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									International Tropical
Timber Organization

Tropical Timber Market Report
1 – 15th December 2002

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International Log Prices              p2
Domestic Log Prices                   p3
International Sawnwood Prices         p4
Domestic Sawnwood Prices              p5
International Ply and Veneer Prices   p6
Domestic Ply and Veneer Prices        p8
Other Panel Product Prices            p8
Prices of Added Value Products        P9
Rubberwood and Furniture Prices       p9
Report From Japan                     p10
Report From China                     p11
News from Germany                     p14
Report from Holland                   p18
US Hardwood Markets                   p20
Abbreviations and Currencies          p24
          Price Trends
          Economic Data Sources


Financial problems at the State, SNBG        China and UPM-kymmene of Finland
                              Page 2         to research China's wood markets.
                                                                         Page 13
New head of Brazil's Ministry of
Environment.                 Page 3          European window demand could
                                             improve in 2003.         Page 15
Rubberwood ban in Thailand. Page 5
                                             Demand for tropical species in
Brazilian panel producers have own           Germany slows.               Page 16
quality verification system. Page 6
                                             Market slide in Holland worst for four
Imported log prices in Japan no longer       decades.                     Page 18
climbing.                     Page 10
                                             US exports of Alder to Asia up,
Ocean freight increases as oil prices        Europeans buying less US lumber.
climb.                         Page 10                                    Page 22
Solid wood imports by China jump
                            Page 11

International Log Prices                       FOB                      LM      B BC/C
Sarawak Log Prices                             Afromosia/Assamela       381     350   -
                                               Acajou/N'Gollon          175     152   -
                                               Ayous/Obeche             175     160 106
(FOB)                     per Cu.m             Azobe                    145     122 114
Meranti SQ up             US$155-165          Bibolo/Dibtou            145     106   -
        small             US$125-135           Fromager/Ceiba           114     114   -
        super small       US$95-105            Iroko                    274     228   -
Keruing SQ up             US$145-155           Limba/Frake              122     107 99
        small             US$115-120           Moabi                    213     190   -
        super small       US$85-90             Padouk                   206     168   -
Kapur SQ up               US$145-150           Sapelli                  221     206 175
Selangan Batu SQ up       US$155-160           Sipo/Utile               274     244   -
                                               Tali                     129     129 91

West African Log Prices
Trade continues to slow ahead of the
Christmas and New Year Holidays in
Europe and cold weather in Europe is also      Veneer Quality FOB per Hoppus Ton
now affecting building operations. There                      October    November
are no changes to report in log price levels   4th Quality
since the beginning of the month and none      Average        US$3855      US$3874 
expected through the first few weeks of        Teak Logs
2003.                                          Sawing Quality per Hoppus Ton
                                               Grade 1
Financial problems at the State, SNBG, in      Average        US$2841      US$2957 
Gabon continue to cause difficulties in        Grade 2
production and shipment of Okoume. The         Average        US$2305      US$2435 
trade is reporting that apparently SNBG        Grade 3
cheques, in payment to producers, are not      Average        US$1102      US$1182 
being honoured by banks and because of         Grade 4
this three of the largest producers have       Average        US$1374        US$1411
now stopped supplying logs to SNBG. As         Assorted       US$921         US$936 
a consequence, stocks of Okoume logs are       Other Hardwoods
very low and it appears likely a shortage      Padauk
of Okoume and Ozigo logs could soon            4th Quality      No Sale      No Sale
develop in the major consuming markets         Assorted Quality No Sale      No Sale
of France, Israel and the People's Republic
of China. The trade is yet to learn how the
Gabonese authorities plan to alleviate the     Hoppus ton equivalent to 1.8 Cu.m. Teak 3-4th
financial constraints in this important        Grade for sliced veneer. Teak grade 1-4 for
export business.                               sawmilling. SG Grade 3 3ft - 4ft 11" girth,
                                               other grades 5ft girth minimum.
Reports indicate that the current prices for
Okoume at SNBG offer prices are: For
China, USD200 cubic metre FAS (free
alongside ship) in 50% CI, 40% CE, 10%
CS quality. For other markets: CI is at
euro 158 per cubic metre FAS
CE at euro132, CS at euro103 and QS at
euro176. Prices for LM parcels are
reportedly not available

Domestic Log Prices                            Peninsula Malaysia

The IWPA bulletin has reported that            Domestic (SQ ex-log yard) per Cu.m
Senator Marina Silva has been chosen to        DR Meranti            US$170-175 
head Brazil's Ministry of Environment in       Balau                 US$175-180
the Workers' Party government of               Merbau                US$235-240 
President-elect Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.     Peeler Core logs      US$78-80
President-elect Lula announced his choice      Rubberwood            US$48-49 
of Senator Silva while in the United States    Keruing               US$150-155
meeting with the Bush Administration.

Senator Silva was born in the Brazilian        Ghana
Amazon and spent her childhood making
rubber, hunting and fishing. After
completing her education, she found the
                                               per Cu.m
independent trade union movement in the
                                               Wawa                     US$24-37
state of Acre with Chico Mendes. In the
                                               Odum                     US$73-152
1980s, she and Mendes created
                                               Ceiba                    US$20-24
demonstrations against deforestation and
                                               Chenchen                 US$21-40
the expulsion of forest communities from
their traditional holdings. After Mr.
                                               (Veneer Qual.)           US$61-134
Mendes was murdered in 1988, Ms. Silva
                                               Sapele                   US$37-122
continued to work for environmental
                                               Makore (Veneer Qual.)    US$40-133
protection as well as for social justice and
sustainable development in the Amazon
                                               A leading timber exporting company, Naja
                                               David Group comprising A G Timbers,
                                               Ayum Ltd. and Naja David Veneer &
Logs at mill yard        per Cu.m
                                               Plywood, has embarked on a massive
Mahogany Ist Grade       -
                                               US$250,000 reforestation programme in
Ipe                      US$51
                                               the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions, the
Jatoba                   US$29
                                               two main leading timber growing regions
Guaruba                  US$18
                                               in the country.
Mescla(white virola)     US$18
                                               The vision of the company is to ensure
                                               continuous supply of raw material to
Indonesia                                      sustain its operations far into the future.
                                               The company has already planted about
                                               350,000 trees of various species over a
Domestic log prices      per Cu.m              350 hectare stretch of degraded forest in
Plywood logs                                   the Boufum Forest Reserve. The species
Face Logs                US$70-80             inclue Teak, Cedrella, Edinam, Kyenkyen,
Core logs                US$45-50             Mahogany, Emire, Kusia, Otie and
Sawlogs (Merantis')      US$75-85              Krokodua.
Falkata logs             US$80-90 
Rubberwood               US$48-50              Mr A K A Wiafe, the Forest Manager,
Pine                     US$70-80              explained that the exercise started as far
Mahoni                   US$495-500            back as 1983 after the series of fires in the
                                               country but was not made public since the
                                               project had not taken shape.

