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					                          International Association for Jazz Education │ Penn State School of Music

      Penn State Collegiate Jazz Festival

              March 23-25, 2006   the music we live.

 Participating Guest Artists:
 Howard Johnson Tuba
 Bruce Johnstone Baritone Saxophone
 Steve Houghton Drums/Percussion

 Our jazz festival is quickly approaching and we are eager to show the collegiate
 community what Penn State is about! In past years, the festival was focused on
 high school participation, but we are trying something new and would like you all
 to be a part of it. IAJE is committed to furthering jazz education and we ask you
 to join us as we inform, educate, and inspire a whole new generation to
 continue the traditions of jazz music. We encourage you to join IAJE, but
 welcome your participation in any form. Help us make the most of this
 experience for our School of Music community!

 Stop an officer in the hall or send an email to to let us know that
 you are interested.

 Thank you for support,
 IAJE Executive Board
 Christopher Ritter
 2006 Festival Director

 For more information on the festival or participating
 guest artists, please visit our website at: