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                   Since its inception in 1967, Biograph has preserved the passion, joy and pain,                 Working with the Library of Congress, they restored and released the legendary
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                   from which every form of modern popular music has grown. Their mission was to                  field recordings of Son House. They rescued master tapes from great independent
                   meticulously document what many consider to be the most important music ever                   jazz and blues labels like Dawn, Regal and Melodeon that would have otherwise
                   recorded. They were the first to record and release piano rolls struck by Fats                 been forgotten. With these new releases, Collectables Records is proud to assist
                   Waller, and Jelly Roll Morton, the very hands that created modern American song.               in preserving this great label for the digital age.

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                          VARIOUS ARTISTS                        JABBO SMITH                            FATS WALLER                         MEMPHIS MINNIE                             EARL HINES
                         Good Morning Blues                    Hot Jazz In The 20s                Ain’t Misbehavin’ Classic             Early Rhythm & Blues 1949                   Way Down Yonder In
                       Leadbelly, Rev Gary Davis,                 Volume One                     Jazz from Rare Piano Rolls            From the Rare Regal Sessions               New Orleans - Band rec.
                           Dan Smith (6929)                           (6960)                                (6923)                                  (6937)                           from ’75 (6926)
                   PAUL COSENTINO & THE BOILERMAKER JAZZ BAND                   BUTCH THOMPSON – Classic New Orleans Jazz – Butch plays           VARIOUS ARTISTS - Greatest Blues and Ragtime of the Century
                   Linger Awhile (6964)                                         Jelly Roll Morton solos (6952)                                                                                      ,
                                                                                                                                                  rare piano roll recordings by Fats Waller, James P Eubie Blake,
                   STAN GETZ, WARDELL GRAY , PAUL QUINICHETTE , ZOOT SIMS       FATS WALLER – Low Down Papa 13 of his most popular blues          Joplin, Jelly Roll (6963)
                   – the Rare Dawn Sessions (6944)                              recordings (6930)                                                 VARIOUS ARTISTS - Jazzin’ Baby Blues – Hot Piano Roll Solos w/
                   BENNY GOODMAN – the Early Years (6927)                       VARIOUS ARTISTS – Boogie Woogie Blues from rare piano rolls                ,
                                                                                                                                                  James P Clarence Jones, Fats Waller, Edythe Baker, etc… (6933)
                   LES JAZZ MODES (Charlie Rouse, Julius Watkins …) Rare Dawn   w/ Cow Cow Davenport, James P Johnson, etc… (6931)
                   Sessions - 2 CD set (6946)                                   VARIOUS ARTISTS - Modern Art of Jazz w/ Milt Hinton, Hank         BLUES
                   JELLY ROLL MORTON – Blues & Stomps from Rare Piano Rolls     Jones, Zoot Sims, Oscar Pettiford, …(Dawn) (6935)                 LARRY JOHNSON WITH JOHN HAMMOND – Midnight Hour
                   (6928)                                                       VARIOUS ARTISTS - New York Jazz From the Roaring 20s              Blues (6949)
                   PAUL QUINECHETTE / GENE ROLAND SEPTET – The Kid from         3 Volumes comprising the early recordings of Jimmy & Tommy        LEADBELLY / BLIND WILLIE MCTELL – Masters of the Country
                   Denver (Dawn) (6947)                                         Dorsey and Red Nichols; Vol 1 – with Red & Miff’s Stompers, Joe   Blues (6954)
                                                                                Herlihy and the California Ramblers (6941)                        BUDDY MOSS – Atlanta Blues Legend – 18 tracks (6950)
                   JIM ROBINSON – Classic New Orleans Jazz Vol 2 (6940)
                                                                                VARIOUS ARTISTS - New York Jazz From the Roaring 20s Vol 2 –      Johnny Shines – Traditional Delta Blues (6936)
                   ZOOT SIMS – the Rare Dawn Sessions (6943)
                                                                                12 tracks by the California Ramblers (6962)                       VARIOUS – Bukka White / Blind Willie McTell / Skip James –
                   JABBO SMITH – Hot Jazz in the 20s Vol 2 (6961)
                                                                                VARIOUS ARTISTS - New York Jazz From the Roaring 20s Vol 3 –      Three Shades of Blues (6925)
                                                                                12 additional tracks by the California Ramblers
Delmark Doings
DELMARK IS HAVING A PARTY! I am excited to announce that, to celebrate Delmark’s
55th year, we’re throwing a special all-star tribute concert with a Who’s Who of Chicago
Blues on Friday, March 7th at Buddy Guy’s Legends. Delmark artists and friends
Dave Specter, Byther Smith, Jimmy Dawkins, Tail Dragger, Jimmy Johnson,
                                                                                                           Little Arthur Duncan - 5
Little Arthur Duncan, Shirley Johnson, The Big DooWopper, Zora Young, Aaron
Moore, Lurrie Bell, Michael Coleman and Eddie Shaw are scheduled to perform!                                  R&N Reader Mail - 7
This can’t-miss milestone tribute concert will also be videotaped for future broadcast on
satellite television. If you can’t join us on that night, stay tuned for another Delmark                 Upcoming Live Music - 8
tribute concert at the Old Town School of Folk Music in the fall.
THE HOODOO MAN STRIKES AGAIN! Junior Wells’ landmark Chicago blues album on                                      Chris Anderson - 9
Delmark, Hoodoo Man Blues (#612), was recently inducted into the Grammy Hall of
Fame! While we are on the topic of awards, we also just found out that Delmark’s
landmark 1958 album from Big Joe Williams, Piney Woods Blues (#602), has been
                                                                                                                       Trivia Quiz - 9
inducted into the National Blues Hall of Fame in the Classics of Blues Album recordings
category! “Big Joe Williams, whose 1935 classic ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’ is already in the                        Charlie O’Brien - 11
Blues Hall of Fame in the singles category, had been recording singles, first on 78 rpm
and then 45 rpm, for over two decades when a new label called Delmar recorded his first
33-1/3 rpm album in 1958...The Big Joe sessions are from St. Louis, featuring Williams
                                                                                                          Jazz & Blues DVDs - 12
on his nine-string guitar accompanied by J.D. Short on harmonica and guitar. Williams
was a spontaneous spirit both in the studio and on the streets. A notorious rambler, he                            CD Specials - 16
had vanished by the time the album came out and Koester’s liner notes stated ‘his exact
whereabouts is unknown.’ It seems he was actually in California, where he cut an LP for
another then-new and now-venerable label, Arhoolie, but he became a regular in the
                                                                                                             T-Shirts & Books - 21
Delmark stable and at one point lived in the basement of Koester’s Jazz Record Mart in
Chicago.”- committee chair Jim O’Neal                                                                       Cassette Specials - 22
I want to personally thank all of the writers, photographers, editors, radio DJ’s, and music
directors who have been SPREADING THE DELMARK LOVE. Flautist Nicole Mitchell and
                                                                                                          Out Of Print LP List - 24
her Black Earth Ensemble will be featured in the next DownBeat, and look for a Little
Arthur Duncan and the BackScratchers feature in Living Blues, DownBeat, and Big                         Boris Rose Collection - 26
City Rhythm & Blues. Sabertooth was just featured on the nationally syndicated radio
The Grateful Dead Hour - a first for Delmark. Ari Brown, Brad Goode, Keefe Jackson,
and Jimmy Blythe (DownBeat Hot Box!) releases all have been getting rave reviews and
                                                                                                   Delmark Records Catalog - 36
significant airplay.
Delmark artists Tail Dragger and Syl Johnson to perform at the 7th Annual Ponderosa
                                                                                                                    Order Form - 39
Stomp at New Orleans’ House of Blues: April 29 & 30, 2008. Check out the full lineup
at Our favorite low down blues singer and entertainer
supreme, Crawlin' James Jones, aka “The Taildragger!” and his "facts of life blues
preachin" have been all over lately: interviewed on the nationally syndicated House of               phone: 1-800-684-3480
Blues Radio Hour, completing an almost 2 month tour of Europe with Lurrie Bell & Eddie
Taylor Jr, and performing at the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise in a Howlin' Wolf
                                                                                                   Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 8pm

tribute with Eddie Shaw, Henry Gray, and Hubert Sumlin. Dragger will also be                                         Sunday Noon - 7pm
performing in Oakland on March 29 as part of the Bay Area Blues Society's West Coast
Blues Hall of Fame awards and accepting Delmark's award as blues record company of                  Rhythm & News
the year! He also has a recent feature story in the French blues magazine, ABS, and in
an upcoming issue of Back to The Roots, the Belgium blues magazine.                                 Publisher - Robert G. Koester
                                                                                                    Editor - Bob J. Koester
This is also a rare chance to see one of the best soul singers of all time, Syl "Is It Because
I'm Black" Johnson, at one of our favorite music festivals, New Orleans' Ponderosa                  JRM Manager - Ron Bierma
Stomp. Dr. Ike and the Mystic Knights of the Mau Mau are presenting their 7th annual                Feature & Ad Design - Kate Moss
festival celebrating unsung heroes of blues, funk, soul, rockabilly, garage rock, New               Contributors - Kevin Johnson,
Orleans R&B and Swamp Pop: the architects of American Roots Music!! Syl Johnson will                Scott Dirks
also be performing with the legendary Memphis Hi Rhythm Section Hodges Brothers at
the official Stomp in New Orleans.
                                                                                                    Subscription available free in the
Stay tuned for future spring/summer Delmark releases: badass one-of-a-kind blues from               USA. Foreign subscriptions available
guitarist/vocalist Byther Smith, and from jazz trumpet phenom Corey Wilkes! Corey                   for $7.50 for 4 issues, refundable
is now, along with colossal saxophonist Ernest Dawkins and percussionist Kahil EL’ Zabar,           against your first purchase. Email
wrapping up the successful annual Ethnic Heritage Ensemble February tour to celebrate               us or write to Rhythm & News,
Black History Month.                                                                                4121 North Rockwell, Chicago IL,
                                                                             -Kevin Johnson

    Website:       Phone:   800.684.3480   Fax:   312.222.0497   Email:
                                                                              AND           SHARADE BAND
                                                                   2008 SPRING TOUR
†%,//£6 %/8(6


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†&+(&.(5%2$5' /281*(



BLUES IS MY LIFE † &'$9$,/$%/(12:                               :,7+63(&,$/*8(676          %,//<%5$1&+           $1'   &+,&2%$1.6
CHRIS HARPER fell in love for the first time, at the tender age of twelve, with the soulful sound of Sonny Boy Williamson. Since then, he has been
dedicated to his life long love, the harmonica. Sugar Blue passed on to him the knowledge he had learned from Big Walter, Junior Wells, Willie
Dixon and Carey Bell. BLUES IS MY LIFE contains fine traditional blues and many of Chris’ original songs, a funky blend of jazz, R&B and blues.

72 385&+$6( 7+(&' :::&+5,6+$53(5&+ 25                           800-684-3480
                                       Little Arthur Live!
                                        cd & dvd liner notes by Scott Dirks
Contrary to popular belief, blues has not gone completely the          Eventually a dispute with the landlord led to the closing of
way of Stevie Ray Vaughan wannabes, synth-driven soul, and             Backscratcher's Lounge, a sad day for patrons but with a silver
watered-down, five-generations-removed cousins of 'the real            lining for blues fans elsewhere, since it freed Arthur to get out into
thing'. On a good night in Chicago, you can still find the deep-       the blues mainstream again. He began recording and occasionally
rooted, hard swinging, rough and tumble blues that has                 touring, and sitting in with bands at clubs other than his own for a
inspired and moved generations of fans and musicians ever              change. Since then, his reputation has grown steadily, and these
since the heyday of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf and Jimmy               days he's one of the 'must see' artists in Chicago for fans of the true,
Reed. You just need to know where to look.                             deep, lowdown blues that the city is famous for around the world.

One of the best places to start is with blues veteran Little Arthur    As most fans will tell you, blues music is best experienced live, and
Duncan. A native of Indianola, Mississippi, Duncan has been            these recordings capture Little Arthur Duncan on a good night, with
knocking around the blues since around 1950, when he was
                                                                       his usual working band at Rosa's Lounge on Chicago's west side.
just a teenager. He first left Mississippi not for Chicago, as so
                                                                       Arthur's set list was typical of his live gigs these days, a mix of well-
many of his contemporaries had, but for the sunnier climate of
                                                                       known songs popular with audiences in Chicago clubs, and a few of
Key West, Florida - which may seem like an odd destination for
                                                                       his own originals that bring to mind some of the blues men he
a traveling bluesman, but it wasn't a totally unique idea, since
                                                                       learned from first-hand, such as Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, and
it was there that Arthur met up with guitarist Earl Hooker for the
first time. They eventually made their way up to Chicago, and          Little Walter. It's raw and raucous and not very polished, but then
by 1954 Arthur was living in the basement of the apartment             Arthur's music has never been about polish and slickness - it's about
building of the city's west side where Little Walter lived upstairs.   a good time, a deep blues feel, and above all a strong groove, just
Arthur and Walter became friends, and it was under Walter's            as it always has been. But don't overlook the subtle interplay
tutelage that Arthur first began taking his music seriously.           between all of the elements of the ensemble, the way each occupies
Although he kept a day job, Arthur began frequenting the clubs         its own place, balancing and supporting and responding to all the
on the vibrant Chicago blues scene, meeting and sitting in with        others. Of special note is the musical conversation that goes on
almost every major name active in the local clubs at that time.        between the guitars of blues veterans and long-time friends Rick
He also sent down south for a couple of friends, guitar playing        Kreher (former member of the Muddy Waters band) and Illinois Slim.
brothers Hip and Jug Linkchain, recruiting them to come up to          Bass man Michael Azzi holds down a sturdy bottom end, veteran
Chicago, and together they formed Arthur's first professional          drummer Twist Turner solidly propels things forward, and with Arthur
band, which played mostly on weekends. With the south and              up front squalling away on harp and shouting the blues, this is
west sides of the city teaming with blues joints at the time, there    exactly the kind of music that made Chicago famous a half century
was no shortage of gigs, although then as now, making a living         ago.
strictly with music was a somewhat tough proposition.
                                                                       So don't spend a whole lot of time thinking about it or analyzing it –
Arthur recalls playing at a jam session on the south side, and         just relax and enjoy it for what it is: good solid traditional Chicago
getting to know most of the other local harp hotshots such as          blues played by some of the best in Chicago who still play it. And
Billy Boy Arnold, Carey Bell, and Good Rockin' Charles - in            next time you're in Chicago looking for 'the real thing', you'll know
Arthur's words, "There was a whole lot of harmonica players            where to start: with Little Arthur Duncan.
back then", and Arthur learned from them all. He says his                                                     - Scott Dirks, November 2007
activity on the local blues scene culminated in the early 1960s
when he recorded an album for a small local label, which
unfortunately never got distributed, and never went anywhere.
As the Chicago blues scene cooled off, so did Arthur's
performing ambitions, although he never stopped playing,
occasionally playing on Maxwell Street or sitting in with friends,
hanging out in the clubs and seeing friends like Earl Hooker,
Magic Sam and Buddy Guy.

In the early 1980s he decided to open his own club on the west
side as a sideline when he wasn't able to work his regular
construction job during the frigid Chicago winters; when the
construction company folded, Arthur jumped into the nightclub
game with both feet. As proprietor of the Artesia Lounge on
Lake St., and later Backscratcher's Lounge on West Madison,
he booked the blues people he liked, and had a steady stream
talent doing gigs or just coming by to hang out and sit in,                      Little Arthur Duncan, vocals, harmonica
including Taildragger, Johnny Dollar, Mighty Joe Young, Johnny                   Illinois Slim, guitar (left channel)
B. Moore, Milton Houston, Little Smokey Smothers, Johnny                         Rick Kreher, guitar (right channel)
Littlejohn and others. Of course Arthur would come out from                      Michael Azzi, bass
behind the bar to do a number or two with the band whenever                      Twist Turner, drums
he got the chance. So for much of the 1980s he was off the                       Little Al Thomas, vocal (13, not pictured)
blues scene at large, tending to his own little scene on the west
side, but seldom performing outside of his own club.
Great Releases in Review                                                                            BY KEVIN JOHNSON
                                                                                                    Delmark promotions, raw blues fanatic

                                                      supremely funky “Hippies Playground,” a great          shows you the amazing chemistry between these
                                                      late 60’s tune Jimmy recorded first with vocalist/     two blues legends and long time collaborators.
                                                      harp player, George “Wild Child” Butler on             Buddy and Junior clearly had such a great time
                                                      Mercury. “Hippies” and another stellar tour de         playing together, and their enthusiasm and pas-
                                                      force guitar instrumental, “Jammin’ With Otis”         sion is contagious- simply having a ball, y’all!
                                                      were both issued the first time on this CD in              The “Jheri curled” Buddy Guy assaults through-
                                                      1990, wonderful added bonuses left off the orig-       out with his wild Stone Crazy-era frenzied guitar
                                                      inal LP from 1971.                                     blasts that always seem to teeter on the brink of
                                    GET IT AT JRM!        Although Big Voice Odom is sorely missed           excess but manage to be corralled back in by this
                                    $1 4.99           (fatal heart attack while driving between Chicago
                                                      gigs in 1991) and the legendary Otis Rush is no
                                                                                                             influential guitar hero. Buddy also shows us his
                                                                                                             deeply powerful and full of southern soul vocals on
                                                      longer performing due to a stroke he suffered a        “Look Over Yonders Wall” and “Crazy About You
                                                      few years ago (we’re anxiously awaiting his recov-
              JIMMY DAWKINS
          All For Business DELMARK (DE 634)           ery), Jimmy Dawkins is very alive and well and           The star of the show, Junior
                [RECORDED 1971]                       still blowing away his devoted cult following of
                                                      blues guitar fanatics with his unique style (when          Wells, the “Godfather of
                                                      he wants to!) Although Jimmy’s no-nonsense,               the Blues” struts on stage
                                                      menacing, and intense playing is definitely not
          JIMMY DAWKINS (voc, guitar)                 for the casual listener, blues diehards and all gui-     and proceeds to bring this
               OTIS RUSH (guitar)                     tar players should experience the Dawkins guitar        party to a whole new level of
       ANDREW “BIG VOICE” ODOM (vocals)               tone, timing, and delivery—DEEP BLUES WITH A
        SONNY THOMPSON (piano/organ)
             JIM CONLEY (tenor sax)
                                                      FEELING!!                                                   deep and funky blues.
           ERNEST GATEWOOD (bass)                         “I’m all for business baby, I ain’t got no time
           ROBERT CROWDER (drums)                     for play!”                                             (Chicken Heads)!” The star of the show, Junior
            CHARLES HICKS (drums)                                                                            Wells, the “Godfather of the Blues” struts on
                                                                                                             stage and proceeds to bring this party to a whole
   This is Chicago blues guitar hero Jimmy Dawkins’                                                          new level of deep and funky blues. The black fedo-
2nd recording as a leader following his masterful                                                            ra wearin’ “Hoodoo Man” gives us a lesson in
1969 debut from Delmark, Fast Fingers (DD                                                                    blues singin’ and harp playin’ with raw emotion and
623.) Absolutely devastating early ‘70’s heavy                                                               feeling. Song highlights with Junior singing lead are
west side Chicago blues guitar attack from                                                                   Little Walter’s funky “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”
Dawkins (born Tchula, MS 1936) along with the                                                                and my favorite low down blues, “Just To Be With
vastly underrated vocals of Andrew “Big Voice”                                                               You” as part of the tribute to Muddy Waters. Junior
Odom (sang often with Earl Hooker) and the                                                                   also gets down with his bad self on a James Brown
great Sonny Thompson (long time King/ Federal             GET IT AT JRM!                                     medley with “I’m Super Bad/Cold Sweat/I Feel
Records arranger/producer/ pianist and Freddy
King collaborator) on piano and organ, and tenor
                                                          $   24.99                                          Good.” Due to the frustrating fact that no band
                                                                                                             credits are given anywhere on the DVD, I don’t know
sax man Jim Conley (on Memphis Slim’s United                                                                 the exact members of the solid backing band! The
recordings on Delmark and also led his own                                                                   late George Baze and a young Vince Agwada help
combo with Phil Upchurch on guitar.) If that isn’t       JUNIOR WELLS WITH BUDDY GUY                         out on rhythm guitars, and I think we have J.W.
enough, the legendary Otis Rush is featured on                  Live At Nightstage (1986) (DVD)              Williams on bass and Jerry Porter on drums; I don’t
                                                                           IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT
rhythm and soaring lead guitar, truly making this                                                            know the young white piano player.
an essential recording in your blues collection!         It’s always exciting to see/hear never before           Bonus features include an additional perform-
Otis Rush clearly inspired Dawkins and band on        released rare blues videos, especially from two of     ance track from 1989 at The Channel in Boston
this session, Otis’ first recording on Delmark.       the biggest modern blues legends of all, Junior        (with Junior resplendent in an acid washed jeans
   The opening title track is one of my all time      Wells and Buddy Guy! The DVD is a live in color        jump suit!) and an interesting extensive backstage
favorite blues songs — simply spine tingling! “All    70 minute concert from 1986 at Nightstage club         interview with Junior and Buddy from Don Wilcock,
For Business” starts with Conley’s mournful sax       in Cambridge, MA, part of the Blues Legends DVD        well known blues scholar and author of the Buddy
and Dawkins’ piercing guitar stabs, which leads       series from Image Entertainment (others in this        bio, Damn Right, I’ve Got The Blues. Fascinating
into the BB King influenced, soul-drenched vocals     series are Freddy King and Memphis Slim/Sonny          stories are revealed, including the first time Buddy
of BB Odom. “Cotton Country” is an Otis Rush and      Boy Williamson.) Although this is not vintage early    saw Muddy Waters perform at a Louisiana high
Jimmy Dawkins guitar instrumental showdown            era prime Junior (b.1934-d.1998) and Buddy             school gym (with Jr on harp!), their travels to Africa,
with Jimmy announcing the band members like           (b.1934), it definitely captures these two charis-     and Junior’s displeasure in their barely or never
at a live gig— “what we’re playin’ here tonite is     matic performers in their element, showing us why      seen listings on posters/handbills from their tour
cotton’ pickin’ blues; I got some of the greatest     they were the “Original Blues Brothers” and an         opening for the Rolling Stones. Junior also men-
blues players in the world here with me tonite!”      unrivaled harmonica and guitar duo of electric         tions how the classic recording session of the
Dawkins takes over with his underappreciated          Chicago blues. This important footage, produced        famous ’65 Delmark album Hoodoo Man Blues
laid back but intense vocal style on “Down So         and directed by Tom McDermott with help from           was unrehearsed! Thank you Blue Monday jam
Long.” He also sings and tears it up on the           famed rock producer/engineer Eddie Kramer,             sessions!
              Letters From Our Readers
  I had intended to have letters column in R&N since we started             I just found Jelly Roll Morton drummer's obituary in Chicago
publishing. Here's a few to get things started. Please include          Defender, 1935.                       Cheers,
your full street address, especially when E-mailing. Thanks.                                             Per Oldaeus, Stockholm Sweden

                                                                             Dear Per
                                                                             Thanks for the Email re: JRM drummer Andrew Hilaire. When
                                                                        I was talking to Albert Nicholas around 1966, he said he always had
                                                                        breathing problems and thought it may have caused his death.

                                                                            I will be excited to see the Ritual Trio or the Art Ensemble of
                                                                        Chicago in our town someday. I enjoy this kind of music as it is a
                                                                        combination of jazz, African music and avant garde. I feel this
                                                                        music so deeply it is a way of meditating.
                                                                                                  Ceager Kekawa, Capetown, South Africa

                                                                             I am trying to clear up details of the Delmark discography. Was
                                                                        the Speckled Red LP (601) ever issued on a 10" LP. I have seen
                                                                        the 12" version with Delmar covers and Delmark pressings. I am
                                                                        uncertain of the pressing history. Which other issues were issued
Re: Delmark 624 -Chicago Ain’t Nothin' But A Blues Band                 under both label names?
      I currently perform with Birmingham George as his drummer.                                                                  David Jaffe
He is alive and in good health, singing the blues probably better
than he ever has. We have recently released a CD titled Walkin'              Although we recorded Red in St.Louis towards the end of the
The Walk / Talking The Talk featuring George and fellow blues-man       10' LP era, it did not get issued before the industry (almost
Willie King.                                                            overnight) dropped the 10" LP c.1956. It, and Piney Woods Blues
      I recently let him listen to the two cuts on the album Chicago    (602) . We printed several sets of covers and liners for 10" LP's that
Ain't Nothin' But A Blues Band and read the album note. According       never saw the light of day until they were extended for 12" release.
to George, there are several inaccuracies. "Morning Love Blues" is           Delmar had to change its name to Delmark for trade mark
titled "In The Morning Blues".                                          registry reasons. Albums 201, 202, 203, 204, 206, 207; 401, 401,
      For that tune the lineup is: Tera Conner, lead vocals; George     601, 602, 603, 604 were all Delmar prior to this. The new square-
Conner, lead gtr; Otis Rush, 2nd Gtr; Mickey Bails, sax; Arthur         D logo was designed just in time to appear on the cover of 605
Wayne, bass; Buddy Jones, dms. Tera Conner was George's wife            (Curtis Jones-Lonesome Bedroom Blues) but the liner, printed
at the time and can verify that she sang on that song, rather than      slightly later, was Delmark. Subsequent printings of these LP's
Beatrice as quoted in the liner note.                                   were changed to Delmark.
      According to George the lineup was the same for the other              As to the mixture of pressings. Record companies almost
tune as well.                                      Thank You,           always print jackets in greater quantities than the initial pressing, so
                                                 Richard D. Tomlinson   our later pressings of these releases bore the Delmark logo. But
                                                                        labels for LP's cost approximately 4 cents so we usually used up
                                                                        whatever labels were still on hand. These were usually printed
I believe Mr. Tomlinson lives in Birhingham. -BK                        1,000 at a time in those early days. -BK

                                                                             Five weeks ago I asked for a copy of RHYTHM & NEWS but
Hi Bob,                                                                 I have not received it.                                        -Kurt
      I want to report to you about a great Chicago Blues Show here          We'd love to send this guy an R&N but he didn't give us his full
in Germany, near Stuttgart a few weeks ago. The Chicago Blues           name or his address -- not even on the envelope. (By the way,
Festival group consisted of Tail Dragger, Lurrie Bell, Eddie Taylor     when you move from one address to another and your R&N can't
Jr., Martin Lang, Russell Jackson and Willie Hayes. The show was        be delivered at your old address, the Post Office will return it to us
sold out and the crowd was enthusiastic, as I was…a brilliant show,     and not forward your R&N to your new address. If you live
esp. Lurrie Bell was burning! I only once saw him that good -- at       overseas, we'll send one copy per your request, but for further
the recording of the Delmark DVD (#1791, CD #791).with his father       copies please get a refundable subscription via the order forms
Carey at Rosa's Lounge.                                                 page.
      After two visits to the Chicago blues scene I always asked
myself, when I was at blues concerts here in Germany, if it were my          In January, we received an invitation to a reading of SHAVE
gilding memories or if the shows in Chicago were really better. Now     'EM DRY, a new play by JG Simmons (in New York). We knew
I must say they are. And my friends who accompanied me were of          John Simmons when he was an enthusiastic blues fan in Chicago
the same opinion.                                 -Ludwig Koester       back in the 70's.      He wrote excellent liner notes to Big Joe
                                                                        Williams' Nine String Guitar Blues(627). Judging from his website
Luwig and I have investigated and find we don't seem to be              (JG he has pursued a career as a writer and is
related. -BK                                                            doing very well.

Jazzomaniacs Return To Bix Tribute
      Generally ignored by the jazz press, traditional 20's style jazz        The Jazzomaniacs will be featured at the monthly concert of
has been difficult, if not impossible, to find in Chicago. But when      the Glendora Ballroom, 102nd & Harlem, Chicago Ridge, IL
played by musicians who stay with it in spite of the dubious payoff,     Sunday March 9th, 2PM to 5:30 PM. Call 708/672-3561 for tickets
it's worth travelling some distance to hear.                             or info. Get on the Illiana Mailing list because they give good trad
    There is a Bix Beiderbecke Jazz Festival this summer in his          every month.
hometown, Davenport, Iowa, which has in recent years managed to                They will also appear at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn,IL, Wed
come out of a talent slump. But I am urging you to go to a more          March 12, starting at 8:00 P.M. Fitz's is at 6615 W Roosevelt Rd.
immediate event, the Bix Tribute organized every year by Phil            but you probably know that lready. The club brought Cajun music to
Pospychala a little closer to Chicago.                                   Chicago, presents varied worthwhile musics. (In the 50's the old
     Every year jazz fans come from around the world to attend a         ex-speakeasy presented great trad jazz talent. I once heard a band
weekend of fine traditional jazz performances, rare jazz films, jam      there that included Albert Wynn and Jasper Taylor with Baby Dodds
sessions, a bus trip to legendary jazz locations in Chicago (with a      sitting in and Erwin Helfer playing an intermission.) Call (708) 788-
stop-off at JRM), and listening to and swapping the rarest 78's in       6670 if you wish but just Go!
jazz collecting until the wee hours of each morning.                          I will probably attend all three events. Hope to see you there.
     Phil's 19th event is set for the weekend of March 13-16th at
the Racine, Wisconsin Marriott, Hwy 20, 7111 Washington. More
info available from Phil's phone (847) 996-0246.
    Besides the jam sessions (some of those attending are
excellent musicians who fit in well with the hired hands.) the
program also includes two other bands.
     I look forward to hearing Janet Kline and Her Parlor Boys (from
California), for the first time. I heard Dave Greer and his Classic
Jazz Stompers (from the Columbus, Ohio area - always a literally
stomping ground for trad jazz) at an Illiana Jazz Club concert and
would love to put them on Delmark one of these days.
      Phil and I often argue about jazz (doesn't everyone?) but we
agree that the Jazzomaniacs is one of the best trad bands in the
world today. The name derives from Charlie Creath's riverboat
group from the 1920's. Trumpeter Rolnd Pilz founded the band in
1966 when he was eighteen. He's been at it ever since and two
present sidemen were in the original band. When Phil's group
visited the Ace Hardware store that had once been the Sunset
Ballroom where Louis Armstrong played in the 20's, later the Grand
terrace which featured Earl Hines, Fletcher Henderson and even
Sun Ra, Delmark videotaped them playing in the office that had
once been the Sunset's bandstand as well as at Phil's event which
resulted in Delmark's CD #224 and DVD #1244.

                                            Looking Forward To Summer...

       Chicago Jazz & Blues Fests
BLUES FEST: Thursday, June 5th - Sunday, June 8th                        Sunday, June 8: Just announced to close the festival on Sunday
                                                                         June 8th will be the legendary B.B. King, making his first
Thursday, June 5: Guitarist and singer Johnny Winter will make his       appearance at the festival in over 20 years. Other headliners on the
first appearance at the Chicago Blues Festival since the inaugural       final night include keyboardist Little Willie Littlefield, guitarist Bobby
event in 1984. He'll be part of the opening night celebration of         Parker and vocalist Karen Carroll, who performs with Charlie Love
Muddy Waters on Thursday, June 5th, sharing the spotlight with           and Lurrie Bell.
"Superharp" James Cotton and others.
                                                                           JAZZ FEST: Thursday, August 28th - Sunday, 31st
Friday, June 6: The Queen of the Blues, Koko Taylor (joined by her
Blues Machine) headlines on Friday night, along with a set by Eddy       The event kicks off with a free concert on August 28 at a new
"The Chief" Clearwater. There will also be a tribute to the past with    opening night location, the world-renowned Jay Pritzker Pavilion in
a set featuring Ruby Andrews, Cicero Blake and Jackie Ross.              Millennium Park. It then moves to Grant Park, August 29-31 for
                                                                         three days of free music on three stages. The event is preceded by
Saturday, June 7: Buckwheat Zydeco will headline on Saturday.            a Jazz Week, featuring free concerts, a Gala and Jazz Club Tour.
The 60-year-old accordionist will bring one of the classic sounds of     Please check back later for more information and artists.
New Orleans to the stage. Also appearing that night will be Chicago
favorite Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials, the 2007 Band of the Year at     Check out futrure R&N issues for more additional artists and
the Blues Music Awards.                                                  statges and detailed line-ups of both festivals!
Chris Anderson - Great Modern Jazz Pianist
     When I moved to Chicago in August of 1958, Joe Segal                 Eventually Chris moved to New York, returning years ago
had Monday night sessions at the original Gate Of Horn folk          for a DuSable High School jazzmen's reunion at Segal's Jazz
club. He'd get sidemen from bands (Art Blakey, Miles                 Showcase in the Blackstone Hotel.
Davis,etc.) appearing at the Sutherland Hotel Ballroom to sit in         Anderson did eventually do some recording for DIW and
with the best local musicians.                                       Naim, but we're not sure they're still available.
     By "local" I refer to Ira Sullivan, the sadly under-recorded         I wish I could tell you more about Chris Anderson, a great
sax of Nicky Hill, Richard Abrams (before he was Muhal), Jodie       pianist, who died February 4th at the age of 81.
Christian, Harold Mabern, John Young, Andrew Hill, Herbie
Hancock, Eddie Higgins, Johnny Griffin, Joe Daley, etc. etc.
                                                                                                                      - Bob Koester
      Chicago was, as you can see, rich in pianists. I think Chris
Anderson showed up a relatively few times. He had a problem
getting around because of a brittleness of his bones, which
could easily break with the slightest trauma and was often seen
using crutches. But he was one of the best pianists in the city.
    I recall one night when he played on a late set surrounded
by most of the above-named pianists plus Stan Kenton,
watching him and hanging on every note.
                                                                     Sabina Sciubba & Chris Anderson
                                                                     You Don’t Know What Love Is
                                                                     Naim 30 • CD $17.99

                                                                                                          Charlie Haden & Chris Anderson
                                                                                                             None But The Lonely Hearth
                                                                                                         Naim 22 • CD $17.99 / LP $38.99

                              WHAT ARE THEIR              GIVEN NAMES?
                              1)   Yusef Lateef                      a)    Herman Poole Blount
                              2)   Sonny Boy Williamson II           b)    Ferdinand Joseph Lamothe

                              3)   Bo Diddley                        c)    Milton Rajonsky

                                   Shorty Rogers
                                   Muddy Waters
                                                                           Lillie Mae Jones
                                                                           Norma Deloris Egstrom
                              6)   Nina Simone                        f)   William Emanuel Huddleston
                              7)   Herbie Mann                       g)    Clarence Beeks
                              8)   Howlin’ Wolf                      h)    Chester Arthur Burnett
                              9)   Sun Ra                             i)   Eunice Kathleen Waymon
                             10)   Betty Carter                       j)   Frederick Russell Jones
                             11)   King Pleasure                     k)    Ruth Lee Jones
                             12)   Dinah Washington                   l)   Herbert Jay Solomon
                             13)   Jelly Roll Morton                 m)    Aleck Miller
                             14)   Peggy Lee                         n)    McKinley Morganfield
                             15)   Ahmad Jamal                       o)    Elias Otha Bates

                                       Take this quiz and see page ____ for the answers!

           OF                                          ON

          Little Arthur Duncan
          Live at Rosa's Blues Lounge
                                                       Delmark DE 793/DVD 1793

                                                                  You can
          still find the deep-rooted, hard swinging, rough and tumble
          blues that has inspired and moved generations of fans and
          musicians ever since the heyday of Chicago blues.
          Vocalist/songwriter/bandleader/harmonica player Little Arthur
          Duncan is one of the 'must see' artists for fans of the true,
          deep, lowdown blues. The music on this disc is raw and
          raucous and not very polished, but then Arthur's music has
          never been about slickness - it's about a good time, a deep
          blues feel, and above all a strong groove. So don't spend a
          whole lot of time analyzing it – relax and enjoy good solid
          traditional Chicago blues played by some of the best in
          Chicago who still play it. With special guest Little Al Thomas.
          DVD special feature; Little Arthur commentary. Also available:
          Singin' With The Sun (Delmark 733).

          Sabertooth Doctor Midnight                                    Delmark DE 579
          Saxophonists Cameron Pfiffner and Pat Mallinger are exciting jazz players who evoke the
          spirit of historic saxophone tandems like Johnny Griffin & Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis or
          Sonny Stitt & Gene Ammons. They formed Sabertooth in 1990 and have been doing the
          Green Mill Saturday night After Hours Jazz Party for fifteen years. Pete Benson's been
          Sabertooth's organist for five years and the group is anchored by drummer Ted Sirota.
          Blues to bop, Caribbean to cool, strange (Dr. Midnight) to odd (couple) – put this CD on
          and join the party!

          Keefe Jackson's Project Project
          Just Like This            Delmark DE 580
          What a colorful group of musicians -- Project Project is among the liberated wonders of
          our century. This 12-player circus has been together since 2005, and even among free-
          jazz mavericks they’re an especially varied group. The trombonists are a cranky pair of
          virtuosos. For lyricism hear the post-Ornette clarinetist James Falzone and the post-
          Konitz reedman Guillermo Gregorio. Instead of Ellington’s Cootie and Rex, we have
          trumpeter Jaimie Branch and cornetist Josh Berman. A bold tubaist, two high-energy
          woodwind artists, and a rhythm section that performs daredevil acrobatics also star in
          the show. The most remarkable of them all is their leader, tenor saxophonist-clarinetist-
          composer Keefe Jackson. Just Like This features six new original compositions with
          amazing charts.

          Mike Walbridge's Chicago Footwarmers
          Crazy Rhythm         featuring Kim Cusack
                                      Delmark DE 247
          Traditional jazz tubaist Mike Walbridge has been active on the Chicago scene for forty
          five years as leader of The Chicago Footwarmers and a member of the Chicago Salty
          Dogs. Clarinetist/alto saxist Kim Cusack has been jamming with Mike since their teens!
          Kim has been active for many years also in the Footwarmers, the Salty Dogs, Jim
          Dapogny's Chicago Jazz Band and several groups at Andy's, one of Chicago's best jazz
          clubs. This CD features two mid-60s sessions previously available on the Blackbird label
          plus a newly recorded 2007 session. The 60s sessions feature Johnny Cooper, piano;
          Eddie Lynch, banjo; Glen Koch, drums. The 2007 session features Don Stiernberg, banjo
          / guitar; Bob Cousins, drums.
 Charlie O’Brien - Musician Finder
Charlie O'Brien was the jazz-lovingn cop on the Grand & Olive               All of the above happened in the early and mid -50's. In the early
beat in St. Louis when I started classes at St. Louis U. in 1951.           60's Charlie discovered the Alton, Illinois blues scene, from which
Thus the pin-Up Room was well-protected because they featured               Paramount had recorded three great blues pianists: Jabbo
the Windy City Six (the first band Delmar(k) recorded                       Williams, Wesley Wallace and Barrelhouse Buck McFarland.
A few years earlier, while in the armed forces, He had played               Jabbo had returned to the Atlanta, GA region, Wallace had passed
trombone and showed us a photo made during a jam with a well-               away but Buck was still around and able to play as well as ever.
known trad drummer (whose name I have forgotten). Charlie                   He soon recorded under Sam Charters' aegis for Folkways
became a charter member of the St. Louis Jazz Club. His                     although problems with the recorder obscured his talent. (Later he
nickname was Lindy which gives an idea of his birth year ('27).             cut an album for SLJC stalwarts Vivian and Robert Oswald, who
                                                                            had a little studio in their basement (which Delmark located and
Charlie had been separated from his sister and raised in an
                                                                            issued on #788-Alton Blues).
orphan's home after his parents were murdered. No wonder he
wound up on the force!                                                      Somehow, people at the principal R&B location, Joe's Record
                                                                            Shop, heard of Charlie's foraging and my own interest in early
When he made the plainclothes detail he would (perhaps on his
                                                                            bluesfolk and tipped Big Joe Williams, who showed up at our Blue
off-time) drive visiting celebrities from the airport and showed them
                                                                            Note Record Shop at Delmar & DeBalivere.
around town.
                                                                            Joe Invited us to a rehearsal with his cousin, J.D.Short, which led
Charlie dated a few of the ladies (but not really Debbie Reynolds).
                                                                            to our extensive series of sessions with the nine-string guitarist.
Once he took me to the apartment of a guy who had a record shop             Big Joe would trust us to pay him later (which we did by putting
back in the 1920's. His apartment was decorated with posters                him on a weekly draw whenever he was in St.Louis (and later
from Paramount, Okeh, etc. I especially recall one with an                  Chicago) until eventually enough tapes were made for a half-
impressive photo of Ma Rainey on stage in a theater, from a box             dozen albums.
or side balcony perspective. Unfortunately these disappeared not
                                                                            Sadly, J.D. didn't trust us so we never finished his first album. I
long after when the entrepreneur died.
                                                                            felt that Short was at least as good a singer as Joe, but he had
A few years later, when he made                                                                         less ability on the guitar. But, to me,
Lieutenant, Charlie asked for a list of St.                                                             blues was a vocal music and I always
Louis jazz musicians he could locate.                                                                   regretted not finishing the Short album.
Since the SLJC had found most of the                                                                    (What we did get appeared on #609-
older jazz artists, I suggested he look for                                                             Stavin' Chain Blues filled out with some
some of the blues artists who seemed to                                                                 Big Joe tracks.) Joe wouldn't have
have been in St.Louis (mentioned                                                                        discovered Delmar(k) if Lindy O'Brien
St.Louis locations in their songs, etc.).                                                               hadn't discovered the other St Louis
We suggested he start with a lady who                                                                   blues artists..
operated the DeLuxe Restaurant on
                                                                                                         Our money was scarce in those days
Jefferson: Edith Johnson, whose old
                                                                                                         and we never got around to recording a
Okeh and Paramount sides had been
                                                                                                         lot of excellent St. Louis talent but we
reissued on Jazz Classics and Century
                                                                                                         managed to get Mary Johnson to do a
78's and a Riverside 10" LP.
                                                                                                         couple of gospel tunes with the Dixie
Edith introduced Charlie to her brother-                                                                 Stompers. It took me years to edit the
in-law, James "Stump" Johnson, who                                                                       results into decent masters which we
ran a shoeshine parlor down the street                                                                   issued on the female blues singers'
from the DeLuxe and he led to                                                                            anthology (#913-Wild About That
trombonist Ike Rodgers' widow (and the                                                                   Thing).
discovery of the only photo of Mr.
                                                                                                         So     without     Charlie     O'Brien's
Rodgers, printed later in Bill Grauer /
                                                                                                         investigative prowess, Delmark might
Orrin Keepnews Pictorial History of
                                                                                                         not today be identified as a blues label.
Jazz), then to Mary Johnson (who had
                                                                                                         We, and all blues fans, owe him a
switched from blues to gospel). Mary
                                                                                                         massive debt.
mentioned that she had recently seen
Speckled Red whom Charlie was then                                                                       Charlie eventually retired from the St.
able to find from police records of a fight                                                              Louis Police Department, was reunited
in a pool hall. (Can you picture the                                                                     with his sister and retired to Hallsville,
nearsighted Red picking on anybody?)                                                                     Missouri. We'd hear from him from time
                                                                                                         to time and reminisce about those
Henry Brown was harder to locate
                                                                                                         St.Louis days. He sent us the rare label
because he didn't want to be found.
                                                                                                         photos you'll find in the 78's department
The pianist was involved in the policy
                                                                                                         at Jazz Record Mart.
racket and thought Charlie was after
him for professional reasons. But he                                                                     Thanks, Charlie, you were the best
was located and Charlie had to turn a                                                                    unpaid talent scout in the record
blind eye to the slips on Henry's kitchen                                                                business.
table and talk to him only in his living                                                                                           -Bob Koester
room.                                         Joke poster created by a friend. Charlie’s on the right.
                       jazz & BLUES on DVD
                The number in parentheses is the APPROXIMATE time in minutes, where known. “+” indicates bonus material not included in the running time. Capital letters refer to the following.
                P Performance video — Usually a 2-3 camera set-up in a television studio or a club: straight performance, not much filler.
                D Documentary — Mixes interviews and usually narration to tell a story about the featured performer.
                T Television show — Some, like the Nat King Cole videos are from actual TV series or specials, others from either public television series or documentaries.
                A Audio-only DVD - No video, get it just for DVD’s superior audio.
                F Feature Film
                I Instructional video - for aspiring musicians.
                                                                                                 CROSBY, BING & FRANK SINATRA High Society Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra,
                TRADITIONAL JAZZ DVDs                                                                    Satchmo WB 65713 F (111) $19.99
ARMSTRONG, LOUIS Live In '59 +16 page booklet JazzIcons184 P(55) $19.99                          FITZGERALD, ELLA Live At Montreux 1969 Eagle Eye 39048 P (66) $14.99
   S/T Biograhy w/ 21 song selections Quantum 902 D (60) $19.99                                      Live In '57 &'63 Belgium & Sweden 16 page book JazzIcons191 P(56) $20.99
BARBER, CHRIS Jazz & Blues Band On The Road w/ Roger Hill, John Crocker,                             & COUNT BASIE Montreux 79 15 songs! Eagle Eye 39057 P (85) $12.99
      Pat Halcox Storyville 16068 D (50) $12.99
                                                                                                     / TOMMY FLANAGAN Live at Montreux 77 1961 EagleEye39061 P(51) $12.99
   40 Years Jubilee Concert In Denmark 1995 Storyville 19001 P (141) $12.99
                                                                                                 FOUR FRESHMEN Easy Street 21 performances Aero 1003 P $24.99
BECHET,SIDNEY Treat It Gentle bio w/ many interviews Kultur4186 D(57) $19.99
                                                                                                 HOLIDAY, BILLIE The Life & Artistry Of Lady Day Idem 1115 D $26.99
JAZZ O'MANIACS Sunset Cafe Stomp German band live in Chicago & Racine,
                                                                                                     Ultimate Collection 2 CDs+DVD. 47 audio tracks, 10 film & tv performances
      Wisconsin Delmark 1244 P (70) $24.99
                                                                                                         +interviews Hip-O B3918 $39.99         or DVD only Verve B5273 $19.99
SMITH, WILLIE THE LION Musical Biography includes rare footage w/ Eubie
                                                                                                 HORN, SHIRLEY Live At Village Vanguard Image 3807 P (78) $22.99
      Blake Shanachi 6317 D (57) $19.99
                                                                                                 JONES, SPIKE Story w/Milton Berle,Danny Thomas Storyville26024 D(60) $14.99
VARIOUS ARTISTS Legendary New Orleans Musicians Milt Hinton,Chester Zardis,
      Danny Barker, Alan Lomax Rhapsody 2869010 D (90) $26.99                                    KRALL, DIANA Live In Paris 17 songs + video & rehearsal Eagle Eye 19012
                                                                                                         P (130) $14.99
                    BIG BAND JAZZ DVDs                                                           LEE, PEGGY Fever Capitol 99365 P (90) $19.99
ANTHONY, RAY Club Anthony Glen Miller alums plus guest Red Norvo                                     /June CHRISTY/Ina Ray HUTTON/Rita RIO Swing Era Idem1021 P(68) $19.99
        AeroSpace 1004 $24.99                                                                    LINCOLN, ABBEY S/T 1991 at Promenade Theater, New York City Kultur 2989
BASIE, COUNT Big Band 77: Live At Montreux Eagle Eye 39062 P (45) $12.99                                 P (60) $19.99
    Live In '62 in Sweden Jazz Icons 186 P (56) $19.99                                           McFERRIN, BOBBY Try This At Home 12 songs EuroArts 2051397 P (43) $14.99
    Sound Of Swing w/ Freddie Green, Sonny Payne Efor 2869040 P $16.99                               Swinging Bach Live from Germany Image 0678 P (122) $24.99
    / DUKE ELLINGTON / HARRY JAMES Big Band +CD with extra tracks                                McRAE, CARMEN / TORME, MEL / RUSHING, JIMMY Jazz Casual
        Request 8043 P (51) $15.99                                                                       3 shows on 1 DVD Rhino 976017 (90) $29.99
    / EARL HINES / JIMMY RUSHING / LOUIS ARMSTRONG Jazz Masters                                  MILLS BROTHERS The Story Storyville 16023 D (55) $12.99
        Idem 1049 P (120) $26.99                                                                     / DELTA RHYTHM BOYS Sing Brother Sing rare early appearances
BENEKE/ KRUPA/ JERRY WALD/ KENTON Big Band Request8041 P(54) $19.99                                      Passport 1565 P (45) $19.99
CALLOWAY, CAB 'Hi De Ho' 16 short films & soundies Idem 1019 (101) $19.99                        PRIMA, LOUIS The Wildest              Image 0535 D (80) $27.99
ELLINGTON, DUKE Forever Gold 12 tunes Vision 28519 P $11.99                                          & KEELY SMITH You And Me Cina-Music 93028 P $7.99
    Classic Hollywood Years w/Billie Holiday, Mae West,Ivie Efor2869028 $26.99                   RAWLS, LOU The Lou Rawls Show With Duke Ellington View2319 T(48) $19.99
    In Hollywood short films+scenes w/BIllie,Ivie,Mae West Idem1029 F(60)$19.99                  SIMONE, NINA Live At Ronnie Scott's 1985 MVD 858 P (57) $19.99
ELLINGTON, DUKE Live In 58 Jazz Icons 2.119001 $20.99                                            SINATRA, FRANK The Man & His Music 15 songs Warner 38208 P (50) $19.99
    Love You Madly / Concert Of Sacred Music 2 films: profile & concert                              & BING CROSBY Merry Christmas 1957 short of the two together +1961
        Eagle Eye 39100 D&P (116) $16.99                                                                 variety show Passport 1594 F (55) $9.99
    Memories Of Duke w/Cootie W.,R.Procope. 5.1 surround MVD855 (90) $19.99                          / DAVIS JR. / MARTIN Rat Pack Sings! 3 dvds (1 each), 50 vintage
    S/T 7 songs from soundies & shorts Vision 28879 P $9.99                                              performance Passport 3334 P (155) $39.99
    Sacred Concerts         Carlton 5962 (79) $24.99                                             VAUGHAN,SARAH Live In‘58 &’64 +24 page book JazzIcons2.119004 P(65)$20.99
    Tivoli 1969 Image 9549 P (83) $24.99                                                             / INTERNATIONAL SWEETHEARTS OF RHYTHM Swing Era Idem 1022
    / LIONEL HAMPTON Swing Era 22 juke box movies Idem1023 S(77) $19.99                                  P (80) $19.99
    /LIONEL HAMPTON The Big Bands V.1 1950-52 Storyville16004 P(63) $12.99
                                                                                                 WILLIAMS, MARY LOU Montreux '78 concert w/ Nat Hentoff commentary
                                                                                                         Eagle Eye 39053 P (65) $12.99
        Big Bands 19 tracks from 1965 Request 8042 P (52) $19.99
                                                                                                 VARIOUS ARTISTS 20th Century Jazz Masters TV: Mel Torme, Carmen McRae,
JONES, QUINCY Live In 1960 Clark Terry, Budd Johnson, Phil Woods,
                                                                                                         Jimmy Witherspoon, Lambert,Hendricks&Bavan Idem1051 P (120) $26.99
        Sahib Shihab, et al. Jazz Icons 189 P (80) $19.99
                                                                                                 Ladies Sing The Blues Bessie, Ethel, Billie, Ida, Rosetta, Dinah, Lena, Sarah.
KENTON, STAN Artistry In Rhythm Aerospace 1002 $24.99
                                                                                                         16 tunes. View 2313 P (60) $19.95
    / CHARLIE BARNET / LES BROWN Swing Era w/ June Christy,
                                                                                                 Legends Of Jazz 12 songs: Nat Cole, Cab, Fats, Basie, Mills Bros.
        Claude Thornhill Idem 1025 P (68) $19.99
                                                                                                         Vision 28529 S $11.99
RICH, BUDDY Live At 1982 Montreal Jazz Fest DVD & CD together
        Hudson BU21 P (60) $26.99                                                                                           WORLD MUSIC DVDs
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        Dizzy Delta 82328 P (45) $15.99                                                          KUTI, FELA Music Is The Weapon Wrasse 132 $34.99
Big Band Shaw,Teagarden,Calloway,Ellington,Raeburn Request8044 D(47) $15.99                      MARIZA Concerto Em Lisboa 18 live tracks + making of & music video
Big Bands V.2 Barnet, Les Brown, Ralph Flanagan, Tony Pastor Storyville 16005                            Silver Screen 7010 P (120) $19.99
        P (47) $12.99
                                                                                                 MARLEY,BOB Exodus-Deluxe CD+DVD (mostly different) Tuff/Island 3408 $34.99
                       VOCAL JAZZ DVDs                                                           N'DOUR, YOUSSOU Live At Montreux 1989&1995 Eage Eye 39112 P(117) $14.99
AIRTO & FLORA PURIM Latin Jazz All-Stars w/ Joe Farrell, Batucaje Dance                          PIAZZOLLA, ASTOR In Portrait 2 films (Tango Maestro & Tango Nuevo)
      Troupe View 2311 P (60) $19.99                                                                     plus many extras. Opus Arte 0905 D (213) $24.99
BENNETT, TONY Duets w/ Bono, McCartney, Sting, Krall, Elton, kd, Dixies, more                    POWELL, BADEN Self Portrait 1990 16 tracks +interview DRG 18006 $19.99
      RPM 7864 P (60) $14.99                                                                     SANTAMARIA, MONGO En Vivo concert & interview WestSideBeat6001 P $17.99
CHARLES, RAY In Concert w/ Diane Schurr Image 9878 P (82) $22.99                                 ZAFIROS, LOS Music From The Edge Of Time story of The Sapphires, the
CLARKE, STANLEY & FRIENDS Night School w/ Bromberg, Sheila E, Fleck,                                     "Cuban Beatles",+deleteds & interviews ShoutFactory18589 D(80+) $19.99
      Flea, Roney, more +interview REG 7118 P $19.99                                             KUTI, FEMI Live At The Shrine DVD feature + music CD Palm3115 P(87) $24.99
COLE, NAT KING Encore Passport 1564 P (40) $16.99                                                BARBOSA-LIMA, CARLOS Favorite Solos Brazillian master of double harmonics
   Legendary tv & movie clips w/ Sammy Davis, Oscar Peterson, Belafonte,                                 & slack-key Mel Bay 99127 P $20.99
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   When I Fall In Love: The One And Only Eagle Eye D (60) $19.99                                 VARIOUS ARTISTS Brasilintime DJ Cut Chemist of Jurassic 5 +producer Madlib
COPELAND, SHEMEKIA On Stage At The World Cafe Live performance                                           combine hip hop & Brazillian rhythms in live performance. Mochilla $25.99

      +interview Decca 8849 P (59) $19.99                                                        Caliente Y Picante 1989 L.A. concert & interviews: Santana, Cruz, Puente, Blades,
                                                                                                         Garcia Time life 19419 P (90) $19.99
                                                      JAZZ on DVD Continued
Essential World Music 18 Afropop performers including Baaba Maal,                  DOLPHY, ERIC In Europe 1961-64 his band & w/ Mingus Impro511 P(69) $32.99
        Ladysmith Black Mambazo FPB 004 P (70) $19.99                              EL'ZABAR KAHIL'S RITUAL TRIO / BILLY BANG Live At The River East Art
Genghis Blues Documentary about Tuvan throat singers. Oscar nom.                           Center Concert + interview Delmark 1566 P (65+20) $24.99
        Docurama 9472 D(90) $32.99                                                 ELDRIDGE, ROY Montreux 77 Montreux concert Eagle Eye 39054 P (65) $12.99
Jai Ete Au Bal (I Went To The Dance) roots of Cajun & Zydeco w/ many many          ELLIS, HERB Live + backstage interviews Quantum 900 P (60) $14.99
        greats Arhoolie 103 D (114) $19.99                                             Detour Ahead interviews & peformances Vestapol 13083 D (60) $24.99
Latin Nights Tito Puente, Memo Acevedo, Cocada Arkadia 72001 D (78) $24.99         ETHNIC HERITAGE ENSEMBLE Hot’N’Heavy Delmark 1574 $24.99
Louisiana Blues Cajun & Creole FA 4007 D (52) $25.99                               EVANS, BILL Jazz Pianist On The Creative Process & Self Teaching
Original Salsa Kings V.3 Lavoe,Blades,Conde,Palmieri,Fania ViaSonido9105$17.99             w/ Steve Allen Efor 2869016 D (60) $26.99
                                                                                       TRIO Evolution of a Trio concert&TV 1971-79 JazzMusic2869062 P(55) $26.99
        JAZZ DVDs - Mainstream & Beyond                                                TRIO Oslo Concerts 1966 & 1980 +interview Shanachi 6330 P (70) $19.99
ABERCROMBIE, JOHN & ANDY LAVERNE Art Of The Duo 2005 at Baruch Arts                FARLOW, TAL Live At Bowling Green Melbay 20337 P (85) $23.99
        Center, New York Mel Bay 1277 P (69) $26.99                                    Legendary Guitar instructional with music&tablature HotLicks183 I (79) $22.99
ANDERSON, FRED Timeless: Live At The Velvet Lounge w/ Harrison Bankhead,               Talmage Farlow 1981 film + outtakes & extras MVD 895 D (59+) $19.99
        Hamid Drake. +interview Delmark 1568 P (67+) $24.99                        GANELIN TRIO Priority Nemu 14164 P (87) $35.99
ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO In Concert Joseph Jarman, Roscoe Mitchell,                 GETZ, STAN Vintage w/ Marc Johnson,Jim McNeely Warner60059 P(106) $25.99
        Bowie, Favors, Moye Efor 2869005 P $26.99                                      / ALTO MADNESS Cool Summer 14 selections MVD 854 P $19.99
AXELROD, DAVID Live: Royal Festival Hall Champion/Mochilla 0 P (93) $25.99         GILLESPIE, DIZZY Live In Montreal Image 1320 (57) $19.99
AYERS, ROY Live At The Brewhouse Theatre England 1992                                  Dizzy Gillespie Sextet '77 jazz in Montreux. Eagle Eye 39065 P (95) $12.99
        Quantum Leap DJ873 P (69) $19.99                                               Jivin In Be-Bop w/Pancho Hagood,Helen Humes Storyville16035 F(55) $12.99
BAKER, CHET TRIO Sweden 1985 Impro-Jazz 503 (60) $23.99                                Live At Royal Festival Hall, London w/ Arturo Sandoval, Paquito D'Rivera,
BENSON, GEORGE Live At Montreux 1986 Eagle Eye 39110 P (87) $14.99                         Flora Purim Eagle19004 P (90) $16.99
BLAKEY, ART JAZZ MESSENGERS Live In '58 w/ Timmonts, Golson, Morgan.                   Live In '58 & '70 w/ Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland +16 page Ira Gitler booklet
        +20 page booklet. Jazz Icons 187 P (55) $19.99                                     Jazz Icons 190 P (85) $19.99
BLAKEY, ART JAZZ MESSENGERS Tdk Jazz Club TDK 8 P (61) $24.99                          A Night In Chicago View 2334 P (53) $19.99
    / MIKE MAINIERI GROUP Jazz Life Vol. 2 At 7th At Ave South w/ Branford &           / CANNONBALL / MUGGSY 20th Century Jazz Masters 1960's live TV
        Wynton Marsalis Storyville 16076 P (55) $12.99                                     broadcasts Idem 1050 T (120) $26.99
BLANCHARD, TERRENCE Flow: Living In The Stream Of Music documents                  GOLSON, BENNY Whisper Not Tour concert +video, extra audio
        development, performance, recording Jazziz 5001 D $19.99                           Arkadia 72004 P (60+) $19.99
BRAFF, RUBY In Concert-Live at Beacon Fest 1991 Storyville16054 P(47) $12.99       GOODWIN, GEORGE BIG PHAT BAND XXL mostly audio-only, surround sound
BRECKER, RANDY & NIELS LAN DOKY TRIO New Morning: The Geneva                               Silverline 288206 $19.99
        Concert Inakustik 6462 P (120) $19.99                                      GORDON, DEXTER Live In 63 & 64 in Holland, Switzerland & Belgium
BROWN, ARI Live At The Green Mill Delmark 1577 $24.99                                      Jazz Icons 2.119002 $20.99
BRUBECK, DAVE Live In 64 & 66 Jazz Icons 2.119005 $20.99                               / McCOY TYNER Cool Summer at Harvest Jazz Fest MVD 852 P $19.99
    Take Five In A Quartet +interview Geneon 12843 P (83) $22.99                   HADEN, CHARLIE LIBERATION MUSIC ORCH. Live In Montreal Images 1318
BRUNO, JIMMY Live At Chris' Jazz Cafe +interview MelBay20523 P(128) $23.99                 P (60) $22.99
    & JACK WILKINS Live From The Theatre At Washington Virginia                    HALL, JIM A Life In Progress w/ Joe Lovano, Pat Metheny Rhapsody 2869011
        jazz guitar duo MelBay 99148 P (104) $23.99                                        D (60) $26.99
BRYANT, RAY Montreux 77 1977 solo concert Eagle Eye 39056 P (60) $12.99            HAMILTON, FRED & EARL HARVIN The Jam concert, workshops + interiew
BURTON, GARY Live w/ Ahmad Jamal MVD DJ 857 (60) $19.99                                    Mel Bay 1390 P (99) $19.99
    & MAKOTO OZONE Live At Montreux 2002 Eagle Eye 39122 P (71) $14.99             HANCOCK, HERBIE Jazz Channel Presents +interview Image 695 P (105) $9.99
BYARD, JAKI / ELVIN JONES Anything For Jazz / Different Drummer                        Hurricane! w/ Ron Carter & Billy Cobham View 2329 P (57+) $19.99
        2 documentaries Rhapsody 2869018 D (60) $26.99                                 / RON CARTER / BILLY COBHAM Word Of Rhythm: Live In Lugano
CARTER, BENNY Benny Carter '77 Jazz In Montreaux EagleEye 39051 $12.99                     TDK 144 P (91) $19.99
    Jazz Masters Series w/ Kenny Barron Shanachie 6319 P (57) $19.99               HARPER, BILLY In Concert: Live From Poland w/ Szczecin Technical University
CHERRY, DON Multikulti Kultur 4007 P (60) $19.99                                           Choir Arkadia 72007 P (80+) $19.99
CHICAGO UNDERGROUND TRIO Chronicle concert with abstract image overlay             HENRY, PIERRE Art Of Sounds portrait of environmental sound artist Ideale 11
        Delmark 1573 P (74) $24.99                                                         D (109) $24.99
COBHAM, BILLY Glass Managerie w/ Michal Urbaniek TDK 9 P (90) $24.99               HOENIG, ARI / SMALLS Kinetic Hues live at Fat Cat NYC Smalls OO1 P $19.99
    Jazz Legends MVD-Quantum DJ-866 $19.99                                         HUNTER, CHARLIE Solo Inventions 9 songs Shanachie 6326 P (50) $19.99
    Live At 60 in Paris Alfred 75-27935 P (75) $35.99                                  Right Now Live w/ John Ellis, Curtis Fowlkes Ropeadope 51540 P $19.99
COHEN, AVISHAI As Is - Live At The Blue Note cd&dvd HalfNote4532 P(62) $9.99       HUTCHERSON, BOBBY / FLORA PURIN Cool Summer seperately live at
COLTRANE, JOHN Trane Tracks concert footage + interviews with colleagues                   Harvest Jazz Fest Quantum 851 P $16.99
        Efor 2869049 D (80) $26.99                                                 JAMES, BOB Live At Montreux 1985 Koch 9699 P (86) $14.99
    True Innovator 1963 w/ McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones Efor 2869034 P $16.99          JARRETT, KEITH Tokyo Solo live in Tokyo 2002 ECM 9873186 P (110) $24.9
    / BEN WEBSTER / SONY ROLLINS / CHARLES LLOYD Four Tenors                           Art Of Improvisation +concert & interviews EuroArts2054118 D(84+42) $24.99
        Idem 1116 P (103) $26.99                                                       / GARY PEACOCK / JACK DEJOHNETTE Standards live Tokyo 1985
CONNICK, HARRY & BRANFORD MARSALIS A Duo Occasion 2005 in Ottawa                           Image 5732 P (105) $14.99
        Rounder 009 P (84) $19.99                                                  JAZZ AT THE PHILHARMONIC '75 Benny Carter, Clark Terry, Zoot, Edridge,
COREA, CHICK Now He Sings, Now He Sobs Trio Image 1256 P (49) $19.99                       Pass, Flanagan, Durham Eagle Eye 39067 P (95) $12.99
    ELEKTRIC BAND Live at Montreux 2004 /1967 EagleEye 39105 P(167)$15.99          JAZZ CRUSADERS Paris Concert 2002 Inakustik 6455 P (117) $19.99
    / METHENY / KONITZ / BRAXTON / DEJOHNETTE Woodstock Jazz Festival              JOHNSTON, RANDY Live At The Smithsonian Jazz Cafe Mel Bay 2118 $23.99
        Pioneer 11672 P (60) $19.99                                                JONES,OLIVER Serenade w/ Oscar Peterson JustinTime5101 P(60) $19.99
                                                                                   JURIS, VIC & COREY CHRISTIANSEN Live At Smithsonian Jazz Café
CORYELL, LARRY A Retrospective plays favorite tunes w/ Bernard Purdie.
                                                                                           Mel Bay 21372 P (147) $24.99
        bonus dvd w/ rehearsals, interviews. Inakustik 6180 P (180) $19.99
                                                                                   KIRK, RAHSAAN ROLAND In Europe 1962-67 w/ Tete Montoliu Impro-Jazz 513
D'RIVERA, PAQUITO & CHANO DOMÍNGUEZ Quartier Latin at Teatro Real,
                                                                                           P (75) $32.99
        Madrid, 2006 Opus Arte 6001 P (95) $24.99
                                                                                   KONITZ, LEE Live At The Village Vanguard w/ Roland Hanna, George Mraz,
DAVIS,MILES Live in Montreal w/John Scofield,Bob Berg JazzDoor11029 P $26.99
                                                                                           Mel Lewis Unicorn 96114 P (60) $16.99
    Cool Jazz Sound 1959 -Coltrane,Wynton Kelly,Gil Evans Efor2869033 P$16.99
                                                                                   LAVERNE, ANDY Learn To Play Jazz Piano Standards includes sheet music
    Live In Munich 1988 concert+interview&more Pioneer11853 P(132+32) $24.99
                                                                                           Homespun 21 I (90) $29.99
    Miles In Paris w/Keith Garrett,Kei Akagi +interview Warner71550 P(78) $19.99
                                                                                   LOVANO, JOE NONET New Morning: Paris Concert Inakustic 6459 P(117) $19.99
    QUINTET European Tour 1967 w/Shorter,Hancock,Carter Impro 518 $26.99
                                                                                   MANHATTAN PROJECT S/T Wayne Shorter, Michel Petrucciani. 1989
DAWKINS,ERNEST The Messenger w/ Maurice Brown, Steve Berrry
                                                                                           Blue Note 99859 P (54) $19.99
        live at the Velvet Lounge Delmark 1570 P (75) $24.99
                                                                                   MARSALIS, BRANFORD A Love Supreme Live Dvd DVD w/ bonus CD
    Live at Sherwood Conservatory Creative Living Arts 2044 $19.99                         Rounder 11613310 $19.99
DE LUCIA, PACO Light And Shade: A Portrait ArtHaus 100205 D (60) $24.99            MARSALIS, WYNTON Blues & Swing plus commentary by WM Pioneer 11656
DEEP BLUE ORGAN TRIO Goin' To Town: Live At The Green Mill performance                     P (80) $22.99
    + interview Delmark 1569 P (60+) $24.99                                        McCANN, LES & HIS MAGIC BAND Live In New Orleans Image 899 P $19.99
DIMEOLA, AL Live At Montreux 1986 / 93 Eagleeye 39046 P (67) $12.99                McLAUGHLIN, JOHN The Gateway To Rhythm teaching timing & improvisation
    One Of These Nights concert + "making of" Inak7001 P (116) $19.99                      with & without instruments Abstract Logix 08 I (82) $29.99

    /LARRY CORYELL/BIRELI LAGRENE Super Guitar Trio TDK131 P(60) $20.99                / PACO DE LUCIA / LARRY CORYELL Meeting Of The Spirits 1979/80
    / STANLEY CLARKE / JEAN-LUC PONTY Live At Montreux 1994 1994                           in Europe. Quantum 859 P (55) $19.99
        Eagle Eye 39091 P (103) $14.99
                                           JAZZ & BLUES on DVD Continued
METHENY, PAT The Way Up - Live Eagle Eye 39131 P (91) $14.99                     YOUNG, LESTER / CHARLIE PARKER / MILES DAVIS Great Performances
    We Live Here - Live In Japan Image 581 P(110) $16.99                                 short films incl. "Jammin' The Blues" Idem 1057 (60) $26.99
    GROUP Speaking Of Now Live in Japan, 2002 Eagle 19023 P (135) $14.99         ZAWINUL, JOE & Weather Update live ‘91 in Germany Geneon12605 P(60) $31.99
MINGUS, CHARLES Live At Montreux 1975 EagleEye 39047 P (85) $14.99               VARIOUS ARTISTS Berlin Piano Workshop 1965 Byard, Evans, Hines, Tristano,
    Mingus In Greenwich Village w/ John Gilmore, Walter Bishop Efor 2869044              Teddy Wilson, NHØ-P Impro 522 $23.99
        D (58) $26.99                                                            1962 Newport Jazz Festival Duke, Basie, Hodges, Oscar Peterson, Clara Ward,
MITCHELL, NICOLE Black Unstoppable Delmark 1575 $24.99                                   Pee Wee Russell, Braff, Joe Williams, Roland Kirk MVD 863 P (60) $19.99
MODERN JAZZ QUARTET 35th Anniversary Tour Live at Zelt-Musik-Festival,           Classic Drum Solos & Battles V. 2 1947-1989: Buddy, Hamp, Krupa, Papa Jo,
        Feiburg, 6/16/87 TDK 35 P (57) $20.99                                            Blakey, Shelly, Payne, Troup Hudson 21 (73) $29.99
    / DAVE BRUBECK / THAD JONES 20th Century Jazz Masters 1962-68                Cuban Pianists Doc. + Concert w/ Chucho Valdes, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, & more.
        TV footage Idem 1048 T (90) $26.99                                               2 DVDs Efor 2869065 D (194) $28.99
MONK, THELONIOUS American Composer BMG 65 D (60) $16.99                          Giants Of Jazz Live In Prague 1971 Blakey, Gillespie, Stitt, Winding, Monk,
    Live In '66 w/ Charlie Rouse Jazz Icons 188 P (62) $19.99                            McKibbon Impro-Jazz 512 P (68) $32.99
    Straight No Chaser 1968 on & off-stage doc. WB 11896 D (90) $16.99           Golden Age Of Jazz Cab, Duke, Nichols, Armstrong, Prima, Krupa, Crosby,
MONTGOMERY,WES In Europe 1965 +Harold Mabern ImproJazz504 P(56) $32.99                   Dorseys, more Quantum 878 P $9.99
NAKAMURA, TOSHIMARU & BILLY ROISZ Avva: Gdansk Queen abstract                    Great Day In Harlem 2 DVDs +much bonus material Image 3035 D(60+180) $27.99
        audiovisual collaboration Erstwhile 048 P (66) $26.99
                                                                                 Greatest Jazz Films Ever short films incl. "Jammin' the Blues" & "Sound of Jazz", w/
NORVO, RED Jazz Masters Series Shanachie 6321 $19.99
                                                                                         Prez, Bird, Dizzy, Miles, Basie, Billie, Monk, Jamal, Webster, Gil Evans, Ella,
PARKER, CHARLIE Celebrating Bird Interviews&clips Pioneer99605 D(59) $28.99
                                                                                         Coleman Hawkins. 2 DVDs Idem 1059 (130) $49.99
    &DIZZY GILLESPIE Founding Fathers of BeBop ‘47&‘61 Efor2869039 P$16.99
                                                                                 Harlem Roots V 2 The Headliners Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong & Louis Jordan
PASS, JOE Jazz Lines Alfred 907269 P (47) $29.99
                                                                                         Storyville 16001 $12.99
    An Evening with Joe Pass instructional video Warner905013 I(105) $29.99
                                                                                 House That Ahmet Built Atlantic story with interviews & clips of many artists
PASTORIUS, JACO Live At Montreal Jazz Festival 1982 w/ Randy Brecker,
                                                                                         Atlantic 128892 D (120)q $19.99
        Peter Erskine Jazz Door 11031 P (56) $27.99
    Live And Outrageous w/ Brecker, Peter Erskine Shanachie6331 P(60) $19.99     Jazz Legends Live 14 Les McCann, Stephane Grapelli, Ben Sidran, Mike Mainier
PAUL, LES Chasing Sound concert performances, duets, TV, converstations                  Quantum Leap 906 P (51) $9.99
        Koch 6432 D (90) $24.99                                                  Jazz Masters Vol.1: Guitar Show Emily Remler, Steve Khan, Pat Martino, Bill Frisell
PEPPER, ART Notes From A Jazz Survivor Shanachi 6316 D (50) $19.99                       Vestapol 13101 P (75) $24.99
PETERSON,OSCAR Montreux Trio’77 +NHØP,Ray Brown EagleEye39050 $12.99                 Vol.2 Herb Ellis,Charlie Byrd,Farlow,Jack Wilkins Vestapol 13102 P(62) $24.99
    A Night In Vienna performance + documentary Verve 3003 P (93+68) $14.99      Jazz Shots From The East Coast V.2 Ben Webster, MJQ, Louis, Miles, Blakey, Bird,
    Music In The Key of ... w/Tatum,Nat Cole,Cleo Laine View2351 D(106) $24.99           Farmer, Basie, Tatum, Hackett Efor 2869053 P (74) $22.99
    TRIO London Concert ‘64 w/Ray Brown,Thigpen,Nat Cole Impro P(50) $26.99      Jazz Shots From The West Coast V.1 Newborn, Manne, Chet, Akiyoshi, Wes
PISANO,JOHN/ADRIAN INGRAM Live at Wakefield Jazz StringJazz2001 P $30.99                 Efor 2869055 P (60) $22.99
PIZZARELLI, BUCKY Favorite Solos w/Frank Vignola MelBay21225 P(60) $23.99        Jazzscapes - Music With A View - Into The Evening an hour of soothing jazz
POWELL,BUD In Europe Paris’59,Coppenhagen’62 JMP 2869079 P (45) $26.99                   against a choice of backgrounds Concord 7010 (60/180) $9.99
PUENTE, TITO King Of Latin Music 128 page book +interview DVD                    Last of the Blue Devils: Kansas City Jazz Story Basie, Big Joe Turner, Jay McShann
        Hudson 331438 D (45) $20.99                                                      Kino168 D (90) $26.99
REINHARDT, DJANGO Swing Guitar documentary "containing all existing footage      Legends: Live At Montreux 1997 Eric Clapton, Steve Gadd, Marcus Miller,
        of Django" Efor 2869064 D (46) $26.99                                            Joe Simple, David Sanborn Eagle 39098 P (107) $16.99
RICH, BUDDY At The Top Hudson RT21 P (87) $29.99                                 Legends Of Jazz Guitar V. 1 Wes Mongomery, Barney Kessel, Herb Ellis, Joe Pass
RITENOUR, LEE Steps Ahead: Live In Tokyo Eagleeye 39079 $14.99                           Vestapol 13009 $24.99
    / GRP ALLSTARS Live Eagle Eye 39077 (50) $14.99                              Legends Of Jazz - Ramsey Lewis: Season One V. 1 4 episodes DVD + CD
RMS & GIL EVANS Live at Montreux 1983 w/Mark Isham AngelAir617 P(90)$19.99               LRSmedia 90001 T $24.99
ROLLINS, SONNY / BEN WEBSTER Live At Laren / Big Ben In Europe                       V.2 Brubeck, Keb Mo, Cray, Pizzarelli, Monheit, Palmieri. lrs 090003 T $24.99
        w/ Don Byas Efor 2869043 P (67) $26.99                                       V. 3 Golson, Corea, DeFrancesco, Potters CD&DVD. LRS 90004 $24.99
RUBALCABA,GONZALO Trio -Ron Carter,Julio Barreto Geneon12844 P(87)$22.99         Legends Of Western Swing Guitar Eldon Shamblin, Billy Dozier, Bob Kiser, more
RUSSELL, PEE WEE / BABY LAURENCE Portrait Of... / Jazz Hoofer                            Vestapol 13062 P (60) $24.99
        2 documentaries Efor 2869019 D (60) $26.99                               Monterey Jazz Fest.- 40 Legendary Years Miles, Ella, Louis, Dizzy, Sarah, Monk,
SANCHEZ, PONCHO Poncho At Montreux performance + interview & animation                   Billie Warner Bros 36494 D (80) $9.99
        Concord 7017 P (80) $14.99                                               One Night With Blue Note 1985 Town Hall Reunion: Blakey, Burrell, Ron Carter,
SANDOVAL, ARTURO Live At The Blue Note +interviews & behind the scenes                   DeJohnette, Fuller, Griffin, Hancock, Jordan, McBee BlueNote90354 $19.99
        Half Note 4523 P (82+) $9.99                                             Sound Of Jazz Historic broadcast: Count Basie, Billie Holiday, Lester Young,
SANTANA, CARLOS & WAYNE SHORTER Live At Montreux 1988 interviews                         Coleman Hawkins and Red Allen. MVD108 (58) $19.99
        +17 performances Image 3823 P (124) $22.99
                                                                                 Sound Of New York Jazz Underground Fresh Sound 901 D $20.99
SCOFIELD, JOHN Live 3 Ways w/ John Scofield, Joe Lovano, Dr. John
                                                                                 Story of Jazz documentary with performances by the greats. BMG889 D(97) $16.99
        Blue Note 40011 P (50) $19.99
SCOTT-HERON, GIL AMNESIA EXPRESS New Morning: The Paris Concert                                        BLUES & Roots DVDs
        Inakustik 6465 P (120) $19.99                                            BELL, CAREY AND LURRIE Gettin Up live at Rosa's, Legends & at home,
SHADOW VIGNETTES Odd Eye O Mumbo Jumbo Edward Wilkerson                                 +interview Delmark 1791 P (76+) $24.99
        Sessoms 1 $23.99                                                         BROCK, BIG GEORGE Hard Times biography Cathead 1002 D $19.99
SHEARING, GEORGE / SLIM GAILARD / BOB CATS / TONY PASTOR Swing Era               BROWN, MEL The DVD life & times w/ Snooky Pryor, Fruteland Jackson
        Idem 1027NT P (97) $9.99                                                        Talkin Blues 14962 D (105) $20.99
SMITH, PAUL TRIO S/T video & audio DVD AIX 80010 P $24.99
                                                                                 CASTRO, TOMMY Whole Lotta Soul +interviews Blind PIg 6005 P (87) $22.99
SMITH, RICHARD Fingerstyle Artistry 16 tunes Mel Bay 21391 P (47) $19.99
                                                                                 CLAPTON,ERIC Crossroads Festival 2007 in Chicago w/ B.B. King, Buddy Guy,
SUN RA Montreux And Lugano 1976 & 1990 Transparency 0172 P $19.99
                                                                                        Landreth, Sumlin, Winter, Los Lobos, more Rhino 352124 (240+) $29.99
    The Cry Of Jazz Edward O. Bland's 1959 essay on the politics of music &
                                                                                    In Concert w/ David Sanborn, Sheryl Crow, Bob Dylan. 17 songs
        race. Atavistic 865 D (35) $19.99
                                                                                        Warner 38510 P $19.99
    Vol 5: Lonestar Roadhouse & African St. Transparency 0174 P $19.99
    / RUFUS HARLEY QUINTET Washington DC Pacifica Jazz Festival                  CLEARWATER, EDDY Recorded At The Rawa Blues Festival 14 songs
        Transparency 0173 P $19.99                                                      Cleartone 2006 $19.99
TRISTANO, LENNIE Copenhagen Concert 1965 solo piano. Idem 1130 P $26.99          COLLINS, ALBERT In Concert 1988 in Germany Inak 6526 P (60) $19.99
VIGNOLA, FRANK Gypsy Jazz Jam Melbay 20087 P (45) $23.99                         EDWARDS, HONEYBOY Why I Started Singing The Blues Biography
VITOUS, MIROSLAV Live In Vienna Quantum 6841 $19.99                                     w/ Sam Carr, B. B. King, Willie Foster Honeyboy 1 $19.99
WALDRON, MAL Live At The Village Vanguard w/ Charlie Rouse, Woody Shaw           HAMMOND, JOHN New Morning: The Paris Concert 25 tracks + conversation
        Unicorn 96113 P (53) $14.99                                                     Inakustik 6457 P (126) $19.99
WEATHER REPORT Live At Montreux 1976 Eagle 39146 P (84) $15.99                   HAWKINS, ERNIE Blues & Ragtime Guitar discusses influences & plays blues,
WESTON, RANDY Live In St. Lucia Image 2982 P (68) $19.99                                ragtime & gospel Vestapol 13106 I (97) $24.99
WILSON, TEDDY In Europe 1969-70 w/Louie Bellson Efor 2869078 T(45) $26.99        HENDRIX, JIMI The Dick Cavett Show MCA 088112 $14.99
WOODS, PHIL A Life In E Flat + bonus interview Jazzed 9001 D(64+22) $19.99       HOOKER, JOHN LEE Come And See About Me performance + interviews
YOSHIHIDE, OTOMO Multiple 18-track CD & 30-track DVD Asphodel 3007 $18.99               Eagle Eye 39029 P (127) $14.99
                                                                                    Rare Performances 1960-1984 w/Muddy Waters Vestapol 13035 P(60) $24.99

                                                                                    / FURRY LEWIS Masters Of The Country Blues Yazoo 519 (45) $19.99
                                       JAZZ & BLUES on DVD Concluded
HOPKINS, LIGHTNIN' Rare Performances 1960-79 1960, '70 & '79                      King Of The Blues Tribute to Muddy Waters: Koko, Big Bill Morganfield, Keb Mo,
        performances. 24 tunes! Rounder 13022 P (70) $24.99                               Buddy Guy, Musselwhite + audio CD Hybrid 20916 P (52) $14.99
HOWLIN' WOLF Secret History Of Rock & Roll directed by Don McGlynn                Legends Of Country Blues Guitar V. 1 18 Songs: Broonzy, Mance, Son House,
        Bluebird 56631 D (90) $19.99                                                      Brownie, more. Vestapol 13003 (88) $24.99
    In Concert 1970 +Sunnyland Slim,Hubert Sumlin Vestapol 13099 P(60) $24.99     Pete Seger's Rainbow Quest 1960's tv shows w/ Sonny & Brownie, John Hurt,
HUNTER, ALBERTA QUINTET Jazz Masters Shanachie 6320 P (57) $17.99                         Hedy West & Paul Cadwell Shanachi 607 T (120) $19.99
JACKSON, MAHALIA Collection 14 TV performances! Passport1617 P(41) $16.99         Texas Blues Guitar Collins, Freddie King, Hopkins, Lipscomb Vestapol 13041
JAMES, ETTA Burnin' Down The House Eagle Eye P (90) $14.99                                P (60) $24.99
JONES, PAUL & DAVID KELLY An Evening With... British harmonica & guitar           Tribute To Stevie Ray Vaughan BB King, Clapton, R.Cray Epic50144 P(80) $14.99
        Spy Blue 4968 P (88) $19.99                                               You See Me Laughin' In Mississippi with RL Burnside, T Model Ford,
JORDAN, LOUIS And The Tympany Five w/ Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway,                      Jr. Kimbrough & more. Fat Possum 1020 D $19.99
        Sammy Davis Jr. BMG 8008 P (48) $14.99                                    Sacred Steel House of God churches guitar tradition Arhoolie 203 D (55) $24.99
    & His Tympany Five 1946-48, 31 performances. Storyville16031 P(76) $12.99     Say Amen Somebody feature film +CD,commentary,24 page Ryko10891 D $24.99
KEB MO SESSIONS AT WEST 54th 1997 Sony 50237 P (68) $14.99                                         RHYTHM & BLUES DVDs
KECK, TONY Touch Technique Vestapol 13105 I (62) $24.99
                                                                                  BROWN, JAMES Live At Montreux 1981 dvd + cd EagleEye39129 P(71) $19.99
KING, ALBERT Live In Sweden June 9, 1980 Image 1703 P (58) $22.99
                                                                                      Soul Survivor bio +concert,interviews,rehearsals Polydor2109 D(90+) $14.99
KING, B.B. Jazz Casual 5 songs Rhino 972590 T (23) $14.99
                                                                                  GAYE, MARVIN Live In Belgium 1981 13 interviews Universal 7338 P $14.99
    Blues Summit 13 songs w/ Ruth Brown, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray,
                                                                                      Greatest Hits Live In 76 23 songs! Eagle Vision 33045 P (60) $12.99
        Albert Collins MCA 847 P $19.99
                                                                                      Live In Montreux 1980 DVD + CD of concert EagleEye P (100) $19.99
    Live By Request In New York w/ Jeff Beck. 14 tunes. MCA B1212 P $14.99
                                                                                  IKE & TINA TURNER Live In '71 CD&DVD,13 songs Eagle Vision 30085 P $19.99
    Living Legend 1968 Efor 2869041 $16.99
                                                                                  REDDING, OTIS The Legacy Of 18 songs +interviews Stax 7031 D (91+) $14.99
    & ERIC CLAPTON Riding With The King audio only!!! Reprise47612 A $18.99
                                                                                  ROBINSON, SMOKEY & THE MIRACLES Definitive Performances 1963-1987
KING, FREDDIE Live: Sugarbowl 1972 Vestapol 13072 P (67) $24.99
                                                                                          15 songs+invterviews, studio tracks, 24 page booklet Hip-O 7976 P $14.99
    Dallas Tx - Jan 20, 1973 in concert Vestapol 13028 P (58) $24.99
                                                                                  SUPREMES Reflections 21 tracks +acapella, trivia subtitles, 20-page booklet
    The !!!! Beat 1966 Vestapol 13014 P(60) $24.99
                                                                                          Motown 7961 D $14.99
KUBEK, SMOKIN' JOE / BNOIS KING My Heart's In Texas 12 songs
                                                                                  TURNER, IKE & TINA Live 8 songs Eagle Rock 33022 P (27) $10.99
        + inteverview Blind Pig 6007 P (59) $19.99
                                                                                  VARIOUS ARTISTSTS Back To Stax Sam Moore, Carla Thomas, Booker T,
MAGIC SLIM Anything Can Happen 13 songs +interview. Also on CD.
                                                                                          Eddie Floyd MVD-1334 P (154) $19.99
        Blind Pig 6003 P $19.99
                                                                                  From The Big Apple To The Big Easy 2 DVDs of New Orleans benefit concert
MAYALL, JOHN Godfather Of British Blues / Turning Point two documentaries
                                                                                          w/ Nevilles, Buffet, Simon & Garfunkel Rhino 971641 P (190) $24.99
        + photo gallery Focus 39031 D (59) $15.99
                                                                                  Harlem Roots V 3: Rhythm In Harmony 1942-45 Storyville 16002 P (54) $12.99
MEMPHIS SLIM Live At Ronnie Scott's w/ Slim Gaillard, Paul Jones Image 3494
                                                                                  Respect Yourself Memphis lable, narr: Samuel L.Jackson Stax7032 D(114) $19.99
    P (58) $19.99
                                                                                  Soul Comes Home 18 song by Stax concert +extras Shout 30356 D (112) $14.99
    / SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON Live In Europe w/ Otis Spann 19 performances
    + photo galllery Hip-O B3135 P $19.99                                         Stax/Volt Revue 17 songs by Booker T, Mar-Keys, Sam & Dave, Otis Redding
                                                                                          Reelin 703 P (75) $14.99
MISSISSIPPI HEAT One Eye Open: Live At Rosa's Lounge w/ Lurrie Bell.
        Also on CD! Delmark 1783 P (65) $24.99
MUDDY WATERS Can't Be Satisfied bio. Wellspring 73167 D (54) $14.99
    Chicago Blues Festival Great performance with Johnny Winter sitting in!
        Pioneer PA-11669 P (56) $19.99
    Classic CONCERTS Newport 1960, Denmark 1968 & Norway 1977
        + interviews HIP-O B5842 (120) $19.99
    Got My Mojo Workin' contains rare 1968-78 performances with full band.
                                                                                   JRM BOOKS
                                                                                     JRM BOOKS • JRM BOOKS • JRM BOOKS • JRM BOOKS
                                                                                           From noted jazz writer and former JRM employee,
        Yazoo 521 P (84) $19.99                                                                           Howard Mandel…
PERKINS, PINETOP Born In The Honey w/ Big Eyes Smith, Bob Stroger
        Sagebrush 101 P (48) $21.99
PIAZZA, ROD Big Blues Party +interview Blind Pig 6004 P (80) $19.99
ROBILLARD, DUKE In Concert Inak 6508 P (60) $19.99
RUSH, OTIS Live Part 1 1999 w/ Willie Henderson, Lonely Fuller.
        Blues Express 4002 P $25.99

SEALS, SON Journey Through The Blues documentary by close friend
        Peter Carlson VizzTone 102 D $21.99

STAPLES, POPS Live In Concert Silvermine 4042 P (60) $19.99
TAIL DRAGGER My Head Is Bald: Live At Verne's Friendly Lounge w/ Lurrie Bell,
    Billy Branch, Jimmy Dawkins. Also on CD! Delmark 1782 P (75) $24.99
TRAVIS, MERLE Sixteen Tons 1946-81 films & TV Vestapol 13034 (60) $24.99
VAUGHAN, STEVE RAY & DOUBLE TROUBLE Pride And Joy 80s music videos,
        MTV Unpluggeds, commercials, etc. Epic 09260 V (70) $14.99
VAUGHAN, STEVIE RAY Live At The El Mocambo 12 tunes + 1999 double
trouble interview Epic 49111 (63) $14.99
WHITE, JOSH Free & Equal Blues +24 page booklet Vestapol 13090 P(58) $24.99
WYMAN, BILL Blues Odyssey w/ Leadbelly, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, many more
        Image 3227 D (110) $24.99
VARIOUS ARTISTS American Folk Blues Festival V.1 John Lee Hooker, Muddy,
        Big Joe WIlliams,Otis Rush, Jr. Wells Hip-O 750 T $19.99
American Folk Blues Festival 1962-66 Vol. 2 Sonny Boy, Sunnyland, Willie Dixon,
        Hopkins,Spivey,Memphis Slim,T-Bone, Matt Guitar Murphy,Sonny&Brownie,
        Wolf, Sykes, Big Mama T. 16 tunes,24 page booklet Hip-O B751 $19.99
American Folk Blues Festival: British Tours 63-66 18 performances: Muddy,
        Tharpe, Wolf, Lightnin', SBW, Jr. Hip-O 8353 P $14.99
Blues Houseparty piedmont blues incl.Cephas&Wiggins Multicultural1011 P $29.99                            MILES-ORNETTE-CECIL
Bluesland Son House, Leadbelly, Broonzy, Muddy, Dinah BMG 80087 (85) $16.99
Buried Alive In The Blues Chicago reunion concert DVD + CD: Sam Lay,
                                                                                                   Jazz Beyond Jazz $29.99 (Hardback)
        Corky Siegel, BB King, Buddy Guy Out 39139 P (84) $19.99
Chicago Blues Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, J.B. Hutto, Johnnie Lewis
        Vestapol 13095 (50) $24.99
                                                                                                      Ask for an autographed copy!
Desperate Man Blues Joe Bussard's quest to discover & preserve roots music                                 (we have just a few left)
        Cube 05 D (180) $25.99

      These are bargains at greatly reduced prices, but we also carry numerous budget CD lines which we don’t have space to list.

                 TRADITIONAL JAZZ CDs                                                                  VOCAL JAZZ CDs
ARMSTRONG, LOUIS A Song Was Born Laserlight 17200 $7.99                         ASTAIRE, FRED Fascinatin' Rhythm 18 tracks Fabulous 179 $7.99
   Essential Slam 029 $7.99                                                     BAILEY, MILDRED It Had To Be You 18 songs! Past Perfect 204326 $7.99
   Hot Fives 24 tracks, 72 minutes Jazzterdays102416 $8.99                      BAILEY, PEARL Personality 16 songs Past Perfect 205764 $7.99
   Hot Fives & Hot Sevens 22 tracks, 70 minutes. Jazzterdays 102417 $8.99       BENJAMIN, SATHIMA BEA Lovelight Enja 6022 $7.99
   Lover              Dove 8135 $7.99                                           BENNET, TONY / COUNT BASIE Jeepers Creepers Jazz Time 8148 $7.99
   What A Wonderful World w/Trummy Young,Barret Deems JazzTime8106 $7.99
                                                                                CAIN, JACKIE / ROY KRAL The Beautiful Sea Songs of sun, sand & sea
ARMSTRONG, LOUIS ALUMNI Remembering Louis Cozy Cole, Lionel Hampton,                    DRG 8474 $7.99
       J. Murray, R. Moore Jazz Time 8151 $7.99
                                                                                CALLIER, TERRY Essential: The Very Best Of... import MCA 11781 $13.99
BECHET, SIDNEY Essential 20 tracks! Masters Of Jazz 10 $7.99
                                                                                CARR, HELEN Complete Bethlehem Collection 20 songs! Bethlehem 4002 $7.99
DODDS, JOHNNY Blue Clarinet Stomp Past Perfect 204319 $7.99
FATTY GEORGE Two Sides Of... RST 91591 $5.99                                    CATS & THE FIDDLE We Cats Will Swing For You 1940-41 Fabulous 196 $7.99
HINES, EARL FATHA Piano Man Past Perfect 204383 $7.99                               We Cats Will Swing For You 1941-48 Fabulous 263 $7.99
   Honor Thy Fatha w/ Red Callender, BIll Douglas Drive 1034 $7.99              CHRISTY, JUNE & STAN KENTON The Uncollected Hindsight 219 $5.99
   & HIS ORCHESTRA Straight Life 20 tracks Past Perfect 220400 $7.99            COLE, NAT KING Shows V.1 5 shows from 1956 On the Air 101902 $7.99
   / JOE SULLIVAN Jazz Casual Koch 8565 $7.99                                   DAVIS JR SAMMY Sammy In Nashville Hallmark 304622 $5.99
JACKSON, CLIFF Carolina Shout piano solos Black Lion 194 $7.99                  FITZGERALD, ELLA Legendary Vol. 3 20 tracks! Acrobat 108 $7.99
MORTON, JELLY ROLL King Porter Stomp Past Perfect 204315 $7.99                      Legendary Vol. 4 20 tracks! Acrobat 109 $7.99
OLIVER, KING Riverside Blues 17 songs Past Perfect 204312 $7.99                 FORREST, HELEN Embraceable You 1949-50 Hindsight 257 $5.99
PAGE, HOT LIPS Play The Blues In 'B' Archives 3801172 $5.99                         I Wanna Be Loved         w/ Carmen Dragon Hindsight 250 $5.99
RUSSELL, PEE WEE & COLEMAN HAWKINS Jazz Reunion PastP220369 $7.99
                                                                                FOUR FRESHMAN Day By Day                     Hindsight 604 $9.99
TEAGARDEN, JACK Live - August 16, 1944 Canby 1000 $5.99
                                                                                    In Concert Hindsight 613 $5.99
   Stars Fell On Alabama Past Perfect 204314 $7.99
                                                                                HOLIDAY, BILLIE A Loveless Love Slam 028 $7.99
VARIOUS ARTISTS Salute To Satchmo Blue Note 6, Arvell Shaw,
       Barrett Deems, Oscar Klein. Live in Vienna, 1995 RST 91609 $5.99             Alternates Vol. 3 1940/42 King Jazz 0173 $12.99
                                                                                    Incomparable Vol. 1 20 tracks! Acrobat 112 $7.99
                    BIG BAND JAZZ CDs                                               Incomparable Vol. 2 20 tracks! Acrobat 113 $7.99
BARNET, CHARLIE Skyliner Past Perfect 204338 $7.99
                                                                                HORNE, LENA Whispering                    Dove 8138 $5.99
BASIE, COUNT Fancy Pants          Pablo 2310.920 $5.99
                                                                                INK SPOTS Greatest Hits 18 songs! Fabulous 150 $7.99
    Basie Jam at Montreux 1975 w/ Roy Eldridge, Milt Jackson, Niels Pedersen,
        Johnny Griffin, Louis Bellson. Japanese long box Pablo J33J-20053 $5.99 JEFFRIES,HERB Say It Isn't So           1957 Bethlehem 3006 $7.99
    For The First Time w/ Ray Brown, Louis Bellson Pablo J33J 20051 $7.99       JOPLIN, BETTY Blinded By Love Great vocalist w/ Jack McDuff, Phil Upchurch
    It Had To Be You          Dove 8136 $5.99                                           Lake Street 52005 $9.99
    Prime Time Japanese import long box Pablo J33J-20018 $5.99                  McCORKLE, SUSANNAH From Boken Hearts               Concord 4835 $7.99
BERRY,CHU & CAB CALLOWAY ORCH. Penguin Swing Archives 3891082 $7.99                 Lets Face The Music w/ Chris Potter Concord 4759 $7.99
BROWN, LES Midnight Son 19 tracks Past Perfect 220395 $7.99                     McRAE,CARMEN With Mat Mathews And To w/ Mat Mathews, Tony Scott
    ORCHESTRA Stompin' At The Savoy 20 tracks! Past Perfect 205714 $7.99                Bethlehem 30162 $7.99
CALLOWAY, CAB Jiveformation Please (1938 1941) Jazzterdays 102429 $7.99 MILLS BROTHERS Boog - It 19 tracks Past Perfect 205771 $7.99
    Minnie The Moocher Past Perfect 204345 $7.99                                    Shoe Shine Boy 18 songs! Past Perfect 204323 $7.99
CLARKE, KENNY & F. BOLAND In Europe 1969 2 CD set. Europe 1501 $12.99 MORAN, PAT Quartet 2 CDs, 24 songs! Bethlehem 5002 $11.99
DORIZ, DANY This One's For Basie            Black & Blue 860 $9.99              MORRIS, AUDREY / PAULA CASTLE Girls Vol.1 20 songs! Bethlehem 4005 $7.99
EAST ASIA ORCHESTRA Jazz Buhne Berlin '84 Repertoire 4914 $7.99                 NIEMACK,JUDY Straight Up fine vocalist +Toots,Kenny Werner Freelance18 $9.99
GARBER, JAN & ORCHESTRA Play 22 Originals Hindsight 403 $5.99                   O'DAY,ANITA & Her Tears Flowed Like Wine 16 songs Past Perfect 204332 $7.99
HAMPTON, LIONEL All-Star Sessions, Vol. 1 Jazzterdays 102407 $7.99
                                                                                REEVES, DIANNE Palo Alto Sessions 1981-85 Blue Note 65452 $7.99
    50th Anniversary Concert w/Cheatham,Cobb,Panama,Cat HalfNote4201 $7.99
                                                                                RIO NIDO Voicings vocal trio similar to Manhattan Transfer Projazz 622 $8.99
    Early Hamp w/ Armstrong, Wilson, Condon bands Affinity 1011 $7.99
                                                                                RIVERS, MAVIS & RED NORVO We Remember Mildred Bailey Koch 8551 $7.99
    Fun 6 trx Dove 8133 $5.99
    Sound Of Jazz...In Concert Vol. 8 SOJ 3886082 $5.99                         SHAW, MARLENA Elemental Soul w/ Stanley Turrentine Concord 4774 $7.99
HAWKINS, ERSKINE Tippin' In 14 songs Past Perfect 204357 $7.99                  SIMONE, NINA My Way                      SLD 13652 $7.99
HEATH, TED Fever                       Long Box London 20180 $7.99              SINATRA, FRANK Embraceable You 14 songs Exceed 500692 $9.99
HENDERSON, FLETCHER Riffin' 17 tracks. Past Perfect 204337 $7.99                SMITH, BESSIE / BILLIE HOLIDAY Lady Luck Blues 2 CDs Master 110 $11.99
JAMES, HARRY Concerto For Trumpet Past Perfect 205747 $7.99                     SMITH, CARRIE When You're Down And Out Black & Blue 904 $9.99
    Greatest Hits Flash 8345 $7.99                                              STARR, KAY In The 1940's: Please Love Me                 Hindsight 214 $5.99
    Mr. Trumpet Hindsight 702 $5.99                                             STEWART, BOB For Your Ears Only VWC 4105 $7.99
KAYE, JOEL Neophonic Jazz Orchestra Live Vartan 017 $7.99                       TORME, MEL My Night To Dream ballads collection Concord 4790 $7.99
KENTON, STAN Fascinating Rhythm 22 tracks Past Perfect 205759 $7.99             VAUGHN, SARAH Lullaby Of Birdland FourStar 40091 $8.99
    Painted Rhythm 17 tracks Past Perfect 204349 $7.99
                                                                                WALLER, FATS Best Of The War Years 16 tracks! Stardust 1066 $7.99
LUNCEFORD, JIMMY For Dancers Only Past Perfect 204358 $7.99
                                                                                    Career Perspective 1922-1943 24 tracks! Memoir 515 $7.99
RICH, BUDDY Rags To Riches Fourstar 40055 $8.99
                                                                                    Honeysuckle Rose 21 tracks! Jazz Hour 73503 $7.99
    & LIONEL HAMPTON Buddy's Rock 1977 Jazz Time 8143 $7.99
SHARPE, JACK BIG BAND Roarin' w/ Andy Mackintosh RSJH 022 $7.99                     S/T Folio $7.99
YOUNG,LESTER&COUNT BASIE Lady Be Good 19 trx Jazzterdays102418 $7.99 WILEY,LEE Live:Look at Me Now! p.Boris Rose new-no booklet Yadeon503 $9.99
VARIOUS ARTISTS Big Band Blast! The Classic Originals Dorsey, Shaw,             VARIOUS ARTISTS Great Divas 5 CDs, one each of Mildred Bailey, Sarah
        Herman, Hampton, et. al. Memoir 541 $7.99                                       Vaughan, Doris Day, Billie Holiday, Lena Horne Joan 7197 $19.99
Men Of Jazz Louis, Cab, TD, BG, Duke, Lionel Hampton. 3 CDs! VMK 1121 $9.99 Jazz Singers Sing The Blues            w/ Sarah, Mel, Rosemary Clooney, Peggy Lee
Vintage Jazz Vol. 2 13 tracks: Duke Ellington, Harry James, Benny Goodman,              Hindsight 902 $5.99
        Django Prestige 297 $7.99                                               Sampler V.1 24 songs by Tormé, Roche, McCrae, more Bethlehem 3024 $7.99

                              JAZZ CDs                                            DONALDSON, LOU Midnight Creeper Applause 4414 $7.99
                                                                                      Lou's Blues 64 minutes of music! Past Perfect 220301 $7.99
ABERCROMBIE, JOHN + JOHN SCOFIELD Solar Quicksilver 4004 $7.99                    EHRLICH, MARTY Song w/ Uri Caine, Billy Drummond Enja 9396 $7.99
    / LES ARBUCKLE / STERN Bush Crew AudioQuest 113 $7.99                             Live Wood European 1996 w/Erik Friedlander, Helias Music&Arts 986 $11.99
ABSOLUT ENSEMBLE Absolution Kristjan Järvi Enja 9394 $7.99                        ELDRIDGE, ROY I Can't Get Started Past Perfect 204367 $7.99
ALEXANDER, MONTY Ivory & Steel              Concord 4124 $7.99                        Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams Past Perfect 220342 $7.99
    Full Steam Ahead      w/ Ray Brown, Frank Gant Concord 4287 $7.99             ELLIS, DON A Simplex One Past Perfect 220368 $7.99
    Heritage Series     best of Concord recordings Concord 4834 $7.99             ELLIS-BAND Children In Peril Suite w/ Joe Mcphee, Marco Eneidi, Dana Reason
ALMEIDA,LARUINDO Heritage Series best recordings for Concord 4823 $7.99                   Music & Arts 1016 $7.99
BAKER, CHET Legacy Vol. 1 1987 w/ NDR Big Band Enja 9021 $7.99                    ENEIDI, MARCO / GLENN SPEARMAN Creative Music Orchestra
    Straight from the Heart:Great Last Concert V.2 +NDR Big Band Enja6020$7.99            Music & Arts 980 $7.99
BARRETT, DAN OCTET Strictly Instrumental w/ Howard Alden, Ken Peplowski           FARLOW, TAL On Stage w/ Hank Jones, Red Norvo, Ray Brown, Jake Hanna
        Concord 4331 $7.99                                                                Concord 4143 $7.99
BELLSON,LOUIE Heritage Series best of Concord recordings Concord4817 $7.99        FARMER, ART Soft Shoe 17 songs Past Perfect 220306 $7.99
    Raincheck w/ Blue Mitchell, Ted Nash, Ross Tompkins Concord 4073 $7.99        FIELDS, SCOTT Sonotropism w/ Marilyn Crispell, Larry Ochs, Matt Turner
    QUARTET Live at the Jazz Showcase live in Chicago Concord 4350 $7.99                  Music & Arts 1007 $7.99
BENSON, GEORGE Live (The Early Years) UED 9907 $7.99                              FIELDS, SCOTT ENSEMBLE Disaster At Sea, An Opera Seria w/ Vincent Davis,
    Love For Sale Puk 10072 $7.99                                                         Matt Turner Music & Arts 961 $7.99
BLAKEY, ART & JAMES MOODY Workshop 19 songs PastPerfect 205742 $7.99              FONDA, JOE & MICHAEL JEFRY STEVENS The Wish Music & Arts 916 $7.99
BLANCHARD, PIERRE Music For String Quartet, Jazz Trio, Violin w/ Lee Konitz           Parallel Lines Music & Arts 979 $7.99
        long box Sunnyside 1023 $7.99                                             FONTANA, CARL / JACK HANNA Hanna Fontana Band w/ Herb Ellis,
BOSTIC, EARL Flamingo 18 tracks Past Perfect 205760 $7.99                                 Daver McKenna Concord 6011 $7.99
BOULOU & ELIOS FERRE Pour Django longbox Steeplechase 31120 $3.99                 FREEMAN, CHICO & ARTHUR BLYTHE Luminous RSJH 010 $12.99
BOURELLY, JEAN-PAUL Tribute To Jimi         Koch 7848 $7.99                       FREEMAN, CHICO QUINTET The Unspoken Word w/ Arthur Blythe,
BRACKEEN, JOANNE Take A Chance Bossa Nova with Eddie Gomez,                               Idris Muhammad, Julian Joseph, Curtis Lundy RSJH 034 $3.99
        Duduka Da Fonseca, Waltinho Anastacio Concord 4602 $7.99                  FREEMAN, VON 75th Birthday Celebration Live at Blue Note. w/ Chico Freeman,
BRAXTON, ANTHONY / PETER N. WILSON Hamburg 1991 Music&Arts710 $7.99                       George Cables, Santi DeBriano, Gene Jackson, Dianne Reeves (singing
BRAXTON, ANTHONY & RICHARD TEITELBAUM Live At Merkin Hall NYC                             "Comes Love"). Half Note 4903 $7.99
        Music & Arts 949 $7.99                                                    FRISHBERG, DAVID Getting Some Fun Out w/ Bob Findley, Marshal Royal,
BRAXTON,ANTHONY & TED REICHMAN Duo Leipzig:1993 Music&Arts848 $7.99                       Larry Gales, Steve Schaeffer Concord 4037 $7.99
BREAKSTONE, JOSHUA Remembering Grant Green Bellaphon 169 $9.99                        Let's Eat Home w/ Rob McConnell, Snooky Young Concord 4402 $7.99
BROWN, CLIFFORD Brownie Speaks 17 songs Past Perfect 205769 $7.99                 GAILLARD, SLIM Vout For Voutoreenees 18 tracks Acrobat 151 $7.99
BROWN, RAY & JIMMY ROWLES Tasty! 1979 Concord 4122 $7.99                          GALPER, HAL TRIO Invitation To A Concert Concord 4455 $7.99
BUCKNER, MILT & ANDRE PERSIANI Pianistically Yours Black&Blue 915 $9.99           GARCIA-FONS, RENAUD Alborea Enja 9057 $7.99
BUNCH, JOHN TRIO Best Thing For You           Concord 4328 $7.99                  GETZ, STAN Is Jazz            Live at Cannes, 1980 Music Club 50088 $7.99
BURRELL,KENNY Love Is the Answer +Boys Choir of Harlem Concord42053$7.99              'Round Midnight 65 minutes of music! Jazz Hour 73542 $7.99
BURTON,GARY Astor Piazzolla Reunion          Concord 4793 $7.99                       / PAUL HORN / JOE FARRELL Riviera Concert           Jazz Time 8155 $7.99
    Departure w/ Hersch,Peter Erskine,John Scofield,Patitucci Concord4749 $7.99   GILLESPIE, DIZZY Jazz Masters Folio $7.99
BYAS, DON Riffin' & Jivin' 20 tracks Past Perfect 205726 $7.99                        Jazz Legends BBC 70 live minutes from 1987 BBC 7002 $7.99
BYRD, DONALD & PEPPER ADAMS Motor City Scene w/ Kenny Burrell,                        Soul Time Jazz Time 8153 $7.99
        Tommy Flanagan, Hey Lewis, Paul Chambers Bethlehem 30182 $7.99                / DINAH WASHINGTON A Night In Birdland Live V. 1 1961/60 Boris Rose
CAMPBELL, JOHN Maybeck Series #29             Concord 4581 $7.99                          recordings. sealed-no booklet Yadeon 500 $9.99
CAPORASO, ANDRE Pathways w/ Damon Short, Steve Marsh, Jeff Newell                 GOLLEHON,MAC Smokin'Section w/John Hicks,Ronnie Cuber HalfNote4902 $7.99
        long box Blue Moon $11.99                                                 GORDON, DEXTER Dextrose 14 songs Past Perfect 204370 $7.99
CARTER, BENNY Love For Sale Past Perfect 204339 $7.99                                 Jazz Masters Folio $7.99
CATINGUB, MATT George Gershwin 100 Concord 4797 $7.99                             GORDON,DEXTER Settin' The Pace 23 tracks! Savoy 17027 $7.99
CHARLES,TEDDY Salute to Hamp Brookmeyer,Thigpen,Zoot Bethlehem4008$7.99           GRAEWE, GEORG Concert San Francisco 1995 Music & Arts 968 $7.99
CHEATHAM, JEANNIE & JIMMY Basket Full Of Blues Concord 4501 $7.99                 GRANT, TOM Just The Right Moment (fusion) long box Pausa 7174 $3.99
    Back To The Neighborhood Concord 4373 $7.99                                   GRAPPELLI,STEPHANE I Hear Music 16 tracks,75 minutes JazzHour73586 $7.99
    Homeward Bound w/ Cleanhead Vinson, Snooky Young Concord 4321 $7.99           GUERIN,ROLAND Live at Blue Note Irvin Mayfield,Eric Reed HalfNote4904 $7.99
    Luv In The Afternoon Concord 4429 $7.99                                       HAMILTON, SCOTT My Romance                    Concord 4710 $7.99
    Midnight Mama Concord 4297 $7.99                                                  Heritage Series w/Ruby Braff,Tommy Flanagan,G.Mulligan Concord4819 $7.99
CHILDS, BILLY I've Known Rivers Stretch 9010 $7.99                                    & PIZZARELLI,BUCKY Red Door remembering Zoot Sims Concord4799 $7.99
CHRISTIAN, CHARLIE & BENNY GOODMAN SEXTET Live 1939-41                            HAMPTON, LIONEL Airmail Special Past Perfect 205777 $7.99
        Archives 3891232 $7.99                                                        Crazy Rhythm Past Perfect 204371 $7.99
COHEN, AVISHAI Devotion Stretch 9021 $7.99                                        HARRIS, GENE QUARTET Like A Lover               Concord 4526 $7.99
COHN, AL / THE JAZZ SEVEN Keeper Of The Flame RSJH 004 $3.99                      HAWKINS, COLEMAN Bean's Talking Again 21 songs Past Perfect 205785 $7.99
COHN, AL / DEXTER GORDON / ZOOT SIMS We Three Tenor Sax Legends                       Body And Soul 14 songs Past Perfect 204373 $7.99
        seperately Biograph 137 $7.99                                                 Hawk In Europe 1934-1937 ASV 5054 $7.99
COLEMAN, BILL Meets Guy Lafitte        Black Lion 182 $7.99                           In The Groove 1926-39 24 tracks! Indigo 2037 $7.99
COLEMAN, GEORGE Playing Changes w/ Ray Drummond, Billy Higgins                    HAYES, LOUIS Featuring Yusef Lateef & Nat Adderley VeeJay 906 $8.99
        RSJH 015 $7.99                                                            HAYES, TUBBY Night And Day Live at Ronnie Scott's RSJH 013 $7.99
COLIANNI, JOHN TRIO Blues-O-Matic          w/ Lynn Seaton, Mel Lewis,             HEATH BROTHERS Jazz Family                  Concord 4846 $7.99
        Lew Tabackin Concord 4367 $7.99                                           HEATH,JIMMY/PERCY/TOOTIE As We Were Saying together Concord4777 $7.99
COLTRANE, JOHN Live: The Masters 2 CDs Eagle 18 $15.99                            HELIAS, MARK Desert Blue Enja 6016 $7.99
    / CHARLIE MINGUS GROUP A Night In Birdland Live V. 2 1963/62 Boris Rose       HERRING,VINCENT Don't Let It Go MusicMasters 65121 $7.99
recordings. sealed-no booklet Yadeon 501 $9.99                                    HITTMAN, JEFF / YOSHITAKA UEMATSU Mosaic w/ Valerie Ponoarev,
CONNERS, GENE Coming Home                    Black & Blue 913 $9.99                       Larry Willis, Dannis Irwin long box Soul Note 121137 $9.99
CONNOR,CHRIS Chris 24 songs! w/ Sy Oliver Bethlehem 4011 $9.99                    HO, FRED Warrior Sisters               New Adventures of African & Asian
COREA, CHICK Remembering Bud Powell w/ Haynes, Garrett, McBride,                          Womyn Warriors. 2 CDs. Koch 7899 $15.99
        Redman, Roney Stretch 9012 $7.99                                          HODGES, JOHNNY Hop, Skip And Jump Past Perfect 220343 $7.99
    Origin               Stretch 9018 $7.99                                           Rabbit's Blues 21 tracks! Past Perfect 205743 $7.99
    & FRIENDS Sea Breeze (1978) Jazz Time 8149 $7.99                              HOLMES,RICHARD GROOVE Groove's Groove w/ Jimmy WItherspoon
CORYELL, LARRY Millenium Collection 2 CDs International 304 $11.99                        Jazz Hour 73585 $7.99
COWELL, STANLEY Travelin' Man w/ Jimmy Hopps Black Lion 178 $7.99                 HUBBARD, FREDDIE Live In Warsaw Past Perfect 205776 $7.99
D'RIVERA, PAQUITO UN ORCH. Live at Manchester 1997 BlueJackel 1003 $7.99          ISRAEL, YORON Connection w/ Eric Alexander, Ed CHerry, Steve Turre
DANKO, HAROLD Alone By Not Forgotten w/ Joe & John LaBarbera longbox                      Half Note 4901 $7.99
        Sunnyside1033 $7.99                                                       JACKSON, MILT Early Modern 23 tracks! Savoy 92862 $7.99
DANKWORTH, ALEC & JOHN Nebuchadnezzar RSJH 033 $7.99                              JAMAL, AHMAD At His Very Best 17 tracks, 72 minutes! Pair 1244 $14.99
DAVIS, MILES Jazz Poem                  Metrodome 397 $7.99                       KARLSSON, STEFAN TRIO Vol. 1 Live w/ Eddie Gomez Vartan 010 $7.99
    Out Of The Blue 66 minutes of music! Jazz Hour 73609 $7.99                    KASE, CHRIS Starting Now Mons 874659 $8.99
    Rare Unreleased Broadcasts 1950s +Coltrane,Rollins,Evans Yadeon502 $9.99

                                                                                  KAWAGUCHI, GEORGE Plays Herbie Hancock Bellaphon K32 Y 6206 $9.99
DAVIS, MILES Rollin' & Blowin' Metrodome 475 $7.99                                    & ALL STARS Jazz Battle w/ Freddie Hubbard, Ron Carter,
DOLPHY, ERIC Conversations              w/ Richard Davis, Sonny Simmons,                  Billy Pierce, Elvin Jones Bellaphon 040 $9.99
        Prince Lasha Restless 72660 $7.99
                                               JAZZ CD SPECIALS, continued
KELLAWAY, ROGER & RED MITCHELL Life's A Take             Concord 4551 $7.99         REGEN,JON Live at the Blue Note w/Yoron Israel&Joel Frahm HalfNote4909 $7.99
KESSEL, BARNEY Heritage Series          best of his Concord recordings              REMLER, EMILY Retrospective Vol. 1-St Concord 4453 $7.99
        Concord 4828 $7.99                                                          RICH, BUDDY Buddy's Rock Past Perfect 205702 $7.99
KIKOSKI, DAVID / EDDIE GOMEZ / AL FOSTER Presage Freelance 11 $9.99                     Rich-Ual Dance Past Perfect 204359 $7.99
KIRKLAND, KENNY S/T w/ Branford Marsalis GRP 9657 $8.99                             ROGERS, SHORTY Contours 16 tracks Past Perfect 220302 $7.99
KLOSS, ERIC Sweet Connections live 1979 EJ's103.501 $7.99                           ROLAND, JOE Vibraphone Players Of Bethlehem V. 2 Bethlehem 3017 $7.99
KOFFMAN,MOE Quintet&DIZZY GILLESPIE Oop Pop Ada Soundwings2108 $7.99                ROWLES, JIMMY Lilac Time                 Koko 1297 $7.99
KONITZ, LEE A Veneziea Philology 053 $9.99                                          SASSETTI, BERNARD Salsetti w/ Paquito D'Rivera Groove 107 $7.99
    Brazilian Rhapsody MusicMasters 65151 $8.99                                     SCAGGIARI, STEFAN TRIO That's Ska-Jar'-E Concord 4510 $7.99
    Free With Lee Philology 046 $12.99                                              SHEARING, GEORGE Jump For Joy Memoir 535 $7.99
    Hibeck 19 tracks! Past Perfect 205746 $7.99                                         Timeless w/ Chuck Wayne, Marjorie Hyams, Denzil Best Savoy17118 $7.99
    Subconscious Lee 18 tracks! 78 minutes! Past Perfect 220310 $7.99               SIEGAL, DAN Short Stories (fusion) long box Pausa 7202 $3.99
    / FRANCO D'ANDREA Inside Cole Porter Philology 107 $5.99                        SILVER, HORACE Quicksilver 14 tracks Past Perfect 205733 $7.99
    & RENATO SELLANI Speakin’ Lowly Std. Series Philology 071 $11.99                SPENDEL S/T funky fusion w/ guest Lenny White long box L&R 5014 $3.99
KONITZ, LEE / TIZIANA GHIGLIONI / STEFANO BATTAGLIA So Many Stars                   SPLATTER TRIO & DEBRIS Jump Or Die Randy McKean, Tom Plsek & Gregg
        Philology 045 $11.99                                                                Bendian perform Anthony Braxton compositions. Music & Arts 843 $7.99
KRIDVA, ERNIE & DAN WALL Golden Moments                  Koch 7310 $7.99            STEWART, BOB One Life VWC 4107 $7.99
L.A. 4 Live At Montreux - Summer 1979 Laurindo Almeida, Bud Shank,                      Welcome to the Club w/Hank Jones, Mel Lewis,Frank Weiss VWC 4101 $7.99
        Jeff Hamilton Concord 4100 $7.99                                            STITT, SONNY I Should Care                Jewel 5055 $7.99
LAKE, OLIVER Compilation 10 tracks from Jump Up, Gallery, Impala &                      Rockin' At The Hi-Hat 64 minutes! Past Perfect 220393 $7.99
        Otherside Gramavision 79458 $7.99                                           TANAREID Passing Thoughts Akira Tana, Rusus Reid Concord 4505 $7.99
LAST POETS Retro Fit                 Celluloid 6208 $7.99                               Yours & Mine Akira Tana, Rufus Reid Concord 4440 $7.99
LAVERNE, ANDY Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Concord 4577 $7.99                       TATUM, ART Body & Soul         23 tracks 1938 / 1946 Jazz Hour 73514 $7.99
LAWS, RONNIE True Spirit Prestige 200 $7.99                                         TAYLOR, CECIL Port Of Call 63 minutes! Past Perfect 220370 $7.99
LEITCH, PETER Trio Concord 4480 $7.99                                               TEEPE, JORIS Bottom Line w/ Don Braden Mons 874770 $8.99
    QUARTET Mean What You Say w/ John Hicks, Ray Drummon, Smitty Smith              TERRY, CLARK Flutin' & Fluglin' Past Perfect 220372 $7.99
        Concord 4417 $7.99                                                              Remember The Time w/ Ray Brown, Jeff Hamilton Mons 874762 $7.99
LEONHART, JAY Live Out On The Road: A Jazz Journey Prestige 199 $7.99                   & GEORGE ROBERT The Good Things In Life Mons 874437 $8.99
    With His Friends w/ Michael & Randy Brecker, Bill Charlap DRG 8439 $7.99        THOMAS, JOE Masada Beast Retro 12062 $7.99
LOWE, ALLEN Dark Was The Night - Cold Was The Ground w/ Roswell Rudd                TURRENTINE,STANLEY Always Something There Applause 4404 $7.99
        Music & Arts 811 $7.99                                                      TYNER,McCOY Autumn Mood -Claudio Roditi,Avery Sharpe Laserlight17121 $7.99
MAHOGANY, KEVIN Pussy Cat Blues Music of Mingus w/ Charles McPherson,                   Live at Musicians Exchange Cafe w/Sharpe,Louis Hayes WhosWho21031$3.99
        Jimmy Knepper Enja 9316 $7.99                                               TYNER, MCCOY Port Au Bleus Past Perfect 204235 $7.99
MANHATTAN JAZZ QUINTET Best Lew Soloff,George Young Bellaphon132 $9.99                  Suddenly 12 songs Past Perfect 205784 $7.99
MANN, HERBIE Mann Plays Bethlehem 30012 $9.99                                       VAN DYKE, LOUIS TRIO North Sea Vol.3 w/ James Moody, Herb Geller, Hubert
    My Little Suede Shoes Past Perfect 220346 $7.99                                 Lewis & Tony Coe Jazz World 203 $9.99
MARIA, TANIA Heritage Series best of Concord recordings Concord 4835 $7.99          VIGNOLA, FRANK Deja Vu          Concord 4802 $7.99
MASON, CHRISTOPHER Sakura GSR 87 $11.99                                             VIGNOLA, FRANK & UNIT FOUR Look Right, Jog Left Concord 4718 $7.99
McCONNELL,ROB BOSS BRASS Heritage Series Concord 4829 $7.99                         WALDRON, MAL Left Alone: Dedicated To Billie Holiday Bethlehem 3022 $7.99
McGRIFF, JIMMY You Ought To Think About Me Headfirst 379 $7.99                      WALKER, JIM & FREE FLIGHT Beyond The Clouds Hindsight 616 $5.99
McNEELY, JIM Live At Maybeck Recital       Concord 4522 $7.99                       WALLACE,BENNIE Big Jim's Tango w/David Holland,Elvin Jones Enja4046 $7.99
McPARTLAND, MARIAN Mary Lou Willaims Concord 4605 $7.99                                 Sweeping Through The City w/ Ray Anderson, John Scofield Enja 4078 $7.99
    Heritage Series w/ Jake Hanna, Chris Potter, G.Shearing Concord4824 $7.99       WALLACE, BENNIE The Talk Of The Town            Enja 7091 $7.99
    Piano Jazz 1992 w/ Jack DeJohnette Jazz Alliance 12018 $7.99                    WEBSTER, BEN Cadillac Slim Past Perfect 204382 $7.99
    Portrait Of       Concord 4101 $7.99                                            WERTICO, PAUL Stereonudeosis dense polyrhythms, spacious soundscapes,
MICROSCOPIC SEPTET Take The Z Train            Koch 7863 $7.99                              grandiose crescendos A440 4036 $7.99
MINGUS,CHARLES Modern Jazz Symposium Music&Poetry Bethlehem4009 $7.99               WESTON, RANDY How High The Moon 1956 w/ Cecil Payne Biograph147 $7.99
MONK,THELONIUS Epistrophy V.2 62 minutes of music! Jazz Hour 73546 $7.99            WHITEHEAD, TIM Authentic RSJH 023 $7.99
    Blue Monk w/ Charlie Rouse, Larry Gales, Ben Riley Jazz Hour 73501 $8.99        WILLIAMSON CLAUDE Round Midnight 20-bit mastering Bethlehem 3021 $7.99
MONTGOMERY, BUDDY Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Concord 4494 $7.99                   WILSON, STEVE Generations Stretch 9019 $7.99
MONTGOMERY, WES QUARTET Twisted Blues w/ Harold Mabern                                  Passages w/ Nicholas Payton Stretch 9025 $7.99
        Jazz Hour 73569 $7.99                                                       WILSON, TEDDY Early Session Hop 20 tracks Past Perfect 220334 $7.99
MOODY, JAMES Moody's Mood For Love            w/ Jodie Christian Jewel 5056 $3.99       I've Found A New Baby Past Perfect 204364 $7.99
    Teachers & Heritage Hum 2 LPs on 1 CD w/Eddie Jefferson Castle289 $11.99        WINDING, KAI Boy Next Door 1977 Jazz Time 8140 $7.99
MORGAN, DAVID Live At The Blue Note Half Note 4907 $7.99                            WONG,FRANCIS QUARTET Pilgrimage w/Royal Hartigan Music&Arts 974 $7.99
MOSES, BOB Nishoma Grapeshot 9001 $7.99                                             VARIOUS ARTISTS V/A Sound Of Jazz V. 32 Stan Getz, Mike Gerson,
NAVARRO, FATS Fats Blows 16 songs Past Perfect 204369 $7.99                                 Sugar Blue, Gayle Moran, Patrick Artero SoJ 8632 $7.99
NEWMAN, DAVID Mr.Gentle, Mr.Cool Tribute to Duke Ellington Koko 1300 $3.99          A Night At Ronnie's Volume 1 Ronnie Scott, Sarah Vaughan, Marion Montgomery.
NORVO, RED TRIO Move w/Tal Farlow,Charles Mingus PastPerfect205755 $7.99                    RSJH 006 $7.99
PARKER, CHARLIE Bird Lives! Classic Jazz 1011 $7.99                                     Volume 2 Roy Aires, Elaine Delmar, Irakere, Fourth World. RSJH 011 $7.99
    Blues For Norman w/ Prez, Hank Jones, Buddy Rich Jazz World 316 $11.99              V.3 Latin Jazz Irakere,Arturo Sandoval, 4th World, Afro Cuba. RSJH 012 $7.99
    Cool Blues 20 tracks w/ Quinet, Quartet, All-Stars, McShann, Machinto               Volume 4 Dankworth, Sandoval, Whitehead, Ayers, Irakere RSJH 025 $7.99
        Pure Gold 905200 $7.99                                                          Vol.5 Sarah Vaughan, Chico Freeman, Dankworth, Sandoval. RSJH 026 $7.99
PATITUCCI,JOHN 1 More Angel w/ Motian, Brecker, Pasqua Concord4753 $7.99            Discover The Rhythms Of Jazz Dance (Acid Jazz) Drum Rhythm 35693 $7.99
PEOPLE LIKE US No...Really Joel Forrester, Claire Daly, Dave Hofstra,               Golden Years of Jazz Vol 2 Lester Young,Artie Shaw,Art Tatum Prestige3291 $7.99
        Denis Charles Koch 7814 $7.99                                               High Flyin' Jazz Freshmen, C.McRae, J.London, Duke,Hamp Hindsight901799
PEPLOWSKI, KEN And Heaven Too Vol. Ii Koch 8582 $7.99                               It Happened In...Pescara         1969-1989: Chet Baker, Art Blakey, Bill Evans,
    Grenadilla          w/ Howard Alden Concord 4809 $7.99                                  Teddy Wilson. Philology 100 $7.99
    Double Exposure w/ Ed Bickert, John Bunch, Terry Clarke Concord4344 $7.99       Jazz Giants Vol. 2 18 tracks: Nat Cole, Coleman Hawkins, Basie, Django
    Other Potrait w/ Bulgarian National Symphony Concord 42043 $7.99                        Essence 331.2 $7.99
PERSIP, CHARLES & The Jazz Statesmen w/ Hubbard, Roland A., Belgrave                Jazz Greats V.2 Duke,Miles,Bird,Ella Fitzgrld,Count Basie 3 CDs Point8865 $19.99
        Bethlehem 3019 $7.99                                                        Jazz Moods: Jazz In The Afternoon Gary Burton, Cheathams, Kenny Barron
PIKET, ROBERTA Live At The Blue Note         Half Note 4906 $7.99                           Concord 5214 $7.99
POTTER, CHRIS Vertigo w/ Billy Drummond, Joe Lovano Concord 4843 $7.99              Jumpin' At The Record Shop Slim, Duke, Basie, Dorseys, Bing, Sinatra, Lena
POWELL, BUD Just One Of Those Things 22 songs Past Perfect 205783 $7.99                     Acrobat 152 $7.99
PREVITE, BOBBY Latin For Travelers w/ Jerome Harris, Stewart Cutler,                Post Bop Trane, Sonny Rollins, Gil Evans, Von Freeman Atlantic 81705 $7.99
        Jamie Saft Enja 9324 $7.99                                                  Vintage Jazz V.4 15 trx. B.Goodman, Nat Cole, Buck Clayton Prestige 495 $7.99
PUENTE,TITO Special Delivery w/ Maynard Ferguson Concord 4732 $7.99                 Vintage Jazz Vol. 3 Louis, Jelly Roll, Fats W., BG, HJ, Duke Prestige 396 $7.99
RCA VICTOR JAZZ WORKSHOP The Arrangers 17 tracks arr. & con.                            V.5 15 trx. Glenn Miller,Duke Ellington,Nat Cole,Fats Waller Prestige594 $7.99
        by Hal McKusick, John Carisi, Rod Levitt BMG 86471 $8.99                    Who's Who In Jazz Buddy Rich, L.Hampton, Gerry Mulligan Spotlite 15106 $7.99

                                                                                    World's Greatest Jazz Ballads Billie Holiday, Duke, Ben Webster.
                                                                                            2 CDs - 26 tracks. Double Gold 53048 $15.99
                                                         CD SPECIALS, concluded
                             BLUES CDs                                              Jewel Spotlights The Blues Jewel 5015 $7.99
                                                                                    Need A Shot urban blues:Kokomo,Harlem,Tampa,Memphis,St.L. Indigo2040 $7.99
BIG MACEO Chicago Piano Vol.Ume 1 Fabulous 171 $7.99
                                                                                    Road Trip Blues travellin’ w/Otis Rush,Muddy,Canned Heat,Webb HOB1469 $7.99
CAMPBELL,EDDIE C. Hopes & Dreams Rooster 2638 $7.99
                                                                                    Roots N' Blues Sampler Beauty Of The Blues Columbia 47465 $8.99
CRUDUP, ARTHUR BIG BOY Mean Ol' Frisco Charly 8477 $7.99
                                                                                    Roots of Rhythm & Blues tribute to the Robert Johnson Era Columbia48584 $7.99
DUPREE, CHAMPION JACK St. Claude And Dumaine Fuel2K 302061229 $7.99
                                                                                    Steady Rock Blues T-Bone, Broonzy, Muddy, Crudup 2CDs Master 107 $11.99
FULSON, LOWELL I've Got The Blues Jewel 5009 $7.99
                                                                                    Super Blues Legends V.1 BB,T-Bone,Frost,Lightnin,Reed,Turner Jewel 5022 $7.99
    Ol' Blues Singer Indigo 2022 $7.99
                                                                                    Super Blues Legends V.2 Charles Brown, Elmore James, Clarence Carter,
GORDON, JIMMIE 1934-41 Vol 1         Story of The Blues 3510 $7.99
                                                                                           Blues Boy White Jewel 5023 $7.99
HARLEM HAMFATS Let's Get Drunk & Truck Fabulous 253 $6.99
                                                                                    Walk Right In-Essential Memphis 24 tracks: Robert Wilkins, Jug Band, Minnie,
HARRIS, GENE Brotherhood         Concord 4640 $7.99
                                                                                           Estes Indigo 2038 $7.99
HOOKER, JOHN LEE Crawling Kingsnake 1948-52 Opal 103 $8.99
                                                                                    West Coast Down Home Blues Sonny Boy Johnson, Black Diamond,
    Hommage 3 CDs - 60 tracks! Trilogie 205941 $15.99
                                                                                           Smokey Hogg Acrobat 133 $7.99
    I Feel Good Jewel 5005 $7.99
    The Best Of... 15 tracks Fourmatt 1011 $7.99                                                                GOSPEL CDs
HOPKINS, LIGHTNIN' / MISSISSIPPI JOHN HURT Have I Got Blues For You                 ANDREWS, INEZ Lord Don't Move That Mountain Jewel 3800 $7.99
        2 CD set. DTK 888 $11.99                                                    EVANS, REV.CLAY Songs From The Ship w/ 150 Voice Choir Jewel 3054 $7.99
HOWLIN'WOLF/MUDDY WATERS Have I Got Blues For You 2cds DTK861$11.99                     God Will Supply w/ Chicago Fellowship Miss. Baptist Jewel 3115 $7.99
KING, B.B. Got My Mojo Working MCA 20541 $7.99                                      FOUNTAIN, CLARENCE Golden Moments Jewel 3143 $7.99
LANDRETH, SONNY Blues Attack                Blues Unlimited 5012 $7.99              FRANKLIN, REV. ERNEST South Central Mass Choir Jewel 3180 $7.99
LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS Lightnin's Boogie 23 tracks! Past Perfect 205766 $7.99            HARRIS, ELDER RICKY T. & FRIENDS Things Are Going To Work Out
    Don't Treat That Man The Way You Treat Me Fourmatt 102 $7.99                            Xcellent 001 $5.99
    Shake It Baby Javelin 2013 $7.99                                                JACKSON, MAHALIA Queen Of Gospel 16 tracks Fabulous 164 $7.99
    / JIMMY WITHERSPOON Have I Got Blues For You 2 CD set DTK873 $11.99             MAYS, REV. ORIS Milky White Way Jewel 3032 $7.99
McCOY, KANSAS JOE 1 In A 100 w/ Memphis Minnie 25 tracks ABBM1077 $7.99                 & THE BOSTONIANS I Stood On The Banks of the Jordan Jewel 3167 $7.99
McGHEE, BROWNIE Back Home Blues 21 tracks Past Perfect 205772 $7.99                     & THE BOSTONIANS If You Think God Is Dead Look Around Jewel3178$7.99
McTELL, BLIND WILLIE / LEADBELLY Masters Of Country Blues 21 tracks                 MORGANFIELD, REV. WILLIE All-Powerful Name Jewel 3065 $7.99
        from 1940 / 1935 Biograph 144 $7.99                                             Serving The Lord Jewel 3052 $7.99
MACEO, BIG Chicago Piano Vol. 2 16 tracks Fabulous 172 $7.99                            The Bible -sermon Jewel 3154 $7.99
MEMPHIS SLIM Lonely Nights Past Perfect 204398 $7.99                                NORWOOD, DOROTHY At Her Best Jewel 3118 $7.99
MUDDY WATERS In Concert Comet 43318 $7.99                                               He's A Friend Jewel 3134 $7.99
    S/T Well-known songs FBI 46 $7.99                                               SOUL STIRRERS Strength Power & Love          Jewel 3084 $7.99
RUSH,OTIS / JR. WELLS / LB MONTGOMERY American Folk Blues Festival 66 -2                The Lord Will Make A Way Jewel 3113 $7.99
        all-star combos Amiga 63061 $7.99                                           WALKER, ALBERTINA & THE CARAVANS Freedom Jewel 3057 $7.99
SCOTT, SONNY 1933 Story Of The Blues 3525 $7.99                                     VARIOUS ARTISTS Kings Of Gospel Dixies, Hamonizing 4, 5 Singing Stars,
SHIELDS, LONNIE Portrait w/ Frank Frost, Eddie Shaw, Lucky Peterson.                        Flying Clouds Music Club 50093 $7.99
        long box               Rooster 2626 $9.99                                       Music In The Air:Dixie Humingbirds Tribute Isaac Hayes, Wynona Judd, Mavis
SON HOUSE New York Central: Live! Oberlin, OH 1965 Acrobat 162 $9.99                        Staples,Paul Simon,Steve Wonder,Bobby Womack HOB5191614612 $7.99
SUNNYLAND SLIM Sad And Lonesome             Jewel 5010 $7.99                        Oh, Happy Day Gospel Harmonettes, Swan Silvertones Hallmark 307942 $7.99
SYKES, ROOSEVELT Meek Jewel 5011 $7.99                                              Queens Of Gospel        w/ Clara Ward, Caravans, Meditation Singers, more
TURNER, BIG JOE 1940-46 18 songs w/ Pete Johnson, Don Byas, Benny Carter,                   Music Club 50094 $7.99
        Ira Sullivan, Coleman Hawkins Fabulous 149 $7.99                            Salute To The Caravans CGI 0004 $7.99
    Honey Hush Jewel 5059 $7.99
    Rock'n'roll Shakedown Javelin 2036 $7.99                                                             INTERNATIONAL CDs
    Story To Tell 18 songs Past Perfect 205749 $7.99                                BAUZA, MARIO Messidor's Finest V.1 Messidor 15842 $8.99
    Sun Risin' Blues 20 songs Past Perfect 220352 $7.99                             BUCKWHEAT ZYDECO One For The Road Paula 21 $7.99
    / SONNY TERRY & BROWNIE MCGHEE Have I Got Blues For You 2 CDs                   CARRIER, ROY & THE NIGHT ROCKERS Zydeco Strokin' Paula 1044 $7.99
        DTK 879 $11.99                                                              CONJUNTO FOLKLORICO NACIONAL CUBA Musica Yoruba Bembe 2010 $7.99
WELLS,JUNIOR Vol. 1-Messin' With The Kid 1957-63 w/ Syl Johnson, Otis Spann,        CONJUNTO NIAGARA Para Gozar La Rumba Musica Latina 55008 $7.99
        Jackie Brenston, A.C. Reed, Lafayette Leake. 23 tracks. Paula 03 $13.99     KHAN, NUSRAT FATEH ALI Revelation Interra 5727 $9.99
WILLIAMS, BIG JOE Absolutely The Best 20 tracks! Fuel2K 302061141 $7.99             MAAL, BAABA / SALIF KEITA Discover The Rhythms Of Africa Today
    Meet Me Around The Corner 21 tracks! Past Perfect 205752 $7.99                          Drum Rhythm 35691 $7.99
WITHERSPOON, JIMMY Call My Baby long box Night Train 7004 $6.99                     MORIERA, AIRTO & THE FACTOR Homeless Melt2K 89140 $7.99
    /GROOVE HOLMES/ ODETTA Blue As They Can Be PastPerfect205703 $7.99              PUCHO & HIS LATIN SOUL BROS. Groovin’ High Cannonball 27103 $9.99
VARIOUS ARTISTS After Midnite John Lee Hooker, T-Bone Walker, Joe Turner,           PUENTE,TITO Master Timalero                Concord 4594 $7.99
        Amos Milburn, Floyd Dixon, Muddy Waters. 3 CDs EMI 6304 $19.99              SANCHEZ, PONCHO Freedom Sound                       Concord 4778 $7.99
Best Of Blues Javelin 146 $7.99                                                     SANTAMARIA, MONGO Ole Ola Concord 4387 $3.99
Best Of Blues Classics Julia Lee, Smokey Hogg, Amos Milburn, T-Bone Walker              Soy Yo Concord 4327 $7.99
        Disky 905502 $12.99                                                         VARIOUS ARTISTS Discover Rhythms of Native Voices DrumRhythm53989 $7.99
Best Of Rhythm & Blues: Blues After Hours jump from Turner, Crayton, Otis,          Brazil samba, baion, rumba & more Wonderful World 54003 $5.99
        Jordan, Milburn, Vinson Laserlight 12191 $7.99                              Discover The Rhythms Of Cajun/ Zydeco w/ C. Chenier, Boozoo Chavis,
Blues Festival w/ Muddy, Lonnie, Spann, Cousin Joe Laserlight 17105 $6.99                   B. Zydeco Drum Rhythm 56827 $7.99
Blues n'Folk Dupree,Vinson,Memphis,Rushing,Hogg,Temple Bethlehem3500 $7.99          Discover The Rhythms Of Tango Canyenge,A.Piazzolla DrumRhythm53988 $7.99
Blues Roots Bukka,Lipscomb,Fulson,Hopkins,RL,Chenier 2CDs Tomato3001$11.99          Mambo #5 w/ Machito,Tito,Celia,Mambo Kings. 2 CDs MusicaLatina51105 $12.99
Blues X 4 Lightnin' Hopkins, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Big Joe Williams         O Melhor de Portugal Amalia Rodrigues,Paulo deCarvalho Movieplay100452 $7.99
        long box Telstar 3510 $9.99                                                 Traf an English salute to the art of crepitation, from Breeze-Way Traf 1000 $3.99
Can't Keep From Crying Blues re: J.F.K. Big Joe Williams, Spann, Johnny Young,
        Mary Ross Testament 5007 $7.99
                                                                                                       RHYTHM & BLUES CDs
Chicago Blues Harmonicas Sonny Boy, Snooky Prior, Little Willie Paula07 $7.99       BASS, FONTELLA Now That I Found A Good Thing Jewel 5060 $7.99
Chicago Piano 1951-58 Sunnyland Slim, Memphis Slim, Eddie Boyd, Little Bro          CARTER, CLARENCE Brickhouse Music Trax 9007 $7.99
        Paula 15 $7.99                                                                  I Couldn't Refuse Ronn 8010 $7.99
Classic Blues V.2 16 tracks:Fulson,T-Bone,Hopkins,BB,Frost,Tina Ronn8008 $7.99      CATS & THE FIDDLE We Cats Will Swing For You 1939-40 Fabulous 191 $7.99
Easin' Back To Tennessee 25 tracks: Jed Davenport, Estes, Charlie Pickett, Doyle    LUTCHER, NELLIE Hurry On Down Memoir 562 $7.99
        Indigo 2135 $7.99                                                           SCOTT, PEGGY & JOJO BENSON Greatest Hits Paula 9012 $7.99
Future Blues Willie Brown, Boodle It Wiggins, Memphis Jug Band, Furry Lewis.        STAFFORD,JO I Remember You 18 songs! Fabulous 107 $7.99
        22 tracks Empress 887 $7.99                                                 TAYLOR, TED Taylor Made Paula 337 $7.99
Guitar In My Hand Sonny Terry, Floyd Dixon, Walter Brown, T-Bone Walker,            VARIOUS Super Soul Legends Vol.1 w/ Cicero Blake, Aaron Neville, Jimmy
        Sunnyland Slim, John Lee Hooker. 3 CDs EMI 6305 $19.99                             Reed Jewel 5019 $7.99
Hard Luck Blues Amos Milburn, T-Bone Walker, Floyd Dixon, John Lee Hooker,          Soul Sound V.2 Tams, M.Gaye, Solomon B., James Brown MusicTrax 9026 $7.99
        Pee Wee Crayton, Lightnin' Hopkins. 3 CDs EMI 6306 $19.99                   Super Soul Legends Vol.2 Clarence Carter, Little Johnny Taylor, Toussaint McCall
Harry Smith's Anthology Vol.4 Early blues & folk by the greats. 2 CDS,                     Jewel 5020 $7.99

        96 page booklet Revenant 211 $15.99                                             V.3 Johnny Taylor,Tina Turner,African Music Machine Jewel 5021 $7.99
Hound Dog Taylor: A Tribute Luther Allison, Elvin Bishop, Ronnie Earl, Magic Slim   Vintage Soul Classics Ike&Tina, Neville, Percy Sledge,Bob&Earl
    Alligator 4855 $7.99                                                                   Javelin2011 $7.99
                        N EW B LUES & J AZZ F ROM D ELMARK                              C OMING I N A PRIL !