International Sawnwood                         it was before the October elections. The
                                               new government will be in place in
West African Sawnwood                          January and their main target is to
                                               reactivate the economy by reducing
                                               interest rates and through other macro
FOB                         per Cu.m           economic measures. One early move will
Okoume                           Euro          be to reactive the construction industry by
FAS GMS                          266           expanding credits for this sector.
Standard and Better              251
FAS Fixed Sizes                  297           The real is now stronger and some
Sipo                                           analysts are now talking about an
FAS Standard Sizes               640           exchange rate of R$3.0/ US dollar early
FAS Fixed Sizes                  670           next year (in October the average
Sapelli                                        exchange rate was 3.8). An appreciation of
FAS                              487           the real by 10-20% would be important to
Dibtou                                         reduce the risk of inflation. Relative prices
FAS Standard Sizes               381           are too low in Brazil at moment. In any
FAS Fixed Sizes                  412           case the inflation for 2002 will probably
Iroko                                          be over 10%, the highest since 1995.
FAS GMS                          548
Scantlings                       487           Malaysia
Strips                           274
FAS GMS                          398           Sawn Timber
                                               Export(FOB)            per Cu.m
Brazil                                         White Meranti A & Up US$285-295
                                               Scantlings (75x125 KD) US$505-515 
Production of solid wood products is           Sepetir Boards         US$180-185
increasing. The newest project, announced      Sesendok 25,50mm       US$300-305
recently, is the International Paper           K.Semangkok
sawmill. The new mill will be established      (25mm&37mmKD)          US$885-895
in Parana State (south Brazil) and the total
capacity will be 200,000 cubic metres of
pine sawnwood and most of the                  Ghana
production will be for exports.
                                               Export lumber, Air Dry FOB
FOB Belem/Paranagua Ports
                                               FAS 25-100mmx150mm and up 2.4m and
Export Sawnwood        per Cu.m
Mahogany KD FAS FOB
UK market              no trade                FOB              Euro per Cu.m
Jatoba Green (dressed) US$560                  Afromosia               855
Cambara KD             US$440                  Asanfina                472
Asian Market(green)                            Ceiba                   180
        Guaruba        US$240                  Dahoma                  272
        Angelim pedra US$295                   Edinam                  350
        Mandioqueira US$185                    Khaya                   520
Pine (AD)              US$125                  Makore                  449
                                               Odum                    540
                                               Sapele                  460
To some extent expectations of a recovery      Wawa                    260
of the national economy is now better than

Peru                                   Malaysia

For US Market           per Cu.m       Sawnwood            per Cu.m
Mahogany 1C&B, KD 16%                  Balau(25&50mm,100mm+)
Central American market                              US$225-235
                  US$1200-1220         Kempas50mm by
Mahogany 1C&B, KD 16%                   (75,100&125mm)     US$130-140
US market         US$1140-1150         Red Meranti
Walnut 1" Thickness, 6' - 11' length   (22,25&30mm by180+mm)
                  US$630-655                         US$230-235
Spanish cedar # 1 C&B, KD 16%          Rubberwood
                  US$660-680           25mm & 50mm BoardsUS$185-195 
Virola 1" to 1 1/2 Thickness,                  50-75mm Sq. US$195-200 
6' - 8' length, KD                             75mm+Sq.    US$215-225
Lagarto 2" Thickness,
6' - 8' length    US$300-320           Ghana
Ishpingo 2"Thickness 6' - 8' length
                                       Sawnwood        per Cu.m
Domestic Sawnwood Prices               Odum            US$144
                                       Wawa            US$39
Report from Brazil                     Dahoma          US$71
                                       Redwood         US$97
                                       Ofram           US$58
Sawnwood (Green ex-mill)               50x75mm
Northern Mills        per Cu.m         Odum            US$135
Mahogany              US$610           Dahoma          US$77
Ipe                   US$192           Redwood         US$64
Jatoba                US$140           Ofram           US$64
Southern Mills                         Emeri           US$64
Eucalyptus AD         US$63
Pine (KD) First Grade US$80

Report from Indonesia
                                                               per Cu.m
Sawn timber, ex-mill                   Mahogany                US$1485-1490
Domestic construction material         Virola                  US$197-200
                                       Spanish Cedar           US$630
                                       Catahua                 US$172-177
Kampar                  per cu.m       Tornillo                US$347-358
AD 6x12-15x400cm        US$215-225
KD                      US$290-300
AD 3x20x400cm           US$300-310     Rubberwood Ban in Thailand
KD                      US$315-325
Keruing                                Rubber planters and businesses in
AD 6x12-15cmx400        US$205-210     Thailand are protesting a ban on exports of
AD 2x20cmx400           US$210-220     rubberwood sawnwood, saying it could
AD 3x30cmx400           US$220-230     affect thousands of workers in the timber
                                       sector especially in the southern provinces.

