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									                                     B                                       C

                       ROADRUNNER                                                                      SPEEDMASTER
                        UNIVERSAL                                                                          RIB
                                                             (WIDE WHITE WALL)


A. ROADRUNNER UNIVERSAL                                                      C. SPEEDMASTER RIB
Britain’s most popular motorcycle tire for many years. This tire is a        Long lasting, positive steering tire for front wheel fitment only. H-D®
favorite among H-D® and British motorcycle enthusiasts.                      and custom motorcycle enthusiasts love the Speedmasters.
➤ H-Rated for speeds up to 130 mph.                                          ➤ S-Rated for speeds up to 113 mph.
➤ Superb wet weather tire.                                                   ➤ The continuous sipe and interrupted tread ribs give added braking
➤ “Cling” rubber tread for high adhesion.                                       and handling.
➤ High performance tread pattern.                                            ➤ Unique contour for long life and even wear.
➤ Designed for front or rear fitment.                                        ➤ Manufactured from a “Cling” rubber.
➤ Stability, performance and high mileage.                                   ➤ Excellent lateral stability, steering and high mileage.

The Gangster has all the features of Avon’s popular Roadrunner
Universal, with the added look of a wide, white sidewall. A perfect tire
for classics and restorations, the Gangster features state of the art dual
rubber compound, blending performance and vintage style. Available
in MT90H16 only, see Roadrunner Universal for specifications.                         OVERALL          OVERALL          RIM           MAX LOAD
    PART                                                                              DIAMETER         WIDTH            TYPE          AT 42 PSI
    NO.       SIZE                                             TIRE TYPE 1            (INCHES)         (INCHES)         (MT)          (LBS.)
    4-211     MT9OH16 T/L White wall (Gangster) 2 .            Tube/Tubeless          25.6             5.4              3.00          760
    4-210     500S16 Safety Mileage.                           Tube                   26.4             5.2              3.00          716
    4-209     MT90H16 Roadrunner Universal. T/T                Tube                   25.6             5.4              3.00          760
    4-206     325S19 Speedmaster Rib.                          Tube                   25.9             3.4              2.15          467
    4-238     350S19 Speedmaster Rib.                          Tube                   26.4             3.5              2.15          507
    4-207     300S21 Speedmaster Rib.                          Tube                   27.2             3.1              1.85          507
    NOTE 1: Tube type tires require inner tubes which must be purchased separately!
    NOTE 2: 2” Wide white wall (Gangster), antique style tire.                                                                   SOLD EACH

➤   A-VBD Advanced Variable Belt Density
➤   ES-System (Enhanced Stability)
➤   Si02-HD (High Dispersibility Silica)
➤   ATAC (Advanced Tread Arc Combination)
➤   Deep Tread Depth & New Pattern
➤   EAF (Enhanced Aqua Flow)             PART
➤   Road Hazard Warranty                 NO.           SIZE
                                            4-600      AV55-120/70R18 - Front
                                                              SOLD EACH
                                                VENOM AM41 FRONT/ AM42 REAR
                                                ➤ Unique sequential pattern produces exceptionally quiet ride.
                                                ➤ Advanced casing technology for low rolling resistance, cooler
                                                  running and high mileage.
                                                ➤ Special sidewall treatment features snake head logo and both
                                                  narrow and wide whitewall
                                                ➤ Multiarc tread contour for light, neutral turn in and cornering
   VENOM                                        ➤ Tube/Tubeless.

