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					PHEPR Region 9 Training Events 2011

Date/Time                Location               Title         Information                                             Registration                                 Target Audience
March 15, 2011        Big Bend               Zoonotic &       The one-day workshop offers a synopsis of               Registration:
9:00 am – 4:15        Community             Vector-Borne      zoonotic disease issues and explores a variety of
pm                    College,                                                                              
                                              Disease         emerging and endemic zoonoses occurring in our
                      Moses Lake                                                                                      sp
                                             Workshop         state.
                                                                                                                      Cost – Free

March 15, 2011         Training site:         AWR 209         AWR 209 Dealing with the Media: A Short Course          Registration deadline – March 8, 2011        Rural first responders
                       US Border           Dealing with the   for Rural First Responders is a six-hour tuition-free
Time: 8:30am                                                                                                          Prerequisites: U.S. Citizenship.
                       Patrol                  Media:         course designed to provide rural first responders
to 3:30pm                                                                                                             It is highly recommended that participants
                                                              with the skills and knowledge to quickly adopt the
                       Spokane             A Short Course                                                             complete IS 100A: Introduction to Incident
                                                              role of public information officer (PIO). Many rural
                       Sector HQ              for Rural                                                               Command System and IS 700A: National
                                                              first responder organizations do not have a full or
                       10710 N              Responders                                                                Incident Management System (NIMS)
                                                              part-time PIO on staff if/when a spokesperson is
                       Newport Hwy                                                                                    prior to enrollment in this course.
                                                              needed to communicate with the public through
                       Spokane, WA                            the media. This course is designed to prepare the       Cost: Free to first 20 enrollees
                       99218                                  first responder to step into the role of PIO, whether
                                                              it be roadside at the scene of an emergency or
                                                                                                                        AWR 209 LPOC
                                                              detailing directions to the public in a crisis          Registration Spokane.pdf
                                                              situation, course attendees will have a better
                                                              understanding of how the media works and how
                                                              best to work with the available media outlets.

March 15-16,          Spokane, WA          CPG-101, EOPT,     The goal of the workshop is to provide an               Free                                         Persons responsible for general emergency
2011                                        & Functional      introduction or update of FEMA’s Comprehensive                                                       planning, and those tasked with coordinating ESF-
                                                                                                                      Registration closes March 7, 2011
                                           Needs Support      Planning Guide (CPG) 101, learn practical                                                            6, ESF-8, including emergency management,
                                              Services        techniques for using the Emergency Operations           Access the EMD Training Application:         social services, health services, sheltering groups,
                                              Planning        Planning Template (EOPT), and present best       and American Red Cross chapters.
                                             Workshop         practices for accomplishing Emergency Planning          tml
                                                              for Access and Functional Needs Populations.

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Date/Time                Location               Title         Information                                             Registration                                 Target Audience

March 23, 2011        webinar                Emergency        Key Concepts for This Program Include:               Emergency Management Agencies, Emergency
                                            Planning For      - Identify the significance of a functional approach    htm                                          Medical Services, Fire Service, Governmental
                                           Special Needs      in emergency planning for special needs                                                              Administrative, Law Enforcement, Healthcare,
                                           Communities:       communities.                                                                                         Public Health, Public Safety Communications and
                                           Answering the                                                                                                           Public Works; along with individuals and
                                                              -Identify key issues in developing and
                                            Call For Help                                                                                                          organizations representing special needs
                                                              disseminating procedures for delivering public
                                                              -Describe inclusive mass sheltering and mass
                                                              care provisions for special needs populations.
                                                              -Determine effective measures to assist special
                                                              needs populations during the recovery phase to
                                                              restore and resume everyday activities.

