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             welcome to
         Virgin Blue
Virgin Blue is one of Australia’s most innovative companies.
We offer clients a holistic advertising solution to communicate
   with Virgin Blue Guests throughout their entire journey.

 Virgin Blue delivers two key audiences – leisure travellers
 and business passengers. We offer a multimedia platform
 across print, television, online and ambient opportunities,
             both in the air and in The Lounge.

 The communications environment that Virgin Blue offers is
both unique and ever expanding. We can provide integrated
  advertising solutions to reach the discerning Virgin Blue
          Guest, in the most cost-efficient method,
               on every step of their journey.

        Virgin Blue Guests
   Virgin Blue offers a unique opportunity to target a captive
       audience of affluent business and frequent flyers.
        Traditional media find it difficult to achieve return
       on investment against this target market because:

                      they tend to be time poor
                     their channels are cluttered
              they are an expensive audience to reach

          Virgin Blue offers a media environment that
                  delivers an audience that is:

                   seated, with few distractions
           relaxed and open to advertising suggestions

                   Guests at a glance
                   Virgin Blue carries more than
                 15 million customers annually **

               Readership Key Statistics
                    Average age: 41 years
                Core age range: 25–39 years
( 37% of readers, highest percentage in the airline category)
              Socioeconomic: 39 per cent AB*

      *Roy Morgan data, June 2010 **Virgin Blue passenger statistic June 2010


  Household income
      per year
  Average Australian $85,850

Savings and investments
           per year
  Average Australian $192,960

 purchased per month
  Average Australian $161.61

  purchased per month
   Average Australian $70.95

      Roy Morgan data, June 2010

        Voyeur Magazine
      Virgin Blue Voyeur is the complimentary in-flight
         magazine provided to all Guests flying with
       Virgin Blue, Polynesian Blue, Pacific Blue and
V Australia Airlines. The magazine inspires, entertains and
informs our readers through features that cover all aspects
              of culture, business and leisure.

   “Virgin Blue Voyeur magazine is smart and
 sophisticated but still knows how to have fun.”
                        - Kirsten Rowlingson, Editor

                    Frequency | Monthly
           Distribution | All seats on VB network
                   Circulation | 76,882**
                   Readership | 299,000*

*Roy Morgan data, June 2010 **CAB Mar 2010 Excludes V Australia print run

   DPS | $20,950

 Full page | $11,025

 Half page | $6,065

 Third page | $4,373

   (Positional loads apply)

Special creative | POA

    Inserts | POA

               Voyeur Active
                    In-flight Seatback TV

           Virgin Blue broke new ground in Australian in-flight
     entertainment with the introduction of personal TV screens on
all its domestic 737 aircraft. Virgin Blue offers TV commercials, static
 multi-slide advertising or map sponsorships through Voyeur Active.

 • 8,320 personal screens and headphones for minimum distraction
   • High attention rate with the average flight just under two hours
• Multiple-spot buys or long play available for increased cut-through
          • Opportunity to reach more than 1.3 million* captive
                            Guests per month

                        Frequency | Monthly
   Distribution | All seat backs on domestic Boeing 737 fleet

                  * Virgin Blue passenger statistic June 2010
       RATE CARD

   Voyeur Active
  15-sec | $6,570
 30-sec | $10,950
 60-sec | $16,425

  Flight Tracker
10 sec still | $3,500

 Movie Channels*
 15 sec | $5,256
 30 sec | $8,760
* limited space available
                        THE LOUNGE

               The Lounge

  Virgin Blue is committed to providing like-minded clients and
   partners with exclusive ambient and experiential marketing
  opportunities within The Lounge. To maximise engagement,
   unique promotional ideas and initiatives are welcomed and
         can be supported by a number of possibilities.

       Virgin Blue Lounges cater for our growing number
              of business and frequent flyer guests.