                                                 OVERALL         OVERALL
PART                                    SIDE     DIAMETER        WIDTH            RIM TYPE
NO.        SIZE         STYLE           WALL     (INCHES)        (INCHES)         (MT)
4-517      MT90HB16     Venom   Front   Black    25.2            5.3              3.00
4-518      MT90HB16     Venom   Front   NWW      25.2            5.3              3.00
4-519      MT90HB16     Venom   Front   WWW      25.2            5.3              3.00
4-520      100/90H19    Venom   Front   Black    26.1            4.3              2.50
4-522      100/90H19    Venom   Front   WWW      26.1            4.3              2.50
4-523      MH90H21      Venom   Front   Black    27.8            3.8              2.15
4-525      MH90H21      Venom   Front   WWW      27.8            3.8              2.15
4-563      90/90H21     Venom   Front   Black
4-564      120/70H21    Venom   Front   Black    27.8            4.6              3.5
4-582      140/70H18    Venom   Front   Black
4-583      110/90H19    Venom   Front   WWW
4-526      MT90HB16     Venom   Rear    Black    25.2            5.2              3.00
4-527      MT90HB16     Venom   Rear    NWW      25.2            5.2              3.00
4-528      MT90HB16     Venom   Rear    WWW      25.2            5.2              3.00
4-529      140/90HB16   Venom   Rear    Black    25.5            5.8              3.50
4-531      140/90HB16   Venom   Rear    WWW      25.5            5.8              3.50
4-565      150/80HB16   Venom   Rear    Black    25.2            5.9
4-566      150/80VB16   Venom   Rear    Black    25.2            6.1
4-533      160/80HB16   Venom   Rear    Black    26.2            6.6              4.00
4-584      150/80VB16   Venom   Rear    WWW
4-585      150/70HB18   Venom   Rear    Black
4-602      150/80HB16   Venom   Front   Black
4-603      120/90HB18   Venom   Front   Black
4-604      110/90HB19   Venom   Front   Black
4-606      150/90HB15   Venom   Rear    Black
4-607      170/80HB15   Venom   Rear    Black
4-608      170/80HB15   Venom   Rear    WWW
                              VENOM R

                                                                        VENOM R AM41 FRONT/AM42 REAR
                                                                        ➤    Radial tire for V-Rod® and custom cycles.
                                                                        ➤    Front tire designed precise handling.
                                                                        ➤    Rear tire designed for excellent all weather performance.
                                                                        ➤    Tube/Tubeless.

                                                                        OVERALL        OVERALL                        MAX LOAD
       PART                                               SIDE          DIAMETER       WIDTH           RIM TYPE        AT 42 PSI
       NO.       SIZE              STYLE                  WALL          (INCHES)       (INCHES)        (MT)               (LBS.)
       4-576     200/55VR18        Venom-R Rear           Black         26.9           8.3             6.00
       4-546     250/40HR18        Venom-R Rear           Black         25.9           9.9             9.00                  1016
       4-577     300/35R18         Venom-R Rear           Black
       4-589     330/30VR17        Venom-R Rear           Black
       4-609     150/80VR17        Venom-R Front          Black
       4-610     150/70VR18        Venom-R Front          Black

                                                     LOW PROFILE TIRES AM23 REAR AND AM22 FRONT
                                                    ➤ Track Formula.
                                                    ➤ Excellent grip delivered by scientifically stressed casing plus advanced
                                                      tread compound.
                                                    ➤ Race-bred contour ensures a large footprint at all angles.
                                                    ➤ Kevlar® bias belted construction.
                                                    ➤ Tube/Tubeless.
                                                                 SOLD EACH

                                                                                  OVERALL                 OVERALL
                                                                                  DIAMETER                WIDTH               RIM TYPE
      PART NO.        SIZE                   STYLE                      SIDE WALL (INCHES)                (INCHES)            (MT)
      4-487           200/60VB16             AM23 Rear                  Black          25.8               7.9                 5.25

➤   Large contact patch for excellent grip at all lean angles.
➤   V Speed rated (149mph/240kmh) across the entire range.
➤   Interrupted center groove to resist tracking.                   PART
➤   Wide range of sizes & matching tread design front & rear.       NO.       SIZE
➤   Special rubber compound formulated for incredible grip.         4-614     AM26-90/90-19 - Front
➤   Bias-ply construction.                                          4-618     AM26-100/90-19 - Front/Rear
                                                                                       SOLD EACH
The Avon Roadrunner is designed for the quality conscious rider who demands value in a dependable, all-around tire. The 4-ply nylon
AM 20 front and AM 21 rear set the standard of high mileage, delivering unbeatable longevity. Used as a matched set or independently,
smoother handling & better tracking, even on rain grooved interstates, will be noticeable. Back wall only.
H-Rated for speeds up to 130 mph.