About 100 representatives of farmers and      Sweden. Based on the recently adopted
operators gathered in Hat Yai, the            TTF Code of Conduct, importers in the
country's rubber trading centre, to map out   UK are saying plywood from Brazil and
a strategy to oppose the policy announced     from other sources does not conform to
by Deputy Agriculture Minister Newin          BS5268-2. To overcome the problem,
Chidchob. They are threatening to             Brazilian producers have developed their
mobilise 40,000 members in a mass             own quality verification system. The
protest if Mr Newin does not change his       Brazilian producers do not agree with the
mind.                                         current procedure of UK importers and
                                              consider that in principle the fact that only
In a statement issued after a meeting with    four sources are considered eligible is a
Mr Newin protestors accused the               trade barrier.
government of deciding the policy without
having an understanding of the                Brazil will apply for international
rubberwood business. The policy, if it        recognition of its PNQM but, as this will
remains in force, allows only exports of      take some time to be effective, there is a
value-added products such as rubberwood       strong risk that part of the market for pine
furniture and supporters of the move say it   plywood in UK and other European
is in an attempt to save the wood for local   countries will be lost.
                                              Besides starting the process for official
International Plywood and Veneer              recognition of the PNQM in UK, Europe
Prices                                        and other markets, ABIMCI is also
                                              analysing other options together with the
Indonesia                                     Brazilian Government to avoid losing
                                              markets. The problem seems to have
                                              started after North American producers
Plywood (export, FOB)                         lost most of the softwood plywood market
MR,                     per Cu.m              in Europe mainly to Brazilian pine
Grade BB/CC                                   plywood producers. In spite of the fact the
2.7mm                   US$235-240           main trade impediments are related to pine
3mm                     US$195-200           plywood there are indications that other
                                              plywood types will be facing similar
6mm                     US$165-175 
                                              problems in the near future.

                                              FOB Belem/Paranagua Ports
Brazilian Plywood and Veneer
                                              Veneer FOB                        per Cu.m
Representatives   of     the   Brazilian
                                              White Virola Face
Association for Mechanically Timber-
                                              2.5mm                         US$170-195
ABIMCI formally presented the Brazilian
                                              Pine Veneer (C/D)             US$125-150
Wood Quality Program- PNQM the UK
                                              Mahogany Veneer                 per Sq.m
Timber Trade Federation in November. At
                                              0.7mm                           No trade
the same meeting TTF representatives
presented the UK position regarding
                                              Plywood FOB                       per Cu.m
structural and non-structural plywood.
                                              White Virola (US Market)
Also discussed was ways in which TTF/
                                              5.2mm OV2 (MR)                    US$230
NPPD could assist ABIMCI to achieve
                                              15mm BB/CC (MR)                   US$230
acceptance of the programme under
                                              For Caribbean countries
European Standards and UK Building
                                              White Virola 4mm                  US$265
                                                      12mm                      US$235
                                              Pine EU market
At moment BS5268 part 2 only recognises
                                                       9mm C/CC (WBP)           US$185
as eligible for structural uses plywood
                                                       15mm C/CC (WBP)          US$175
produced in USA, Canada, Finland and

Malaysian Plywood                         Plywood Prices FOB

                                                          Euro per Cu.m
MR Grade BB/CC FOB                        Redwoods
                        per Cu.m                          WBP             MR
2.7mm                   US$250-260       4mm             447             372
3mm                     US$210-215       6mm             278             252
9mm plus                US$165-175       9mm             256             239
Domestic plywood                          12mm            248             229
3.6mm                   US$245-250        15mm            252             232
12-18mm                 US$180-190        18mm            246             228

                                          Light Woods
Ghana                                                     WBP             MR
                                          4mm             402             266
                                          6mm             273             218
Rotary Veneer           Core Face         9mm             238             202
                        1mm+ 1mm+         12mm            225             184
Bombax, Chenchen,       Euro per Cu.m     15mm            229             187
                                          18mm            204             170
Kyere, Ofram,
Ogea,Otie,Essa           321   356
Ceiba                   263    302
Mahogany                -      462        Peru

Core Grade 2mm+                per Cu.m
Ceiba                          US$217     FOB For Mexican Market         per Cu.m
Chenchen, Otie, Ogea,                     Copaiba plywood,
Ofram, Koto, Canarium          US$265     two faces sanded, B/C, 15mmx4x8
                                          Virola plywood,
Sliced Veneer                             two faces sanded, b/c, 5.2mmx4x8
                                          Lupuna plywood, treated,
                Face Backing              two faces sanded, 5.2mmx4x8
                Euro per Sq.m                                      US$310-325
Afromosia       1.19    0.69              Lupuna plywood, b/c , 15mmx4x8
Asanfina        1.14    0.67                                       US$275-280
Avodire         0.92    0.51              b/c, 9mmx4x8             US$290-300
Chenchen        0.72    0.44              b/c, 12mmx4x8            US$280-290
Mahogany        1.03    0.62              c/c 4x8x4                US$300-320
Makore          1.01    0.52
Odum            1.54    0.92
                                          Veneer Prices

                                          FOB                   per Cu.m
                                          Lupuna 2.5mm          US$195-200
                                          Lupuna 4.2mm          US$205-210
                                          Lupuna 1.5mm          US$225-230

Domestic Plywood Prices                    Domestic Prices
                                           Ex-mill Southern Region         per Cu.m
Brazil                                     Blockboard
                                           15mm White Virola Faced         US$179
                                           15mm Mahogany Faced             US$730
Rotary Cut Veneer
(ex-mill Northern Mill)         per Cu.m   Particleboard
White Virola Face               US$76      15mm                            US$130
White Virola Core               US$65
(ex-mill Southern Mill)                    Other Panels           per Cu.m
Grade MR                        per Cu.m   Export Particleboard FOB
4mm White Virola                US$235     9-18mm                 US$135-145
15mm White Virola               US$158
4mm Mahogany 1 face             US$740     Domestic Particleboard
                                           9mm                    US$140-150
                                           12-15mm                US$135-140
Indonesia                                  18mm                   US$125-135