    Dave Specter Live In Chicago                                          Delmark DVD 1794 / CD DE 794

                                  Blues guitarist Dave Specter is never prone to
                                  grandstanding. He communicates an inherent sense of
                                  style and form, subtlety and swing, keeping his magnetic
                                  needle always fixed on a steady, unalterable course.
                                  Recorded live at Buddy Guy's Legends and Rosa's Blues
                                  Lounge, Live In Chicago features special guests Jimmy
                                  Johnson, Tad Robinson and Sharon Lewis. The CD
                                  contains four instrumentals and two songs by each of the
                                  guest vocalists, while the DVD has three vocals by each.
                                  DVD also contains Specter commentary special feature.
                                  Boss Funk, What Love Did To Me, What's Your Angle, Feel
                                  So Bad, Out On The Road, In Too Deep, Angel and more...

                                   cds $14.99                                   dvd $24.99

Wally Rose                                  Jason Ajemian Mississippi Heat
Whippin' the Keys                           The Art Of Dying Hattiesburg Blues
Delmark DE 248                                           Delmark DE 581                                                Delmark DE 795
Pianist Wally Rose was the original         What makes this group so important                 Pierre Lacocque has led
piano player in Lu Watters Yerba Buena      is the relationship that exists between            Mississippi Heat since its inception
Jazz Band, the band that started the        its members. Bassist Jason Ajemian                 in 1991. The harmonica player has
Traditional Jazz revival of the 1940s and   (Chicago Underground Trio, Lay All                 always surrounded himself with the
’50s. Rose also played with Bob Scobey      Over It, Born Heller) saxophonist Tim              cream of the crop of Chicago blues
in 1950-51, Turk Murphy in 1952-54 and      Haldeman, and drummer Nori Tanaka                  players. Lurrie Bell, who appeared
spent many years as soloist in San          are regulars on the Chicago improv                 on Heat's 2005 One Eye Open
Francisco. In 1953 Rose recorded two        scene. Joined here by vibist Jason                 (DVD 1783, CD DE 783), is back
influential solo LPs: Ragtime Classics      Adasiewicz (Loose Assembly,                        again for two songs as is lead
and Ragtime Piano Masterpieces. Rose        Exploding Star Orchestra, Aat),                    vocalist Inetta Visor. Guitarist Carl
remained active throughout the ’70s and     trumpeter Jaimie Branch, and                       Weathersby plays throughout and
’80s. Whippin' The Keys was recorded        guitarist Matt Schneider this prolific,            sings on "Hell and Back". The
at two sessions; 1968 and 1971. The         expansive and inventive group                      Chicago Horns and latin
twenty ragtime selections were originally   becomes a sonic family. The interplay              percussionist Ruben Alvarez also
issued on two Blackbird LPs (Rose on        between the players is ceaseless in                add some very nice touches to this
Piano, Blackbird 12007 and Whippin'         reawakening the heart of what is jazz              varied disc. Contains twelve songs
The Keys, Blackbird 12010). They are        today. Like a conversation among old               many of which are new original
reissued here for the first time.           friends its intimacy is palpable; warm,            compositions.
    20                                      friendly and at ease.
    bargain books
         at Jazz Record Mart
    Collected Works: A Journal of           Dream Boogie – The Triumph
    Jazz 1954-2001 (Softcover)              of Sam Cooke by Peter Guralnick;
    By Whitney Balliett – $11.95            750 pg (Hardcover) $9.99

                                                                                       Django – The Life and        Castles Made of Sound:         Faith In Time: The Life
                                                                                       Music of a Gypsy Legend      The Story of Gil Evans         of Jimmy Scott
                                                                                       by Michael Dregni; 326 pgs   by Larry Hicock (Hardcover)    by David Ritz (Hardcover)
                                                                                       (Hardcover) $12.99           $9.99                          $9.99

Great Books
at Amazing

                                                                                       Machers and Rockers:         Chasin’ the Bird –             Can’t Be Satisfied: The
                                                                                       Chess Records and            The Life and Legacy            Life and Times of Muddy
            Dizzy – The Life and Times of           Jazz In Search of Itself           the Business of Rock         of Charlie Parker              Waters by Robert Gordon;
            John Birks Gillespie by Donald          by Larry Kart; (Hardcover) $9.99   & Roll by Rich Cohen         by Brian Priestley; 242 pgs    408 pgs (Hardcover) $9.99
            L. Maggin; 422 pgs (Softcover) $6.99                                       (Hardcover) $6.99            (Hardcover) $9.99

                                                    JUNIOR WELLS                         SUN RA - SUN SONG                                     CHICAGO BLUES (GTR)
                                                    Hoodoo Man                             Yellow on Red                                      Dark blue on light blue
                                            Black on Cream / M-L-XL $18                M-L-XL $20; 2X-3X $22                                  S-M-L-XL $20 2X $22

                                     JRM TOT
                                        $ 12!

                  Only                                                                      JRM CHICAGO
                                                                                         White on charcoal /
                                                                                                                                             CHICAGO BLUES
                                                                                                                                           2 color / 2 sided on

       BLUES $
                     5                                                                    black on mustard
                                                                                       S-M-L-XL $18; XXL $20
                                                                                                                                             moss or orange
                                                                                                                                         S-M-L-XL $20; XXL $22
  CASSETTES: $3.99 or as marked
                       (3 for $10)
                BIG BAND JAZZ Cassettes                                           GALPER, HAL Naturally Blackhawk 529
                                                                                  GARLAND, RED / RON CARTER / PHILLY JOE JONES Crossings OJC 5472
ELLINGTON, DUKE In The Mood With.... "Best Of The Big Band Era" BMG 45937         GETZ,STAN&KENNY BARRON People Time 1&2 2 cassettes Verve823/4 $5.99
    In The Uncommon Market Pablo 62308                                            GIBBS, TERRY The Latin Connection w/ Tito Puente Contemporary 14022
HERBECK, RAY ORCHESTRA Music With Romance Star Line 61135 $1.99                       Volume 2: The Sundown Sessions Contemporary 57652
MATTHEW, DAVID TOKYO UNION BIG BAND Keeping Count Projazz 633                         Volume 3 Flying Home Fantasy 7654
TYNER, McCOY BIG BAND Uptown / Downtown live at the Blue Note                         / BUDDY DeFRANCO Chicago Fire w/ Buddy DeFranco Contemporary 14036
Milestone9167                                                                     GIBBS, TERRY / BUDDY DEFRANCO Airmail Special Contemporary14056
                   VOCAL JAZZ Cassettes                                           GOMEZ, EDDIE Down Stretch Blackhawk 531
CARROLL,JEANNE Penny Pinchin' w/Franz Jackson Jazz Entertainers T-114 $1.99       GRAHAM, SANDY S/T w/ Kenny Burrell, Gerald Wiggins, Bob West,
CLARK, BUDDY That's For Me Demand Performance 704                                         Ron Anthony Muse 5425
COLE, NAT KING / GEORGE SHEARING Sings / Plays Capitol 1113                       GREENFIELD, HAZE All About You Blackhawk 535
FITZGERALD, ELLA Hello, Dolly! includes "Can't Buy Me Love" Memoir 128            GRIFFIN, JOHNNY The Big-Soul Band OJC 485
    S/T w/ Chick Webb & Orchestra CMS 19                                          GUARALDI, VINCE A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing OJC 5235
HENDRICKS, JON Recorded In Person At The Trident Polygram 314510501               HANCOCK, HERBIE Man-Child          CBS 33812
JEFFERSON, EDDIE Come Along With Me w/ Charles McPherson, Bill Hardman,           HARGROVE, ROY / CHRISTIAN McBRIDE / STEPHEN SCOTT Parker’s Mood
       Barry Harris OJC 5613                                                          Verve 314527907
JORDAN, SHEILA / MARK MURPHY One For Junior w/ Kenny Barron Muse 5489             HARRELL, TOM Form w/ Chalie Haden Contemporary 4054
MURPHY, MARK Night Mood Milestone 9145                                                Sail Away w/ John Abercrombie Contemporary 4054
    September Ballads w/ Larry Coryell & Art Farmer Milestone 9154                    Stories w/ John Scofield Fantasy 14043
PATTERSON, MICHAEL Just A Little Lovin' MP 2                                      HARRIS, BARRY TRIO Preminado OJC 5486
SINATRA, FRANK Close To You Capitol 260138 $4.99                                  HARRIS, LAFAYETTE JR. Lafayette Is Here Muse 5507
    Nice 'N Easy Capitol 260142 $4.99                                             HARRISON, WENDELL Fly By Night Wenha 170 $1.99
    Songs For Young Lovers Capitol 260074                                             Forever Duke Wenha 180 $1.99
                                                                                  HAWES, HAMPTON All Night Session! Vol. 3 OJC 5640
JAZZ Cassettes - Trad, Mainstream & Beyond                                            The Seance OJC 5455
BREAKSTONE, JOSHUA TRIO 9 By 3 Contemporary 14062                                 HAYNES,GRAHAM Nocturne w/ Steve Williamson, Mferghu Bennett Muse5454
   Evening Star w/ Tommy Flanagan, Jim Knepper Contemporary 14040                 HEATH BROTHERS Brothers & Others Antilles 48815
   QUARTET Self-Portrait In Swing Contemporary 14050                              HEATH, JIMMY Peer Pressure Landmark 51514
BROMBERG, BRIAN A New Day Black Hawk 524 $4.99                                    HILL, BUCK Capital Hill w/Barry Harris, Ray Drummond, Freddie Waits Muse5384
BROWN, DONALD Send One Your Love Muse 5479                                        HOGGARD, JAY The Little Tiger Muse 5410
BRYANT, RAY Golden Earrings EmArcy 836368                                         HOPE, ELMO TRIO S/T w/ Jimmy Bond & Frank Butler OJC 5477
CABLES, GEORGE By George: Plays George Gershwin Contemporary 14030                HUTCHERSON, BOBBY Ambos Mundos (Both Worlds) Landmark 51522
   Circle Contemporary 14015                                                      HUTCHERSON, BOBBY Good Bait Landmark 5501
   Phantom of the City Contemporary 14014                                         HUTCHERSON, BOBBY Solo / Quartet OJC 5425
CAMPBELL, JOHN After Hours Contemporary 14053                                     JACKSON, MILT For Someone I Love OJC 5404
   Turning Point w/ Clark Terry, Jay Anderson, Joel Spencer Contemporary 14061    JACKSON, MILT Live At The Village Gate OJC 5309
CARTER, BENNY My Kind of Trouble w/ Joe Pass Pablo 935                            JACKSON, MILT Mostly Duke Pablo 944
   4 Montreux '77 OJC 5374                                                        JACKSON, MILT & RAY BROWN Montreux '77 Lockjaw, Clark Terry, Jimmie
CARTER, RON Pastels OJC 5655                                                              Smith, Monty Alexander OJC 5375
CASIOPEA Zoom Milestone 9133                                                      JAZZTET Real Time Art Farmer,Benny Golson,Curtis Fuller Contemporary 14034
CATINGUB, MATT Hi-Tech Big Band with Mavis Rivers Sea Breeze 2025                 JONES, PHILLY JOE Swing Street Showcase w/ Julian Priester OJC 5484
CHARLES, TEDDY LIVE AT THE VERONA Jazz Fest, 1988 Soul Note 121183                    Drum Song w/ Slide Hampton, Cedar Walton, Blue Mitchell Galaxy 5153
COLE, RICHIE / HANK CRAWFORD QUINTET Bossa International Milestone 9180           JONES, SAM Right Down FRONT OJC 56008
COPELAND, JOHNNY Ain't Nothin' But A Party recorded live Rounder 2055             JONES, THAD & PEPPER ADAMS Mean What You Say OJC 5464
COREA, CHICK Children's Song ECM 21267                                            JORDAN, CLIFFORD Bearcat OJC 5494
CORYELL, LARRY Equipoise Muse 5319                                                KAISER, HENRY Devil In The Drain SST 118
   Comin' Home w/ Albert Dailey, George Mraz, Billy Hart Muse 5303                    Re-Marrying For Money SST 222
COUNCE, CURTIS Sonority w/ Elmo Hope, Gerald Wilson Contemporary 7655             KEEL, LEWIS Coming Out Swinging w/ Harold Mabern, Jimmy Ponder,
   V.1:Landslide w/ Harold Land, Carl Perkins,Jack Sheldon,Frank Butler OJC5606           Leroy WIlliams Muse 5438
CRANDALL, RICK Solo Travel: Piano Sketches ET 1031                                KESSEL, BARNEY Red Hot And Blues          Contemporary14044
CRAWFORD, HANK Groove Master Milestone 9182                                       LANDE, ART Melissa Spins Away GAM 52705
   Portrait Milestone 9192                                                        LAST POETS This Is Madness Restless 72658
   Roadhouse Symphony Milestone 9140                                              LASWELL, BILL Hear No Evil Venture 888
   / JIMMY MCGRIFF STEPPIN' UP Milestone 9153                                     MALINVERNI, PETE TRIO Don't Be Shy w/ Mel Lewis, Dennis Irwin
CRISS, SONNY Crisscraft Muse 5068                                                         Sea Breeze 2037
   Intermission Riff Pablo 929                                                    MARSALIS, WYNTON Vol. 2 Uptown River Sony 47976
DA COSTA, PAULINHO Sunrise Pablo 2312143                                              Vol. 3: Levee Low Moon Sony 47975
DAMERON, TADD & HIS ORCHESTRA The Magic Touch OJC 5143                                Thick In The South Soul Gestures in Southern Blue Vol. 1 Sony 47977
DEFUNKT Crisis Enemy 135                                                          McLAUGHLIN, JOHN Time Remembered Tribute to Bill Evans.
DeJOHNETTE, JACK Works ECM 20427                                                          w/ Aighetta Quartet & Yan Maresz Verve 519861
DIMEOLA, AL Heart of the Immigrant MBL 79052                                      MORGAN, FRANK Lament Fantasy 14021
DORHAM, KENNY 2 HORNS, 2 RHYTHM Featuring Ernie Henry OJC 5463                        You Must Believe In Spring Antilles 570
EASLEY, BILL First Call Milestone 9186                                                / GEORGE CABLES Double Image Contemporary 14035
EDWARDS, TEDDY Good Gravy! OJC 5661                                               MORGAN, FRANK QUARTET Yardbird Suite Contemporary 14045
   / HOWARD MCGEE Together Again! w/ Phineas Newborn Jr. OJC 5424                     & McCOY TYNER TRIO Major Changes Contemporary 14039
EHRLICH, MARTY / ANTHONY COX Falling Man Muse 5398                                NASCIMENTO, MILTON Txai (companion & friend of the forest) Columbia 41383
EVANS, GIL ORCHESTRA TRIBUTE TO GIL Soul Note 9185                                NAVARRO, FATS The Fabulous...Vol. 2 w/ Milt Jackson, Kenny Clarke, Dameron,
FADDIS, JON & BILLY HARPER Jon & Billy Blackhawk 532                                      Curly Blue Note 81532 $4.99
FARMER, ART Ph.D. Fantasy 14055                                                   NEWMAN, DAVID FATHEAD / ELLIS MARSALIS / CORNELL DUPREE
FELDMAN, VICTOR Merry Olde Soul w/ Hank Jones Riverside 9366                              Return To The Wide Open Spaces Amazing 1021
FERGUSON, MAYNARD / TONY SCOTT Giants of Jazz Giganti 85                          NOCK, MIKE Climbing Tom 269650
FLAHIVE / DEJULIO Century City Blues Sea Breeze 2036                              O'NEIL, LARRY You Got Me Runnin' w/ Houston Person, Randy Johnson,
FLANAGAN, TOMMY THELONICA Enja 79615                                                      Stan Hope Muse 5426
FREEMAN, CHICO Beyond the Rain OJC 5479                                           PEPPER, ART The Trip OJC 5410
   You'll Know When You Get There Black Saint 120128                              PIKE, DAVE Time Out Of Mind w/ Ted Hawke, Kenny Burrell Muse 5446
                                                                                  PINE, COURTNEY Modern Day Jazz Stories Verve 314529028

        See also the Delmark cassette listing on page 38!
                  CASSETTES : $ 3 . 9 9 (3                                                                  for $10)              or as marked
RAWLINS, STEVE Step Right Up Sea Breeze 3003
REDD, FREDDIE Everybody Loves A Winner Milestone 9187
                                                                                                              BLUES Cassettes
REDMAN, JOSHUA Spirit Of The Moment 2 Cassette set. Live at the VV.                 ACE, BUDDY The Real Thing       Jewel 5054
       WB 45923 $5.99                                                               COVINGTON, ROBERT Golden Voice Of...           Red Beans 12 $1.99
REYES, CARLOS The Beauty Of It All        TBA 240
RICHARDS, RED Lullaby In Rhythm Sackville 3044                                      CRAY, ROBERT Who's Been Talkin'?         Charly 1140 $4.99
    /GEORGE KELLY Quartet I'm Shooting High w/Leonard Gaskin Sackville12017         DAVIS, JAMES THURNDERBIRD / RON LEVY / BOBBY RADCLIFF
ROBERT, GEORGE / TOM HARRELL Sun Dance Fantasy 14037                                       Blues-A-Rama Vol. 3 live at Tipitina's, New Orleans Black Top 1056
ROCCASANO, JOE The Shape I'm In Landmark 51535
                                                                                    FULSON, LOWELL Hold On         Bullseye 9525
RODITI, CLAUDIO Slow Fire Milestone 9175
ROLLINS, SONNY Dancing In The Dark Milestone 9155                                       I’ve Got The Blues Jewel 5006
    Nucleus Milestone 5620                                                              It's A Good Day   Rounder 2088
    The Way I Feel OJC 5666                                                             My Baby Jewel 5003
RONEY, WALLACE Obsession w/ Donald Brown, Christian McBride Muse 5423
    Seth Air w/ Eric Allen, Jacky Terrasson, Antoine Roney Muse 5441                    Them Update Blues     Bullseye 9558
RUMSEY, HOWARD Lighthouse All-Stars, Vol. 6 Fantasy 20386                           FUNDERBURGH, ANSON / RON LEVY / GRADY GAINES Blues-A-Rama Vol. 1
    LIGHTHOUSE ALL-STARS In The Solo Spotlight OJC 5451                                  Live At Tipitina's w/ Sam Myers Black Top 1044
    LIGHTHOUSE ALL-STARS Jazz Invention Contemporary 14051                          GALES, ERIC BAND S/T        Elektra 961083
SCOFIELD, JOHN East Meets West Blackhawk 533
                                                                                    KIMBOROUGH, JR. Soul Blues Boys Sad Days, Lonely Nights           Fat Possum 1006
SCOTT, TOM Reed My Lips GRP 9752
SERRATO, PAUL NEW YORK BAND Nexus PSNC 5438 $0.99                                   KING, ALBERT/ CHICO HAMILTON/ LITTLE MILTON Montreaux Festival Stax 4132
SHANK, BUD Tomorrow's Rainbow Contemporary 14048                                    OBEY, EBENEZER & HIS INTER-REFORMERS Get Yer Jujus Out               Ryko 0111
    / SHORTY ROGERS California Concert Contemporary14012
                                                                                    ROBILLARD, DUKE BAND TURN IT AROUND                Rounder 3116
SMITH, BILL Live In Toronto Ontario 007
SMITH, JIMMY Prime Time Milestone 9176                                              ROBINSON, EARL Alive & Well       Aspen 30101
SPAULDING, JAMES Brilliant Corners Muse 5369                                        SHINES, JOHNNY Last Night's Dream         Sire 45285
STAVIS, GEORGE Morning Mood Aspen 30201 $0.99                                       SIMS, CARL House of Love      Paula 9005 $1.99
STEWART, BOB / HANK JONES Welcome To The Club w/ Mel Lewis,
       Michael Moore, Frank Weiss VWC 4101                                          SUGAR BLUE In Your Eyes       Alligator 4831
STEWART, JIMMY The Touch Blackhawk 50301                                            SUMLIN, HUBERT Heart & Soul w/ James Cotton, Little Mike BPG 93389
TATE, BUDDY / NAT SIMKINS / HOUSTON PERSON Just Friends: The Tenors                 SUNNYLAND SLIM Sad & Lonesome             Jewel 5010
       Muse 5418
TAYLOR, TOM The Crossing Aspen 30501                                                SYKES, ROOSEVELT The Meek           JC 5011
TERRY, CLARK Memories Of Duke w/ Jack Wilson, Joe Pass, Ray Brown,                  TAYLOR, TED Steal Away       Paula 345
       Frank Severino OJC 5604                                                      TURNER, JOE THE TRUMET KINGS MEET... w/ Dizzy Gillespie, Roy Eldridge,
TIMMONS, BOBBY In Person OJC 5364                                                        Harry Sweets Edison, Clark Terry OJC 5497
TOURE, ALI FARKA The Source Hannibal 3754
                                                                                    TURNER,JOE/ MILT JACKSON/ ROY ELDRIDGE Nobody In Mind Pablo52310-760
TOWNER, RALPH Open Letter ECM 21462
TRPTS Transforming Traditions Blackhawk 51701                                       WARD, ROBERT Fear No Evil        Black Top 1063
TRYTHALL, RICHARD Solo Piano Aspen 30301                                            WILLIAMS, BIG JOE CLASSIC DELTA BLUES             OJC 5545
WALLACE, BENNIE Mystic Bridge w/ Chick Corea, Eddie Gomez,
                                                                                    VARIOUS ARTISTS Blues-A-Rama Vol. 2 Nappy Brown, Earl King, Ronnie Earl,
       Dannie Richmond Enja 79652
                                                                                          Thunderbird Davis Black Top 1045
WALTON, CEDAR As Long As There's Music w/ Billy Higgins, Terence Blanchard,
       David Williams Muse 5405                                                         Volume 4 Grady Gaines, Joe Medwick, Big Robert Smith Black Top 1057
WATTS, CHARLIE Warm & Tender w/ Bernard Fowler, vocals Continuum 19310                  Volume 7 Robert Ward,Lynn August,The Crawl,Big Robert Smith BlackTop1089
    QUINTET Tribute To Charlie Parker Continuum 19201                               Better Boot That Thing: Great Women Blues Singers Of The 1920s Bluebird 66065
WESLEY, FRED Comme Ci Comme Ca                  Antilles 12002
    New Friends Pol 48280                                                           Blues Pajama Party Earl King, Snooks Eaglin, Robert Ward BlackTop 1075
    Say Blow By Blow Backwards AEM 5861 $4.99                                       Blues Roots Vol. 2 Big Joe WIlliams, Aberta Hunter, Mildred Bailey BMG 44985
WILLIAMS, JESSICA Nothin' But The Truth Blackhawk 51301                             Cotton Pickin' Blues Robert Johnson, Bessie, Leadbelly, Blind Lemon Hallmark
WILLNER, HAL Weird Nightmare artists’ meditations on Mingus Columbia 52739
                                                                                    Rare Chicago Blues 1962-8 Nighthawk,Spann,Big Joe Williams,Cotton Bullseye9530
YOUNG, LESTER "PREZ" Giants Of Tenor Sax w/ KC 6 & 5: Buck Clayton,
       Freddie Green, et al. Special 7002 $4.99                                                    RHYTHM & BLUES Cassettes
VARIOUS ARTISTS Bird Lives! Music Of Charlie Parker Bill Evans, Art Pepper,
       Gene Ammons, Frank Morgan, Wes Milestone 9166                                CHARLES, RAY & BETTY CARTER S/T 15 classic songs DCC DZC-039
Funk Jazz Avg. White Band, Roy Ayers, Donald Byrd, Bros. Johnson                    THOMAS, IRMA Walk Around Heaven           Rounder 2128
       Chronicales 314.555.1394
                                                                                    VARTIOUS ARTISTS Super Soul Legends Vol. 1 Tina Turner, Jimmy Reed,Neville,
Giants Of Jazz V. 7 Lee Konitz, Joe Farrell, Michael Longo, Eddie Locke Giganti 7
                                                                                          Cicero, Barbara Carr60. Jewel 5019.
GRP Super Live w/ Grusin, Ritenour, Corea, Diane Shuur, Tom Scott GRP 1650
'Round Midnight Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Wes Montgomery,                Vol. 2 Ernie Johnson, Clarnece Carter, Little Johnny Taylor Jewel 5020
       Bill Evans, Art Pepper, Ron Carter Milestone 9144                            Soul Survey Robert Ward, Snooks, Ronnie Earl, Thunderbird Davis Black Top 1078
The Tomato Sampler Albert King, Brubeck, Hopkins, Cray, Brownie, Hooker,            Superblues-Alltime Classic Vol 2 Guitar Slim, Joe Turner, Percy Mayfield,
       Leadbelly, John Cage, classical. 2 cassettes. Tomato 269164 $5.99
                                                                                           Lloyd Price, Elmore James, Lowell Fulsome Stax 8559
Warner Jams Vol. 1 Kenny Garrett, Joshua Redman, Wallace Roney,
       Larry Goldings WB 45919

                                                       Rive rsid e St udio
                            Used for many Delmark Records recordings; Available for rental!
       Hi Definition 24/192 Digital Recording with ProTools and analog recording available at a reasonable rate.
        Lots of nice vintage gear and mics including Neuman’s & RCa ribbon, plus Steinway piano and b-3 organ.
                  For more info, email: or call 773-539-5001 and ask for Steve.

                  OUT OF PRINT JAZZ

  LP LIST    These are first-hand items no longer commercially available from the record labels.
                A complete list of Blues, R&B, Gospel, and Folk titles will appear next issue.
        VERY IMPORTANT: be sure to include the label name & serial number on your order form.
                 TRADITIONAL JAZZ LPs                                           GALLOWAY,JIM / RALPH SUTTON / MILT HINTON Sackville 3042 $9.49
                                                                                GEORGIA MELODIANS Volume 1: 1924 Retrieval/Foutain (import) 402 $9.99
ALLRED, BILL / AL WINTERS Jazz Trombones JTP 104 $8.49                             Volume 2: 1924-26 Retrieval/Foutain (import) 405 $9.99
ARMSTRONG / DUKE / FLETCHER A Flash Of '29 Phontastic 7608 $9.99                GILL, JOHN ORIGINAL SUNSET FIVE $Stomp Off 1126 $5.99
ATLAND, PIERRE PICADILLY REVELERS $Stomp Off 1181 $5.99                            CALIFORNIA SUNSHINE BOYS Big City Blues c/o Stomp Off 1157 $5.99
BARBER, CHRIS Tribute to... Benny Goodman & Marty Napoleon,Jack Lesberg            CALIFORNIA SUNSHINE BOYS Some Sweet Day Stomp Off 1156 $5.99
        -2 LP set Timeless 512/13 $15.49                                        GLEASON, JACKIE The Torch With The Blue Flame w/Lawrence Brown, tb
    Concert For The BBC: 1982 Double LP Timeless 509/10 $15.49                         Pathe 156616       $5.99
    Creole Love Call Norman Emberson Double LP Timeless 502/503 $15.49          GOLDEN EAGLE JAZZ BAND Morocco Blues w/ Chris Norris StompOff1192 $5.99
BARNARD, BOB Australian Dixieland w/ John Cotelloe JTP 105 $5.99                GRAND DOMINION JAZZ BAND Ain't Nobody Got The Blues Like Me
    Ned Kelly Jazz Suite                       Swaggie (import) 1374 $9.99             Stomp Off 1189 $5.99
BARTHA, ANDY DEEP SOUTH DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND S/T Art 86 $1.99                    GRAY, BRUCE Vintage Jazz Band, 1973            Swaggie (import) 1418 $9.99
    Ain't Gonna Give Nobody Jelly Roll Art 126 99¢                              HACKETT,BOBBY What A Wonderful World w.Theresa Brewer Dr.Jazz40234 $1.99
BILK, ACKER Best Of...Vol. 2 GNP Crescendo 2171 $8.49                              / EDDIE CONDON Jam Sessions 1948 Aircheck 28 $9.99
    Plays Lennon & Mccartney solo clarinet & strings GNP Crescendo 2191 $8.49   HALEN, CARL Gin Bottle 7 w.Roland Sabrowsky,Martin Kollstedt IAJRC 32 $1.99
BLACK EAGLE JAZZ BAND Stomp Off 1224 $5.99                                      HALL BROTHERS JAZZ BAND Volume 2 Stomp Off 1062 $5.99
    Live At The World Music Concours Stomp Off 1048 $5.99                          Waiting At The End Of The Road Stomp Off 1031 $5.99
    Mt. Gretna Weekend-Vol 2 Stomp Off 1092 $5.99                               HALL,HERB Old Tyme Modern w/Arvell Shaw,Claude Hopkins Sackville3003 $9.49
    Tight Like This Stomp Off 1054 $5.99                                        HANCOFF, STEVE Classic Ragtime Guitar Dirty Shame 4553 $5.99
BONNEL, JEAN-FRANCOIS & Friends Volume 2 Stomp Off 1131 $5.99                   HEDGES, CHUCK SWINGTET Cl; Chuck Calzaretta, Vbs;Bobby Roberts, G;
    & Friends w/ Lyttleton, JRT Davies Stomp Off 1104 $5.99                            Claremount 1002 $1.99
BRAFF, RUBY The Mighty Braff w/Walter Page Affinity (Imports) 098 $9.99         HODES, ART & HIS BLUES SERENADERS Stomp Off 1184 $5.99
BUCKNER, TEDDY From The Club Hangover w.JOE SULLIVAN Aircheck 10 $8.99          HUBNERS, ABBI LOW DOWN WIZARDS Stomp Off 1093 $5.99
BUTTERFIELD,BILLY Watch What Happens w/Benny Simpkins Flyright205 $9.99         HUMPHREY, PERCY Climax Rag w/ Jim Robinson, Cie Frazier Pearl PS 3 $8.49
CARLING FAMILY HOT SIX S/T recorded in the family home Phontastic7577 $9.99     JACKSON, FRANZ Let's Have A Party Pinnacle 110 $8.49
CELESTA, ORPHEON #2: Shimme Shawabble (Netherlands) StompOff1095 $5.99             Live @ Red Arrow w/Bob Schoffner, Albert Wagner Pinnacle #108 $8.49
CHRYSANTHEMUM RAGTIME BAND Dancing On The Edge StompOff1168 $5.99               JAZZ FOUNDATION Jazz Foundations              Ken Evans, Geoff Kitchen
    Joy Rag Stomp Off 1196 $5.99                                                       Swaggie (import) 1385                $9.99
    Volume 3 Stomp Off 1123 $5.99                                               JAZZ O'MANIACS- Have You Ever Felt That Way Stomp Off 1046 $5.99
COLLIE, MAX 20 Years Jubilee Timeless 519 $9.49                                 JENKS, GLEN $Stomp Off 1179 $5.99
    Sensation w/ T.J. Johnson Timeless 530 $9.49                                JOLINDER, NILS Gamla Orphangen w/ Ove Lind. Swedish. Phontastic 7506 $9.99
    RHYTHM ACES The Frontline Vol.1 Timeless 504 $9.49                          JOY, JIMMIE Best From The Southwest 2 LPs Arcadia 2017 $19.99
CONDON, TESCH, ET AL Chicago Connection w/Hodes Classics!                       KELLEY, PECK & SON HARRELL Out Of Obscurity 2 LPs Arcadia 2018 $19.99
        Affinity (Imports) 1026 $9.99                                           KELLY, JOE Quinn Wilson, Barrett Deemsmichael Blackbird 4001 $8.49
CRAFTON, HARRY 1949-1954 Krazykat (UK) 818 $9.99                                LAMB, DONALD Meet The Lamb Great harlem stride pianist. IAJRC 23 $8.49
DALLWITZ, DAVE Cinderella Girl Australian Swaggie (import) 1407 $9.99           LAWSON, YANK That's A Plenty Bob Thiele 941 $1.99
    Ern Malley Jazz Suite Swaggie (import) 1360 $9.99                              / BOB HAGGART Jazz Band 1951/1952 w/ Garland Wilson, Sam Wood
    Floating Palais                        Swaggie (import) 1409 $9.99                 Tax (import) 8040 $7.99
    Gulgong Shuffle Swaggie (import) 1378             $9.99                     LEE, ALAN /JOHN SANGSTER Double Vibes Swaggie (import) 1376 $9.99
    Melbourne Suite                        Swaggie (import) 1342 $9.99          LEWIS,GEORGE Plays Hymns w/Joe Robichaux,Placide Adams Milneburg 0 $9.99
    JAZZ BAND Elephant Stomp Stomp Off 1112 $5.99                               LIMEHOUSE JAZZBAND Rhythm Is Our Business Stomp Off 1014 $5.99
DANIELS, MIKE & HIS DELTA JAZZMEN Together Again - Thirty Years On!             LINN, RAY'S Chicago Stompers w/D. Frishberg,Eddie Miller Discovery 823 $8.49
        Stomp Off 1203 $5.99                                                    LOUISIANA REPERTORY JAZZ ENSEMBLE Volume 2 Stomp Off 1055 $5.99
DAVERN, KENNY Hot Three w/ Art Hodes, Don DeMichael Jazzology 167 $8.49            Volume 3 Stomp Off 1140 $5.99
DAVIS, EDDY Ragtime Featuring Buck Kelly         banjo duets PA DA 7401 $8.49      Volume 4 Stomp Off 1197 $5.99
DAVISON, WILD BILL And The Jazz Giants w/Benny Morton, Herb Hall                LYTTELTON, HUMPHREY In Canada w.Jim Galloway,Ed Bickert etc.
        Sackville (import) 3002 $9.49                                                  Sackville (import) 3033 $5.99
DELIRIUM TREMOLO Banjophobia Stomp Off 1177 $5.99                               LYTTELTON, HUMPHREY RHYTHMAKERS $Stomp Off 1111 $5.99
DODDS, JOHNNY Vol. 1 w/Louis Armstrong, E.Hines ClassicJazzMasters32 $9.99      MAYL, GENE Trip To Waukesha Blackbird 12006 $8.49 or plain white 12006C 99¢
DONALDSON, BOBBY Dixieland Jazz Party w/Rex Stewart, Vic Dickenson              MAZZY, JIMMY & ELI NEWBERGER- Shake It Down (+cd) Stomp Off 1109 $5.99
        Savoy 13003 $3.99                                                       McKINNEY’S COTTON PICKERS, NEW 10 Authentic Recreations Of Foot-
DOWN TOWN JAZZ BAND Hear Us Talkin' To Ya Timeless 514 $9.49                           Stomping Big Band Jazz Bountiful 38000 $8.49
DRY THROAT FIVE Volume 2 Stomp Off 1151 $5.99                                   McKINNIE, RICKY Eleanor Buck Memorial Service Jazzology 5 $3.99
    Who's Blue?       Stomp Off 1114 $5.99                                      McSHANN, JAY / MARTHA BURKS Magical Jazz Jazz Mark 102 $9.99
EUROPEAN JAZZ ALL STARS At New Orleans 1971 w/ Patrick Artero,                     Airmal Special w/ Neil Swainson, Terry Clarke Sackville (import) 3040 $9.49
        Peter Muller, more Fat Cats Jazz 121 $5.99                              MINERVA JAZZBAND- Pile Of Logs And Stone Called Home StompOff 1117 $5.99
EWELL, DON Take It In Stride Chiaroscuro 127 $8.49                              MOJO JAZZIN' FIVE South Side Chicago Style Stomp Off 1086 $5.99
    S/T w/ George Duvivier, Herb Hall, Buddy Tate Chiaroscuro 130 $8.49         MONSBOROUGH, LAZY ADE All Steamed Up               Swaggie (import) 1417 $9.99
    / HERB HALL In New Orleans w/ Frank Fields New Orleans 7209 $8.49              The Odds Are Against Me         Swaggie (import) 1289 $9.99
FAWKES, WALLY SOHO SHAKERS Whatever Next Stomp Off 1144 $5.99                   MOONLIGHT BROADCASTERS Stomp Off 1193 $5.99
FOLEY, GEORGE I Love It         Stomp Off 1088 $5.99                            NAPOLEON, PHIL (Original Memphis 5) w. Miff Mole IAJRC 26 $8.49
    Smiles And Kisses Stomp Off 1187 $5.99                                      NEW CITY JAZZMEN To Be Collected from Crawley, Sussex Flyright 206 $3.99
FREEMAN, BUD & Summa Cum Laude Orch. w.Buddy Clark, Tedy Grace,                 NEW ERA JAZZ BAND Tight Like That Magic (import) AWE2 $9.99
        Doris Rhodes w.Max Kaminsky, PeeWeeR., Brad Gowans, Joe Sullivan,       NEW ORLEANS RASCALS Love Song Of The Nile             Stomp Off 1074 $5.99
        Jess Stacy, Eddie Condon, Big Sid Catlett IAJRC 53 $2.99                NEW ORLEANS RHYTHM KINGS/ MEMPHIS MELODY BOYS / MIDWAY
FREEMAN, BUD W.Bob Barnard's JB incl. The Eel, Oh Baby Swaggie1367 $9.99               GARDEN ORCH. New Orleans Jazz ClassicJazzMasters88501 $9.99
FRIED POTATOES Breeze            Stomp Off 1163 $5.99                           NEW YANKEE RHYTHM KINGS Volume 2 Stomp Off 1050 $5.99
FURNISS, PAUL & THE ECLIPSE ALLEY FIVE Vanity Fair Swaggie 1368 $9.99           NICHOLS, KEITH Chitterlin' Strut   Stomp Off 1159 $5.99
GALLOWAY, JIM Bojangles Hep (imports) 2008 $9.99                                NICHOLS, RED The Langworth Transcriptions Volume 1 Blue Rhythm 12-1 $9.99
    Thou Swell w/ Jay McShann Sackville (import) 4011 $9.49                        The Langworth Transcriptions, Volume 2 Blue Rhythm 12-2 $9.99
    / DICK WELSTOOD / PETE MAGADINI 3 Is Company Sackville 2007 $5.99

