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					200 9-2010 M E R C H A N D I S E C ATA L O G
to the 2009-2010
Labels for Education Program!                                                       SM

                       Dear Coordinator
                         Welcome to a very exciting Campbell’s® Labels for
                         Education program year! We are thrilled to introduce
                         the enhanced Labels for Education program. You
                         can see we’ve updated our logo and look, but
                         that’s just the beginning. We will continue to provide
                         support to schools across America as we have for
                         over 36 years, with an added focus on enrichment
                         programs. Research indicates that students thrive
                         when they participate in Arts, Athletics or Academics
                         enrichment programs, all of which have been affected
                         by the current economic situation. Our new focus

                                                                                  TABLE OF
   strives to better serve children by supporting your school’s enrichment
   programs with the points earned through Labels for Education. The core                                      Physical Education Equip. 18
   of the program hasn’t changed a bit, but you will see several additions
   as part of our enhanced program. From exciting new partnerships with                                        Sports Equipment          24
   the GRAMMY Foundation® and childhood development expert Dr. Peter
   Benson, to curriculum resources and bonus incentives that support your
   school’s Arts, Athletics and Academics enrichment programs, we are
   giving you more ways to Nourish their Potential!
                                                                                  CONTENTS                     Wellness


   Coordinators like you are making a difference in communities across the        WELCOME                  2   Computers & Electronics   28
   country every day, and your efforts are appreciated. We know changes
   can sometimes be confusing, so for a quick reference guide, check out the      Labels for Education     3   Health & Nutrition        33
   FAQs on page 8. For even more tips, tools and information on program           GRAMMY Foundation      4-5   Library & Reference       34
   enhancements throughout the year, be sure to sign up for the Labels for
   Education e-newsletter at labelsforeducation.com.                              New Partners             6   Math & Science            37
                                                                                  Online Resources         7   School Accessories        40
   Remember enrollment is required every year. So, go to
   labelsforeducation.com to update your profile and enroll for 2009-2010.        Clip & Earn FAQs         8   Software                  41
   Best wishes for another successful Labels for Education collection year in
                                                                                  Coordinator Corner       9   Teacher & Classroom
   your school!                                                                   Planning Calendar    10-11     Resources               44
                                             Anne Pizarro                                                      Transportation            51
                                                                                  ARTS                         Video & DVD               51
                                             Campbell’s Labels for Education
                                             director@labelsforeducation.com      Art Supplies           12
                                                                                  Musical Instruments    16    RESOURCE CD               55

2 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com

                                                                                                                                          A RTS
Since 1973
Campbell’s Labels for Education                  SM

has been committed to helping
America’s families support their

                                                                                                                                          ATH L E TI C S
schools. By clipping UPCs from                        We aim to help
                                                      schools educate and
                                                                                      We help provide
                                                                                      resources to build a
participating products, schools                       expose our kids to a
                                                      whole world of creativity.
                                                                                      strong arts foundation
                                                                                      that will encourage kids
can earn equipment to support                                                         to imagine a better

their Arts, Athletics and Academics
programs — but the impact of the
program goes much deeper.                             We understand that
                                                      teamwork, sportsmanship,
                                                                                     We provide the
                                                                                     equipment to help
                                                      and self-discipline are        schools develop kids’
Students… learn that by pulling together, they        some of the life               bodies and minds,
can achieve their goals.                              skills learned on              setting them on the

                                                      the playing field.             path for lifelong activity
Parents… gain access to convenient support                                           and vitality.
mechanisms for their kids’ education.
Coordinators… enjoy a national support network
to help them get the most out of the program.
Schools… open the door to a world of learning
that supports their educational and enrichment
                                                      We provide tools that
                                                      support learning to help
                                                                                     By enhancing the
                                                                                     school environment,
goals.                                                schools create curriculum      we help parents
                                                      that challenges, motivates,    and educators inspire
Communities… help give back to the children                                          children and encourage
                                                      and allows a child’s mind
who are tomorrow’s leaders.                           to flourish.                   them to thrive.

                                                                                   NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 3
                                         Introducing our NEW partnership
                                          with the GRAMMY Foundation!                                                                 ®

                                                  Labels for EducationSM is committed to supporting music education because
                                                we understand its power to not only inspire, but also to help children learn rhythm,
                                           coordination and cooperation. Through our new partnership with the GRAMMY Foundation,®
                                           you have access to exclusive resources like our Discovery through Music curriculum and Artist
                                            Ambassadors who share our passion for music education. All of this is available absolutely
                                                      FREE because you are enrolled in the Labels for Education program.
                                            For more information about the GRAMMY Foundation,® visit grammyintheschools.com.

                                     It’s all part of our promise to
                                  nourish the potential of our children.
4 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
     Download our
FREE music curriculum
   for your school at
      The Grammy Foundation®Artist
     Ambassadors share our passion
  for inspiring and nourishing children’s
         potential through music.
    Look for our Artist Ambassadors
      in future e-newsletters and at
                                                         Discovery Through
                                                         Music Curriculum
                                                                  WHAT IS IT?
                                         A six-week curriculum taught through Learning Modules that provides
                                        a sequenced series of two-week and four-week lessons for kindergarten,
                                             1st-2nd grade, 3rd-4th grade, and 5th-6th grade age groups.

                                                          WHAT DOES IT TEACH?
                                             The lessons will provide sequential, creative and fun opportunities
                                       to understand and apply the basic elements of music (beat, tempo, rhythm,
                                         pitch, melody, harmony, dynamics, timbre, and texture) while integrating
                                             language arts, math, science, and technology into the curriculum.

                                                              HOW DO I GET IT?
                                                1. Go to Coordinator Corner on labelsforeducation.com.
                                                      2. Download the exclusive music curriculum.
                                                         3. Distribute to teachers at your school.

                                                                  NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 5
                    RESOURCES                  Peter Benson
                                               President and CEO of Search
                                               Institute, a national leader in
                                               discovering what kids need to                                 TM

                              The Campbell’s Labels for EducationSM program not
                                                                                             This year
                              only wants to provide the supplies to build a strong           through a
                               arts foundation, the equipment to build a child’s body        partnership
                               and mind, and the tools that support learning, we also
                               want to provide you with access to expert resources,          with
                               like Dr. Peter Benson.                                        Field Trip
                                Peter Benson is a leading authority on childhood and         Factory,
                                adolescence, as well as President and CEO of Search          Labels for
                                 Institute. Dr. Benson is a national leader in discovering   Education
                                 what kids need to succeed, and his insights are             is expanding to offer hands-on learning
                                  another resource that Labels for Education is bringing     experiences in addition to educational
                                  to you this year.                                          merchandise! Field Trip Factory is a leader in
 In his book Sparks, Dr. Benson has discovered a key way for parents and other caring        education-based field trips across the country
 adults to help all young people succeed: discover and nurture their sparks. When            and through this partnership, participating
 illuminated and nurtured, sparks give young people joy, energy and direction.               Labels for Education schools have the
                                                                                             opportunity to redeem UPCs from participating
 Schools are one of the few institutions that can help ensure all students have the          products for field trip experiences!
 opportunity to identify and nurture their sparks. Focusing on sparks can also help
 schools engage all students, reducing the dropout rate. When students have support
 in pursuing their sparks, both grades and school attendance increase. School                              LFE-9354
                                                                                                          8,700 points
 achievement will increase in schools where spark-nurturing relationships occur in the
 classroom, the hallways, and on the playing field. Knowing and nourishing sparks can        The Complete Field Trip Experience
 be a powerful academic achievement strategy.                                                Through Labels for Education’s partnership with Field Trip
                                                                                             Factory, your school can earn a complete hands-on learning
                                                                                             experience that includes a field trip and transportation.
 Look for insights from renowned author Peter Benson in future                               Field trips are 60-90 minutes in length and limited to 30
 e-newsletters! Sign up at labelsforeducation.com.                                           participants per tour - this number varies by location.
                                                                                             Call 1-800-424-5331 to reserve your trip. Transportation
 Check out Sparks and other Search Institute resources on Page 34.                           booked separately and reimbursed up to $100 per field
                                                                                             trip, limited geographic availability.
6 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
online   RESOURCES
         Labels for EducationSM is still easy! At labelsforeducation.com, you can quickly and easily administer your
         school’s collection program from your own computer: connect with other coordinators, access your account,
         view your school’s current bank balance, complete order forms and download exclusive resources for your school!

         Labels for Education Forum                                      online catalog
         Labelsforeducation.com is also a great place to                 Access our catalog wherever you are. Simply pull up
         connect with other coordinators. Share success stories,         the online catalog to browse, search and select from
         ask questions and talk about your experiences in the            a comprehensive merchandise listing.
         Labels for Education Forum.
                                                                         answers from anne
                                                                         Anne Pizarro, Director of Labels for Education
         collection sheets                                               is available to provide the resources you need to help
         Get the whole community involved using down-                    make your program a success. Please email your
         loadable resources from labelsforeducation.com.                 comments and questions to her at
         Print out as many 1-Point and 5-Point collection                director@labelsforeducation.com. We value your
         sheets as you need and watch your school’s points               suggestions and rely on them to ensure that Labels
         add up! Look for exciting new collection sheets                 for Education is providing the right resources for your
         throughout the school year!                                     school.

         eligible products                                               COMING SOON!
                                                                         Look for more new resources
         Get the word out! Let your school community know                supporting your school’s Arts,
         about all of the participating 1-Point and 5-Point              Athletics and Academic
         Labels for Education products and watch your                    programs coming later this
         school’s collection grow!                                       school year.

         PR tools and forms
         Access forms including a customized parent letter,
         press release to share your school’s collection results
         with the community, and certificates of recognition.

                                                                      NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 7
   CLIP & EARN FAQs                                     What is changing about the program?
                                                        The program is not changing in the way that we award free merchandise to schools,
                                                        but we are enhancing the Labels for Education program to better serve the schools
                                                        and children who benefit from the program. Research shows that students thrive when
                                                        they participate in enrichment programs in the Arts, Athletics, or enhanced Academics,
                                                        yet school districts find it increasingly hard to pay for such offerings. Our new focus on
                                                        Arts, Athletics, and Academics aims to help schools by providing the resources they
                                                        need to support these vital aspects of education.

                                                        What are the enhancements to the program?
                                                        Over the next several months, we will roll out a number of tools, partnerships, and
                                                        programs designed to support parents, especially coordinators, in their role. We aim
                                                        to inspire enthusiasm, provide information that supports involvement, and resources
                                                        that make their role easier. Watch for details in e-newsletters and on the website!

                                                        How can I find out about bonus points and
    Labels for Education                 SM
                                           is an easy   promotions?
    way to earn educational resources for your          Sign up for the e-newsletter at labelsforeducation.com. At the website, you’ll
    school! Simply save UPCs from participating         also find helpful tips for running a collection program, a forum for coordinators,
    products exactly the way you have been saving       and other resources.
    (including those with our brand new logo) and
    redeem them for resources that enrich your          Which UPCs can be redeemed?
    school. Don’t forget to use the UPC collection      All UPCs from participating Labels for Education products
    sheets and watch your points add up!                may be redeemed regardless of point value or logo
                                                        featured. Any UPC that does not specify a point value is
                                                        still eligible for redemption.

8 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
Determine your school’s needs
                                              ch f
                                              MONor our
                                         e-n T nex
                                        Look ews HLY t
                                                                               To help you manage the collection process
and calculate the point value
                                      Labe for lett
requirement and collection                                                      and earn more free stuff for your school,
goal for the year. Use the                ls f upco er                         we’ve gathered the most helpful tips from
Labels for EducationSM                 Info   or   mi  n                                   other coordinators.
planning poster to track                    rma Educati g                      Remember to REGULARLY check out the
progress and highlight key                     tion on
collection times throughout
                                                   !                            Labels for Education Forum at
the year for your school.                                                  labelsforeducation.com to read tips from other
                                                                             coordinators and share some of your own!
SPREAD THE                             LABELS FOR AMERICA™
WORD!                                  Gives you the opportunity for your school to earn bonus points
                                       when you complete a project or program that promotes learning,
Communicate your school’s
collection goal to the students,       caring and sharing in the community.
parents and community
members at the beginning of            GET ONLINE!
each year so everyone knows            Your school’s website is a great place to provide information and
what to work toward. If your           gain awareness about the Labels for Education program. Keep
                                       your school community up to date on Labels for Education points
school has a parents’ night, ask if
                                       earned, points needed and your school’s wish list.
you can have a few minutes
to talk about the Labels for
Education program and how              GET LOCAL GROCERS INVOLVED!
                                       Connect with your local grocery store managers and ask them to
parents can help earn free stuff
                                       provide you with upcoming Campbell product offers and any
for your school! Reinforce the         additional Labels for Education bonus offers that you can share
importance of the program and          with your school community.
remind parents of collection
goals through emails and
                                       COMMUNITY OUTREACH!
                                       Reach out to local community groups for their support in collecting
                                       points, and encourage parents to reach out to relatives for an
                                       extended network of participation.
                                                                                      NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 9
          2009 - 2010
                                                          Update your profile each year at labelsforeducation.com
                                                      to receive 100 bonus points for your school. Call or mail in your
                                                  updated profile and get 50 points for your school. Be sure to provide
                                                  your e-mail address so that you don’t miss out on program offers and
                                                      great tips to help manage your Labels for Education program.
                                                    Limit one Profile Update bonus offer per school per program year.

                                                                             Look for merchandise discounts featured
                                                                              in monthly e-newsletters and online at
                                                                            labelsforeducation.com. Discounted point
                                                                               values valid from 9/1/09 - 10/31/09.

                                                  Receive 500 bonus points when your school deposits 500 UPCs before December 31, 2009! Enter Promotion Code
                                                  PCF1723 with your submission. Limit one (1) offer per school. (Bonuses and certificates are not eligible under offer.)

                                                          Get more free stuff for your school with the Labels for America™ program. Labels for America
                                                           offers the opportunity for your school to earn bonus points when you complete a project or
                                                                      program that promotes learning, caring and sharing in the community.

                                                   Increase your UPC and beverage cap submission by 10% over your school’s last participating year and receive
                                                        more points for your school! Visit labelsforeducation.com and select Coordinator’s Account for details.

                                         For more information call 1-800-424-5331 or visit labelsforeducation.com for details.

10 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
 Look for merchandise discounts featured                                        Look for merchandise discounts featured
  in monthly e-newsletters and online at                                         in monthly e-newsletters and online at
labelsforeducation.com. Discounted point                                       labelsforeducation.com. Discounted point
    values valid from 1/1/10 - 2/28/10.                                            values valid from 4/1/10 - 5/31/10.

             1.) Complete a volunteer project, fitness activity or educational program that promotes learning, caring, sharing or student nutrition and wellness.
             2.) Tell us all about it! Fill out the Labels for America Participation Form. Visit labelsforeducation.com to download a form or use the one in this catalog.
             3.) We’ll give your school 500 bonus points for each program you participate in, up to 2,000 bonus points per program year.

                              Limit one (1) “Bank Account Incentive” offer per school or organization during the 2009-2010 program year.
                             Offer good August 1, 2009 through June 1, 2010. Bonus points will be deposited to your school account on or
                                             around August 15, 2010. Bonus Certificates may not be submitted for this offer.

                                                                                                         Enroll early for the 2010-2011 program year and receive 500 Labels
                                                                                                          for Education Bonus Points for your school. Go to lfebonus.com and
                                                                                                            enter promotion code EBF1747. Have your Labels for Education
                                                                                                           account ID, password and zip code available. Bonus points will be
                                                                                                               deposited into your school’s account on or around 8/1/10.
                                                                                                                     Limit one (1) offer per school per program year.

    Not receiving monthly e-newsletters from Labels for EducationSM? Sign up today at labelsforeducation.com
    to get updates, special offers and great tips to help you manage the Labels for Education program.
                                                                                                                          NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 11

      LFE-1037                                                 LFE-1032                                              LFE-1043
     1,050 points                                             5,400 points                                          3,900 points

    Color Splash!® Glitter Glue Pen Class Pack               Heavy-Duty Double School Easel with Tray              Carnival Face Paint Kit
    Glitter and glue in a convenient pen makes it easy       Dry-Erase board on one side and chalkboard            This face painting kit includes everything you
    to add sparkle to all sorts of projects. Pack of 72      on the other allow two children to use the easel      need for professional-looking results! Includes
    includes 6 assorted colors. Each pen is 13cm long        together. Includes spring clips to hold paper and     six 8-oz. bottles of face paint in assorted colors,
    and contains 12ml (.40 oz.) of glue. Non-toxic with      flat-bottomed plastic trays. Height is adjustable.    2 stencils, 2 brushes, 2 face paint strips with
    vented caps.                                             Fully assembled.                                      6 assorted colors each (1/4 oz. per cup), 3
                                                                                                                   sponges, 36 assorted foam applicators and 12
                                                                                                                   Tattoo Stix.

      LFE-1022                                                LFE-1036                                               LFE-1304
      700 points                                              950 points                                            7,900 points

    White Color Splash!® Puffy Putty® 24 oz.                 Crayola® Colored Pencils Trayola                      Art Master Center
    Paint it, shape it, bounce it or stretch it! Use our     54 full-length colored pencils, 6 each of 9 colors,   (Ages 3 and up)
    amazing new Puffy Putty® modeling material               red, orange, white, yellow, green, blue, violet,      Sturdy toddler desk for creative activities.
    to mold all kinds of craft creations that can be         black and brown, stack in a reusable plastic tray     Features large work surface with molded-in
    sculpted, air-dried and painted. Kids may even           with chipboard sleeve for safekeeping. Multiple       compartments and hinged dry-erase surface
    enjoy just the feel of it in their hands—simply return   trays can be stacked for great space-saving           that opens to a storage area. Raised shelf
    Puffy Putty® to its airtight container so it won’t dry   efficiency. Vivid colors blend vibrantly. Pre-        holds art supplies and a push-button light
    out. Exclusively from Color Splash!® 24-oz. jar. Non-    sharpened.                                            that automatically shuts off after five minutes.
    toxic.                                                                                                         Requires four “AA” batteries (not included).
                                                                                                                   Includes one chair.

12 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
                                                                                                                                                                              A RTS
  LFE-1021                                                     LFE-1020                                                      LFE-1004
  650 points                                                   400 points                                                    450 points

Paint Cup/Brush Set                                          Stubby Primary Brush                                          Watercolor Paint Trays
Twelve stubby brushes and ten no-spill paint cups.           Large, sturdy, short-handled brushes are easy to              One dozen eight color oval pan and brush sets.
                                                             manage. Fine, soft, natural bristles in seamless              Nontoxic.
                                                             aluminum ferrules. Ideal for painting large areas.
                                                             7-1/2” x 1/2”D. 12 per pack.

  LFE-6049                                                     LFE-1301                                                      LFE-1019
 9,050 points                                                 4,800 points                                                  1,900 points

Teacher’s Classroom Easel                                    Easel for Two™                                                Camel Hair Brushes
Hardwood legs; 24” x 36” panel provides sturdy               Unique easel design doubles the fun! Double sided easel       144 round camel hair brushes packed in a plastic
platform. Wide ledge for books, charts, posters.             features two hinged easels. One with a chalkboard, one        canister for convenient storage. Brushes feature
Heavy-duty hardware, clip included, 54” high.                with a metal dry-erase board and 74 magnetic letters.         seamless, rustproof ferrules and natural wood
                                                             Middle storage area holds art supplies.                       handles. 24 each of sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

  LFE-9282                                                     LFE-1002                                                      LFE-9284
 1,100 points                                                  900 points                                                    850 points

Dry Erase Activity Center                                    Color Splash!® Liquid Tempera Assortment                      Fuse Beads Easy Pack
Dry-Erase Activity Center allows kids to play games and      Lead-free, nontoxic paints in easy-to-dispense 8 oz.          With Fuse Beads, you’ll never run out of project
practice writing skills over and over again. Includes more   plastic squeeze bottles with flip-top lids, for posters,      ideas for your group! Pack includes 10,000
than 25 games and learning activities. Kit includes: wipe    murals, kindergarten art and more. 12 assorted colors.        standard fuse beads, 12 reusable pegboards,
off activity center, 6 low odor dry erase markers and 10                                                                   idea sheet with some project ideas, information
interchangeable templates. 200 additional templates                                                                        sheet with instructions and 3 sheets of ironing
can be downloaded from Crayola.com.                                                                                        paper. Adult supervision suggested for ironing.
                                                                                                                           Not for children under 3.

                                                                                                           NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 13

      LFE-9283                                            LFE-1016                                       LFE-1007
     2,300 points                                        1,850 points                                    550 points

    Poster Markers                                      Color Splash!® Washable Broadline              Crayola® Color Chalkboard Chalk
    New from Crayola, these specially                   Markers 8-colors                               Great for sidewalk art as well as classroom
    formulated markers work well with light or          Water-based broad line markers have            activities. 12 boxes of 12 assorted colors.
    dark colored poster board and paper. 6              conical tips and child-safe caps. Set
    boxes of 8 markers.                                 contains 8 vibrant colors: orange, brown,
                                                        black, red, green, purple, yellow and blue.
                                                        Non-toxic. Pack of 200 washable markers.

      LFE-1025                                            LFE-1027                                       LFE-1028
      800 points                                          350 points                                    2,050 points

    Color Splash!® Crayons                              Crayola® Large Crayons                         Color Splash!® Crayon Classpack
    Crayons feature excellent quality,                  All round 4” x 7/16” diameter. Lift-Lid Box.   Color Splash!® crayons feature excellent
    vibrant colors and superior value.                                                                 quality, vibrant colors and superior value.
    12 boxes. 24 crayons per box.                                                                      800-ct. box, includes 100 each of 8 brilliant
                                                                                                       colors: yellow, green, red, orange, brown,
                                                                                                       black, blue and violet.

      LFE-1006                                            LFE-1030                                       LFE-1044
     2,000 points                                        3,150 points                                    650 points

    Color Splash!® Colored Pencil                       Crayola® Oil Pastels Classpack                 Crayola Sidewalk Chalk Fun Box
    Classpack                                           Big 336-count pack yields 24 each of           52 crayon-shaped sidewalk chalk sticks in
    Sized for school or activity table. 240-count       10 colors—red, blue, orange, green,            assorted colors are perfect for sidewalk play
    divided display box holds 20 each of 12             yellow, yellow/green, pink, violet, peach      or creative fun with cardboard boxes or paper
    different colors, enough for a crowd of             and brown—plus 48 each of black                bags in the classroom. Sturdy, recyclable carton
    little artists. Great for art class or classroom.   and white. Non-toxic.                          features a handle for take-along fun!
    Brightly colored 7” presharpened pencils.