                                           MDF Export (FOB)
Domestic MR plywood                        12-18mm                US$150-160
(Jarkarta)                per Cu.m
9mm                       US$195-210       MDF Domestic
12mm                      US$170-180       12-18mm                US$160-175
18mm                      US$155-170


                                           Particleboard (FOB)
                              per Cu.m     Export                 per Cu.m
Lupuna Plywood                             6mm & above            US$150-155
122 x 244 x 4mm BB/CC           US$404
122 x 244 x 6mm BB/CC           US$399     Domestic
122 x 244 x 8mm BB/CC           US$390     6mm & above            US$145-160
122 x 244 x 10mm BB/CC          US$382
122 x 244 x 12mm BB/CC          US$380     MDF (FOB)              per Cu.m
122 x 244 x 15mm BB/CC          US$381     Export 15-19mm         US$165-175
122 x 244 x 18mm BB/CC          US$380
                                           Domestic Price
                                           12-18mm                US$180-190
Other Panel Product Prices

Brazil                                     Peru

FOB Belem/Paranagua Ports                  Domestic Particleboard Prices

                                           per Cu.m
Export Prices                              1.83m x 2.44m x 4mm             US$302
Blockboard 18mm B/C per Cu.m               1.83m x 2.44m x 6mm             US$250
White Virola Faced  US$179                 1.83m x 2.44m x 8mm             US$215
                                           1.83m x 2.44m x 9mm             US$211
                                           1.83m x 2.44m x 12mm            US$194

Prices of Added Value Products     Peru

Indonesia                          Export Flooring

Mouldings             per Cu.m     per Cu.m
Laminated Squares                  Cumaru KD, S4S, (Swedish Market)
for turning           US$285-295                        US$635-650
Laminated Boards                   Cumaru KD, S4S, (Asian Market)
Falkata wood          US$315-325                        US$565-575
Red Meranti Mouldings              Pumaquiro KD # 1, C&B (Mexican
11x68/92mm x 7ft up                market)              US$450-470
         Grade A      US$525-530   Quinilla KD 12%, S4S
         Grade B      US$440-450   20mmx100mmx620mm (Asian market)

                                   Furniture and Parts

Mouldings (FOB)       per Cu.m     Malaysia
Selagan Batu Decking US$530-535
Laminated Scantlings
72mmx86mm             US$480-490   Semi-finished         FOB each
Red Meranti Mouldings              Dining table
11x68/92mm x 7ft up                Solid rubberwood laminated top 3' x 5'
       Grade A        US$635-640   with extension leaf   US$19.5-20.5ea
       Grade B        US$495-500   As above, Oak Veneer US$31.5-33ea
                                   Windsor Chair         US$7.5-8.5ea
                                   Colonial Chair        US$10.5-11ea
Ghana                              Queen Anne Chair (with soft seat)
                                           without arm   US$12.5-14ea
Parquet Flooring                           with arm      US$17.0-18.5ea
                                   Rubberwood Chair Seat
                                   22x500x500mm          US$1.45-1.50ea
FOB Euro per Sq.m                  Rubberwood Tabletop per Cu.m FOB
Apa           13.64                22x760x1220mm
Odum          8.57                 sanded and edge profiled
Hyedua        13.67                        Top Grade       US$490-500
Afromosia     13.72                        Standard        US$475-485
Apa           14.47
Odum          10.18                Brazil
Hyedua        18.22
Afromosia     13.93                FOB Belem/Paranagua Ports
Apa           14.79                Edge Glued Pine Panel per Cu.m
Odum          10.48                for Korea 1st Grade   US$465
Hyedua        17.82                US Market             US$430
Afromosia     17.82
10x50mm                            Decking Boards
Apa           10.99                Cambara               US$630
Odum          8.50                 Ipe                   US$920
Hyedua        13.65

Report From Japan                             Worldwide oil prices have gone up and
                                              this has pushed up the price of bunker fuel
Tropical Log Arrivals Increase                by at least US$1.00 per cubic metres for
                                              Malaysian shipments according to
Average monthly log arrivals during           Japanese analysts. Compared to the early
January to September were about 150,000       this year, bunker fuel cost in Japan is up
cubic metres but since September they         by US$60 per ton and shipping companies
have grown to over 200,000 cubic metres.      need to make up on the increase to
Log inventories in July and August were       guarantee regular sailings.
low and plywood mills reacted by
purchasing more but with increasing           October Housing Starts
supplies buy has fallen back.
                                              Housing starts in October were 103,567
The log prices in Japan are no longer         units, 1.8% more than the same month last
climbing as FOB prices in the producer        year and this is the first increase year on
countries have steadied. Sarawak Meranti      year for four months. Also, the October
regular prices are unchanged atyen 6,300-     figure improved on three straight months
6,400 per koku CIF. Meranti small is at       of less than 100,000 units.
about yen 5,900 while super small are
about yen 5,600, both remaining flat from     Tropical Log and Lumber Prices
last month. Kapur is reportedly in tight
supply and Kapur regular prices are firm at
yen 6,500-6,600.                              Logs For Plywood Manufacturing
                                              CIF Price               Yen per Koku
PNG Taun and Calophyllum prices are           Meranti (Hill, Sarawak)
also flat at yen 5,400 despite more           Medium Mixed                   6,300
inquiries being noted from manufacturers      Meranti (Hill, Sarawak)
of medium thickness plywood.                  STD Mixed                      6,400
                                              Meranti (Hill, Sarawak)
The importers continued to be bullish         Small Lot
while the yen got stronger at close to 120    (SM60%, SSM40%)                5,600
to the dollar in November but now the yen     Taun, Calophyllum (PNG)
has weakened to close to 125 again and it     and others                     5,400
looks as if it may weaken further.            Mix Light Hardwood
Importers hoped to add another yen 50-        (PNG G3-G5 grade)              4,700
100 per koku to raise prices for large logs   Okoume (Gabon)                 6,800
for plywood mills but the mills are           Keruing (Sarawak)
cautious and may demand a lowering of         Medium MQ & up                 7,000
log prices as the plywood market seems to     Kapur (Sarawak) Medium
have weaken. This is because of the high      MQ & up                        6,600
level of imports of plywood from
Indonesia and Malaysia. The easing of log
inventories is also taking the steam out of   Logs For Sawmilling FOB Price Yen per
price increases.                              Koku
                                              Melapi (Sarawak)
Ocean freight Increases                       Select                       8,800
                                              Agathis (Sarawak)
Shipping companies which operate              Select                       8,600
tropical log carriers have started asking
higher freight. They are reportedly asking
for US$1.0-1.5 per cubic metre more for
shipments from Sabah and Sarawak and
US$2.50-3.0 more on PNG and Solomon
Island loadings.