➤ High mileage provided by the Roadrunner’s tread profile with an unusually large contact patch, putting more rubber on the road for
  excellent traction and less wear.
➤ Neutral stress casing technology is Avon’s special design to reduce stress points in the casing, resulting in a tire that runs cooler and
  lasts longer, even under a heavy load.
➤ Compatibility — while the AM 20 front was designed for use with the AM 21 rear, it will also improve all-weather performance with
  most premium quality rear tires. The same holds true for the AM 21 rear.
Computer-designed tread of circumferential grooves promote directional stability, while the diagonal grooves provide cutting edges for
both controlled & emergency braking, plus enhanced water clearing. Tubeless.
Deep, high-mileage tread grooves in the central pattern area (where tires wear fastest) ensures high mileage. The tread ejects water like
a pump, thus providing superior wet-weather performance. The directional tread is designed to give maximum performance & reliability.

                                                                        OVERALL          OVERALL                          MAX LOAD
PART                                                       SIDE         DIAMETER         WIDTH           RIM TYPE         AT 42 PSI
NO.        SIZE              STYLE                         WALL         (INCHES)         (INCHES)        (MT)             (LBS.)
4-426      90/90H19          AM   20 Front.                Black        25.4             3.7             2.15             440
4-429      90/90H21          AM   20 Front.                Black        27.3             3.7             2.15             466
4-455      130/90H16         AM   20 Front.                Black        25.6             5.4             3.00             761
4-430      MT90H16           AM   21 Roadrunner T/L.       Black        25.6             5.4             3.00             761
4-499      230/60H15         AM   21 Rear.                 Black

Specifications subject to change without notice.                                                                                  SOLD EACH
  MARQUIS                     MARQUIS                          C-199H                            C-200                      C-223S
 C-822 REAR                 C-833 FRONT                         REAR                          FRONT/REAR                    FRONT

    C-RIB          BARRACUDA              BARRACUDA                 C-289 REAR               C-907 REAR              C-906 FRONT
                   C-926 FRONT            C-915 REAR

At Cheng Shin Rubber Industries Co. Ltd. the highest standards are maintained through stringent quality control backed by the most
modern test equipment with an emphasis on quality products and efficient and reliable service.

PART NO.       SIZE              PATTERN                    TIRE TYPE            RIM TYPE         PSI         (LBS.)
4-252          130/90H16         Marquis C-822 Rear.        Tubeless             MT3.00           40          675
4-253          140/90H16         Marquis C-822 Rear.        Tubeless             MT3.50           40          760
4-132          100/90H19         Marquis C-833 Front.       Tubeless             MT2.50           40          505
4-254          510H16            C-199H Rear.               Tubeless             3.00 x 16        36          640
4-477          3.25/85H19        C-199H Front.              Tube
4-255          5.10S16           C-200 Front/Rear.          Tube                 3.00 x 16        36          640
4-134          325/360S19        C-223S Front.              Tubeless             2.15 x 19        36          470
4-130          3.00-21           C-Rib.                     Tube                 1.85 x 21        32          455
4-450          100/90-19         Barracuda C926 Front.      Tubeless             MT2.50           40          505
4-451          300-21            Barracuda C926 Front.      Tubeless             1.85 x 21        32          455
4-452          130/90-16         Barracuda C915 Rear.       Tubeless             MT3.00           40          675
4-478          4.00-18           C289 Rear.                 Tube/Tubeless
4-471          130/90-16         C907 Rear.                 Tube/Tubeless
4-472          100/90-19         C906 Front.                Tube/Tubeless
                                                        SOLD EACH
Specifically engineered for heavy touring bikes & cruisers. Best all-
weather tire on the market. Exclusive ASC “Activated Silica
Compound” technology sets a new standard for wet grip & mileage.
Latest silica compound & carcass design technology offer
exceptionally high mileage, wet grip, load carrying capacity, & comfort.
Extremely high mileage due to wear resistant compound, deepest
tread depth available, and breaker construction which enables even
pressure in the contact area. Unmatched stability on road seams &
rain grooves. Can be matched with the ContiTour (TK16/17) to fit a
wider range of bikes.
4-300 130/90H16 CM2 Rear (reinforced),                         SOLD EACH
           tube/tubeless, black wall.
4-301 130/90H16 CM2 Rear (reinforced),
           tube/tubeless, white wall.
4-302 130/90H16 CM2 Rear (reinforced),
           tube/tubeless, white stripe.
4-303 140/90H16 CM2 Rear, tube/tubeless, black wall.
4-322 140/90H16 CM2 Rear, tube/tubeless, white wall.
4-304 150/80H16 CM2 Rear, tube/tubeless, black wall.
4-323 150/80H16 CM2 Rear, tube/tubeless, white wall.
4-305 130/90H16 CM1 Front, tube/tubeless, black wall.
4-306 130/90H16 CM1 Front, tube/tubeless, white wall.
4-307 130/90H16 CM1 Front, tube/tubeless, white stripe.
4-308 100/90H19 CM1 Front, tube/tubeless, black wall.
4-309 80/90H21 CM1 Front, tube/tubeless, black wall.

