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									                     How Medieval Clothing Affected The Life of Medieval People

Tudor period, predecessor of renaissance era has seen a lot of bloodshed due to war, invasion, increase
in no of pirate’s attacks. Common People were frustrated by the unsupported laws of land and were
furious over the unfriendly law which differentiated upper class people from lower class on the basis of
color and fabric of medieval clothing. All such conditions were responsible for birth of new era or can
say that a new beginning in the living style of common European people. Although the Tudor laws were
harsh on its people yet it was successful in bringing some positivity like they made very rich and
technically enhanced changes in their attire, inspired from the dresses of all over the world.

The fashion of medieval clothing during Tudor period was depended on whether the person belongs to
noble class or from lower class category. Royal people were the trendsetter of that period. Fabrics used
for designing the cloths of royals and nobles were brocade, velvet, silk, damask, taffeta and fur. They
wore the expensive and extravagant cloths to show off their status in society whereas for lower class
people medieval clothing was much above fashion or show off, it was about need and utility. Their
medieval dress was made of wool, shipskin, lenin and cotton fabrics. Wearing of hat was necessary for
all people irrespective of class, no matter how rich anyone was but in this situation also wealthy people
use to wear slightly raised hat made from expensive fabrics and poor people wore hat made of wool.

In renaissance era too Tudor system had deep impact on clothing system. However, the categorizing of
people on the basis of law on clothing still exists but its effect had reduced. Changes had happened in
Renaissance costumes for men and women but that was slow and gradual. For women narrow
shouldered, wide cuffed sleeves was fashion of past, now wide shoulder, slashed upper sleeves along
with puffs was in trend. In case of gowns also which stated from three layers, came to one layer and
then became five layered renaissance clothing.

In men’s wear collar and cuffs took over the ruff in lenin shirt, long sleeves doublets, cape, cloak and
jacket of hip length were considered fashionable. For Tudor men circular look was in trend but in later
era square look came in fashion and renaissance clothing was made in square shape.

Rich embroidery on extravagant cloths, use of precious metals and gems, lace on neckline and sleeves,
for nice and curvy fit lace on back, wooden and shell buttons on front, use of gold or silver thread,
drawstrings and eyelets for easy wearing and comfort are the features of renaissance costumes. They
were considered as investment and in hard days these medieval clothing was a source of income.
People of lower class use slashing technique to show their anger and to add contrast in the attire against
the law based on color and material of fabric.

Inspite of dark side due to inhuman behavior of rulers, medieval era was full of colors which show in
their wardrobe. The greed of showing off their wardrobe to commoner and counterparts inspired the
craftsmen to invent the new technique to make more beautifully designed and decorated renaissance

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