt your current customers with some promotions
        as well. By giving away free gifts when anyone spent over £20, I
        managed to increase my sales last campaign and had 10 people
        take up the offer.

        Keep up the fantastic work.

                                TOP 10 REPS CAMPAIGN 11
                                1.      Hellen Georgiou. *
                                2.      Saima Patel. *
                                3.      Susan Moir.
                                4.      Michelle Yeardley.
                                5.      Sukhjinder Kaur.
                                6.      Viv Woodham.
                                7.      Katie Johnson.
                                8.      Donna Brown.
                                9.      Sarvjit Bhogal.
                                10.     Elizabeth Lines.

                         * Representatives who are Sales Leaders.

                                 ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY
                                               Emma Reed

  Well done Susan for winning the Raegan Charm Bracelet and
  Charms as the top selling rep in Campaign 11.

Win the whole range of women’s samples worth £12.

The representative, not Sales Leaders *, who have the most award sales in
                 Campaign 13 will win the prize.

                        To qualify for the competition, your award sales must be £148
                        or over to enter.

                                Good Luck.

* Sales Leaders have their own incentives and targets.
 Great news. We have our first member of The 500 Club in Campaign 11.

 Well done Hellen Georgiou. She will receive a fab selection of Avon products.

 To become a member of The 500 Club for Campaign 13 and win £10 worth of
 Avon products, all you have to do is achieve award sales
 of £500 or more in one campaign.

 Look out for The 500 Club Key to pick up some handy tips.


I’ve made President’s Club for this year. I’m so pleased.

As a Bronze member, I get exclusive offers, award points to claim for free gifts, a
dedicated helpline, discounts on my brochures and a night out next year at a gala

You can do this too. All you need is to aim for £362 in sales per campaign.
That’s only 36 customers with an average spend of £10.
Or just 18 customers with an average spend of £20.

Though just think if you had 36 customers with an average spend of £20. Wow!

Now my next target is to get to Silver level and become an Advanced Sales
Leader. So I now need to find more people to join my team. If you know anyone
that would love to earn some extra money and join Avon, please let me know.

This campaign I will be concentrating on finding new customers, in preparation
for the busy Christmas period.

I know this will sound mad to think of stuff that’s so far away, but if we can attract
new customers now and build a solid customer base, we will be able to nurture
their trust and entice them to start spending their money on Christmas gifts from
Campaign 15.

One way of doing this is to add extra order forms with your brochures.

Offer a free gift (something from the clearance section of Hello Tomorrow, or a 99p
item from the brochure) to your customers who finds you a new customer with
sales of £10 or more.

I’m putting a sticker on all my brochures and order forms saying:

                              Show this brochure to a friend
                              and the fun will never end.

If you have a friend who enjoys meeting people and loves Avon, but doesn’t want
the hassle of becoming a rep at the moment, ask them to take some brochures to
work for you and then as an ‘Avon Angel Thank You’.

You can offer your ‘helper’ free items worth a certain
amount of money from each Campaign, or perhaps
give them a 10% commission on their sales.
                         MONEY MAKER

Tempt your customers with this fabulous fragrance
By Reece Witherspoon, In Bloom.

Order the fragrance at £11.20 and receive a free
clutch bag.

Even better, if you order three or more perfumes, you
can purchase themat £10 each, along with a free
Sample. Code 50476.

Order in Campaign 13 and you will be billed In
Campaign 15.

You can earn £18 when you sell them at £16 each. **

** Based on Brochure 15 selling prices. See Hello Tomorrow 15 for terms and

                       Avon won’t charge you for these products for 6 weeks,
                       so make sure you collect the money and put it aside for
                       later payment.

In Bloom samples are also available. Code 07666. Half price 30p.
This is to remind everyone that you MUST place an order in each campaign,
even if you only order an item for 50p. If you don’t place an order in three
consecutive campaigns, your Avon account will be closed and if you want to
continue with Avon, you will have to pay the £15 start up fee again.

Orders must be submitted by the online date. Please check your order dates on
your invoices and online. If you place a late order, you won’t be able to receive
your orders until the following delivery date, and you’ll have an army of angry
customers who won’t buy from you again.

Also, please make sure that you pay your Avon bill on time. If you are having
trouble with your payments, please contact Customer Services on
0845 345 4444 and they will place you on a payment plan. Otherwise you will be
charged £15 for every late payment. And your debt spirals out of control,
won’t be able to sell Avon again.

And finally, you MUST order brochures in each campaign, even if you only
order one pack (5 brochures), which costs £3.15. How can you make any money
when you don’t have any brochures to show to people?


                     Now is the time to start investing in more brochures as from
                     Campaign 15, the Christmas products will start to filter in
                     and they are so much better than last year. I have a feeling that
                     people will start Christmas shopping early this year, so this will
be a best chance to capture their awareness of what fabulous products we have
to offer at their fingertips.

Remember, demonstrating the products, or as we called it where I used to work,
‘Merchantainment’, is one of the best and easiest ways of selling.

Have a few products ‘casually’ lying about the place when friends
pop over for coffee.

Apply hand cream when you are in a cafe, on the bus or waiting for someone.
Waft the aroma about or get the person next to you to try it.

And don’t forget to flick through a brochure when you’re out and about.
                   SUPER SAMPLES
                   Check out Hello Tomorrow as there is an offer to purchase
                   the whole range of women’s perfume testers for £6.50!
                   A saving of £5.80. Wow!
                   Code 69476

                       Introduce a friend to join Avon through me.

                       And when they place their first order and pay for it,
                       you will get a £5 Marks & Spencer gift voucher.

                                         Now in pre production,
                                         Avon Man
Shh! Coming soon!

                                         To be released in 2012.

  Chris Rainbird

  Avon Independent UK Sales Leader





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