NICHOLS, RED 5 PENNIES 1929-32 w. Miller,Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey, BG,
         Wingy Manone, Dave Tough,Gene Krupa,Ray McKinley IAJRC22 $8.49
                                                                                       BOOGIE WOOGIE & Other Early Piano LPs
    1929, Vol. 5 w/ Goodman, Bud Freeman Swaggie 840 $9.99                           BALES, BURT New Orleans Ragtime Euphonic 1210 $8.49
ORNBERG, THOMAS Thats Like It Ought w/ PAY SMITH Stomp Off 1142 $5.99                BENTLEY, JOHN & His Buddies w/ Bear Richards, Roosevelt Sykes, Dave Gary,
PAM PAMEIJER TRIO Stomp Off 1172 $5.99                                                    Babe Stovall Euphonic 1211 $8.49
    CLASSIC JAZZ ACES $Stomp Off 1194 $5.99
PARAMOUNT JAZZ BAND OF BOSTON Volume 1 Stomp Off 1205 $5.99                          COHEN, DAVID BENNETT At The Piano Ragbaby 1022 $1.99
PARAMOUNT THEATER ORCHESTRA Stomp Off 1089 $5.99                                     DAILEY, DUSKY San Antonia Blues Piano 1937 - 39 Document (import) 537 $9.99
PEARCE,IAN / TOM PICKERING Sweet, Soft, Plenty Rhythm Swaggie1404 $9.99              GIBSON,HARRY THE HIPSTER Everybody's Crazy But Me Progressive7042$9.99
PRICE, SAMMY Fire W. Doc Cheatham Classic Jazz 106 $5.99
PROWIZORKA JAZZ BAND Rumoresque Timeless 526 $9.49                                   HINES, EARL Dinah solo piano and vocal RCA (French) 70577 $9.99
RAMIREZ, ROGER Rampant Ram!                  Swaggie (import) 1356 $9.99                 Live In Orange     Black & Blue (import) 33.305 $9.99
REBIRTH BRASS BAND Feel Like Funkin' It Up Rounder 2093 $6.99
                                                                                         Piano Portraits Of Australia               Swaggie (import) 1350 $9.99
RHYTHMAKERS 1932 Sessions w/ Red Allen, Pee Wee Russell, Fats Waller,
         Joe Sullivan, Condon, TD, Pops, Zutty IAJRC 04 $8.49                            Plays Duke Ellington Vol. 3    Swaggie (import) 1341 $9.99
RICHARDS, RED Soft Buns West 54 8000 $5.99                                               Plays Duke Ellington Vol. 4                 Swaggie (import) 1357 $9.99
    / GEORGE KELLY I'm Shooting High w/ Johnny Letman Sackville 2017 $5.99
RICHARDS, TREVOR NEW ORLEANS TRIO $Stomp Off 1222 $5.99                                  Quintessential Chiaroscuro 131 $8.49
RIMINGTON, SAMMY Only A Look +Red Beans rag band Dawn Club 12027 $3.99                   Solo Walk In Tokyo                   Biograph 12055 $8.49
RUMMEL, JACK Back To Ragtime             Stomp Off 1118 $5.99
                                                                                         The Indispensable...Vol. 1/2 (1939-1940) 2 LPs RCA (French) 42412 $14.99
SAGER, ERIC City Lights w/ Don Havens Dirty Shame 2004 $5.99
AUNDERS, TOM / BOBBY HIRSCH / DANNY WILLIAMS / JOHN ULRICH                               Waltzing Matilda                           Swaggie (import) 1338 $9.99
         1st Cent. Illinois Jazz Fest V.1 1976 JTP 106 $8.49                         HODES, ART Piano Solos Euphonic 1207 $8.49
SAUNDERS, TOM SURF SIDE SIX From Monday On w/ Earl Stuart, Jim Knight
         Bountiful 38002 $2.99                                                           I Remember Bessie piano solos of Smith & Rainey songs Euphonic 1213 $8.49
SCANJAZZ- Sunset Cafe Stomp Stomp Off 1038 $5.99                                         When Music Was Music Piano Series Vol. 18 Euphonic 1218 $8.49
SCHNEIDER, ERIC Alley w/Barry Harris, Mel Lewis Gatemouth 1005 $5.99                 JASEN, DAVID VS. NEVILLE DICKIE Rebel Regent Vs. British Pride
    /EARL HINES Eric & Earl w/Barrett Deems,Duke Groner Gatemouth1003 $5.99
                                                                                           Euphonic 1206 $8.49
SHAFER, TED'S JELLY ROLL JAZZ BAND San Francisco Style MerryM102 $3.99
    Volume 3 w/ Bob Helm Merry Makers 104 $3.99                                      JOHNSON, JAMES P. / KENNY KERSEY / ART TATUM Piano Portraits Vol. 3
SLUDOWYK, CHRIS Society Syncopators              Swaggie (import) 1413 $9.99              Affinity (Imports) 1035 $9.99
SMALL CLIFF SEPTET Swing And Things                Money Johnson, Morris Turney      LINGLE, PAUL Final Curtain: Encore, Coda & Rest 1947,1951 Euphonic1227 $8.49
         Swaggie (import) 1384 $9.99
SMITH, HAL CREOLE SUNSHINE Orch. Do What Ory Say Stomp Off 1078 $5.99                MITCHELL,BILL & HAL SMITH Echoes of Chicago:Piano V.25 Euphonic1225 $1.99
SMITH, HAL & BUTCH THOMPSON Volume 2 Stomp Off 1075 $5.99                            PARKER, KNOCKY 8 On 88 duets w/ 8 other pianists Euphonic 1215 $8.49
SMITH, RAY Soul Side Strut Stomp Off 1162 $5.99                                          / BILL COFFMAN Classic Rags & Nostalgia Piano / Organ duets at
SNOWDEN, ELMER 1924-63 Booker’s Dixie J.B w.Bubber M, Te Roy Wms
                                                                                             Old Town Music Hall, El Segundo Cal. Euphonic 1216 $2.99
         w.Rex Stewart, Musical Stevedores, Jungletown Stompers, Jasper Davis,
         Small’s Paradise O. (w. Roy Eldridge), Sepia Serenaders IAJRC 12 $5.99      PRICE, SAMMY Paradise Valley Duets w/ J. C. Heard, George Benson,
SOUTH FRISCO JAZZ BAND Volume 5 Stomp Off 1180 $5.99                                       Marcus Belgrave Parkwood (import) 112 $8.49
    Sage Hen Strut Stomp Off 1143 $5.99                                              ROBERTS, DAVID THOMAS Pinelands Memoir rags composed & performed by
STRIBLING, NEVILLE & Sacramento Connection Swaggie (import) 1408 $9.99                    Euphonic 1224 $8.49
TAYLOR,RUSTY JAZZ MAKERS Gimmee A Call w.K.Nichols StompOff1082 $5.99                TATUM, ART Broadcasts From 1932, 1934, 1944          Aircheck 21 $8.99
    NEW JAZZ REVIEW Let's Misbehave w. Keith Nichols Stomp Off 1186 $5.99                   TATUM, ART The Genius (B)       Jazz Man 5024 $8.49
TEAGARDEN, JACK "On The Air" 1936,1938              Aircheck 24 $8.99
                                                                                     TEMPLIN, RAY J. A Flash At The Piano “New Talent Series” Euphonic 1219 $8.49
    All-Stars On Okinawa w/ Don Ewell, Max K. Fuller IAJRC 33 $2.99
    It's Time For... w/ Charlie Spivak, Art Moore Sounds Of Swing 111 $8.49          THOMPSON, BUTCH Little Wonder w/ Mike Duffy, Hal Smith Triangle 109 $8.49
    The Unforgettable... Halcyon (imports) 104 $9.99                                     Trio West Triangle 105 $8.49
    -FRANK TRUMBAUER "Tnt" Aircheck 09 $8.99
TORNEHAVE, CARLI & PAMELA KNOWLES Who's Harry Warren? Evergreen!                         / BERKELEY GANG $Stomp Off 1127 $5.99
         Swedish. Phontastic 7413 $9.99                                                  & HAL SMITH & CHARLIE DEVORE- Milnbrg J Stomp Off 1116 $5.99
WALLER, FATS (1939 - 1940) Volume 10 RCA (French) 42027 $9.99                        THOMPSON, CHARLES Neglected Professor: Piano V. 21 Euphonic 1221 $8.49
    & HIS RHYTHM 1934, Vol. 1            Swaggie 851 $9.99
WATERS, BENNY & The Traditional Jazz Studio Giganti (imports) 9 $5.99                TURNER, JIM Old Fashioned Love: Tribute To James P. Johnson
WEATHERBIRD JAZZBAND- Fireworks Stomp Off 1034 $5.99                                      Euphonic 1222 $1.99
WEATHERBURN, RON After The Ball (Ex-Kenny Ball ) Stomp Off 1107 $5.99                WALLS,VAN They Call Me Piano Man +Brownie McGhee WhiskeyWomen711$9.99
WILBER, BOB Ode To Bechet w/ Vic Dickenson Jazzology 142 $8.49
                                                                                     W.E.BURTON South Side Chicago Jazz & Blues Piano (1928-'36) Wolf1006 $9.99
    / DICK WELLSTOOD The Duet Parkwood 103 $8.49
WILLEBRANDS, DICK EN ZIJN ORKEST. '43-'44                     Panachord 2012 $5.99   WILLIAMS, DAVE (FAT MAN) I Ate Up The Apple Tree w/ Clive Wilson,
WILSON, CLIVE Original Camellia Jazz Band w/Herb Hall NewOrleans7207 $8.49                 Clarence Ford New Orleans 7204 $8.49
ZASU PITTS MEMORIAL ORCH. Pitts Bear Down Live Kaleidoscope 23 99¢                   VARIOUS ARTISTS Barrelhouse Blues & Stopms V.4 w/ Sykes, Speckled Red,
ZENITH HOT STOMPERS Volume 1 Stomp Off 1191 $5.99
                                                                                           Crutchfield, Dink Johnson Euphonic 1205 $8.49
VARIOUS ARTISTS Bix Beiderbeck Memorial Fest 1977 Memphis Nighthawks,
         Fort Dodge JB, Gene Mayl’s Dixieland Rhythm KIngs Bix Society 12 $8.49      Boogie Woogie Kings V. 8 Cripple Clarence, Meade Lux Euphonic 1208 $8.49
3rd Cent. Illinois Jazz Fest Gene Mayl, Monte Mountjoy JTP 111 $5.99                 Kings Of Harlem Stride w/ Stephen Henderson, Fats Waller, James P. Johnson,
4th Cent. Illinois Jazz Fest Gene Mayl, Danny Havens, Jean Kittrell JTP 110 $5.99           Donald Lambert Euphonic 1226 $8.49
Bix Lives 1974 New McKinneys,Jack Pine Savages,David Hutson BixSoc 4 $8.49
    1975 NMCPickers, Easy Street Jazz Band, Sons of Bix Bix Society 10 $8.49         Master Jazz Piano Anthology w/Hines, Smalls, McShann, Thompson, Dunham
Festival Jazz Tom Saunders,Bob Hirsch,Queen City,Rfd.Bootleggers JTP112 $5.99               Swaggie (import) 1298 $9.99
For The First Time Part II Frank Trumbauer‘37,Louis Armstrong‘44 +Dexter Gordon,     Master Jazz Piano: Volume 1 w/Jay McShann, Earl Hines, Claude Hopkins,
         BG w. Hamp, Whiteman w. Joe Mooney, C.Teagdn IAJRC 21 $1.99                        Sliff Jackson, Sonny White Swaggie (import) 1274 $9.99
Memphis Kick-Up 1928-30 Slim Lamar w.Tomny Almerico, Mart Britt IAJRC 9 $8.49
                                                                                         Vol. 3 w/Earl Hines, White, Wilson, Hearn Swaggie (import) 1337      $9.99
New Orleans Revival: Rediscovery V. 2 Louis, Sidney, James P.J., Jabbo Smith
         Swaggie 856 $9.99                                                               Vol.4 w/Hines, Smalls,McShann,Jackson Swaggie (import) 1363 $9.99
Pretty Baby ragtime film score incl. New Orleans Ragtime Orch., Bob Greene               Vol. 5 Swaggie (import) 1387             $9.99
         ABC 1076 $8.49
San Antonio Jazz Mid 1935 Don Albert Orch (w. Louis Cottrell, Alvin Alcorn,          Piano Blues Bert Mays, Kingfish Bill Tomlin, Ruby Paul HK (imports) 4010 $9.99
         Herb Hall, Lloyd Glenn), Boots & His Buddies IAJRC 03 $8.49                 Piano Blues Rarities Vol. 3 1930-40 Blues Document 2053 $9.99
Swingtime In Europe 1934-38 Eddie South, Freddy Johnson & Lex Van Spall,
                                                                                     Professors V.2 Brun Campbell, Euday Bowman, Dink Johnson Euphonic1202 $1.99
         Willie Lewis T.O.M. 42 $9.99

                     BIG BAND JAZZ LPs                                            ELLINGTON, MERCER Duke Ellington's Soph.Ladies Orig. Broadway cast. 2 LPs
                                                                                        RCA (French) 84053 $9.99
BARNET, CHARLIE Film Tracks Of... 1943-48 w/ pop singers Joyce 3003 $8.49         ENGLUND, ERNIE & VISBY BIG BAND Ernie! Swedish. Phontastic 7567 $9.99
   & His Orchestra 1938 w/Bob Burnet,Ben Hall,Kurt Bloom FirstTime1504 $8.49      FERGUSON, MAYNARD Body And Soul            Blackhawk 50101        $8.49
   Jubilee w/ Eddie Heywood, Ella Logan Joyce 5003 $8.49                          FLORENCE, BOB Orch. Magic Time (ltd. edition) w/Herbie Harper Trend536 $3.99
   On The Air Vol 2 July, 1944 Aircheck 30 $1.99                                  FOX, ROY ORCHESTRA This Is Prev. Unissued, France 1938 Halcyon 07 $9.99
   Orchestra Jazz LIve 8008 $9.99                                                 GERALDO & His Orchestra 1939 w/ Al Bowly, Cyril Grantham, Eve Becke Halcyon
   Second Jubilee w/Erroll Garner,Lena Horne,Eddie Haywood Joyce 5004 $8.49       (imports) 014 $9.99
   Some Like It Hot w/ Bob Burnet, Ben Hall, Judy Ellington SwingEra1002 $1.99    GIBBONS, CARROLL Body & Soul w/ Al Bowlly & Jack Plant JOY 268 $5.99
   Volume One 1945-47 First Heard 12 $2.99                                        GO0DMAN, BENNY 1939: 2 w/F. Henderson, M. Baily Tax (import) 8033 $7.99
   Volume 23: 12/4/50 -7/10/52 w/ Dick Sherman, Doc Severinson,                       1940 Chesterfield Shows Soundcraft 1021 $5.99
       Charlie Shavers Ajaz 233 $1.99
                                                                                      All the Cats Join In, Clarinade, Lucky Quicksilver/Intermedia 5046 $6.49
                                                                                      Alternate Vol. 2 1939-40 w/ Fletcher Henderson, Cootie Williams
       Discovery 790 $3.99
                                                                                           Phontastic (import) 7610 $9.99
BASIE, COUNT '44-'45 w/ LESTER YOUNG, Tate, Jo J. JazzAnthology5160 $6.99
                                                                                      Alternate Vol. 7      Phontastic (import) 7620 $9.99
   Air Shots Birdland Jan. 1953 Volume 2 Unique Jazz (import) 05 $12.99
                                                                                      B.G. And The Chicks, Vol 13 (1936-39) RCA (French) 43173 $9.99
   Disco Order V. 12: 7/41 - 11/41 w. Don Byas, Buck Clayton Ajaz 232 $1.99
                                                                                      Live In Las Vegas ‘66 w.Doc Cheatham,Bob Morgan SoundsGreat8010 $8.49
   Disco Order V. 8: 11/39-3/40 w. Harry Edison, Dickie Wells Ajaz 175 $1.99
                                                                                  GRAY, GLEN Swingin’ Decade w/ Notes by Glen Gray Pathe 1566171 $5.99
   Disco Order V. 9: 3/40-11/40 w. Lester Young, Jimmy Rushing Ajaz 208 $1.99
                                                                                      & The Casa Loma Orch. 1930-34 Brunswick, Decca recordings. Pee Wee Hunt
   Rhythm Men w/ E. Warren, J. Rushing Swing House (import) 23 $9.99                       vocals. Jazzum 79 $3.99
   The Count 1939 sides not found on prior LP's Encore 14355 $8.49                    & The Casa Loma Orch. 1933/39 Victor & Decca recordings.
   / DUKE ELLINGTON Great Jazz Music From Southland (not playing together)                 w/ Louis Armstrong Jazzum 80 $3.99
       Jazz Anthology 5157 $6.99                                                      Vol. 13: 2/27/40 - 4/10/40 w/ Pee Wee Hunt, Kenny Sargent AJAZ 465 $8.49
BASIE/SHAW/LUNCEFORD/TATUM Jumpin'Jubilee V.1 war years Kaydee02 $8.49            HAMPTON,LIONEL 1 Night Stand 1944 w/Dorham,Buckner,Cobb Joyce1055 $8.49
BELLSON, LOUIS / G. DUVIVIER Loose Walk w/ Warren Parish, Jack Scott              HAYMES, JOE 1932-37 TD’s farm team: Sterling Bose, Bud Freeman, Joe Yukl,
       Chonto 1 $3.99                                                                      Pee Wee Erwin, Toots Mondello, Zeke Zarchy IAJRC 46 $8.49
BENEKE, TEX '48 Shooting Star Magic (import) AWE8 $9.99                           HENDERSON, FLETCHER S/T di Dave Dexter Jr. Grandi (imports) 06 $9.99
   Music In The Miller Mood w.Glen Miller Orch. Jazz Band (imports) 416 $5.99         Swing's The Thing w/ Ben Webster, Buster Bailey MCA 1318 $8.49
   Ramblin' Around V.2 1948 magic AWE33 $9.99                                     HERBECK, RAY Live & Romantic 1947/8 Glendale 6025 $2.99
   Under The Rainbow:Cherokee,Again,My Ideal Aristic (English) 004 $9.99
                                                                                  HERMAN, WOODY Blues On Parade 1937-41 Bandstand 7122 $3.99
BROOKS, RANDY & His Orchestra (1944) w/ Shorty Allen First Time 1511 99¢
                                                                                      Disco Order V. 2: 4/26/37-11/23/37 w/ Don Watts, Horace Diaz Ajaz109 $1.99
BROWN, LES The Swingin' Sound ( Signature 1019) Fresh Sounds 569 $9.99
                                                                                  HERMAN, WOODY It’s Coolin’ Time Piccadilly 3333 $1.99
BRYANT, BOBBY Big Band Blues            w/ John Young Vee Jay 3059 $5.99
                                                                                      Disco Order V. 4: 4/39-8/39 w. Hy White, Joe Bishop Ajaz 133 $8.49
                                                                                      Road Band w/Kamuca, Cy Touff, Nat P. Pathe 156551 $9.99
       w/Warren Kime Claremount 28228 99¢
                                                                                      The Hits Of - incl. Early Autumn Pausa 9063 $8.49
CROSBY, BOB '37-'42 w/Zurke, Sullivan, Jess, Faz, Yank Swingfan 1016 $9.99
                                                                                      Vol 2: The Third Herd w/ Stu Williamson, Nat Pierce Discovery 845 $3.99
DANKWORTH,JOHNNY Swingin’ in the 50s -trks not on Pablo LPs- IAJRC39 $1.99
                                                                                  HINES, EARL "FATHA" Blues For Garroway 1947 & 1954 JazzClub1652391 $9.99
DONAHUE, SAM Hollywood Hop 1944-48 Hep (imports) 0025 $9.99
                                                                                  HOPKINS, CLAUDE Harlem 1935 Jazz Anthology 5156 $9.99
DORSEY, JIMMY Sowing Wild Notes,3 Little Wrds,T Got Rhy Piccadilly3352 $3.99
   & TOMMY 1928 Vol. 1 w/ Rollin, Teschemacher, G.Miller, Lang T.O.M.14 $9.99     JAMES, HARRY Live In The 1970s V.1 Jazz Band (imports) 403 $9.99
   & TOMMY 1928-1930 w/ Bud Freeman, The Travellers T.O.M. 15 $9.99               KEMP, HAL Empire Rm, Palmer House Mar 24, Apr 7,'40 Aircheck 38 $5.99
   A Tribute TV show: Jimmy,Jackie Gleason,Jo Stafford SoundsGreat8014 $8.49          Vol.14:10/18/1939,3/26/1940 w/ Clayton Cash,Randy Brooks Ajaz464 $8.49
   Best Of The Big Bands Special CBS (imports) 32508 $2.99                        KENTON, STAN Live In Biloxi Magic (import) AWE32 $9.99
   Jamboree 1935-36 w/Bud Freeman Halcyon (imports) 114 $11.99                        At the Las Vegas Tropicana w. Jack Sheldon, 2/2/59 Creative 1032 $8.49
   Sweet & Swing w/Dick Jones Halcyon (imports) 103 $9.99                             Stage Door Swing Capitol (English) 1159 $8.99
   The Indispensable...Volumes 3/4 2 LPs. w/Bud Freeman RCA 89163-2 $9.99             West Side Story w/Conte, Gabe Baltazar Capitol (English) 1285 $8.99
   & JIMMY Battle of the Dorseys w.Charlie Shavers,Buddy Rich Joyce1101 $8.49     KENTON, FAMOUS ALUMNI OF STAN Pepper, Mf, Rossolino, C.Conner (op)
                                                                                           Creative World 1028 $8.49
DUNHAM, SONNY Feb 7 And Dec 7, 1945           Aircheck 25 $8.99
                                                                                  KIRK, ANDY Clouds From The Southwest RCA (French) 42418 $9.99
ELLINGTON, DUKE All American In Jazz CBS (imports) 84308 $9.99
                                                                                  KRUPA, GENE For The Record Aug. 7-44 w.Ventura,deFranco Aircheck 35 $8.99
   1st 45 1st Conn. J.Fest. w.Cat, CT, QJ, Procope, Johnny Hodges, Paul
       Gonsalves, Hamilton, Carney IAJRC 45 $8.49                                 LAWRENCE, ELLIOT Sugar Beat w. Red Rodney, Gerry Mulligan BIg Band
                                                                                  Archives 1219 $1.99
   At Tanglewood V. 1 w/Cat, Nance, Terry Queen Disc (import) Q049 $9.99
                                                                                  LOPEZ,VINCENT / ABE LYMAN Swinging Sweet Bands V.1 SwingEra 1007 $1.99
   Brunswick Sessions Vol. 1 Jazz Information 3001 $9.99
                                                                                  LOSS, JOE Plays Your All-Time Party Hits 2 LPs MFP 1009 $1.99
   Classic Transcriptions 1941/1951. 2 LP set. Affinity (Imports) 1032 $14.99
                                                                                  LUNCEFORD / DORSEYS / TATUM Jackpot Swing Unissued airshots by
   Dance Date 1958 w/ Nance, Cat, Gonsalves Unique Jazz (import) 16 $9.99
                                                                                  Lunceford, TD, JD Jazz Archives JA-40 $8.49
   Hollywood Bowl Concert w/ Kay Davis, Hodges, Al Sears, Pettiford
       Unique Jazz (import) 03 $9.99                                              LUNCEFORD, JIMMIE Rhythm Business w/ Sy Oliver, Henry Wells Hep1013 $9.99
   Love You Madly Vee Jay 3061 $5.99                                                  The Golden Jazz Years         Storyville (import) 0828 $9.99
   Rockin'in Rhythm Br '26-'31 Home Again,Sw Mama Affinity 1034 $9.99                 1935-1945 w/ Delta Rhythm Boys Swingfan 1009 $9.99
   The Unusual (Early 50's) Jazz Guild 1004 $5.99                                     Blues In The Night 1938 / 1942 w/ Sy Oliver, Trummy Young MCA 1314 $4.99
   Treasury Series 7 May 26, 1975 Phontastic (import) 7633 $9.99                      For Dancers Only: 1936-37 w/ Sy Oliver, Ed Wilcox MCA 1307 $4.99
   Treasury Series 8 June 2, 1945 Phontastic (import) 7634 $9.99                  MARTIN, SKIP Swingin' Things From Cole Porter's Can Can w/ Pete
                                                                                           Fresh Sounds (imports) 542 $9.99
   Unbooted Character Swing Treasury 105 $9.99
                                                                                  MAY, BILLY Glen Miller Band w/ Murray McEachern, Gene Norman GNP
   Unusual 1950s: Terry, Cat, Nance, Gonsalves, Procope Phontastic7614 $9.99
                                                                                           Crescendo 76 $8.49
   V.I.P. w/ Johnny Hodges Swing House (import) 28 $9.99
                                                                                  McCONNELL, ROB & THE BOSS BRASS Again Vol Ii Pausa 7149 $1.99
   Vol. 2 1944/47 “The Fabulous Forties” Hodges, Nance, Stewart, Pettiford, Cat
                                                                                      The Jazz Album        Pausa 7031 $1.99
       Rarities (import) 59 $9.99
                                                                                  McINTYRE, HAL & His Orchestra 1944-47 First Heard 13 $2.99
ELLINGTON, DUKE ORCHESTRA Continuum directed by Mercer Ellington
       Fantasy 9481 $8.49                                                             One Night Stand With... '44/'46 w. Al Noble, Johnny Turnbull Joyce 1138 $8.49

MILLER, GLENN Army Air Force Orch. Live 1944 Jazz Band (imports) 412 $9.99
                                                                                                          VOCAL JAZZ LPs
   1940 Chesterfield Shows w/ Tex Beneke, Jack Lathrop Soundcraft 1012 $5.99
                                                                                  ANDREWS, ERNIE Sing ‘From The Heart’ w/ Kenny Burrell, Red Holloway,
   Swing & Sweet w.Mel Powell           Phontastic (import) 7651 $9.99                    Harry Sweets Edison Discovery 825 $8.49
   Swinging Mr. Miller 1938-42. 2 LPs RCA (French) 89162 $9.99                    BENNETT, TONY Sings "Life Is Beautiful" Improv 7112 $8.49
                                                                                  BOSWELL, CONNEE On The Air 1935, 1936, 1941 Totem 1025 $8.49
   The Glenn Miller Story, Vol. 2, RCA (French) 89221 $4.99
                                                                                  BOYD, KAY First Slice w/George Coleman, Harold Mabern Spotlite 24 $1.99
   The Glenn Miller Story, Vol. 3, RCA (French) 89222 $4.99                       BRAMS, STAFFAN Did I Remember w/Bengt Hallbert&Ove Lind Phontastic4 $9.99
   The Glenn Miller Story, Vol 4, RCA (French) 89223 $4.99                        CHARLES, RAY Story Vol.3: "Sinner's Prayer", "Tell Truth" Atlantic 40266 $8.49
   The Legendary...Vol. 8 1940 RCA 7515 $9.99                                     CHRISTY, JUNE June’s Got Rhythm w/ George Spelvin, Bob Cooper
                                                                                          Fresh Sounds (imports) 1076 $9.99
      Jazz Club (imports) 1648721 $4.99                                           COLE, NAT KING Ramblin' Rose Capitol (English) 1115 $8.99
                                                                                      The Unreleased Nat Cole Capitol (English) 1279 $8.99
MILLER, HERB ORCHESTRA Memories Of Glenn w/ Bob Cutting, Ronnie Ross
                                                                                  CROSBY, BING All The Way (1958) Blue & Gold 1 $8.49
      Avimus 3 $7.99
                                                                                      Bing And Connie Boswell 1940,1941 Spokane 18 $2.99
MILLER, MAJ .GLENN Silver Serenade w/Desmond, McKinley SwingWorld2 $3.99
                                                                                      Bing And The Music Maids Spokane 21 $1.99
NELSON, OZZY March 24/30,'40 From The Blachawk Aircheck 19 $1.99                      Bing In The 30's bdcsts from 1938, 1939 Spokane 12 $2.99
NOBLE, RAY The Swinging Briton w/ Red & Reefe McGarvey, George Van Eps                Bing In The 30's Volume 2 1936, '38, '39 Spokane 14 $2.99
     Swing Era 1012 $1.99                                                             Bing In The 30's Vol. 7 12/29/38 - 3/30/39 Spokane 28 $1.99
POWELL, TEDDY Tapestry In Blue w/ Gene Esposito SoundsOfSwing 110 $1.99               Bing On The Air w. Boswell Sisters (1931,1934,1937,1938) Spokane 01 $1.99
RAEBURN, BOYD And His Orchestra (1944-46) w/ Dizzy Gillespie, Oscar Pettiford         Dark Moon Magic (import) AWE7 $9.99
     First Time 1515 $1.99                                                            Der Bingle Kraft Music Hall of Dec.21,'44 + vars.'42,'43 Spokane 05 $8.49
RAEBURN, BOYD Palace Hotel Bdcsts. Summer, 1945 Aircheck 20 $3.99                     Happy Holiday at Kraft Music Hall, 12/21/44 Spokane 06 $1.99
                                                                                      Holiday Inn Jan.11,'43 Program/Bells Of St. Mary's 10-16-47 Spokane15 $8.49
REYNOLDS,TOMMY Your Band Of Tomorrow w/ Peanuts Hucko
                                                                                      Is Back Philco Programs With Judy Garland Totem 1002 $1.99
       Swing Era 1005 $1.99                                                           Kraft Music Hall w.Wingy Manone,Victor Borge,Mary Martin Spokane02 $8.49
SANDVIK Big Band S/T w/ Ann Kristin Hedmark, Claes Jansson Dragon 26 $9.99            Kraft Music Hall w.Spike Jones,Borge,Martin,Sabu,R.Reagan Spokane04 $1.99
SAVITT, JAN Avadon Ballroom 1946 vocal by Bob D’Andrea Joyce 1002 $8.49               Kraft Music Hall -Janet Blair,Jack Carson,Music Maids 12/42 Spokane13 $1.99
                                                                                      Kraft Music Hall 1/29/42 w/ Madeline Carroll,Borge,Martin Spokane 11 $2.99
   Disco Order V. 9: 2/41-4/41 w. Alan DeWitt, Jack Palmer Ajaz 236 $1.99
                                                                                      On The Air w. Jimmy Dorsey, Zasu Pitts, Bob Burns 5/27/37 Spokane 07 $1.99
   & His Orchestra 1938-39 w/Cutty Cutshall,Frank Rasmus FirstTime1505 $2.99          Sing You Sinners 1/1940 radio w/ Ralph Bellamy Spokane 08 $8.49
SHAW, ARTIE (1937-1938) Double LP Swingdom (import) 7003/4 $9.99                  BING CROSBY / AL JOLSON Bing & Al V. 2 12/28/39 & 1/4/49 Totem 1007 99¢
   Melody & Madness 5 w/Buddy Rich Phontastic (import) 7637 $9.99                         Bing 'N Al 3/5/47 & 4/2/47 Totem 1003 $1.99
   The Complete 1937-1938 (4 Lp Box) 530 2 LP Swingdom 7005/4 $39.99              BING CROSBY/ JOAN BLONDELL She Loves Me Not 11/8/1937 Totem1004 $1.99
                                                                                  DAMONE, VIC Best Damn Singer In The Whole World West Coast 14001 $8.49
   & HIS ORCH. - Vol 2 (1941-45), w/Roy Eldridge RCA (French) 42403 $9.99
                                                                                  DANIELS, BILLY Mr. Black Magic GNP Crescendo 16 $8.49
SHERWOOD, BOBBY Out Of Sherwood’s Forest (40’s swing) IAJRC 35 $5.99              FITZGERALD, ELLA Forever Young - Vol. 1 '35-'36 Webb Swingtime 1006 $9.99
SLACK, FREDDY Riffette w/ T-Bone Walker Big Band Archives 1202 $1.99                  Forever Young - Vol. 2 '39-'41                 Swingtime 1007 $9.99
STRONG, BOB On The Air 1939 &1945 Aircheck 23 99¢                                 GILBERT, ANN & Elliot Lawrence Orch. w/ Cohn,McKusick,Bert
                                                                                          Fresh Sounds (import) RCA 45997 $9.99
TUCKER,TOMMY/ TED FIO RITO/ JAN GARBER Spotlight On... Joyce4001 $8.49
                                                                                  HENDERSON, BILL S/T VEE JAY 1031 $9.99
WHITEMAN, PAUL Forever Pops w/ Eugenie Baird Sounds Rare 5001 $8.49               HI LO'S Harmony In Jazz Encore 14387 $8.49
WIDESPREAD DEPRESSION ORCH. Time To Jump & Shout Stash 212 $3.99                  KENNEY, BEVERLY And Ralph Burns Orch (Roost 2212) Fresh Sounds 560 $9.99
WIDESPREAD JAZZ ORCH. Swing Is The Thing Adelphi 5015 99¢                         LAINE, CLEO One More Day w/ Alan Jones, Michael Windfield DRG 5198 $8.49
                                                                                      Live At Wavendon Fest +John Dankworth,Richard Rodney JazzMan5033 $8.49
WILKINS, ERNIE ALMOST BIG BAND On The Road w/K.Drew Steeplechase
(import) 1225 $5.99                                                                   Portrait Of A Song Stylist Harmony Collection 107 $5.99
                                                                                  LAMBERT, JEANNIE Jeannie-Ology w/ Gene Esposito & Orch. incl. Mike Smith
WILLIAMS, COOTIE w/Bob Merrill, Sam Taylor, etc.    Swingtime 1003 $9.99                  Jazz Idiom 2212 $8.49
WILLIAMS, COOTIE And His Savoy Ballroom Orch. 1957 w/ Kenny Burrell Fresh         LEE, PEGGY & GEORGE SHEARING Beauty And The Beat! Live in Miami 1959
Sounds (import) RCA 46032 $9.99                                                           Capitol (English) 1158 $8.99
WILLIAMS, COOTIE Cootie In Hi Fi    RCA (French) 89811 $9.99                      MERCER, JOHNNY Sings Gi Jive, At&Sf, Candy, 14 My Baby Pausa 9062 $8.49
ZEMAREL, ZIM Live At The Hyatt Regency Hindsight 230 $1.99                        MILLS BROTHERS Dream featuring "The Jiimtown Road" DOT 25927 $3.99
                                                                                  MORRIS, AUDREY Afterthoughts w/Stu Genmovese, ts           Fancy Faire 1985 $8.49
VARIOUS ARTISTS 1935 Lunceford, BG, Django, Teddy Phontastic 7657 $9.99
                                                                                  MULDAUR, MARIA w/Frank Wess, Jerry Dodgion, K.Barron Uptown 27.25 $1.99
1934 Waller, Teagarden, Lunceford, BG, Webb Phontastic (import) 7653 $9.99        NOEL, DICK A Time For Love w/ Larry Novak Sounds Great 5002 $4.99
Greatest Bands In The Land James, Pastor, Flanagan, Norvo Bygone 1501 $3.99       RIO NIDO Hi-Fly w/ Prudence Johnson, Jimmy Hamilton, Tim Sparks
                                                                                          Red House 07 $4.99
Greatest Bands In The Land Thornhill, Spivak, Hudson Bygone 1502 $3.99
                                                                                  SANTA, ELMA You're The Cream In My Coffee w/ J. C. Heard, Major Holley
Greatest Bands In The Land Isham Jones, Madriguera, Busse Bygone 1503 $3.99               JTP 116 $1.99
Jazz in the 30s 2 LPs:Venuti,BG, Jess,Bud F., Krupa, Berigan Swing8457/58 $9.99   SSTEWARD, BOB In A Sentimental Mood +Mel Lewis,Hank Jones Stash266 $8.49
Le Grandi Orchestre V. 3 G.Miller, Hampton, Basie, Goodman VDisc 1011 $9.99       TORME, MEL A Time For Us (Orchs By Jimmy Jones, Etc.) Pausa 9044 $8.49
                                                                                      California Suite w/ Marty Paich Bethlehem 6016 $8.49
Ridin' In Rhythm 2 LPs - Benny Carter, Coleman, Duke, Fletcher, Meade
         Swing 8453/4 $9.99                                                           Encore At Marty's, Ny 3/27/82        Flair 8200 $8.49
                                                                                  WATERS, ETHEL On The Air movie soundtrack & airshots Totem 1041 $1.99
Swing Jackpot James,TD,JD,Bobcats,Savitt,Lunceford,Krupa JazzArchives50 $8.49
                                                                                  WHITE, KITTY Sweet Talk Benny Carter,Sweets (Roulette 52020)
Territorial Bands 1927-31 Trad & 30s: Curt Mosby, Maynard Baird, Hunter’s                 Fresh Sounds 557 $14.99
         Serenaders w. Victoria Spivey, Red Perkins, Grant Moore IAJRC 06 $1.99   WILLIAMS, JOE I Just Want To Sing 1985 w/ Jaws, Golson, Thad Jones
The 30's Vol.I BG, TD, Stuff Smith, Louis, Shaw Aircheck 1 $2.99                          Delos 4004 $9.99
Victory Parade Of Spolight Bands C.Spivak/Jimmy Joy Aircheck 06 $1.99             VARIOUS ARTISTS The Thirties Girls Ethel Waters, Mildred Bailey,
                                                                                          Josephine Baker, others Totem 1026 $8.98

         JAZZ LPs - Mainstream & Beyond                                         CATHERINE, PHILIP QUINTET Transparence w/Aldo Romano Timeless242 $9.49
                                                                                CENTURAY, TYRONE Outer Space Circus w/ Rich Kirch Eternal 007 $7.59
ABERCROMBIE, JOHN / JAN HAMMER / DAVID EARLE JOHNSON                            CENTURY CITY BLUES Larry Flahive, Jim Dejulio, Jf Hml SeaBreeze2036 $4.99
       The Midweek Blues Plug (import) 1 $5.99                                  CHARLES, BERNIE Blue Viol w/ John Ore, Bross Townsend Berne Viol 1023 $3.99
ADAMS, GEORGE Paradise Space Shuttle Timeless Muse 322 $8.49                    CHERRY, DON / ALBERT AYLER, JOHN HANDY, GATO Giganti (imports) 6 $1.99
   / DON PULLEN DUO Melodic Excursions Timeless 166* $9.49                      CHEVALLIER, CHRISTIAN 6 + 6 (Columbia 2610781) Fresh Sounds 144 $8.49
ADAMS, PEPPER / DONALD BYRD Out Of This World (Warwick2041)                        Formidable (Columbia 2611301) Fresh Sounds (imports) 1067 $8.49
       w/ Herb Hancock, Jimmy Cobb Fresh Sounds (imports) 669 $9.99             CICERO, EUGENE TRIO Jazz Bach Timeless 216* $9.49
AHMAN, MAX Max On Wax DRAGON (import) 116 $9.99                                    Spring Song w/Billy Higgins Timeless 198* $9.49
ALAN HENDERSON'S TIME WARP Off Center w/ Barry Elmes, Bob Brough,               CLAIRE, BETTE ST At Basin Street East (Celebrity 4560) Fresh Sounds 553 $9.99
       Mike Murley Parkwood (import) 111 $3.99
                                                                                CLAYTON, BUCK & Peanuts Holland 1956 Jazz Anthology 5202 $6.99
ALEXANDER, RAY Cloud Patterns w/Pepper Adams Nerus 4477 $1.99
                                                                                   Passport To Paradise w/C.Thompson (fr.Vogue) Inner City 7009 $8.49
ALLEN, RED S/T Phoenix LP 24 $4.99
                                                                                COATES, JOHN After The Before Omnisound 1021 $5.99
   & COLEMAN HAWKINS 1933 w/ Dicky Wells, J.C. Higginbotham
                                                                                   Alone & Live at the Deer Head Omnisound 1015 $5.99
       Smithsonian 022 $11.99
                                                                                   Jazz Piano Of... w/ Glen Davis Omnisound 1004 $5.99
ALLYN, DAVID In The Blue Of Evening w/J. Mandell Orch. Discovery 794 $3.99
                                                                                COBB, ARNETT / WASHINGTON, DINAH In Concert          Phoenix LP 18 $4.99
ALPER, GREG Fat Doggle (Ray Anderson) Adelphi 5009 $8.49
                                                                                COLEMAN, BILL Paris 1973 w/large orchestra Jazz Club (imports) 64822 $9.99
ALTMAN,LAURIE QUINTET For Now At Least w.Geo.Naha Progressive7066 $9.99
                                                                                COLEMAN, ORNETTE Prime Design Opening Caravan Of Dreams w. J. Tacuma
ALTSCHUL, BARRY Brahma w/ Ray Anderson, Mark Helias Sackville 3023 $9.49
                                                                                      Caravan Of Dreams 85001 $9.99
AMARO, EUGENE S/T Innovation JC 0016 $8.49
ARNOLD, BUDDY Wailing Fresh Sounds ABC 114 $9.99
ASMUSSEN / DREW / NHØP / THIGPEN Prize/Winners Matrix 1001 $9.99
AUER, VERA Positive Vibes w/ Hugh Brody honey dew 6621 $1.99
BÄGEL O' FUN In The Underground Wonderland Billy Brimfield, Dave Gordon,
       Brian Gephart Sparrow 02 $7.49
BARANCO: JIMMY MUNDY & GERALD WILSON Groovin' High Hep 0015 $9.99
BARNETT,CHARLIE The Indispensible...Vol.3/4 2 LPs RCA(French)89483-2 $9.99
BARON, PAUL & V-DISC ALL STARS (Roy, Yank, Shavers) SwingHouse13 $9.99
BASILE, JOHN Very Early w/E.Gomez, b; J.Dodgion, alto Sea Breeze 2024 $1.99
BEIRACH, RICHIE Continuum solos Eastwind(s) 704 $5.99
BELL, CHARLES TRIO In Concert (Gateway 7012) Fresh Sounds 544 $5.99
BENSON, GEORGE Take Five w/Kenny Barron, P.Upchurch CTI 8014 $3.99
   Swing & Swing & Swing w/ Dave Young, Reg Schwager, Archie Alleyne
        (import) 107 $8.49
   White Rabbit w/Hancock, Laws, Klugh Special CTI 8009 $8.49
BERGER, BENGT BITTER FUNERAL BEER BAND Partise Drumng                              Prime Time w.Don Cherry,Hayde,Higgins 2 LPs CaravanOfDreams85008 $9.99
       Dragon (import) 142 $9.99                                                COLLETTE, BUDDY / ABBEY LINCOLN / LES THOMPSON Sessions, Live
BERGER, EDDIE & THE JAZZ ALL-STARS Be Bop & Soda Uptown 004 $9.49                      Calliope 3009 $8.49
BERGERSON, HARALD & ATLE HAMMER Joy Spring Gemini 49 $9.99                      CONTINUUM End Of Line w/ John Redfield, Robert Baglione Schmizz - $7.99
BERIGAN, BUNNY Airshots: Dardanella, Sunday, Mahog Atlantis 7 $9.99             CONTOS, JOHN DONALDSON & PAUL Partousia w.Chucho Merchan
BERNSEN, RANDY Music For Planets, People & Washing Machines                            Progressive 7051 $9.99
       w/ Herbie Hancock, Jaco Pastorius, Michael Urbaniak Zebra 5006 $3.99     COOPER, JEROME Outer And Interactions w/ Joseph Jarman, William Parker
BETHLEHEM JAZZ SESSION Jazz City Presents w/Russ Garcia, Pepper Adams,                 About Time 1008 $8.49
       Herb Geller, Herbie Harper (Bethlehem 80) Fresh Sounds 2017 $9.99        CREEKMORE, TOM She Is It w/ Joe Felix, Joe Diorio Discovery 791 $3.99
BIRKA Jazz I Sverige 1978 Caprice 1145 $9.99                                    CROSBY, BOB 3/25/40 & 4/29/40 w.Stacy,Eddie Miller, Butterfield,Faz,etc.
BLAKEY, ART Oh-By The Way Timeless 165* $9.49                                          Aircheck 17 $1.99
   & THE JAZZ MESSENGERS In My Prime Volume 1 Timeless 114 $9.49                CRUSADERS, THE Rhapsody And Blues (UK) MCA MCL4010 (MCA 5124) $4.99
BLANCHARD, PIERRE Music For String 4, Jz 3 & Violin      Sunnyside 1023 $1.99   CRYSTAL Clear                             Blackhawk 51501 99¢
BLYTHE, ARTHUR Bush Baby w/Bob Stewart Adelphi 5008 $8.49                       DANKO, HAROLD Ink And Water Sunnyside 1008 $8.49
BOIARSKY, ANDRES Plays South Of The Border w. Phil Lee, Paul Rogers             DARJI Meets Hank Jones w/R. Jones, Mickey Roker Timeless 171 $9.49
       Spotlite (import) 18 $8.49                                               DAVIS, EDDIE Countin' With Basie, w/ E. Davis Jazz Legacy 500118 $9.99
BOLAO, MANOLO QUARTET              Fiore 004 $1.99                                 Just For Fun w/ George Probert, Bobby Gordon Pa Da 7402 $3.99
BONNER, JOE The Lost Melody w. Bob Rockwell, Jesper Lundgaard                   DAWA, MWENDO City Beat DRAGON (import) 92 $9.99
       Steeplechase (import) 1227 $3.99                                         DEDRICK, RUSTY Salute To Bunny Berigan w. John LaPorta (Cpt. 552)
BOUSTED, RON First Light w/ Steve Schmidt Mopro 104 $1.99                              Fresh Sounds (imports) 534 $9.99
BREAU, LENNY Last Sessions Solo jazz guitar. Direct Metal. Adelphi 5024 99¢     DEFRANCO, BUDDY Like Someone In Love w/ Tal Farlow Progressive7014 $9.99
BRISKER, GORDEN Quintet w. Cedar Walton,Ed.Gomez Discovery 923 $8.49               The Liveliest! In Buenos Aires, 1980 Hep (imports) 2014 $9.99
BROBERG, BOSSE & NISSE SANDSTROM & OVE LIND We Love Ellington                      With Jim Gillis Classic Jazz 33 $8.49
       Swedish Phontastic 7520 $9.99                                               / BLAKEY, ART Blues Bag (VJ) Atlantis (import) 4 $9.99
BROOKS, JOHN BENSON Folk Jazz USA w/Zoot Sims, Al Cohn RCA43767 $6.99           DICKERSON, DWIGHT Sooner Or Later w/ Louis Spear, Carl Burnett
BROWN, TED Free Spirit w/ Hod O'Brien, Jacques Schols Criss Cross 1031 $5.99           Discovery 792 $3.99
BRUBECK, DAN / ANDY LAVERNE, CHRIS BRUBECK See How It Feels                     DOBBINS, BILL Dedications Piano solos. Omnisound 1036 $3.99
       Blackhawk 51401       $8.49                                              DOMNÉRUS, ARNE Blue & Yellow: A Swedish Rhapsody Phontastic 7538 $9.99
BRUBECK,DAVE Quartet In Concert ‘64 w/Paul Desmond JazzConnoisseur3 $9.99          & BENGT HALLBERG Downtown Meeting w/ Clark Terry, George Mraz,
   /ANDRE PREVIN Ea. Play West Side Story CBS (imports) 21065 $9.99                    Oliver Jackson. Swedish. Phontastic 7518 $9.99
BRYANT,RAY Plays Blue Monk, Misty,etc.(Signature 6008) FreshSounds529 $9.99     DONATI, WILLIAM Something Different Italian pianist w/ strings VSOP 55 $9.99
BUCKNER, MILT w/Ropy, Ill. J, Jo Jones, Slam, Jimmy Woode Esoldun103 $9.99      DONELIAN, ARMEN A Reverie Solo piano. Sunnyside 1019 $3.99
BURRELL, KENNY 1959 at Village Vanguard w.Roy Haynes, Richard Davis                Secrets Sunnyside 1031 $3.99
       Reactivation JR 152 $9.99                                                DØRGE, PIERRE NEW JUNGLE ORCHESTRA Johnny Lives w/ John Tchicai
BURT, EDDIE One Bone Four Strings w/ Steve Roane Molshajala 1005 $3.99                 Steeplechase (import) 1228 $5.99
BURTON, GARY Something's Coming w/ Jim Hall RCA (French) 89377 $9.99            DOWNES, WRAY / DAVE YOUNG Au Privave w/Ed Bickert Sackville 4003 $5.99
BYARD, JAKI / HOWARD RILEY Live At The Royal Festival Hall Leo 133 $9.99        EARS, JIMMY JEWELL From The First Time I Met You Affinity (Imports) 005 $2.99
BYRD, CHARLIE Hollywood Byrd CBS (imports) 32507 $9.99                          EASLEY, BILL Wind Inventions w/Mulgrew Miller Sunnyside 1022 $3.99
CAMERON, DOUG Freeway Mentality w/ Pete Christlieb Spindletop 103 $1.99         ELDRIDGE, ROY Krupa Years '41-'42 / sideman Phontastic (import) 7642 $9.99
   Passion Suite (H. Mason, Benoit) Spindletop 124 $1.99                           Arcadia Shuffle at the Arcadia Ballroom 1939 Jazz Archives JA-14 $8.49
CAMPBELL, JOHN After Hours w/ Todd Coolman, Gerry Gibbs                         ELIMON, LYNDA Little Bit Of Gossip portulaca 101 99¢
       Contemporary 14053 $8.49                                                 ELLEFSON, ART Quartet w/ Tommy Flanagan Unisson 1005 $8.49
CAPASSO, ANDRE Collage w/Jeff Newell, alto; Wertico Blue Room 001 $5.99         ELLIOTT,DON&RUSTY DEDRICK Counterpoint for 6 Valves Riverside12218$17.99
CARBO, GLADYS Street Cries Soul Note (import) 121197 $5.99                      ELLISON, MEL Friends w/ Charles Metcalf New Jazz (MRC) 1001 99¢
CARR, RICHARD & PRO BOW TRIO w. Alan Dawson, Mark Pucci, J.B.                   ENRIQUEZ, BOBBY Concerts By The Sea GNP Crescendo 2183 $8.49
       Progressive 7047 $9.99                                                      Concerts By The Sea V. 2 piano GNP Crescendo 2179 $8.49
CASEY, AL Remembers King Curtis JSP UK 1095 $9.99                               ERNRYD, BENGT Quartet 1964-65 DRAGON (import) 1 $9.99
                                          JAZZ LPs - Mainsream & Byond, continued
ESHELMAN, DAVE'S JAZZ GARDEN BIG BAND Deep Voices w/ Joe Henderson           GIBBS,TERRY/BUDDY DeFRANCO Chicago Fire Contemporary14036 $8.49
        Sea Breeze 2039 $1.99                                                GILLESPE, DIZZY Live Queen Disc (import) Q003 $9.99
EVANS, GIL Live At The Public Theater 2 Blackhawk 526 $8.49                  GOILA, VINNY The Gift Of Fury w/ Wayne Peet Nine Winds 109 $8.49
FAIRWEATHER, DIGBY Songs For Sandy w. Al.F., Brian Lemmon Hep 2016 $9.99     GOLDSBURY, MACK Anthropo-Logic w/ John Scofield, Ed Shuller, Billy Hart
FARMER, ART & FRIOTZ PAUER Azure Soul Note (import) 1126 $9.99                     Muse 5194 $2.99
FARRELL, JOE Sonic Text w/ Freddie Hubbard Contemporary 14002 $8.49          GOLSON, BENNIE Time Speaks Timeless 187* $9.49
    / LOUIS HAYES Vim 'N Vigor Timeless 197* $9.49                           GOODWIN, BILL Solar Energy Network w/Vic Juris, guitar Omnisound 1050 $3.99
FELDMAN, VICTOR In London, Vol, 1 Quartet w/D. Reece Jasmine 2023 $7.99      GRANT, TOM Heart Of The City     Pausa 7162 $1.99
FERRÉ, BOULOU Nuages Steeplechase (import) 1222 $5.99                        GRAPELLI, STEPHANE / MARTIAL SOLAL Happy Reunion French import
FERRE, SARANE & MARTELO Tribute To Django Special Esoldun 124 $1.99                Owl (import) 021 $5.99
FLAHERTY, LARRY Standard Play w/ Jackie Rae Sea Breeze 2020 $1.99            GRAPPELLI, STEPHANE / CHRISTIAN CHEVALLIER +Cordes Festival 685 $9.99
FLEAGLE, BRICK / REX STEWART $IAJRC 37 $1.99                                 GRAVES, MEL Three Worlds w/ Andy Norrell Seventeen50 Arch 1780 $8.49
FOSTER, CHUCK Long Overdue! w/ Pete Christlieb Sea Breeze 2023 $4.99         GRAYE, TONY Oh Gee w/ Marty Napoleon, Slam Stewart Zim 2001 $3.99
FOSTER, GARY Grand Cru Classé w/ Alf Klausen Revelation 19 $8.49             GREENFIELD, HAZE All About You w. Tom Harrell, Byard Blackhawk 535 $5.99
FRANKLIN, PHIL Premier Timeless 501 $9.49                                    GRIFFIN, ROBERT Cats Like Angels Kicking Mule 342 $1.99
FRANZETTI, CARLOS Prometheus w/ Paquito D'Rivera Audiophile 187 $1.99        GROSS, JOHN QUARTET Special: Vee Jay 3063 $3.99
FRIESEN, DAVID Paths Beyond Recalling Bass & Bamboo Flute                    GULLIN, PETER Adventures Swedish. PHONTASTIC 7564 $9.99
        Steeplechase (import) 1138 $5.99                                     HAGANS, TIM From The Neck Down w/ Steve Schmidt Mopro 105 $5.99
FROM CANADA W/LOVE S/T Ed Bucket,Don Thompson,Doug Riley PMR11 $5.99         HALE, CORKY Gene Norman Presents (GNP 17) FreshSounds 753 $9.99
FX S/T Aly Sujo,vocals; Chris Bishop, Michael Dawe, B.Hersey Bent4 $8.49     HALL, GLEN Book of the Heart w/Cecil McBee,Joanne Brackeen Sonora 101 99¢
GALPER, HAL Ivory Forest w/ John Scofield, Wayne Dockery, Adam Nussbaum      HALLBERG, BENGT On His Own PHONTASTIC 2 $9.99
        Inner City 3042 $4.99                                                HAMPTON, LIONEL Live In Austria 1954 Swing House (import) 45 $9.99
GALPER, HAL Naturally w/ Rufus Reid, Victor Lewis Blackhawk 529 $5.99           Hampton Special - Paris 3 Mai 1956 avec Guy Lafitte, Claude Bolling,
GARCIA, RUSSELL The Johnny Ever Greens Howard Roberts                              Billy Mackel, Curley Hamner Pathe 1727301 $9.99
        Fresh Sounds (import) ABC 147 $9.99                                     Hampton's Best Records, Vol. 2, (1938-39) RCA (French) 730641 $9.99
GETZ, STAN Forest Eyes w/ Rob van Kreeveld, Benny Behr, Koos Serierse           Made In Japan Timeless 175* $9.49
        Jazz Man 5014 $8.49                                                     Outrageous w/W.Bill Davis, C.Fuller Glad-Hamp 1022 $8.49
GIBBS, TERRY Steve Allen Presents (Signature 6007) Fresh Sounds 564 $9.99       & HIS BIG Outrageous w/ Wild Bill D., Curtis Fuller Timeless 163* $9.49

