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									                                                     Ben Reaves
             Engineering Manager with over 20 years' experience in Speech recognition applications in US and Japan
                                            I love to put research results to work

Honors         ATR Software Award for ATR-Matrix Speech Translation System, March 1998.
               Japanese Language Proficiency 日本語能力試験2級 (Level 2 of 4; 1 is best) 1994.
               Japan Software Technology Award, with 4 others 1989.
Patents        Speech Detection in the Presence of Noise and 5 patents on front end, and applications
Papers         An adaptation of Attribution in Between an In-vehicle Device and a Driver.(with K.Nawa, 2009, SAE-Japan)
               Don't Blame me I am only the Driver: Impact of Blame Attribution on Attitudes and Attention to Driving Task
                 (with Dr.Nass at Stanford University, and others, 2004)
               Improving Automotive Safety by Pairing Driver Emotion and Car Voice Emotion. (with Dr..Nass, 2005)
               ATR-Matrix: Implementation of a Speech Translation System, (Acoustical Society of Japan, 1998)
               A Robust Algorithm for Word Boundary Detection in the Presence of Noise, (with Dr.Junqua, 1994)

Toyota InfoTechnology Center, USA, Mountain View. Senior Researcher, Technical R&D. 2003-2011.
 Under various titles including Research Manager, our group worked on Driver Vehicle Interaction, focusing on
  solutions to issues with in-vehicle information systems including distraction, timing, drowsiness. Original work with
  Driver Status detection by multiple non-intrusive sensors. Worked with Norikazu Endo at Toyota ITC and TMC, and
  with Prof.Clifford Nass at Stanford University.
 Technologies used: Statistical Language Modeling; Machine Learning for estimation of driving danger level; signal
  processing for emotion recognition in speech, sensor fusion with breathing patterns and vehicle parameters.
 Prolific: Our 4-person group produced multiple patents and papers accepted to conferences and refereed journals,
  and presented to top management including former presidents Cho and Watanabe, and Hon.Chairman Akio Toyoda
Stanford University & Dejima Inc., San Jose, California. Research Engineer. 2001-2003.
 Negotiated and won contracts with Oracle to design mobile Speech Accessor to database query system for small
   businesses. Worked with Stanford CSLI Dr.Scott using SRI’s Dynaspeak, Statistical Language Modeling, and
   Dejima’s Agent Technology.
Nuance Communications, Menlo Park, California. Speech recognition systems for IVR. 1999-2001.
 Team member developing SpeechObjects: Java software that embodies Nuance’s Dialog Research team, under
  Michael Cohen. Evaluated software performance on data from deployed applications, yielding a performance
  baselinemeasurement. Product management: release process, internationalization, advanced features tutorial.
  Technologies used: Cygwin (unix under Windows), Perl, HTML, cgi, Java (Beans), CVS, Clearcase.
Advanced Telecommunications Research Laboratory, Seika, Kyoto, Japan. Invited Engineer. 1995-1999.
 Manager of 5-person international team that designed, built, and deployed the ATR-MATRIX speech translation system
  that gained front-page coverage by the nationwide Yomiuri Newspaper. Demonstrated system at the Japanese
  government’s Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications(通産省), which renewed funding for five more years.
 Used rapid prototyping software development techniques and Python, C++, tcl/tk, Unicode, EUC, JIS codings
Panasonic Speech Technology Laboratory, Santa Barbara, California. Research Engineer. 1985-1995.
 Built STL’s first real-time speech recognizer, enabling comparison of algorithms in real conditions. Promoted to work
  at main offices (技術本部,中央研究所 Central Research Laboratory) in Japan 1989-1995. Used Unix, C, Perl, Spox, TI
   DSP, Unicode, SJIS, EUC. Used novel interfacing techniques for to guarantee quick response time for real-world usage
Additional experience includes TTL Hardware Design, US Gov’t Secret Clearance; rehabilitation equipment at Palo Alto
V.A. Hospital; AT&T Bell Laboratories VLSI echo cancellers; synthesis of speech using Klatt-based synthesis and ILS
at Speech Communication Research Lab in Los Angeles; managed the tutoring program for Tau Beta Pi; counseling
for junior high kids from Asian-American families in Los Angeles.
                 S T A N F O R D U N I V E R S I T Y – Master of Science, Electrical Engineering. Statistical Signal Processing.
                 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA – Bachelors of Science in EE, Magna Cum Laude.
Member           Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Who’s Who in the World 1995; Human Factors and
                 Ergonomics Society, Software Development Forum, Stanford Alumni Association
Noteworthy       U.S. citizen by birth; native speaker of American English. Website Residing in California.
Benjamin REAVES tel +1 650 303 1954. fax 650 249 0102. Email                                 H230323.393

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