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2011: The Year of the Media Tablet As a Learning Tool


Organizations of all stripes are taking major steps toward the brave new world of integrating media tablets into the workplace. The expanding tablet market is likely to cannibalize the market share of netbooks media players, and stand-alone e-book readers. In light of all this growth, Workplace and IESE Business School conducted an online survey among leading corporate learning organizations, called M-Learning: From Anticipation to Reality, to understand trends in mobile learning -- learning that happens across locations or that takes advantage of learning opportunities offered by such devices as netbooks or notebooks, smartphones, and media tablets. Learning executives report that the benefits to incorporating mobile devices into their learning strategies include seamlessly integrating learning into work, providing employees with 24/7 access to knowledge and information, increasing employee productivity, and building the company's corporate brand with Millennials who have grown up using mobile devices in their personal lives.

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