                                                                             ADDERLEY, CANNONBALL Hooray For Session 119 $9.99
               THE BORIS ROSE LP                                             BLAKEY, ART Volume 1 Session 116 $9.99
                                                                             BRUBECK, DAVE Modern Complex Dialogues Alto 711 $9.99
                  COLLECTION                                                 CHRISTIAN, CHARLIE / WES MONTGOMERY Special Broadcast Jam
                                                                                     Sessions Beppo 14800 $8.49
The name Boris Rose is legendary among modern jazz fans. If you've           CHRISTY, JUNE & STAN KENTON Hooray For Session 121 $8.49
enjoyed the Bird, Monk, Billie or Bud Powell off-air performances            COLEMAN, ORNETTE Broadcasts J For Jazz 803 $9.99
issued by Columbia, ESP and perhaps other labels, you are already            CROSBY, BING Rare First Broadcast Frogbien 6309 $8.49
familiar with his work. Most if not all of this material first appeared on       Broadcast Selections w/ Boris Karloff, Victor Moore Sootam 4 $8.49
                                                                                 & AL JOLSON Golden Medley Duets Broadcast Tributes 3 $8.49
one of Boris' several hundred labels.                                            & DOROTHY LAMOUR Sweethearts Of Song Live Lamton 250 $8.49
                                                                                 & FRANK SINATRA Warm & Wonderful Ho Ho Ho 1088 $8.49
It's not hard to spot a Boris album. Virtually all the covers were
                                                                                 / HOPALONG CASSIDY Bing & Hoppy Critter 8901 $8.49
designed by one guy. Many of the early albums testify to Boris' love of          & JUDY GARLAND The Long Lost Broadcast Tributes 5 $8.49
Roy Eldridge's trumpet my adding Roy to the occasional song title (I             & LUCILLE BALL & SPIKE JONES Redheads Lee Bee 101 $8.49
Can't Give You Anything But Love Roy). Most of his LP jackets had                /MARLENE DIETRICH/TALLULAH BANKHEAD Beaus Flakenz 5 $8.49
blank white liners. A few came in blank white jackets and we have                / NAT KING COLE / DUKE ELLINGTON Immortal Broadcasts
some pressings as-yet unjacketed. The names of the label is often the                Bing with bands Bonsard 601 $8.49
                                                                             DUNCAN, HANK Hot Piano Rhythms tribute to Fats Waller & JP Johnson
giveaway, as are humorous credits to such sponsors as the jazz                   Pianola 6913 $8.49
society of some tiny village where one can safely assume jazz to be          ELLINGTON, DUKE Don't Worry 'Bout Me... Skata 502 $8.49
only a vague rumor to the local populace. (If those towns exist.)                Hooray For Session 107 $8.49
                                                                                 Live & Well w/ Hodges, Gonsalves Tetco 86801 $8.49
The source for his albums is almost invariably from radio broadcasts             Vol. 4 Duke in concert, April 30, 1947 Stardust 204 $3.99
he taped quite professionally, and not always jazz. Boris' personal          FITZGERALD, ELLA Hooray For Session 105 $8.49
taste was for traditional jazz but his jazz catalog ran the gamut from       GARNER, ERROLL / NAT KING 20 Dynamic Fingers Alto 709 $9.99
Bunk beyond Monk to Cecil Taylor and Ornette Coleman. It's                   GETZ, STAN Hooray For Session 108 $9.99
                                                                                 / GERRY MULLIGAN Broadcasts J For Jazz 804 $9.99
unfortunate that there were no blues broadcasts on New York radio.           GOODMAN, BENNY All-Star Orchestra & Groups King Of Swing 435 $2.99
                                                                             HAWKINS, COLEMAN At A Famous Jazz Party w/ Charlie Shavers,
There's also a lot of material from other areas: Gene Autry (including
                                                                                     Rex Stewart Enigma 302 $8.49
an album of early Gennett-/Champion sides) and other western                 HENDERSON, FLETCHER / BILL HARRIS / SIDNEY BECHET
heroes, movie stars like Judy Garland, Boris Karloff, and                     1st Last & Only Concert Big Chief-Jerollomo 1947 $8.49
seeming-soundtracks from such vintage programs as Lux Radio                  JACKSON, CHUBBY Live 1949 Mopaque 300 $14.99
Theater. He even did a 45 by Dooley Wilson doing "As Time Goes By".          JOHNSON,BUNK / SIDNEY BECHET Live & Lively 1945/1950 TransArk1000
For comic relief there's Abbott & Costello, Edgar Bergen, Jack Benny,        $8.49
                                                                             MILLER, GLENN Swingin' With... Marshmallow MMLP 103 $5.99
Smith & Dale, and Moran & Mach not to mention the famous                     MODERN JAZZ QUARTET Classic Concepts Alto 716 $9.99
crepitation contest which couldn't have possibly been an air check.          PAGE, HOT LIPS At Stuyvesant Casino w/ Cecil Scott Stycon 300 $8.49
                                                                             PARKER, CHARLIE Bird's Perch Parktec 4627 $9.99
In most cases when JRM acquires a label's remaining inventory, there             Priceless Bird Trans-Ark 0 $9.99
are humongous quantities of some titles and little or no copies of               Rare Bird 1946-50 Okidoke 1 $8.49
others so we price them accordingly from 99-cents up. While the              PAT'S RAGTIME BOYS Rags, Stomps & Joys Ragtime 9954 $1.99
present stock certainly doesn't encompass Boris' entire output, I            POWELL, BUD Hooray For Session 109 $9.99
believe we bought c.90% of what he issued. But no single title is in         WALLER, FATS / JIMMIE NOONE 1938 / 1941 Concerts Mickoon 7350 99¢
                                                                             WOODS, PHIL Broadcasts J For Jazz 805 $9.99
stock in large quantity. So our price scale is $8.49 and $9.99 for the       YOUNG, LESTER The President Vol. 1 1948-56 Ambrosia 10 $8.49
jazz titles and $1.99 or $3.99 for the non-jazz.                                 The President Vol. 2 1948-56 Ambrosia 20 $8.49
                                                                                 The President Vol. 3 1948-56 Ambrosia 30 $8.49
I am sorry that I never met Boris Rose but he was a legend and we are            The President Vol. 6 1948-56 Ambrosia 60 $8.49
proud to be the recipient of part of his legacy. He preserved an             VARIOUS ARTISTS Stuvesant Casino Nights w/ Lion Smith, Red Allen,
enormous amount of our cultural heritage.              - Bob Koester                 Big Chief, Buster Stycon 100 $8.49

     Delmark Deletions (Still At JRM)
     Every year a record label has to take inventory of its product for tax     DE-527-SCOTT FIELDS-Mamet w. Michael Zerang
purposes. This is also a time to consider what booklets and tray cards              This album was inspired by the work of playwight David Mamet.
need to be reprinted, what items need to be pressed, and what to delete         Guitarist Fields is accompanied by Michael Formanek, bass and Mchael
from the catalog. It's not easy to say goodbye to old friends but if we         Zerang's drums.
are to stay in business we just can't keep he slower-moving titles
available no matter how much we love the music therein. Here are titles
that will be deleted from the Delmark trade catalog for 2008. However,
remaining copies will be avaialble from Jazz Record Mart until inventory
and returned goods are exhausted.
DE-231-NORRIE COX Move The Body Over with Ruibinstein, Devore
     British clarinetist Norrie Cox passed away not long ago. He had
captured the spirit of New Orleans Jazz a la George Lewis,
Preservation Hall, etc. Trumpeter DeVore From Minneapolis was well-
known for his work ith the Hall Brothers band and nitery. Trombonist Jim
Klippert works in Ca;lifornia with the Magnolia & Great Excelsior bands.

                                                                                DE-699-BLUES BEFORE SUNRISE Billy Boy Arnold, John Brim,
                                                                                Jimmy Burns
                                                                                     If you love the blues you probably tune in to Steve Cushing's
                                                                                wonderful FM program, "Blues Bnefore Sunrise". This album was
                                                                                recorded at B.L.U.E.S. on Halsted during a fundraiser for the show,
                                                                                which Steve donates to the 80+ stations that play the show., enabling
                                                                                the great bluesman to get paid for their time. If you liked harmonicist
                                                                                Big Wheeler's albums (and most folks did) you have another reason to
                                                                                get this. Rockin' Johnny Burgin was among the accompanists.
                                                                                DE-706-FLOYD McDANIEL-Live In Europe w. Dave Specter
                                                                                     Floyd McDaniel's history included several years at the Cotton Club
DD-446-JIM COOPER-Tough Town w. Ira Sullivan                                    in New York, and he was with the Four Blazes long before they recorded
     Ira's presence is a good enough reason to buy any record but this          for United and were reissued by Delmark.(#704). The jazz background
one also offers the remarkable Bob Dogan on piano (whom we will                 brought a distinct aura to Floyd's music, presented here as heard at the
feature on his own album one of these days), a great rhythm section             Bremenale Blues Night in Germany. Tad Robinson's harmonica is also
including the marvelous Alejo Proveda and Charlie Braugham on                   featured.
percussion. Jim hauled his vibes to Grand Haven, MI - Chicago's loss.
DE-449-LIN HALLIDAY-Delayed Exposure +Ira Sullivan,Jodie Christian
     When we released this album we got telephone calls from the
prominent musicians thanking us that some one had "finally" recorded
Lin. They remembered him fondly from the few years he spent in New
York (where he recorded wih Maynard Ferguson). In Chicago, he was
an inspiration for young musicians especially Rob Mazurk of the
Chicago Underground Orchestra/Trio, etc.

                                                                                DE-707-KAREN CARROLL-Talk To The Hand
                                                                                           Before she moved to Europe, we were able to record Karen
                                                                                several times after Professor (Eddie Lusk) included her in his blues
                                                                                revue (#650), once with the Dixie Stompers (#229) and this production
                                                                                with Roosevelt Purifoy's piano and organ; Walter Scott' guitar; and
                                                                                Kenny Anderson' horn section on a few tracks plus Johnny B. Moore on
                                                                                another track. Karen's music is bluesier than her mother's (Jeanne
                                                                                Carroll) but just as great!
     Malachi's mission to Chicago included bringing avant agrde jazz to         DE-742-BIG DOOWOPPER-All In The Joy
Rosa's Blues Bar, trying to get the Sutherland Ballroom reopened, and
extensive recording for Delmark. On this outing the septet features the         DX-910-BOP LIVES-Coleman Hawkins, Bird, Babs, Sir Charles
splendid tenor of Philadelphian Carter Jefferson as well as Kirk Brown's        Thompson
piano and Harrison Bankhead's bass. His music always paid such
respect for early jazz forms that I found it easy for this mouldie fig to get   DX-911-CHICAGO'S AVANT TODAY-Ken Vandermark, Jeff Parker,
into it.                                                                        Kahlil El Zabar
     Rich's alto, clarinet and soprano first came to my attention
when we recorded a jazz religious service with Kent Schneider
(#418,NA). He spends most of his time teaching and does not get
the publicity he deserves, not playing in the clubs often. The
sidemen of this group include Larry Luchowski, p; Mike Raynor /
Paul Wertico, drums; Eric Hochburg, b; Jeff Czech,violin. You
heard him soloing with Barrett Deems big band.