March 22-24,          Big Bend                 MTG 332        To assist communities and industry to prevent and       To register please complete the attached     Anyone interested in agriculture and food security
2011                  Community            Agriculture and    deter criminal and terrorist acts that targets the      application form and forward by e-mail or    issues.
                      College, Moses             Food         agriculture and foods sectors.                          fax to or (360)
                      Lake, WA               Vulnerability                                                            902-2092.
                                                              •      How to assess vulnerabilities of agriculture
                                             Assessment       and food facilities on a community wide basis
                                           Training Course
                                                              •         How to assess vulnerabilities at the single    WSDA Application
                                                              facility level                                              (4).docx

                                                              •     How to harden targets, including                  Deadline to register for this course is:
                                                              implementation of biosecurity and facility security     March 4, 2011

March 28-29,          Tacoma, WA              Hospital        2 day course that covers all elements of a facility     Registration is free on-line at              Hospital emergency coordinators, hospital
2011                                       Evacuation and     evacuation are covered; policy issues to fully or                    administration, safety managers, hospital
                                           Shelter in Place   partially evacuate, tactical issues of vertical,                                                     emergency response team, ED staff, security
 Or                                                                                                                   Course Name:
                      Or                       Course         horizontal and critical care unit evacuation, triage                                                 staff, physicians, physician assistants, nurses,
March 31 - April                                                                                                      Hospital Evacuation/Shelter In Place (SIP)
                      Samaritan                               and validation of specialized equipment.                                                             emergency medical services, fire fighters,
1, 2011                                                                                                               Training Voucher Code:1BCAE6E6
                      Healthcare,                                                                                                                                  emergency managers
                                                                                                                      Questions:Contact: Kim Butowicz
                      Moses Lake,
                      WA                                                                                              360-236-4090

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Date/Time                Location               Title       Information                                            Registration                              Target Audience

March 29, 2011        Spokane               HCC Fatality    Facilitated discussion around fatality management      Contact Susan Sjoberg (509) 324-1669 or   Agencies involved in fatality management in
                                            Management      planning in Spokane County.                                  Spokane County

April 6, 2011         Webcast                 Is anyone     Never has effective communication been more       All public health employees
                                             Listening –    important for public health. Tim Church, Director
Noon – 1:30 pm
                                            Public Health   of Communications for the Department of Health,
                                           Communication    along with other local public health                   Cost – Free for members
                                                            communications experts, discuss current                $20 for non-members
                                                            communications tools, trends, and challenges, and
                                                            how we all can be more effective at telling our
                                                            public health stories.

April 12, 2011        Fire Training           AWR-117,      At the end of this course, participants will be able   Free. Register by March 15                Emergency Management Personnel, Emergency
8:30am-3pm            Center,                 Preparing     to: • Recall pertinent issues related to HSPDs 5, 7,                                             Medical Personnel, Fire, Hazmat, Law
                      Spokane, WA          Community for    8, and 9 as they relate to agricultural security and                                             Enforcement, Public Health, Public Works,
                                           Agro-terrorism   threats • Summarize food and agricultural system                                                 Healthcare, Public Safety, Communications
                                                  or        vulnerabilities to threats and acts of terrorism•
                                           Preparedness &   Explain psychological and economic impacts of
                                            Response to     agroterrorism• Identify WMD agents and routes of
                                            Agro-cultural   exposure that are likely to be used for groterrorism
                                              incidents                                                            Questions: Contact Darrell Ruby 477-
                                                            • Generalize ways agricultural materials may be        3006
                                                            utilized as weapons in agroterrorism incidents•
                                                            Provide examples of how domestic and foreign
                                                            food processing and distribution are vulnerable to
                                                            agroterrorism• Develop pre-incident planning
                                                            measures for agricultural security• Recognize
                                                            important national planning and response

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Date/Time                Location              Title      Information                                           Registration                             Target Audience

April 26-27,          Tacoma, WA            Partners in   Experiencing Partnerships!                                       Partners in Emergency Preparedness annually
2011                                        Emergency                                                                                                    hosts nearly 700 people representing business,
                                                          The Partners in Emergency Preparedness                Washington State University Conference
                                           Preparedness                                                                                                  schools, government, the nonprofit sector,
                                                          Conference is the largest and most successful         Management
                                            Conference                                                                                                   emergency management professionals, and
                                                          regional emergency preparedness conference in
                                                                                                                                                         volunteer organizations.
                                                          the Pacific Northwest.

