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									Five Wishes Advance Directive: Comprehensive & Reassuring

Advance health care directives are used to state your medical preferences in writing and choose decision
makers should you be unable to communicate at some point due to incapacitation. Human beings are
vulnerable in many ways, and serious illnesses or accidents can change our lives in the blink of an eye. Making
preparations for such an eventuality makes a lot of sense when you are planning for your twilight years,
especially when you consider the way that lifespans are increasing.

The Five Wishes document is an excellent combination advance directive that includes many issues that you
may never have considered. The document allows you to communicate the specific preferences that you have
with regard to health care decisions and how you will be treated both medically and personally. Taking the
tough decisions off the table during such stressful and emotional times will help your family deal with your
illness, incapacitation, and ultimate passing.

The Five Wishes document acts as a living will, facilitating the elucidation of the types of medical treatments
you will accept and those that you would prefer to avoid. But it goes further, covering religious desires,
medication preferences, how you would like to be treated, and even what type of music you would like played
in the room where you spend your precious final hours.

Other options which you may want to include in the Five Wishes document include telling your loved ones how
you feel about them, how you feel about passing, and any other information that you would like to convey. If
appropriate, you have the option of offering or requesting forgiveness if this is something that you would like to
address. When you choose the Five Wishes document your loved ones will be grateful for your thoughtfulness
and your own choices will be honored should you be unable to convey them toward the end of your life.

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