14 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
                                                                                                                                                                               A RTS
  LFE-1039                                            LFE-1023                                                              LFE-1029
  850 points                                         1,500 points                                                          3,250 points

Crayola® Washable Window Markers                    Crayola® Model Magic Color Assortment                                 Crayola® Construction Paper
Crayola Washable Window Markers are
        ®                                           This exciting non-toxic product makes creating 3-D                    Crayons Classpack
perfect for decorating drawing on windows,          projects and sculptures easier and more enjoyable.                    Classpack of 160 large size crayons.
frames, mirrors, Mylar® and more! Set of 8          Lightweight, soft and clean, Model Magic is easily                    Convenient storage box. 20 each of 8
non-toxic markers in white, rose, orange,           molded into any form and can be air-dried. Paints                     colors.
yellow, blue, green, slate and brown. Set of        easily, is nonstaining and won’t stick to skin or carpets.
4 non-toxic markers in radiant rose, sunny          2-lb. tubs. Assortment tub (includes white, red, blue,
yellow, wild blue, and glistening green.            yellow).

  LFE-1015                                            LFE-1005                                                              LFE-1024
  750 points                                         1,050 points                                                           350 points

12 Bulb Brushes                                     Elmer’s® School Glue                                                  Paint/Glue Pump
Easy Grip Paint Brushes. Short brushes with         Ready-to-use, nontoxic and washes out                                 Measures out a 1-ounce portion with each
brightly-colored, rounded wooden handles are        of clothing with soap and water. Safe for                             pump. Fits all brands of gallon-size liquid
easy to hold and maneuver. Fun to use with          all ages. One gallon.                                                 paint or glue.
any type of paint, even finger paints! Set of 12.

  LFE-1031                                            LFE-1042
  350 points                                         1,600 points

Color Splash!® Glue Stick                           Playfoam Classpack
Rub-on non-toxic adhesive goes on                   Big fun comes in small packages! It may be just a handful, but these sculpting bead bricks offer kids just enough
purple for easy visibility. Washes out of           PlayFoam™ to get into the squishy, squeezy fun! Fold, mold and more. Super light foam forms like clay but won’t
clothing. Convenient twist stick dispenser.         dry, crumble or stick to skin or other surfaces. There isn’t any cleanup at all! Reuse it again and again. Each brick is
One dozen .29 oz. sticks per pack.                  packaged in a small 2.8 gram plastic container with lid. Set of 48 mini bricks in assorted colors, including classic,
                                                    sparkle and glow-in-the-dark styles.

                                                                                                 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 15
    ART SUPPLIES                                                                                                                     MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS
     1,100 points

    Blunt Tip Scissors (Ages 5 and up)
    Compact design for right or left-handed use.                                                                                            LFE-8035
    4 3/4” with stainless steel blades. Set of 12.                                                                                         6,300 points
                                                                 3,550 points                                                             Handbells and Deskbells
                                                                                                                                          This new set of bells combine the features of
      LFE-6080                                                  Mega Trim Tool Box                                                        both the Handbells and Deskbells into one
     1,100 points                                               Store your supplies in the hardy plastic organizer with 2 fold-out        handy and versatile product. The special
                                                                trays, latch and handle. 12”W x 6”H x 6-1/2”D. Set includes: 25           mechanism not only allows the bells to be
    Pointed Tip Scissors (Ages 5 and up)                        - 1” Pom poms, 25 - 1/2” Pom poms, 100 - Chenille stems, 200              played by pushing the button or by hand
    Compact design for right or left-handed use.                - Wiggly Eyes, 1 - 14 gram bag of feathers, 1 - 1/2-lb bag of             ringing, but also helps to reduce the “double
    4 3/4” with stainless steel blades. Set of 12.              sequins.                                                                  ringing” effect when playing melodies.

      LFE-1033                                                    LFE-1038                                                                 LFE-1819
     8,500 points                                                3,050 points                                                             13,200 points

    15-Slot Classroom Drying Rack                               Crayola® Model Magic Classpack                                            Music Table
    For wet projects that require drying or curing.             This exciting non-toxic modeling compound makes creating 3-D              The music table features play instruments built
    Sturdy, non-rust metal with 15 drying slots.                projects and sculptures easier and more enjoyable. Lightweight,           into a strong birch plywood table top for
    20 3/4”W x 17”D x 25”H.                                     soft and clean, Model Magic® is easily molded into any form and           countless hours of musical play. The instruments
                                                                can be air-dried. Paints easily, is nonstaining and won’t stick to skin   include a real leather drum, a cymbal, a
                                                                or carpets. White. 75 1-oz. packs. Convenient size allows the exact       one-octave xylophone, a one-octave xylopipe
                                                                amount to be used with less waste. Includes idea guide.                   and four multicolored maracas plus four mallets.
                                                                                                                                          This product and the musical components have
                                                                                                                                          been safety tested and approved for use by
                                                                                                                                          children 3 years and older.

      LFE-1011                                                    LFE-1040
     3,700 points                                                2,300 points

    Rotary Paper Trimmer                                        Crayola® Color Explosion Classpack                                          LFE-6001
    Ideal for precision trimming of photocopies, photographs,   Create wild designs! A single clear-ink marker reveals a                   4,700 points
    paper and more. Lightweight and compact, this portable      rainbow of colors. Non-toxic. Set includes 48 sheets of
    trimmer is extremely safe, perfect for the classroom or     special black Color Explosion™ paper, 24 markers, stencil                 Rhythm Instrument Set
    recreation center. Covered, self sharpening blade cuts up   sheet and resealable storage bag.                                         Includes tom-tom, cymbal, triangles,
    to 4 sheets of 20 lb paper. Cuts length: 12 1/2.”                                                                                     sandblocks, tap-a-taps, rhythm sticks, wrist
    Overall size: 16 1/2” x 7 1/2.”                                                                                                       bells, tambourines, baton, guidebook and

16 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
                                                                                                                                                                                        A RTS
 LFE-8001                                      LFE-8004                                        LFE-8012                                         LFE-8013
23,400 points                                 36,000 points                                   31,400 points                                    42,900 points

Student Snare Drum Kit                        Student Clarinet                                Student Flute Outfit                             Student Trumpet Outfit
A 5 1/2” x 14” steel chrome 10-lug            Designed for the beginner. Featuring a matte    Silver-plated body, foot, and head joint.        Yellow brass, clear lacquered.
snare drum. Lightweight stand. Rubber         finish/ABS resin body construction with 17      Offset G. Drawn and rolled tone holes.           Nickel silver top/bottom valve caps/
practice pad is 14.” One pair SDS1            Boehm Nickel-plated keys and Valentino          French-style case.                               buttons. Adjustable third-slide finger
drumsticks, drum key, soft nylon carrying     pads. The 65 mm barrel provides more focus                                                       ring and first-slide saddle. Hand-
bag with wheels, retractable handle,          on tonal flexibility.                                                                            lapped valves. Deluxe wood shell,
inner compartments and exterior ID                                                                                                             plush-lined case.

 LFE-8014                                      LFE-8015                                        LFE-8006                                          LFE-9285
26,100 points                                 44,450 points                                   12,000 points                                     2,350 points

Student Violin Outfit                         Student Trombone                                Acoustic Guitar                                  Ringleader DVD
Horst 4/4 violin outfit with case.            Yellow brass with nickel silver trim, 1/2”      Standard six-string acoustic guitar.             The RingLeader® DVD series features
                                              bore and 8” two-piece bell with adjustable                                                       DVDots,® the worlds quickest
                                              counterweight. Shaped, wood shell,                                                               and easiest performance tool for
                                              plush-lined case.                                                                                handbell ringers. The Alphabet, This
                                                                                                                                               Old Man and Old MacDonald.

  LFE-5003                                     LFE-8007                                        LFE-8034
 7,850 points                                 73,000 points                                   16,100 points

Karaoke Machine                               Digital Electronic Piano                        Electronic Keyboard
Top load CDG Karaoke System. Comes with       Eighty-eight full-size, hammer-action, touch-   Keyboard has 61 full-size keys, touch sensitive, 128 General MIDI-compatible
built-in speakers and video output for a TV   sensitive keys. Thirty-two note polyphony.      sounds plus drum/percussion, 100 rhythm patterns, and fingered chord
connection. Two mic inputs let you add an     Eight tones, MIDI. Stand included.              accompaniment. Song memory, LCD display, MIDI in/out, built-in speakers, line
additional microphone. Includes balance,                                                      out/headphone jack, AC adapter included.
echo, and master volume control.

                                                                                                       NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 17

   LFE-9270                                         LFE-9267                                                          LFE-9044
  1,550 points                                      850 points                                                       1,750 points

 Jumbo Ostrich Egg and Spoons                      Mini Playground Balls (Set of 6)                                 Poly Boundary Markers
 Step carefully or watch them topple! Whether      Lively lightweight playground balls are a safe alternative for   Use these non-skid vinyl markers instead of
 they’re balancing jumbo eggs on their heads       tossing games, fast-paced Four Square — even floor hockey!       time consuming rope or floor tape. Quick to
 or on specially designed spoons, kids will        Use as recreational tennis balls, for handball and more!         put down and easy to remove. Set includes
 have a big time blast with these lightweight,     Great grip makes them perfect for kids to grab, squeeze,         4 corners and 20 lines. Corner sections are
 hollow plastic ostrich eggs! Each measures over   throw, bounce and kick with ease. And because they’re            2-5/8”W x 11” x 11.” Straight sections are
 8”H and 5” diameter. This super cool, super       inflatable, their softness and rebound characteristics can be    2-5/8”W x 11”L.
 sized set includes 6 eggs, one each in our        adjusted! Durable 2-ply pebble-texture rubber with a butyl
 Spectrum™ colors, 12”L wood spoons, 6 foam        rubber bladder. 2-1/2” diameter. Colors include, red, yellow,
 rings and an activity guide.                      green, blue, orange and purple.

   LFE-9054                                                LFE-9043                                                   LFE-9110
  1,350 points                                            3,750 points                                                700 points

 Stopwatch                                              Tug-O-War Rope 50’                                          Lemon Twist Ball Hop (Set of 6)
 Single event stopwatch that is perfect                 Made from the finest 1” manila rope,                        The perfect activity to sharpen
 for those many activities where only                   each end has firmly woven 5-foot                            individual jumping skills. Develops
 basic timing is required. One-step                     circumference ‘anchorman’ loop.                             coordination, cardiovascular fitness and
 timing for all events. Start/Stop/Reset                Suitable for up to 24 people (two 12-                       agility. Users simply swing the ball in a
 operation. .0001-second resolution to                  person teams).                                              circle with one ankle, and skip over the
 10 hours. Audible beep confirmation.                                                                               rope with the other foot. Set of 6 colors
 Color-coded push buttons. Black only.                                                                              includes red, orange, yellow, green,
                                                                                                                    blue and purple.

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 LFE-1136        LFE-1137         LFE-1138
 650 points      850 points       300 points

 LFE-1139         LFE-1140
                 LFE-1140          LFE-1141
                                  LFE-1141                  LFE-9105       LFE-9106        LFE-9107        LFE-9108                  LFE-1125
  750 points
 750 points      1,250 points
                1,250 points      2,150 points
                                 2,150 points               700 points    1,050 points    2,600 points    3,800 points              1,150 points

Sports Foam Balls                                         Exercise Balls (Ages 3 and up)                                           8.5’’ Playground Balls Pack
                                                                                                                                   8.5 inch playground ball. Quality constructed of

                                                                                                                                                                                                            ATH L E TI C S
Official Size Football        LFE-1136                    25.5”     LFE-9105
                                                                                                                                   durable 2-ply pebble-textured rubber with a butyl
Volleyball                    LFE-1137                    33.5”     LFE-9106                                                       rubber bladder. Set of 6 contains one of each
Softball                      LFE-1138                    37.5”     LFE-9107                                                       color: red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple.
7” Ball                       LFE-1139                    47.25”    LFE-9108
8” Ball                       LFE-1140                    Lightweight yet rugged ball for heavy-duty action:
                                                          jumping, balancing, gymnastics and exercising. Ideal for
10” Ball                      LFE-1141                    adaptive programs. Roto-molded ball has thick vinyl skin
Light molded foam with microfine coating. Ideal
                                                          with no seams to split for added durability. Raised ribs
for classroom and physical education programs
                                                          and non-slip surface allow for easy grasping. Supports
as well as all-around playground use. Stingless,
                                                          up to 200 lbs. Sizing is measured deflated.
each ball bounces, handles and flies like the real
                                                          Color may vary.
thing. Colors may vary. Set of 2.

 LFE-1126       LFE-1127         LFE-1128         LFE-9265                                          LFE-9256                                                 LFE-1142
 350 points     450 points       950 points      17,400 points                                     2,700 points                                              400 points

Playground Balls                                 GatorSkin Foam Ball Package                      GatorSkin Softi Balls                                    Koogle Ball
8.5” Ball LFE-1126                               Lightweight, virtually tear and                  The tactile, non-sting coating makes them easy           Elastic balls have a special no-sting
                                                 puncture proof, easy to grip balls in            to grip, and the coating is so durable, it’s virtually   surface. Control bounce, size and softness
10” Ball  LFE-1127                               a wonderful assortment. Including 6              tear-proof! No more red marks from the stinging          by the inflation level. The size of balls will
13” Ball  LFE-1128                               each of 8” Special Foam balls, 6”                hit of a vinyl-coated or rubber ball, so everyone        vary from about 7” to 9” in diameter,
Quality constructed of durable                   Softi balls, 6” low bounce balls. Also           can play at ease and gain confidence. Set of 6”          depending upon how much the user
2-ply pebble-textured rubber with                3 each of 6” Dodgeballs, and Red                 diameter balls, constructed with a low bounce,           inflates the ball. Colors may vary. Set of 2.
a butyl rubber bladder. Set of 2.                Soccer Ball.                                     low density foam. One each of red, blue, yellow,
                                                                                                  green, orange and purple.

                                                                                                                         NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 19
                                                                 1,200 points
  LFE-9059                                                        LFE-9042                                                            LFE-9253
 11,300 points                                                   1,000 points                                                        2,150 points

 Mat 4’ x 8’ x 2’’ with Hook/Loop 4 Sides                       Jump Ropes                                                          First Quality T-Shirts (Set of 12)
 Panels fold, making storage a breeze. Our basic                Set of 12 (8’) LFE-9041                                             Cotton Blend fabric, crew neck and hemmed sleeves.
 folding mats are made of 6-lb. density rebonded                                                                                    White only. Child Size Medium (10-12).
 foam and covered with 16-oz. vinyl-coated nylon.               Set of 6 (16’) LFE-9042
 Color: royal/white. Hook and loop fasteners on all             Flexible, colored 5/16”-thick
 4 sides. Size: 4’ x 8’ x 2” thick. 48 lbs.                     polyethylene beads with plastic grip
                                                                handles—this rope is great for all
                                                                ages and abilities! Colors may vary.

   LFE-9055                                                       LFE-9040                                                            LFE-9100
  7,150 points                                                   3,350 points                                                        1,300 points

 Playground Easy Pack Kit                                       High Pressure Electric Inflator                                     TeamWork CO-OP-A-WALK for 2
 29 pieces and a colored storage bag. A multitude of            This compact, full power all purpose inflator delivers up to 125    (Ages 4 and up)
 items to keep kids busy on the playground or indoors           PSI to fill sports balls, bike tires or other large, low-pressure   Designed for your students to develop balance,
 on rainy days. 1 - Blooper bat & ball set, 2 - Chinese         inflated products. Easy-to-use system includes 2 adapters,          coordination, agility, communication and cooperation.
 jump ropes, 4 - Spot markers, 2 - Basketballs,                 6’ power cord, 2’ high pressure extension hose, convenient          Foam bottoms prevent slipping indoors and out.
 2 - Footballs, 1 - Volleyball, 2 - Soccer balls, 2 - 16’       carrying handle, built in pressure gauge and a 5-year               Perfectly safe, with no straps to bind feet and cause
 seg. jump ropes, 2 - 10’ seg. jump ropes, 1 - 24” x            manufacturer’s warranty.                                            twisted ankles. They sit only 1-1/2” off the ground, so
 36” mesh bag, 4 - 8’ seg. jump ropes, 4 - 7’ seg. jump                                                                             beginners and younger users won’t get hurt.
 ropes and 2 - 8-1/2” playground balls.

  LFE-9271                                                       LFE-9272                                                            LFE-9273
 13,850 points                                                  18,250 points                                                       13,850 points

 GymKids® Youth Rower                                           GymKids® Youth Stepper                                              GymKids® Youth Air Walker
 Fitness training exercise rower for young children ages        Fitness stepper for children ages 3 to 10. Smaller version          Just like an adult air walker, movement is created by
 3 to 6. Helps improve fitness levels and develops early        of the stepper adults might use. The tension can be                 swinging the legs as though the user is walking. It helps
 coordination skills. The hydraulic cylinder is adjustable to   increased to create a more challenging workout and the              with early balance and coordination and is also ideal
 increase the tension as children’s fitness levels increase.    monitor records number of steps, time and energy burned.            for use by children with certain motor skills deficiencies.
 Sliding seat helps simulate real rowing technique.             A great cardiovascular activity and helps develop and               This fitness cross trainer is designed for young children
 Supports up to 150 lbs. Some assembly required.                improve coordination skills. Supports up to 150 lbs. Some           ages 3 to 8. Helps increase fitness levels and develop
                                                                assembly required.                                                  early coordination skills. Supports up to 150 lbs. Some
                                                                                                                                    assembly required.

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                                                                                                      750 points
                                                                                                      750 points
                                                                                                      750 points
 LFE-9101                                        LFE-9126                                             LFE-9116                                       LFE-9117
1,200 points                                     700 points                                           750 points                                    1,750 points

Rubber Deck Rings                               Super Spring Balls 24’’ (Ages 6-9)                  Gym Scooter with Handles                       Mushroom Scooter Paddles
Used for various catching and tossing           Spring Balls, a fun, new twist to traditional       Red    LFE-9113                                (Set of 4)
activities. Sponge rubber rings are brightly    relay races or tag. Each ball is constructed                                                       Turn your scooters into a canoe with
colored, sturdy and easy to grasp or hold.                                                          Yellow LFE-9114
                                                of a roto-molded vinyl material that is built                                                      these new paddle accessories. Paddling
Won’t scratch or mark floors, so they’re                                                            Green LFE-9115                                 develops upper body strength and
                                                to stand up to rough and tough play.
perfect for indoors or out. Set of 12. Three                                                        Blue   LFE-9116                                coordinated movement skills while your
each of red, yellow, blue and green. 6-1/2”     Washable. Colors may vary.
                                                                                                    This 12” scooter is made of a durable          students have fun. Spherical bottoms on
outer diameter, 4-1/8” inner diameter.                                                              high-impact polyethylene with non-             mushroom paddles provide superior grip.

                                                                                                                                                                                                ATH L E TI C S
                                                                                                    marring casters. Grasp inside the hand         21 1/2”L paddles also feature durable
                                                                                                    protectors to shield fingers and hands         wood shafts and comfortable foam grips.
                                                                                                                                                   Set of 4 paddles.
                                                                                                    during play. Available in four colors.

 LFE-9120                                         LFE-9266
 700 points                                      3,000 points

Numbered Bean Bags 0–9                          Rubber Frogs (Set of 6)
Let tossing become a teaching experience        Latex rubber frogs will have everyone
with these numbered beanbags. Features          laughing. Great for parachute games or
include numerals and the corresponding          as funky relay batons. Set of 6. Each 12”L.
name and number of dots. Assorted colors,       Includes a fabric storage bag.
set of 10 numbers. Size: 5” x 5.”

                                                  LFE-9112                                            LFE-9269
                                                 5,850 points                                        3,150 points

 LFE-9047                                       Twisting Rider                                      Team Connect-A-Chute Pack
 950 points                                     After they have a seat on the sturdy, molded-       With 6 rectangular chutes, 2 chutes with holes, and 4 corner sections, there are an
                                                plastic Riding Racer, kids propel themselves        endless number of team activity possibilities. Each rectangular section has 4 handles and
Horseshoe Set                                   forward by simply moving the handlebars             the edges of the chutes have hook and loop fasteners all around the top and bottom,
Set includes 4 each 9-oz. plastic horseshoes,   from side to side — the more they move the          allowing them to be connected to one another. Connect them lengthwise to create a
2 each 16” plastic stakes and 2 each 12”        handlebars, the faster they roll! An effective      long “runway” to transfer objects from one end to another, add holes to increase the
rubber mats with rubber dowels and rules.       tool for building motor skills, it’s also a fun     challenge or roll the chutes to form tubes to hide the pathway. Connect them in a grid to
Suitable for indoor and outdoor play.           fitness workout. Colorful Twisting Rider includes   form a rectangular parachute. When not connected, 2 to 4 players can use the chutes
                                                non-slip rubber handles and foot grips. Fun for     to throw balls from one team to another or play Chute Team volleyball. The rectangular
                                                all ages, indoors or out.                           sections can also be “rolled” to form tubes or a single long tube.

                                                                                                                    NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 21

 LFE-9121       LFE-9122     LFE-9123     LFE-9124      LFE-9244                                          LFE-9243                                     LFE-9268
 500 points     500 points   500 points   500 points   18,950 points                                     1,300 points                                 1,600 points
Rubber Critters                                        Speed Stacks® Sport Pack                         Speed Stacks® and DVD                        MyPyramid Vinyl Poster
Dolphin LFE-9121                                       (Pack of 15)                                     Official Sport Stacking Competitions         Toss Mat
                                                       Save big with complete sports packs!             are sweeping the nation...get your kids      Understanding proper nutrition and
Chicken LFE-9122                                                                                        involved in this fantastic challenge!
                                                       They include assorted colored sets of                                                         food groups has never been more
Pig     LFE-9123                                       Speed Stacks (12 per set), StackMat®,            Speed Stacks® cups are specially             important or more fun than with our
Shark   LFE-9124                                       electronic timer, StackPod Mini Display, 1       designed for sport stacking and come         giant 54” x 36” My Pyramid vinyl poster
A great distraction vehicle to help even               set each of Mini and Super Mini Speed            in a variety of colors. Develop and          made from durable tear-proof vinyl.
very timid students get involved in aerobic            Stacks, Stacker Training DVD, Activity           hone hand-eye coordination while             Includes 3 grommets along the top
activities and games. Ideal for initiative and         Guide, Classroom Lesson Plans, WSSA              improving concentration. Each stack          and bottom for hanging. For a rainy
problem-solving activities. Also great fun for         Stack Meet Manual, and a padded                  of 12 plastic cups also includes an          day activity, set on the floor, add some
jugglers and for use with parachutes. Can              soft shell case to store and protect your        exciting Stacker Training DVD.               beanbags and create your own food
be used for relay batons, tag markers or toss          gear.                                                                                         pyramid toss game.
games. Soft lightweight design constructed
from latex rubber.