                                                                           CONTINENTAL TIRES
                                                                           CONTI TOUR - CRUISING / TOURING
                                                                           Loved by Harley® riders for many years. Specifically developed for
                                                                           heavy touring bikes & cruisers. Proven, dresser -strong, 6 ply rated
                                                                           double belted construction yields one of the highest load ratings in the
                                                                           industry. Exclusive compound & carcass design technology offer
                                                                           exceptionally high mileage, wet grip, load carrying capacity, & comfort.
                                                                           Bold, raised-black lettering on sidewalls for that special custom look.
                                                                           Unique rubber layer under the front tread cushions harshness for a
                                                                           smoother ride while still delivering the firmness needed for hard
                                                                           cornering & braking. Great stability on road seams & rain grooves. Can
                                                                           be matched with the ContiMilestone (CM1/2) to fit a wider range of bikes.
                                                                           4-310 130/90H16 TK17 Rear (reinforced),                        SOLD EACH
                                                                                      tubeless, black wall.
                                                                           4-311     140/90H16 TK17 Rear (reinforced), tubeless, black
                                                                           4-312 150/80H16 TK17 Rear, tubeless, black wall.
                                                                           4-313 130/90H16 TK16 Front, (reinforced),
                                                                                     tube/tubeless, black wall.
                                                                           4-314 100/90H19 TK16 Front, (reinforced),
                                                                                     tube/tubeless, black wall.
                                                                           4-315 3.00H21 TK16 Front, tube/tubeless, black wall.
                                                               CONTINENTAL TIRES
                                                               A. CONTI BLITZ - SPORT CRUISING
                                                               Developed for lightweight cruisers, standards and traditional machines. More
                                                               mileage & comfort than a sport tire, better cornering than a touring tire. Better
                                                               wear resistance due to orientation of tread pattern in the direction of force.
                                                               Damping layer in front tire prevents handlebar wobble. Directional tread
                                                               sharpens cornering & quickens handling. The value leader.
                                                               4-316 130/90H16 TKH24 Rear, tubeless, black wall.                      SOLD EACH
                                                               4-317 140/90H16 TKH24 Rear, tubeless, black wall.
                                                               4-318 3.25H19 TKH23 Front, tube/tubeless, black wall.
                                                               4-319 100/90H19 TKH23 Front, tube/tubeless, black wall.
                                                               B. CONTI TWIN - CLASSIC
                                                               Legendary tire for classic bikes. An economic all-weather tire combination.
                                                               Superior ride quality. A comfortable tire that’s been a “Rigid Frame” favorite
                                                               for decades.
                                                               4-320 MT90H16T K112 Rear, tubeless, black wall.                     SOLD EACH
                                                               4-321 3.25H19 RB2 Front, tubeless, black wall.