April 8, 2011         Spokane, WA            Sentinel     This course will review:                              Registration is through Dept of Health   Who Should Attend: The regulations state ―Each
                                            Laboratory                                                          Training Program forms are at            person who offers or transports a diagnostic
9 am-                                                     •       Regulations governing the transportation of
                                             Training                                                     specimen must be trained‖ (49 CFR 173.1 and
                                                          Division 6.2 materials including DOT, IATA and
                                                                                                                ning/train.htm                           173.199). This course is designed for laboratory
                                                          the US Postal Service.
                                                                                                                                                         testing personnel, supervisors, directors and
                                                                                                                Contact Karie Brouillard if questions:
                                                          •      Proper classification procedures                                                        consultants of laboratories in physician offices and
                                                                                                                  small hospitals who are responsible for shipping
                                                          •      Proper packaging and labeling procedures
                                                                                                                                                         cultures and patient specimens.

April 28, 2011        Conducted at          Healthcare    Surge Capacity, MOU, Volunteer activation,            Contact Patti Richards                   Hospitals and healthcare in Region 9
                      all Region 9           Coalition    Region 9 Mental/Behavioral Health Plan       or 324-
                      hospital              Functional                                                          1451
                      locations              Exercise

May 11-12,            Wenatchee              Disaster     This conference is designed to help increase          Washington State Hospital Association    Who Should Attend
2011                  Convention            Readiness     awareness for physicians and other clinical staff     Registration not yet available           » Physicians
                      Center & Hotel,       Conference    who may be called upon to respond or assist in a
                      Wenatchee,                          response to a CBRNE or other event that creates                                                » Nurses
                      WA                                  mass disruptions – how to prepare, implement                                                   » Hospital Staff
                                                          responses more effectively and safely, create new
                                                          partnerships, etc.                                                                             » Planners
                                                                                                                                                         » EMS
                                                                                                                                                         » Risk Managers

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Date/Time                Location               Title       Information                                             Registration                           Target Audience

May 17-18,            Fire Training         Washington      COURSE OBJECTIVES Develop and/or enhance                Contact: Peter Hartmann                Emergency management public information of-
2011                  Center,               Emergency       basic skills in                                                                                ficers and public information officers in related
                                                                                                                    Phone: (509) 477-7606
                      Spokane, WA          Management                                                                                                      fields of Law Enforcement, Fire, Public Works,
                                                            writing, public speaking, working with the
                                           Division Basic                                                           Fax: (509) 477-5759                    Public Health, Emergency Management and EMS.
                                            PIO Course      media, and handling interviews, inquiries,                                                     This is a regional offering and will be limited to
                                                            and news conferences Learn to clearly                     participants from Homeland Security Region 9. All
                                                            communicate life safety                                                                        others applicants will be considered on a space
                                                                                                                                                           available basis only.
                                                            information to the public Gain more confidence
                                                            with the media Develop working relationships with
                                                            the media, co-workers, and superiors concerning
                                                            public information activities Develop and conduct
                                                            awareness campaigns