  LFE-9118                                               LFE-9200       LFE-9201                          LFE-9111                                   LFE-9213
 5,950 points                                           2,600 points   2,950 points                      4,500 points                               1,600 points

Sof T® Beam Advanced (4’’ x 12’)                       Institutional Aerobic Step                       Parachute 24’ Canopy                        Step Pedometers (Set of 12)
Sof T® Beams are lightweight to carry yet              4” LFE-9200                                      Parachutes offer unlimited group            One-button pedometer counts steps up to
very strong as they are constructed with                                                                play and exercise opportunities             99,999. Push button resets to zero. Features
durable polyethylene foam with an MDL blue
                                                       6” LFE-9201                                      including cardiovascular and upper-         a white plastic shell with permanent
                                                       This durable, one-piece molded plastic
vinyl top adds extra durability and will not                                                            body conditioning for all ages and          colored decal. Two each with decals
                                                       step stacks to save space and add to their
tear. The total length is 12’ and the beam                                                              ability levels. Designed to perpetuate      in red, blue, yellow, orange, green and
                                                       versatility. Features rounded corners, a slip-
comes in 3 interlocking 4’ sections. Designed                                                           response and movement activities,           purple. White circular area on decals allow
                                                       resistant textured top and 6 rubber non-skid
to allow students to progress to a more                                                                 developing perceptual, social, physical     you to serialize each pedometer with any
                                                       feet set into the base to protect your floor
difficult level, 4” wide its entire length.                                                             and academic learning. Constructed          permanent marker. Packed in a reusable 2-
                                                       and to keep step from sliding while in use.
                                                                                                        of heavy-duty nylon, reinforced at stress   piece clamshell style storage case. Includes
                                                       15-1/2”W x 26”L.
                                                                                                        points and complete with nylon handles.     instructions and guide on how to estimate
                                                                                                        24’ diameter parachute with 20 handles.     distance traveled and calories burned.

22 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
 LFE-9214                                           LFE-9234                                        LFE-1603
18,700 points                                      3,200 points                                    56,700 points
Fitness Skillastics                                Fitness Spots                                   Naturally Playful Clubhouse Climber
This fun, fast-moving game features a large        Set up a fitness course in seconds by           (Ages 2-6)
mat showing 26 fitness drills in 3 levels of       randomly placing these spots throughout         Full of activities: elevated playhouse with slide, drop leaf table,

                                                                                                                                                                                   ATH L E TI C S
participation. Players challenge themselves        your gym floor. Students know exactly which     pretend clock and phone. Bridge connects to look-out tower
to greater fitness levels by moving their mini     exercise they are required to perform by just   with steering wheel, telescope, and climbing ladder. Adult
medicine ball beanbag around the mat and           looking at the spot. Combine fitness spots      assembly required.
completing the required repetitions for each       with other equipment to create new and
activity. Addresses flexibility, cardiovascular/   exciting games. Each set includes 10 spots
respiratory endurance, muscle strength             one each of run in place, push-ups, toe
and muscle endurance. Meets 3 out of               touch, sit-ups, jumping jacks, sit and reach,
6 NASPE standards and follows NASPE                windmills, body fold, crab kick, and bicycle.
Physical Activity Guidelines. Great for large
P.E. classes, after-school programs or field
day activities. Game includes 5’ x 7’ synthetic
leather mat, six 3” foam dice, six 2-1/2” mini
medicine balls, six 20” x 27” mini nylon mats,
instructions and a handy nylon backpack.

  LFE-9242                                          LFE-9212                                         LFE-9119
 1,500 points                                      1,250 points                                     3,750 points

10-Sided Fitness Dice                              Jump Batons                                     Magic Playground (Ages 3 and up)
These fitness dice have 4 additional sides for     Enhance their workout and challenge their       Enough stuff to do for endless entertainment for several kids at a time...and
more variety and more fun. The set includes        coordination with jump batons. Unlike           it all goes up in a snap! Features a large center cube with a basketball
two 7”H latex rubber dice. One die includes        standard jump ropes, which require rotation     hoop and 2 tunnel ports, a sports cube with another basketball hoop,
exercises (arm circle, crab kick, bicycle, toe     of mostly the wrist and hands, jump batons      putting ramp (not shown), soccer goal and 2 tunnel ports, a smaller cube
touch, sit & reach, jumping jacks, body fold,      give a thorough workout of the upper body       with a toss target on top and 2 tunnel ports and two 20”L connecting
sit-up, hop on one foot and push-up) and           by requiring wider circular motions of the      tunnels. Includes a soccer ball, basketball, putter and three 3” magic balls.
the other has even numbers 2 through 18            upper arms, shoulders and forearms. An          Total assembled size 129”L x 35”W x 44”H.
to indicate the number of repetitions.             exciting change of pace from or supplement
                                                   to rope jumping. Set of 6 assorted colors.

                                                                                                                   NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 23
PHYSICAL EDUCATION EQUIPMENT                                                                           SPORTS EQUIPMENT

                                                                                                         LFE-1129                                     LFE-1145
                                                                                                         550 points                                  1,000 points

                                                                                                       Basketball Intermediate Size                 Basketball Official Size
                                                                                                       All surface rubber for indoor and            The high performance look and
                                                                                                       outdoor use. 100% nylon-wound with           even feel of a composite ball in
  LFE-2206                                          LFE-9255                                           deep pebbling and narrow channels.           an economical rubber basketball.
 10,900 points                                     7,000 points                                        Intermediate size 28.5 Inch. Set of 2,       Foamed-rubber inner construction
 Kangaroo Climber™                                Ride and Rescue Cozy Coupe                           orange.                                      for superior tack. Wide channels
                                                                                                                                                    give it a professional feel. Set of 2.
 (Ages 11/2 and up)                               (Ages 11/2-5 years)
 Activity gym that offers climbing, crawling,     Everybody’s a hero with this foot-powered
 hiding, and sliding. Features a crawl-through    fire truck! Includes electronic microphone with
 tunnel, Dutch door archway, and unique           flashing lights and 7 siren sound patterns.
 exterior step-up walls. All activity elements    Designed with a reflective light bar, high seat
 are appropriately sized for toddlers.            back, rear storage, caster front wheels, a
                                                  working door, horn and clicking key. Requires
                                                  2 “AA” alkaline batteries (not included).              LFE-1133                                     LFE-1130
  LFE-1520                                                                                               500 points                                   500 points
 16,100 points
                                                                                                         LFE-1134                                     LFE-1131
  LFE-1521                                                                                               500 points                                   500 points
 16,100 points
                                                                                                       Football                                     Soccer Balls
  LFE-1522                                                                                             Official Size     LFE-1133                   Official Size 5 LFE-1130
 16,100 points
                                                                                                       Intermediate Size LFE-1134                   Youth Size 4 LFE-1131
 SilverRider® Trikes                                                                                   Waterproof rubber football. Pebble           Waterproof for outdoor play. High-
 10” (Ages 2-3)     LFE-1520                                                                           grain with easy to grip finish. Butyl        quality rubber cover with durable
 12” (Ages 3-4)     LFE-1521                                                                           bladder.                                     nylon winding and butyl bladder.
                                                  LFE-2205                                                                                          Set of 2.
 14” (Ages 4-8)     LFE-1522                     6,500 points
 Tricycle with large-diameter steel tubing
 and silver finish. Safety designed spokeless    Wagon for Two Plus™
 steel wheels. Back wheels have recessed         (Ages 11/2 and up)
 hubs. Solid rubber tires. Pedals attached       Easy latch door opens to two contoured seats
 to one-piece crank. Steering limiter for no     and deep leg well. Has an extra long handle
 pinch points. Five-year warranty.               for easy pulling that folds under wagon for easy
                                                 transport and storage. Durable rubber tires
                                                 provide a smooth, quiet ride. Trailer available
                                                 separately.                                            LFE-1144                                      LFE-1143
                                                                                                        800 points                                   2,000 points
                                                 3,400 points                                          Poof Soccer Balls                            Multi-Sport Ball Pack
   LFE-2217                                                                                            Soft foam ball, 3/4” size, that is easy to   Official size quality rubber balls
  2,800 points                                   Tag-Along Trailer Plus™ (Ages 1       1/2   and up)   kick, dribble, pass and handle. Ideally      for all your needs. Includes 2
                                                 Optional trailer for the Wagon for Two Plus.™         sized for younger ball players. Colors       volleyballs, 2 soccer balls, 2
 Motorcycle (Ages 1-3)                                                                                 may vary. Set of 2.                          footballs and 2 basketballs.
 Racer-like styling. Wide wheels for easy                                                                                                           Colors may vary.
 balance. Realistic headlights, taillights and
 air intake decals.

24 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
  LFE-1135                                             LFE-9048                                           LFE-9049                                        LFE-9052                LFE-9053
 1,200 points                                         8,450 points                                       2,500 points                                     400 points             1,350 points

Tetherball                                        Classic Equipment Cart                                Portable Ball Cart                               Flat Bat               Deluxe Batting
All-weather natural rubber ball, tailor-          Large holding capacity for all types of equipment.    Keep your balls accessible and organized         Flat Baseball Bat.     Tee
made for the fast-paced game of                   Rugged construction features include 3/16” all        with the Portable Ball Cart. Keeps up to 12      Slightly shorter       Adjustable all-
tetherball. Ball features recessed rope           welded steel powder coated wire with 3” square        balls right by your side. Special casters mean   than other flat bats   rubber construction.
attachment with reinforced hanger to              mesh, four heavy-duty swivel wheels and a hinged      it won’t mar the floor. Heavy-duty chrome        and has a thinner      Adjusts from
withstand 100 pounds of force. Set of 2.          cover that can be locked. Assembles in seconds,       steel tubing with no-topple design. Some         grip which is better   22” – 47.”
                                                  no tools required! 36”L x 24”W x 36”H. Holds up       assembly required. (Balls not included.)         suited for younger
                                                  to 24 basketballs, soccer balls or playground                                                          athletes. Length is
                                                  balls. (Balls not included.)                                                                           27” x 2.” (Ball not

                                                                                                                                                                                                       ATH L E TI C S
                                                      250 points
 850 points                                           LFE-9057
                                                      250 points
Lite 70 Volleyball
This is the perfect recreational or trainer           LFE-9058                                            LFE-9051                                         LFE-9045
volleyball! Official size, yet weighs only            250 points                                          500 points                                      1,800 points
70% the weight of other volleyballs. This
ball features eye-catching red, white and         Mesh Ball Nets                                        Softball Throw Down Bases                        Soccer Cone 12’’ (Set of 4)
blue panels and a soft foamed rubber              Blue   LFE-9056                                       Washable, flexible rubber bases and              12” rugged vinyl cones have weighted
outer layer making it easier on players           Red    LFE-9057                                       homeplate. Set of 4.                             bottoms making them stable and wind
arms! Nylon wound intermediate layer                                                                                                                     resistant for outdoor usage. Compact
for maximum shape retention and butyl             Green LFE-9058                                                                                         stacking saves space.
bladder for ultimate air retention. Set of 2.     Mesh Bag will hold up to 10 volleyballs, 8
                                                  basketballs or a variety of balls! Drawstring for
                                                  easy closure. 24” x 36.” (Balls not included.)

  LFE-9277                                                LFE-9261                                        LFE-9050                                         LFE-2215
 5,200 points                                           108,700 points                                   1,400 points                                     4,600 points

Hanging Hoop Target                                    Wall Mount Scoreboard                            Quick Score 2 Digit                              One-on-One® Basketball System
Durable PVC tubing frame assembles to over 12          Score basketball, volleyball, wrestling and most Versatile—can be used for any sport. 5”          (Grades 3-6)
feet long. Attaches quickly and securely to any        other popular indoor sports with this lightweight numbers make it easy to see the score           This colorful, durable, portable goal
basketball rim and features 3 colorful targets that    yet durable scoreboard. Features 6”H LED          from a distance. Sits up or lies flat on        features a 24” reinforced backboard,
make it easy for all abilities to score. Eliminates    numbers. Counts up/down to 99:59 and scores scorer’s table. Scores up to 99 points.               10” diameter molded slam rim. Adjusts
the frustration many kids have shooting baskets        to 0-99. Includes bonus, possession and period                                                    from 32” to 52” easily. Includes NBA team
and adds versatility to any gym with a hoop!           indicators, operator’s keypad with 100’ control                                                   super graphics, durable white net and 5”
Adjusts to fit rims 7 to 10 feet high or use with      cable and built-in horn. 48”W x 24”H. Indoor use                                                  inflatable basketball. Assembles without
many tennis court fences. Includes activity guide      only. 2-year limited warranty.                                                                    tools.
for basketball, toss games and more.

                                                                                                                        NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 25

   LFE-9211                                                      LFE-9060                                                               LFE-9216
  6,000 points                                                  2,700 points                                                           3,050 points

 Tennis Set (Ages 8 and up)                                    Elementary Floor Hockey                                                Foam Bowling Set
 This 24” racquet features durable aluminum                    Elementary School Pack (Straight Blade Ice Hockey Style)               Realistic bowling action without the noise! Includes one
 construction, lightweight design, midsize head,               contains twelve 36” all-plastic sticks with flexible plastic shafts,   6-3/4” foam bowling ball, a set of ten 12”H pins, a set-
 nylon strings. Set of four racquets and one                   12 safety butt ends, one no-bounce ball, one safety puck               up sheet and pad of scoresheets.
 dozen tennis balls.                                           and instruction manual. Goalie stick not included.

                                                                                                                                       6,600 points

                                                                                                                                      Mini Golf
   LFE-9215                                                     LFE-9278                                                              This pack provides a fun way to build golf skills for kids
  6,600 points                                                 10,850 points                                                          ages 8 to 12 (grades 3 to 7). Includes six 9 irons and
                                                               Middle School Hockey Pack                                              six utility woods that feature safe, lightweight plastic
 Skill Builder Lacrosse Set                                                                                                           heads, Spectrum™ colored PVC shafts and easy-to-
 Perfect for teaching basic lacrosse toss                      All the essentials your group needs to safely play indoor floor
                                                               hockey. Includes twelve 43” polycarbon sticks, 2 all purpose           grip oversized foam grips, plus 36 soft foam balls and
 and catch skills. Stick sets include 12
                                                               goals, 12 hand guard sets, 12 hotballs, 2 goalie sticks.               36 Poly Golf balls. Foam balls weigh about 30% of
 tough all plastic sticks 31” long and 12
                                                                                                                                      a real ball and are safe for indoor or outdoor use.
 lightweight practice lacrosse balls.
                                                                                                                                      Poly balls weigh about 40% of a real ball. Both types
                                                                                                                                      of balls are soft for added safety and dimpled for
                                                                                                                                      realistic flight. Also includes 6 ball buckets, 6 tees and
                                                                                                                                      zipper storage bag for the entire pack.
  1,850 points

   LFE-9263                                                      LFE-9046
  1,850 points                                                  2,600 points                                                            LFE-9274
                                                                                                                                       1,850 points
 Youth Nylon Pinnies                                           Pro Hockey Goal
 Red    LFE-9262                                               Pro Hockey Goal, constructed                                             LFE-9275
                                                               of sturdy 1-5/8” PVC tubing and                                         1,850 points
 Blue   LFE-9263                                               features a sleeved net design for
 Brightly colored mesh makes team identification a
 snap. Durable, lightweight nylon mesh makes these
                                                               quick setup. Back cross bar gives it a                                 Numbered Scrimmage Pinnies
                                                               realistic look that will make everyone                                 (Set of 12)
 vests the most comfortable and breathable vests on
                                                               want to play. 56”W x 46”H x 24”D.
 the market today. Each features an elastic waist band,                                                                               Red     LFE-9274
 making them easier to get on and off. Ideal for use in                                                                               Blue    LFE-9275
 any activity which requires team members to be readily                                                                               Pinnie with 6” numbers on the front and back.
 distinguishable. Also perfect for the classroom. Set of 12.                                                                          Numbers 1-12. Elastic closures on the sides
                                                                                                                                      mean one size fits most. Set of 12.

26 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com

  LFE-9279                                      LFE-9251                                          LFE-9248                                       LFE-9280
 1,200 points                                  1,100 points                                      1,100 points                                   1,300 points

Brain Boogie Boosters — CD                    Feel The Beat — CD                                 Catch A Brain Wave Fitness Fun — CD Everybody Dance
Dr. Becky Bailey & The Learning Station       Stretch, strengthen and shimmy your way to         Daily exercise is a must for children—to       This colorful, exciting DVD features cool
unite to create interactive, fun, brain-      fitness! Stimulate your body and your brain        build healthier bodies and stimulate brain     songs & dances starring a super bunch
boosting movement songs & activities that     with funky, get fit fun. The progression of warm   development. These intentionally designed      of kids just having fun & performing 10
foster optimal brain integration.             up, isolations, circle locomotor and the build     movements can help kids gain the important     lively dances. Step-by-step demonstration
                                              up to cardio-rhythmic routines, wrapping up        benefits of increased fitness and greater      of the more complicated routines. Award
                                              with a cool down, will help kids get in shape      learning power. Clear verbal instructions      winning DVD!
                                              and stay in shape. This is motivating, “move       and sequential movements are found in this
                                              your feet” music, set to today’s diverse beats     exciting, high energy musical collection and

                                                                                                                                                                                            ATH L E TI C S
                                              of Rap, Hip Hop, Latin, African, even techno       valuable resource.
                                              club-mix classical. Guide includes instructions,
                                              value of each routine and a vocabulary of
                                              rhythmic terms.

 LFE-0004                                       LFE-9208                                          LFE-9209                                       LFE-9231
1,500 points                                   1,300 points                                      1,300 points                                   1,150 points

Yoga CD                                       Yoga And You CD                                    You Can Dance CD                               Cool Aerobics For Kids
Soothing music offers backgrounds for         Improve overall well-being with yoga. These        Children love to dance—You Can Dance           (Ages 3-9) — CD
holding positions based on familiar           routines offer breathing exercises which can       will introduce them to basic moves that        Awesome exercise routines created by
animals and objects. The postures stimulate   be done standing or seated, encourage              will help them develop natural rhythm          Georgiana Stewart. Work out to songs
self-awareness and are designed to            balance using inverted postures, and reduce        and motor skills, in addition to an active     such as “Hokey Pokey” and “Shout.”
exercise and strengthen all major muscles.    stress with relaxation techniques.                 imagination.                                   Breathing exercises, a warm-up, routines
Emphasis is placed on mind/body                                                                                                                 and a cool down. Guide with lyrics and
relaxation.                                                                                                                                     instructions.

 LFE-3132                                       LFE-3133                                          LFE-3134
1,750 points                                   1,750 points                                      1,750 points

Chicken Fat DVD                               Dance Party Fun DVD                                All Time Favorite Dances DVD
Children demonstrate doing push-ups,          Move to super dances such as the Twist,            Party dances for all ages. Includes Conga,
sit-ups, torso twists, jumping jacks and      the Hustle, Mambo No. 5 and Splish                 Hokey Pokey, Alley Cat, Chicken Dance, etc.
more. Promotes a short, vigorous, complete    Splash. Comes with lyrics and dance step           Includes easy to follow steps.
exercise program.                             instructions.

                                                                                                                NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 27

      LFE-2044                                           LFE-5014                                 LFE-5032
    102,500 points                                      8,250 points                             3,900 points

   iMac® System                                         Camcorder                                Quartz Clock
   The all-new, all-in-one iMac packs a complete,       Digital Camcorder with 2” Active         Shatter-resistant. Features Arabic numerals,
   high-performance computer into a beautifully         Matrix TFT Color LCD. 7-in-1 Digital     red sweep second hand and 12” diameter
   thin design. It includes built-in wireless, Mac OS   Video Camcorder / Still Camera, 5        dial. Includes 14” diameter brown molded
   X, and the iLife ‘08. So within minutes of opening   MP CMOS, 8x Digital Zoom and MP3         case. Requires one “AA” battery (not included).
   the box, you’ll be doing everything from sharing     Player.
   photos to creating movies and building websites.

     LFE-5036                                              LFE-5035                                     LFE-6013
    7,850 points                                          4,100 points                                 1,300 points

    Personal PA System                                   DVD Player                                   Electric Pencil Sharpener
    Handheld PA System with                              Standard Definition Player, 14 Bit           Heavy duty helical blade, easy-to-
    rechargeable battery and                             Video DAC, Progressive Scan Output,          empty shavings cup, non-skid rubber
    microphone. Portable PA system has                   EZ View, Super Scan Playback, Instant        feet.
    been designed for projecting to a                    Skip, Instant Replay, Multi Format
    crowd of up to 100; all while being                  Playback DVD, DVD-R/RW, CDCD-R,
    strapped to your shoulder.                           MP3, WMA, Jpg, Mpg4.

28 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
                                                                                                     2009-2010 Annual Enrollment Form

 UPDATE/CONFIRM Your Contact Information ONLINE- Get 100 bonus points*
 Visit the Coordinator’s Corner section at labelsforeducation.com to provide your school’s updated information. It’s easy and will help us
 keep you informed about additional program offers.When you go online, please have your account number, ZIP code and password available.

UPDATE/CONFIRM Your Contact Information by MAIL or PHONE- Get 50 bonus points*
To update your information by mail, complete this form and mail it to: Campbell’s Labels for EducationSM Annual Enrollment Bonus, P.O. Box 2049,
Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55745-2049. To update your information by phone, call 1-800-424-5331.