Lumber         FOB Price Yen per Cu.m         wood, generated from dismantled old
White Seraya (Sabah)                          houses and the wood residues from new
24x150mm, 4m 1st grade       113,000          house building sites, is used. Many
Mixed Seraya 24x48mm,                         manufacturers are working hard to utilise
1.8 - 4m, S2S                42,000           recycled materials.

Japanese Machinery Companies in China         The largest manufacturer is Japan
                                              Novopan Industrial Co., which puts out
Marunaka Co., Iida Kogyo Co., and             21,000 tonnes per month from two plants
Amitec Corp. have established a joint         in Sakai. This company achieved full
venture company in Shanghai, China. The       production in October this year. Seihoku
new company intends to make various           Group is the largest plywood manufacturer
type of wood working machinery which          in Japan and in the particleboard business,
can compete in quality and price in the       its production is close to Japan's Novopan
worldwide market. The new company,            at 20,800 tonnes per month from four
Shanghai      Nakata      Machinery   was     subsidiary companies, Tokyo Board
established on November 1 with a total        Industries ( Tokyo ), Seihoku Ishinomaki
capital of US$2.1 million. Iida Kogyo         plant ( Miyagi prefecture ), Shin Akimoku
formed a joint venture company with a         Kogyo ( Akita prefecture ) and Miyako
Taiwanese company five years ago but          Board ( Iwate prefecture ).
this was dissoloved. The new joint venture
takes over existing plant in Shanghai and     Other companies include Eidai Co. (Osaka
will re-tool and bring in new management.     ) which has two plants in Tsuruga and
                                              Hirao, both used to have plywood
Particleboard Manufacturers in Japan          manufacturing lines and used waste from
                                              plywood mills to produce particleboard.
The Seihoku Group and Japan Novopan           Iwakura Corp. is the oldest particleboard
account for around 50% of total               manufacturer in Japan while Daishowa
particleboard   production     in    Japan    Uniboard Co. ( Miyagi prefecture ) is the
according to a recent investigation by the    only integrated plant to make melamine
Japan Forest Products Journal. There are      decorative particleboard. Taihei Kogyo
currently 14 particleboard manufacturers      Co. ( Tokyo ) bought out former Dantani
with 16 plants in Japan and monthly           Sangyo's particleboard plant. Finnaly
production of all plants is 82,250 tonnes     Takehara Kogyo Co. ( Hiroshima
from an installed capacity of 94,950          prefecture ) is the only one thin
tonnes giving a capacity utilisation of       particleboard manufacturer in Japan.
                                              Report from China
The demand for particleboard in Japan is
stable but the use of this pane for floor     Sawnwood Imports Rise
underlays, kitchen units and other
household units is rising.                    This year sawnwood imports have soared
                                              again. During the first eight months of
By year end all manufactures report that      2002 imports of sawnwood came to
they will be ready for the new regulations    3.4993 million cubic metres valued at US$
on formaldehyde emission due to be            763.0612 million, a year-on-year increase
enacted in July 2003 that is the so called    of 39.8% in volume and and 23.6% in
super E0 ( 0.3 mg/liter of formaldehyde ).    value.
The majority of the manufacturers say
they will be ready by the end of this year.   Local analysts think that the main reasons
                                              for rapid growth in sawnwood imports are
Particleboard manufacturing used to be        as follows:
based on sawmill and plymill residues but
recently a higher proportion of recycled      The growth in investments in capital
                                              construction, building and interior

remodelling and decoration and in              imports of hardwoods. In the first half of
furniture increased. Because of this the       2002 log imports of through Shanghai Port
demand for sawnwood in China enjoyed a         amounted to 600 000 cubic metres and
strong growth.                                 most of this was hardwoods. Coniferous
                                               log imports accounted for just 90 000
During the first three quarters of 2002, of    cubic metres. This low level of coniferous
all imported sawnwood it was the growth        log imports is a contrast to the rest of the
of coniferous timber imports that was the      country where coniferous log imports are
strongest with a year-on-year increase of      increasing. The main reasons for this
95%. The growth of hardwood sawnwood           difference say local analysts are as
imports was relatively stable with a year-     follows:
on-year increase of around 30%.
                                               Coniferous timber is mainly used in civil
The strength of softwood lumber imports        construction works and most of these
was driven by demand from the                  projects are implemented inland and in the
construction sector and here the demand        western regions. Demand for civil
is still growing. China is short of domestic   construction timbers in Shanghai has been
large diametre, good quality coniferous        showing a decline
timbers such as Korean pine, White pine,
Larch and Masson pine            so imports    In recent years the policy of substituting
naturally increased. Hardwood timber is        timber has been a success and it is now
used mainly in furniture making, interior      popular to replace timber with steel and
joinery for decorative purposes and in         plastic products.
these enduse sectors demand is strong.
The annual value of the household              The real estate sector in Shanghai and
decorative market in China is put at more      even in Eastern China has developed
than yuan 300 billion and this drives          rapidly so the demand for joinery and
hardwood timber imports.                       decorative timbers is increasing. This is
                                               driving up hardwood imports.
In the international market place suppliers
from countries such as Russia, New             Nationally the increase in imports of
Zealand and Canada are very actively           coniferous timbers, mainly Russian
pursuing the potentiality of China's           timber, has been mainly in Northeast
sawnwood market. Russia, especially, has       China where the implementation of
shown that it wants to increase exports of     Natural Forest Protection Program has
sawnwood to China. During the first three      reduced harvests. In Shanghai and even
quarters of 2002 the growth of China's         Eastern China there is limited demand for
sawnwood imports from Russia was more          this kind of timber.
than 125%. New Zealand, Canada,
America, Southeast Asian countries such        Another interesting feature of Shanghai
as Thailand and Myanmar also strive to         imports is that imports of sawnwood now
export sawnwood to China.                      exceed the imports of logs and sheer
                                               variety of types of timbers has grown
Imported Timber Through Shanghai Port          tremendously. Imported sawnwood items
                                               now include flooring, semi-finished
As the main distribution centre for China's    products such as door frames. The unit
imported timber Shanghai Port handles          price of sawnwood through Shanghai Port
large quantities and a wide variety of         is 40% higher than the national level.
imported timbers. In recent times there
have been some changes the trade in wood       The final noticeable change in imports has
products through Shanghai.                     been the transition from bulk shipments to
                                               container shipments. In terms of total
First, the composition of timber imports       volume, imported timber in containers
has changed. The proportion of coniferous      accounts for 70% of imports. Also the
log imports has declined in favor of           packaging of imported timber now tends