Virgin Blue offers the opportunity to promote your brand to these
 discerning Guests at the stage of their journey when they are
                      relaxed and receptive.

 With access to six Lounges – in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane,
                 Adelaide, Perth and Canberra

            Average dwell time | 46 minutes
      89% of Guests are in a positive frame of mind.
   Guests are more receptive to advertising messages.
  The Lounge association | Premium, business and luxury
              RATE CARD

        Promotion area
      Sydney | $35,000 / month
     Melbourne | $28,000 / month
     Brisbane | $20,000 / month
     Adelaide | $10,000 / month
       Perth | $10,000 / month

  Bathroom light boxes
      Sydney | $3,000 / month
     Melbourne | $3,000 / month
     Brisbane | $3,000 / month

       Exit point decals
        Sydney | $5,000 /month

      Brochure display
All domestic Lounges | $12,000 /month

  Food & Wine tastings
      Sydney | $10,000 /month
     Melbourne | $8,000 / month
     Brisbane | $7,000 / month
     Adelaide | $7,000 / month
       Perth | $7,000 / month

       Display cabinets
     Sydney | $15,000 / month
    Melbourne | $10,000 / month
     Brisbane | $8,000 / month
        *Production cost at Client’s expense
   All promotions subject to Virgin Blue approval

                                   Voyeur Magazine
                         Casual           2x               4x               6x               12x
DPS                      | $20,950        | $20,426        | $19,903        | $18,855        | $17,808
Full page                | $11,025        | $10,749        | $10,474        | $9,923         | $9,371
Half page Horizontal     | $6,065         | $5,913         | $5,762         | $5,459         | $5,155
Third page Vertical      | $4,373         | $4,264         | $4,157         | $3,949         | $3,728

Position Loads & Position Requests
IFC | 25%         DPS 1st Half         | 10%                       RHP 1st Half | 10%
OBC | 30%         Opposite contents | 15%                          RHP          | 10%
IBC | 20%         Opposite Ed’s Letter | 20%

                                       Voyeur Active
Screening Per Month 14,400

                         Casual           2x               4x               6x               12x
15 Sec                   | $6,570         | $6,405         | $6,241         | $5,913         | $5,584
30 Sec                   | $10,950        | $10,676        | $10,402        | $9,855         | $9,307
60 Sec                   | $16,425        | $16,014        | $15,603        | $14,782        | $13,961

• We can also offer longer timeslots, the ability to increase frequency and destination-specific campaigns.
• Availability on all Virgin Blue 737s (48 aircraft)
• Number of personal screens 8,320
• Average flight time 1hr 50min

                                            FEATURES 2011

January                  February                     April                       May
Back to work             The Style Issue              Food and Wine issue         Domestic Ski Season guide

June                     August                       September                   October
End of fin year special   International and domestic   Fashion & Grooming Summer   Watches & Jewellery
                         ski report

                                                                                    For further information,
                                                                                    rates and bookings
                                                                                    please contact your local
                                                                                    Virgin Blue advertising
                                                                                    representative on:

                                                                                    (02) 93942984
                                                                                    (03) 86367594
                                                                                    (07) 33687488
October                  November                     December                      (08) 72250299
Outdoor Adventure        Technology Guide             Christmas Gift Guide          Perth
                                                                                    (08) 93821514

                  Voyeur Magazine
Issue    Booking deadline   Material deadline   In-flight

Nov 10   | 27th Sep 10      | 30th Sep 10       | 1st Nov 10
Dec 10   | 26th Oct 10      | 29th Oct 10       | 1st Dec 10
Jan 11   | 23rd Nov 10      | 25th Nov 10       | 1st Jan 11
Feb 11   | 10th Dec 10      | 14th Dec 10       | 1st Feb 11
Mar 11   | 26th Jan 11      | 28th Jan 11       | 1st Mar 11
Apr 11   | 25th Feb 11      | 28th Feb 11       | 1st Apr 11
May 11   | 25th Mar 11      | 28th Mar 11       | 1st May 11
Jun 11   | 22nd Apr 11      | 25th Apr 11       | 1st Jun 11
Jul 11   | 23rd May 11      | 25th May 11       | 1st Jul 11

