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									THINGS TO DO

  1. Biogas Bus – get answers from Eric, get back to Kimberley re bus wrap drafts.

  2. Sign up for CSS class in April, Luminous Works.

  3. Photograph 247, inside & out, put on website for $5300.

  4. – start planning site, look at Joomla templates.

  5. Use iPod Touch to look at Mobile Websites – get ideas for our site, bookmark good ones.

  6. Airporter Brochures – make decision and get printing started. Probably do a shorter run,
     like 30000.

  7. Redesign Sports Shuttle rack card. NFL schedules are available around mid-April.

  8. New CWA Brochure Design for May or June. Also, get quotes for printing 15000.

  9. Ask Bob Freeman about FRN-BLI southbound times. Right now it’s 20 minutes. Is that
     too tight? Do we need 25 minutes? RJ says please be careful with this, as an extra 5
     minutes is a LOT of money over the number of runs we do. Then let RJ know. Did so on
     2-17-11. RJ says NO CHANGES 2-21-11.

  10. Treat Bob Finch to Lunch to discuss: 1. 3rd party dropdown menu system. It will take
      him 2-3 hours to modify our custom Plone setup. Come up with the menu and links. 2.
      Instituting the quickie schedule menu. Find it in my old emails. Ask Bob if we can weed
      out the ANA-BHM trips (have people call for those). 3. Mobile Website - what will that
      take? Find a mobile site that we can use as a guide. Questions For Bob doc in Joel’s
      Docs > Letters > 2011

  11. Mobile website for Airporter – meet with Bob again. Set up appointment, after he’s done
      updating to Plone 3. See
      template-museum-art-gallery-02.php – template. PAGES: ONLINE RESERVATIONS,
      CHARTERS, CONTACT. is available.

  12. AIRPORTER WEBSITE -- Look into Drop Down Menus for Airporter website. Also
      talk to Bob about instituting the quickie schedule view for the home page. He would have
      to exclude the Bham-Anacortes options. RJ says he could do that by “time elapsed.” Also
      discuss mobile website with Bob.

  13. Learn FLASH.
14. NWMA site: Add Travel WA Online Reservation link to Regional Transportation tab –
    I’ve done that for the home page only so far. See Dec 17 email from Bill Brannan. Done.

15. Contact Travelocity – Can we target people flying out of SeaTac who live in Whatcom or
    Skagit or Snoho counties? Could we have a different ad come up for different
    circumstances? e.g. when people from Skagit or Snoho fly out of BLI. Create Landing
    page(s) for Expedia ads. Sent contact form to Travelocity 1-17-11. Travelocity can’t
    target by city, only by airport code. Ask Bob how to track transactions from our landing

16. Advertising on Facebook – look more into it.

17. Group Getaways flyers – Waiting for Larry to get me quantities. GotPrint can do them for
    $80 for 500.

18. Group Getaways Brochure – I genericized it, made it for those out of state. Waiting for
    Larry or AB will get me a trip idea to replace the Historic Cruise trip.

19. Rez Racer – Start thinking about ideas for website and next Brochure printing: Rez Racer
    is the first stage of “And Beyond.” We can take folks to Moclips and Pac. Beach. From
    there, get a bus to Aberdeen / Hoquiam, from there to Olympia (Amtrak, Greyhound,
    beyond!) Connect to the broader transportation network with Rez Racer as the start.

20. Decals for new minis – see 11-4 email from RJ. Number 206 and 207. RJ wants CWA
    (not Bellair) decals on them. Licensing: CWA, Inc. – USDOT 1240321 – WUTC C-1073
    – then underneath also list USDOT 300267 (WIC’s number). Proof approved 12-6-10.

21. Plone 4 – Done 12-2-10. Go through tutorials.

22. Redesign Rez Racer tickets – Punch can’t reach the inner numbers – . shipped them 12-1-10.

23. Billboard designs for Yakima. One PRICE, one STRESS FREE, one WEATHER. First
    one PRICE, for mid-November.

24. Herbfarm video – edit. And post trip on Facebook page.

25. Airporter Blaine reservations – update our site, see Ruth’s email 10-19-10.

26. Email Blast for Convention Folks – use big photo design AB suggested.

27. Contact Expedia, see about us doing any advertising on their site (geographically
    specific). Did so in November 2010, response came, see Nov 29 email.

28. Design new online ads for Bham Herald and Save the WiFi ads for later.
29. Meet with RJ re striping for 293 & 294. He’s thinking about just a Bellair on the side or
    whatever else I come up with.

30. Send 201 decals to Kevin in Walla Walla, along with photos of where they go on the bus,
    and Jack’s (Jack Bostwick) phone number, 360-739-8468.

31. CWU – Should we advertise in Campus Directory? Meeting with AB on 6-30 or 6-31.

32. Impact Directories – new Stanwood/Camano and Marysville books. Probably should get
    some bold text listings in there.

33. Wi-Fi for buses. Looks like ~$11500 total for 10 buses in the first year. Will discuss
    advertising campaign with AB week of June 14. Allen Coleman in Port Angeles (I.T.
    Works) will send some forms to complete and an invoice for deposit to commence work.
    Awarded Allen the job 7-8-10. Hire models for PHOTO SHOOT. Develop ads for print,
    billboard, online. Press Release, Online Video (on the road with Adrienne logging on),
    banner ad for website, phone msg.

34. Look into long-term parking arrangement at Birch Bay Square – sent email to them 4-9-

35. Do a video with AB introducing folks to our new buses (F for Airporter).

36. Get w Richard about getting info from the database. Need to know how to get customers
    based on times ridden, or dates ridden (e.g. all customers in past 10 years). Also, what is
    the NO EMAIL field? Why the Yes & No? Why is it that when I search for all customers
    with NO EMAIL=NO, I get 15,000, but only the first record actually has the NO
    EMAIL=NO button checked?

37. Download Email Newsletter people from database, load into iContact.

38. iContact database – go through Airporter list, see what they put in their “County” box,
    add to Service Area.

39. Start thinking about design of website.

40. Put Cap Sante Marina, Anacortes Marina on Online Res system. Why doesn’t it work?
    ACM works, CSM doesn’t. Sent email to RJ 8-3-09.

41. Seat belt issue. 389 now has seat belts. Waiting to discuss issue with RJ, LW and AB.
    Would be good to at least have a company-wide position on the issue. Richard could
    never make time to meet. Issue put on back burner, April 2009.

42. Give Bob the go-ahead to set up Plone site to load CSS the “old” way, to accommodate
    Windows Mobile phones, etc. He said this would be ½ hour work. Also, have him give us
       a quote for setting up the different skins to accommodate the different browsers. Give
       him our Google Analytics login and pw.

   43. CWA Letterhead – Redesign again, remove Grape Line. Print 2000 sheets, 2000
       envelopes. Letterhead project to Premier 10/29/07. Envelope still needs to be designed.
       PMS 641U.

3rd trade show panel – put off for now – contacted Julie 7/20/05.

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