1969-70 Shelby Mustang

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					1969-70 Shelby Mustang GT350/GT500

Production Figures
Barrier Test & Prototype Pilot Cars      3
1969 Shelby Models                    2,361
1970 Shelby Models                      789
Total 1969-70 Production              3,153

Barrier Test & Prototype Pilot Cars       3
GT350 Fastbacks                         935
GT350 Fastback Hertz Cars               152
GT350 Convertibles                      194
GT500 Fastbacks                       1,534
GT500 Convertibles                      335
Total                                 3,153

Serial Numbers
9-Last digit of model year(0-1970 updated cars)
F-Assembly plant(F-Dearborn)
M-Engine code(M-351, R-428CJ-R)
48-Shelby code
0001-Consecutive production number

Plate riveted to dash panel on driver's side, visible through
windshield. Stamped on Warranty Plate located on face of driver's
door. Plate also reads "Special Performance Vehicle".
Stamped on driver's and passenger's inner fender panel halfway
between the shock tower and firewall. Visible with fenders
removed. Additional Plate stating "Custom-Crafted by Shelby
Automotive, Inc." attached above Warranty Plate.

Engine Codes
M- 351 ci 4V V-8 290hp
R- 428 ci 4V V-8 335hp (CJ)

GT350- C90F-12127-M or N/manual, C90F-12127-M or T/automatic
GT500- C8AF-12127-T

GT350- C9ZF-9510-C/manual, C9ZF-9510-D/automatic
GT500- Holley R-4279/Manual, R-4280/automatic

1969 Shelby Mustang Prices                     Retail
GT350 SportsRoof                              4,434.00
GT350 Convertible                          4,753.00
GT500 SportsRoof                           4,709.00
GT500 Convertible                          5,027.00
Close ratio four-speed transmission
             (GT350 only, standard GT500)       N/C
Automatic transmission                        30.54
Air conditioning                             374.39
Optional axle ratio                            6.13
Traction-Lok Differential                     60.97
Drag Package                                 155.45
Sport Deck Rear Seat(fastback only)           91.51
Tilt-Away Steering wheel                      62.24
Power Ventilation                             37.83
AM Radio                                      57.38
AM/FM Stereo                                 170.76
Stereo Tape(requires AM radio)               125.64
Intermittent windshield wipers                15.85
Tinted glass                                  30.54
Heavy duty batteries(GT350 only)
      Option #1                                7.93
      Option #2                               15.85
F60x15 Goodyear tires-Extra Heavy Duty Suspension
Package                                       60.97

1969-70 Shelby Mustang Exterior Colors       Code
Gulfstream Aqua                               A
Acapulco Blue                                 E
Grabber Orange                                H
Black Jade                                    J
Maroon                                        M
Pastel Gray                                   P
Candy Apple Red                               R
Silver Jade                                   S
Grabber Blue                                  T
Grabber Green                                 U
Grabber Yellow                                V
White                                         W

1969-70 Interior Trim                         Code
Black                                          3A
White                                          3W
Red                                            3D

Convertible Tops
1969-70 Shelby Mustang Facts
This was the last year for the Shelby Mustangs. Based on the new
SportsRoof and convertible Mustang body styles, the Shelby’s
styling was unique and bore little resemblance to the production
Mustang. Two models were available, the GT350 and GT500, each in a
fastback or convertible.

The front end styling was a complete departure from previous
Shelby Mustangs. Fiberglass fenders and hood created a large
rectangular grille opening which houses two seven inch headlights.
Lucas fog lamps were mounted beneath the bumper. The hood had
three forward-facing NASA scoops (the center one providing air to
the engine's intake system) and two rear-facing scoops. The front
fenders also had brake scoops, as did the rear, which provided air
to the brakes. The convertibles used a rear scoop that was mounted
lower to prevent interference with the convertible top mechanism.
The rear of the car used a fiberglass deck lid and extensions to
form a pronounced spoiler. 1965 Thunderbird lights were utilized,
and the Shelby used a unique aluminum exhaust collector exiting in
the center beneath the bumper.

Side stripes ran the length of the car's sides with either GT350
or GT500 lettering at the front fender in front of the brake
scoop. Snake emblems were located behind the rear side windows and
on the left side of the front grille. Cobra Jet emblems, like the
ones on the 1968 GT500KR, were used on the GT500s front fenders.

The interior was the Mustang's Deluxe Interior Decor Group, in
black or white, with Shelby identification on the door panels,
steering wheel and passenger's dash. The console top had two
Stewart Warner gauges, oil pressure and amps, and two toggle
switches for the fog lamps and courtesy lights. The instrument
cluster contained temperature, 8000 rpm tachometer, 140 mph
speedometer and fuel gauges. All fastback Shelby’s have roll bars
with the inertia-reel harnesses while the convertibles used the
same 1968 type roll bar. A small number, less than 80, of Shelby
Mustangs came with red interiors.

The GT350 came with the 290hp four-barrel version of the 351
Windsor engine. The only difference between it and other 351s was
the use of an aluminum intake manifold and Cobra valve covers.

The GT500 used the 428CJ-R V-8 with all the regular        Mustang
variations applying to the Shelby (see 1969 Mustang).

The Competition Suspension, transmission and rear axle options
paralleled those found on the Mach 1.
Wheels were unique to the Shelby. The 15x7 inch rims used an
aluminum center section welded to a chrome steel rim. Standard
tires were E70x15; most cars came with F60xI5 Goodyear Polyglas

Other standard features included power steering, power front disc
brakes, and four-speed manual transmission.

789 cars were unsold in 1969. These were "updated" and sold as
1970 models by changing the VIN to reflect 1970 as the model year.
The windshield was removed so that the ID plates could be changed,
inner-fender plates and door data-plates were changed. An FBI
agent witnessed the changeover. No attempt was made to change the
original VIN stamped on the driver’s and passenger’s front inner
fender panel because they were not visible without removing the

Other changes were the twin black hood stripes and a Boss 302 type
chin spoiler. The spoiler was shipped to the selling dealer in the
car’s trunk; it was then installed when the car arrived at the

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