90th Annual Candy Dance

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					       Town of Genoa Newsletter                        •        Nevada’s Oldest Recorded Settlement         •              Founded 1851

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              228 OWN O CE:
                  9 M     F
              GE      AIN GENO                                    Fall 2010                        
                     A , N S T R EA
                           V 8      E
     TEL                         941 T
          E                         1
    (775 PHON
        ) 78
             2-86 E                                                                                          INSIDE:
                 96           MA
                         P. O .   IL:
                                     14                                                                      CANDY DANCE................PG. 3
                                                                                                             MESSAGE FROM TOWN

90th Annual Candy Dance                                                                                      BOARD CHAIR................ PG. 4
                                                                                                             2011 COWBOY POETRY
                                                                                                             FESTIVAL ........................PG. 6
Art, Crafts, Candy & Entertainment                                                                           HALLOWEEN EVENT .....PG. 8

300 arts and crafts vendors, 30 food booths,
and activity booths for the whole family…                                     90TH ANNUAL GENOA CANDY DANCE
THE 2010 CANDY DANCE FAIRE COMMITTEE                                     DINNER AND DANCE
An event the size of the Genoa Candy Dance                               is year’s dinner is hosted by the Genoa Country Store
Faire would not be possible without the…                               and will feature tri-tip or chicken with rosemary potatoes,
                                                                       salad, vegetables, bread and dessert.  e tickets include
TOWN ACCESS PASSES FOR GENOA RESIDENTS                                 dancing to the music of Special Guest Wylie and  e Wild
Visitors to Candy Dance double the county’s                            West and headliner David John and the Comstock Cowboys.
population and traffic control is the most…                                Get your tickets now at the Genoa Office, (775) 782-8696.
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MASONS HOST ANNUAL PANCAKE BREAKFAST                                                                         ADVISORY BOARD:
Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 25 & 26, the Masonic                                                                e Genoa Advisory Board
Lodge #12 offers pancake breakfast...                                                                         meets on the first Tuesday
                                                                                                             of each month at 6:30 p.m.
SHUTTLES FOR CANDY DANCE AT CVI AND DHS                                                                      in the Town Meeting Room.
Shuttles travel from either the Carson Valley                                                                Brian Williams, Chair
Inn or Douglas High School to Candy Dance…                                                                   Dave Whitgob, Clerk
                                                                                                             Karen Holmes
                                                                                                             Jennifer King
As a part of the Town’s Drainage Master Plan,                                                                Greg Pace
                                                                     David John & the Comstock Cowboys
the 2nd phase includes the completion of…
                                    All Continued on Page 5                                                  TOWN STAFF:
                                                                                                             Sheryl Gonzales,
GENOA ‘CONCERT IN THE PARK’ IN SEPTEMBER                                                                           Town Manager
                                                                                                             Kris Wilkison,
e Old West Trio headlines the last of
                                                                                                                   Office Assistant
Genoa’s 2010 Free Summer Concerts…                                                                           Monique Roberts,
                                          Continued on Page 6                                                      Office Assistant
                                                                                                             Cammy Murray,
2010 COWBOY POETRY & MUSIC FESTIVAL PHOTOS                                                                         Maintenance Assistant
Enjoy a snapshot of the 1st Cowboy Festival…                                                                 Billie J. Rightmire,
                                                                          Wylie & e Wild West                     Town Historian
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  Genoa Connection Newsletter | P.O. Box 14 | Genoa, NV 89411 | (775) 782-8696 | www.
GENOA CONNECTION • NEWSLETTER!                                                                                             PAGE       2
90TH ANNUAL CANDY DANCE, SEPT. 25–26,             freely enter and leave Genoa by car           ONGOING CLASSES
AND DINNER-DANCE, SEPT. 25                        without passes before 7 a.m. and after 5    IN GENOA TOWN HALL
Continued from page 1                             p.m. We appreciate your understanding      Classes are held at the Genoa Town