                   Voyeur Active
Issue    Booking deadline   Material deadline   In-flight

Nov 10   | 14th Sep 10      | 21st Sep 10       | 1st Nov 10
Dec 10   | 14th Oct 10      | 21st Oct 10       | 1st Dec 10
Jan 11   | 12th Nov 10      | 19th Nov 10       | 1st Jan 11
Feb 11   | 13th Dec 10      | 20th Dec 10       | 1st Feb 11
Mar 11   | 14th Jan 11      | 20th Jan 11       | 1st Mar 11
Apr 11   | 14th Feb 11      | 21st Feb 11       | 1st Apr 11
May 11   | 14th Mar 11      | 21st Mar 11       | 1st May 11
Jun 11   | 14th Apr 11      | 20th Apr 11       | 1st Jun 11
Jul 11   | 13th May 11      | 20th May 11       | 1st Jul 11

             The Lounge
Activation   Booking deadline   In The Lounge

Nov 10       | 18th Oct 10      | 1st Nov 10
Dec 10       | 17th Nov 10      | 1st Dec 10
Jan 11       | 17th Dec 10      | 1st Jan 11
Feb 11       | 18th Jan 11      | 1st Feb 11
Mar 11       | 15th Feb 11      | 1st Mar 11
Apr 11       | 18th Mar 11      | 1st Apr 11
May 11       | 15th Apr 11      | 1st May 11
Jun 11       | 18th May 11      | 1st Jun 11
Jul 11       | 17th Jun 11      | 1st Jul 11
                                                     SPEC SHEET

Voyeur Magazine Specs
Specifications                         Trim (mm)                     Bleed (mm)                   Image/Type Area (mm)
Double Page Spread                     270 h x 420 w                 280 h x 430 w                260 h x 400 w
Full Page                              270 h x 210 w                 280 h x 220 w                250 h x 190 w
Half Page Horizontal                   n/a                           n/a                          127.5 h x 200 w
Third Page Vertical                    n/a                           n/a                          260 h x 65 w

General Specifications/Information:
  Register and trim marks must                   It is recommended that                     Pacific+ send all files to print
appear on all artwork.                       where coloured panels join, the            as single page ads therefore
                                             dominant colour be enlarged                require bleed on all sides and
   Files are to be supplied as               (reverse choked) to create a               trim marks.
CMYK and 300dpi. No calibrated               slight overlap of the two colours
colour is accepted.                          that connect. This will help                   Colour proofs: 3DAP Colour
                                             minimise registration problems.            proofs (at actual size) must
  Trim marks and Bleed                                                                  accompany all ads. Colour
must be added to all artwork                     Double Page Spread ads                 laser proofs are a rough guide
according to our specifications.             must be supplied as single page            only and not to be relied on for
                                             files. We will not accept DPS              colour accuracy. Pacific+ will
   A minimum of 10mm on each                 artwork or manlipulate DPS                 not be held responsible for any
edge is required on Full Page                artwork.                                   colour inaccuracy on final printed
bleed advertisements only                                                               artwork if a 3DAP proof is not
                                               The maximum total ink                    supplied with artwork. Colour
   Broken Space advertising do               coverage should be 280%.                   proofs are to be delivered to the
not have bleed areas specified,                                                         following address:
only live/type areas                             Pacific+ will not be
                                             responsible for any elements                  We do not accept
  All reverse lettering is to be             trimming off the page if they              artwork via email under any
no less than 10pt type. No True              do not fall within the live area           circumstances.
Type fonts are accepted                      specified for the publication.

