Popular people of the 1930's by qingyunliuliu


									Popular people of the

By Adam Brown Kyle Ballew and
Logan Phipps

   There were many well known people
    in the 1930’s such as Franklin D.
    Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Joe Louis
    and many more. Some were not nice
    people such as Adolf Hitler but they
    were still important people during this
    time period.
     Salvador Dali and Pablo
   Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso were
    well known artists in Spain. Dali became
    the first one man show and his paintings
    mostly reflected his love to Spain.

    Pablo Picasso became a prodigy at age
    ten and at first his paintings did not sell
    very well but a few years later he became
    very popular in Spain and throughout the
Thomas Edison, Amelia Earhart, and
Mickey Rooney

   There were many achievements in the
    1930’s like Amelia Earhart. She was
    the first women pilot ever. There were
    also many inventors in the 1930’s such
    as Thomas Edison. He invented the
    first light bulb and the phonograph.
    actors and actresses in the 1930’s
    were brilliant one of the most famous
    one was Mickey Rooney who became
    famous at only seventeen months old.
Leaders during the 30’s
   There were many good leaders in the
    1930’s. like Franklin Roosevelt, and Winston
    Churchill. Franklin Roosevelt was elected in
    1932 and was president during WWII he
    declared war against Germany after pearl
    harbor in 1941and led America to the end of
    the great depression. Winston Churchill was
    a lord in Britain and a great strategist.
    Before France was taken over he suggested
    that Britain and France make a treaty with
Athletes of the 30’s
   There were many athletes in the 1930’s
    such as Jesse Owens Joe Louis and Joe
    DiMaggio. Jesse Owens was known to be
    able to run a 100 yard dash in 9.4 seconds
    and he set three world records in the
    Olympics in running events. Joe DiMaggio
    was named one of the best living baseball
    players of his time according to a 1969 pole.
    Joe Louis was one of the greatest boxers of
    all time in his whole carrier he went 68 and
    3 and even knocked off Germans best boxer
    in just three minutes.
Doctors and Dictators of
the 1930’s
   Adolf Hitler was one of the most well
    known dictators of the 30’s he
    conquered many Large countries in
    Europe including Poland, and France.
    One of the greatest doctors in the
    thirty's was Thomas H Morgan he one
    the Noble prize 1933 for his role in the
    chromosome of heredity.
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