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					                                               Barry Davis (COREY HAIM) is a college freshman with a passion for a certain silver
                                               Porsche turbo cabriolet and an incredibly exquisite creature named Robyn

                                               (BRITTNEY LEWIS). In one day, his dream suddenly turned into stark reality
                                                It all began the morning he tuned Margo Chamberlain’s (SUSAN SEAFORTH
                                                HAYES) grand piano. . .the one in the east wing music room at the Chamberlain’s
                                                hilltop estate. That’s when the dazzling socialite received the news that her

                                                husband, Jack (JEREMY SLATE), was maintaining a torrid love affair. And just two
                                                weeks ago Margo had given him the ultimate adult toy: a machine that dreams are
                                                made of…the loaded silver Porsche, complete with a phone answering machine. A
                                                mere birthday gift. A token of her affection.
But, no more! This trinket has been cancelled! Now, Margo decides, it would be much more appreciated by Barry. After all, he did such
a nice job tuning the piano. Awe-struck, Barry reaches for the keys, scorns his battered VW and fervently takes possession of the
magnificent machine. He has yet to discover, though, that stuffed in the trunk is the crumpled corpse of Mr. Chamberlain!
Returning to campus, Barry immediately heads for the dorm and includes his roommate and best buddy, Meese (EVAN RICHARDS), in
on his new-found fortune. Meese tells him that they both are now the subjects of their fraternity’s hazing rituals. Undaunted, Barry seeks
out Robyn in an attempt to win her over with his impressive new set of wheels. He is totally unaware that he has now become a killer’s
target, too.
Lance Harper (RANDALL ENGLAND), the Chamberlain’s son-in-law, is the fumbling, accidental murderer who has carelessly done the
body-stashing in the Porsche and must now retrieve the corpse before Barry finds it with the incriminating evidence intact.
The stage is now set for tingling suspense, mistaken identities, narrow escapes and wild chases amid total chaos. Barry is after Robyn,
Harper wants the Porsche’s contents at any cost, both Barry and Meese are continually ducking their fraternity brothers, Margo
Chamberlain has become a missing person, and everyone wonders why the silver turbo-charged dream machine is beginning to smell.

Color ● 86 minutes

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