  LABELS FOR EDUCATION ACCOUNT NO. ________________–________________–________________–________________

  SChOOL/ORgANIzATION NAME _________________________________________________________________________
  School/Organization E-Mail Address ____________________________________________________________________________
  School/Organization Mailing Address ___________________________________________________________________________
  City ________________________________________ State _______________________________ ZIP _____________________
  School/Organization Merchandise Shipping Address _______________________________________________________________
                                                                                                               (No P.O. Box Please)
  City ________________________________________ State _______________________________ ZIP _____________________
  School/Organization Phone (                     ) _________–________________ School/Organization Fax (                                            ) _________–_______________
  COORDINATOR’S NAME First Name ______________________________ Last Name _________________________________________
  Check one:       ❏ Parent                ❏ School Administrator/Administrative Assistant/Secretary                   ❏ Other
                   ❏ Teacher               ❏ Community Volunteer                                                       ____________________________________________________
                   ❏ Principal             ❏ PTA/PTO Member

  Coordinator’s E-Mail Address ____________________________ Coordinator’s Phone (if different than school’s) (                                                       ) ______–_________
  Coordinator’s Mailing Address ________________________________________________________________________________
  City ________________________________________ State _______________________________ ZIP _____________________
  Communications Mailed To (check one):                        ❏ Coordinator’s Address                   ❏ School Address

  School/Organization Student Enrollment (check one):                                ❏ 1-125         ❏ 126-250           ❏ 251-400          ❏ 400+

  School/Organization Type (check one):                      ❏   Public      ❏   Parochial       ❏   Private
  School/Organization Category (check one):                         ❏   Head Start                                      ❏   Public Library                             ❏   Junior High/Middle
                                                                    ❏   Licensed Child Care/Day Care                    ❏   Religious Education Center                 ❏   High School
                                                                    ❏   Home School                                     ❏   U.S. Military                              ❏   Other ________
                                                                    ❏   Preschool                                       ❏   Elementary

  Grade Level: Lowest Grade ____________________ Highest Grade ____________________
  Is this the first time you have registered with Labels for Education ? Yes _____                                           No _____

                                                   *Each school is limited to 1 (one) enrollment bonus per school, per program year.
       Your bonus points will automatically be deposited in your school’s account. Offer good until 7/1/2010. Good only in U.S.A., Puerto Rico, U.S.Virgin Islands and U.S. military installations.
                                                     Copy This Form To Make Several Submissions Throughout The Year.

FROM:                                                                                         FROM:
School                                                                                        School
                      (Please Print or Type)                                                                         (Please Print or Type)

Address                                                                                       Address
                 (No P.O. Boxes)                                                                               (No P.O. Boxes)

City                                                                                          City
State                                          ZIP                                            State                                           ZIP

Number of Cartons Shipped                                                                     Number of Cartons Shipped

                                                           Labels for Education      SM
                                                                                                                                                        Labels for Education      SM

                                               RUSH TO
                                                           806 S.E. 18th Avenue                                                                         806 S.E. 18th Avenue
                                                                                                                                              RUSH TO
                                                           Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55745                                                                Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55745

Carton             of                                                                         Carton             of

FROM:                                                                                         FROM:
School                                                                                        School
                      (Please Print or Type)                                                                        (Please Print or Type)

Address                                                                                       Address
                 (No P.O. Boxes)                                                                               (No P.O. Boxes)

City                                                                                          City
State                                          ZIP                                            State                                           ZIP

Number of Cartons Shipped                                                                     Number of Cartons Shipped

                                                           Labels for Education      SM
                                                                                                                                                        Labels for Education      SM

                                               RUSH TO
                                                           806 S.E. 18th Avenue                                                               RUSH TO
                                                                                                                                                        806 S.E. 18th Avenue
                                                           Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55745                                                                Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55745

Carton             of                                                                         Carton             of
                                                                 Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Separate and Label
Separate 1- and 5-point UPCs and beverage caps, and Bonus
Certificates. Place them in paper lunch bags, envelopes or clear plastic
bags. Label each bag with the total amount of points contained inside.
Note: Make sure the Bonus Certificate bundle is marked “Bonus
Certificates”and is packed with the first box/packet of your submission.
Please do not use staples or excessive amounts of tape as these materials are not

Step 2: Pack
Pack your submission in corrugated boxes, envelopes or the USPS Priority envelope provided
in your starter kit.. If necessary to use more than one package, mark the outside with the
package number and total number of packages being shipped (i.e., Box 1 of 3; Box 2 of 3;
Box 3 of 3). Be sure your school’s/organization’s name and address are clearly marked on
each submission.
Complete the Labels for EducationSM Order and Banking Form, and
place the original Order and Banking Form inside Packaging #1 on top
of contents. Include a copy of the order form in each box. Make a copy
of the Labels for Education Order and Banking Form to keep for your
records before sealing packages.
Note: Do not send the order form separately from the boxes/envelopes.

Step 3: Submit
Submissions may be shipped anytime throughout the year. Submissions
do not qualify for an educational postage rate. C.O.D. or postage due
shipments will not be accepted. Ship to the appropriate attention as

806 S.E. 18th Avenue
Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55745
(Important Note: Please spell out Minnesota in the address)
For more information about what to save, see the Eligible Products
page for participating brands.
                                                            Submission Preparation Instructions

                             1-Point Value                                   5-Point Value

1. Separate the following groups:
   a. UPCs worth 1 point each
   b. UPCs worth 5 points each
   c. Beverage Caps worth 1 point each
   d. Bonus Certificates

2. UPCs: Place UPCs ONLY in either a paper lunch bag or envelope. Remember to keep 1- and 5-point UPCs separate.
   Write the quantity of UPCs and the point value on the paper lunch bag or envelope. Note: Please do not use staples
   or excessive amounts of tape when preparing your UPC submissions, as these materials are not recyclable.

3. Beverage Caps: Group in quantities of no more than 100. The beverage caps should be counted and placed in sealed
   clear plastic bags or paper lunch bags. Write total quantity and total point value of beverage caps on outside of clear
   plastic bags or paper lunch bags.

4. Bonus Certificates: Place in paper lunch bags or envelopes and mark “Bonus Certificates.” Write total quantity and
   total point value of Bonus Certificates on each paper lunch bag or envelope. Pack in first box and label Box #1.
   Note: Bonus Certificates must be received prior to listed expiration date. Do not mail Bonus Certificates separately.

5. Packing: Pack your submissions in corrugated boxes or envelopes, such as the USPS priority envelope. If necessary
   to use more than one box, mark the outside with the box number and total number of boxes being shipped (i.e., Box
   1 of 3; Box 2 of 3; Box 3 of 3). Be sure your school’s/organization’s name and address are clearly marked on each
   box. Complete the Labels for EducationSM Order and Banking Form, and place the original Order and Banking
   Form inside Box #1 on top of contents. Include a copy of the order form in each box. Keep a copy of the Labels for
   Education Order and Banking Form for your records along with a copy of the mailing reciept. Note: Do not send the
   order form separately from the boxes.

6. Submissions do not qualify for an educational postage rate. C.O.D. or postage due shipments will not be accepted.
   Submissions may be shipped anytime throughout the year. Ship to the appropriate attention as follows:
        806 S.E. 18th Avenue
        Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55745
        (Important Note: Please spell out Minnesota in the address.)

For more information about what to save, see the Eligible Products page for participating products.
                                                                            Rules For Participation

1. Eligible schools/organizations may participate in Campbell’s Labels          8. There can be no special orders, substitutions, cash payments
   for EducationSM program (“Program”) and submit product UPCs,                    or requests to break up sets, except as provided in Paragraph
   beverage caps, and Bonus Certificates for redemption. Eligible                  12. Merchandise is not transferable and no substitutions will be
   schools/organizations are public and private schools, and home school           permitted except by Campbell due to unavailability or obsolescence
   associations (K–12) that comply with laws and regulations for the state         of merchandise. Merchandise cannot be shipped to a coordinator’s
   in which they operate, licensed child care centers, public libraries,           home address or a P.O. Box. Campbell, its officers, directors,
   religious educational centers and Head Start centers having any of the          subsidiaries or affiliates and their agencies and employees shall
   grades K through 12 and preschools located in the 50 United States,             not be liable for any claims, injuries, losses or damages resulting
   District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and any           from the Labels for Education Program or acceptance or use
   school located on any U.S. military installation (regardless of location).      of any merchandise awarded. Payment of taxes, if any, on the
2. Only product UPCs, beverage caps, and Bonus Certificates from                   merchandise is the sole responsibility of the school/organization.
   eligible products distributed for sale in the U.S. and through                  Schools/organizations are responsible for all expenses ancillary
   commissaries on U.S. military installations are eligible for redemption         to and associated with merchandise such as installation, etc.
   in the Labels for Education 2010 Program Year beginning August                  Campbell reserves the right to substitute items of equal or greater
   1, 2009, and ending June 1, 2010. Submissions will be determined                value for items that are discontinued or become unavailable or
   to qualify at the sole discretion of Campbell Soup Company or its               technologically obsolete during the course of the Program.
   designee (“Campbell”) and become the property of Campbell.                   9. Schools/organizations may submit multiple orders during the
3. All product UPCs and beverage caps have a redemption value of                    Program Year. Schools/organizations may submit product UPCs,
   one point with the exception of specially marked products, which will            beverage caps, and Bonus Certificates for banking. School’s/
   be worth 5 points in this Program year. Value of Bonus Certificate is            organization’s account balances are not transferable unless
   noted on each individual Bonus Certificate.                                      specifically approved by Campbell. Online orders will be accepted
                                                                                    only if the school’s/organization’s bank account balance covers the
4. UPCs and beverage caps that have not been removed from packages                  total amount of the merchandise order.
   sold in commerce and Bonus Certificates not legitimately obtained are
   void. Campbell will make such determination in its sole discretion.          10. The terms and conditions of the Labels for Education 2009/2010
                                                                                    Catalog including, but not limited to, point redemption and banking
5. By submitting product UPCs, beverage caps, and Bonus Certificates,               instructions are in the catalog and on the website. Proof of mailing is
   schools/organizations accept and agree to be bound by these                      not proof of receipt. We suggest you keep a copy of the Labels for
   rules and consent to the use of their names and/or photographs                   Education Order and Banking Form before the submission is mailed
   for advertising purposes without additional compensation, unless                 along with your shipping/mailing receipt.
   prohibited by law. Proof of eligibility and compliance with these rules
   may be required. Subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws     11. Please allow approximately 10 weeks from the date that your order
   and regulations.                                                                 is mailed for delivery of your merchandise (see the Merchandise
                                                                                    Redemption section in the catalog and on the website for complete
6. Product UPCs, beverage caps, and Bonus Certificates must be                      details). Merchandise may be shipped throughout the year from
   submitted for redemption according to the instructions in the catalog            various locations and may arrive separately. Merchandise can only
   and online and must be postmarked by June 1, 2010, and received by               be redeemed by and will only be shipped to the school/organization
   June 15, 2010. Merchandise redemptions are not valid until verified              whose name is listed on the merchandise order form.
   by Campbell whose decisions are final. No facsimiles, mechanically
   reproduced or seriously damaged, contaminated or filthy submissions          12. Please allow up to 16 weeks for delivery of a van. Special orders
   will be accepted. Bonus Certificates that have expired at the time of            by schools/organizations for additional options not included in
   Campbell’s receipt will be void. All redemption materials, order forms,          standard van models offered as merchandise in this catalog will
   etc., become the property of Campbell and will not be returned.                  require additional delivery time as determined by the automobile
                                                                                    manufacturer. Additional costs for nonstandard options must be
   Effective only for points deposited on or after August 1, 2009,                  paid by the school in cash prior to or at the time of delivery of the
   accounts that have had no deposit or withdrawal activity for three               van. The school/organization must present an original tax-exempt
   consecutive Program years will forfeit any points deposited in their             certificate at the time a van is ordered. Orders will not be processed
   account after August 1, 2009 on the first day of the fourth Program              without an original tax-exempt certificate; no photocopies.
   year. Points deposited before August 1, 2009 will remain in the
   account as a balance.                                                        13. Complaints regarding merchandise (shipment damage, operation,
                                                                                    etc.) must be made in writing within 90 days of receipt of
7. Product UPCs, beverage caps, and Bonus Certificates may be                       merchandise to the address in Paragraph 15 of these Official Rules.
   redeemed only for items listed in the 2009/2010 Catalog at the                   Claims for nonreceipt of merchandise must be made in writing
   designated point quantities and units specified. Product UPCs,                   within 90 days of the date of order or date of submission to the
   beverage caps, and Bonus Certificates are not redeemable for cash.               address in Paragraph 15.
   The number of points required for any merchandise included in the
   catalog is subject to change at Campbell’s sole discretion. Campbell is      14. This catalog expires on June 1, 2010. Campbell reserves the right to
   not responsible for merchandise description or printing errors in the            determine eligibility and change these Official Rules without notice.
   catalog, including errors, which incorrectly describe the item, make             Void where taxed, restricted or prohibited by law.
   or model number or incorrectly list the number of points required for        15. All correspondence and questions pertaining to this program should
   each item. Participating schools or organizations are responsible for            be directed to:
   checking the accuracy of the banking statements for their account. If
   you believe there is a discrepancy in your statement, you must write to
   us at the address in Paragraph 15 within 90 days of the first statement               CAMPBELL’S LABELS FOR EDUCATIONSM
   which contains the discrepancy in question.
                                                                                         ATTN: CUSTOMER SERVICE
                                                                                         P.O. Box 3130
                                                                                         Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55745-3130
                                                                                         Telephone: 1-800-424-5331
                                                                    Eligible Products - Here’s What to Save
                                                                        Help Our School Get Free Stuff By Saving
                                                                        UPC’s From The Campbell Brands Below!

Products Worth 5 Points

|||| - UPC CODE                                |||| - UPC CODE
Campbell’s Soups (microwavable bowls)          SpaghettiO’s Original Pasta (15 oz.)
Campbell’s Condensed 10 to 11 oz. Soups        SpaghettiO’s Meatball Pasta (14.75 oz.)
(Specially marked packages only)               (Specially Marked Packages Only)                         |||| - UPC CODE
                                                                                                        All V8 Soups

|||| - UPC CODE
Campbell’s Chunky Soups (microwavable bowls)
Campbell’s Chunky Chili (microwavable bowls)

                                               |||| - UPC CODE
                                               All Campbell’s Select Harvest Soups
|||| - UPC CODE
All Campbell’s Soup At Hand

Products Worth 1 Point

                                                                                                        - CAP
|||| - UPC CODE                                |||| - UPC CODE                                      •
                                                                                                    All V8 Splash Juice Drinks
                                               Franco-American Gravies
Campbell’s Beans Products                                                                           All V8 Splash Smoothies
Campbell’s Condensed 10 oz. Soups
Campbell’s Condensed 26 oz. Soups
Campbell’s Low Sodium Soups
Campbell’s Fat Free Soups
Campbell’s Kitchen Classic Soups
Campbell’s Tomato Juices
Campbell’s Gravies                             |||| - UPC CODE                                          - CAP
Campbell’s Soup & Recipe Mix                   Pepperidge Farm Breads, Croutons, Rolls & Stuffing   All V8 100% Vegetable Juice
                                               Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers & Grahams
                                               Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals
                                               Pepperidge Farm Frozen Garlic Breads, 3-Layer
                                               Cakes, Turnovers and Puff Pastry

|||| - UPC CODE
Campbell’s Chunky Soups
Campbell’s Chunky Chili                                                                                 - CAP
                                                                                                    All V8 V-Fusion 100% Juice
Campbell’s Chunky Fully Loaded Soups
                                               |||| - UPC CODE
                                               Swanson Broth (can and carton)
                                               Swanson Canned Chicken
                                               Swanson Cooking Stock (carton)
|||| - UPC CODE                                                                                     ## - 2 CODE NUMBERS FROM
Campbell’s Healthy Request Soups                                                                    OUTER CASE
                                                                                                    Campbell’s Tomato Juice (11.5 oz./24 cans/case)
                                                                                                    Campbell’s Tomato Juice (5.5 oz./48 cans/case)
                                                                                                    Campbell’s Chef’s Kettle Soups (50 oz.)
                                                                                                    Campbell’s Foodservice Soups (50 oz.)
                                               |||| - UPC CODE                                      Campbell’s Low Sodium Soups (50 oz.)
|||| - UPC CODE                                SpaghettiO’s Original Pasta (7.5 oz., 26 oz.)        Campbell’s Healthy Request Soups (50 oz.)
Prego Italian Sauces                           SpaghettiO’s Meatball Pasta (7.5 oz., 26.25 oz.)     All Pepperidge Farm Products
                                                                                                    V8, V8 Splash, V8 V-Fusion
                                                                                                    Prego Foodservice
1-Point Collection Sheet
5-Point Collection Sheet
                                              Labels for America™

Labels for America
Good for Your School
and Good for Your Community
Earn up to 2,000 bonus points to get more free stuff
for your school. We know you are involved in your
community, volunteering to help others, cleaning up
neighborhoods and raising awareness for worthy
causes. We want to reward you for making a
Labels for America offers the opportunity for your
school to earn bonus points when you complete a
project or program that promotes learning, caring
and sharing in the community. To date, schools and
other organizations have received over 49 million
bonus points through our Labels for
America program.

so, keep up the good work!
                      How does the program work?
                                                1 Complete a volunteer project, fitness
                                                  activity or educational program that
                                                  promotes learning, caring, sharing or
                                                  student nutrition and wellness.
                                                2 Tell us all about it! Fill out the Labels
                                                  for America Participation Form.
                                                     Visit labelsforeducation.com to
                                                     download a form or use the one in
                                                     this catalog.
                                                3 We’ll give your school 500 bonus
                                                  points for each program your school
                                                  and students participate in, up to
                                                  2,000 bonus points per program year.
                                                                                                                  Labels for America
                                                                                                                  Community Bonus Offer
                                                                                                                  2009-2010 Participation Form

                         Earn up to 2,000 Bonus Points for Your School
                          When you participate in Labels for America™
                                                    Visit labelsforeducation.com for details.
                            Here’s how to turn your learning, caring and sharing efforts
                             into up to 2,000 bonus points per year for your school.
1. Encourage learning, caring and sharing by participating in programs provided by organizations like the Campbell’s Center
   for Nutrition and Wellness™ National Fire Prevention Association, NEA’s Read Across America or other literacy programs,
   Safe America, Special Olympics, or Stamp Out Hunger™ Or, you can volunteer with a local effort of your choice that sup-
   ports learning, caring, or sharing.
2. Tell us about it by filling out this Participation Form!
3. Your school will be awarded 500 bonus points for each program your school and students participate in, up to a total of
   2,000 bonus points per school year!

LFE Account # __________________________–__________________________–__________________________–__________________________
School/Organization Name _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
City _______________________________________________________________________ State _____________ ZIP ________________________________

LFE Coordinator’s Name ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
I verify that _____________________________________________________________ __ (name of School/Organization) has participated in the following event:
_________________________________________________________ at the following location ____________________________________________________

Who participated in the project? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please provide a brief description of the project, who it benefited and how it encouraged learning, caring and/or sharing: _______________________________

Principal’s Signature ____________________________________________ LFE Coordinator’s Signature ____________________________________________

RULES: Offer expires 6/1/10. All Schools/Organizations that are eligible for Campbell’s Labels for EducationSM Program according to the official program rules are also
eligible to participate in the Labels for America bonus offer. For the complete Labels for Education Program rules, visit labelsforeducation.com or see this catalog.
Your volunteer project can be in conjunction with one of the efforts listed above, or with the local effort of your choice. Students can partner with a local not-for-profit
agency, community-wide effort, or complete an in-home or in-class educational program.
One 500 bonus point deposit per project will be awarded (up to a total of 2,000 bonus points per school year) regardless of the number of student participants, number
of events, or how many times the project is repeated during one school year. Bonus points will be deposited directly to the school’s/organization’s Labels for Education
bank account within 10 business days of receipt of this completed form.
Labels for America is a bonus offer program available only through Campbell’s Labels for Education Program. A school’s/organization’s fundraiser/incentive
program sponsored by for-profit organizations, which benefit the executing school (including Labels for Education and similar programs) are not eligible to qualify for a
Labels for America bonus.
Campbell reserves the right to have final discretion on awarding bonus points.
Send your completed form to Campbell’s Labels for Education, 1105 S.E. 8th Street, grand Rapids, Minnesota, 55745. Please feel free to attach any additional
explanation of your volunteer project or relevant newspaper articles. We welcome your photos for use on our upcoming online bulletin board. All photos submitted
become property of Campbell Soup Company and can be used at company’s discretion. Photos will not be returned.