                                            JAZZ LPs - Mainsream & Byond, continued
HANDY, CAP'N JOHN W.Claude Hopkins Band w.Doc Cheatham RCA89503 $9.99            KONITZ, LEE Sax Of A Kind: In Sweden
HANNA, ROLAND TRIO Time For Dancers w/ G. Mraz Progressive 7012 $9.99                    1951/53 Dragon (import) 18 $9.99
HAPPEL,HARRY/DEAN GAILLARD/FRED KRENS Intrioduction Timeless149 $9.99                Stereokonitz Recorded in Rome, 1968
HARPER, HERBIE Quintet (replica of Tampa 25) VSOP 11 $9.99                               RCA (French) 70576 $9.99
HARRIS, EDDIE People Do Get Timeless 228* $9.49                                  KOVERHULT, TOMMY & JAN WALLGREN
HARRISON, WENDELL The Carniverous Lady w/ Marcus Belgrave, Pamela Wise                   Quintet Dragon (import) 5 $9.99
       Rebirth 160 $3.99                                                         KRAMER, MARK TRIO The Mkt Album
HAWES, HAMPTON Plays Movie Musicals (Vault 9009) Fresh Sounds 672 $9.99                  (keyboard, bass & drums)
HAWKINS, COLEMAN Hawk In Holland GNP Crescendo 9003 $8.49                                EAR (Encounter) 1005 $3.99
   At A Famous Jazz Party w/Charlie Shavers,Rex Stewart Enigma BR 302 $8.49      KVARTETT, BJÖRN ALKES Jazz I Sverige
   The Hawk In Holland w/Ramblers Jasmine 2011 $7.99                                     1974 Caprice 72 $9.99
   The Hawk Swings          Kent 2020 $1.99                                      LACY, STEVE Raps w/ Steve Potts, Ron
HENDERSON, BOBBY Last Recordings Chiaroscuro 122 $8.49                                   Miller, Oliver Johnson Adelphi5004
HENDRIKS, GUS / JOE DIORIO QUARTET Feedles Timeless 146 $9.49                            $9.99
HERMAN, WOODY Roadband 1948 Hep (imports) 0018 $9.99                             LAMBSON, ROGER JAZZ QUARTET Dreams Of Mexico Sea Breeze 2035 $1.99
HERSCH, FRED Sarabande w/ Charlie Haden, Joey Baron Sunnyside 1024 $9.49         LANE, MORRIS Tenor Sensation Official 6022 $9.99
HERSEY, BAIRD Solo Odo OP8 FX Bent 3 $8.49                                       LANPHERE, DON Don Loves Midge Hep (imports) 2027 $9.99
   Coessential w. David Moss, percussion BENT 2 $8.49                                Featuring Jon Pugh, Marc Seales Hep (imports) 2034 $9.99
   The Year Of The Ear w.D.Liebman, Steve Guttman, Haru Sawada Bent1 $8.49       LATEEF, YUSEF Contemplation w/ Nat Adderley, Louis Hayes Vee Jay 3052 $8.49
HICKS, JOHN In Concert w/Idris Muhammad,Bobby Hutcherson Theresa123 $9.49        LAVORGNA, TONY Captain Bad - Baddest Alto In Galaxy w/ Jeri Brown
   S/T w/ Bobby Hutcherson, Walter Booker, Olympia Hicks Theresa 119 $9.49               Antelope Ord.#4 $8.49
HIGGINS, BILLY / CEDAR WALTON / CURTIS FULLER Eastern Rbllion 4                  LAVORGNA, TONY Easy Living w/Mitch Cutlip Antelope ARRQ 1 $8.49
       Timeless 184 $9.49                                                        LAWERENCE, RON Sazerac Jazz w/J. Zitano LMS LMS 80 101 99¢
HINES, EARL FATHA The Indispensable, Vol. 2, 1939-40 RCA 741041 $9.99            LAWRENCE, BABY Dancemaster w.Nat Pierce,Bobby Jaspar ClassicJazz30 $5.99
   Blue Skies avec Marva Josie. 1977 Jazz Club (imports) 2602361 $9.99           LEE, TOMMY TRIO British Jazz Artists V. 1 Lambert 3416 $9.99
HOFF, ERNST VANT / DICK WILLEBRANDTS 1940-44 Hep (imports) 010 $9.99             LEITCH, PETER Exhilaration w/ Pepper Adams, John Hicks, Ray Drummond,
HOGGARD, JAY Riverside Dance w/ Vernon Reid, Pheeroan Aklaff                             Billy Hart Uptown 27.24 $9.49
       India Navigation 1068 $8.49                                               LEONHART, JAY There's Gonna Be Trouble... w/ Joe Beck Sunnyside 1006 $8.49
HOLT, STEVE Lion's Eyes w/ Steve Hall, Bob Mover Plug (import) 3 $3.99           LESMANA, INDRA W/ NEBULA No Standing Zebra 5005 $3.99
HOMOLIBER Untitled w. Yuri Yukechev, Vladimir Tolkachev Leo (import) 129 $9.99   LEVEY, STAN & RED MITCHELL West Coast Rhythm Affinity (Imports) 95 $9.99
HORN, PAUL Dream Machine w/ Lalo Schifrin Mushroom 5010 $8.49                    LEVY, LOU A Most Musical Fella w/ Max Bennett, Stan Levy RCA 45138 $9.99
   Something Blue (Hifi Jazz 615) Fresh Sounds (imports) 513 $9.99                   A Most Musical Fella Stan Levey, Max Bennett FreshSounds RCA45996 $9.99
HORST, KENNY Tiptoe w/ Ben Sidran Pulse 1981 $1.99                               LEWIS, MEL QUINTET Mellifluous w/ Marc Johnson, Jim McNeely
HOUGHTON, STEVE Feat. Bob Bowman & Danny Embrey SeaBreeze2018 $4.99                      Gatemouth 1006 $3.99
HUTCHERSON, BOBBY Four Seasons w. George Cables, Philly Joe Jones                LEWIS, VIC & HIS ORCHESTRA In Concert 1954 w/ Tubby Hayes Hep 020 $9.99
       Timeless 210 $1.99                                                        LIEBMAN, DAVE w/ Jim McNeely Owl (import) 1046 $9.99
JACKSON, MILT Best Of... w/Tommy Flanagan,Hubert Laws Pablo2310-849 $1.99            If They Only Knew Timeless 151* $9.49
JACKSON, RONALD SHANNON Texas w/ Zane Massey                                     LIGHTSEY, KIRK / CHET BAKER Everything Happens           Timeless 176* $9.49
       Caravan Of Dreams 85012 $1.99                                             LIGON, BERT & CONDOR Dancing Bare Sea Breeze 3002 $1.49
   Water Color Play                                                              LOBKO, MISHA SEXTET Rituals poetry by Anna Akhmatova Leo LR 141 $9.99
       Caravan Of Dreams 85005 $8.49                                             LOCASSIO, JOE Sleepless feat. Chet Eakler Pausa 7200 99¢
JANSSEN, HUUB Amazing Jazz Band                                                  LOFSTROM, DOUG Music... Sort of jazz, sort of classical. Little Miracles 01 $3.99
       Timeless 536 $9.49                                                        LOOK FOR YOUR OWN S/T John Tirabasso, Bill Perkins, Frank Strazzeri,
JARRETT, KEITH / GARY PEACOCK /                                                          Gene Cherico Jombler 1 $3.99
JACK DeJOHNETTE Changeless 1987                                                  LÖVGREN, BERTIL F1rst Time Swedish Dragon (import) 117 $9.99
       ECM 1392 $9.99                                                            LUND, MARTIN Lundscapes MLM 123 99¢
JAZZ COMMITTEE FOR LATIN AMERICAN                                                MacPHERSON, FRASER / OLIVER GANNON I Didn't Know About You
       AFFAIRS ( Fm 303) w/ Curtis                                                       Sackville 4009 $9.49
       Fuller, Herbie Mann, Dornan                                               MADISON, JIMMY Bumps On A Smooth Surface w/Harold Danko, Tom Harrell
       Fresh Sounds (imports) 704 $9.99                                                  Adelphi 5007 $8.49
JENKINS, GEORGE Drum Magic (replica of                                           MAGNUSSON, BOB 2 Generations Of Music w.Daniel Magnusson Trend528 $3.99
       Tampa 29) VSOP 55 $5.99                                                   MANCE, JUNIOR TRIO Big Chief! Jazzland 953 $17.99
   & HIS ALL-STARS Drum Magnet                                                   MANNE, SHELLEY Plays Richard Rodgers: Rex w/ Lew Tabackin, Mike Wofford
       Tampa 29 $5.99                                                                    Discovery 783 $3.99
JOHANSEN, EGIL BOP Samse Tak! w/ Terje Rypdal Four Leaf 5013 $9.99               MARIANO, CHARLIE October With Barre Phillips      Inner City 1024 $8.49
JOHNSON, BUDD In Memory Of A Very Dear Friend Swedish Dragon 94 $9.99            MARTIN,JOHN SPIDER Absolutely w/Pepper Adams,Dave Loeb Improv7118 $8.49
JOHNSON, CANDY & HIS PEPPERMINT STICKS 1974 Concert w. Ted &                     MASTERS, JOE The Jazz Mass w/ Mike Wofford, Gary Barone, Harold Land
       Milt Buckner, vocalist Dave Wilborn (Big band and combo) IAJRC 47 99¢             Discovery 785 $3.99
JOHNSON, DAVE QUARTET Scarborough Circus w/ Prince Robinson,                     MASTERS, MARK Silver Threads Among The Blues Sea Breeze 2033 $1.49
       Greg Cohen, Paul Kreibich K2B2 2469 99¢                                   MAURO, TURK Heavy Weight w/Richie Cole Phoenix LP 1004 $1.99
JOHNSON, EDDIE Indian Summer w/Paul Serrano Nessa N-22 $8.99                         The Underdog w/Hugh Lawson, Al Cohn Jazzcraft (import) 1 $9.99
JONES, RODNEY Articulation With Arthur Blythe Timeless 125 $9.49                         Timeless 212 $9.49
   When You Feel The Love Timeless 152 $9.49                                     McDUFF, JACK Live It Up Sugar Hill 9202 $8.49
JOY S/T James Dvorak, Keith Bailey Cadillac (imports) 1006 $9.99                 MCNEELY, JIM The Plot Thickens w/John Scofield, Hart Gatemouth 1001 $3.99
KEENE, BOB SEPTET Solo For Seven (Andex 4001) Fresh Sounds 641 $9.99             MELVIN, BRIAN Night Food Featuring
KEEZER, GEORGE S/T w/B.Mobley, B. Pierce, Stv.Nelson, R.Reid                     Jaco Pastorius Timeless 214* $9.49
       Sunnyside 1035 $3.99                                                      MESSAOUD, BELLEMOU Le Pere Du Rai
KEJSARENS NYA KLÄDER S/T DRAGON (import) 49 $9.99                                        “Pop-Rai” WorldCircuit 011 $9.49
KEPPARD,FREDDY 1923-1928 w/Doc Cook,Erskine Tate JazzTreasury1002 $1.99          MICHEL, CARL Food Of Love w/ Hans
KESHAVAN / KENNY MILLIONS Better And Better Leo (import) LR 150 $9.99                    Sturm, Dan Richeson
KIENER, BARRY TRIO Introducing w/ Tom                                                    TexCarm1002 $1.99
   Warrington, Dan D'Imperio                                                     MILLER, HERB The Music Of Glenn Miller
   Phoenix LP 1002 $1.99                                                                 w/ John Miller Avalon 1 $3.99
KIME, WARREN Dynamic Brass Impact 2 LP set Command 961-2 $4.99                   MINGUS QUINTET S/T Tribute w/ Cat
KIRCHNER, BILL Infant Eyes With Bill's Nonet     Sea Breeze 2017 $1.99                   Anderson Unique Jazz 20 $9.99
KLOSS, ERIC      Sharing w/Gil Goldstein Omnisound 1044 $3.99                    MODERN JAZZ QUARTET
KNEPPER, JIMMY Idol Of The Flies w/B.Evans Affinity (Imports) 089 $9.99                  Giganti (imports) 5 $5.99
   In L.A. w/Lew Tabackin, Shelly Manne Inner City 6047 $8.49                    MODERNAIRES W/Alan Freed Band
KOFFMAN, MOE Oop Pop A Da w/ Dizzy Gillespie Soundwings 2108 $8.49                       w/ All Sears Jasmine 1036 $7.99
                                               JAZZ LPs - Mainsream & Byond, continued
MONK, THELONIOUS Live In Paris Part 1 1970 w/ Charlie Rouse BYG 2044 $8.49           SCOTT, RAYMOND On The Swinging Side w/ Charlie Shavers, Johnny Guarnieri
MONTEROSE, J.R. QUARTET Lush Life             PROGRESSIVE 7049 $19.99                        Sounds Of Swing 107 $2.99
MONTOLIU, TETE Yellow Dolphin Street (solo piano) Timeless (import) 107 $9.49        SEALY, JOE Clear Vision w/Dave Young, Pete Magadini Sackville 4007 $5.99
MONTROSE, JACK Blues And Vanilla w/ Red Norvo, Shelly,Joe Maini                      SEBESKY, DON Full Cycle w/ Jon Faddis, Lew Soloff GNP Crescendo 2164 $8.49
       Fresh Sounds (import) RCA 45844 $9.99                                         SENENSKY, BERNIE Free Spirit w/ Terry Clarke PMR 021 $2.99
MORGAN, FRANK Easy Living w/ Cedar Walton Trio Contemporary 14013 $10.99             SHAVERS, CHARLIE The Most Intimate Bethlehem 6005 $3.99
MUNIMULA,LIOF Jonah Syndrome w/ Don Meckley, Michael Zerang Garlic1 $7.99            SHEARING, GEORGE The Shearing Spell                       Pausa 9047 $8.49
MUSICA LIBERA Dialog & Begegnung Swiss import Hat 3513 $9.99                         SHEW, BOBBY SEXTET Shewhorn w/Gorden Brisker, tpt Pausa 7198 $8.49
MWENDO DAWA Free Lines DRAGON (import) 33 $9.99                                      SHOEMAKER, CHARLIE / BILL HOLMAN Collaboration w/ Bob Cooper, vocals by
    New York Lines DRAGON (import) 41 $9.99                                                  Sandi Schoemake Pausa 7180 $8.49
NAMYSLOVSKI, ZBIGNIEW Air Condition Affinity (Imports) 083 $2.99                     SHORT, DAMON Penguin Shuffle w/Tony Digardi Blue Room 004 $5.99
NEW FIGARO Live At Fasching V. 1 Dragon (import) 4 $9.99                             SHUMATE, TED With Ira Sullivan w/ Joey Baron Pausa 7188 $8.49
NICHOLAS, BIG NICK Big & Warm w/ Jeff Watts,Joe Gaines IndiaNav1061 $8.49            SILENT PARTNERS If It's All Night, It's All Right Antone's 0010 $4.99
    Big Nick w/ Billy Hart, Dave Jackson, John Miller India Navigation 10066 $4.99   SILVER, HORACE Music To Ease Your Disease w/ Clark Terry, Junior Cook,
NICOLAI, GIANCARLO TRIO Live In Bern, Switzerland w. Muller, Durst.                          Andy Beh, Ray Drummond, Billy Hart Silveto 105 $8.49
       Leo (import) LR 134 $9.99                                                     SIMMONS, ART QUARTET w/Bill Crow, Dave Eailey BAM (Import) 320 $9.99
NIMMONS, PHIL The Atlantic Suite        Sackville (import) 2008 $5.99                SIMON, HARRIS New York Connection with Michael Brecker Eastwind 701 $7.99
NOCK, MIKE Piano Solos Timeless 134 $9.49                                            6 WINDS Elephants Can Dance “International Sax Sextet” Sackville3041 $5.99
NORRIS, WALTER & ALADAR PEGE Winter Rose Inner City 3038 $8.49                       SKANK-LISA GAMMAGE,HECTOR MUNOZ I Never Said That Spindletop106$1.99
NORVO, RED Wartime Vibrations w/ Flip Phillips, Ralph Burnsa, Charlie Shavers,       SLEET, DON All Members w/ Jimmy Heath, Wynton Kelly, JImmy Cobb,
       Teddy Wilson, Mildred Bailey IAJRC 24 $1.99                                           Ron Carter Jazzland 945 $17.99
O'NEAL, JOHNNY Reunion With The Murphys Sophia 1 $8.49                               SMITH, BILL Subtle Deceit Of The Quick Gloved Hand w/David Lee
    / DAVE YOUNG Soulful Swinging V. 1 w/ Terry Clarke Parkwood 110 $8.49                    Sackville (import) 4008 $5.99
ONIX Stress with Joseph Cubero, guitar Fresh Sounds (imports) 104 $3.99                  / STUART BROOMER Conversation Pieces Onari (import) 002 $9.99
OPPOSITE CORNER Jazz I Sverige 1976 Caprice 1117 $9.99                               SNIDERO, JIM QUINTET Mixed Bag w/ Benny Green Criss Cross 1032 $5.99
OWEN, SANDY Heart Crossing Ivory 9189 $2.99                                          SPACE An Interesting Breakfast Conversation Roscoe Mitchell, Tom Buckner,
OWENS,CHARLES 2 Quartets w/Dwight Dickerson,John Heard Discovery787$1.99                     Gerald Oshita 1750 Arch1806 $1.99
PAPADIMITRIOU, SAKIS First Move Live in Ghent & LeMans Leo 128 $9.99                 SPARROW Am / Fm w/ Joannie Pallatto. Chicago's own w/ 17 piece band, 1981.
PARKER, CHARLIE New Bird, High Hat Broadcasts '53 Phoenix LP 10 $8.49                        Neon $ 5.99
PEET, WAYNE Down-In/Ness Piano improvisations. Nine Winds 111 $8.49                  SPENCER, EARLE Almost Forgotten (comprable to Raeburn) with Buddy Childers,
PELL, DAVE Prez Conference w/Harry Sweets Edison GNP Crescendo 2122 $8.49                    Lucky Thompson,Jimmy Knepper, Tony Ortega IAJRC 41 $8.49
PEPPER, ART The Trip w/ Elvin Jones Contemporary 7638 $8.49                          STANDBACK w/Wayne Boyer,etc.                            Sea Breeze 3004 $1.99
PETERSON, OSCAR Royal Wedding Suite Pablo 2312-129 $8.49                             STARK, BENGT MED POLARE Pupil & Teachers Swedish. Phontastic 5016 $9.99
PHILLIPS, FLIP A Melody From The Sky Doctor Jazz 39419 $8.49                         STEVENS, JOHN Freebop w. Gordon Beck,Paul Rutherford Affinity101 $2.99
PIERCE, BILLY William The Conqueror w/ James Williams, Keith Copeland                STRAZZERI, FRANK TRIO Make Me Rainbows Fresh Sounds 107 $9.99
       Sunnyside 1013 $9.49                                                          STREVENS, EDDIE Taking A Chance On Love violin + quintet Halcyon 015 $9.99
PIERCE, NAT Ballad Of Jazz Street w/ Clark Terry, Eddie Bert Hep 2009 $9.99          STUART, RORY QUARTET Hurricaine w/Armen Donelian Sunnyside 1021 $3.99
    QUINTET 5400 North w/ Mary Ann McCall Hep (imports) 2004 $3.99                   SULLIVAN, IRA Horizons Reissue Of His Atlantic LP Discovery 873 $8.49
PILTZECKER, TED Destinations w/Brian Savage Sea Breeze 2027 $1.99                        Strings Attached w/ John Alexander, Nicole Yarling Strings Attached 01 $5.99
QUEST S/T David Liebman, Billy Hart Storyville (import) 4132 $9.99                       Strings Attatched                Pausa 7169 $8.49
RABENG, BRUNO / HARALD SVENSSON / LEROY LOWE Tractus Swedish                         SUSSMAN, RICHARD Free Fall w/ Larry Schneider Inner City 1045 $1.99
       Amigo 819 $9.99                                                               SZEMZO, TIBOR Snapshot From The Island Live from Budapest,'86 Leo151 $9.99
RADEBE They Shoot To Kill Dudu Pukwana, John Stevens Affinity 179 $5.99              TABACKIN, LEW $Inner City 1038 $8.49
RADER, DON QUINTET Discovery 796 $3.99                                               TAKASE, AKI Abc w/Shelia Jordan, Cecil McBee, B. Moses Eastwind 703 $5.99
RAULSON, FRED Fred's Rescue Sea Breeze 104 $4.99                                     TALBERT, TOM SEPTET Things As They Are Sea Breeze 2038 $4.99
RAWLINS, STEVE Step Right Up Sea Breeze 3003 $1.99                                   TAVITIAN, HARRY / CORNELIU STROE Transilvanian Suite Leo LR 132 $9.99
REECE,DIZZY Possession Exorcism Peace w/ Richard Beirach Honey6619 $3.99             TEDESCO, TOMMY My Desiree w/ Gene Cipriano DISCOVERY 851 $8.49
REID, RUFUS Perpetual Stroll w/ Eddie Gladden, Kirk Lightsey Theresa 111 $11.99      TEMPERLEY, JOE & JIMMY KNEPPER Just Friends Hep (imports) 2003 $9.99
RENDELL, DON FIVE Just Music w/ Barbara Thompson Spotlite 502 $4.99                  THIELEMANS, TOOTS The Soul Of w.Ray Bryant (Signature 6006)
RENZ, PAUL Introducing Jazz guitarist. PFR 1000 99¢                                          Fresh Sounds (imports) 543 $3.99
RESA Lycklig Mardröm w/ Jan Tolf Caprice 1213 $9.99                                  THOMPSON, LUCKY w/Carner, D. Wells, J.J., Stuff, Shihab Swingtime1005 $9.99
RHODES, LISA Shivers Spindletop 102 $1.99                                            TÖRNER, GÖSTA Living Legend w/ Ove Lind. Swedish. Phontastic 7607 $9.99
RICHMOND, DANNIE Quintet w/Ricky Ford, J. Walrath Gatemouth 1004 $5.99               TOWNER, JOHN The J. T. Touch Fresh Sounds (import) Kapp 1055 $9.99
    LAST MINGUES BAND Plays Mingus w/Ricky Ford,Walrath Timeless148 $9.49            TRANSATLANTIC JAZZ SEXTET First Crossing FreshSounds 102 $3.99
ROBERTSON, PAUL The Song Is You w/ Mike Melvoin Palo Alto 8002 $2.99                 TRIO, HANK JONES Arigato Progressive 7004 $9.99
ROBINSON,PETE Dialogues for Piano&Reeds w/Ernie Watts Testament4401 $6.99            TRPTS Transforming Tradition Blackhawk 51701 $5.99
ROCKWELL, BOB QUARTET No Rush Steeplechase (import) 1219 $5.99                       TSUTAKAWA, AKIHIKO Deems J-Town Sound 1003 99¢
RODITI, CLAUDIO Claudio! w/ Slide Hampton, Mulgrew Miller Uptown 27.27 $9.49         TSUTAKAWA, AKIHIKO Living J-Town Sound 1004 99¢
RODRIGUEZ Tell An Amigo Sea Breeze 2030 $1.99                                        TURNER, RAY QUARTET With Derrick Smith Progressive 7007 $9.99
ROGERS, SHORTY & ANDRE PREVIN Collaboration RCA (French) 89308 $9.99                 TYLER, CHARLES Sixty Minute Man Adelphi 5011 $9.49
ROLLINS,SONNY Live in Europe +Don Cherry,B.Higgins JazzAnthology5241 $6.99           VAN DAM, ALBERT Sentimental Touch w/Shirley Horn RCA (French) 70465 $4.99
ROLNICK, NEIL B. Solos w/ George Lewis trombone 1750Arch 1793 $1.99                  VAN HELSDINGEN, RENE Helsdingen Jazz Timeless 222 $9.49
ROTH, SCHAWKIE Fortune w/ George Marsh, Susan Mucarella                              VAN RIPER, EARL Detroit's Grand Piano Man w/ Marcus Belgrave, Dave Young
       Heavenly Music 109 99¢                                                                Parkwood (import) 109 $1.99
ROWLES, JIMMY & GEORGE MRAZ Music's The Only Thing That's On My Mind                 VENTE, MARSHALL /PROJECT NINE W. Joyce Garro Divide 1003 $8.49
       Progressive 7009 $9.99                                                        VERBEKE, HARRY / CARLO DE WIJS QUARTET Mo De Bo Timeless 246 $9.49
ROWLES, JIMMY / RED MITCHELL Trio w/ Colin Bailey, Stacy Rowles                      VERBEKE, HARRY / ROB AGERBEEK Seven Steps w/ Harry Emmery,
       Contemporary 14016 $10.99                                                             James Martin Timeless 173 $9.49
RUSSELL, HAL NRG ENSEMBLE Conserving NRG w/ Brian Sandstrom, Curt Bley,              VIG, TOMMY Encounter With Time w/ Red Mitchell, Charlie McLean,
       Steve Hunt, Chuck Burdelik. The granddaddy (1984) of northside                        Frank Rosalino Discovery 780 $1.99
       avant-garde. Principally LP's 02 $9.99                                        VILLEGAS, ENRIQUE Tributo/Jerome Kern (Aleluya17000) FreshSounds690 $9.99
SALVADOR, SAL Stop Smoking Or Else Blues (Roulette 25262)                            WALLACE, SHAWN The New And The Old w/ Johnny Griffith Mijawa 1589 $1.99
       Fresh Sounds (imports) 556 $9.99                                              WALLINGTON, GEORGE QUINTET At The Cafe Bohemia w/ Donald Byrd
SARBIB, SAHEB Live At The Public Theater w/ Roy Campbell, Booker T.                          Progressive 7001 $9.99
       Cadence 1001 $9.49                                                            WALRATH, JACK Demons In Pursuit w/ John Scofield, Jim McNeely,
SASH, LEON The Master w. Lee Morgan Meadowlarks Polygram Spec. 101 $8.49                     Ray Drummond Gatemouth 1002 $3.99
SCHAEFER, HAL Extraordinary Jazz Pianist w/ Fred Atwood, Alvin Stoller               WALRATH, JACK+SPIRIT LEVEL Killer Business Spotlite (import) 25 $9.99
       Discovery 781 $3.99                                                           WALTON, CEDAR/ CURTIS FULLER/ BOBBY HUTCHERSON Timeless182 $9.49
                                                                                     WEEMS, TED Miss Annabelle Lee V. 2 1927-28 Grannyphone 3313 $7.99
                                                                                     WEERSMA/DEBROY/SECCO/BROEKHUIS ('34-'43) Panachord 2009 $9.99
JAZZ LPs - Mainstream & Beyond, continued                                                                           BLUES LPs
WELLER, DON STRING QUARTET Commit No Nuisance Affinity 44 $2.99                        BEAMAN, LOTTIE (KIMBROUGH) 1924-26 Wolf (import) 124 $9.99
                                                                                       BELVIN, JESSE ...But Not Forgotten Kent 2007 $3.99
WERNER, LASSE & CHRISTER BOUSTEDT Krop & Själ Dragon 02 $9.99
                                                                                       BIG TIME SARAH Undecided w/ Chicago Horns, Ike Davis. BluesR+B 3601 $9.49
WERNER, LASSE & HANS VÅNNER Saxofonsymfonin Dragon (import) 6 $9.99
                                                                                       BISHOP, ELVIN Big Fun Alligator 4767 $8.49
WERUP, JACQUES Karlek Mellan Krigen Swedish Dragon (import) 58 $9.99
                                                                                       BLUE MONDAY Murdered By Love! Dave Pomeroy, Johnny Neel, Eddie Blakely.
WESS, FRANK Flute Juice w/Ch. Wayne, T. Flanagan Progressive 7057 $9.99                        2 LPs Kent 9001 $1.99
WILLIAMS, JAMES Progress Report w/ Kevin Eubanks, Rufus Reid                           BOO, BABY / O.GILMORE 1939-40 w/ 5 Breezes Blues Document 2065 $9.99
         Sunnyside 1012 $3.99                                                          BOYD, EDDIE Lovers Playground 4/20/83             Stockholm (import) 204 $9.99
WILLIAMS, JESSICA Portraits 2 LP set Adelphi 5005 $14.99                               BOZE, CALVIN Choo, Choo's Bringing My Baby Back Home Route66 35 $9.99
WILLIAMS, MARS & HAL RUSSEL Eftsoons cool jacket Nessa N-24 $11.99                     BURSTON, WALLACE AND Document (import) 584 $9.99
WILLIAMSON, CLAUDE New Departure w/ Sam Jones & Roy Haynes                             BURTON, ARON Usual Dangerous Guy feat. Jack Dupree Avaron 943 $8.49
         Interplay 7717 $9.99                                                          CAMPBELL,EDDIE C. King of the Jungle w/Carey Bell chopped Rooster7602$8.49
     The Fabuous Trio (Contract 15001) Fresh Sounds (imports) 539 $9.99                CAMPBELL, GENE 1929-31 Wolf (import) 112 $9.99
     Theater Party w.Herb Ellis (Contract 15003) Fresh Sounds (imports) 551 $9.99      CARR, LEROY & SCRAPPER BLACKWELL 1929-'35 B.O.B (import) 13 $9.99
WILSON, GLENN Elusive w/ Harold Danko Sunnyside 1030 $8.49                             CARROLL, KAREN w. Rudy Rotta (Veronese Guitar legend) Ornament7.542 $4.99
WILSON, TEDDY Swingin' Piano bent corner Piccadilly 3482 $3.99                         CONNORS, GENE "MIGHTY FLEA” Sanctified JSP UK 1031 $9.99
WISHFUL THINKING Think Again Pausa 7205 99¢                                            COPELAND, JOHNNY Boom Boom Rounder 2060 $6.99
WOFFORD, MIKE Afterthoughts solo piano Discovery 784 $3.99                                 Bringin' It Back Home Rounder 2050 $9.49
     Bird Of Paradise Discovery 778 $1.99                                              COPELAND, MARTHA Vol. 1 1923 - 27 Blues Document 2071 $9.99
WOODMAN, BRITT In L.A. w/ Kenny Mann Falcon 100 $8.49                                      Vol. 2 1927 - 28 Blues Document 2072 $9.99
WOODS, PHIL / LEW TABACKIN S/T w/ Jimmy Rowles Omnisound 1033 $8.49                    DARBY, BLIND TEDDY w/ Sykes Earl 611 $9.99
                                                                                       DAVENPORT, CHARLES CCW COW 1926-'38 w/ Tampa Red B.O.B 7 $9.99
WYANDS, RICHARD Then, Here, & Now w/ L.Atkinson, D.Lee Jazzcraft 06 $8.49
                                                                                       DAVIS, WALTER 1937-'41 w/H.Townsend, Yank Rachell B.O.B (import) 5 $9.99
ZEITLIN, DENNY Soundings Solo free piano improvisations 1750Arch 1770 $8.49
                                                                                           Vol. 1 1935 -41 great St. Louis pnst Blues Document 2084 $9.99
VARIOUS ARTISTS 1984 Iajrc Convention Special Jabbo Smith, Charlie Gaines,
                                                                                       DAWKINS, JIMMY Transatlantic 770 w. Pete Wingfield Excello 8024 $8.49
         Elmer Snowden, Frank Powers, Flip Phillips, Marty Grosz IAJRC 40 99¢
                                                                                       DIXON, FLOYD Live In Sweden 1975 Great Dame - $5.99
1944 Esquire All-Stars Tatum,Louis,Billie,Mildred,Hawk Aircheck 27 $8.99               DOLLAR, JOHNNY JD's Blues w.B.T.Sarah, Chgo Horns. BluesR+B3603 $8.49
4 Decades Of Jazz: History Of Xanadu Bird, Dizzy, Dexter, Heath, Tal, Bud, Billie,     DOWN SOUTH BLUES Blues Singers 1940 Wolf (import) 003 $9.99
         Pepper, Criss. 2 LPs Xanadu 5001 $3.99                                        DR. CLAYTON & HIS BUDDY 1935 - 47 Blues Document 2062 $9.99
All Stars European Concert Venuti,Kessell,Burrell,Braff,Norvo UniqueJazz28 $9.99       DRINK SMALL 1974 In white jacket Southland 1 $1.99
All Stars Live JJ, Kai, Konitz, Zoot, Phineas, Garland, Pettiford UniqueJazz25 $9.99   FAHEY, JOHN Christmas Guitar Vol. 1 Varrick 02 $8.49
Americans In Europe 1933/1938                 Tax (import) 8008 $7.99                  GAITHER, BILL Vol. 1 1935 - 41 Document (import) 508 $9.99
Americans In Europe 2: 1931/1938               Tax (import) 8035 $7.99                     & BUDDY LEROY 1936 - 41 Blues Document 2090 $9.99
Battle Of The Tenor Saxes Hawkins, Webster, Ammons,Ike Quebec, Paul                        & BUDDY LEROY w/Honey Hill Blues Time 2019 $10.99
         Gonsalves, Ill/.Jacquet, Lester Young, Dexter Gordon, Allen Eager, Warne      GILLUM, BILL 'JAZZ Roll Dem Bones (1938-49) Wolf (import) 002 $9.99
         Marsh James Moody, Wardell Gray IAJRC 15 $3.99                                    S/T w/ H. Maloalio, BJD Blues Time 2013 $10.99
Celebri Complessi Les Paul Trio, Carmen Cavallaro, Spike Jones VDisc1009 $9.99         GLOVER,MAE/LILLIAN GLINN w/NO Musicians '29-31 BluesDocument2009 $9.99
     Vol. 2 Louis Jordan, Benny Goodman, Milt Herth V Disc (import) 1010 $9.99         GOLDEN EAGLES- Lightning And Thunder Rounder 2073 $9.49
     Vol. 3 Red Norvo, Louis Jordan,Nat King Cole V Disc (import) 1012 $7.99           GORDON, JIMMIE 1934 - 41 Blues Document 2075 $9.99
France's Concert Anthology Chet, Evans, Trane, Basie $PECIAL Esoldun130 $1.99          GREEN, LEE w. Sykes, Estes, Charlie Pickett, Hammie Nixon Earl 609 $9.99
Funky Precedent hip-hoppish jazz LooseGroove $6.99                                         1929 -37 Blues Document 2050 $9.99
Grand Solisti Art Tatum,Fats Waller,Benny Goodman,R.Norvo V Disc 1008 $7.99            GROSS, HELEN 1924 - 25 Document (import) 542 $9.99
Grandi Solisti V. 3 1943-4: Tommy Dorsey, Shaw, Waller, Norvo VDisc 1014 $9.99         HARLEM HAMFATS 1936-39 Wolf (import) 1007 $9.99
                                                                                       HARRIS, JIMMY LEE I Wanna Ramble           SOUTHLAND 11 $5.99
Hop, Skip & Jump Glenn Johnson,Bobby Robts,Little Joey Farr Esoldun2007 $5.99
                                                                                       HAYES, CLIFFORD Vol. 2 (1924-1931) Wolf (import) 1005 $9.99
Hot Boppin' Cats Dave Atkins,Bill Parsons,Eddie Bell,Ron Haig Esoldun2024 $3.99
                                                                                       HEARTSMAN, JOHNNY Sacramento w/ Gary Wiggins Crosscut 1018 $12.49
Jazz Gala ‘79 Carmen McRae, Joe Williams, Claude Bolling, Thad Jones,                  HILL, Z. Z. His Old Modern,Final Appearance Flair Etc. Material Kent 2026 $3.99
         Cat Anderson. 2 LPs. America (French) 15/16 $4.99
                                                                                       HOGAN, SILAS I'm A Free Hearted Man         Flyright (import) 595 $9.99
Jazz-Meeting 1 Ted Curson, Christer Eklund, Art Lande Four Leaf 5019 $9.99             HOLMES, LOTTIE KIMBROUGH/WINSTON 1928-29 Wolf (import) 114 $9.99
Jazz/Hot Dance In Sweden 1899-1949 Harlequin (imports) 2065 $9.99                      HUNTER, IVORY JOE I'm Coming Down With The Blues HomeCooking112 $9.49
Jazz/Hotdance In Italy 1919-1948 Harlequin (imports) 2078 $9.99                        IKO IKO Snowstorm In The Jungle King Snake (import) 009 $3.99
Modern Trumpet Leaders Red Rodney,Conte Condoli,Ira Sullivan IAJRC 25 $1.99            JAMES, FRANK SPRINGBACK 1934 - 37 Document (import) 538 $9.99
Showcase For Modern Jazz Shank, Collette,Conte,Mariano,Art Pepper                      JARRETT, PIGMEAT Look At The People w/ Ed Thompson June Appal 35 $8.49
         Fresh Sounds (import) Decca 8679 $9.99                                        JENKINS/JENKINS/WILEY/WILEY 1924 - 31 Blues Document 2087 $9.99
                      INTERNATIONAL LPs                                                JOHNSON, MERLINE Yas Yas Girl 1937-'41 w/ Broonzy B.O.B (import) 8 $9.99
                                                                                       JOHNSTON, JAMES STUMP The Duck's Yas-Yas-Yas               w/ Roosevelt Sykes,
AMAYENGE S/T African Mondeca 03 $8.99                                                          Tampa Red Agram (import) 2007 $9.99
BASIN BROTHERS Let's Get Cajun Flying Fish 539 $8.49                                   JONES BROTHERS Stop The Sun, Stop The Moon WhiskeyWomen 708 $9.99
BLACKUMFOLOSI Unity WorldCircuit 020 $9.49                                             JONES, CASEY Solid Blue w/ Maurice Vaughn, Billy Branch Rooster 7612 $5.99
BROWN, TONY Prisoners In Paradise Reggae Mountain Railroad 8001 $8.49                  JONES, LUKE / RED MACK 1947-1952 Krazykat (UK) 7440 $9.99
DALLOL Land Of The Genesis reggae Meadowlark 404 $8.49                                 JONES, MAGGIE Vol. 1 (1923-24) Wolf (import) 137 $9.99
DAVIS, WAYMAN / NICHOLAS BARRON S/T w/ Batume, Rick Vitek                                  Vol. 2 (1925-26) Wolf (import) 138 $9.99
        TeeNiChee 002 $8.49                                                            KAHR, JIM Solo Blues And Love Songs L+R (import) 42.064 99¢
KANDA BONGO MAN Amour Fou / Crazy Love Carthage 4432 $6.49                             LEADBELLY 1935 Travelin' Man (import) 8810 $9.99
LEW, BENJAMIN / STEVE BROWN Twelth Day: Speech, Adornment, Love                            Volumes 7 Document (import) 607 $9.99
        Original Music 301 $3.99                                                       LEE CAN, BOBBIE + ROBERT COOKSEY 1926-1927 Matchbox 1010 $8.99
MACAW Reggae Sunsplash Khalid Abudullah,Benson Brown Sunsplash8922 $3.99               LIGHTNIN SLIM High And Lowdown Excello 8018 $8.49
MARLEY, RITA Good Girls Culture 12" single Shanachie 5013 $3.99                            London Gumbo w. Cecil Moss, Otis Hicks Excello 8023 $8.49
MASASU BAND Masasu                                 Mondeca 04 $8.99                    LOCKE, ABB Big City Blues w/ Willie Henderson, Ike Davis AbbLocke 9304 $8.99
QUEEN IDA On Tour w/ Al Rapone GNP Crescendo 2147 $8.49                                MARTIN BOGAN & ARMSTRONG Barnyard Dance trio w/violin Rounder2003$9.99
                                                                                       MARTIN, CARL 1930-36 Wolf (import) 123 $9.99
    BON TEMPS ZYDECO BAND In S.F. (GNP)                  Sonet (import) 901 $5.99
                                                                                       MARTIN, MIKE On The Road 1979 Flyright (import) 301 $3.99
    ZYDECO BAND New Orleans (Gnp)                 Sonet (import) 846 $5.99
                                                                                       MASON, MOSES/BLIND WILLIE DAVIS- When The Saints... 1927-9 Wolf134 $9.99
RAPONE, AL Let's Have A Zydeco Party! JSP UK 1092 $9.99
                                                                                       MATHEWS, TONY Condition: Blue Ray Charles' guitar player Alligator 4722 $8.49
RAY, DAVE SNAKER Kid-Man Mountain Railroad 52780 $8.49                                 McAULIFFE, LEON & Members Of BOB WILLIS' TEXAS PLAYBOYS Vol. 1
SHALAWAMBE/AMAYENGE/FIRE FAMILY/NASSAU Zambia!! Mondeca01S $8.99                               Jambalaya (imports) 205 $5.99
VARIOUS ARTISTS Shani! The Sounds Of Zambia Womad 009 $5.99                            McCOY, KANSAS JOE 1934-'44 w/L.B. Montgomery B.O.B (import) 6 $9.99
Accordian Two-Step Flyright (import) 610 $9.99                                         McVEA, JACK New Deal w/ Betty Roche, Rabon Tarrant Jukebox Lil 625 $9.99
Tribute To Bishop Desmond Tutu 2 LPs: 1 of music & 1 of speaches.                      METROPOLITAN BLUES ALL STARS Life Of The Party w/ Nick Stum, David White
        Shanachie 43057/8 $8.49                                                                June Appal 50 $4.99
Under African Skies Zimbabwe,Algeria,Ethiopia,Mali,&c. 2 LP set BBC 745 $17.99         MILLER, LUELLA (1926-27) w/Lonnie Johnson etc... Wolf (import) 125 $9.99
V. 2 "Goodbye Sandra" Discafrique 05 $9.49                                             MITCHELL, FREDDIE The Derby feat. Jonah Jones WhiskeyWomen 712 $9.99
Rockin' Accordion feat. C.Chenier,Bobby Price, etc. Flyright (import) 622 $9.99        MONKEY JOE '38,'39 w/Broonzy, BJD, C.McCoy Old Tramp 1208 $9.99
MOORE, ALEX Wiggle Tail Rounder 2091 $9.49
MOORE, KID PRINCE & SHORTY BOB PARKER (1936-38) Wolf 126 $9.99                                                  GOSPEL LPs
MOSLEY, SNUB The Man With The Funny Little Horn WhiskeyWomen709 $9.99               BOGGS, PROFESSOR HAROLD Hits AVI 50016 $1.99
MR. B Shining The Pearls w/ Angela Brown, Steve Freund Blind Pig 1886 $8.49         CAMPBELL, REV. E.D 1927 Eden 8200 $9.99
MUDDY WATERS V.3 feat. James Cotton,Otis Spann,W.Dixon etc.                         CHAPMAN, FANNIE BELL Gospel Singer Southern Culture SC 1702 $4.99
         sides not released by chess. Syndicate Chapter (import) 002 $9.99
                                                                                    DIXIEAIRES My Trouble Is Hard HERITAGE 319 $8.49
NEAL, KENNY Devil Child w/Lucky Peterson,King Snake Horns Alligator4774 $9.49
NELSON, RED 1935 - 38 Document (import) 545 $9.99                                   DOUGLAS,Rev.ISAAC Never Left Alone 1st Tabernacle Choir NYC AVI 50017$1.99
NEWMAN, JACK 1938 Document (import) 550 $9.99                                       GRIFFIN, BESSIE Live - Travelin’ AVI 50013 $3.99
NIGHTHAWKS Side Pocket Shot Jim Thackery, Mark Wenner, Jan Zukowski,                GRUNDY, RICKIE & The Williams Family L+R (import) 44.014 $2.99
         Pete Ragusa Adelphi 4115 $8.49                                             HARMONIZING FOUR / DAVIS SISTERS / ECHO GOSPEL Amazing Grace
     Psyche Delly Adelphi 4110 $8.49                                                       Krazykat (UK) 836 $9.99
NUBBITT, GUITAR Re-Living The Legend (12" 45 rpm) Matchbox 1201 $8.49               HAWKINS, WALTER Only The Best            Light 5834 $1.99
ODEN, ST. LOUIS JIMMY 1932 - 48 Blues Document 2058 $9.99                           HAYES, KATHERINE SINGERS Who Did It? (Gospel) PS 139 $3.99
OSBORN, MICHAEL Cold Hearted Girl w/ John Lee Hooker Blue Rockit 106 99¢            HOBBS, AL “THE BISHOP” O What A Wonderful God AVI 50009 $2.99
OSCAR, J.D. & EDDIE MILLER Piano Blues 1929-34 BluesDocument2060 $9.99              MIGHTY IMPERIALS Gospel Dynamite AVI 50012 $1.99
OTIS, JOHNNY w/Shuggie, Chas.Wms,etc. Charly (imports) 1110 $9.99                   MOUNT EAGLE / HARMONY KINGS / VOCALAIRES / TARHEEL
     Otisology Kent 8001 $1.99                                                             Gotham Gospel V2 Krazykat (UK) 825 $9.99
PARRISH, TURNER, HERVE DUERSON Piano Blues BluesDocument2025 $9.99
                                                                                    VIOLINAIRES / ZION HARMONIZERS / CLOUDS OF JOY Gotham Gospel
PIANO "DR. FEELGOOD" RED Southland 8 $9.99
                                                                                           Krazykat (UK) 812 $9.99
PIERCE,BILLIE&DEDE New Orleans Music From Presrvtn Hall Arhoolie2016 $8.49
PIERSON, LEROY JODIE Rusty Nail Nighthawk 202 $5.99                                 WILLIAMS, MARION I've Come So Far Spirit Feel 1002 $8.49
PRICE, JESSE Jump It With A Shuffle Jukebox Lil (import) 620 $9.99                  VARIOUS ARTISTS Gospel Rarities 26 -30 Eden 5200 $9.49
PRICE, SAM Singing With Sammy, Vol.1 w/ Bea Booze BluesTime2002 $10.99                                 RHYTHM & BLUES LPs
QUILLIAN, RUFUS + BEN 1929-1931 Matchbox (import) 217 $8.99
REED, A.C. I'm In The Wrong Business w/ Stevie Ray Vaughan & Bonnie Raitt           BB KING / IKE&TINA / LITTLE RICHARD / ETTA JAMES Rock'n'roll Blockbusters
         Alligator 4757 $8.49                                                               Kent 2028 $1.99
ROBINSON, ELZADIE $Document (import) 588 $9.99                                      BLUE, BILL Givin' Good Boys A Bad Name Adelphi 4118 $2.99
SAFFIRE The Uppity Blueswomen Alligator 4780 $9.49                                  BROWN, RUTH The Soul Survives w/Billy Forrester, org. Flair 8201 $8.49
SCOTT, SONNY 1933 Atlanta Blues Document 2020 $9.99                                 BROWNING, BILL Rockabilly Reissues From Island (Ohio) Esoldun 2019 $9.99
SCRUGGS, IRENE 1924 - 30 Blues Document 2095 $9.99                                  BUTLER, JERRY Folk Songs Vee Jay 1057 $5.99
SHADE, WILL / SLEEPY JOHN ESTES / FURRY LEWIS Tennessee Legends                     ERVIN, FRANKIE Dragnet Blues w.Preston Love, Johnny Moore's 3 Blazers
         Southland 14 $9.99                                                                 Earth Angel 902 $5.99
SHAKA, TOM Hit From The Heart Accoustic guitar & vocals Crosscut 1025 $6.99         FOWLER BROTHERS Airpocket Hunter Zappa & Beefheart vets Fossil 001 $3.99
SHEPARD, OLLIE '37-'41 w/Lonnie Johnson, Chuck Berry,etc OldTramp1210 $9.99         JOHNNY C Soul'd Out w/ Ken Smith. Filed as folk. Sugar Hill 9101 $8.49
SIEGEL-SCHALL Reunion Concert Alligator 4760 $4.99
                                                                                    JOHNSON, ERNIE Just In Time Ronn 8001 $8.49
SMITH, CLARA Volume 2 Document (import) 567 $9.99
                                                                                    JOHNSON, SYL Uptown Shakedown Mystery Lady, Bl Water, etc HI 6010 $8.49
     Volume 3 Document (import) 568 $9.99
     Volume 6 Document (import) 571 $9.99                                           KING, EARL Sexual Telepathy Black Top 1052 $8.49
SMITH, WHISPERING Over Easy Excello 8020 $8.49                                      LOVE, C.P. & HIS BLUESMATES An Album Of Rhythm & Blues
SONNIER, LEE /HAPPY DOC & BOYS Fais Do Do Bdown (Jay Miller sessions                        7-piece w/horns Southland 25 $9.99
         1940s,50s) Flyright (import) 609 $9.99                                     NEVILLE, AARON Make Me Strong ('68-'70)         1986 Charly (imports) 1111 $9.99
STEWARD, PRISCILLA 1924 - 28 Blues Document 2107 $9.99                              NIGHTHAWKS Best Of Rock V. 2 w/ Dave Maxwell Adelphi 4145 $8.49
SYKES, ROOSEVELT Vol. 2 1936 - 51 Blues Document 2088 $9.99                         OTIS, JOHNNY Back To Jazz Jazz World 707 $4.99
TAGGART, BLIND JOE 1926-34 Wolf (import) 122 $9.99                                  RIDGLEY, TOM The New King Of The Stroll Flyright (import) 519 $3.99
TANNEHILL, FRANK 1932 - 41 Blues Document 2027 $9.99                                    New Orleans King Of The Stroll Rounder 2079 $9.49
THEARD, SAM 1929 - 30 Blues Document 2044 $9.99                                     SAIN, OLIVER Fused Jazz AVI 8554 $7.99
TORRENCE, LIONEL Sax Man Supreme w.Tabby Thomas,Bobby J
                                                                                    ST.LOUIS KINGS Of RHYTHM R&B Showtime feat. Clayton Love, Billy Gayles,
         Flyright (import) 615 $9.99
                                                                                            Oliver Sain (2 LP set) Timeless 231/2* $15.49
TURBINTON, EARL Brothers For Life Rounder 2064 $6.99
TYLER, ALVIN "RED Rockin' & Rollin' Ace (lmport) 182 $4.99                          VARIOUS R&B ARTISTS That Was The Time classic vocal groups 50s&60s
     Graciously Rounder 2061 $6.99                                                          including the Spaniels Golden Circle5801 $1.99
     Heritage w/ Johnny Adams & Germaine Bazzle Rounder 2047 $6.99                  Condition Your Heart Vintage R&B from St. Louis: Kinglets, Ike Turner
WALLACE, SIPPIE Document (import) 593 $9.99                                                 Red Lightnin (import) RL0069 $5.99
     1924 - 27 Blues Document 2093 $9.99                                                                 FOLK LPs - 99¢ each
WATERS, ETHEL 1924-28 w/Coleman Hawkins,Clarence Williams Wolf1009 $9.99
WEAVER,SYLVESTER S/T great Louisville guitarist +Walter Beasley Earl615 $9.99       BLUEGRASS FRANÇAIS Bluegrass Connection Puritan 5006
     Accompanist 1923-27 w/Sara Martin,Helen Humes BluesDocument2026 $9.99          BRAUER, CHARLES Home & Away Shagbark 1
WELLINGTON, VALERIE Million Dollar Secret w/ Magic Slim Rooster 2619 $9.49          COLLINS, LUI Made In New England Philo 1081
WIGGINS, DETROIT GARY / CHRISTIAN RANNENBERG International Blues Duo                CROSSINGS ...Of The Spirit Daniel Carillo & Marc Irwin Iris 1000
         Crosscut (imports) 1007 $6.99                                              DEARDORFF, DANNY Shadowheart Freckle 1910
WILLIAMS, BIG JOE w. Erwin Helfer Memphis Slim, L.B.Montgomery (JOB)                HELLMAN, DAPHNE Hellman's Angels Play Country Shih 1
         Flyright (import) 577 $9.99                                                HIGH COUNTRY On The Road Shiloh 4089
WILSON, LEOLA WILSON & KID Document (import) 549 $9.99                              HORSE SENSE & CAMELIA SYMPHONY The Hills Of Mexico Kicking Mule 340
VARIOUS ARTISTS Blues On 2 Rory Gallagher,Johnny Mars BBC 610 $9.49
                                                                                    LISKA, DAVID Startin All Over Again Pharoah 101
Alabama Blues Ed Thompson, 2 Poor Boys, Mobile Struglrs HK 4004 $9.99
                                                                                    LISKA, DAVID & KENTUCKY WIND Indian Summer Aztec 1077
Down In The Alley 1938-42 Broonzy, 1-Arm Slim, Memphis Minnie
         Travelin' Man (import) 8812 $9.99                                          MARDIS GRAS Soarin' High RSTR 128
Female Blues Singers: J Mary Jackson, Elnora Jackson, Josephine Jones, more         NO STRINGS ATTACHED Traditional Music Of The Future Turquoise 5051
         Fantasy-Selmerphone 4026 $6.99                                             OTTO, RUPERT College Days U. Michigan songs Michigan 1002
     O/P/R Alice Pearson, Ethel Ridley, Nettie Robinson Fantasy-Selmer4030 $6.99    POISTER, GEOFF Seasons Of Change Rooster 125
Genuine Houserockin' Music Iii w/ A.C., Elvin, Brooks, Kinsey Alligator 103 $3.99   RASMUSSEN, JERRY The Secret Life Of... Folk Legacy 101
Georgia Blues Ed Andrews, S. Weaver, McTell, Emery Glenn HK 4005 $9.99              RAY, TONY 4 Db Hot Polaris 1
Georgia Blues Today -Will. Robertson, Jimmy Lee Williams, James Davis               REILLY, GINNY Doodle Lee Do'in Freckle 1913
         Flyright (import) 576 $9.99                                                REILLY, GINNY Oh, Reilly! Freckle 1909
Harlem Hit Parade w/ Hal Paige, James Wayne, Ursala Reed, Bob Gaddy,
                                                                                    REILLY & MALONEY Backstage Freckle 1912
         Larry Dale Ace (lmport) 206 $4.99
                                                                                    REILLY & MALONEY Everyday Freckle 1902
Male Blues Singers (1923-31) Reese Du Pree, Billy Higgins, Alexander Robinson
         Fantasy-Selmerphone 4035 $7.99                                             REILLY & MALONEY Profiles Freckle 1904
Memphis Blues Stokes, Wilkins, Ollie Rupert, Tom Dickson HK 4002 $9.99              SWEENEY, ED Scratching The Surface Kicking Mule 182
National Downhome Blues Fest. V.3 Snooky Pryor,Piano Red Southland23 $9.99          THEOBALD, JACK & MIKE Bluegrass Country Shiloh 4087
Rural Blues '49-'53 feat.Lowell Fulson,R.Sykes (Imperial) Matchbox 904 $8.99        UNCLE BONSAI A Lonely Grain Of Corn Freckle 1908
St. Louis Blues 1927 - 37 Blues Document 2055 $9.99                                 WISE, MARCUS / DEAN MAGRAW Wise • Magraw tabla & guitar Red House 05
Texas Blues Jess Thos, Jake, Bo Jones, Willie Reed HK (imports) 4003 $9.99
                           SHOW BIZ LPs                                             MARCH, FREDRIC Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Triple-Cross -BR 4806 $3.99
                                                                                    MARTIN,MARY The Bandwagon/Anything Goes show tunes Columbia 4751 $2.99
ALLEN, FRED Linit Bath Club Revue 1932-33 Radio Archives 1002 99¢                   McGHEE,FIBBER&MOLLY/BULLDOG DRUMMOND radio AnotherJeep473 $1.99
ANNE & STEVE Shine It On show tunes cabaret-style AnneSteve 312032 99¢              MERMAN, ETHEL Anything Goes / Panama Hattie Sinty Nook -BR 20098 $3.99
ASTAIRE, FRED / GINGER ROGERS / IRENE DUNNE Roberta w/ Bing Crosby                  MIRANDA, CARMEN Rarest Of All Rare Macumbeiros -BR 809 $3.99
Couture -BR 30 $3.99                                                                   /JEANETTE MacDONALD San Francisco/Greenwich Village Caliban6026$3.99
AUTRY, GENE Live Sound Vol. 2 Six-Gun Singers -BR 70 $3.99
                                                                                    MONROE, MARILYN / JEAN HARLOW Earth's Brigthest Stars
    Young G.A. New Loon -BR 69 $3.99
                                                                                            B&W cover Marquis Disque 50103 $4.99 • color cover MD 50103c $8.49
    Young G.A. Vol. 3 Prairie Justice -BR 71 $3.99
                                                                                    MOORE, GRACE 30s pop & opera Empire -BR 801 99¢
BACH, P.D.Q. On The Air Vanguard 79268 $2.99
                                                                                       / LILY PONS One Night Of Love / I Dream Too Much Grapon -BR 15 $3.99
BARRY, JOHN The Lion In Winter Film Score Columbia 15854 $2.99
                                                                                    MORGAN, HENRY 1946-47 Radio programs Command Performance 2 $3.99
BARRYMORE, JOHN The Great Profile Speaks w/ Ethel & Lionel Barrymore
                                                                                       / NELSON EDDY Torch Singer & The Mountie romantic songs Trisklog 4 $3.99
          Shakebox -BR 42 $3.99
                                                                                    ORIGINAL CAST Charlie Sent Me! w/ Buddy Ebsen Glendale 6035 $4.99
ORIGINAL CAST Girl Crazy Gershwin Musical Columbia 2560 $2.99
                                                                                    OWEN, REGINALD Study In Scarlett Sherlock Holmes Hudson House 221 $3.99
    The Girl In Pink Tights Musical Columbia 4890 $4.99
                                                                                    POWELL, DICK Richard Diamond Radio noir Command Performance 6 $1.99
    I'm Getting My Act Together & Taking It On The Road Musical 14885 $2.99
                                                                                    RADIO PRODCUTION Puttin on the Ritz/Whoopee 1930 Meet-Patti 1930 $3.99
    Leave It To Jane Jerome Kern musical AEI 1143 $2.99
                                                                                       Coney Island / Moom Over Miami Caliban -BR 6001 $3.99
    Mr. President Musical by Irving Berlin Columbia 2270 $2.99
                                                                                       Daddy Long Legs / Story Of Vernon & Irene Castle Caliban -BR 6000 $3.99
    Pal Joey Rogers & Hart musical Columbia 4364 $2.99
                                                                                       Do You Love Me / One Hour With You w/ Harry James BR Caliban 6011 $3.99
    Peter Pan Musical with Jean Arthur & Karloff Columbia 4312 $2.99
                                                                                       Footlight Serenade / Rose Of Washington Square Caliban -BR 6002 $3.99
    Subways Are For Sleeping Musical Columbia 2130 $2.99
                                                                                       Pin Up Girl / Song Of The Islands Caliban -BR 6009 $3.99
          Nadine -BR 260 $3.99                                                         Tea For Two / Sally Irene & Mary Caliban -BR 6031 $3.99
COWARD, NOEL / EDNA BEST This Happy Breed Marynova -BR 710 $3.99                       Thanks A Million / Happy Go Lucky Caliban -BR 6021 $3.99
CRAWFORD, JOAN Devil's Sister performance + songs Photon -BR 20 $1.99                  Wabash Avenue / Sing Baby Sing Caliban -BR 6029 $3.99
    The Devil's Sister Joac -BR 20 $3.99                                            RATHBONE,BASIL The Scarlett Claw Sherlock Holmes Pample-mousse1943 $3.99
DAILEY, DAN / BETTY GRABLE You Were Meant For Me / My Blue Heaven                   RITTER,TEX/HOOT GIBSON Phantom Attorney/Gallant Coward SintyNook20$3.99
          Titania -BR 503 $3.99                                                     ROBESON,PAUL/ANDREWS SISTERS Show Boat / Give Out Vertinge2004 $3.99
DAILEY, DAN / LILLIAN ROTH Give My Regards To Broadway / Honey Sweetie              ROBINSON, EDWARD G. Hatchet Man Caliban -BR 6041 $3.99
          Caliban -BR 6018 $3.99                                                    ROGERS, GINGER / JOLIE Live Elglog -BR 887 $3.99
DAY, DENNIS Christmas Wonderland Glendale 16029 $2.99                               ROGERS, ROY King Of The Cowboys w/ Dale Evans Ghost Town -BR 181 $3.99
DAY, DORIS / BETTY GRABLE Diamond Horseshoe Caliban -BR 6028 $3.99                  ROSZA, MIKIOS Film Scores A Double Life, Sherwood Forest, Time Out Of Mind,
DAY, DORIS / BETTY HUTTON Lucky Me / Incendiary Blonde Athena -BR 9 $3.99                   Force Of Evil Premiere 1201 99¢
DEAN, JAMES Diary Of A Young Fool / Dimly Lit Highway Moviegod 3000 $9.99           RUSSELL, JANE / DENNIS MORGAN Paleface / Time Place Titania 511 $3.99
DIETRICH, MARLENE Grand Hotel radio production Caliban -BR 6040 $3.99               SINGER, LOU Brooklyn & New York Audio tour Lousinger -BR 1000 $3.99
    Live 1932/1952 Wildebeest Maclon -BR 5290 $3.99                                 SOUNDTRACK Berlin Alexanderplatz C:Peer Raben VareseSarabande81217 $5.99
    / CLARK GABLE Desert Chanteuse / Mask Of Dijon Denby 3.99 $3.99                    Blind Date C: Stanley Myers / John Kongos Varese Sarabande 81202 $5.99
    / DOROTHY LAMOUR Blue Angel / Thrill Of A Lifetime Caliban 6046 $3.99              Bolero C: Peter & Elmer Bernstein Varese Sarabande 81228 $5.99
DRAGONETTE, JESSICA With Love Totem 1029 99¢                                           Brainstorm C: James Horner Varese Sarabande 81197 $5.99
DUCHIN, EDDY / HAL KEMP For Society Band Lovers High Society 5453 $3.99                Careful: He Might Hear You C: Ray Cook Varese Sarabande 81221 $5.99
DUNNE, IRENE High Wide B Handsome / Sweet Adeline Titania -BR 506 $3.99                Cat's Eye C: Alan Silvestri Varese Sarabande 81241 $5.99
DURANTE, JIMMY / JUNE ALLYSON Two Girls & A Sailor Caliban 6022 $3.99                  Christopher Columbus C: Ortolani w/ Placido Domingo Varese 81245 $5.99
EDDY, NELSON / JEANETTE MACDONALD Bittersweet Trisklog -BR 1377 $3.99                  Company Of Wolves C: George Fenton Varese Sarabande 81242 $5.99
FAYE, ALICE On The Air Dec.29 1932 vars dates in 1933 Totem 1011 $2.99                 Cousteau: Amazon C: John Scott Varese Sarabande 81220 $5.99
    Sings The Rare Ones live Wongdisc -BR 87 $3.99                                     Fourth Man C: Loek Dikker Varese Sarabande 81222 $5.99
    You Can't Have Everything / Duchess Of Idaho Titania -BR 508 $3.99                 Heat And Dust C: Richard Robbins Varese Sarabande 81194 $5.99
FILM SOUNDTRACK Rain Joan Crawford, Walter Huston Caliban -BR 6048 $3.99               Hercules C: Pino Donaggio / Natale Massara Varese Sarabande 81187 $5.99
    I'll See You In My Dreams / Lullaby Of Broadway Caliban -BR 6008 $3.99             Invitation Au Voyage C: Gabriel Yared Varese Sarabande 81189 $5.99
GARLAND, JUDY In Holland Vol. 2 Obligato -BR 610 $3.99                                 Lassiter C: Ken Thorne Varese Sarabande 81208 $5.99
    Annie Get Your Gun original performance Bright Tight -BR 100 $1.99                 Little Romance C: Georges Delerue Varese Sarabande 81109 $5.99
    In Holland Vol. 3 w/ Bing Crosby Obligato -BR 6100 $3.99                           Magic Fire C: Wagner/ Erich Wolfgang Korngold VareseSarabande81179 $5.99
    Long Lost Holland Concert Obligato -BR 60 $3.99                                    Making The Grade C: Basil Poledouris Varese Sarabande 81204 $5.99
    Pigskin Parade / Everybody Sing radio Pilgrim -BR 4000 $3.99                       Minor Miracle C: Richard Patterson Varese Sarabande 81193 $5.99
    /ETHEL MERMAN Till The Clouds Roll By / Straight Place Vertinge2000 $3.99          Night Of The Shooting Stars C: Nicola Piovani Varese Sarabande 81175 $5.99
GAYNOR, Mitzi/Jeanette MacDONALD Golden Girl/Monte Carlo Caliban6037 $3.99             Oltre La Porta C: Liliana Cavani Varese Sarabande 81213 $5.99
GIRARD, ADELE Merry Christmas Holiday music on solo harp Totem 1024 99¢                Osterman Weekend C: Lala Schifrin Varese Sarabande 81198 $5.99
GRABLE, BETTY Down Argentine Way / Tin Pan Alley Caliban -BR 6003 $3.99                Rambo: First Blood II C: Jerry Goldsmith Varese Sarabande 81246 $5.99
    Sweet Rosie O'grady / Springtime In The Rockies Titania -BR 507 $3.99              Sheena C: Richard Hartley Varese Sarabande 81225 $5.99
    / DORIS DAY Call Me Mister / Starlift Titania -BR 510 $3.99                        Shooting Party C: John Scott Varese Sarabande 81235 $5.99
    /MARILYN MAXWELL Those Bombastic Blonde Bombshells Wallysrite42 $3.99              Slapstick of Another Kind c:Michel Legrand/Morton Stevens Varese81163 $5.99
GRAYSON,Kathryn/Dennis MORGAN Desert Song/Wild Irish Rose Titania505$3.99              Sunday In The Country / The Pirate C: Philippe Sarde Varese 81227 $5.99
HARRIS,PHIL/ALICE FAYE 2 Complete Radio Broadcasts RadioArch.0101 $2.99                Supergirl C: Jerry Goldsmith Varese Sarabande 81231 $5.99
HAVER, JUNE I'll Get By / Look For The Silver Lining productions Titania504 $3.99      Swann In Love / Katharina Blum C: Hans Werner Henze Varese 81224 $5.99
    Oh You Beautiful Doll / I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now Titania 502 $3.99           The 39 Steps Hitchcock film Spybusters -BR 3939 $3.99
HUTTON,Betty/Jeanette MacDonald Stork Club/Broadway Serenade Cal6020$3.99              Twelve Chairs C: John Morris Varese Sarabande 81159 $5.99
JOLSON, AL An Evening With... on Steve Allen Radio Show, 10/26/49 ASA 1 99¢            Young Warriors C: Rob Walsh Varese Sarabande 81186 $5.99
    Live In '35 Quakiduk Lenimax -BR 1 $1.99                                           Hello, Frisco, Hello / Spring Parade Caliban -BR 6005 $3.99
    On Stage Memory -BR 2575 $3.99                                                  SWARTHOUT, GLADYS Empire -BR 805 99¢
    On The Air Vol. 3 1/12/43 & others Totem 1019 99¢                               THEODORAKIS, MIKIS Z Film score Columbia 3370 $4.99
    Rehearses, Reminisces & Rabulates! Quango -BR 125 $3.99                         TIBBETT, LAWRENCE $Empire -BR 804 99¢
    /DENNIS MORGAN Swanee River about Stephen Foster Totem 1028 99¢                 TIOMKIN, DIMITRI The Old Man And The Sea Film score Columbia 8013 $4.99
KANE, HELEN / RUTH ETTING / FANNY BRICE Three Of A Kind Fanett146 $3.99             TUCKER, SOPHIE / TED LEWIS S/T Soted -BR 1200 $3.99
KIRSTEN, DOROTHY Opera Triumphs & Encores Glendale 9001 $2.99                       VALLEE, RUDY On The Air Sealtest programs 1940, 42 with John Barrymore
    While Heart Are Singing w/ Nelson Eddy Glendale 9002 $2.99                              Totem 1027 $8.49
KOSTELANETZ,Andre/ Carl SANDBURG Lincoln Portrait Columbia91A-02007 99¢             VARIOUS ARTISTS
KROOPF, PHILIP Your Baby & You Health info for new parents Baby168 99¢                 Best of Radio Memories V.3 Answer Man,Amos&Andy,Winchell Radiex 3 $1.99
LAMOUR,DOROTHY/DICK POWELL Dames/St.Louis Blues Caliban 6014 $3.99                     Radio Memories #3 Ed Wynn, Barrymore, Munchausen Bergen 1476 $3.99
    Riding High / Show Business w/ Eddie Cantor Caliban -BR 6034 $3.99                 Broadway Melody 1929 / Parisian Belle 1931 Raviola -BR 69 $1.99
LAUGHTON,CHARLES&Margaret O'Brien Canterville Ghost radio Pelican114$3.99              Composers Do Their Own Thing Porter, Gershwin, Berlin Pelican 120 $5.99
LOMBARD,CAROLE&WILLIAM POWELL My Man Godfrey radio Pelican115 $5.99                    The Master's Choice Noel Coward, Joyce Grenfell, Mantovani AEI 2122 $2.99
          Vertinge 2002 $3.99
                 Delmark Records Jazz Catalog
LP C A S S C D                                                                                                            LP C A S S C D
       =         Josh Abrams DG 546 - Cipher with Jeff Parker, Axel Dorner, Guillermo Gregorio                                       =     Franz Jackson DE 223 - Snag It with Jim Beebe’s Chicago Jazz.
       =         Muhal Richard Abrams DD 413 - Levels And Degrees of Light with Braxton, Leroy Jenkins, Kalaparusha                  =
                      DE 423 - Young At Heart/Wise In Time with Leo Smith, Henry Threadgill. #####
                                                                                                                                           Franz Jackson & The Salty Dogs DE 237 Yellow Fire w. guest vocalist Carol Leigh on one song
       =                                                                                                                             =     Keef Jackson’s Fast Citizens DE 571 - Ready Everyday
=      =              DD 430 - Things To Come From Those Now Gone w.Wallace McMillan, Steve McCall, Ari Brown                        =           Project Project DE 580 Just Like This
       =         Active Ingredients DG 547 - Titration with Chad Taylor, Jemeel Moondoc, Steve Swell, David Boykin               !   =     Willis Jackson DD 460 - Call Of The Gators with unissued performances & alternates...Apollo Series.
       =         Jason Ajemian DE 581 - The Art Of Dying                                                                             =     Illinois Jacquet DE 538 - Jumpin’ At Apollo with Sir Charles Thompson, Bill Doggett, Mingus...Apollo
       =         Eric Alexander DE 461 - Straight Up with Harold Mabern.                                                             =     Joseph Jarman DD 410 - Song For with Fred Anderson, Bill Brimfield, Charles Clark. ####
       =              DE 476 - Up, Over & Out with Harold Mabern, John Ore, and Joe Farnsworth.                                      =           DD 417 As If It Were The Seasons w/ Muhal Richard Abrams, Fred Anderson, John Stubblefield
       =              DE 488 & Lin Halliday - Stablemates with Jodie Christian, Wilbur Campbell, Dan Shapera.                        =           DD 428 & Anthony Braxton - Together Alone 1971, the only duet album they ever made.
       =              DE 500 - Mode for Mabes w/ Harold Mabern, George Fludas, Jim Rotondi                                           =     Jazz Ltd. DE 226 - Volume One with Sidney Bechet, Muggsy Spanier, Don Ewell... 1949 & ‘51.
       =         Fred Anderson DG 534            On the Run, Live at the Velvet... w. Tatsu Aoki & Hamid Drake                       =     Bunk Johnson DD 225 - The Last Testament
       =              DG 549 - Back At The Velvet Lounge w/ Jeff Parker, Chad Taylor, Maurice Brown                                  =
                      DE 568 - Timeless live w/ Hamid Drake, Harrisson Bankhead. Also on DVD! #### 1/2
                                                                                                                                           Eddie Johnson DE 515 - Love You Madly w. John Young, Eddie DeHaas, George Hughes
       =                                                                                                                             =     Wynton Kelly DD 441 - Last Trio Session with Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb.
       =         Art Ensemble Of Chicago DE 432 - Live 1972, contains 76 minutes of music!                                           =     Andrew Lamb DE 479 - Portrait In The Mist with Wilbur Morris, Warren Smith.
       =         Jim Baker DE 560 - More Questions Than Answers Free piano & analogue synthesizer improvisation                      =     Carl Leukaufe DE 491 - Warrior Vibist’s debut album with Lin Halliday & Jodie Christian.
=      =         Paul Bascomb DD 431 - Bad Bascomb with Duke Jordan, United masters from ‘51-’53.                        =           =     George Lewis’ New Orleans Jazz Band DD 201 - Hello Central...Give Me Doctor Jazz
       =         Billy Bang / Kahil El’Zabar DE 533 - Spirits Entering                                                               =           DD 202 - Ice Cream w/ Jim Robinson
       =         Bay City Jazz Band DE 242 - Alligator Crawl                                                             =           =     George Lewis & Don Ewell DE 220 - Reunion with Jim Robinson, Cie Frazier.
       =         Jim Beebe’s Chicago Jazz DE 230 - A Sultry Serenade with Judi K, Connie Jones...                                    =                                                    E
                                                                                                                                           Paul Lingle DE 219 - Live At The Jug Club ...Euphonic series
8      =             DE 218 - Saturday Night Function - 2 LPs on one CD!                                                             =     Zane Massey DD 464 - Brass Knuckles Debut as a leader.
       =         Barney Bigard & Art Hodes DE 211 - Bucket’s Got A Hole In It with George Brunis                                     =           DE 487 - Safe To Imagine
       =         Anthony Braxton DD 415 - Three Compositions of New Jazz with L. Jenkins, Leo Smith, Muhal                           =
                      DE 420 - For Alto Complete historic 1969 solos. 73 minutes. #####
                                                                                                                                           Gene Mayl’s Dixieland Rhythm Kings DE 232 - The New Low Down
       =                                                                                                                             =     Rob Mazurek DG 540 - Silver Spines His first solo outing. See also Chicago Underground.
       =              DG 544 - Four Compositions (GTM 2000                                                                           =     Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre DD 419 - Humility in the Light of Creator 1st album as leader.
       =         Bobby Broom DE 530 - Modern Man w. Ronnie Cuber, Lonnie Smith.                                                      =           DE 425 - Forces And Feelings.
       =         Ari Brown DE 486 - Ultimate Frontier Ari’s debut album as a leader.                                                 =
                      DE 504 - Venus ####
                                                                                                                                                 DG 553 - Morning Song. Trio w/ Jesse Dulman, tuba & Ravish Momin, drums.
       =                                                                                                                             =     Kansas City Frank Melrose DE 245 - Bluesiana with Pete Daily & Boyce Brown.
       =              DE 577 - LIVE AT THE GREEN MILL w/ Kirk Brown, Pharez Whitted, Dr. Cuz. Also on DVD!                           =     Eddie Miller DD 228 - Street Of Dreams with the Johnny Varro Trio.
       =         Donald Byrd DD 407 - First Flight with Yusef Lateef, Barry Harris, Bernard McKinney.                                =     NICOLE MITCHELL DE 575 -BLACK UNSTOPPABLE w/ David Boykin, Jeff Parker, Josh Abrams
       =         Billy Butterfield Joins Andy Bartha DE 243 - Take Me to the Land of Jazz                                            =     Roscoe Mitchell DE 408 - Sound First AACM recording! w. Lester Bowie #####
       =         Roy Campbell DE 456 - New Kingdom with Zane Massey, Ricardo Strobert, Bryan Carrott.                                =           DE 475 - Hey, Donald with Albert “Tootie” Heath, Malachi Favors, and Jodie Christian.
       =              DE 469 - La Tierra del Fuego with Zane Massey, Rahn Burton, Reggie Nicholson                                   =           2DE 493 - Sound Songs 2 CD set. Solo. $19.99 #####
       =             DE 528 - Ethnic Stew And Brew with William Parker and Hamid Drake                                               =           DE 510 - In Walked Buckner w/ Jodie Christian, Reggie Workman,Tootie Heath
       =         Frank Catalano DG 536 Live at the Green Mill w. Randy Brecker, Paul Wertico, Eric Hochberg                          =     Murray, David & Kahil El’Zabar DE 557 - We Is, Live At The Bop Shop
       =         Chicago Luzern Exchange DE 561 - Several Lights New music from the Chicago scene                        =           =
                 Chicago Undergroud Orchestra DE 503 - Playground Rob Mazurek, Jeff Parker ####
                                                                                                                                           New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra DE-214 - Grace And Beauty Two LPs combined into one CD.
       =                                                                                                                             =     Albert Nicholas Quartet DE 207 with Art Hodes - The New Orleans-Chicago Connection.
       =         Chicago Underground Trio DE 511 - Possible Cube Rob Mazurek, Chad Taylor                                            =         DE 209 - Albert’s Back In Town w. Art Hodes’ All-Star Stompers
       =             DE 521 - Flamethrower                                                                                           =     NRG Ensemble DE 485 - This Is My House with Mars Williams, Ken Vandermark. ####
       =             DE 573 - Chronicle Live concert. Also on DVD!                                                                   =
                 Jodie Christian DD 454 - Experience Chicago’s master jazz pianist’s debut. ####
                                                                                                                                           Kevin O’Donnell’s Quality Six DE 513 - Heretic Blues with Violinist Andrew Bird
       =                                                                                                                             =
                     DE 467 - Rain or Shine with Roscoe Mitchell, Art Porter, and Francine Griffin . ####1/2
                                                                                                                                                DE-522 - Control Freak
       =                                                                                                                             =     The Original Salty Dogs DE 240 New Orleans Shuffle Recorded in 1966 & 1969
       =             DE 490 - Front Line with Norris Turney, Eddie Johnson, and Francine Griffin.
                     DE 498 - Soul Fountain w/ Roscoe Mitchel, Art Porter. ####
                                                                                                                                                            •see also Clancy Hayes, Franz Jackson•
       =                                                                                                                             =     Harold Ousley DE-520 - Grit-Gittin’ Feelin’
       =             DE 531 - Reminiscing                                                                                            =     Jeff Parker DG 543 - Like-Coping with Chris Lopes & Chad Taylor.
       =         Classic Jazz Ensemble DD 222 - Twice In A While with Armin Von der Heydt, Steve Jensen                              =     Jeff Parker & Scott Fields DG 558 - Song Songs Song
       =         Arnett Cobb DD 471 - Arnett Blows For 1300 Nice balance of jazz and smokin’ R&B . . .                               =     Cecil Payne DE 478 - Cerupa with Harold Mabern, John Ore, Eric Alexander, Freddie Hubbard. ####
     ! =         Jimmy Coe DD 011 Big Band - Say What?! (Time Records: $11.99 CD, $5.99 cass.)                                       =          DE 494 - Scotch and Milk w. Marcus Belgrave, Mabern, Eric Alexander, Lin Halliday, John Ore. ####
       =         Common Ground DE 564 - High Voltage Electric violin explorations by Zach Brock & Tom Wright.                        =          DE 509 - Payne's Window w/ Eric Alexander, Harold Mabern
     ! =         Jim Cooper DD 446 - Tough Town with Ira Sullivan.                                                                   =         DE 529 - Chic Boom, Live at the Jazz Showcase w. Eric Alexander, Harold Mabern
     ! =             DD 457 - Nutville with Ira Sullivan & others.                                                        8          =
                 Rich Corpolongo Quartet + Two DE 489 - Just Found Joy ####
                                                                                                                                           Ed Petersen DE 445 - Upward Spiral Live & Studio with Fareed Haque, Brad Williams.
       =                                                                                                                             =          DE 474 - The Haint with Billy Brimfield, Odies Williams III, Willie Pickens. ####
       =             DE 502 - Smiles                                                                                     =           =     Bud Powell DD 406 - Bouncing With Bud with Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen. ####1/2
       =         Norrie Cox & His New Orleans Stompers DE 231 - Move the Body Over                                                   =     Clem Raymond with Dick Oxtot DE 208 - The Lost Clarinet
       =             DE 236 - Dance Hall Days Recorded in a classic woodfloor dance hall.                                            =     Jim Robinson DE 235 - Economy Hall Breakdown with Johnny Wiggs, Raymond Burke, Bob Greene
       =             DE 241 - Live at the Illiana Featuring Butch Thompson.                                                          =     Wally Rose DE 248 - Whippin’ The Keys Yerba Buena pianist plays 20 ragtime tracks from Blackbird
       =         Ernest Dawkins’ New Horizons Ensemble DE 524 - Jo’burg Jump w. Ameen Muhammad, Avreeayl Ra                          =     Roy Rubinstein’s Chicago Hot Six DE 227 - Shout ‘Em with Katherine Davis, Bob Neighbor...
       =             DG 545 - Capetown Shuffle -- Live at the HotHouse                                                               =     Sabertooth DE 579 - Doctor Midnight The original United masters from ‘51-’57.
       =             DG 559 - Mean Ameen w/ Maurice Brown                                                                =           =     Leon Sash Trio DD 416 - I Remember Newport
       =             DE 570 - The Messenger Live at the original Velvet Lounge w/ Maurice Brown. Also on DVD!                        =
                 Barrett Deems Big Band DE 472 - How D’You Like It So Far? with Corpolongo, Goode. ####
                                                                                                                                           Savoir Faire DE 562 Running Out Of Time Swinging jazz violin touched with avant & world
       =                                                                                                                             =     Archie Shepp DE 514 meets Kahil El’Zabar’s Ritual Trio Conversations w.Ari Brown, Malachi Favors
       =             DD 492 - Deemus Quintet with Chuck Hedges, Don DeMichael. Two new tracks.                                       =     Ted Sirota’s Rebel Souls DG 551 - Breeding Resistance w/ Jeff Parker, Jeb Bishop
       =         Deep Blue Organ Trio DG 556 - Deep Blue Bruise Chris Foreman, Bobby Broom, Greg Rockingham                          =     Bobby Smith DE 484 - That’s For Sure! with the Erskine Hawkins Alumni...Apollo Series A
       =             DE 569 - Goin’ To Town Live at the Green Mill. Also on DVD!                                                 !   =     Mike Smith       DE 448 - On A Cool Night with Ron Friedman.
       =         Dixie Stompers DE 204 - Jazz At Westminster College 1957 recording live in Fulton, Missouri               8     !   =          DD 444 - Unit 7, A Tribute To Cannonball Adderley with Ron Friedman, Jodie Christian.
       =             DE 224 - Ain’t Gonna Tell Nobody ’Bout with Katherine Davis, Jim Haislip.                                       =          DE 462 - The Traveler.
       =             DE 229 - Stock Yards Strut with Karen Carroll, Frank Powers, Jim Haislip.                                       =
                 Kahil El ’ Zabar ’s Ritual Trio DE 466 - Renaissance of The Resistance w. Ari Brown. ####
                                                                                                                                                DE 480 - Sinatra Songbook with Ron Perillo.
       =                                                                                                                  =
                     DE 477 - Big Cliff with special guest Billy Bang, recorded live at Underground Fest. ####
                                                                                                                                           Tab Smith 429 - Because Of You The original United masters from ‘51-’57.
       =                                                                                                                         !   =          DD 447 - Jump Time Original 1951-52 United sessions.
       =             DE 519 - Africa N’da Blues w. Pharoah Sanders                                                               !   =          DD 455 - Ace High 2nd in the complete United Records sessions.
       =             DE 566 - Live at the River East Art Center with special guest Billy Bang. Also available on DVD!                =          DE 499 - Top ‘n’ Bottom...United Series
       =             DE 572 - Big M with special guest Billy Bang. w/ Ari Brown, Yosef Ben Israel                                    =          DE 555 - Crazy Walk ...United Series
       =         Kahil El ’ Zabar Trio DG 541 - Love Outside of Dreams w. Fred Hopkins, David Murray                                 =     Sonny Stitt DD 426 - Made for Each Other with Don Patterson, Billie James .
       =         Kahil El’Zabar-Favors-Jarman-Kalaparusha’s Bright Moments DE 507 - Return of the Lost Tribe                         =          DD 563 - It’s Magic 1969 recording w/ Don Patterson, organ; Billie James, drums.
       =         Kahil El ’ Zabar Infinity Orchestra DE 576 - Transmigration live in Bordeaux with Joseph Bowie                      =     Ira Sullivan DE 402 - Blue Stroll with Johnny Griffin, Jodie Christian, Vic Sproles, Wilbur Campbell.####
       =         Ethnic Heritage Ensemble DE 517 - Freedom Jazz Dance w. Kahil, Bowie, Dawkins, Haque                     =          =          DD 422 - Nicky’s Tune with Nicky Hill, Jodie Christian, Sproles. ####
       =             DE 496 - The Continuum w/ Kahil El’Zabar, Joseph Bowie, Ernest Dawkins, Atu Murray. ####             =          =     Sun Ra And The Arkestra DD 411 - Sun Song His first album, with Julian Priester
                                                                                                                                                DD 414 - Sound Of Joy with John Gilmore, Pat Patrick ####1/2
       =             DE 574 - Hot ‘N’ Heavy: Live At The Ascension Lofe -Kahil El’Zabar, Ernest Dawkins. Also on DVD!            !   =
       =         Scott Fields Ensemble DE 527 - Mamet with Michael Zerang and Michael Formanek                                       =
                 Jimmy Forrest DD 404 - All The Gin Is Gone with Grant Green, Elvin Jones, Mabern. ####
                                                                                                                                           Duane Thamm & Chuck Hedges Swingtet DD 552 - Tribute to Hamp
     ! =                                                                                                                         !   =     Sir Charles Thompson DD 450 - Takin’ Off w. Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordon. Apollo. ####
       =              DD 427 - Black Forrest with Harold Mabern, Grant Green, Elvin Jones,Gene Ramey                                 =         DE 526 - Robbins’ Nest: Live at the Jazz Showcase
       =              DD 435 - Night Train Original ‘51-’53 United masters.                                                          =         DG 537      I Got Rhythm, Live at the Jazz Showcase w. Eric Schneider
       =         Yves Francois DE 565 - Blues For Hawk with Franz Jackson, Eddie Johnson and Odie Payne, Jr.                         =     Malachi Thompson DE 421 -Timeline 1972 & 1988 recordings w. Carter Jefferson, Nasar Abadey
=      =         George Freeman DD 424 - Birth Sign with Von Freeman, Kalaparusha, Sonny Burke, etc.                                 =         DD 442 - Spirit with guest artist Leon Thomas, Carter Jefferson,Albert Dailey.
       =         Von Freeman / Ed Petersen DE 508 - Von & Ed w/ Willie Pickens, Brian Sandstrom, Robert Shy                          =         DD 453 - The Jaz Life with Carter Jefferson, Joe Ford. ####
       =         Von Freeman / Frank Catalano DE 525 - You Talkin’ To Me?!                                                           =         DE 473 - New Standards with Carter Jefferson, Joe Ford, Ron Bridgewater.
       =         Curtis Fuller DG 550 - Up Jumped Spring w/ Brad Goode                                                               =         DE 481 - Buddy Bolden’s Rag (100 Years of Jazz) w/ Africa Brass w. Lester Bowie,Ari Brown
=    ! =         Brad Goode DD 440 - Shock Of The New with Lin Halliday, Ed Petersen, Jodie Christian, Haque.                        =         DE 497 - 47th Street w/ Billy Harper, Joe Ford, Carter Jefferson. ###1/2
       =              DE 567 - Hypnotic Suggestion.                                                                                  =         DE 506 - Freebop Now! with Billy Harper, Oliver Lake, Amiri Baraka
       =              DE 578 - NATURE BOY.                                                                                           =         DE 518 - Rising Daystar w. Gary Bartz and Dee Alexander
       =         Andy Goodrich DE 495 - Motherless Child With Eddie Henderson, Harold Mabern.                                        =         DE 532 - Talking Horns w. Oliver Lake, Hamiet Bluiett
       =         Bob Graf DD 401 - At Westminster Recorded in 1958; the first of the Underground Heroes series.                      =         DG 548 - Blue Jazz w. Gary Bartz, Billy Harper, Dee Alexander, Big DooWopper, Daddy G Barge
       =         Al Green / Othello Anderson Quintet DE 539 - Mr. Lucky Straight-ahead bebop with Odies Williams.                    =     Ken Vandermark’s Sound in Action Trio DE 516 -Design in Time Robert Barry & Tim Mulvenna
       =         Francine Griffin DE 512 - The Song Bird w. Ed Petersen, Mike Smith, Willie Pickens, Art Hoyle                       =     Walbridge, Mike Chicago Footwarmers DE 247 Crazy Rhythm w. Kim Cusack
       =         Lin Halliday DE 449 - Delayed Exposure with Ira Sullivan, Jodie Christian.                                          =     Terry Waldo’s Gutbucket Syncopators DE 239 Hot House Rag w. Wayne Jones, Bob Sundstrom
       =              DE 458 - East Of The Sun with Ira Sullivan, Jodie Christian, Dennis Carroll, George Fludas.        =           =     Dinah Washington DD 451 -Mellow Mama w/Lucky Thompson,Milt Jackson,Mingus...Apollo Series ####
                      DE 468 - Where Or When with Ira Sullivan, Jodie Christian . . . ####
       =                                                                                                                 =                 Chris Woods 434 - Somebody Done Stole My Blues Original ‘52 United masters.
       =              DE 523 - Airegin w. Jodie Christian, Denniss Carroll, Tom Kronquist.                               8           =
                 Coleman Hawkins DD 459 - Rainbow Mist w. Dizzy Gillespie, Ben Webster, Max Roach...Apollo. #####
                                                                                                                                               DE 437 - Modus Operandi with Jim McNeely, Greg Bobolinski.
       =                                                                                                                             =     John Young DD 403 - Serenata 1959 piano trio session capturing a true Chicago legend.
       =         Clancy Hayes and the Salty Dogs DE 210 - Oh By Jingo with Jim Dapogny, etc.                                                                            VARIOUS ARTISTS - JAZZ
       =         Chuck Hedges DE 465 - Swingtet Live At Andy’s .                                                                           Honkers and Bar Walkers
       =              DD 483 - Skylark with the Johnny Varro Trio
                 Earl Hines DD 212 - At Home #####
                                                                                                                                 !   =                                                                              U
                                                                                                                                              DD 438 - Volume I with Jimmy Forrest, P. Bascomb, Doc Sausage, Coe...United Series
       =                                                                                                                         !   =        DD 452 - Volume 2 w. Willis Jackson, King Curtis...Apollo Series.
       =              DD 470 - & The Duke’s Men with Johnny Hodges, Cat Anderson, Sonny Greer . . . Apollo Series                    =                                                                                                U
                                                                                                                                              DE 542 - Volume 3 w. Eddie Chamblee, T.J. Fowler, Sax Mallard, Jim Conley, J.T. Brown...United
       =              DE 535     At the Party
                 Art Hodes DD 213 - Hodes’Art w/ Raymond Burke, George Brunis, Volly DeFaut, Pops Foster. ####
                                                                                                                                     =                                                                                     U
                                                                                                                                           Women Vocalists on United DE 554 - Yes Indeed! w. Della Reese, Bixie Crawford...United series
       =              DE 215     Friar’s Inn Revisited w/ George Brunis, Volly DeFaut                                    $ 7 . 99 D X - 9 0 0 A n t h o l o g y C D s                   $1 4 . 9 9 D E & D G C o m p a c t D i s c s
       =              DE 238     Tribute to the Greats
                                                                                                                         $ 8.49 LPs ( 8 = 99¢)                                          $1 9 . 9 9 d o u b l e C D 2 D E 4 9 3
    36 =         Percy Humphrey DE 233 - Climax Rag w/ Albert Burbank, Jim Robinson, Cie Frazier
       =         Dewey Jackson DE 246 - Live At The Barrell with Don Ewell, Frank Cace, Sid Dawson.                     $11.99 DD Compact Dis cs                                        $2 4 . 9 9 D VD s
LP C A S S C D       Delmark Records Blues & Roots of Jazz Catalog
          =      Luther Allison DE 625 - Love Me Mama with Mojo Elem, Jim Conley, Dawkins.
          =      Albert Ammons DD 705 - Boogie Woogie Stomp with Meade Lux Lewis and Pete Johnson.                             LP C A S S C D
          =                                                                                           U
                 Robert Anderson DE 702 Working the Road - The Golden Age of Chicago Gospel ...United Series                             =      The Moroccos & Other Groups on United DE 761 - Bang Goes My Heart
          =      Blu Lu Barker, Wee Bea Booze & Baby Dee DE 684 -Don’t You Feel My Leg Apollo Series
                 Barkin’ Bill DE 672 - Gotcha! with Steve Freund &The Chicago Horns. ####
      !   =
                                                                                                                                     !   =      Robert Nighthawk DD 711 - Bricks in My Pillow w.Roosevelt Sykes...United Series
      !   =            & Dave Specter DD 652 Bluebird Blues with Ronnie Earl, Deitra Farr
                                                                                                                                     !   =                                                                               U
                                                                                                                                                Morris Pejoe / Arthur “Big Boy” Spires DD 716 - Wrapped in My Baby ...United Series
          =      Carey Bell DE 622 - Blues Harp with Dawkins, Eddie Taylor, Pinetop Perkins.
                                                                                                                                         =      Brewer Phillips DE 686 - Home Brew with Aaron Moore.
      !                                                                                                                                  =                                                                   E
                                                                                                                                                Piano Red DD 740 - Dr. Feelgood - A 1975 solo session...Euphonic series.
      !   =            DD 666 - Heartaches and Pain with the first recording of Lurrie Bell. (cassette special $2.99)                    =      Yank Rachell DE606 -Mandolin Blues w. Mike Bloomfield, Big Joe Williams, Sleepy John
          =      Carey & Lurrie Bell DE 791 - Gettin’ Up live at Rosa’s Lounge & Buddy Guy’s Legends. Also on DVD!             =     !   =            DD 649 - Chicago Style with Floyd Jones, Odie Payne.
          =      Lurrie Bell DE 679 -Mercurial Son w/ Big Time Sarah. “Year’s Best Blues Record” –Village Voice                          =      A.C. Reed DE 726 - Junk Food w/Albert Collins, Maurice John Vaughn, Casey Jones
          =            DE 700 - 700 Blues                                                                                                =      Jimmie Lee Robinson DE 665 - Lonely Traveller with The Ice Cream Men. ####1/2
          =            DE724 - Kiss of Sweet Blues w/ Dave Specter                                                                   !   =      Reginald R. Robinson DE 662 -The Strongman Inventive ragtime composer plays
          =            DE 736 - Blues Had A Baby                                                                                         =            DE 670 - Sounds in Silhouette Young ragtime genius does it again on his 2nd disc
          =      Big DooWopper DE 742 - All in the Joy                                                                                   =            DE 718 - Euphonic Sounds
          =            DE 766 - Feel the Spirit: A Tribute to Mahalia                                                                !   =      Tad Robinson DE 673 - One To Infinity with Robert Ward, Alex Schultz, Richie Davis
          =      Big Time Sarah DD 659 - Lay It On ’Em Girls Blues with a taste of soul, R&B, funk.                                      =            DE 722 - Last Go Round with Alex Schultz
          =            DE 692 - Blues In The Year One-D-One                                                                              =      Rockin’ Johnny Band DE 720 -Straight Out Of Chicago w.Tail Dragger, Sam Lay
          =           DE 750 - A Million of You w. Rico McFarland                                                                        =            DE 732 - Man’s Temptation Their 2nd album
          =      JIMMY BLYTHE DD 659 - Messin’ Around Blues piano rolls by boogie woogie pioneer                                     !   =      Otis Rush DE 638 - Cold Day In Hell with Abb Locke, Big Moose, Mighty Joe Young.
      !   =      Lonnie Brooks DD 660 - Let’s Talk It Over 1977 previously unissued session.                                         !   =            DE 643 - So Many Roads Live in Japan, with Jimmy Johnson. ####1/2
=         =                                                                                             U
                 J.T. Brown DE 714 -Windy City Boogie w. Sykes, Lit.Bro.Montgomery, Willie Dixon...United (LP is $1.99)                  =            DE 781 - All Your Love I Miss Loving: Live at Wise Fools 1976.
          =      Piney Brown & Eddie Mack DE 754 -Hoot & Holler Saturday Night!. . . Apollo Series                                       =      Ken Saydak DE 725 - Foolish Man
          =      Willie Bryant DE 685 -Blues Around The Clock w/ Tab Smith, Doc Pomus. . . Apollo Series                                 =           DE 751 - Love Without Trust
          =      Eddie Burns DG 758 - Snake Eyes w. Jimmy Burns                                                                          =                                                                   A
                                                                                                                                                Alec Seward & Louis Hayes DE 755 - The Back Porch Boyx...Apollo Series
          =      Jimmy Burns DE 694 - Leaving Here Walking Debut recording from guitarist/vocalist.                                      =      Eddie Shaw DE 698 & The Wolf Gang - Can’t Stop Now with Detroit Jr.
          =             DE 730 - Night Time Again                                                                                        =      Byther Smith DE 691 - Mississippi Kid
          =             DG 770 - Back To The Delta                                                                                       =            DE 708 - All Night Long
          =             DE 789 - Live At B.L.U.E.S. w/ Jesse Fortune. Also on DVD!                                                       =            DE 774 - Hold That Train
          =      Aron Burton DE 727 -Good Blues To You Larry Burton,Billy Branch,Lester Davenport                          =         !   =      Speckled Red DE 601 - The Dirty Dozens 1956-57 solo piano/vocal.
          =      Brun Campbell DE 753 Joplin's Disciple Over 30 ragtime performances, interviews.                                    !   =      Dave Specter & Barkin’ Bill Smith DD 652 - Bluebird Blues w. Ronnie Earl, Deitra Farr.
          =      Karen Carroll DE 680 - Had My Fun Live and studio with Johnny B. Moore.                                                 =      Dave Specter &The Bluebirds DD 664 - Blueplicity with Tad Robinson. (cassette $2.99)
                        DE 707 - Talk to the Hand. ####
      !                                                                                                                              !
          =                                                                                                                              =            & the Bluebirds DE 677 - Live In Europe with Tad Robinson.
          =      Dave Clark DE-768 -Switchin' In The Kitchen Featuring Floyd McDaniel.                                                   =            DE 693 Left Turn On Blue featuring Lynwood Slim & Jack McDuff.
          =      Eddy Clearwater DD 678 -Boogie My Blues Away 1977 with Aron Burton. Ralph Bass Series.                                  =            DE 744 Speculatin’
          =      Michael Coleman DE 747 - Do Your Thing! His debut American release.                                                     =            DE 794 LIVE IN CHICAGO w/Jimmy Johsnon,Tad Robinson,Sharon Lewis (also on DVD)
          =             DE 785 - Blues Brunch at the Mart with Lurrie Bell, Willie Kent, Bonnie Lee, Zora Young.                         =      Dave Specter &Steve Freund DE 779 Is What It Is
          =      Cowboy Roy Brown DE 790 - Street Singer -blues, folk & cowboy tunes.                                                    =      Dave Specter & Lenny Lynn DE 721 - Blues Spoken Here w/ Eric Alexander
      !   =      Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup DE 614 - Look On Yonder’s Wall with Ransom Knowling.                                        !   =                                                                                 A
                                                                                                                                                Sunnyland Slim DD 655 -House Rent Party w.Jimmy Rogers,Willie Mabon..Apollo Series
          =             DD 621 - Meets the Master Blues Bassists with Willie Dixon.                                                      =            DE 735 - Smile On My Face with Lacy Gibson
          =      Mad Dog Lester Davenport DG 763 - I Smell A Rat w. Jimmy Dawkins                                                        =      Roosevelt Sykes DD 607 - Hard Drivin’ Blues with Homesick James.
      !   =      Little Sammy Davis DE 682 - I Ain’t Lyin’.                                                                =         !   =            DD 616 - Gold Mine Solo piano/vocal from 1966 (Original LP titled In Europe)
      !   =      Jimmy Dawkins DD 623 - Fast Fingers with Eddie Shaw, Leake, M.J. Young.                                             !   =            DE 632 & The Honeydrippers - Feel Like Blowing My Horn
      !   =             DE 634 - All For Business with Big Voice Odom, Otis Rush, Jim Conley & others.                                   =                                                                                    U
                                                                                                                                                      DE 642 & The Honeydrippers - Raining In My Heart with Remo Biondi...United
          =             DE 641 - Blisterstring with Jimmy Johnson, Sonny Thompson.                                                       =            DD 773 - Chicago Boogie
          =      Detroit Jr. DE 777 - Blues On The Internet w. Lurrie Bell, Maurice John Vaughn, Jimmy Dawkins                           =      Tail Dragger DE 728 - American People w.Johnny B.Moore, Rockin’Johnny, Billy Branch
          =      Little Arthur Duncan DE 733 - Singin’ With The Sun w. Billy Flynn, Rockin’ Johnny                                       =            DE 782 -My Head Is Bald: Live at Vern’s Friendly Lounge DVD is $24.99
          =             DE 793 - Live At Rosa’s Blues Lounge with Illinois Slim, Twist Turner, Little Al Thomas                          =      Jesse Thomas DD 749 - Blues Is A Feeling w. John Primer, Jodie Christian
      !   =      Sleepy John Estes DD 603 - The Legend Of Sleepy John Estes with Hammie Nixon, Knocky Parker.                            =      Charles Thompson DE738 - The Neglected Professor 26 early '60s performances.
=     !   =             DD 608 - Broke And Hungry with Bloomfield, Rachell, Nixon (LPwhite jacket: $1.99).                           !   =      Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson DD 631 - Old Kidney Stew Is Fine w/ Jay McShann
          =             DD 611 - In Europe with Hammie Nixon in 1964 .                                                                   =      T-Bone Walker DD633 - I Want A Little Girl with Hal “Cornbread” Singer. (cassette $2.99)
      !   =             DD 613 - Brownsville Blues                                                                                       =      Robert Ward DE 741 - New Role Soul
                                                                                                                                         =      William Warfield with Bill Carter ’s Jazz Band DE 772 - Something Within Me
          =                                                                                                                                     Junior Wells DD 612 - Hoodoo Man Blues with Buddy Guy. ##### (cassette is $2.99)
      !                 DD 619 - On The Chicago Scene with Jimmy Dawkins, Sunnyland Slim, Carey Bell. (was Electric Sleep)
          =             DE 639 - Newport Blues with Yank Rachell & Hammie Nixon in 1964 .                                            !   =
          =                                                                               E
                 Sister Elizabeth Eustis DD 737 - Walk With Me New Orleans gospel...Euphonic series.                                     =            DD 628 - Southside Blues Jam with Buddy Guy, Otis Spann, etc.
                                                                                                                                         =            DD 635 - On Tap w. Sammy Lawhorn, Phil Guy, Big Moose Walker, A.C. Reed.
          =                                                                                                                                           DD 640 - Blues Hit Big Town ‘53 w. Muddy Waters, Elmore James...United #####
      !          Jesse Fortune DD 658 - Fortune Tellin’ Man with Dave Specter & The Bluebirds.
          =                                                                                            U
                 The Five C’s & Other Great Groups On United DE 776 - Tell Me w/ The Palms...United Series                           !   =                                                                               U
          =                                                                                U
                 The Four Blazes DE 704 - Mary Jo w/ Floyd McDaniel, Tommy Braden...United Series                                        =            DE 787 - Live At Theresa’s with Phil Guy, Byther Smith
          =      Steve Freund DE 734 - “C” For Chicago w/ Boz Scaggs, Kim Wilson                                                         =      Big Wheeler DE 661 - Bone Orchard with The Ice Cream Men.
          =           DE 752 - I’ll Be Your Mule w. Mr. B, Dave Specter                                                                  =            DE 709 - Jump In
          =      Harry “The Hipster” Gibson DE 687 - Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy’s Ovaltine?                                   =      James Wheeler DE 743 - Can’t Take It
          =      Lacy Gibson DE 689 - Crying For My Baby 1977 Ralph Bass Series with Sunnyland Slim.
                                                                                                                                     !   =      Big Joe Williams DD 602 - Piney Woods Blues
          =      Wynonie Harris DE 683 -Everybody Boogie! Illinois Jacquet,Jack McVea,Oscar Pettiford. Apollo
                                                                                                                                     !   =            DD 604 Blues on Highway 49
          =      Duke Henderson DD 668 -Get Your Kicks w. Lucky Thompson,Jack McVea.. . Apollo Series
                                                                                                                                     !   =            DD 609 & J.D. Short - Stavin’ Chain Blues 1958 recording.
      !   =                                                                                        c
                 Big Walter Horton / Alfred “Blues King” Harris DD 712 Harmonica Blues Kings (cassette PL-12 $2.99)                      =            DD 627 - Nine String Guitar Blues with Ransom Knowling.
          =      J.B. Hutto And The Hawks DD 617 - Hawk Squat with Lee Jackson                                                           =            DE 767 - I Got Wild with Ransom Knowling. Includes studio banter.
      !   =             DD 636 - Slidewinder with The Hawks featuring Lee Jackson.                                                       =      Charles Wilson DE 771 - If Heartaches Were Nickels with Little Milton
          =             DE 778 - Stompin’ At Mother Blues with Herman Hassell, Frank Kirkland, 1966 & 1972.                              =      Edith Wilson DD 637 - He May Be Your Man with LIttle Brother Montgomery, Franz Jackson
          =                                                           E
                 Dink Johnson DE 646 - Mr. Johnson Signing Off ...Euphonic series
                                                                                                                                     !   =      Mighty Joe Young DD 629 - Blues With A Touch Of Soul w.Big Moose, Jimmy Dawkins.
                 Jimmy Johnson DD 644 - Johnson’s Whacks brought in the sound of 80’s blues. ####                                        =      Zora Young DE 748 - Learned My Lesson w. James Wheeler
      !   =                                                                                                                              =            DE 784 - Tore Up From The Floor Up
      !   =             DD 647 - North/South w. Larry Exum, Ike Davis, Carl Snyder.
                                                                                                                                                                VARIOUS ARTISTS - BLUES
          =             DE 745 Pepper’s Hangout Live from 1977. Ralph Bass series.
      !   =      Pete Johnson DD 656 -Central Avenue Boogie 1947 w. Arnold Wiley. . . Apollo Series (cassette is $2.99)                  =      DE 739 Biddle Street Barrelhousin’ - w. Speckled Red, Henry Brown, Stump Johnson
          =      Shirley Johnson DG 757 -Killer Diller w. Robert Ward, John Primer, Johnny B. Moore                                      =      DE 699 Blues Before Sunrise- Live, Vol. 1 w. Billy Boy Arnold, John Brim, Jimmy Burns
          =      Syl Johnson DE 729 - Talkin Bout Chicago w. with 12 new original songs                                                  =      DE 697 Blues Guitar Greats - Magic Sam, Luther Allison, Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, more
      !   =             DE 674 & “Hi Rhythm”- Back In The Game He brought you “Take Me To The River”. ####1/2                            =      DE 626 Blues Piano Orgy - (anthology with. Sykes, Speckled Red, Spann, Sunnyland)
          =      Curtis Jones DD 605 - Lonesome Bedroom Blues Great Texas piano!                                                         =      DE 624 Chicago Ain’t Nothing But A Blues Band - Atomic-H 60s masters
      !   =      Willie Kent DD 653 - Ain’t It Nice with “Mad Dog” Lester Davenport & others.                                            =      DE 669 East Coast Jive - w.Babs Gonzales, Tony Scott, Loumell Morgan. . . Apollo Series.
          =             DE 667 - Too Hurt to Cry with Billy Branch, Johnny B. Moore and the Too Hurt Horns.                    =     !   =      DE 715 Jump & Shout - New Orleans Blues & Rhythm 25 mainly prev. unis’d trx United
          =             DE 696 - Long Way To Ol’ Miss with guest guitarist James Wheeler.                                      =     !   =                                                                                     U
                                                                                                                                                DE 717 Long Man Blues-stand up singers Dennis Binder,Harold Burrage, more...United Series
          =             DE 723 - Make Room for the Blues                                                                                 =                                                                                      U
                                                                                                                                                DE 760 On The Battlefield, Great Gospel Quartets -Tornadoes, Veteran Singers.United
      !   =      Bonnie Lee DE 676 - Sweetheart of the Blues w.Steve Freund, Willie Kent, Johnny B. Moore                                =                                                                              c
                                                                                                                                                DD618 Sweet Home Chicago - Magic Sam, Luther Allison, Louis Myers (cassette $2.99)
          =      Little Milton DE 681 - Live At Westville Prison with Lucky Peterson.                                                    =      DE 746 This Is Blues Harmonica -incl. unissued Junior Wells, Carey Bell, Hammie Nixon
      !   =      Little Walter DD 648 - The Blues World Of.... w/J.B. Lenoir,Sunnyland Slim,Muddy Waters (cassette is $2.99)             =      DE 780 This Is Blues Harmonica V. 2 includes unissued Shakey Jake track.
      !   =      Robert Jr. Lockwood DD 630 - Steady Rollin’ Man with the Aces.                                                          =                                          U
                                                                                                                                                DD 775 The United Records Story ...United Series
                 Magic Sam DD 615 - West Side Soul with Mighty Joe Young. #####                                                      !   =      DD 657 West Coast Jive - Wynonie Harris, Duke Henderson, Cee Pee Johnson. . . Apollo
          =             DD 620 - Black Magic with Eddie Shaw, Lafayette Leake, Mighty Joe Young. (cassette is $2.99)                     =      DD 690 Women Of Blue Chicago w/ Bonnie Lee, Karen Carroll, Big Time Sarah ####
                        DE 645 - Live Live recordings from Ann Arbor & the Alex Club.
                        DD 651 - The Magic Sam Legacy unissued material with Eddie Shaw, Shakey Jake.
                        DD 654 - Give Me Time 1968 solo rehearsal tapes previously unissued. #####
                                                                                                                                                   50th Anniversary Specials:
                        DG 765 - Rockin’ Wild In Chicago Live at the Copacabana, Alex Club & Mother Blues. ####                          =      DD 905 Delmark Records: 50 Years of Blues 2 CD set $11.99
          =                                                                                                                              =      DX902 Chicago Jazz Sun Ra, Barrett Deems,Franz Jackson, Ira Sullivan, Art Hodes $7.99
          =      Magic Slim / Joe Carter DE 786- That Ain’t Right! Ralph Bass Series
                                                                                                                                         =      DX906 West Side Chicago Blues Otis Rush, Magic Sam, Luther Allison, Jimmy Dawkins
          =      Robert McCoy DE 759 -Bye Bye Baby Stomping piano solos and blues vocals.
                                                                                                                                         =      DX907 Blues From Up The Country Sleepy John Estes, Yank Rachell, Big Joe Williams
      !   =      Floyd McDaniel DE 671 - Let Your Hair Down! w/ The Blues Swingers                                                       =      DX 909 For Jumpers Only! Illinois Jacquet, Arnett Cobb, Willis Jackson, Panama Francis
          =             DE 706 - West Side Baby Live in Europe w/ Dave Specter                                                           =      DX 910 Bop Lives! Coleman Hawkins, Sir Charles Thompson, Babs Gonsalves $7.99
          =      Barrelhouse Buck McFarland DE 788 -Alton Blues                                                                          =      DX 911 Chicago's Avant Today Ken Vandermark, Jeff Parker, Kahil El Zabar $7.99
          =      Jack McVea DE 756 -McVouty’s Central Avenue Blues 1947 w. Wynonie Harris. . . Apollo Series                             =      DX 912 Southside Chicago Blues Jr.Wells, Robert Lockwood, Carey Bell, Big Time Sarah
      !   =                                                                                 U
                 Memphis Slim DE 710 feat. Matt “Guitar” Murphy - Memphis Slim U.S.A...United Series                                     =      DX 913 Wild About That Thing: Ladies Sing The Blues Dinah Washington, Betty Roche
          =             DE 762 - The Come Back includes Matt “Guitar” Murphy’s first vocal recording: “Cool Down Baby”
          =      Mississippi Heat DE 783-One Eye Open: LIve at Rosa’s Lounge w. Lurrie Bell (DVD is $24.99)
          =             DE 795 - Hattiesburg Blues                                                                                                                             KEY
          =      Little Brother Montgomery DE 663-Goodbye, Mr. Blues w. Franz Jackson, Ikey Robinson, Edith Wilson
                                                                                                                                                    ####Rating      from Downbeat magazine.
          =      Aaron Moore DE 695 - Hello World w. James Wheeler, Willie Black, Robert “Huckleberry Hound” Wright.
          =             DE 731 - Boot Em Up with James Wheeler, Bob Stroger, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith                                                    !    Out of print cassette available Jazz-99¢,