                                              B                                            C

                                                                                                     K673 KRUZ          K673 KRUZ
                                                         K671 CRUISER S/T                              FRONT              REAR

KENDA TIRES                                                          B. K671 CRUISER S/T
                                                                     This low profile sport tire design has a strong 6ply carcass. New,
A. SPORT CHALLENGER                                                  aggressive tread design provides excellent traction & performance.
The Challenger is designed for riders who demand excellent           Matched front/rear tread pattern for superior stability & maximum
handling and wet weather traction. The Challenger is constructed     handling. Deep, offset tread sipes provide for excellent water dispersion
with an improved compound that combines high mileage with            & wet weather traction. Wide contact patch for superior traction &
more responsive cornering and handling. Black wall.                  increased mileage. Black wall. Tubeless.
Tube/tubeless.                                                       4-496 130/90H-16 K671 Rear.                                     SOLD EACH
4-465 130/90H-16 K657 Rear.                            SOLD EACH     4-497 100/90H-19 K671 Front.
4-493 130/90H-16 K657 Front.                                         4-574 140/70H-16. K671 Rear.
4-467 140/90H-16 K657 Rear.
4-466 100/90H-19 K657 Front.                                         C. K673 KRUZ
4-494 90/100H-21 K657 Front.
                                                                     4-570     130/90H-16 K673 Front.                    SOLD EACH
                                                                     4-571     130/90H-16 K673 Rear.
                                                                     4-572     100/90H-19 K673 Front.
                                                                     4-573     80/90H-21 K673 Front.


MAXXIS CLASSIC TIRES                                                   SHINKO H.D.S. CLASSIC AND SUPER
These tires feature a unique matched front & rear tread pattern for    CLASSIC TIRES
superior stability and maximum handling and performance. The
deep offset tread grooves channel the water away from the contact      The high-mileage tire that brings out the best in your bike. Features
patch and the offset center rib provides a stable footprint for high   include: Excellent straight-running stability — the flat profile provides a
speed stability and resist tracking over rain grooves and steel        big 4-groove footprint that keeps you rock steady on the long, straight
grated bridges. Tube/tubeless.                                         haul. Ultra-heavy-duty Kevlar® breaker — Kevlar® is a breakthrough in
4-459 MT90H16 Rear. Wide white wall.                      SOLD EACH
                                                                       motorcycle tires. Together with the supple nylon carcass, Kevlar produces
4-460 MT90H16 Front. Wide white wall.                                  a tire with incredible durability. Refined ride comfort — the Kevlar®
4-475 140/90-16 Rear. Wide white wall.                                 breaker maintains tread shape, while the flexible nylon carcass beneath
4-461 MT90H16 Front. Black.                                            soaks up the bumps to give you a smoother ride than ever before. High
4-462 MT90H16 Rear. Black.                                             mileage — the special rubber compound was formulated for greater
4-473 130/90H16 Rear. Black.                                           stiffness. Supported by the rugged Kevlar® breaker, it keeps your bike
4-474 140/90H16 Rear. Black.                                           safely shod, tour after tour.
4-476 90/90H19 Front. Black.                                           CLASSIC E-240
4-463 100/90H19 Front. Black.                                          These are reproductions of Goodyear’s Speed Grip tires. Load range “C”,
4-464 MH90H21 Front. Black.                                            Kevlar® belted.
                                                                       4-434 MT90-16 H.D.S. Classic. Black.                           SOLD EACH
                                                                       4-435 MT90-16 H.D.S. Classic. 1-1⁄4” White stripe.
                                                                       4-436 MT90-16 H.D.S. Classic. Dual 3⁄8” white stripes.
                                                                       SUPER CLASSIC E-270
                                                                       These are reproductions of Goodyear’s Super Eagle tires. Load range “B”,
                                                                       Nylon construction.
                                                                       4-432     500 x 16 H.D.S. Super Classic. Black.                 SOLD EACH
                                                                       4-433     500 x 16 H.D.S. Super Classic. 1-1⁄4” White stripe.

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