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					                     Chapter 1--Money Really Matters

(Print this sheet then click on (http://www.bygpub.com/books/tg2rw/tg2rwbooktoc.htm), then,
click on Chapter 1 to answer the questions and fill in the blanks below.)

1. To understand adults, you have to understand money. Once
you___________________________, adults make a lot more sense.

2. For any normal adult living in America today money ranks right
up there next to _________________________.

3. List at least 5 things you don’t have without money.

4. They also do not understand the amount of money that is required
to live a normal life. This occurs for a very simple reason—parents
provide teenagers with _______________________. Teenagers, therefore,
live in a _________________.

5. When was this book written?

6. What can you use to help find an apartment?

7. According to the side box, “running away from home”, how much
money do you need to start life?

8. Since you have no credit history, they also want a $200

9. You look in the classified ads and manage to find used stuff
that is ___________________________ but serviceable and it all costs
about $1,000.

10. All of this is "stuff," but it is kind of hard to make it past
the first day without _____________________________________.

11. What was the average price of a new car in 1997, according to
this book?
12. List the costs of transferring title from one person to another.
(Use the back if you need more room)

13. What were the total start-up costs in the example given?

14. In the example, how much will the total monthly costs be?

15. List at least 5 things that are not included in the budget.

16. What will you need to get that $1300 per month?

17. If you want to live in this _______________ apartment, you have
to make money.

18. This, by the way, is the definition of

19. If your car blows its engine, or you get a
________________________ and your insurance goes up, or you get sick one
week, or…you are out on the street.

20. Once you are out __________________________, it will cost you
another $4,000 or $5,000 to get back on your feet again. So you are
permanently stuck.

21. If you had read this, briefly list the 5 things you should have

22. Right now you might be thinking, "There are lots of jobs out
there that pay a lot more than minimum wage. I’ll get one of those jobs.
It’s easy." Keep this in mind: Median income for the U.S. in 1997 is
$_________________-. That means ________________________in this country
pay less than that.

23. If you don’t pay the rent you are

24. List the 4 key facts of life according to this book.
25. You might not care about jobs and money now, but that is only
because you _____________________________________________.

26. The difference is that if they mess up it’s not one person who
ends up on the street; it’s the ______________________________________.

27. Car insurance is about $_________ per month. Car maintenance, gas, etc. on the two cars is
about $200 per month.

28. If they are smart, they are saving between $_________________________ per year for

29. You can learn a tremendous amount from this worksheet. For example, even though your
father has an exceptionally good job at $60,000 per year, __________________________
($35,000) actually makes it home.

30. Anytime you have someone taking $_________________ a year out of your pocket you are
going to complain.

31. If a major expense pops up ___________________ (for example, braces or eyeglasses for
one of the kids), then your parents have to ______________the money for it, and they are going
to have to cut back somewhere else to pay back the loan.

32. Why does the father complain about going to work, but still goes everyday?

33. Remember that at one point in their lives your parents were

34. The sooner you realize how important __________________________ are to your future
well-being, the sooner you can begin planning and preparing for your own financial

35. If you have two people in a business and their salaries are different, then one is more
______________ to the business than the other for whatever reason. (This comes from the box
on the left)

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