PACIFIC+                                   Pacifc+ requires advertising               company who will assist
                                           material to be supplied via                you with sending files and
Attn: Production Department                electronic transfer Quickcut.              proofs through Quickcut to
Media City - level 4 West,                                                            your specified publication.
8 Central Avenue,                          You must be using Quickprint               Digital Ads170 Harris Street,
Eveleigh NSW 2015                          3.0.5 or higher. For clients that          Pyrmont NSW 2009
                                           are unfamiliar with Quickcut, you          P:9552 4733 F:9552 4766
                                           may wish to contact the following          W:

Production Material Enquiries | Allan Pynsent p: (02) 9394 2691 | Ad Production Coordinator | E:
Production Material Enquiries | Rosie Dimopoulos p: (02) 9394 2959 | Production Manager | E:
                                      SPEC SHEET

Voyeur Active Specs
Pacific+ requires material to be provided in one of
the following formats, in order of preference:

1 A Quicktime or AVI movie to be                   2 A Quicktime or AVI movie to be
uploaded to the ftp address                        delivered on data DVD or CD to Pacific+,, conforming to       conforming to the following specifications:
the following specifications:
                                                   Aspect ratio | 4x3
Aspect ratio | 4x3
                                                   Video system | PAL
Video system | PAL
                                                   Frame rate | 25 fps
Frame rate | 25 fps
                                                   Frame size | 720 x 576 lines
Frame size | 720 x 576 lines

For ftp delivery, Pacific+ will specify the folder to which the material should be uploaded,
as well as login credentials to enable access, prior to delivery.

Flight Tracker Specs
Still images for use on Channel 13 (Flighttracker) must be provided in the following format:
Format:                                Windows bitmap (BMP)
Dimensions:                            640 x 480
Size:                                  302 KB
Bit Size:                              8
Colours:                               256
DPI:                                   72

All Flighttrack artwork must be provided via ftp or on CD/DVD.
We do not accept artwork supplied via e-mail under any circumstances.

                                                                                   Sending Information:
                                                                                Attn: Rosie Dimopoulos
                                                                               Media City - level 4 West,
                                                                                      8 Central Avenue,
                                                                                   Eveleigh NSW 2015