Tickets for Dinner & Dance on sale NOW:           and cooperation in this matter.            Hall, sponsored by the Town of
$30 for Adults, $15 for “Dance Only” or                                                      Genoa. For information please call
                                                  CANDY DANCE FAIRE COMMITTEE                the Town Office, 782-8696.
Kids 12 and under — but tickets are               Continued from page 1
going fast, so call the Town Office                                                            PLEASE NOTE:
                                                    An event the size of the Genoa Candy
TODAY, 782-8696, to purchase your                                                            The following class dates and times are
                                                  Dance Faire would not be possible
tickets before September 17th!                                                               subject to change.
                                                  without the hard work of many
   Candy Dance Faire opens at 9 a.m. and
                                                  volunteers. e Candy Dance Faire           Occasionally, due to inclement weather,
continues until 5 p.m.  e dinner-dance                                                      the “Concerts on the Green” may be
                                                  committee meets regularly throughout
on Sept. 25 starts at 4 p.m. and ends at 10                                                  moved to the Town Hall and may delay
                                                  the year to make plans and handle the
p.m., with shuttle service to parking areas                                                  or cancel any scheduled classes.
                                                  necessary details to ensure that each
available until 10 p.m. (Saturday only).
                                                  year’s event is a success.
   See the 2010 Candy Dance fl yer on
                                                    Meet the volunteer chairs that are       BEG. SQUARE DANCING
page 3 for more information.
                                                  serving the Town of Genoa on the 2009      Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. (Mar. 23)
TOWN ACCESS FOR RESIDENTS ONLY                    Candy Dance Faire Committee:                 It’s fun, exciting, healthy, easy
Continued from page 1                                                                        to learn and reasonable. Starts
                                                    •   Connie Begovich, Volunteers          March 23 with signups open for
challenging issue. Back street detours are
                                                    •   Bill Bowersock, Ice Chair            two more weeks.
setup to provide access to Residents                                                         INSTRUCTOR: LARRY WAR D , 4 6 1 - 0 4 7 4
Only while all road traffic is diverted               •   Dee Dykes, Candy Making Chair
                                                                                             FEE: $6 PER PERSON PER C L A S S
from downtown Genoa during Candy                    •   Carole Hart, Member at Large
Dance Faire hours.                                  •   Karen & John Holmes, Dinner Dance    BEG./INT. BALLROOM DANCE
                                                                                             Mondays, 6 p.m. (Ongoing)
       UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLES                            Chairs
                                                                                               Dance instruction: Cha-cha,
    WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO DRIVE                    • Bill Hutchison, Food Vendors Chair
                                                                                             salsa, tango, swing and waltz.
     THROUGH DOWNTOWN DURING                        • Dan Pendleton, Parking and
                                                                                             INSTRUCTOR: JUDY LEE, 2 6 7 - 1 7 3 1
                                                        Transportation Chair
      CANDY DANCE FAIRE HOURS.                                                               FEE: $10 PER PERSON PE R C L A S S
  (All emergency, police and fire vehicles are      • Pam Whitgob & Karen Holmes,
   exempt from this policy for any police or            Merchandise Co-Chairs                NEW! ADULT AND TEEN
 medical emergencies or fires within the town.)                                              BALLROOM DANCING
                                                                                             Sundays, 6:30 p.m. (May 2)
   Residents are allowed into the Town on
                                                                                               New classes begin May 2.
Detour Roads Only — please see map
on the back of your Town Access Pass.                     Candy Dance Faire                  Phase I: 6–7:30 p.m.
                                                                                              Cha-cha, waltz, East Coast
                                                          SAFE PARCEL
   Public safety and town liability require                                                   Swing, Texas 2-Step.
the enforcement of this policy during the                                                    Phase II: 7:30–9 p.m.
Candy Dance Faire, when an estimated
30,000 to 50,000 visitors walk the streets                STORAGE                             Salsa, tango, rumba, night
                                                                                              club 2 step, foxtrot.
of Genoa over the Faire weekend.                                                             INSTRUCTOR: LARRY WAR D , 4 6 1 - 0 4 7 4
   Town Access Passes will be delivered to                Leave your parcels at              FEE: $8 ADULT, $6 TEEN P E R C L A S S

