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					                                    March 28th through April 22nd
                         Candlelight Christian Academy Lunch Menu
                    Monday                    Tuesday           Wednesday                   Thursday              Friday

Mar 28th     Country Fried Steak        Jambalya           Beefaroni              Chicken and Dumplings   Grillled Cheese
thru         Mashed Potato              Hush Puppies       Garden Salad           Cheddar Bread           Chips and dip
April 1st    Collard greens                                Ice Cream              Sugar cookies           Carrots
             Jello                      Brownies                                                          Cupcake

Apr 4th      Spaghetti and meat sauce   Pork fried rice    Chicken Nuggets        Hamburger               Corn Dog
thru         Garlic bread and salad     Egg Roll           French Fries           Potato Salad            Tater tots
Apr 8th      Strawberry Cake            Sugar Doughnut     Apple Pie                                      Rainbow Jello

Apr 11th     Grilled Cheese             Shepherd's Pie     Chicken and Yellow rice BBQ Rib Sandwich       Hot Dogs
thru         Chicken Noodle Soup        Mixed Vegetables   Peas                    Baked beans and Slaw   Baked Beans
Apr 15th     Brownie                    Vanilla cake       Fruit Bowl              Cherry Crisp           French Fries

Apr 18th     Meatloaf                   Beef hard Tacos    Baked Ham              Chicken Low Mein
Thru         Mashed Potato and Carrot Chips and Salsa      Mac and Cheese         Egg Roll                STUDENT HOLIDAY
April 22nd   Chocolate Pudding        Churrro              Collard Greens         Sweet Doughnuts
                                                           Apple Pie                                      \

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