June 6, 2011          Spokane,             Alternate Care    Defining Alternate Care Facilities ACF in the          Sponsored by Spokane Regional Health   Emergency planners, Healthcare administrators,
                      Washington               Facility      healthcare planning process. Establishing              District                               Public health agencies, Long-term care facilities,
Time TBD
                                             Workshop        stakeholders’ buy-in for ACFs. What to look for                                               Social service agencies, Health and human
                                                                                                                    Registration not yet available
                                                             when selecting ACF sites. Developing ACF plans                                                service agencies, Social workers, medical staff,
                                                             – standards and guidelines. Considerations for                                                Non-profit, NGO and faith-based partners
                                                             managing an ACF. Legal and ethical issues
                                                             related to ACFs. Best practices for alternative care
                                                             facilities. Resource management for ACFs
June 13-14,           Spokane, WA          Mass Fatality    Specific plans for the management of mass               Sponsored by Washington State          local public health; local emergency
2011                                       Incident         fatalities are critically deficient in most community   Department of Health & National Mass
                                           Response         disaster response plans. The Institute’s                Fatalities Institute
                                           Planning         programming addresses the essential elements of
                                                            planning for response to a mass fatalities event. It    Registration not yet available
                                                            is designed to assist planning-level officials from
                                                            various governmental jurisdictions, public service,
                                                            private sector business, and voluntary
                                                            organizations to understand the concepts of a multi
                                                            -faceted, integrated response plan. These plans
                                                            must promote multi-disciplinary, multi-agency and
                                                            multi-jurisdictional response efforts that are
                                                            thoroughly integrated at all levels of government.

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Date/Time                Location               Title        Information                                             Registration                                 Target Audience

June 27-29,           FTC, Spokane,        ICS All Hazards   This course is designed to provide local and state-     Prerequisites: ICS 100, 200, 300, 700,
2011                  WA                      Finance/       level emergency responders with a robust                800. ICS 400 is recommended
                                                             understanding of the duties, responsibilities, and
                                           Administration                                                            Interested parties should submit a FEMA
                                                             capabilities of an effective Finance / Administration
                                           Section Chief                                                             Form 119-25-1: General Admission
                                                             Section Chief (FSC) on an All-Hazards Incident          Application routed through the appropriate
                                                             Management Team (AHIMT). These                          County and State Emergency
                                                             responsibilities fall into two categories: FSC duties   Management Program, to WA EMD office
                                                             (1) managing the Finance / Administration Section       no later than May 26, 2011. This
                                                             personnel and (2) managing the finances and
                                                                                                                     application can be found at
                                                             administrative responsibilities during an incident.
                                                             Exercises, simulations, discussions, and a final        omeland_security.shtml Fax completed
                                                             exam enable students to process and apply their         applications to 253-512-7206
                                                             new knowledge.
                                                                                                                     Please contact James Yates for more

July 28, 2011         FTC in                   ESF #8        ESF #8- Health, Medical, and Mortuary Services          TBD                                          All response agencies in Region 9 interested in
                      Spokane                 Overview                                                                                                            learning more about ESF #8 role in an emergency

July 2011             Eastern                DSNS Mass       Under Development – 2 day course. Objective: To         Provided by CDC. Registration not
                      Washington,             Antibiotic     provide Point of Dispensing (POD) managers,             available yet
                      TBD                    Dispensing      local and state planners, and POD staff members
                                            (MAD) – Pod      the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to
                                            Management       dispense SNS medical countermeasures.

July, 2011            Eastern                DSNS Public     Under Development – 1 day course. Objective:            Provided by CDC. Registration not
                      Washington           Information and   This workshop is a collection of presentations,         available yet
                                           Communication     group exercises, discussions, and supporting
                                                             materials that will be used to provide technical
                                                             assistance to health communicators who may be
                                                             involved in a mass antibiotic dispensing operation.
                                                             This course will introduce state and local
                                                             communicators to the DSNS and help them better
                                                             understand their roles and responsibilities in the
                                                             event of SNS deployment.

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Date/Time                Location               Title         Information                                              Registration                                 Target Audience

July, 2011            Eastern               DSNS Mobile       Under Development – 2 day course                         Provided by CDC. Registrations not open
                      Washington            Preparedness      Objectives: Provide state, local and tribal officials    yet.
                                            Course (MPC)      with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to
                                                              receive, distribute and dispense Strategic national
                                                              Stockpile (SNS) assets.