Genoa residents before September 18.                      the Information Booth
Road closures within the Town of Genoa                    for a $1 fee.                      REGISTRATION FORMS
occur Sept. 26 & 27, from 7 a.m.–5 p.m.                                                         Registration forms for the classes
   Residents are required to carry Town                   Your items will be                 listed above can be downloaded
Access Passes with them in their cars, if                 held safely until you              from Genoa’s Website or picked up
                                                                                             from the Town Office, M-F, 9-4:30.
they want to leave or enter the Town by                   return for them.                      Use the link to visit our Website:
car during the Candy Dance Faire.                                                  
   Residents and visitors will be able to

   Genoa Connection Newsletter | P.O. Box 14 | Genoa, NV 89411 | (775) 782-8696 | www.
GENOA CONNECTION • NEWSLETTER!                                                               PAGE     3

Genoa Connection Newsletter | P.O. Box 14 | Genoa, NV 89411 | (775) 782-8696 | www.
  GENOA CONNECTION • NEWSLETTER!                                                                                  PAGE     4

                        2009–2010 ACCOMPLISHMENTS
  As tough economic times force many local governments            • Town offices and old fire bay—office and entryway
in the U.S. to cut services, Genoa is fortunate in being able       remodeled, kitchen repainted, safety railing in back
to hold its own—and even to address some longstanding               repaired; master plan started to renovate building
needs. Following are some accomplishments for the past              into community center and visitor center.
fiscal year under the leadership of Town Manager Sheryl            • Roads and road signs—yearly road maintenance
Gonzales, aided by town staff and our many devoted                   completed, 5th and Main intersection repaired, road
volunteers.                                                         base analyzed to determine need for new materials,
                                                                    some street signs repaired – plans to renovate all
             TOP FIVE BOARD PRIORITIES:                             street signs located on Town’s dirt roads; snow
                                                                    plowing performed.
                 PROGRESS REPORT
                                                                  • Town park—problem of failing bulbs fixed; irrigation
  I’m pleased to report progress on the Board’s top fi ve
                                                                    system repaired, ongoing detailing of park as well as
priorities for 2009–2010:                                           bathroom plumbing repaired.
  • Implementation of economic development
                                                                  • Cottonwood trees along Genoa Lane—arrangements
    recommendations: The search for alternatives to
                                                                    being made to plant new donated Cottonwood trees
    Candy Dance for Town revenue sources took a big
                                                                    in anticipation of the older trees dying or being
    step with the first Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival,
    from which the Town netted $5,000. Aim in 2011:
    $18,750.                                                      • Ongoing maintenance—janitorial services for all Town
                                                                    facilities, weed removal, snow shoveling, etc.
  • Carson Street drainage: Plans and grant funds
    approved, contractor bids solicited. Estimated work
    start: fall 2010.
  • Genoa-to-Walley’s trail along Foothill Road: Joint
    project of Genoa and County. Grant application                e Town and volunteers continued to support
    accepted for consideration in 2010.                         traditional events marking St. Patrick’s Day, Easter,
  • Main Street streetlights: Designs under way for
                                                                Independence Day, summer community garage sale,
    undergrounding utilities and installing period-style        Halloween, and Christmas, as well as dance instruction, the
    streetlights.                                               Genoa Park summer music series (3 events) and the Old-
                                                                Time Music Festival.
  • Efficacy of expanding Town boundaries: Study bids
    received, to be considered at next Board meeting.             Drawing only one-fourth of its support from taxes, the
                                                                Town continues to sustain services through revenue derived
                INFRASTRUCTURE:                                 from Candy Dance, rental of the Town Hall and Church, and
     KEEPING A HISTORIC TOWN IN GOOD ORDER                      most recently the Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival
 Maintaining a historic town is a never-ending challenge.       (produced in collaboration with the Carson Valley Arts
is year’s accomplishments:                                     Council). Currently underway: planning for the 90th Candy
                                                                Dance in September. Grants continue to be an important
  • Town Hall—front rehabilitated, exterior and interior
    repainted, bathroom floor, new windows and
                                                                revenue source with Nevada Art Commission awarding
    foundation repaired.                                        funds for the Old Time Music Festival.
  • Town church—exterior repainted (by Community                        ADMINISTRATIVE & COMMUNICATIONS
    Beautification Committee), carpet repaired and
    cleaned, E Clampus Vitus plaque (honoring 100th
                                                                  Town policies and procedures reviewed and revised;
    anniversary of rebuilding after fire damage) and            “Genoa Connection” newsletter produced (4 issues).
    $1,000 donation for foundation improvement
    accepted; additional foundation grant funds applied
                                                                                                --Brian K. Williams, Chair,
    for.                                                                                          Genoa Town Advisory Board