1. WHEN DO THESE TERMS APPLY?                                        your advertising (Materials) to Pacific by the date Pacific
1.1 These terms will apply to you every time you request             specifies. If you do not, Pacific may not be able to publish
publication of advertising or services in any Publications           your advertising and Pacific is not liable to you for this. You
owned by Pacific Magazines Pty Ltd (ABN 16 097 410 896)              will still be liable for the price quoted in the Booking Order
or its subsidiaries, including Pacific+ Pty Ltd (ABN 80 101          Approval.
323 791) and Pacific Magazines New Zealand. Now referred             4.2 The Material must be in the form that Pacific requires for
to as “Pacific”.                                                     the Publication in which the advertising is to be published. If
1.2 “Publications” refers to any media published by Pacific          you do not deliver the Material in the required form, Pacific
or its subsidiaries.                                                 can engage a third party to convert the Material to Pacific’s
1.3 These terms do not apply to services where Pacific               requirements. You must, within 14 days, pay Pacific for the
acts as a third party reseller. If you request advertising or        costs of the conversion, plus a handling fee of 25%.
services where Pacific acts as a third party reseller, by            4.3 You may request for the return of your material from
accepting Pacific’s Booking Order Approval, you accept the           Pacific prior to the publication material deadline. You must
terms and conditions of that third party.                            pay the expenses incurred by Pacific along with your Fee.
                                                                     4.4 Pacific can change the on sale date of Publications at
2. HOW DO I PLACE ADVERTISING                                        anytime without notice.
2.1 You can request advertising or services in any
Publications owned by Pacific at any time directly with              5. PAYING FOR ADVERTISING
Pacific or agents approved by Pacific.                               5.1 The Booking Confirmation will contain the amount you
2.2 Pacific will, if it accepts your request, send you a             have to pay for the advertising (Fee). The Fee does not
Booking Order Approval which will contain the specific terms         include GST. Pacific will provide you with an invoice stating
that will apply to the publication of your advertising to which      the Fee and the GST payable.
you must reply with your acceptance.                                 5.2 You must pay the Fee within the terms set by Pacific.
                                                                     You cannot alter the Fee, even if you feel that the
3. WHAT RIGHTS DOES PACIFIC HAVE?                                    advertising was not placed or published in the manner that
3.1 Pacific can reject advertising at any time for any reason.       you expected.
Pacific can withdraw advertising or withdraw publications            5.3 If you dispute the Fee, this claim must be made within
from the public at any time and for any reason. Pacific is           30 days of the invoice date to Pacific otherwise you must
not liable to you if it does reject your advertising, withdraw       pay the Fee and GST payable as invoiced.
your advertising or withdraw a publication that contains your
advertising.                                                         6. AGENCY REBATE
3.2 Advertising material must be supplied as per agreed              6.1 If you are an advertising agent, Pacific may agree that
deadline at time of booking. All advertising material is             you will get a rebate on the Fee, but the rebate will only
subject to editorial approval to ensure the material complies        apply if you pay the Fee (less the rebate, plus the GST
with “body Image” and sexualisation guidelines. This                 payable) before the invoice due date. If you don’t pay the
deadline allows advertisers time to amend the material if it         Fee (less the rebate) by that date, you cannot claim the
does not comply with industry standards.                             rebate – you must pay the Fee and the GST payable.
3.3 Pacific will try to place your advertising in the position
that you request, but it cannot always do so. Pacific is not         7. HOW CAN I CANCEL ADVERTISING
liable to you if your advertising does not appear in the place       7.1 With the exception of advertising in Pacific’s online
that you request.                                                    publications, if you cancel advertising up to 10 weeks
3.4 Pacific takes all reasonable endeavours to run bonus             before the scheduled date of publication of the magazine
space in the magazine issue as agreed, however it reserves           (Cancellation Deadline), you will not have to pay the Fee.
the right to move bonus space into a future issue if deemed          7.2 You cannot cancel an advertising request to any of
necessary                                                            Pacific’s online publications. You may request to run your
3.5 If your advertising is editorial in style, Pacific can add the   advertising within 12 months of the original scheduled
word “advertising” above or below the advertising.                   advertising request if agreed by Pacific.
                                                                     7.3 If you cancel after the Cancellation Deadline, you
4. SPECIFICATIONS AND DEADLINES                                      have to pay the Fee. This applies even if you booked the
4.1 You must deliver the materials required to produce               advertising after the Cancellation Deadline.
8. WARRANTIES FROM YOU                                              without your consent.
8.1 You warrant to Pacific that your advertising or services:       11.3 If Pacific fails to enforce, or delays in enforcing, any of
a) is true and accurate in all respects;                            these terms, this will not operate as a waiver and will not
b) does not infringe any rights of any person (such as              affect Pacific’s right to later require strict compliance with
copyright and trademark rights);                                    these terms.
c) does not use the name and image of any person without            11.4 The terms of the Booking Confirmation and this
their consent;                                                      agreement record the entire agreement between you and
d) is not obscene, indecent or defamatory; and                      Pacific relating to the matters dealt with in this agreement
e) does not contravene any federal, state or territory statute,     and supersede all previous arrangements, understandings
regulation or other law including the Trade Practices Act           or representations, whether written, oral or both, relating to
1974 (CTH).                                                         these matters.
8.2 You indemnify Pacific for all costs (including legal costs      11.5 The information in this Proposal and all matters
on a solicitor client basis), expenses, claims, demands,            connected with and relating to the Proposal are to be
damages and losses of any kind arising from or attributable         treated as Confidential Information. The Recipient/Client
to the publication of the advertising or otherwise arising from     agrees to maintain the confidence of the Confidential
a breach by you of these terms.                                     Information; prevent the unauthorised use or dissemination
8.3 To the extent permitted by law, all conditions and              of the Confidential Information; and return to Pacific or, if
warranties implied by law or otherwise not expressly set out        necessary, erase all Confidential Information immediately on
in these terms and conditions are excluded.                         being asked by Pacific to do so.

9. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY                                          12. FOR CONTRA ADVERTISING ONLY
9.1 To the extent permitted by law, under these terms or            12.1 If you agree with Pacific that you will supply goods
otherwise in connection with your advertising, and the              or services (Prize) as non monetary consideration for
publication of that advertising by Pacific:                         advertising space, you must provide a valid tax invoice to
a) Pacific excludes liability for all indirect, consequential       the same value of the Fee and the GST payable.
or special losses or damages including loss or profits              12.2 You and Pacific agree that neither will pay money to
howsoever arising; and                                              each other, on the basis that the GST inclusive value of the
b) The total liability of Pacific howsoever arising is limited to   Space is to equal the GST inclusive value of the Prize. The
the supply of the relevant advertising again or the payment         parties must simultaneously give each other tax invoices for
of the cost of having those services supplied again,                each supply of the same value. You will accept recipient-
whichever Pacific determines in its absolute discretion.            created tax invoices issued to you by Pacific if you have
9.2 Pacific will not be liable to you or any other person           not sent a tax invoice to Pacific within 28 days of the draw
for any loss of whatever kind suffered as a result of an            date of the applicable competition, or the on-sale date of the
advertisement not being available for publication or not            relevant magazine, whichever is earlier.
being published where such event arises from any cause              12.3 If the product or service you supply is not GST
beyond Pacific’s reasonable control.                                applicable, you may be liable to pay the GST to Pacific.
                                                                    12.4 Without limiting warranties and other terms implied into
10. LIABILITY OF AGENTS                                             any contra agreements by law, you warrant to Pacific that
10.1 If you carry on business as an advertising, agent you          all Prizes will be fit for their purpose, of merchantable quality
acknowledge that you contract with Pacific in your own right.       and supplied in full compliance with all representations
You are principally liable under any contract entered into          made in applicable advertising materials.
with Pacific.
                                                                    13. FOR ONLINE ADVERTISING ONLY
11. GENERAL                                                         13.1 Pacific makes no guarantees with your advertising,
11.1 These terms are governed by the laws in force in New           the usage statistics, user clicks or level of impressions for
South Wales, Australia.                                             Pacific’s online publications.
11.2 You may not assign or otherwise transfer any of your           13.2 You accept that the statistics provided by Pacific are
rights or obligations under these terms to any other person         the official, definitive measurements of Pacific’s online
without Pacific’s consent. Pacific may assign or otherwise          publications.
transfer any of its rights or obligations under these terms
                                                                         MEDIA CONTACTS


NSW                                   VIC                                    SA
Robert Ball                           Philip Normansell                      Calum Skinner
National Advertising Manager Voyeur   VIC Advertising Manager                State Manager
ph: 02 9394 2984                      03 8636 7594                           (O’Keeffe Media)   08 7225 0299
Marni Groves                          Kim Sandwell
NSW Advertising Manager /             Senior Account Manager                 WA
Intergrated Media Manager             03 8636 7593                           Licia Salomone
02 9394 2985                        State Manager                                              (O’Keeffe Media)
                                                                             08 9381 7590
                                      Rose Wegner
Henna Taouk                                                        
                                      QLD Sales Manager
Senior Account Manager
                                      07 3368 7488
02 9394 2983                                                                 Kym Burke
                                                                           State Manager
                                                                             (O’Keeffe Media)
Emily Rundle                                                                 08 9382 1514
Account Manager                                                    
02 9394 2986

                                            Helen Morassut
                                        Sales Director / Publisher
                                             02 9394 2875

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