TBD                   Eastern               CDC Forensic      Under Development                                        Provided by CDC. Registrations not open
                      Washington            Epidemiology                                                               yet.
                                                              Course Objective: Enhance the joint effectiveness
                                                              of law enforcement and public health when both
                                                              disciplines conduct concurrent investigations in
                                                              response to a threat or attack involving possible
                                                              biological weapons. The module addresses this
                                                              goal by bringing law enforcement and public
                                                              health officials together while working through fact-
                                                              based case scenarios involving biological
                                                              weapons attacks or threats.

Online Training

           Title                           Target Audience                                                    Information                                                            Registration

ACEP Launches                  This course is directed toward those      American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) has launched a free first-of-its-
Integrative Training           working in emergency management           kind integrative training that covers the development and maintenance of pre-
Program on Disaster            agencies and healthcare                   incident plans.
Planning                       organizations, especially in small         Under a cooperative agreement with FEMA, the American College of Emergency
                               communities and rural areas, which        Physicians (ACEP) has launched a free first-of-its-kind integrative training that
                               have primary job responsibilities other   covers the development and maintenance of pre-incident plans ensuring the
                               than disaster preparedness. It is also    efficient distribution of patients, the sharing of information and resources, and the
                               useful for those in public health, EMS,   coordination between state and local agencies with hospitals and other Additional
                               fire services, and other organizations    topics include patient and resource tracking, credentialing systems, deployable
                               involved in disaster preparedness.        federal resources, principles of community emergency planning, and more.
                                                                         The four-hour online training is part of a training portal that has several components
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           Title                           Target Audience                                                 Information                                                             Registration
                                                                       to it. Each state has its own virtual community to foster collaboration. Each virtual
                                                                       community includes a members section, the training modules, a Q&A section and a
                                                                       Forum section. For more information, go to

IS-100.HCb -                   Hospital personnel that would have a    Introduces the Incident Command System (ICS) and provides the foundation for   
Introduction to the            direct role in emergency                higher level ICS training. This course describes the history, features and principles,   CEUs .03
Incident Command               preparedness, incident management,      and organizational structure of ICS. It also explains the relationship between ICS
System (ICS 100) for           and/or emergency response during        and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). This course uses the same            Approximately 3 hours to complete
Healthcare/Hospitals           an incident. Personnel designated to    objectives and content as other ICS courses with healthcare/hospital examples and
                               fulfill ICS roles (i.e. hospital        exercises.
                               emergency manager, hospital
                               administration, department heads)
                               should complete ICS-100, though
                               additional participants may complete.

IS-200.HCa Applying            IS-200.HCa course should be             IS-200.HCa is designed to provide training on the Incident Command System (ICS)
ICS to Healthcare              completed by the hospital personnel     to healthcare professionals whose primary responsibility is emergency               Prerequisites:
Organizations                  that would have a direct role in        management, to include middle management within a hospital or healthcare system.
                               emergency preparedness, incident        Such professionals may include physicians, department managers, unit leaders,            IS-100.HC Introduction to the Incident
                               management, and/or emergency            charge nurses, and hospital administrators that would have a leadership role during        Command System for Healthcare/Hospitals
                               response during an incident.            an incident.                                                                               is a prerequisite.
                                                                                                                                                                Completion of IS 700A, National Incident
                                                                                                                                                                  Management System (NIMS), An
                                                                                                                                                                  Introduction is recommended.
                                                                                                                                                                CEUs .03
                                                                                                                                                                Approximately 3 hours to complete

