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A: FOI Request # : This is useful for quoting in correspondence and to create an FOI file
B, C: If there is a correspondence tracking system in the council, these fields may be unnecessary
D: Brief description of the request
E: Date Received - when received anywhere in the council, not just with the FOI Officer
F: Date due : 28 calendar days added to the Date Received (Copy formula "=(DateReceived+28)" into rest of column).
        Can be manually modified for public holidays or clock stopping
H: Days Taken - copy formula "=(Date Finalised-Date Received)" into rest of column
I, J, K : Can record a Yes / No response or the number of pages released in full, in part, refused etc.
L: Charges - including disbursements (photocopying, postage)
M: Record time spent by all staff searching and retrieving information
N: Record all other time spent (making decision etc)
     (these columns could simply be combined, but it may be useful to be able to separate out the search time
      in view of the charges regime)

At the end of each reporting period, calculate the totals for requests, those released in full, part etc, charges;
and the averages for Days Taken and Search Time / Other Time.
nto rest of column).
                                                        Date     Acknowledg
EIR Ref     Name     Address   Request    Date Received Logged    ment Sent
                    20 Rector nt to the
                    Grove,    Roman
          Terence   Croydon   Way/Rect
E05/01    Haynes    CR0 4JA   ory Grove    9/28/2005
            Status/Note     Date                               Released in Released in
 Due Date        s        Finalised   Fees Notice Days Taken       Full        Part      Refused

10/26/2005 with
Charges    Times
Appendix E
FOI Requests

          A                                                                                       B                                                                                      C
 2 FOI ref #                                                                                  Request                                                                             Date Received
312 F/08/310     The Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976                                                                                                                                      7/15/2008
                 A breakdown of NNDR Credit Balances accrued since Croydon Council's earliest records, for the amount owing to all incorporated companies
313   F/08/311   within the Council's billing area                                                                                                                                         7/15/2008
314   F/08/312   How many incidents relating to knives have been reported by Croydon's schools in the last 5 years                                                                         7/15/2008
315   F/08/313   How many ultrasonic teenage deterrent devices have been supplied to Croydon Council                                                                                       7/16/2008
316   F/08/314   Whether all of Croydon Council's registrars are jointly designated to conduct marriages and civil partnerships                                                            7/18/2008
317   F/08/315   How much Croydon Council spent on taxi fares for officers and councillors in the last 12 months                                                                           7/18/2008
318   F/08/316   Details on the income derived from five parking bays in Campbell Road                                                                                                     7/18/2008
                 A copy of all the Designated Public Place Orders made by Croydon Council under sections 12 to 16 of the
319 F/08/317     Police and Criminal Justice Act 2001                                                                                                                                      7/22/2008
320 F/08/318     Key contacts within the London Borough of Croydon                                                                                                                         7/23/2008
                 Copies of all correspondence held by the Council relating to the Comets Community Project (Comets steel band) and the building that they rent
321 F/08/319     from the Council: Pan Pavillion, Auckland Rd, South Norwood Playing Fields SE19 2DH, from 1 January 2004 until 23 July 2008                                               7/23/2008
                 Council provide a breakdown of how the Council has used the initial £10,000 given to the Council to begin the development process and procedures for the Local
322 F/08/320     Involvement Network (LINk) in the London Borough of Croydon                                                                                                               7/23/2008
                 The total number of children who are known to the Council amid concerns that they are, or at some stage have been, involved in the sex trade or
323   F/08/321   child prostitution                                                                                                                                                        7/24/2008
324   F/08/322   The total cost of the mayoralty to the council in each of the last five financial years                                                                                   7/24/2008
325   F/08/323   The salary of certain key workers within Croydon Council                                                                                                                  7/24/2008
326   F/08/324   Where interviews for Council staff have taken place since May 1 2006 outside the Council’s own premises                                                                   7/24/2008

327 F/08/325     How many public tennis courts there are in the borough and how much a session costs, among other matters                                                                  7/24/2008
                 How many officers aged 50 or over have been made redundant and started to take their pension ahead of their previously planned retirement date
328 F/08/326     since the civil service pension scheme rules changed to allow this to happen                                                                                              7/24/2008
329 F/08/327     Whether Croydon Council has used anti-terrorism legislation since its introduction, how many times and for what purpose                                                   7/18/2008
                 Copies of the Executive Summaries of all Serious Case Reviews commissioned by the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) and, previously,
330 F/08/328     by the Area Child Protection Committee (ACPC) from 1st January 2000 to 21st July 2008, among other matters                                                                7/23/2008
331 F/08/329     The number of homophobic and transphobic bullying incidents within Croydon Council Schools over the last 2 years, among other matters                                     7/24/2008
                 Purley traffic data for the 10am-4pm period, and for evenings, nights, Saturday and Sundays, and the numbers which made up the various daily
332 F/08/330     totals which Croydon Council displayed, among other matters                                                                                                               7/24/2008
                 What due diligence the Housing Benefit Department of Croydon Council carried out with respect to Knights Millennium Foyer when they applied as
333 F/08/331     a charity for housing benefits receipts (from 2000/01 onwards) which resulted to a rent officer assessment exemption.                                                     7/24/2008
                 The number of Penalty Charge Notices issued between 1st February 2007 and 1st April 2008 also between 2nd April 2008 to 25th July 2008 to
334 F/08/332     motorists seen taking the wrong route at North End towards Poplar Walk, North End                                                                                         7/27/2008
335 F/08/333     Who the camera operator was at the time of the offence (reference CR70806510), among other matters                                                                        7/28/2008
                 The names of those Domiciliary care (Home Care) Agencies, Fostering Agencies and Independent Children's Homes that have current contracts to supply Croydon
336 F/08/334     Council (both block and spot contracts), among other matters                                                                                                              7/28/2008

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Appendix E
FOI Requests

           A                                                                    B                                                                       C
 2   FOI ref #                                                               Request                                                            Date Received
                 A figure to show the total number of primary and secondary school children registered for elective home education within the
337 F/08/335     London Borough of Croydon for each academic year from 2003/4 to 2007/8, among other matters                                             7/28/2008
                 A breakdown of the number of teachers suspended on full pay in your local education authority for each academic year from
338 F/08/336     2003/4 to 2007/8                                                                                                                        7/28/2008

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