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					                                  Buffalo County Minutes

Committee/Board: Zoning, Ag and Extension Education Committee

Date of Meeting:     December 6, 2007

Electronic and Hardcopy Filing Date: December 11, 2007

                                       Public Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m., by Mr. Larry Balk, Chair.

Committee members present: Mr. Larry Balk, Mr. Ron Helwig, Mr. Marcus Quarberg and Mr.
Corey Lewis. Mr. Brach Seitz was excused.

Also present were Mr. Del Twidt, Ms. Mary Wood, Ms. Annie Hobson, and Mr. Paul van Eijl.

It was noted that Carl Duley, Ag Agent, was not available for this Committee meeting because
he was attending a meeting in Stevens Point, WI, regarding State-wide UW-Extension
Strategic Planning.

Motion to approve the submitted minutes of the November 1, 2007 public meeting by Mr.
Quarberg. Second by Mr. Lewis. Motion carried.

Program Report by Mary Wood, Family Living Agent
    Ms. Wood reported the expansion and transition of the Better Beginning Divorce
      Education Program is going well. Sixty-seven parents (of 72 children ages 16 and
      under) have now participated in the program. Of those children, 47 have participated in
      the classes and 25 who are under age 6 will benefit indirectly. This same program
      (designed by Annie Hobson and Mary Wood) has been shared with other Extension
      colleagues and has now been implemented (by judicial mandate) in Rusk and Polk
    The Reality Check program, being hosted by Durand High School has been scheduled
      for March 28, 2008, and will include 200+ students from Durand, Mondovi and Pepin
    Ms. Wood is continuing to work with Family Living colleagues from Trempealeau and
      Jackson counties on Money Matters for Families program. Ms. Wood was a presenter
      at an all-day training with Head Start in-home trainers and family advocates who
      work with very low income families throughout Buffalo, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin and
      Trempealeau Counties.
    Ms. Wood shared a draft brochure explaining the “Next Steps 4 Stepfamilies” program,
      which she and Annie Hobson have been developing to assist stepfamilies with
      communication and conflict resolution issues. Bookmarks advertising the program will
      be distributed to schools in Buffalo and Pepin Counties and will be sent home with
      grade school students. A web page is also being developed which will include a
      registration form for families to use to enroll in the program.
Gentry Jesse entered the meeting at 6:35 p.m.
Tom Fedie entered the meeting at 6:36 p.m.

All Committee members and County Board Chair, Del Twidt, were invited to have breakfast on
Wednesday, December 12, with UW-Extension & UW-Colleges Chancellor David Williams.

Program Report by Annie Hobson, 4-H Youth Development Educator
    Ms. Hobson reported that seven Buffalo County 4-H Youth Leaders planned, taught
      and evaluated a World Café on Youth-Adult Partnerships for over 30 other youth
      leaders at the Southern District Leadership Conference at the Chula Vista Resort in
      Wisconsin Dells on Saturday, November 17.
    Over 25 4-H youth participated in the Member Evaluation Interviews, which is part of
      the 4-H Trip Selection Process, on November 11. Many of these youth also took part in
      the 4-H Youth Council activity centered on engaging in personal leadership
    As a certified i-SAFE trainer, Ms. Hobson taught Internet Safety Professional
      Development Training to 20 UW-Extension colleagues in the Western District and will
      be the speaker for the State Youth Emphasis WisLine in January for all 4-H Youth
      Development staff in Wisconsin.
    Ms. Hobson has been working closely with Buffalo County’s DHHS and Sheriff’s Office
      on the Substance Abuse Task Force to help coordinate the upcoming Buffalo County
      Partnership Council Town Hall Meeting on Youth Alcohol Use, which is scheduled for
      December 18.

6:50 p.m. Ms. Hobson and Ms. Wood left the meeting.

Ag & Extension Education minutes respectfully submitted,

Annie Hobson
Buffalo County 4-H & Youth Development Agent

Zoning Board of Adjustment Citizen Concern
    Mr. Tom Fedie was present and presented a document with concerns about the tabling
      of a non-farm mobile home application from the October BOA meeting.
    Brief discussion of other concerns Mr. Fedie had about the Zoning Department.

Status of the Sanitary Maintenance Program
     Mr. van Eijl explained recent state requirements which require counties to go
       retroactive in sending out pumping notices.
     Also stated that an inventory must be conducted within 2 years of all septic systems in
       the county and the retroactivity must be completed within 5 years.

The Resolution to Rescind Resolution #99-11-02, Dog License Fund was discussed.
      At the Towns’ request, Buffalo County will explore a contract with a new entity to
       handle stray dog problems.
      Issues concerning the current entity responsible for handling stray dogs in the county.
      Motion by Mr. Quarberg to approve the resolution. Second by Mr. Lewis. All voted in
       favor. Motion carried.

Ag-Use Structures-Permit Status
    Concerns were discussed regarding farm-structures constructed in the county without
      permits being required.
    Mr. Lewis asked the Zoning Administrator to look into the issue.

Status of Wind Energy Facility Ordinance adoption by towns in Buffalo County
     Mr. van Eijl stated that all the towns in Buffalo County have adopted the ordinance.

Status of WI Fund Grant for Buffalo County
     Mr. van Eijl gave update on the grant received by Buffalo County in 2007 for failing
       septic systems.
     Buffalo County received $38,246 in 2007.

Mr. Lewis made a motion, seconded by Mr. Helwig to adjourn. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:16 p.m.

Zoning Minutes respectfully submitted,

Paul van Eijl
Zoning Administrator