to be of high quality which illustrates how   For information on China's forestry try:
importers in Shanghai and Eastern China's
are maturing.

Xinjiang's Alashankou Port Business           Shanghai            yuan per Cu.m
                                              Radiate pine log
By the end of October 2002 imported           6m 26cm+ dia               730 
timber entering China through Xinjiang's      Douglas fir log            1350
Alashakou Port totaled a modest 126,400       Luan Logs                  1650
cubic metres, up by a massive 185% over       Kapur/Keruing Logs         1780
the same period in 2001.                      Beech Logs 6m 30cm+    4600-7200
                                              White Oak Sawn 2ins        12000
There are several reasons for the more        Canadian lumber 4m         1380
than doubling of cargo through the port.      US Maple Cherry
The Port Authority has actively pursued a     2ins sawn                  11500
policy to foster and take advantage of the    Beech Sawn                 7-8500
growing domestic demand.                      Teak sawn 4 m+             9500
                                              SE Asian Sawn 4m+          2400
By providing a "whole-process" service
for processing and establishing cargo
handling enterprises and the city has         Tianjin             yuan per Cu.m
created a good investment environment for     Radiate pine log
the development of enterprises and this       6m 26cm+ dia               -
has drawn big companies such as Meike         Douglas fir log            -
Company to invest and build factories         Luan Logs                  1600
close to the Port. In addition the local      Kapur/Keruing Logs         1100
authorities have actively worked to attract   Beech Logs 6m 30cm+    2500-4800
government money and to encourage             White Oak Sawn 2ins        -
individual private owners to set up           Canadian lumber 4m         -
processing enterprises.                       US Maple Cherry
                                              2ins sawn                  -
The other main factor driving up timber       Beech Sawn                 5300
cargo growth is that the domestic market      Teak sawn 4 m+             9,500
is strong and as such imported logs and       SE Asian Sawn 4m+          3000
sawnwood have a stronger price
advantage. It is said that Xinjiang's
Alashankou port could become the biggest
timber distribution centre in Northeast       Nanjing             yuan per Cu.m
China.                                        Radiate pine log
                                              6m 26cm+ dia               800
Sino-Finnish Cooperation                      Douglas fir log            900
                                              Luan Logs             1100-1350
It has been reported that the Chinese         Kapur/Keruing Logs         1500
Academy of Forestry has signed an             Beech Logs 6m 30cm+        -
agreement with UPM-kymmene of                 White Oak Sawn 2ins        -
Finland to conduct cooperative on research    Canadian lumber 4m         1400
on China's forest product markets.            US Maple Cherry
According to the agreement, the two           2ins sawn                  2200
agencies will cooperate to establish a        Beech Sawn                 9000
research centre for China's forest product    Teak sawn 4 m+             -
market and to investigate and study           SE Asian Sawn 4m+          2850 
China's forest product demand and trade,
establish a data base and publish the

Hangzhou            yuan per Cu.m    The Furniture Industry in Germany
Radiate pine log
6m 26cm+ dia               810       Dirk-Uwe Klaas, Secretary General of the
Douglas fir log            1350      German furniture industry association had
Luan Logs                  1650      "a hard job", when presenting the facts and
Kapur/Keruing Logs     1650-1850     figures on the German furniture industry
Beech Logs 6m 30cm+        1500      within the European economic scenario, at
Beech Logs                           a press conference during the IMM
 For Sliced Veneer          2800     cologne during October.
White Oak Sawn 2ins        -
Canadian lumber 4m         1400      "The European market with its 300 million
Beech Sawn            2500-5000      people has been looking for a recovery
Teak sawn 4 m+             8500      since the Spring of 2001" - he said.
SE Asian Sawn 4m+          2750      Consumption is weak, exports have lost
                                     their previous dynamism, terrorist attacks
                                     have partly affected the general economic
Guanzhou            yuan per Cu.m    situation, while consumers are lamenting
Radiate pine log                     overall price increases.
6m 26cm+ dia               620-680
Douglas fir log            -         In Germany 80 million people have the
Luan Logs               1650-1850    chance to buy furniture from stores with a
Kapur/Keruing Logs     1650-2050    total retail trade surface of 22 million
Beech Veneer                         square metres. Although per capita
Logs 6m 30cm+          1500-2800     consumption of furniture in Germany still
White Oak Sawn 2ins    9300-10500    ranks first in Europe, the weakness of the
Canadian lumber 4m         -         local    economy       is   resulting   in
US Maple 2ins sawn    7800-8000      "overcapacity", both of the furniture
US Walnut 2ins sawn 12000-14200      production and trade.
Beech Sawn KD
special grade              5600      Total sales in the German furniture
lower grade                1850      industry in 2001 reached Euro 22.3 billion,
Teak sawn 4 m+         8800-18000    equivalent to 27% of the whole European
SE Asian Sawn 4m+ KD    2500-2800    market. One piece of furniture out of four
                                     in Europe is produced in Germany.