                                   Learning, caring and sharing build a better America — one school at a time.
                                                                                        Order and Banking Instructions

 Deposit product UPCs, beverage caps, and Bonus Certificates “as you go” with the ease of our year-round banking
 program! You can make multiple deposits into your school’s/organization’s account throughout the year. It’s just like a
 regular savings bank! Here’s how it works:
 1. Set up your school’s/organization’s bank account by calling                                labelsforeducation.com. Use your account number and personal
    1-800-424-5331 (8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. CST) or visit                                          password to protect and access your school’s/organization’s
    labelsforeducation.com to enroll online.                                                   account records.
 2. Submit product UPCs, beverage caps, and Bonus Certificates for a                        7. Account withdrawals will be made when placing a merchandise
    deposit anytime during the program year from August 1, 2009, through                       order. Withdrawals from your school’s/organization’s bank account
    June 1, 2010. The “banked” point value will be deposited into your                         must be accompanied by a signed Labels for EducationSM Order
    school’s/organization’s bank account and reflected on your statement                       and Banking Form submitted by your school’s/organization’s
    (see Paragraph 5 below).                                                                   authorized Labels for Education coordinator. You can use your
 3. As long as Bonus Certificates are received by Campbell before the                          banked point value or submit any combination of participating
    expiration date stated on the certificate they will be accepted for                        product UPCs, beverage caps, and Bonus Certificates along with a
    deposit into your school’s/organization’s account.                                         bank account withdrawal when ordering merchandise. Merchandise
 4. When making a banking deposit, you must follow the Submission                              orders can be placed online by using any portion of the school’s/
    preparation Instructions in this catalog for packing and submitting                        organization’s existing account balance at the time of online order
    UPCs, beverage caps, and Bonus Certificates.                                               submission. Online merchandise orders will be accepted only if
                                                                                               the school’s/organization’s bank account balance covers the total
 5. Deposits will appear in your school’s/organization’s account                               amount required for the merchandise order.
    approximately 14 business days after receipt of deposit. You will
    receive a deposit receipt for your records by mail within four weeks                    8. Send all deposits to:
    after receipt of deposit. You will receive an email confirmation of                             CAMPBELL’S LABELS FOR EDUCATION
    your deposit if a valid email address is provided. Make sure you                                ATTN: BANKING DEPOSIT
    keep receipts to verify your account balance. Please check your                                 806 S.E. 18th Avenue
    account statements, available online. Statements will be mailed at the                          Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55745
    end of the program year. Participating schools or organizations are                             (Important Note: Please spell out Minnesota in the address.)
    responsible for checking the accuracy of the banking statements for                         Be sure to keep a copy of your Order & Banking Form and shipping
    their account. If you believe there is a discrepancy in your statement,                     receipt for your records. If you believe there is a discrepancy
    you must write us at the address in Paragraph 15 from the Rules for                         between your records and our bank account statement of deposits
    Participation within 90 days of the first statement that contains the                       made by your school/organization, please contact us at the address
    discrepancy in question. Effective only for points deposited on or after                    below within 90 days of the date of the statement in which the
      August 1, 2009, accounts that have had no deposit or withdrawal activity
      for three consecutive Program years will forfeit any points deposited in                  discrepancy first appears.
      their account after August 1, 2009 on the first day of the fourth Program                       CAMPBELL’S LABELS FOR EDUCATION
      year. Points deposited before August 1, 2009 will remain in the account                         ATTN: CUSTOMER SERVICE
      as a balance.                                                                                   P.O. Box 3130
 6. Check your school’s/organization’s account balance online at                                      Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55745-3130
                                                                                                      Or call 1-800-424-5331

 Merchandise Redemption
There are 2 ways to order merchandise from Campbell’s Labels for Education 2009/2010 Merchandise Catalog!
       Order merchandise online from our online catalog when you have sufficient LFE bank account balance
       Order directly from our merchandise catalog
View a complete list of available merchandise online by visiting labelsforeducation.com. Regardless of how you choose
to order, please follow these easy step-by-step instructions:
   To order from the Merchandise Catalog:
   1. Make your selection from the Labels for Education 2009/2010 Merchandise Catalog.
   2. Complete and sign your Labels for Education Order and Banking Form. The Order and Banking Form can also be completed online.
      Online orders will be automatically calculated and must be printed for signature and mailing.
   3. Prepare product UPCs, beverage caps and Bonus Certificates for redemption according to the Submission Preparation Instructions in this catalog.
   4. Indicate the number of points being deposited in Section A of the Order and Banking form.
   5. Indicate the number of banked points to be withdrawn on the “Banked Points Required to Complete Order” line below Section B of the
      Order and Banking Form. Merchandise selected must be from the current year catalog.
   6. Send your merchandise Order and Banking Form along with product UPCs, beverage caps and Bonus Certificates to:
                806 S.E. 18th Avenue
                Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55745
   7. Be sure to keep a copy of your order form and shipping receipt for your records.
   8. Merchandise will be shipped all year to the school’s/organization’s address on file.
If you have any questions or need assistance placing an order, please call 1-800-424-5331. Send your Order or Banking submission on a 2009/2010 Order and Banking Form. This form can
be completed and downloaded from our website: labelsforeducation.com. Note: Merchandise cannot be shipped to a coordinator’s home address or post office box.
                                                                                              2009 - 2010 Order & Banking Form

We have shipped ________boxes/envelopes (Total Number of Boxes/Envelopes/Packages shipped)                                            Offer Code________________________

LFE Account # ________________________ – ________________________ – _______________________ – _______________________

School/Organization Name __________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                (No P.O. Box Please)
School/Organization Shipping Address ___________________________________________________________________________________

City _____________________________________________________ State __________________________________ZIP _____________

School/Organization Phone (                          ) ________ – ________________ School/Organization Fax (                                       ) ________ – _____________

E-mail Address ____________________________________________________________________ Check one: ❏ Organization’s ❏ Coordinator’s

LFE Coordinator’s Name ___________________________                             LFE Coordinator’s Phone (                          ) ________ – ________________

This Order and Banking Form can be accessed, completed and printed from our website at labelsforeducation.com. Orders for merchandise from the 2009–2010 catalog can be
submitted online, providing the current school/organization bank account balance equals or exceeds the total points necessary to fulfill the request. Or you may print the order form
and mail in with product UPCs, beverage caps and Bonus Certificates. Hard copies of order forms must be signed by the LFE Coordinator and mailed to: 806 S.E. 18th Ave. Grand Rapids,
Minnesota, 55745 with the necessary product UPCs, beverage caps and Bonus Certificates.

 If ordering, please complete Section A and B as applicable. If banking, please fill in Section A only.
                                  Items                                       Number of Each Item Collected                                      Total Point Value

              UPCs @ 5 points each                                     ________________           x 5 =                                ____________ Points

              UPCs/Caps @ 1 point each                                 ________________           x 1 =                                ____________ Points

              Bonus Points Certificates                                QTY _______________ =                                           ____________ Points

              TOTAL                                                                                                                    ____________ Points

 We are ordering the items below:
                 Catalog         Quantity or        Catalog                                Description                                Points Required           Total Points
                 Item #           # of sets         Page #                                                                               Per Item                Required


                                                                                                            TOTAL POINTS REQUIRED
                                                                                         TOTAL POINTS SUBMITTED IN SECTION A ABOVE
                                                                                        BANKED POINTS REQUIRED TO COMPLETE ORDER
                                                                                                              TOTAL ITEMS ORDERED

NOTE: The total of Section A plus the amount of current banked points must equal or exceed the total points required to complete this order.
Any additional product UPCs, beverage caps and Bonus Certificates submitted with this order will be applied to your bank account.
Please ship your merchandise order and/or banking deposit to:
Campbell’s Labels for EducationSM • 806 S.E. 18th Avenue • Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55745
By signing, I certify that I am the authorized Labels for Education Coordinator for my organization and this order does not contain any false information or fraudulent materials.

Print Name _____________________________________________ Signature ____________________________________________________
 LFE-2045                                               LFE-2046                                      LFE-2047                                                LFE-5044
  750 points
68,850 points                                          41,650 points                                 55,500 points                                           12,200 points
Laptop                                                 PC-Compatible Desktop Computer               Desktop Computer with Display                            Laser Fax with Copier Function
Includes Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.00GHz                    Desktop Computer includes Intel® Core™ 2     Inspiron Desktop Computer includes                       Fax / copier ( B/W ) - laser - copying (up to):
Processor, 160 GB hard drive, and a CD/DVD             Duo 2.5GHz Processor, 320 GB hard drive      Intel® Core™ 2 Quad 2.33GHz High                         10 ppm - 220 sheets - 14.4 Kbps.
player and burner.                                     and a CD/DVD player and burner. Includes     Performance Processor, 500GB hard drive
                                                       a 17” LCD Monitor Display.                   and a BlueRay Player with CD/DVD burner.
                                                                                                    Includes a 17in LCD Monitor Display.

    LFE-2130                                                LFE-2131                                                  LFE-5045                               LFE-2132
   3,750 points                                            6,850 points                                              10,850 points                          12,200 points

  Light-Duty Color Printer                                Mid-Duty Color Printer                                     Copier/Printer                         Desktop Scanner
  This reliable printer makes high-quality                You’ll find it easily handles high-volume                  All-in-one Photo Printer copy,         Flatbed Photo Scanner. The scanner
  printing effortless. You’ll get great results with      home office projects ranging from everyday                 print, and scan functionality. Print   produces incredibly color-accurate, faithful
  just a single tri-color ink cartridge—up to             black-and-white documents to large                         speeds are fast, ranging up to         and detailed images that make impressive
  4,800 color dpi on photo paper up to 16                 borderless photos, brochures, presentations,               34 pages per minute, and color         reprints for those who wish to scan photos,
  pages per minute.                                       and more—up to 4,800 color dpi on photo                    resolution is high, ranging up to      slides, negatives and documents to an
                                                          paper up to 36 pages per minute.                           5760x1440 dpi.                         almost professional standard.

                                                                                                                           NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 29

   LFE-2151                                                    LFE-2146       LFE-2149                                                        LFE-2145
  1,050 points                                                1,900 points   1,400 points                                                    9,150 points

 Scroll Mouse USB                                            USB Drive                                                                      Handheld Video Microscope
 The Optical Mouse features the world’s                      1 GB USB Drive       LFE-2149                                                  The easy-to-use ProScopeTM TV is perfect for
 best-selling optical technology for incredibly                                                                                             science educators. It plugs directly into your
 smooth tracking with no maintenance
                                                             2 GB USB Drive       LFE-2146                                                  TV’s or VCR’s video-in jack and is ready to
                                                             The Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Mini Flash Drive is a versatile storage solution          use right away - no software to load up, no
 necessary. Scrolling is quick and precise
                                                             and is compatible for both Windows and Mac operating systems!                  boards to install. With 200x magnification
 too, thanks to the new scroll wheel. The
                                                             Great for storing and transferring your MP3’s, digital photos, games,          (on a 14” TV), you’ll be able to see minute
 comfortable design feels great in either
                                                             Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint presentations or any personal files          details in plants, animals, currency, fibers,
 hand, and setup couldn’t be easier—all you
                                                             from your computer. You can even run an entire presentation from               circuitry and machinery.
 need to do is plug it in.
                                                             Mini Flash Drive. The USB 2.0 interface is blazing fast with speeds up
                                                             to 40 times faster than USB 1.1.

  LFE-2049                                         LFE-2135                                             LFE-2141                                             LFE-2140
 30,450 points                                    11,750 points                                        24,800 points                                        20,450 points

 Digital Camera                                   Digital Camera                                       Digital Camera Multi-User                            iPod®
 Snapping of premium quality photos is            Digital camera boasts a whopping 12                  Classroom Pack                                       With large storage capacity,
 effortless with this 12.1-megapixel digital      megapixels to ensure perfect, high-definition        Digital Camera Explorer Kit is great                 the 120GB iPod classic lets
 camera. Engineered to take the guesswork         photos. Its small dimensions also make it            for field trips and other classroom                  you carry everything in your
 out of choosing the right mode, it features      ideal for tucking in a pocket or purse for           activities. You can easily take digital              collection - up to 30,000 songs,
 iAuto mode that automatically adjusts            shots on the go. This model offers a strong          pictures and upload them to your                     150 hours of video or 25,000
 settings for the best pictures in almost any     selection of features to help users get              computer in no time. Each kit includes               photos—everywhere you go. In
 environment. Its distinctive, svelte design,     great shots easily, ranging from intelligent         six cameras with software CD-ROM,                    a completely new, even thinner,
 boasts more than enough advanced                 auto mode and advanced face detection                driver CD, USB cable, camera                         all-metal design, this iPod is a
 technology inside. For easy framing and          technology to digital image stabilization            strap, one “AAA” battery and an                      modern classic.
 viewing of your shots, there’s a dazzling        for preventing blur. And when it comes time          instructional manual.
 3.5” touch screen with crisp resolution for      to review photos and movies, this digital
 displaying sharp details. You can even           camera makes it easy with a 6.9cm/2.7” LCD.
 record HD video clips and play them back
 on your compatible HDTV via HDMI output
 with stereo sound.

30 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
  LFE-2220                                          LFE-5024                                             LFE-5037                                      LFE-5025
 6,700 points                                      3,050 points                                          700 points                                    800 points

iPod® shuffle                                     Top Loading Compact Disc Player                      Stereo Headphones                             60-Minute Cassette Tapes
The world’s smallest digital music player, the    Plays Regular CDs and CDs with MP3 files,            Stereo Headphones offer ideal                 60 minute normal bias audio
4GB iPod shuffle lets you wear up to 1000         CD, CD-R, CD-RW Compatible, Backlit LED              combination of features, sound quality,       cassettes with individual
songs on your sleeve, your lapel, or your belt.   Display, AM/FM Stereo Tuner, Telescopic              comfort, and versatility. Use them at home    wrapping plus plastic jewel
Clip on iPod shuffle and wear it as a badge       FM Antenna, Full Auto Stop Cassette Player/          with your home stereo or on the road          case and labels. Ten Pack.
of musical devotion. You know what they say       Recorder, Rotary Volume Control, Wide                with your portable CD or MP3 player.
about good things and small packages.             Range Speaker System, 3.5mm Stereo
                                                  Headphone Jack, Battery Operation requires
                                                  8 “D” size batteries, 110V/220V Dual Voltage.
                                                  Batteries not included.

 LFE-5038                                           LFE-5026                                                                                         LFE-5004        LFE-5005
 950 points                                        3,900 points                                                                                     7,400 points    6,950 points

Dynamic Microphone                                Emergency Radio/Light                                                                             Cassette Recorder Seven-
Uni-Directional Dynamic Microphone. 6.3mm         Emergency Radio Tuner. AM/FM Radio with                                                           Position Listening Center
Plug & 3.5mm Adapter, 10-Foot Cord.               emergency light. Uses 2 “AA” batteries, or
                                                  manual power crank. Batteries not included.                                                       LFE-5004
                                                                                                                                                    Features tone control, full auto stop
                                                                                                                                                    in all modes, UL approved, built-in
                                                                                                                                                    microphone, switchable ALC, public
                                                                                                                                                    address capability and raised

                                                                                                                                                    tactile symbols for sight impaired.
                                                                                                                                                    Headphones not included but
                                                                                                                                                    available separately (see LFE-5005).

                                                                                                                                                    Monaural Headphones
 LFE-5007                                           LFE-5002                                       LFE-5027                                         (Set of 6)
10,000 points                                      3,050 points                                   3,500 points
Portable Wireless PA System                       Automatic Megaphone                           Two-Way Radios                                      Ear cushions, coiled cord, 1/4” right
Portable all-in-one wireless PA system with       8 watts, 300 yards range, siren               GMRS/FRS two-way radio value pack with a            angle plug. Suitable for use with
a rechargeable battery is a portable self-        alarm switch, foldable grip                   range of up to 16 miles. The radios include         Cassette Recorder Seven-Position
contained PA system containing a 1.2AHr           handle, volume control, bell                  rechargeable batteries and a “Y” wall               Listening Center (LFE-5004).
rechargeable battery, a wireless microphone       diameter 5.5,” length 9,” weight              charger. Roger Beep, a Battery Low indicator,
system, a built-in amplifier and a speaker.       1.75 lbs, and hand strap.                     Battery/Power Saver, and Call Alert, make
                                                                                                this an affordable and compact option for
                                                                                                everyone from the novice to the professional
                                                                                                radio enthusiast.

                                                                                                                 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 31

  LFE-5008                                               LFE-5015                                       LFE-5030                                       LFE-5009
 11,750 points                                          19,550 points                                  12,200 points                                  5,650 points

 Overhead Projector                                     Metal TV Cart with Electric Outlets            Short AV Cart                                  Manual Wall Screen
 Energy efficient and lightweight projector             44” Steel construction wide-body cart with     26” Steel construction cart on 4 casters,      Manual pull down screen. White
 with 1000 ANSI lumens output.                          black powder coated finish moves on 4          two with locking brakes; 4-outlet electrical   matte screen with black masking
                                                        casters, two with locking brakes; 4-outlet     assembly.                                      border- view Size is 70” x 70.”
                                                        electrical assembly. Holds up to a 30” TV or

  LFE-5042                                                LFE-5047                                      LFE-5048                                       LFE-5041
 43,500 points                                           8,700 points                                  12,200 points                                  3,050 points

 Video/Data Projector                                   DVD/VCR Combination Deck                       DVD Recorder & VCR Combination                 Wall Clock “Time to Read”
 These projectors have a long lamp life                 DVD/VCR combination includes remote            View movies in either DVD or VHS format,       Message
 of up to 4,000 hours and an auto-ECO                   control, audio/visual and S-video              and transfer your school movies to DVD discs   Shatter-resistant safety lens, 12”
 feature that reduces up to 20 percent of               connections. Progressive scan.                 for convenient archiving. The built-in VCR     diameter, sweep second hand,
 power consumption. What’s more, the sleek,                                                            makes transferring from VHS to DVD fast and    quartz movement. Requires 1 “AA”
 minimalist design makes it perfect for use in                                                         easy.                                          battery (not included).
 educational settings.

                                                                                                                                                      7,650 points
    LFE-9245                                        LFE-9264
   12,200 points                                   33,900 points                                                                                      Wii Fit with Wii Balance Board
                                                                                                                                                      Step onto the Wii Balance Board
 Flat Panel TV                                                                                          LFE-9287                                      and into a fun way to get fit! Control
                                                                                                       22,600 points                                  on-screen action with your movements
 15” LFE-9245                                                                                                                                         on the board as you work your way
 26” LFE-9264                                                                                          Nintendo Wii Gaming Console                    through a variety of challenges aimed
 This high-definition LCD TV provides a slim, versatile television solution with a black, sleek and    Featuring a compact design that makes it       at getting you off the couch and into
 stylish design. It features a high-performance LCD panel for high brightness, a high contrast         a natural addition to any television setup,    the action. Check your Body Mass
 ratio, low reflection glare protection and includes ATSC/NTSC tuners to receive digital and           the Wii console is white in color and can be   Index (BMI), see your Wii Fit Age, and
 analog off-air broadcasts. It is compatible with a wide range of mounting brackets.                   displayed either vertically or horizontally.   keep tabs on your daily progress
                                                                                                                                                      towards a more fit you.

32 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com

 LFE-0001                                          LFE-0003                                         LFE-0009                                     LFE-0011
 700 points                                       4,300 points                                     4,750 points                                 5,050 points

Food Group Bingo (Ages 5-7)                      Nutrition Lotto Game                              Food Smarts: My Pyramid for Kids             Feelings Activity Kit
Good Nutrition is serious business, but          Here’s a fun-filled way to teach nutrition and    DVD (Grades K-5)                             Help children express themselves with
learning about it is fun with Food Pyramid       healthy eating! The game features 36 kid-         Join a group of campers as they discover     fun, creative activities! Kit includes 22
Bingo! Spin the spinner and try to find a food   pleasing manipulatives, plus 6 game cards         the importance of eating right. Using the    “Emotions” photographic learning cards,
from that group on your bingo board. Be          representing 6 components of the newly            USDA MyPyramid food guidelines, they         a hangable “How am I feeling?” chart
the first player to cover up a complete line     updated USDA food pyramid. Kids match             learn why some foods are better than         with dramatic bear faces backed by a
of food items to win, or play until an entire    the objects to pictures on their game cards       others, see how exercise is an important     hook and loop fastener, kit of expression
board is covered for a longer game and           and the first to fill their game card wins! For   part of any healthy eating plan, and         masks that includes material for 24
extended learning. Set includes four bingo       an added challenge, children can flip the         what to do when a particular food            projects and six 7” vinyl Spectrum™
cards, 36 markers, spinner and a guide.          cards over and match the objects to each          makes them groan “yuck!”                     Smedley Balls, each designating a
                                                 category without picture clues.                                                                different emotion.

                                                                                                                                                1,650 points
  LFE-0012                                         LFE-9252                                         LFE-7051                                    Food Pyramid Pocket Chart
 5,900 points                                     2,300 points                                     2,300 points

                                                                                                                                                and Book
Food Fitness & Fun Curriculum                    French Fries and The Food System                  Magnetic Health Food Set                     This Food Pyramid Pocket Chart has been
This new curriculum kit is designed to achieve   (Ages 5-12)                                       Beautifully illustrated foods from the six   updated to reflect the USDA’s revised
balance between food and fun while               This year-round curriculum provides               main food groups of the USDA Food            food pyramid nutritional guidelines! The
helping young children learn and make            kids from varied backgrounds a fertile            Pyramid Guidelines to Nutrition. Includes    chart is divided into six brightly colored
healthy choices. Kit includes a 176-page         environment in which they can develop             34 magnetic pieces, write-on/wipe-off        sections—one for each of the six food
activity guide, 30 photo learning cards, a       an appreication for the close links               magnetic placemat, menu pad and              groups. Chart is made of rugged, coated
MyPyramid learning poster, 21 Interactive        between farming and food systems.                 suggested activities. Magnetic placement     nylon fabric with clear card pockets in
CD-ROMs and a Learning Extension                 Lessons range from practical, hands-              measures 12” x 16 1/2.”                      each section for displaying Nutrition
Resource CD-ROM.                                 on activities to social and economic                                                           Pocket Chart Cards, included, or other
                                                 aspects of the food cycle. The lessons                                                         pocket chart cards. Each section is
                                                 and activities are organized by seasons.                                                       labeled with the name of each food
                                                 This book is an excellent resource for                                                         group. An additional clear pocket stores
                                                 classroom and community educators.                                                             cards when they are not in use. Chart
                                                 240 pages.                                                                                     features metal grommets for hanging.
                                                                                                                                                Chart measures 40” x 41.”

                                                                                                                  NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 33

              LFE-9356                                                                         LFE-4002                                              LFE-4009
             17,050 points                                                                    1,550 points                                          1,550 points

    School Success Kit                                                                       Merriam-Webster’s® Elementary                         Merriam-Webster’s®
    Includes bestselling Search Institute tools to make your school program a success!       Dictionary (Grades 2-7)                               Intermediate Dictionary
    No-preparation activities, insightful instruction, and engaging examples that will       Features 32,000 entries, 600 full-color
    spark creativity in staff and youth. Boost your school programs - before, after, and
                                                                                                                                                   (Grades 7-9)
                                                                                             illustrations and sample phrases illustrating         Covers words students often
    everything in between - and positively influence students!                               usage. Includes guide to dictionary use.              encounter in their schoolwork.

              2,400 points

    Sparks Kit                                                                                 LFE-4010                                              LFE-4011
                                                                                              1,650 points                                          1,400 points
    A person’s spark is a passion, an activity that unleashes energy and joy and allows
    the person to express personality and make a unique contribution to the world.           Merriam-Webster’s® School                             Merriam-Webster’s® School
    Learn more about sparks through this kit which includes a copy of the book Sparks
    by Dr. Peter Benson and 20 What’s Your Spark?- spark catchers. Spark catchers are        Dictionary (Grades 9 and up)                          Thesaurus (Grades 6 and up)
    bright, interactive items that prompt young people to think about their spark, whether   Recommended for high school students and              Helps improve writing and speaking
    it’s painting, soccer, or helping other people.                                          libraries. Hardcover.                                 skills by giving students a wealth of
                                                                                                                                                   words they can use to express ideas.

                                                                                                                                                    4,600 points

               LFE-9357                                                                        LFE-4065                                              LFE-4043
              3,200 points                                                                    2,300 points                                          4,600 points

   Ideas For Educators                                                                       Spanish Reading Rods® Alphabet Books                  Character Education
   Gives teachers and administrators a quick and easy way to learn and incorporate           Books cover the Spanish alphabet including            Grades (K-6)   LFE-4042
   the Developmental Assets into daily teaching practices. Designed as a series of           ch, ll and ñ and are used with color-coded
                                                                                             Spanish alphabet letters and Pictures Reading         Grades (6-12) LFE-4043
   newsletters, they can be printed out from CD-ROM, sent via e-mail as complete                                                                   Teaches values such as honesty,
   documents, or Incorporated into existing school newsletters. Written by two               Rods.® Content, words and activities align
                                                                                             with current research on how native Spanish-          peace, freedom and respect through
   experienced teachers, each newsletter provides an overview of an asset and how                                                                  discussion, questions, proverbs and
   it works in a classroom setting, giving teachers strategies and tips for infusing that    speaking children acquire literacy skills. Includes
                                                                                             28 books, one book per letter in the Spanish          maxims. Includes activities and stories
   asset into work with students. Each newsletter also includes a section on fostering                                                             from several religions and cultures.
   that Developmental Asset in a teacher’s life, making Ideas for Educators a staff          alphabet (X and W are combined in one book)
                                                                                             plus a Teaching Guide. Each book measures             Two-year program. Each set includes
   development tool as well.                                                                                                                       years one and two; 160 pages each.
                                                                                             4.25” x 5.5.”

