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Houseboat Tours over the Picturesque Backwater on Kerala Tour

Kerala the internationally known tourism destination in India is primarily famous for
its arrays of backwaters and the houseboat that are seen floating over the pristine
water. Kerala is truly remarkable as the astounding beauty of the nature and its
magnificent sightseeing place truly make this state an ideal place for holidays.

The state of Kerala is famous for all its wonderments, especially its natural
wonderments that make the state truly remarkable and enchanting. From the
magnificent hill stations to the mesmerizing beaches to the fascinating wildlife parks
and sanctuaries, Kerala the state in south of India is the ideal gateway for a fun-
filled as well as leisure holidays. So if you are looking for such a dream vacations,
come and enjoy the houseboat tour and view the heart stirring beauty of the nature
at its best.

The state has host of backwater destinations whose charm and beauty are beyond
words to describe. Beautifully dotted by the swaying coconut trees and inviting
natural beauty in the form of the paddy fields, exotic resorts, forts and the rustic
village still prevailing in the same untouched charm and beauty. As the houseboats
glides over the pristine water or backwater Kerala along the scenic pathways it
seems entering to the world full of surprises and delights. Some of the magnificent
places of tourist’s interest and the picture backwaters of Kerala are Kumarakom,
Alleppey, Cochin, Kollam, Kuttanad and Kasargod. All these backwater destinations
are amazingly beautiful and offer tourists wonderful opportunity to enjoy unique
vacations taking pleasure in the luxury of the houseboat which give experience no
less then a paradise.

Well among the many backwater destinations, Kerala backwater tours are much in
Kumarakom, lovingly called “Tourist Paradise”. kumarakom houseboats are lined
along the bank and they are ready to take you for a cruise which offer not only
amazing experince but truly out of the world experience. The houseboat slowly
moving over the pristine water passes through the scenic waterways giving you
wonderful opportunity to see the heart stirring natural beauty to their perfection.

So if you want to enjoy cruise over any of the backwater destinations book one from
the many houseboats kerala and enjoy memorable and delightful tour and
treasure remarkable experience to cherish for a long time. Truly you will be left spell
bound by the enigmatic charm and the hidden pleasure of the houseboat that offer
lifetime experience to cherish and treasure.

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