A backpacking trip to Isle Royale can be the experience of a by wuyunyi


									                                    Isle Royale Backpacking List
         A backpacking trip to Isle Royale           knife                                            eating utensils
can be the experience of a lifetime or an            sunscreen                                        trail snacks (trail mix, bars)
experience that takes a lifetime to                  insect repellant                                 cup
forget. The deciding factor, which can               headnet
greatly enhance the quality of any trip, is          empty Zip-Loc bags for trash               Optional Items
advance planning.                                    whistle
         The following is a suggested list           compass                                          20 feet of nylon cord
of gear to bring when visiting Isle Royale                                                          
                                                     matches/lighter                                   lightweight binoculars
National Park; use it when planning your                                                               camera and film
trip. If you have any questions, please                                                                notebook and pencil
call the park office at (906) 482-0984, e-    *Cotton poplar and synthetic fibers such as              field guides
mail ISRO_ParkInfo@nps.gov, or visit          fleece are quick-drying. Wool retains insulating         fishing gear
our website at http://www.nps.gov/ISRO.       properties even when wet, and polypropylene is
                                              easily dried and lightweight. These fabrics are          hiking staff/trekking poles
Essential Equipment                           ideal for Isle Royale’s changeable climate.
   well broken-in boots                             lightweight pants                          Things NOT to Bring
                                                     long-sleeved shirt                             radio or cassette/CD player
   good quality backpack that fits
                                                     T-shirt                                        perfume/deodorant/cosmetics
   waterproof backpacking tent
   three season sleeping bag                        shorts                                           (attract bugs)
                                                     hat                                            firecrackers
   raingear (breathable)
                                                     bandana                                        sporting equipment/frisbee/kite
   sleeping pad
   water filter                                     lightweight jacket
   2 quart water bottles - minimum                  sweater/fleece
   backpacking stove                                socks/underwear
   stove fuel in approved containers                thermal underwear
   cooking gear                                     knit hat
   food                                             light gloves
   flashlights/headlamp (plus extra
     batteries)                               Other Gear
   topographic map                               camp shoes/sandals
   first aid kit                                 plastic groundsheet for tent
   moleskin and foot powder                      pack rain cover
   repair kit (pack, stove, filter, etc.)        sunglasses
   plastic spade/toilet paper                    1 extra day of food

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