34 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
  LFE-4055                                         LFE-4064                                       LFE-4067
 1,400 points                                     1,450 points                                   2,300 points

Space Exploration (Grades 4-9)                   Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia                 Animal
Describes rockets, exploratory vehicles          With more than 1,000 full-color                Unrivalled in its breadth, Animal describes
and other technological aspects of space         photographs, diagrams, charts, cutaway         the incredible range of creatures that
exploration, satellites, space stations and      drawings and detailed illustrations. DK’s      make up the world’s animal kingdom
the life and work of astronauts. Original        Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia covers          from the largest mammal to the smallest
photography of spacecraft before and after       everything you’ve ever wanted to know          invertebrate.
traveling in space, planets and Earth from       about animals.
space. Full color.

  LFE-4068                                         LFE-4070                                       LFE-9260                                                  LFE-4007
 1,900 points                                     1,900 points                                   1,900 points                                              17,900 points

Earth                                            Presidents                                     Vote                                                       Mobile Utility Cart
Discover the secrets of life on our planet       Explore the history of America’s presidents    Content gives a comprehensive overview                     Three sloping shelves on each side with
and learn how animals, plants and the            from George Washington to George W.            of the voting process in government-how                    divider in the middle. Measures 37’’W x
environment interact.                            Bush.                                          it has changed through history, and how                    18’’D x 42’’H.
                                                                                                it differs in republics around the world.

  LFE-9292                                                        LFE-9293                                                                   LFE-9246
 1,600 points                                                    3,000 points                                                               1,900 points

I Pledge Allegiance Big Book                                     The Sports Book                                                         A School Like Mine
Children in the United States have been                          Featuring the largest and most diverse range of sports                  A mind-broadening journey to classrooms
reciting the Pledge of Allegiance since 1892                     of any comparable book—more than 200 in all.                            around the world, this unique celebration of
and for about that long, they’ve found its big                   From basketball to bobsledding, karate to korfball,                     the commonalities and differences between
words confusing. The authors give America’s                      synchronized swimming to ski-jumping, this up-to-date                   school days in different countries will enrich
children a hand, and explain this patriotic                      and authoritative guide presents information sourced                    knowledge and delight imagination as
poem once and for all.                                           from leading experts and sports governing bodies                        kids share in the experiences of their peers
                                                                 around the world to give you the most comprehensive                     around the world.
                                                                 book on sports.

                                                                                                                  NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 35
  750 points

   LFE-9258                                              LFE-9295                                   LFE-9327                                             LFE-4059
  3,450 points                                          1,500 points                               1,600 points                                         1,900 points

 Tales of Despereaux                                   Adventures of Huckleberry Finn              Crazy Hair Day Big Book                            Merriam Webster’s® Spanish-
 Single paperback    LFE-9257                          Bring the Classics to Life Read-Alongs.     Stanley Birdbaum couldn’t be more excited.         English Dictionary
                                                       These high-interest read-alongs have        He has rolled and wrapped and dyed his hair.       A bilingual, bidirectional guide to
 Teacher’s Pack      LFE-9258                          been adapted into 10 short chapters         He has dipped it and sprayed it and made it,       Spanish and American-English. Extensive
 Winner of the Newbery Medal and over 25                                                                                                              coverage of Latin-American Spanish.
                                                       aimed at introducing students to            well, perfect. He is ready to celebrate Crazy
 other national and state awards, this classic fairy                                                                                                  More than 80,000 entries and 100,000
                                                       great classic literature, while improving   Hair Day at school. But when Stanley saunters
 tale is full of quirky characters created by master                                                                                                  translations. Soft cover.
                                                       comprehension, vocabulary and fluency.      up to the classroom, he learns, to his horror,
 storyteller, Kate DiCamillo. A major motion picture
                                                       Book only.                                  that Crazy Hair Day is . . . next week. To make
 released from Universal Pictures in December
                                                                                                   matters worse, today is School Picture Day,
 2008, students can read where it all started.
                                                                                                   and everyone is expected to line up for the
 Teacher’s pack—1 hardcover, 6 paperbacks
                                                                                                   class photo! What’s Stanley to do?
 and teacher’s guide.

                                                                                                   1,700 points

   LFE-9297                                              LFE-9296                                   LFE-9290                                            LFE-9291
  1,300 points                                          1,500 points                               4,350 points                                        1,800 points

 The Wind in the Willows                               The Red Badge of Courage                    If the World Were a Village                        Around the World Cookbook
 Kenneth Grahame’s classic tale of the                 Bring the Classics to Life Read-Alongs.     Hardcover Book LFE-9289                            With foods like hummus and pad thai
 pleasures of country life and the dependability       These high-interest read-alongs have                                                           becoming as common as meatloaf
 of good friends will never grow old. Now, in          been adapted into 10 short chapters         DVD              LFE-9290                          and apple pie, it’s no surprise that
 this splendid volume, Inga Moore recaptures its       aimed at introducing students to            If the World Were a Village is an animated         international foods are hotter than
 scenes and its characters with richly patterned       great classic literature, while improving   story that delivers an important message           ever. Kids today are growing up in an
 and warmly detailed illustrations.                    comprehension, vocabulary and fluency.      using a magical metaphor: what if our world        increasingly multicultural world, and
                                                       Book only.                                  of six billion people were a village of just       with Around the World: An International
                                                                                                   100 people?                                        Cookbook for Children, they can eat like
                                                                                                                                                      it, too!

   LFE-9294                                              LFE-4017                                   LFE-4018                                          LFE-4031
  1,500 points                                          1,950 points                               1,950 points                                      1,850 points

 Tom Sawyer                                            Adventures in the Middle Ages               Adventures in Ancient Egypt                       If You’re Trying to Teach Kids to
 Bring the Classics to Life Read-Alongs. These         Looks at what life was like in the Middle   Looks at what life was like in Ancient            Write, You’ve Gotta Have this Book
 high-interest read-alongs have been adapted           Ages in a travel guide format. Guided       Egypt in a travel guide format. Guided
 into 10 short chapters aimed at introducing           tour, foldout map. Hardcover.               tour, foldout map. Hardcover.
                                                                                                                                                     (Grades K-8)
                                                                                                                                                     The ultimate resource for teaching kids
 students to great classic literature, while
                                                                                                                                                     how to write, used by professional
 improving comprehension, vocabulary and
                                                                                                                                                     educators worldwide.
 fluency. Book only.

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  LFE-7005                                         LFE-1615                                             LFE-7001                                           LFE-7002
  950 points                                      1,700 points                                         5,550 points                                       4,100 points
Primary Balance                                  Primary Bucket Balance                               Geovision™ MicroProElite™                          Quantum Big Screen Microscope
Sturdy, sets up easily and stores neatly.        Measure, explore volume and make comparisons         Tabletop Microscope                                The big 7” screen microscope projects
Does not include containers.                     of solids and liquids with this sturdy bucket        Enjoy close-up views with this powerful            a whopping 10x, 20x, 40x clear image.
                                                 balance with lids. Removable, calibrated, clear      zoom microscope. Perfect for classroom             Includes an assortment of accessories,
                                                 buckets holds solids or up to 400 ml of liquid.      science demonstrations. Zoom from                  glare-reducing shield and Snap-Tight™ tray
                                                 Easy pour spout makes measuring liquids easy.        50x to 100x, 200x to 400x, and 450x                to hold components. Operates with three
                                                 Lids can be used as platforms and the built-in       to 900x. Metal body and all-glass                  “C” batteries or optional AC adapter (not
                                                 drawer is perfect for storing weights. Balance       lenses for precision views at high-power           included).
                                                 measures 16-1/2” x 6-1/2” x 6.”                      magnifications. Features a built-in color
                                                                                                      filter wheel for better viewing and durable
                                                                                                      carrying case. Full set of accessories
                                                                                                      including prepared slides. Two “AA”
                                                                                                      batteries required (not included). Case
  LFE-7007                                                                                            included.
 4,600 points
AquaBrite V Aquarium                                                                                                                                       800 points
Five-gallon acrylic aquarium with fluorescent      LFE-7008
light. Includes direct-flow filter system with    2,550 points
                                                                                                                                                         Microscope AC Adapter
UL-listed power head.                                                                                                                                    AC adapter for Alpha Scope Microscope
                                                 Motorized Solar System
                                                 The ”Sun” shines onto the nine planets as they                                                          (LFE-7031) and Big Screen Microscope
                                                 orbit around it. The central tower and planetary       LFE-7031                                         (LFE-7002).
                                                 support rods are black so they “disappear” in         3,000 points
                                                 a darkened room for spectacular effect! Star
                                                 dome and 1,000 hour light bulb included.                                                                  LFE-7042
                                                                                                       LFE-7033                                            550 points
                                                 Requires four “C” batteries (not included).          18,100 points
                                                                                                                                                         HandHeld Magnifier
                                                                                                      Alpha Scope Microscope (Ages 6-8)                  Freestanding magnifier features acrylic
  LFE-9299                                                                                            Single             LFE-7031                        lens, plastic frame and handle. For viewing
 2,100 points
                                                                                                      Classpack (6)      LFE-7033                        stamps, coins, insects, plants, craft work, fine

Jumbo Magnifiers (Set of 6)                                                                           Easy-to-use microscope that works with             print and more.
Observe on a grand scale with our extra-                                                              slides and bug corralling in curiosity boxes.
large magnifiers, sized perfectly for small                                                           Battery-operated top and bottom lighting; a
hands. Supports life science explorations as                                                          mirror; two interchangable viewing stages;
children observe plants, animals and insects.                                                         magnifies 10x, 30x, and 50x; color viewing
                                                   LFE-1613                                           filters. Includes activity guide, two disposable     LFE-1601
                                                  3,450 points                                        slides, one curiosity box, tweezers, stir rod       2,500 points
                                                                                                      and spatula. Use two “AA” batteries or
                                                 Pretend & Play® Supermarket Checkout                 optional AC adapter (neither included).            Pretend & Play® Calculator Cash
                                                 (Ages 3 and up)                                                                                         Register (Ages 3 and up)
                                                 Nine different food items glide along working                                                           Winner of 17 awards for excellence, this
 LFE-1602                                        conveyer belt. Scanner light flashes and the                                                            working solar-powered cash register holds
 900 points                                      register beeps. Includes working produce scale,                                                         life-size bills! Features oversized buttons
                                                 swivel price display, credit card, shopping basket                                                      and a big number display. Comes with
Mighty Magnet (Ages 5-7)                         and cash drawer that pops open. Requires two                                                            play bills, plastic coins, pretend Citibank
Big 8” classic horseshoe holds up to 4 lbs.      “C” batteries (not included).                                                                           credit card and suggested activities.

                                                                                                                      NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 37

   LFE-7012                                         LFE-7013                                          LFE-7016                                                LFE-7017
  4,200 points                                     4,200 points                                      4,200 points                                            4,200 points

 Power of Science® Kit —                          Power of Science® Kit — Chemistry                 Power of Science® Kit —                                 Power of Science® Kit —
 Matter & Energy (Ages 9-11)                      (Ages 9-11)                                       Simple Machines (Ages 9-11)                             Weather (Ages 9-11)
 Explore states of matter, atoms and              Safe, age-appropriate experiments                 Harness the power of levers, wedges,                    Let kids build their own weather
 molecules, density, buoyancy, force and          investigating chemical properties, states of      inclined planes, pulleys, screws, wheels and            stations and study temperature,
 motion, potential and kinetic energy, and        matter, mixtures, solutions, acids and bases,     axles to solve everyday “weighty” problems.             map reading, barometric pressure,
 center of gravity. Easy-to-use kit.              pH, oxidation and chemical reactions.                                                                     humidity, wind speed and direction.

   LFE-7035                                         LFE-7038                                          LFE-7052                                               LFE-7054
  1,750 points                                      900 points                                       1,250 points                                           10,850 points

 Gemstones of the World                           Cuisenaire® Rods Introductory Set                 Cross-Section Earth Model (Ages 3-8)                    LEGO® Creator Community
 Looks at more than 1,400 gemstones. Cov-         Set of 10 different color rods vary in length     This hands-on model makes illustrating the              Builders (Ages 6-8)
 ers geographic locations; scientific, physical   by 1cm. Contains 74 plastic rods, tray with lid   mysteries of the Earth easy. The outside of the         Mega set containing 1,670 elements
 and color properties; and the way they are       and activity guide.                               model shows the oceans and continents. The              recreating the many aspects of life
 formed, structured and mined.                                                                      Earth’s two hemispheres separate to show the            in a busy community. Build a harbor
                                                                                                    four main layers of the Earth. It’s easy for students   environment where the town’s people
                                                                                                    to handle and examine because it’s made of              go about their daily chores or watch
                                                                                                    soft foam. Includes fact-filled activity guide.         the fishing boats.

   LFE-7055                                         LFE-7058                                          LFE-7050                                                LFE-9247
  3,350 points                                     2,150 points                                      4,150 points                                            1,200 points

 LEGO® Basic Bulk                                 Classroom Gardening Kit                           GreenHouse                                              Banana Greenhouse
 Add to your existing LEGO® collection or         There’s no need to lug a heavy bag of             Gardening is not only relaxing and healthy,             (Ages 4 and up)
 start a new one with this 576 piece set of       potting mix to class! Wonder Soil wafers          but also therapeutic in treating physical,              Now you can grow your own banana
 classic LEGO® bricks in different sizes and      are combined with safely biodegradable            emotional, cognitive and social changes in              plant from seed. These amazing plants
 colors.                                          coir (coconut fiber) pots and seeds for a         your students. This portable greenhouse goes            will sprout in a matter of weeks and
                                                  “no fuss no muss” classroom seed starting         almost anywhere, and its large, zippered                grow more than a foot in the first two
                                                  project. This gardening kit comes with 30         opening offers easy access. Features 2 sturdy           months. The Banana Farm includes
                                                  biodegradable 3” coir pots, 30 Wonder             wire shelves and clear vinyl cover that fits            everything needed to create your own
                                                  Soil wafers and green bean seeds.                 snugly. 38”H x 36”W x 19”D when assembled.              island scene, including Banana Tree
                                                                                                    Instructions included.                                  seeds and a decorative monkey!

38 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
  LFE-7059                                          LFE-7060                                            LFE-9300                                          LFE-9301
 1,400 points                                      1,850 points                                        1,300 points                                      2,100 points

Sprout and Grow Window                            Butterfly Garden (Ages 4 and up)                    101 Great Science Experiments                     Plant Science Classroom Kit
This transparent “nature’s window”allows          Observe the transformation of caterpillars          Make science fun with 101 exciting step-by-       Complete classroom kit contains enough
gardeners of all ages to watch seeds sprout       into beautiful butterflies, then set them free!     step experiments that are safe and easy to        materials for twelve students to do
and grow into plants right before their eyes!     The Butterfly Garden® lets children watch           do. Science writer Neil Ardley shows how          several fun and educational experiments.
The large, transparent Sprout & Grow™             as caterpillars mature, turn into chrysalides,      you can use everyday objects to discover the      Watch the Rocket Plant grow from
Window stands upright on a tabletop or            then emerge from their cocoons as colorful          basic principles of science and understand        seed to bloom in less than two months,
windowsill. Special potting soil nurtures seeds   butterflies. Kit includes coupon for 3 to 5 half-   how these apply to the world around you.          while the Polka Dot Plants develop
for optimum growth. Comes with packets of         grown caterpillars, food, feeding kit, butterfly    So if you want to make a volcano erupt, see       multi-colored spots on their leaves. Your
bean and pea seeds and a step-by-step             house, instructions and butterfly information.      around corners, find out how your eyes work,      students will learn how plants respond
guide with instructions, suggested activities,    There is a $3.00 shipping and handling fee          or build an electromagnet, this fascinating       to light, temperature, water, humidity and
and journal pages to fill in as you follow the    for processing insect certificates.                 book will show you how. Experiments in            more. When they are all done, they can
process from seed planting to full-grown                                                              11 categories, including liquids, motion,         even take the plants home!
plants.                                                                                               electricity and the senses. Illustrated steps
                                                                                                      make projects easy and fun.

                                                                                                       3,700 points
                                                   1,750 points                                       MathShark® (Grades 1 and up)
                                                                                                      MathShark teaches like electronic flash
                                                  Culinary Herb Garden                                cards with skill-building math practice plus a
  LFE-9302                                    This kit provides you with everything you’ll
                                                                                                      calculator. Randomly or sequentially quizzes
 2,350 points                                 need to grow your own fresh herbs, including
                                                                                                      students on addition, subtraction, multiplication,
                                              sage, basil, cilantro, dill, and parsley. Culinary
Dinosaur Plant Classroom Kit                                                                          division, fractions, decimals or percentages with
                                              herb seed packets and matching plastic                                                                      LFE-7049
Watch this amazing plant spring to life in                                                            eight skill levels in each category. LCD screen
                                              plant stakes. Peat-based planting mixture,                                                                 11,300 points
hours! The Dinosaur Plant Classroom Kit comes Perlite pellets for drainage, decorative gravel.        displays problems in horizontal and vertical
complete with enough materials for twelve                                                             format. One-year warranty.
                                              Vacuum formed greenhouse with clear,                                                                       Texas Instruments Model T1-83

students to do several fun and educational    ventilated lid. Complete growing and care                                                                  Plus Calculator
experiments. Learn about dormant versus       instructions.                                                                                              Enhanced version of the most widely
active states, vascular versus non vascular,                                                                                                             used handheld calculator. Applications
adaptations of the Dinosaur Plant, natural                                                                                                               from algebra and chemistry to language
selection and much more! When students are                                                              LFE-7048                                         arts and history, such as Periodic Table,
done with the experiments they can even take                                                           1,850 points                                      Puzzle Pack, Cellsheet,™ StudyCards,™
the plants home!                                                                                                                                         and electronic flash cards for other
                                                                                                      Texas Instruments Model TI-30X IIS                 subjects. Features a powerful organizer,
                                                                                                      Scientific Calculator                              stores class schedules, phone numbers,
                                                    LFE-7056                                          Advanced scientific calculator with a scrolling
                                                   1,700 points                                                                                          e-mail addresses, dates, tasks and
 LFE-7011                                                                                             two-line display. The two-variable statistics      more. Includes TI-GRAPH® cable for PC
 700 points                                                                                           allow students to enter, delete, insert and        connectivity from Internet. Use allowed on
                                                  24 Game Single Digits
                                                                                                      edit individual statistical data elements.         the PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, AP Chemistry exam,
Binoculars (Grades Pre-K and up)                  Three levels of challenge. The object of the
                                                                                                      Convert between degrees, radians, and
These sturdy binoculars have 6x                   game is to make 24. You can add, subtract,                                                             AP Physics exam and AP Calculus exam.
                                                  multiply and divide. Use all four numbers on        gradients or fractions, mixed numbers and
magnification with 35mm lenses and are
                                                  a card, but use each number only once.              decimals. Includes trigonometry functions.
made of durable plastic.

                                                                                                                      NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 39

   LFE-1201                                          LFE-1202                                       LFE-1204                                        LFE-1206
  4,200 points                                      3,850 points                                   16,350 points                                   11,200 points
 Beverage Cooler                                   Auto Coffee Urn                                 Microwave                                       Sewing Machine
 Five gallon capacity. Features wide-mouth         Urn is 1,090 watts with 12-42 cup capacity.     Features 2.0 cu ft, 1200 watts, turntable,      Straight and zigzag, adjustable stitch
 for easy filling and cleaning with recessed       Features lock-on lid and serving light. Made    twelve one-touch cooking categories             length and width, twin-needle capability,
 push-button, double-gasket spigot to prevent      from polished aluminum.                         including popcorn and defrost.                  safety power and light switch, electronic
 leaking. Easy-to-clean liner resists stains and                                                                                                   speed control, forward/reverse,
 odors.                                                                                                                                            convertible sewing surface.

                                                                                                                                                   10,350 points

  LFE-1207                                           LFE-1220                                        LFE-1221                                      The Interactive World Globe
 23,050 points                                     104,250 points                                   2,050 points                                   The interactive sphere is updated
                                                                                                                                                   online daily with world news, weather,
 Compact Refrigerator                              27” School Laminator                            School Bell                                     history, travel facts and more. It’s the
 Four cu ft capacity, ice compartment, door        Plenty of clearance for easy film loading.      Brass hand bell. Long wooden                    world’s most informative, educational
 shelves and slide-out shelves. Approximately      Pressure, speed and roll tension are            handle for easy use. Approximately              globe and loads new information
 19”W x 20”D x 34”H.                               preset requiring little instruction on usage.   10” tall.                                       into its spacious 32 MB memory when
                                                   Adjustable heat knob for different material                                                     connected to your PC via USB. The
                                                   thickness.                                                                                      data is accessed using the included
                                                                                                                                                   handheld cordless digital pen,
                                                                                                                                                   instructional keypad, and detailed
                                                                                                                                                   pullout maps. Users simply select
                                                                                                                                                   specific points on the globe to view
                                                                                                                                                   the interactive data, which is presented
                                                                                                                                                   with clear digital narration and music.
                                                                                                                                                   System includes 15 learning activities
                                                                                                                                                   and games (including currency
                                                                                                                                                   converters, capital city quiz, and travel
  LFE-1224                                          LFE-1225                                         LFE-2216                                      distances) which can be set for “teach”
 12,350 points                                     11,300 points                                    2,500 points                                   or “challenge” modes. Instructors can
                                                                                                                                                   select the age category filter for their
 Blow Mold Folding Chairs (Set of 4)               Blow Mold Folding Table                         Kid Alert (Grades 3-6)                          children (5-8, 9-14, and 15+). Includes
 This high quality blow molded resin folding       Lightweight, 30” x 60” folding table is the     Slow down for safety! Brightly colored visual   two poster sized flag maps, (United
 chair features a contoured seat and back          perfect solution for your banquet and           warning signal alerts oncoming motorists        States and World) that tell which flag
 for comfort. Lightweight for easy handling,       cafeteria use—indoor or out or any other        when children are in area. Easy setup and       belongs to which state or country when
 stain resistant and perfect for easy setup and    application that calls for an affordable,       takedown for each playtime. Warning flag        touched with the digital pen. Includes
 teardown, indoors or out. Stacks up to 25         lightweight, weatherproof and highly durable    included.                                       headphone jack, USB cable, and built-
 high. Textured powder coated frame in gray        folding table.                                                                                  in speaker (with volume control). Three
 has two cross braces for strength.                                                                                                                “AAA” and two “AA” batteries required.
                                                                                                                                                   Batteries not included.

