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					Travelocity & Wyndham Hotel Group
       Building a Partnership

Presented by:
Rande Woods
Market Manager

    Our Partnership Philosophy
•    We take a long-term, win-win view with our partners

•    We listen to you for input into the development of our products

•    We are tirelessly focused on growing our common travel business

•    We have a passionate team that is driven by relationships

     Our Core Beliefs/Assumptions:
        -   Price is only a ticket to play—travelers want more…
        -   Travel planning is about inspiring ideas and dreams, honest guidance,
            unbiased reviews
        -   Travel products, and above all service, are the key differentiators
        -   Taking responsibility for great experiences, be responsible all trip long

Who is Travelocity?

 Global Distribution and Presence

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Who is Sabre Holdings?

Sabre Holdings is a world leader in travel commerce,
retailing travel products, and providing distribution and
technology services for the travel industry

Sabre Quick Facts:
 • Industry leader in multiple travel channels
 • Privately held company with revenues of approximately
   $3 billion in 2007
 • Headquarters - Southlake, Texas (DFW)
 • About 9,000 employees in 60 countries

Massive Selling Power

  On the Average Day…

          Sells over 40,000 airline tickets
           Books over 6,000 car rentals
       Books over 15,000 hotel reservations
   Sells over 2,000 vacation and cruise packages
    Travelocity sells more travel in 6 hours than a
         typical travel agent sells in a year!

Exclusive Distribution

World Choice Travel
      - they power over 5000 websites in 40 countries…
         - as well as 100+ CVB and Destination sites…

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Key Travelocity Partner Network Accounts
American Express, Yahoo!, AOL, AAA So. Cal

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          Nashville Stars…

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These numbers are music to my ears…

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          Some Tips
            & Tools…

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Keep a close eye on availability
    – Does the hotel have a Good Buy tag? (This means SOT / LNZM is active)
    – If you don’t see a Good Buy tag, you are also falling to the bottom of the rankings
    – Are promo rates flowing through on dates you know they are available?

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    Vacation Packages Program - LNZM

          •Program Benefits:

•    Rate Opacity   –    customer sees only a flat
     rate for air + hotel ‘package’

•    Packaged rates - Bundle unsold rooms with
     deeply discounted air from AA, CO, DL, NW,
     US & more…

•    Bundles discounted airfare with hotel
     Merchant rates only – your property will
     not appear if merchant rates are not open

•    Priority Ranking if LNZM is Open –
     separate rankings on this path

•    Greater Booking Window: Majority of
     bookings are made 30 – 45 days in advance
     versus < 14 days in advance for hotel only.

•    Longer Average Length of Stay: Average
     LOS 3–4 days versus < 2 days for hotel only.

•    83% of Packaging bookings made from
     packaged/bundled rate plans (LNZM)

•    Travelocity’s primary Marketing Focus

Participate in Site-Wide Promotions
          and enjoy priority rankings and increased sales…

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Exclusive promos – Not the best strategy…

 – Exclusive promos with another OTA are
   not only a violation of the contract, but
   they usually guarantee that the property
   will drop to the bottom of the rankings.

 – Remember that these sales usually
   undercut your own brand’s website, and
   you risk BRG claims

 – Can achieve a short-term boost in sales,
   but often bring long-term consequences
      • Relationship with Market Manager is hurt
      • Rankings will be affected negatively
      • Risk being turned-off on Travelocity

 – Instead, focus on longer term promotions
   across OTAs that will help drive
   increased total revenue, higher rankings,
   and length of stay

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                             •Filter by
                             price or
      Hotels List Page       ratings
                                                              •Shop by Area
•Search By



 •Photos                                          Reviews
 & Video                                  •Lowest Price –
                                          hit select for
                                          additional rates
                                          and room types
             •Star Ratings

 Hotel Details Page – Sources
       How do I Update?

• Long / Formal Hotel Name
    – Market Manager

• Logo: Sabre Database/Chain CRS
    – 1 per chain code

• Images
    – WHG updates photos via Leonardo
    – Good News! We display up to 15 images now!!

• Star Ratings
    – Northstar Ratings / Market Manager

• Traveler Reviews
    – Ratings are averaged

• Property description text
    – Travelocity Editors / Market Managers
    – Send changes/updates anytime to Market Manager

• Most Remaining Information flows from
  your Sabre HOD (hotel description)
    – Hotel Amenities Section, Dining Options, Driving
      Directions, Transportation Info, Nearby Attractions

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Hotel Only Path – Flexible Dates Shopping

                           • Flexible Dates Shopping is a trip
                             planning feature that gives users a
                             view of single-night merchant rates
                             over the next 90 Days
                           • The feature provides users alternative
                             pricing if their dates are flexible
                           • Flexible date lead pricing is highlighted
                              – Helps move flexible customers to need dates

                           • Use the tool verify your own daily
                             pricing and that availability is flowing
                             through. Note, any changes to rates
                             and availability will not be reflected on
                             the calendar until the next day.
                           • Use it to shop your comp set’s daily
                             rates and availability!

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 Images – Best Practices
Travelocity is passionate about improving our hotel images
   •We see a significant boost in conversion with properties that have a quality set of
   images/video loaded
   •Helps to create more satisfied customers as they know what to expect on arrival
   •Enables us to best represent your properties
We have recently switched to a new Digital Asset Management System – VFM
   •Customers are now seeing higher quality images, more images per property, and
   a better, more consistent user experience.

   •In the past few months, we have more than doubled the number of hotel
   images we are displaying on Travelocity!

However… The display is only as good as the image database in Leonardo
   •Make sure your images in Leonardo are properly ordered, categorized, and
   filtered so they flow through to Travelocity with logical sequencing
   •Load more high-quality images when possible!
       •Good quality images are between 100kb and 1mb in size
       •With dimensions 300 x 300 minimum, 800 x 600 recommended

Example of Image Category/Filters Issue
                                          In Leonardo, the
                                          check-in area is
                                          categorized as
                                          ‘Exterior View’ –
                                          causing improper
                                          sequencing on
  Check-in area is
  displayed as the
  primary image on
  the above property

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What reports are available to you?
    Top Ten Properties report
    – Who are the Top 10 bi-weekly
      performers by booking path in the
      broader market

    Monthly Production Report
    – This report provides you with a
      YOY look at production pace for a
      rolling 12 month period.
    – Comp set data is included if you
      provide 4 to 8 comp set properties
      to your Market Manager

    How do I get them?
    – Your market manager can assist in
      setting them up.

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How to grow your business on Travelocity
• Participate with % off ‘rate of the day’ promos – WE NEED OFFERS! (contact
  DOS for set up)
• Manage LNZM Rate Plan - advise Market Manager & DOS when you have an
  aggressive margin
• Get your content up to date (might need to contact distribution for assistance)
• Make sure you are receiving auto-send reports via e-mail
• Encourage guests with positive stay experiences to write reviews on our site
• Enhance our partnership by doing the following:
   • Meeting with your Travelocity Market Manager
   • Discuss performance for both the hotel & the overall market
   • Review need dates, availability, promo offers, troubleshoot problems
   • Notify Market Manager of any planned renovations so they can update a property
• Shop your hotel on the site frequently. Are your promos flowing through to the
• Make sure contact information, and e-mail address is in the Market Manager’s
  database so they can keep you informed of opportunities and potential ways to
  grow your business.

    • Stay in touch with your Market Manager…


                Hotel Helpdesk
                  •Any credit card
                  •1-888-600-3119 option 2

                    CALL ME!
    The end!

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