  Genoa Connection Newsletter | P.O. Box 14 | Genoa, NV 89411 | (775) 782-8696 | www.
  GENOA CONNECTION • NEWSLETTER!                                                                                          PAGE      5

Masons host the Annual Candy Dance Pancake Breakfast
  Douglas County Masonic Lodge #12             Breakfast Includes: Eggs, Sausage
will serve a pancake breakfast in the                &   PANCAKES
historic Masonic Lodge building in              served with coffee, tea, milk
Genoa from 6 to 10:30 am, Saturday
                                                     and orange juice.
and Sunday, September 25-26.
  e menu includes pancakes, eggs,            the Masonic Lodge building in Genoa.
sausage, coffee, milk and orange juice.          For information or to volunteer to
  e cost is $5 per person at the door.       help with the Pancake Breakfast, call
Proceeds help preserve and maintain           775-265-7706.

       2010 CANDY DANCE FAIRE SHUTTLE:                                                   2010 CANDY DANCE
            SERVICE FROM CARSON VALLEY INN AND DHS                                       ROAD CLOSURES/DETOURS:
  Shuttles will be running from either the Carson Valley Inn or Douglas High               U.S. Highway 395 narrows to one
School to Genoa Candy Dance Faire. Service begins at 9:00 a.m. at the cost of            lane before the intersection with
$2.00 per person round trip.                                                             Genoa Lane. Left turns will not be
                                                                                         permitted when departing from Genoa

Carson Street Drainage Project                                                           on Genoa Lane. Turn right and travel
                                                                                         south into Minden and make a U-turn
                                                                                         at the light at the junction of Highway
                                              recently approved by the Town              88 and U.S. Highway 395.
                                              Advisory Board. Permits have been            e following roads will be closed at
                                              received from NDOT to install the          the specified locations throughout the
                                              drainage project and the County is         Candy Dance weekend:
                                              reviewing the plans for final approval.       •   Genoa Lane at Kinsey Way
                                                e total cost of the project is
                                                                                           •   Foothill Road at Candy Dance Lane
                                              estimated at $119,000. Douglas County
                                                                                           •   Jacks Valley Road at the Genoa
                                              Redevelopment funds ($25,000) and                Cemetery
                                              the Town of Genoa funds ($50,000)
                                              with the NDOT grant money ($45,000)
                                              will fund the project.
                                                In 2005, the Carson Street Drainage
                                              Project was begun which included the                                     LANE &
                                              installation of reinforced concrete pipe                                 HWY 395:
                                              along three manholes crossing and on                                     NO LEFT
                                              Foothill Road, which is also posted as                                   TURN!
                                              State Route 206.                                                         Turn right on
                                                e completion of this project will                                     Hwy. 395 and
            Photo courtesy of Wm. H. Brooks   make the drainage system in this area                                    drive south to
                                              functional and would include a storm                                     the junction of
                                                                                                                       Hwy. 88.
                                              drainpipe that will connect and funnel
Continued from page 1
                                              storm runoff the remainder of the                                         Left turns are
                                                                                                                       permitted at
the Carson Street Drainage Project.           distance to Genoa Creek.                                                 the light.
  e Town received a grant from                 Once the plans are approved by the
Nevada Department of Transportation           County, it is projected the construction
in 2009 for which it was awarded              will begin after Candy Dance and
$45,000. e interlocal contract               should take approximately 6 – 8 weeks
between the Town and NDOT was                 to complete.