40 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
                                                                                                       2,250 points

  LFE-1701                                         LFE-1702                                             LFE-1714                                           LFE-1733
 2,250 points                                     1,250 points                                         5,050 points                                       3,200 points

JumpStart Preschool® (Ages 3-5)                  Clifford’s Big Reading Adventure                     JumpStart Kindergarten™                            I Spy® Junior (Grades Pre-K–K)
Leap to an early understanding of letters,       Single User Edition (Grades Pre-K–1)                 Single User Edition LFE-1713                       Discover charming picture riddles, puzzles
numbers, shapes and colors in Casey’s            Clifford makes learning fun in a big way! Kids                                                          and multi-leveled games that will help
colorful classroom. The innovative setting       will have a great time as they pick up early
                                                                                                      Two User Edition    LFE-1714                       students with word-object association,
                                                                                                      Kindergartners enter an interactive classroom
presents children with a familiar environment    reading skills with everyone’s favorite big red                                                         cause and effect relationship, letter,
                                                                                                      where they explore the alphabet, letter
filled with animated friends who provide         dog. Mac/Win.                                                                                           number and pattern recognition, counting,
                                                                                                      combinations, counting, quantities, similarities
encouragement through games, puzzles                                                                                                                     listening and following directions. Mac/Win.
                                                                                                      and differences, ordering and sequencing,
and songs.
                                                                                                      problem solving, shapes, colors and time
                                                                                                      concepts. Mac/Win.

                                                  6,100 points

  LFE-1735                                        LFE-1738                                              LFE-1741                                           LFE-2001
 3,900 points                                    26,500 points                                         3,200 points                                       2,950 points

Clifford’s Thinking Adventure                    Kidspiration® (Grades K-5)                           I Spy® Junior — Puppet Playhouse                   Encyclopedia Britannica 2009
Two User School Edition                          Single User Edition LFE-1737                         (Grades 3-6)                                       (Grades 7-12)
(Grades Pre-K-1)                                 Five User Lab Pack LFE-1738                          Unlock the magic inside I Spy® Junior              Two CD-ROM edition combines content
This software includes activities that develop                                                        — Puppet Playhouse. Original stories and           with 613,000 knowledge links, over
                                                 Build strong thinking skills with visual learning.
problem solving, reasoning and creativity                                                             games come to life with wonderful handmade         82,000 articles, a world atlas, Merriam-
                                                 Help young learners organize and develop
skills such as shape recognition, classifying/                                                        puppets, props, and stage sets. As kids search     Webster’s® Collegiate Dictionary and an
                                                 ideas using proven principles of visual
sorting, memory and matching. Mac/Win.                                                                for cleverly hidden objects in four puppet         effective search engine. Mac/Win.
                                                 learning. Mac/Win.
                                                                                                      show riddle areas, they practice beginning
                                                                                                      reading skills, develop problem solving skills,
                                                                                                      and strengthen their visual discrimination and

  LFE-2021                                         LFE-2051
 4,700 points                                     6,000 points                                          LFE-2056                                           LFE-2059
                                                                                                       4,700 points                                       2,100 points
The Oregon Trail — 5th Edition                   Kid Pix 4
(Grades 4-6)                                     Two User School Edition                              Storybook Weaver Deluxe                            Zoombinis Logical Journey
This software includes new characters and        (Grades K-8)                                         Two User School Edition                            Two User School Edition
engaging stories. Students build decision-       This newest version of Kid Pix multimedia and
                                                                                                      (Grades 1-6)                                       (Grades 3-8)
making, problem-solving and writing skills as    creativity program offers countless ways for         Create your own storybooks with pictures,          An effective, entertaining program that
they immerse themselves in the history and       students to express themselves with realistic        words and sounds! Mac/Win.                         builds and strengthens essential reading
geography of the Westward movement.              art tools, digital storybooks, sound effects and                                                        and mathematical communication skills.
Mac/Win.                                         animated photo image editing. Mac/Win.                                                                  Mac/Win.

                                                                                                                      NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 41
                                                                                                   2,250 points

   LFE-2061                                          LFE-2063                                       LFE-2072                                            LFE-2080
  4,700 points                                      4,700 points                                   5,650 points                                         800 points

 Thinkin’ Things Collection 1                      Thinkin’ Things Collection 2                   Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing                          Jumpstart Typing
 Two User School Edition                           Two User School Edition                        (Grades 3 and up)                                    Two User School Edition
 (Grades Pre-K-3)                                  (Grades 3-8)                                   Single User Edition   LFE-2073                       (Grades 2-5)
 Oranga Banga, Toony Loon and other Thinkin’       Builds problem solving, reasoning, and                                                              With this essential typing-
 Things® help students think analytically, solve   evaluation skills. Students analyze and
                                                                                                  Two User Edition      LFE-2072                       preparedness program, your
                                                                                                  Learn to type with this leading school typing
 problems creatively and have fun learning to      synthesize information, strengthen inductive                                                        students will enjoy learning proper
                                                                                                  program. This version is the most effective
 learn. Mac/Win.                                   reasoning and identify multiple problem                                                             typing techniques while competing
                                                                                                  way for students of all ages to learn and
                                                   solutions. Mac/Win.                                                                                 in a high-tech pentathlon at the
                                                                                                  improve keyboard skills.
                                                                                                                                                       Intergalactic Stadium for Extreme
                                                                                                                                                       Keyboarding. Mac/Win.

   LFE-2086                                         LFE-2091                                        LFE-2093                                            LFE-2098
  6,100 points                                      800 points                                      800 points                                          800 points

 Lets Go Read! 2: An Ocean Adventure               Reading Blaster                                Grammar for the Real World                           Jumpstart 3rd Grade
 Two User School Edition                           Two User School Edition                        Two User School Edition                              Single User Edition
 (Grades K-1)                                      (Grades 1-3)                                   (Grades 4 and up)                                    Cross-curriculum topics include
 Building upon your child’s mastery of letters,    Seven exciting games and nine levels           Perfect writing and grammar skills in everyday       history, earth science, geography,
 Let’s Go Read!® 2 will explore how letters        of difficulty help build your students’        situations. Students learn to master real-world      spelling, grammar, sentence
 combine to form words and how words               vocabularies and reading comprehension         grammar and writing skills that lead to real-        structure, division, column
 combine to express meaning. Mac/Win.              skills toward mastery. Mac/Win.                life success. Mac/Win.                               multiplication, addition, subtraction,
                                                                                                                                                       units of measure, art styles. Mac/Win.

   LFE-2106                                         LFE-2108                                        LFE-2109                                             LFE-2111
  5,200 points                                      900 points                                     4,700 points                                         4,700 points

 Math Munchers Deluxe                              Elementary Math: Basic Math                    Mighty Math Zoo Zillions                             Mighty Math Carnival
 Two User School Edition                           Concepts                                       Two User School Edition                              Countdown
 (Grades 3-6)                                      Elementary Math covers all the basic math      (Grades K-2)                                         Two User School Edition
 Math Munchers® strikes again, and students        concepts ranging from addition/subtraction     Five fun-filled activities introduce your child to   (Grades K-2)
 are eating it up! Practicing math has never       to multiplication and division. Includes       addition, subtraction, story problems, number        Your students will love to visit Carnival
 been more fun! Mac/Win.                           interactive tutoring with printable tests to   facts, 3-D shapes, counting money and                Countdown,® where addition,
                                                   monitor progress. Mac/Win.                     making change. Mac/Win.                              subtraction, early multiplication,
                                                                                                                                                       division and logic are always center
                                                                                                                                                       ring! Mac/Win.

42 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
  LFE-2112                                           LFE-2113                                           LFE-2114                                        LFE-2115
 1,650 points                                       4,700 points                                        800 points                                      800 points

Math Missions: The Amazing                         Mighty Math Calculating Crew                        Math Blaster                                   Math Blaster
Arcade Adventure (Grades 3-5)                      Two User School Edition (Grades 3-6)                Two User School Edition                        Two User School Edition
With Math Missions, students use real-             With the heroic members of Calculating              (Grades 1-3)                                   (Grades 4-6)
world math skills to help run businesses in        Crew® by their side, students learn about           Math BlasterTM contains eight enthralling,     Students will have to use all the
Spectacle City and use the money they              multiplication and division of whole numbers        carnival-themed math activities and            advanced math skills in their arsenal
earn to play exciting learning games! Math         and decimals, number line concepts, 3-D             five levels of content that progressively      to rescue the Blasternauts in this
Missions includes thousands of problems            shapes and their properties, and money              challenge students as they master critical     exciting adventure that encourages the
that support NCTM standards, and covers            transactions. Mac/Win.                              math skills. Mac/Win.                          development of a solid foundation for
more than 10 key math concepts. Multiple                                                                                                              advancement to Pre-Algebra. Mac/Win.
levels of difficulty automatically adjust to
student ability. Mac/Win.

 LFE-2116                                            LFE-2125                                            LFE-2155                                       LFE-2152
 800 points                                         4,800 points                                        1,500 points                                   1,550 points

Math for the Real World                            Inspiration                                         SpongeBob SquarePants Typing                   Reader Rabbit® Preschool
Two User School Edition                            Single User Edition (Grades 6-12)                   Kids and adults can learn to type the          Learning System (Ages 3-5)
(Grades 3 and up)                                  The premier tool to develop ideas                   SpongeBob way! Join Bikini Bottom’s            Master reading the Reader Rabbit®
Launch your students’ math skills on the road      and organize thinking. Cross-curricular.            favorite inhabitants on a wet and wacky        way! Packed with a wealth of engaging,
to success! This program puts them in an           Brainstorming, webbing, diagramming,                romp through the wonderful world of            stimulating activities that kids can enjoy
exciting world where they can master all the       planning, critical thinking, concept mapping,       keyboarding.                                   both on and off the computer, Reader
everyday math skills they need to succeed.         organizing, outlining. Mac/Win.                                                                    Rabbit® Reading Learning System™ paves
Covers real-life math skills in nine key subject                                                                                                      the way to a lifetime of language arts
areas. Mac/Win.                                                                                                                                       achievement.

  LFE-2156                                           LFE-2158                                            LFE-2159
 1,050 points                                       1,300 points                                        1,550 points
National Geographic Photo                          I Spy Spooky Mansion                                I Spy Mystery
Gallery                                            I SpyTM Spooky Mansion invites students on          Discover a new way to play I SpyTM with 13 fascinating
The National Geographic Photo Gallery              a journey through a mysterious old house            mysteries that need your super-sleuth skills! Choose
puts an unparalleled archive of 3,000              filled with lots of fun activities. Students will   a case file, then earn mystery clues by solving I SpyTM
stunning full-color photographs at your            discover ten creepy rooms to explore in             riddles and searching for carefully concealed objects.
service in the creation of vivid calendars,        search of hidden picture riddles, games and         Use your problem solving skills to gather clues and
announcements, greeting cards, banners,            other thrills. When they find and complete all      solve the cases of Locked Gate, Pirate’s Map, Midnight
posters and newsletters.                           the riddles and games, students are in for a        Mouse, and many more clever mysteries.
                                                   spooky surprise!

                                                                                                                       NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 43

   LFE-9306                                           LFE-6014                                       LFE-6015                                          LFE-6033
  2,850 points                                       3,300 points                                   3,300 points                                      2,900 points

 PaperPro Stapler                                   Long Reach Stapler                             Electric Desktop Stapler                          Heavy-Duty Stapler
 Beneath the sleek lines of this contemporary       Features 12” throat depth, AntiJam™ floating   Desktop electric stapler; 20 sheet capacity.      Loads 1/4”–1/2” staples for
 desktop tool is a patented staple driving          core, adjustable paper stop with English and   Accepts standard staples.                         maximum capacity of 100 sheets of
 mechanism that will drive a staple through         metric rulers. Staples up to 22 sheets.                                                          16 lb. bond paper.
 up to 25 sheets of paper with one finger.

                                                                                                                                                     11,800 points

                                                                                                                                                     Paper Shredder
                                                                                                                                                     Twelve-sheet, crosscut paper shredder
                                                                                                                                                     with jam-free rollers. Destroys CDs,
                                                                                                                                                     paper clips and more.
   LFE-6017                                           LFE-6018                                       LFE-6019
  5,700 points                                       3,100 points                                   3,100 points

 Paper Cutter                                       Hole Adjustable Punch                          Steel Cash Box
 Spring action metal blade, automatic               Features 25 sheet capacity of 20 lb. paper.    Cantilevered, five-compartment tray allows
 paper clamp, sturdy metal base with                Lever handle swivels for left- or right-hand   access to coins and currency at the same
 non-skid runner feet, preprinted grid for          operation. Adjustable punch heads: two-,       time. Includes locking lid and two keys.
 easy sizing of paper, inch and metric              three- and seven-hole applications.

                                                                                                                                                      1,350 points

                                                                                                                                                     Space Place Class
                                                                                                                                                     Organization Center
                                                                                                                                                     This handy, hangable organizer
                                                                                                                                                     helps bring order to any classroom!
                                                                                                                                                     Colorful, washable nylon wall caddy
   LFE-6007                                          LFE-6036                                        LFE-6037                                        features 12 roomy folder-sized
  4,800 points                                      6,450 points                                    6,450 points                                     pockets, each with a clear-view tag
                                                                                                                                                     holder for easy labeling. Teachers will
 12” Blue Political Globe                           GeoSafari® Talking Globe                       GeoSafari® Talking Globe Jr.                      find hundreds of uses — it’s perfect
 Globe measures 12” with Gyro-mastic                (Grades 4 and up)                              (Grades 1-4)                                      for holding worksheets and tests,
 mounting swings up or down to bring any            Over 10,000 questions bring geography to       This talking globe is especially made for early   student work folders, learning center
 area into closer view. Map areas are in vivid      life with this fast-paced quiz game designed   elementary classrooms. Similar to LFE-6036        materials, lesson plans, parent notes,
 colors to easily highlight political boundaries.   for intermediate classrooms. Uses internal     except less detail in graphics and questions      books, magazines and more! Three
 Has thousands of place names, mountains            software; computer not required. Includes      adjusted to lower grades. Computer not            durable grommets allow for easy
 in raised relief. Numbered, full meridian and      teacher’s guide.                               required. Includes AC adapter, four-way           hanging anywhere. Pockets are 7”
 gyro assembly.                                                                                    headphone splitter box and teacher’s guide.       deep; caddy measures 14” wide by
                                                                                                                                                     55” high. Includes 36 blank labels.

44 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
                                                                                                                                                     4,450 points

 LFE-9304                                           LFE-9305                                                                                          LFE-6047
85,000 points                                      69,900 points                                                                                     1,900 points
AccuCut MARK IV Roller Die Cutting                 AccuCut MARK IV Roller Die Cutting                                                               Adjustable Chart Stand
Machine - Alphabet                                 Machine - Seasons                                                                                (Ages 3 and up)                   LFE-6045
The award-winning, patented roller design          The award-winning, patented roller design           LFE-6026                                     Versatile stand adjusts to hold both pocket
makes die cutting practically effortless. Roller   makes die cutting practically effortless. Roller   1,850 points                                  and flip charts. Steel construction, locking
pressure is preset, so each handle turn is         pressure is preset, so each handle turn is                                                       casters, five ring-style hooks. Height adjusts
as easy as the first. Simply turn the handle       as easy as the first. Simply turn the handle       Standard Pocket Chart                         50”– 80.” width adjusts 35”–74.” Easy
and roll through as many as five dies in           and roll through as many as five dies in           (Ages 4 and up)                               assembly. Charts not included.
a single pass. The 12-inch cutting area            a single pass. The 12-inch cutting area            Ten giant see-through pockets for endless
accommodates all sizes of AccuCut dies,            accommodates all sizes of AccuCut dies,            uses in any classroom. Includes 16-page       Rainbow Pocket Chart             LFE-6047
except big, giant, super giant and super           except big, giant, super giant and super           teaching guide with black line masters.       Five-color, 10-row chart with reinforced
long cut. Each set includes an uppercase           long cut. Includes eight 4” – 5” large dies                                                      grommets; 33 1/2” x 42.” Stand not
alphabet set with punctuation and a 30 slot        (Butterfly, Heart, Shamrock, Tulip, Pumpkin,                                                     included.
large case.                                        Snowflake, Tree, and Turkey), and a 10 slot
                                                   large case.

                                                                                                                                                     2,450 points

                                                                                                                                                    Franklin Spelling Ace with Thesaurus
                                                                                                                                                    (Grades 3-8)
                                                                                                                                                    Over 100,000 words, over 500,000
                                                                                                                                                    synonyms, confusables feature clarifies
                                                                                                                                                    homonyms, personal word list and games.
                                                                                                                                                    Includes crossword puzzle solver.

 LFE-6016                                            LFE-6034                                          LFE-6006                                       LFE-6002
22,750 points                                       1,400 points                                      14,350 points                                  3,650 points

Reading/Writing Center™                            World and U.S. Wall Maps                           Flag Set                                      Electronic Labeling System
A language center where all your writing           Two 38” x 50” full-color maps. World map           Includes fringed U.S. flag, pole, eagle       Print laminated labels up to 1/2” wide.
and language materials are kept and                shows current representation of the former         ornament, tassels and floor stand. Suitable   This unit features an easy-view 15
used. Four locking casters for easy moving,        Soviet Union and flags of all independent          for indoor or parade use.                     character display and can print up to
removable and adjustable double-sided              nations. United States map has 21                                                                two lines. This unit has six auto formats,
magnetic dry erase board, removable big            metropolitan close-ups.                                                                          five framing options and nine type styles.
book holder that fits over chart paper, four                                                                                                        Also, three type sizes, which automatically
storage tubs, sheet metal shelf, marker tray,                                                                                                       adjusts the text size according to the
four hooks, built-in “Big Book” storage.                                                                                                            tape width.

                                                                                                                      NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 45

   LFE-6075                                            LFE-1533
  2,050 points                                         800 points

 Franklin Electronic Spanish/English                  Spanish Flash cards
 Translator                                           How do you say “rooster” in Spanish? Why,
 650,000 translations, English to Spanish to          “la gallina” of course! Usborne Farmyard Tales
 English. Advanced verb conjugation to conjugate      First Spanish Flashcards are a great way to
 and translate verbs.                                 help children learn simple Spanish vocabulary.
                                                      There are 50 colorful cards, each with a word
                                                      and picture on one side, and the same word,
                                                      alone, on the other side. You can use the cards     LFE-1222
                                                      to play games, for self-testing, or prop them up   22,950 points
                                                      around the classroom as a reminder. Cards
                                                      measure approximately 4” x 5.4.”                   Bilingual Carpet
                                                                                                         Celebrate diversity with a classroom carpet. Features
                                                                                                         18 inner squares to teach shapes, colors, and words
                                                                                                         in both English and Spanish. The rug’s outer edge
                                                                                                         features seating for up to 30 children. Antibacterial
                                                                                                         treatment prevents bacterial growth. Serged edges
   LFE-6076                                                                                              won’t unravel. 15-year warranty. 5’10” x 8’4.”
  2,800 points
 Spanish Alphabet Pocket Chart                        1,950 points
 (El Centro del Alfabeto) (Grades K-5)
 This unique chart uses pictures and color-           Spanish Magnetic Foam Learning
 coded letters to introduce and reinforce letter      Letters (Grades K-5)
 recognition, spelling, sounds and beginning          This set of 120 soft foam magnetic letters
 words. Durable, easy-to-clean nylon chart            features the Spanish alphabet. Great for
 features three clear pocket rows for card display.   building Spanish or English words. Color-coded,
 Includes: 129 letter cards, 135 picture cards with   consonants are purple and vowels are green.
 Spanish word on reverse, four blank cards and        Lightweight letters measure 1.75,” can be used
 Activity Guide.                                                                                                                                            LFE-6070
                                                      on any magnetic surface, and store easily in                                                         4,900 points
                                                      plastic bucket with lid.
                                                                                                                                                          GeoSafari® Phonics Lab™
                                                                                                                                                          (Grades Pre-K and up)
                                                                                                                                                          Learn the alphabet, letter sounds
                                                                                                                                                          and over 500 three-letter words.
                                                                                                                                                          Features standard 1/4” headphone
                                                                                                                                                          jack; raised, tactile letter keys that
                                                                                                                                                          light up during game play; seven
                                                                                                                                                          interactive beginning reading
   LFE-6011                                            LFE-6048                                           LFE-6046                                        games; 20 colorful, double-sided
  1,200 points                                         750 points                                        1,100 points
                                                                                                                                                          word cards; 28-page reproducible
 Wipe-Off Boards                                                                                         Rainbow Sentence Strips                          book with assessments, sight
                                                      Sentence Strip File-N-Save                                                                          word cards, simple storybooks to
 (Ages 2 and up)                                      Sturdy box comes with dividers to store            (Ages 3 and up)
 Boards are 9” x 12” masonite with smooth                                                                Tough 3” x 24” fade-resistant craft paper        create and read; and a Teacher’s
                                                      and protect sentence strips, 26” x 3.”                                                              Guide. Requires four “AA” batteries
 surfaces and printing guidelines. Set of ten.                                                           strips, 1.5” alternate ruling with 3/4”
                                                                                                         descender. Assorted colors. One hundred          or optional AC adapter (neither
                                                                                                         strips. Five different colors.                   included).

46 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
 LFE-1810       LFE-1813
3,750 points   3,750 points

 LFE-1811       LFE-1814
3,750 points   4,350 points

 LFE-1812       LFE-1816
3,750 points   4,350 points
Reading Rods                                      Word Building                                    4,300 points
Phonemic Awareness                                (Grades 1 and up)               LFE-1813
                                                  Builds use of CVCe words using silent ‘’e,’’    Classroom Clock Kit
(Grades Pre-K and up)          LFE-1810
Teaches recognition of upper and lowercase        teaches recognition of spelling patterns,       (Grades Pre-K–4)
letters, sequencing letters of the alphabet,      learning consonant blend and digraph sounds     Kit includes 13-1/4” 12-Hour Demonstration
identifying phonemes and matching letter          and usage, comprehending vowel digraphs,        Clock, stand, teaching guide plus 24 geared
sounds with pictures.                             diphthongs, and r-controlled vowels.            4” Student Clocks.