                                     The overall weak economic situation with
Wholesale Prices, Indonesian and
                                     low consumption, a sluggish trend in
                                     residential building, and the increasing
plywood 3mm 1220x2440
                                     delocalisation of production resulted in a
                                     loss of jobs in the furniture industry (-
                                     5.1% in the first semester of 2002), a
yuan per sheet                       reduced number of productive units (-53)
Shanghai               32            and steady growth in furniture imports.
Tianjin                28
Harbin                 32            During the past five years German imports
Zhengzhou              30            of furniture from East European countries
Lanzhou                31            more than doubled, from Euro 1.4 billion
Shijiazhuang           24            to Euro 2.9 billion.
Yinchuan               29
Jinan                  33            Germany's imports from Poland are higher
Chengdu                30            than those from Italy. In fact, in 2001
Nanjing                35            German imports of furniture from Italy
Hangzhou               28           decreased by 17.5% in comparison to the
Changsha               30            previous year.
Guanzhou               32 

In the first semester of 2002 German           The association says that by the end of
furniture sales decreased by 10.1%, with a     2003, a slight increase in sales of around
negative peak of -18.4% in May.                1% could be seen, representing a total of
                                               101.5mil window units.           Sales in
All segments were affected by this             Germany, France, Great Britain and the
negative trend. In particular: furniture for   Benelux countries are expected to be the
living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms        most important for the industry, with
(-16.6%), office furniture and outlet          roughly 15 million window-units each.
furniture (-12%), kitchen furniture (-         The weakest development is still expected
7.7%), seating (-6%).                          to be on the German market, while
                                               positive developments are anticipated in a
Furniture sales in Germany in 2002 are         number of Eastern European countries and
expected to contract by a further 8%. It is    in the Aegean.
little consolation that at the end of this
year Germans will have invested less           A slight decline in sales is also expected in
money in holidays, cars, clothing and          Italy and Spain in 2003. Increases in
electronic goods.                              window sales are anticipated in most other
                                               regions, however.       According to the
Kitchen furniture producers          expect    association, growth rates vary between
marked drop in sales in 2002                   0.5% for Russia and 5.6% for the Central
                                               European EU acceding countries Poland,
German producers of kitchen furniture had      the Czech Republic, Slovakia and
hoped for a recovery of demand in the          Slovenia.
autumn but this did not happen. Even
after the autumn fairs new orders were         Eurowinder reports that average market
lower than last year and only a few            shares of the various frame materials have
manufacturers report some increase. A          shifted significantly once again during the
few companies reported improving orders        last five years. The market share of
in connection with Christmas sales, while      wooden windows, in particular, has fallen
most producers had to face a continual         to 29.7% (1997: 33.5%). In contrast, the
worsening of business.                         market share of plastic windows has
                                               increased again to 41.5% (39.1%).
This downward trend resulted primarily         Aluminium             windows          and
from the weak development of the               wood/aluminium combinations recorded
domestic market. Export sales have been        an increased market share and totalled
showing a more stable demand compared          24.8% (23.4%) and 3.1% (2.5%),
to the German market, although some            respectively. Greatly differing conditions
markets, notably the Dutch and French          are to be found from region to region.
markets, fell short of expectations.
                                               Cologne International Furniture Fair
European window demand could improve
in 2003                                        The next International Furniture Fair is to
                                               be held in Cologne from 13 - 19 January
According to the industry association          2003. The theme "living ideas" will bring
Eurowinder based in Frankfurt, there will      new concepts in an attempt to better face
be no upturn in the European window            the weak economic scenario and the
market until next year. The association        slowdown of the German furniture
expects that this year's market volume will    industry.
be more or less equivalent to the levlel of
last year. In 2001 a total of 100.5 million    New concepts
window units were delivered, 2.5% fewer
than in 2000. Total sales of the industry      It seems that the forthcoming Cologne
thus amounted to euro 38.5bil.                 2003 will be different. New concepts have
                                               been introduced in order to improve the
                                               general impact of the fair, highlighting the

central role of design and innovation, with    countries, with a significantly high
the aim of raising the profile of the whole    international share of 65%. Some 200
exhibition and offering significant added      exhibitors will be from Italy, thus
value to exhibitors, trade visitors and end    confirming the leading role of Italian
consumers.                                     exhibitors at this fair.