          =      Johnny B. Moore DE 688 - Live At Blue Chicago
                                                                                                                                                             Blues $1.99 / $2.99, see page 30
          =             DE 701 - Troubled World
          =             DG 769 - Rockin' In The Same Old Boat
          =      Frank Morey DE 764 - The Delmark Sessions
OUT-OF PRINT DELMARK LPs                                                               Delmark Blues Cassettes - Limited Quantities only $2.99
                                                                                       612   JUNIOR WELLS Hoodoo Man Blues with Buddy Guy, Jack Myers ?????
*NOT ON CD - Limited quantities
DL 201 LEWIS, GEORGE Doctor Jazz $1.99                                                 620   MAGIC SAM Black Magic w/ Eddie Shaw, Lafayette Leake, Mighty Joe Young
*DL 206 GIFFORD, WALT w.J.Windhurst,D.Cary,Ed Hubble $8.49                             635   JUNIOR WELLS On Tap Phil Guy, Big Moose Walker, A.C. Reed.
                                                                                       648   LITTLE WALTER Blues World Of... w/ Sunnyland Slim, Muddy Waters, JB Lenoir
DL 207 NICHOLAS / HODES New Orleans / Chicago Connection $8.49
                                                                                       656   PETE JOHNSON Central Avenue Boogie
DL 209 NICHOLAS, ALBERT Albert's Back In Town w/ Art Hodes $8.49
                                                                                       666   CAREY BELL Heartaches and Pain with the first recording of Lurrie Bell
DS 424 FREEMAN, GEORGE Birth Sign $8.49
DL 429 SMITH, TAB Because Of You w/ Sonny Cohn $8.49                                          Out of Print Delmark Blues Cassettes only $1.99
DL 434 WOODS, CHRIS Somebody Done Stole My Blues $8.49                                 601 SPECKLED RED The Dirty Dozens 1956-57 solo piano/vocal.
*DL 439 CALLOWAY, CAB / ERNIE FIELDS / JIMMY HAMILTON                                  602 BIG JOE WILLIAMS Piney Woods Blues
              Big Band Jazz: Tulsa To Harlem $8.49                                     603 SLEEPY JOHN ESTES The Legend Of... with Hammie Nixon, Knocky Parker.
DL 601 SPECKLED RED The Dirty Dozens Adults only. $8.49                                604 BIG JOE WILLIAMS Blues on Highway 49
DL 642 SYKES, ROOSEVELT Raining In My Heart $8.49                                      608 SLEEPY JOHN ESTES Broke And Hungry w. Yank Rachell, Mike Bloomfield
DS 210 HAYES, CLANCY & THE SALTY DOGS Oh By Jingo $8.49                                609 BIG JOE WILLIAMS & J.D. SHORT Stavin’ Chain Blues 1958 recording.
DS 214 NEW ORLEANS RAGTIME ORCHESTRA Grace & Beauty $3.99                              613 SLEEPY JOHN ESTES Brownsville Blues w. Ransom Knowling, Yank Rachell
DS 215 HODES, ART Friar’s Inn Revisited w/ George Brunis $8.49                         619 SLEEPY JOHN ESTES Electric Sleep w/ Jimmy Dawkins, Sunnyland, Carey Bell
                                                                                       622 CAREY BELL Blues Harp with Jimmy Dawkins, Eddie Taylor, Pinetop Perkins
*DS 216 MEMPHIS NIGHTHAWKS          Jazz Lips $8.49
                                                                                       623 JIMMY DAWKINS - Fast Fingers with Eddie Shaw, Leake, M.J. Young.
DS 220 LEWIS, GEORGE / DON EWELL Reunion w/ Jim Robinson $8.49
                                                                                       629 MIGHTY JOE YOUNG Blues With A Touch Of Soul w/ Jimmy Dawkins
*DS 221 CLASSIC JAZZ ENSEMBLE - Classic Blues $8.49
                                                                                       630 ROBERT JR. LOCKWOOD Steady Rollin’ Man with the Aces
DS 416 SASH, LEON I Remember Newport. Great jazz accordianist $8.49                    631 EDDIE “CLEANHEAD” VINSON Old Kidney Stew Is Fine w/ Jay McShann
DS 422 SULLIVAN, IRA Nicky's Tune w/ Nicky Hill, Jodie Christian $8.49                 632 ROOSEVELT SYKES Feel Like Blowing My Horn w/ Robert Jr. Lockwood
DS 430 ABRAMS, MUHAL RICHARD Things To Come $8.49 plain jacket $1.99                   634 JIMMY DAWKINS All For Business w. Big Voice Odom, Otis Rush, Jim Conley
DS 437 WOODS, CHRIS Modus Operandi w.Jim McNealy,Greg Bobolinski 99¢                   636 J. B. HUTTO Slidewinder with The Hawks featuring Lee Jackson
DS 444 SMITH, MIKE Unit 7: Tribute to Cannonball w.Jodie Christian 99¢                 638 OTIS RUSH Cold Day In Hell with Abb Locke, Big Moose, Mighty Joe Young.
DS 445 PETERSEN, ED Upward Spiral Live & Studio w.Fareed Haque $0.99                   640 JUNIOR WELLS Blues Hit Bit Town 1953-4 sessions w/Muddy Waters,Elmore James
DS 608 ESTES, SLEEPY JOHN Broke and Hungry plain white jacket. $1.99                   643 OTIS RUSH So Many Roads: Live in Japan, with Jimmy Johnson. ***1/2
DS 616 SYKES, ROOSEVELT In Europe (CDtitle: Gold Mine) $8.49                           644 JIMMY JOHNSON Johnson’s Whacks w. Ike Anderson, Rico McFarland
DS 649 RACHELL, YANK Chicago Style w/ Floyd Jones, Odie Payne $8.49                    645 MAGIC SAM Live From Ann Arbor and Alex Club
DS 650 PROFESSOR EDDIE LUSK Professor Strut w/ Karen Carroll $1.99                     649 YANK RACHELL Chicago Style with Floyd Jones, Odie Payne.
*PS 4 SAINT PETER STREET STRUTTERS Reissue of 1964 sess. $8.49                         651 MAGIC SAM The Magic Sam Legacy w/ Eddie Shaw, Shakey Jake
*PS 5 ROBINSON, JIM Economy Hall Breakdown w/ Raymond Burke $8.49                      652 DAVE SPECTER & BARKIN’ BILL SMITH Bluebird Blues featuring Ronnie Earl
PL 9 BROWN, J. T. Windy City Boogie w/ Roosevelt Sykes $1.99                           653 WILLIE KENT Ain’t It Nice with “Mad Dog” Lester Davenport & others.
PL 15 V/A Jump 'N Shout New Orleans blues & rhythm $8.49                               654 MAGIC SAM Give Me Time 1968 solo rehearsal tapes previously unissued.
PL 17 V/A Long Man Blues Anthology of stand up blues singers w. $3.99                  657 V/A West Coast Jive Wynonie Harris, Duke Henderson, Cee Pee Johnson
                                                                                       658 JESSE FORTUNE Fortune Tellin’ Man with Dave Specter & The Bluebirds.
IN-PRINT DELMARK LPs                                                                   660 LONNIE BROOKS Let’s Talk It Over 1977 previously unissued session.
                                                                                       662 REGINALD R. ROBINSON The Strongman Plays own ragtime compositions.
DL 422   SULLIVAN, IRA Nicky's Tune w/ Nicky Hill, Jodie Christian $8.49               664 DAVE SPECTER & THE BLUEBIRDS Blueplicity with Tad Robinson
DL 431   BASCOMB, PAUL Bad Bascomb w/ Duke Jordan $8.49                                671 FLOYD McDANIEL & THE BLUES SWINGERS Let Your Hair Down1
DL 451   WASHINGTON, DINAH Mellow Mama $ 8.49                                          672 BARKIN’ BILL Gotcha! with Steve Freund &The Chicago Horns.
DS 406   POWELL, BUD Bouncing with Bud w/ N-H Orsted Pedersen $8.49                    676 BONNIE LEE Sweetheart of the Blues -Steve Freund, Willie Kent, Billy Branch
DS 411   SUN RA Sun Song w/ Julian Priester, John Gilmore, Pat Patrick $8.49           682 LITTLE SAMMY DAVIS I Ain’t Lyin’
DS 622   BELL, CAREY Blues Harp w/ Jimmy Dawkins, Pinetop Perkins $8.49                PC10 MEMPHIS SLIM Memphis Slim U.S.A. United Series
                                                                                       PC11 ROBERT NIGHTHAWK Bricks In My Pillow w/Roosevelt Sykes,
                                                                                                  Ransom Knowling
                                                                                       PC12 BIG WALTER HORTON & BLUES KING HARRIS Harmonica Blues Kings
                                                                                               Out of Print Delmark Cassettes 99¢ While Supplies Last
          Delmark Records                                                              011 JIMMY COE BIG BAND Say What!?
                                                                                       404 JIMMY FORREST All The Gin Is Gone w/Grant Green, Elvin Jones, Harold Mabern
       Where The Music Lives                                                           411 SUN RA Sun Song w. Julian Priester. His first album!
                                                                                       414 SUN RA Sound Of Joy w/ John Gilmore, Pat Patrick, Julian Priester. ¨¨¨¨1/2
      LIVE DVDs • $24.99 each                                                          438 HONKERS & BAR WALKERS Vol.1 w/Jimmy Forrest,P.Bascomb,Doc Sausage
                                                                                       440 BRAD GOODE Shock Of The New w/ Lin Haliday, Ed Peterson, Jodie Christian
             (all titles are also available on CD for $14.99)                          444 MIKE SMITH Unit 7 w/Ron Friedman,Jodie Christian
                                                                                       446 JIM COOPER Tough Town with Ira Sullivan
 1244 Jazz O’Maniacs - Sunset Café Stomp - live at Bixfest & Meyer’s Ace Hardware      447 TAB SMITH Jump Time Original 1951-52 United sessions.
 1566 Kahil El’Zabar ’s Ritual Trio & Billy Bang - Live At The River East Art Center   448 MIKE SMITH On a Cool Night with Ron Friedman
 1568 Fred Anderson Timeless w/ Harrison Bankhead & Hamid Drake                        450 SIR CHARLES THOMPSON Takin' Off w/ Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordon
                                                                                       451 DINAH WASHINTON Mellow Mama w/Charles Mingus, Milt Jackson, Lucky T.
 1569 Deep Blue Organ Trio - Goin’ To Town, Live at the Green Mill. plus interview     452 HONKERS & BAR WALKERS Volume 2 w/ Willis Jackson, King Curtis, more
 1570 Ernest Dawkins’ New Horizons Ensemble -The Messenger                             455 TAB SMITH Ace High -United Series
                                                                                       457 JIM COOPER Nutville with Ira Sullivan & others
 1573 Chicago Undergroundn Trio - Chronicle concert overlaid with abstract designs
                                                                                       460 WILLIS JACKSON Call of the Gator
 1574 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Hot ‘N’ Heavy: Live at the Ascension Loft             614 ARTHUR “BIG BOY” CRUDUP Look On Yonder’s Wall with Ransom Knowling
 1575 Nicole Mitchell Black Unstoppable Black Earth Ensemble at Velvet Lounge.         616 ROOSEVELT SYKES Gold Mine 1966 solo piano/vocal—Orig.LP title: In Europe
                                                                                       642 ROOSEVELT SYKES & The Honeydrippers Raining In My Heart w.Remo Biondi
 1577 Ari Brown Live At The Green Mill w/Kirk Brown, Yosef Ben Israel, Avreeayl Ra.
                                                                                       647 JIMMY JOHNSON North / South
 1782 Tail Dragger My Head Is Bald: Live at Vern’s Friendly Lounge w/ Jimmy Dawkins    650 PROFESSOR’S BLUES REVUE featuring KAREN CARROLL Professor Strut
 1783 Mississippi Heat One Eye Open: Live at Rosa’s featuring Lurrie Bell              655 SUNNYLAND SLIM House Rent Party w. Jimmy Rogers, Willie Mabon
                                                                                       673 TAD ROBINSON One To Infinity with Robert Ward, Alex Schultz, Richie Davis
 1789 Jimmy Burns Live At B.L.U.E.S. w/ Jesse Fortune +commentary track                674 SYL JOHNSON & Hi Rhythm Back In The Game He took you to the river.
 1791 Carey & Lurrie Bell Gettin’ Up at Rosa’s Lounge & Buddy Guy’s Legends            680 KAREN CARROLL Had My Fun Live and studio with Johnny B. Moore.
 1793 Little Arthur Duncan Live At Rosa’s Blues Lounge with commentary track           PC15 V/A Jump & Shout New Orleans Blues & Rhythm
                                                                                       PC16 MORRIS PEJOE / ARTHUR "BIG BOY" SPIRES Wrapped In My Baby
 1794 Dave Specter Live In Chicago w/ Jimmy Johnson, Tad Robinson, Sharon Lewis        PC17 VARIOUS ARTISTS Long Man Blues Stand up singers: Dennis Binder,
                                                                                                                             Harold Burrage

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                      Delmark Records is celebrating it’s 55 years in operation
                     with a show at Buddy Guy’s Legends on Friday, March 7th.

Live performances by D a v e S p e c t e r , B y t h e r S m i t h , J i m m y D a w k i n s ,
        Tail Dragger, Jimmy Johnson, Little Arthur Duncan,
         Shirley Johnson, The Big DooWopper, Zora Young,
  A a r o n M o o r e , L u r r i e B e l l , M i c h a e l C o l e m a n and E d d i e S h a w .

        (and if you can’t make it, look for a future broadcast of the show on satellite television)

                                         Dave Specter will also be celebrating in May:

                On Wednesday, May 21st, Buddy Guy’s Legends will host the release party
                         for Dave’s new Delmark CD & DVD: Live In Chicago

 And on Thursday, May 22nd Dave will appear at the opening of the new collaborative music club
                       S p a c e at 1245 Chicago Avenue in Evanston.

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