IS-808 Emergency               This course is intended for             The National Response Framework (NRF) presents the guiding principles that     
Support Function               government executives, private-         enable all response partners to prepare for and provide a unified national response
(ESF) #8 – Public              sector and nongovernmental              to disasters and emergencies – from the smallest incident to the largest
Health and Medical             organization (NGO) leaders, and         catastrophe. As part of the NRF, Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) are primary
Services                       emergency management                    mechanisms at the operational level used to organize and provide assistance. This
                               practitioners. This includes senior     series of courses is designed to overview each of the 15 ESFs. This course
                               elected and appointed leaders, such     provides an introduction to Emergency Support Function (ESF) #8 – Public Health
                               as Federal department or agency
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           Title                           Target Audience                                                     Information                                                               Registration
                               heads, State Governors, mayors,           and Medical Services. Support.
                               tribal leaders, and city or county
                               officials – those who have a
                               responsibility to provide for effective

Psychological First                                                      A 6-hour interactive course that puts the participant in the role of a providers in a
Aid (PFA) Online                                                         post-disaster scene. Free.

Emergency Nursing              Emergency nurses                          Emergency Nursing Suite of products includes three emergency nursing specific              Sponsored by Elsevier/MC Strategies- a healthcare
Suite                                                                    courses-ENA: Emergency Nursing Orientation, ENA: Emergency Nursing Triage,                 e-learning company
                                                                         and ReadyRN: Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness                                   A total of 110.7 continuing nursing education contact
                                                                                                                                                                    hours available for all the courses in the suite.

HOSPITAL                       This course would be of interest to       The preparation for dealing with the effects of major incidents in the United States is    Sponsored by West Virginia University with grants
EMERGENCY                      Healthcare personnel and Public           a difficult and complex task. Hospitals perform a special and vital role in response       from Department of Homeland Security
MANAGEMENT:                    Health officials.                         during disasters, terrorist attacks, and other incidents. In order to prepare, hospitals   Registration is free at:
IMPLICATIONS OF                                                          must take an active role in the planning and preparation phases of emergency
WMD TERRORIST                                                            management in their communities. The goal of this online course is to present a
EVENTS                                                                   basic overview of information about hospital management planning. Hospital       
                                                                         preparation for major events using an ―all-hazards‖ approach will also improve             nse/HospitalEmergencyManagement.php
                                                                         readiness for major disasters and incidents that are more common.

Inclusive Just-In-Time         Public health leaders involved in         Inclusive Just-In-Time Training (JITT) is an online module for public health leaders       The Northwest Center for Public Health Practice
Training                       emergency response.                       that describes the framework, methods, and environment of Inclusive JITT. A case           modules are accessed through a secure learning
                                                                         study follows Susan, a long-time public health nurse administrator, who receives           environment called PH LearnLink, which allows you
                                                                         Just-In-Time Training for a mass vaccination response to a disease outbreak. This          to keep track of your learning experiences as you
                                                                         case study illustrates the three principles of Inclusive JITT—learning dimensions,         take our modules.You may find the help pages useful

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           Title                           Target Audience                                                  Information                                                           Registration
                                                                       learning styles, and cultural context—and describes how local health departments       when getting started in PH LearnLink.
                                                                       can adopt and use the model to better train their response staff.            

Other Resources
                    Title                                                                       Information                                                                          Location

Toolkits for Emergency Preparation            Toolkits on Healthcare Coalition Development, Isolation and Quarantine, Vulnerable Populations, Workforce
                                              Activation, and Risk Communication. Free.

Hospital Preparedness Exercises               These resources can help hospital preparedness exercise coordinators plan for, design and develop, conduct,
Resources – AHRQ (Dec 2010)                   evaluate, and improve hospital preparedness exercises.

Decision Making Staff Allocation              This tool guides through decision-making processes to allocate staff both in advance of, and during, a public
Guide                                         health emergency. 1) Disease investigation due to a naturally occurring disease, food-borne outbreak, or
                                              bioterrorist event; 2) Mass prophylaxis. While the tool applies to any incident calling for both disease
                                              investigation and prophylaxis operations, it is aimed at larger scale emergency operations requiring rapid
                                              decision-making to obtain and allocate surge staff resources—decisions that may have to be justified to and
                                              approved by authorities within, or outside of, the LHD.

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