   Genoa Connection Newsletter | P.O. Box 14 | Genoa, NV 89411 | (775) 782-8696 | www.
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 The Old West Trio
            SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 • 4–6 PM • GENOA PARK
   From the fi rst yodeling toe-tapper         traditional and contemporary songs
until the last lilting coyote chorus, the     that explore a variety of styles,
Old West Trio delivers uplifting              including gunfighter ballads, western
cowboy and folk music to listeners of         swing, classic Sons of the Pioneers, and
all ages.  e trio, composed of Steve         lively yodeling tunes.
Ide, Leslie Ide, and Steve Johnson, is           is popular group played last year
based in the foothills of the Sierra          in Genoa and more recently at the                    2ND ANNUAL
Nevada Mountains.
   As lead guitarist Steve Johnson puts
                                              Genoa Cowboy Poetry & Music
                                              Festival. Bring friends, family and           Cowboy
it, “Cowboy music is a history lesson
with a melody.”
                                              picnics, and enjoy music in the
                                              beautiful Genoa Town Park located at       Poetry & Music
   To honor their Western heritage, the
O l d We s t Tr i o p e r f o r m s b o t h
                                              the top of Nixon Street.
                                                                                         1ST WEEKEND IN MAY, 2011
                                                                                           e festival will feature a variety of
                                                                                         events, and will include more than 80
                                                                                         workshops ranging from black-
                                                                                         smithing and leather tooling to basket
                                                                                         weaving and Dutch-oven cooking.
                                                                                           Additionally, the festival will feature
                                                                                         genuine cowboy food and Western
                                                                                         artists, Chautauquas, and of course, a
                                                                                         long list of cowboy poets and
                                                                                           Visit our Website for information,
                                                                                or call
                                                                                         (775) 782-8696 or (775) 782-8207.
                                                                                           WANT TO BE A PART OF THE FUN?
                                                                                           e Town and various committees
                                                                                         that work for our community are
                                                                                         always looking for volunteers.
                                                                                           Make new friends, get reacquainted
                                                                                         with old friends and be a part of your
                                                                                           Volunteer opportunities abound.
                                                                                         Contact the Town offices (775)
                e Old West Trio: Steve Ide, Leslie Ide, and Steve Johnson               782-8696.

  Genoa Connection Newsletter | P.O. Box 14 | Genoa, NV 89411 | (775) 782-8696 | www.
GENOA CONNECTION • NEWSLETTER!                                                                        PAGE      7

                                1st Annual Genoa



                                                                 A passel of photos from the 1st Annual Genoa
                                                                       Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival.
                                                                    Visit our Website for more information:

Genoa Connection Newsletter | P.O. Box 14 | Genoa, NV 89411 | (775) 782-8696 | www.
                                                                               Please leave your
                                                                                 pets at home
                                                                                 Candy Dance
                                                                             Pets are not allowed at the Candy
                                                                           Dance event or at Mormon Station
                                                                           State Park, except for dogs in training
  e Town of Genoa Recreation Committee has been                           for the impaired and handicapped.
sponsoring a safe alternative for “Trick or Treating” for Genoa              ere are many people in town
area families for many years now.                                          during the two-day event, as well as
  Join us for some ghoulish games, freaky fun and cool prizes              hot weather that may stress your pet.
for everyone in costume.                                                   Please leave them at home where they
  Parents: Please bring a main potluck                                     feel safe and can keep cool.
dish for the dinner, or donate a
bottle of wine for the “Parents Bar.”
  e Town will provide soft
drinks and treats.
  Contact the Town Office
for more information or to
volunteer your help to
decorate the Town Hall,
  Visit our Website:

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