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What is Pilates movements, "smooth"? simply that action should be uniform, there is continuity. Yoga will ask you to maintain a position for some time, Pilates rarely ask "freeze. " Smooth movement when you will naturally focus on the use, control, axis, and breathe.

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									Peak Pilates® Reformer on the Mat
Presented by Zoey Trap MSc
Friday, May 29, 2009 3:00–4:00 PM

History of the Mat
                Mat is the foundation of ―contrology‖
                Based on eastern and western philosophies
                Mind body spirit pioneer
                Horizontal to alleviate joint stress
                Mirrored after child development
                Begins with largest base of support—the earth!
                Spinal contact informs body
                Many exercises are done on the reformer

Commonalities Between Mat and Reformer
             Both start horizontal
             Beginning, middle and end that gets progressively more difficult
             Order and sequencing
             Rhythm sections or ―series‖ anchor the order
             Stimulates the nervous system through repeated multi-planar positions and
             One exercise compliments the another

Differences Between Mat and Reformer
               Mat is unassisted-therefore more challenging//Reformer has spring assistance
               allows greater range of motion and movement re-education
               Mat is primarily open chain/ Reformer is primarily closed chain and feedback is
               Mat is portable/ Reformer allows for more exercises and variations using equipment

Why Bring the Reformer to the Mat?
              Shows areas of opportunity for both the mat and reformer
              Gets you connected!
              Adds variety and challenge
              Spices up mat classes
              Provides another workout that can be done at home or on the road
              It’s fun and effective!

Key Concepts
               Pilates Stance (Greek Column)
               Frame and Box
               Scoop/length vs. naval to spine
               Buttons and Bolts
               Critical Connections
                      Heel to Seat
                      Three Anchors
                      Rib to Scapula

Ready to Work Out!
              Experience the workout, the body is a great teacher, take notes later
              Follow along as best you can
              Observe, execute, experience
              Honor your body and do only what you can physically do, don’t push it
              Have fun and love what you’re doing!

Warm Up – Roll Backs

Overhead to Jack Knife
Rowing Series I-VI
Long Box Series: Pulling Straps I, II; Backstroke; Teaser Variations, Breaststoke
Short Box Series: Round, Flat, Side to Side, Twist and Reach, Tree Variations
Long Stretch Series: Long Stretch, Down Stretch/ Up Stretch, Elephant, Arabesque Variations
Long Back Stretch
Stomach Massage Series: Round, Hands Back, Reaching, Twist
Tendon Stretch
Short Spine Massage
Semi Circle
Chest Expansion
Thigh Stretch: Back Bend
Kneeling Arm Series: Up and Down Circles
Snake / Twist
Leg Circles
Knee Stretch Series: Round/ Flat; Knees off
Pelvic Lift
Control Balance Front and Back
Side Splits
Front Splits

                     "Chance can allow you to accomplish a goal every once
                       in a while, but consistent achievement happens only
                                   if you love what you are doing."

                 -----Bart Conner, Olympic gold-medal gymnast and entrepreneur

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