Sight Words                                       Simple Sentences
(Grades 1 and up)              LFE-1811           (Grades 1 and up)               LFE-1814
Teaches recognition of common sight words,        Teaches skills for building simple sentences,     LFE-1529
building simple words, spelling high-frequency    exploring parts of speech and verb usage,        1,450 points
words and identifying words in context.           using correct punctuation, recognizing
                                                  synonyms, antonyms and homophones.              Time Bingo (Grades 2 and up)
Word Families                                                                                     Time to play bingo! Spin the wheel, call out
(Grades 1 and up)              LFE-1812           Sentence Building                               the time, and let kids find it on their cards.
Teaches recognition of short and long vowel       (Grades 2 and up)                LFE-1816       Three in a row wins. Two levels of play: hours
word patterns, initial consonant sounds and       Teaches skills for recognizing parts of         and half-hours, five minutes and minute.
initial consonant blends, grouping words          speech, identifying subjects and predicates,    Includes four bingo cards, 32 removable tiles,
with similar vowel sounds and establishing        placing punctuation correctly and               one double-sided spinner, 100 chips and
spelling patterns.                                constructing sentences.                         instructions. For 2-4 players.

                                                                                                   6,000 points

                                                                                                  Learn All Day™ Clock
                                                                                                  (Grades K and up)

                                                                                                  It’s always time to learn with the unique Learn
                                                                                                  All Day™ teaching clock that features an
                                                                                                  oversized 14” analog clock synchronized
                                                                                                  with an easy-to-read, illuminated digital
                                                                                                  clock. This 2-in-1 timepiece is both a DEMO
 LFE-9281                                                                                         and a WORKING clock. In the multifunctional
7,750 points                                                                                      demonstration mode, this clock is perfect for
                                                                                                  directed lessons on time-telling concepts.
Kids Game Pack                                                                                    During a lesson, just pull out the knob and
Ten of the most popular kids games are now available in one pack. Includes one                    the motorized hands quickly advance to the
each of Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Don’t Break the Ice, Original Memory Game,                 specific time you want to drill. Then push in the
Charades for Kids, Pick up Sticks, Boggle Jr, Scrabble Jr, Monopoly Jr, and Ants in the           knob to display the illuminated digital time. It’s
Pants. Most games are recommended for ages 3 to 8.                                                like having a “time tutor” in your class — 24
                                                                                                  hours a day!

                                                                                                                  NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 47

                                                                                                                                    1,500 points
                                                                                                                                   Tanner’s Manners®: Be a ”Kool Kind
                                                                                                                                   Kid” Audio CD (Ages 2-12)
                                                                                                                                   This audio CD includes 17 fun, original songs
                                                                                                                                   by Steve Megaw. Each teaches a different
   LFE-1532                                                                                                                        social skill, while teaching that “Kind” is “Cool”
  3,650 points                                                                                                                     and “Cool” is “Kind.” Kids learn manners the
                                                                                                                                   fun way.
 Eggspert™ Game Buzzer System
 (Grades Pre-K and up)
 Spice up your classroom management and practice
 math facts, spelling, history, science terms and
 anything in your curriculum with this clever, motivating
 answer system. AC adapter included.
                                                             7,500 points

                                                            Naturally Playful Sand/Water Table
                                                            Wood crafted styling blends with natural landscapes. Two sides:
                                                            one for water play, one for sand. Includes eight-piece accessory
                                                            kit: umbrella (size/color may vary), two bridges, two boats, two
                                                            pots and one shovel. Drain plug built in; elastic tie-downs keep lid
                                                            secure; detachable legs. Table measures 18 1/2”H and umbrella
                                                            measures 70”H.

  LFE-1536                                                    LFE-1523                                                               LFE-1535
 7,400 points                                                3,050 points                                                           4,300 points

 Manual Dexterity Board (Set of 6)                          Basic Medium Bulk DUPLO® Set                                           Mag-Neatos™ Master Builder
 Individual boards of masonite covered in heavy duty        (Ages 2 and up)                                                        Take your Mag-Neatos™ to the next level with
 cotton blend encourages children to practice basic         144 bricks in different shapes and colors which can                    this Master Builder set! All new series of panels,
 skills. Play tasks reinforce basic learning.               add even more building possibilities to your existing                  clips and bendies work with Mag-Neatos™
 Colors may vary.                                           LEGO® DUPLO® collection.                                               Intermediate balls and rods to add a whole
                                                                                                                                   new dimension to building. 148 pieces.

48 NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com
 LFE-1517                                                           LFE-5043                                     LFE-6056       LFE-6057        LFE-6058
14,950 points                                                      33,700 points                                2,450 points   2,450 points    2,450 points
Double Sided Book Display                                          Classroom Jeopardy!®
                                                                   Everything you need to write, save, and       LFE-6059        LFE-6060
Each side has four shelves. Attached casters for easy movement;                                                 2,450 points    2,450 points
36”W x 16”D x 30”H.                                                play games in one box: Classroom
                                                                   Jeopardy!® Link,™ Classroom                 Classroom Jeopardy!® — Cartridges
                                                                   Jeopardy!® Editor game creation             Cartridges follow national standards for
                                                                   software (PC & MAC), three wireless         language arts, math, social studies, science
                                                                   player remotes, one wireless host           and geography.
                                                                   remote, electronic scoreboard with
                                                                   three erasable name cards, wireless         (Grade 3, Part 1)                   LFE-6056
                                                                   antenna, power adapter and cords,           (Grade 4, Part 1)                   LFE-6057
                                                                   easy-to-follow guide, and a pre-
                                                                   programmed game cartridge with              (Grade 5, Part 1)                   LFE-6058
                                                                   five sampler games plus extra storage
                                                                   space for custom games you create.          (Grade 6–8, Earth Science
                                                                                                               and Physical Science)               LFE-6059
                                                                                                               (Grade 6–8, U.S. History,
                                                                                                               Geography and Civics)               LFE-6060

1,200 points

Sight Words Library
Collection of 125 little books that introduces and reinforces
the first 50 “must-know” sight words. Each set includes a sturdy          LFE-6073
storage box stocked with five copies of 25 delightful tales each         4,300 points
presenting two high-frequency words in a predictable format.
The companion teaching guide includes activities, reproducible
                                                                        GeoSafari® Laptop (Grades 3 and up)
                                                                        Wild lights and sounds guide game play, track scores, and provide feedback. Uses
practice pages, easy assessment forms, and mini-book versions
                                                                        GeoSafari® lesson cards. Teaches 24 wildlife lessons, 36 science, language and
of all 25 tales. That’s everything you need to help every child
                                                                        math lessons, 27 map lessons, 30 history lessons and nine trivia games. Features self-
learn how to read and write these key words once and for all!
                                                                        storage for 63 two-sided cards (included) and three modes of play (1–2 players or
Books measure 5” x 5.”
                                                                        head-to-head). Requires four “AA” batteries (included). One-year warranty.

                                                                                        NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 49

   LFE-9239                                          LFE-9238                                                LFE-9236
  7,200 points                                      8,450 points                                            5,350 points

 Awards Kit                                        Welcome Kit                                             Motivational Class Pack
 Recognize all the wonderful things the            Let everyone know how happy you are that they           Reward and encourage the behavior you want with this motivational kit based
 members of your group do by giving them           are part of your group. Put out the welcome mat,        on the power of positive attitudes! Display positive character traits with two
 an award. Encourage the good behavior             announce it on the bulletin board and display           different sets of posters for all to clearly see. Catch them doing good and
 and success that they experience. Give them       their pictures. Add to their sense of security by       let them know it is recognized by giving them a Good Attitude award or
 a sticker, an award, a ribbon or a prize to       letting their classmates know their names and           Dynamite Job award that lets you include a personal message. Also included
 acknowledge what they have done.                  what bus they are on. Help yourself become              are incentive punch cards that can be used to help track progress on reaching
                                                   familiar with each member of your group by              a specific goal, motivation stickers and pencils.
                                                   using the folder kit to identify and organize
                                                   individual information. Helping everyone have a
                                                   sense of belonging will get you all off to a great

   LFE-9237                                          LFE-9241                                             LFE-0013                                           LFE-9240
  2,600 points                                      4,300 points                                         5,200 points                                       3,050 points

 Classroom Display Pack                            Birthday Class Pack                                  Seasons Class Pack                                 Mega Novelty Pack
 Use this display kit to welcome a new group,      Everyone likes to be recognized on their             Seasonal decorating at your finger tips.           Includes over 250 fun toys and
 highlight an activity or show off all of your     special day. This kit offers a variety of ways       Brighten up any area with this seasonal            activities! There’s enough stuff in this
 little cherubs at some of their finest moments.   for you to do just that for any group you are        decorating kit. Includes a calendar set            pack to reward your kids again and
 Includes 4” Ready Letters in upper and lower      working with. Included is a bulletin board           complete with 12 monthly headlines, date,          again…and again!
 case, a 35mm disposable camera, a display         set with a birthday cake for each month with         weather and special day markers. Calendar
 chart with 20 photo pockets that allows           space for names, a package of self-adhesive          grid has write-and-wipe surface. Also includes
 them to be easily interchanged without            birthday badges, happy birthday awards               photographic seasonal border trims, a jumbo
 damaging the photos and 50’ of decorative         with a stand for easy display, birthday              package of stickers, a resource book full of art
 Bordette trim.                                    crowns, a game and a storage bag that                ideas for every season and a chart storage box
                                                   can hold everything.                                 and folders to keep every month organized.

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TRANSPORTATION                                                                                   VIDEO & DVD

                                                                                                    LFE-9259                                             LFE-3102
                                                                                                   1,600 points                                         1,500 points

                                                                                                  Teaching Kids to Stay Healthy For Life!              Rock’n Learn®: Colors, Shapes
                                                                                                  We’re sending our kids down a collision course       & Counting DVD (Ages 3-5)
                                                                                                  that will soon have them crashing into a wall        Give your child a head start in school.
                                                                                                  of health-related problems. Healthy Habits 101       Join Rollie Roundman, Trollie Triangle
                                                                                                  takes solid nutritional and health-related advice    and Rockford Rectangle for an
                                                                                                  and explains why it’s important and how it affects   animated musical adventure in which
                                                                                                  us every day. From hand washing to eating            learning becomes part of the fun.
                                                                                                  your vegetables, all ages will have a better
                                                                                                  understanding why healthy habits matter!
1,600,000 points

A seven-passenger, four-door minivan includes six-speed automatic transmission,
V-6 engine, air-conditioning, AM/FM radio with CD and MP3, and power brakes.
Call 1-800-424-5331 to reserve a minivan order.
                                                                                                    LFE-3100                                             LFE-3103
                                                                                                   1,500 points                                         1,500 points

                                                                                                  Rock’n Learn®: Addition and                          Rock’n Learn®: Letter Sounds
                                                                                                  Subtraction Rock DVD                                 DVD (Ages 4 and up)
                                                                                                  Kids love these cool videos featuring                Colorful animation and cool music get
                                                                                                  entertaining performers and colorful action.         the kids excited about learning. First,
                                                                                                  Songs teach adding and subtracting by                young learners review the alphabet in
                                                                                                  using fun objects to illustrate the concepts.        a fun, new alphabet song. Next, they
                                                                                                                                                       learn the most common sound that
                                                                                                                                                       each letter makes.

   LFE-3106                                      LFE-3105                                           LFE-3101                                             LFE-3104
  1,200 points                                  1,200 points                                       1,500 points                                         1,500 points

 Way Cool Science Stormchasers DVD             Way Cool Science SpaceTrekkers DVD                 Rock’n Learn®: Alphabet DVD                          Rock’n Learn®: Multiplication
 How does weather work? What causes            3-2-1 blast off to the stars! Join Max Orbit to    (Ages 2-5)                                           Rock DVD
 weather? These are just some of the           learn about the planets, moons, asteroids,         Mastering the alphabet is critical to your           Blast off on a fun-filled interplanetary
 questions that science enthusiast Max Orbit   comets and more with SpaceTrekkers.                child’s ability to learn. Let Alphabet Al be your    space and muscial journey that rocks!
 explores in this fun-filled activity based                                                       child’s guide to this exciting adventure. Live       Children learn to multiply through the
 program.                                                                                         action, animation songs and games make               number 12 with positive lyrics, cool
                                                                                                  learning the alphabet easy and fun.                  music and colorful animation.

                                                                                                                  NEED HELP? 1.800.424.5331 • labelsforeducation.com 51

                                                                                                                                            4,700 points

                                                                                                                                           Ancient Egypt VHS (Grades 3-6)
                                                                                                                                           Travel back to the world of pharaohs,
   LFE-9307                                          ALL ITEMS                                     ALL ITEMS                               sphinxes, pyramids and hieroglyphics in this
  1,200 points                                       950 points                                    950 points                              three-segment video.
 Character Development                              DK Interactive Learning                       DK Interactive Learning
 Invite children to grow as individuals, learners   Eyewitness Living Earth DVDs                  Eyewitness Natural World DVDs
 and responsible citizens. Wholesome and            Arctic and Antarctic LFE-9334                 Bird               LFE-9345
 positive songs support solid character building    Human Machine        LFE-9336                 Butterfly & Moth   LFE-9346
 in a fun way. Songs address important, timely      Mammal               LFE-9337                 Reptile            LFE-9347
 issues such as respect, responsibility, caring,    Ocean                LFE-9338                 Amphibian          LFE-9348
 cooperation and conflict.                          Plant                LFE-9339                 Fish               LFE-9349
                                                    Planets              LFE-9340                 Dinosaur           LFE-9350
                                                    Pond and River       LFE-9341                 Shark              LFE-9351
                                                    Rock and Mineral LFE-9342                     Insect             LFE-9352
                                                    Volcano              LFE-9343                 Skeleton           LFE-9353                LFE-3111
                                                    Weather              LFE-9344                                                           4,700 points
                                                                                                  A dazzling rhapsody in white,
                                                    Living Earth Videos will bring the marvels    Eyewitness is a high-tech whizbang of    Ancient Greece VHS (Grades 3-6)
                                                    and mysteries of the natural world right      a nature show that looks unlike any      Warring city-states flurished into centers of
                                                    into your classroom! You’ll stand at the      other. “This is something to watch and   culture 2,500 years ago and gave birth
                                                    mouth of an erupting volcano, travel          watch again.” - USA Today. “Visually     to many ideas in art, literature, philosophy
                                                    millions of years into the past, cross the    stunning. Shows the wonder and           and science. Discover the events and the
                                                    desert on camelback and more—all              uniqueness of animals with startling     players that made it all happen.
                                                    through the wonder of DK Vision’s             lucidity.”- Los Angeles Times.
                                                    trademark close-up photography and
                                                    breathtaking live-action footage.

  1,200 points

 Look Mom! I Have Good Manners DVD                    LFE-3004                                     LFE-3112                                  LFE-3113
 Do you have to share all your toys? Why             1,650 points                                 4,700 points                              4,700 points
 should you raise your hand in school? Is it OK
 to double-dip a chip? Kids will laugh and          The Big Space Shuttle DVD                     Astronomy VHS (Grades 3-6)               Dynamic Earth VHS (Grades 3-6)
 learn as they play along with friendly and         (Ages 3 and up)                               The heavens have inspired awe in         Let this fast-paced compilation introduce
 humorous host Willy Dooright in this hilarious     This live-action video is like blasting off   humans ever since we turned our          your elementary learners to Mother
 game show.                                         with the astronauts on a real mission.        faces skyward. This three-segment        Nature in a really bad mood with
                                                                                                  video explains some of the basics of     dramatic footage of king-size waves,
                                                                                                  our knowledge of the universe.           deadly storms and supercharged skies.

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 LFE-3114                                       LFE-3115                                         LFE-3116                                       LFE-3118
4,700 points                                   4,700 points                                     4,700 points                                   4,700 points

Habitats of the World VHS                     Math: Money & Time VHS                           Measurement and Scale VHS                      Times Medieval VHS (Grades 3-6)
(Grades 3-6)                                  (Grades 3-6)                                     (Grades 3-6)                                   Knights in shining armour, tales of valor and
Introduce your class to Earth’s multiple      “When are we going to use math anyway?”          Inch for inch, this program counts! Students   bravery, magnificent castles rising out of the
geographic personalities such as the          If you’ve heard that before, here is the video   discover the use of units in measurement       mist—they’re all here in this four-part video
Saltwater Marshes—Venture to Australia        with irrefutable evidence that we use math       and scale.                                     that looks at life in the Middle Ages.
where the estuarine crocodile is your tour    every day—whether it is counting change,
guide through swamps and marshlands.          changing an appointment or balancing our

 LFE-3119                                       LFE-3120                                         LFE-3121                                       LFE-3122
4,700 points                                   4,700 points                                     4,700 points                                   4,700 points

Weather & Climate VHS (Grades                 Exploring the World’s Geography VHS              Symbols of America VHS                         Matter and Energy VHS (Grades 3-6)
3-6)                                          (Grades 3-6)                                     (Grades 3-6)                                   Discover how water molecules change
Show your class what causes hurricanes,       Students experience the unique characteristics   Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness     states from solid to liquid to gas. Then learn
heat waves and lightning storms as they       of each continent in this wide-ranging           are ideas that united early Americans and      how pressure affects the human body under
learn the fundamentals of meteorology.        overview.                                        formed the bedrock of a young nation.          water, at the highest points on Earth and
Then, take a closer look at global warming                                                                                                    while traveling through outer space.
and discover how humans affect the climate.

 LFE-3123                                       LFE-3124                                         LFE-3125                                       LFE-3135
4,700 points                                   4,700 points                                     4,700 points                                   1,400 points

Animal Adaptations (Grades 3-6)               What is a Living Thing? (Grades 3-6)             Body Systems (Grades 3-6)                      Where the Garbage Goes VHS
Animal adaptations inspired Charles Darwin    How do biologists classify a new species         Explore the mechanisms that power the          Jump into the driver’s seat of the haulers,
to develop his theory of evolution.           found in the Galapagos Islands? Segments         body to gurgle, burp, gasp and giggle.         grinders, dozers, loaders and compactors
                                              cover the characteristics that scientists                                                       used at a state-of-the-art waste handling
                                              employ to group all plants and animals.                                                         facility. Kids and grown-ups alike will
                                                                                                                                              become excited about recycling when
                                                                                                                                              they see Where the Garbage Goes.

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 EACH ITEM                                                  LFE-9329                                        LFE-9330                                        LFE-9331
 2,350 points                                              1,300 points                                    1,300 points                                    1,300 points

 Families of the World DVDs (Grades K-5)                  Reading Comprehension Test                      Math Word Problems Test Taking                  Writing Strategies
 Families of Brazil              LFE-9310                 Taking Strategies (Grades 3-4)                  Strategies (Grades 3-4)                         (Grades 4-12)
 Families of Canada              LFE-9311                 Nobody’s sharper than Marko the Pencil          Marko the Pencil helps students boost           Marko the Pencil helps students
 Families of China               LFE-9312                 when it comes to helping students learn         math skills and score high on tests.            become better writers. Using Marko’s
 Families of Egypt               LFE-9332                 to read for meaning and prepare for             Students learn how to read problems             Toolbox, students learn how to
 Families of France              LFE-9313                 tests. His tips are super effective and his     carefully, use pictures and diagrams,           organize a story, create an interesting
 Families of Ghana               LFE-9314                 outrageous antics keep students on task.        identify relevant information, and look         hook, use transitional phrases, and
 Families of India               LFE-9315                 With Marko’s guidance, students ace a           for patterns. This is a great review of 3rd     apply colorful words that show rather
                                                          practice test by learning how to read           grade math. Clear explanations and              than tell. Students discover how to
 Families of Israel              LFE-9316                                                                                                                 apply personification, dialogue,
 Familes of Japan                LFE-9318                 passages, find key words, and determine         outrageous humor make this DVD fun
                                                          the best answers. Students stay calm and        and effective. Correlated to National           similes, and other tools for creating
 Families of Korea               LFE-9319                 relaxed knowing they have the tools they        Council of Teachers of Mathematics              a lasting impression. This entertaining
 Families of Mexico              LFE-9320                 need to succeed!                                Standards.                                      DVD is perfect for improving general
 Families of Puerto Rico         LFE-9321                                                                                                                 writing skills and boosting scores on
 Families of Russia              LFE-9322                                                                                                                 standardized writing tests. Includes
 Families of Sweden              LFE-9333                                                                                                                 proofreading and taking multiple-
 Families of Thailand            LFE-9323                                                                                                                 choice writing tests.
 Families of United Kingdom      LFE-9324
 Families of United States       LFE-9317
 Families of Vietnam             LFE-9325

 37,400 points

 Families of the World Set, 18 DVDs LFE-9326
 Take a fantastic journey to another country where
 you view the unique lives of two children and their
 families. Each episode focuses on the families,
 their way of life, education, foods and even
 celebrations. Join us in our visit to the countryside,
 cities, communities, schools and homes of two             LFE-9358                                      LFE-9359                                         LFE-9360
                                                           950 points                                    950 points                                      1400 points
 families—from breakfast to bedtime and all the
 fun-filled activities in between.                        Rock’n Learn® Spanish Volume I                Rock’n Learn® Spanish Volume II                 Rock’n Learn® Spanish Volumes I
                                                          CD & Audio Book (Ages 6 and up)               CD & Audio Book (Ages 6 and up)                 & II DVD (Ages 6 and up)
                                                          Volume I includes fun songs to help           Volume II covers the Spanish alphabet,          The easy way to learn greetings,
                                                          students learn greetings, counting,           words about travel, family, the                 counting colors, survival phrases, subject
                                                          colors, mealtime phrases, parts of the        seasons, leisure activities, questions,         pronouns, travel phrases and more.
                                                          body and survival phrases to use              shopping and more. Approx. 55 minutes.          Energetic performers entertain and
                                                          at school. Approx. 55 minutes.                                                                motivate while delayed answers make it
                                                                                                                                                        easy for students to check their progress.
                                                                                                                                                        Approx. 55 minutes.

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                   easy ACCESS                           Coordinator
                                                        Planning Disc
    the same program you know and trust...
   for results!
    On the disc are great planning tools, including
    an electronic version of the merchandise catalog,
    UPC Collection Sheets, a parent letter, the new
    Labels for EducationSM poster, other printable
    resources and information to get everyone
    involved with Labels for Education.

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