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Scanning is a process the process of digitization of an analog image (photograph, picture, slide or page prom
a book) and saving it in a computer’s memory. The obtained digital image can be edited, printed or recorded
on any e-media. A digital image is much durable than a usual one, and there’s a possibility to make an
electronic copy of an important image.

The Center of Digital Copying "Vosstaniya-1" offers its services on colour scanning of different images:
posters, picture cards, paintings and painting reproductions, documents, design drawings and different
photo materials: photographs, films and slides. Our equipment guarantees high quality of electronic copies.
We can scan images of any size from a postage stamp to a poster; the maximum length of an original image
is 5 m, the width - 90 cm.

If necessary, our specialists will make colour correction of a scanned image, remove defects (dust, spots,
scratches and creases), edit it or make a collage or photomontage.

prices for colour scanning
                                                                                                  prices are in rubles
                                                  200 dpi                                    400 dpi
                    A6                              12                                         18
                    A5                               25                                           35
                    A4                               45                                           55
                    A3                                60                                          100
                    A2                               100                                          400
                    A1                               200                                          800
                    A0                               300                                           -
                    пм                               250                                           -


- colour scanning is made with standard settings of a scanner, without colour correction;

- prices for colour correction, editing and processing of images depend on complexity and time consumption;

- colour scanning with resolution 400 dpi is made only for images not bigger than А2 format;
- scanning of colour images not bigger than А3+ format is made on a flatbed scanner at one go. If you need to scan a bigger
image, there are two variants:

a) large-format colour scanning on an edge-fed scanner (optical resolution up to 200 dpi, width of a scanned image up to 90 cm,
width up to 5 m);
b) If the original is thicker than 13 mm and bigger than А3 format, it will be scanned in parts of A3 format with the following
computer matching of the parts.

                                  BLACK-AND-WHITE SCANNING
If you need to scan any document, article, book, design drawing, worksheet, black-and-white photograph or
drawing, we offer our services of black-and-white scanning. We can scan images of any size — from a
couple of centimeters to several meters long, on paper or cardboard, plastic or any other material. Images
not bigger than A3 format will be scanned on a flatbed scanner, and for large-format images (design
drawings, worksheets, maps) we use an edge-fed scanner.

The maximum length of an image to be scanned at on go – up to 90 cm wide and 5 meters. We can make
digital copies of bigger images — our designers will ―match‖ an image which was scanned by parts.

prices for black-and-white scanning
                                                                                                  prices are in rubles
                         resolution                                                                    running meter
                                                    А4        А3       А2        А1         А0           (width 841
            1 bit, 400 dpi (black-white)             20       30        40       60         120              100
            8 bit, 400 dpi (gray scale)              40       60        80       120        240              200

- if you need black-and-white scanning with resolution bigger than 400 dpi, ask for colour scanning.
- original images with the size bigger than A3 format (297x420mm) for black-and-white scanning should
not be thicker than 13 mm.
- black-and-white images can be scanned at one go if their width does not exceed 90 cm. Images with
bigger width shall be scanned in parts with the following computer matching of parts. The maximum length
of black-and-white images to be scanned at one go — up to 5 meters.
- we do not read and edit scanned texts.

There must be very few persons who do not keep photographs, slides and negatives depicting their relatives
and friends, memorable events and sights that are dear to their hearts. That’s a pity but photo archives
become worthless in the course of time — colours fade, duct and humidity eat away the gloss, and films
appear to be covered with scratches. Is not it a shame?

There is an alternative: you can convert your photo archive into digital form! The Center of Copying
"Vosstaniya -1" offers its services of scanning of photo materials: photographs, negative and positive films.
Digital photographs don’t deteriorate in the course of time, don’t require special storage conditions, and
there’s always a possibility to make a spare copy. You can even have two photo archives: digital and usual,
printing new photos to replace those that were given to you friends or deteriorated. You can make an
unlimited number of copies of a digital image without loss of quality.

Specialists of the Center of Copying can retouch and restore old, damaged photographs, make an
impressive picture card, calendar, T-shirt or mug with you photograph, or use it for a photomontage.

scanning of black-and-white and colour photographs
                                                                                prices are in rubles
                format            300 dpi            600 dpi    1200 dpi             2400 dpi
                 10x15              15                 20          50                    80
                 15x21              30                 40          70                   100
                 20x30               50                60           100                 120

scanning of slides and negatives
                              prices are in rubles
 format up to 1200 dpi up to 2400 dpi

  24х36             40                 60

  57х57             60                 100

Photographic studio of the Center of Copying "Vosstaniya-1" offers its services on scanning of photo
materials: colour and black-and-white films, slides and photographs. For details of services and prices see
the website

Scanned images can be recorded on digital media:

record on different media

    Type of service            price, roubles
record on CD                          50
record on 3.5'' floppy disk           10
record MO/ZIP                         10
CD copying                           100
record on DVD                        100

price for media
Type of medium       price, roubles

DVD-R                     80

CD-R (640 MB)             40

CD-RW (640 MB)            60

Floppy disk               15

CD-R mini (210 MB)        50

Media can be bought at the cash desk of the Copying Center

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