"Informed by cologne" is a platform            In order to inform buyers from outside
dedicated to the hottest design trends in      Europe of the two January furniture fairs,
terms of to forms, colours and materials.      imm cologne and the Salon du Meuble in
The Trend Forum will also present trend        Paris have signed a joint communication
advisors' predictions about interior           agreement. Under this agreement press
decoration in the future.                      and PR work has been conducted jointly
                                               with a single message and image in
"Inspired by cologne" is a meeting point       mailing campaigns, advertisements and
for young designers, consisting of events      press conferences.
like "Spin off" and "Future Point" and a
special    Nachlux    Competition      for     For the fast growing Far Eastern markets,
innovative     light   design     entitled     imm cologne's policy towards future
"Atmosphere".                                  exhibitors focuses on identifying those
                                               local companies that play an important
"Ideal house cologne" presents two             role on the European furniture markets.
stylised houses which will be furnished by     The recent opening of a KölnMesse
two designers relying on selected products     branch in Singapore is moving in this
presented by the exhibitors.                   direction. Two further openings are
                                               scheduled for Chicago and Milan, as
"Interior innovation award cologne" is a       further steps in the strategy of staying
competition open to all exhibitors at imm      "close to the markets". Currently
cologne, who can compete with a wide           KölnMesse manages 40 exhibitions
range of products. In its role as global       worldwide.
business platform for the furniture sector,
imm cologne will be placing even more          Company and market News
emphasis on design in all its diversity .
                                               German market for tropical timber
Great emphasis will be put on another
central event at cologne 2003: imm             Some weeks ago sales of Meranti seemed
cuisinale.                                     to almost collapse. The importance of
The decision by the kitchen furniture          tropical species in the German market has
sector to participate in imm cologne every     been slowing this year, a topic discussed
two years in odd-numbered years will           by participants at the Foreign Trade
allow Cologne to have a well-timed             Meeting of GD Holz in Hamburg. The
international marketing platform in            latest import statistics of the two European
Germany.                                       trade associations, Union pour le
                                               commerce des panneaux (UCIP), and
Both the kitchen furniture industry and the    Union pour le commerce des bois durs
manufacturers of high-quality built-in         (UCBD), both with headquarters in
electrical appliances support the fair,        Brussels, gave proof of this development.
which will be complemented by the              In 2001 the eleven West European
attractive side event "Kitchens live",         member countries of both associations
showing the lifestyle-oriented nature of the   reported a slight growth in imports of
modern fitted kitchen.                         tropical timber by about.

International strategies                       Sales of tropical wood products in
                                               Germany are reprted to have fallen by 8%.
At Cologne 2003 (           In Germany, a downward trend was seen
there will be 1,350 exhibitors from 45         in imports of logs and sawn timber as well

as imports of veneers and plywood. On an         Company and Market News From
all-European basis, however, imports of          Around Europe
sawnwood, veneers and plywood did show
an upward tendency.                              Threat to Malaysia's wood furniture
Currently the German market for tropical
timber is rather subdued chances. EUWID          The US$1.32bil wood-based furniture
reports that in the first nine months,           exports from Malaysia are under threat
business in sawnwood and in laminated            by the claims of a group of furniture
Meranti scantlings from Southeast Asia           retailers and manufacturers in the
had been rather satisfying but that six to       Scandinavian countries that rubberwood
eight weeks ago the situation has changed.       products are harmful to health and
Against a background of increasing               environment. Primary Industry Minister
availability importers are face a situation      of      Malaysia intends to visit the
of reducing replacement cost prices and          Scandinavian countries in 2003 to
this, together with slow demand on the           address the issue. The group has urged
German market, is resulting in a difficult       their respective governments to prohibit
market situation.                                the imports of furniture made from
                                                 rubberwood that has been treated by
Alno to strengthen capital base                  boric acid.

Alno AG, a large German manufacturer             UK Output
of kitchen furniture, considers increasing
its capital to strengthen its financial power.   In the UK, sawmilling and planing
Talks with potential investors were              production fell by 9.9% in July-September
already held, but a final decision still has     2002, compared with the same period of
to be made. At present, the Nothdurft            2001. Sales of British manufacturers of
family owns 60.2% and Commerzbank                builders' carpentry and joinery products
owns about 30% in Alno, which has been           increased by 0.5%. Production of veneer
facing serious problems for years. Alno is       sheet and plywood rose by 4.7%,
on a cost and job cutting course to return       compared with the previous quarter in
to the black.                                    2002. Production of kitchen furniture
                                                 increased by 2.5% in July-September
Pfalzmöbel suffers                               2002, compared with the same period of
                                                 2001. Output of other furniture rose by
German     office   furniture    producer        8.6%. Wood and wood product
Pfalzmöbel GmbH, which had raised its            manufacturers' selling prices for domestic
turnover by 4.2% to US$ 28.05mn in the           market rose by 0.3% in October 2002,
financial year 2001, expects its turnover        compared with October 2001.
2002 to drop by 20%. This was mainly
due to the difficult situation on the            Ballingslöv results
German office furniture market and to the
effort to maintain its site in Bad               Swedish kitchen supplier Ballingslöv
Schönborn.                                       has announced a US$ 7.75mn profit
                                                 after financial items for the first nine
Egger logistic plans                             months 2002. The market situation for
                                                 the final quarter remains stable and in line
German based wood materials producer             with 2001.
Egger, has together with its logistics
partners developed the container shuttle         Ikea expanding
Baltic Train which is to transport goods
from the Wismar location to Hamburg-             Ikea will invest in Odense; it will set up a
Waltershof. The company, in its logistics,       factory outlet there selling furniture at
is increasingly concentrating on rail and        cheaper prices. The outlet, measuring
sea transport.                                   3,500 square metres, will be run on a

test-basis for six months and then closed.
If the test proves successful Ikea will         UK Sawnwood Prices
convert the entire Ikea Outlet structure
into a centre including furniture- and
home furnishing-related shops such as           FOB plus Commission           per Cu.m
Bahne, BoConcept, Bolia and B&O.                Brazilian Mahogany FAS               -
                                                Teak 1st Quality 1"x8"x8' Stg2350-2600
Report from the UK                              Tulipwood FAS 25mm         Stg345-355
                                                Cedro FAS 25mm                Stg430
Prices remain steady but demand is weak
and likely to remain so over the next few       DR Meranti Sel/Btr 25mm    Stg339
weeks.        Whether the hoped for             Keruing Std/Btr 25mm    Stg227-240
improvement in demand will come with            Sapele FAS 25mm         Stg330-345
spring is hard to forecast.                     Iroko FAS 25mm          Stg335-350
                                                Khaya FAS 25mm          Stg355-385
UK house prices are expected to level off       Utile FAS 25mm          Stg405-415
next year and could even fall in 2004.          Wawa No1. C&S 25mm Stg275-295

The naming of a successor to the covernor
of the Bank of England has cast doubts on       Plywood and MDF in the UK
an early entry into the Euro-zone or even
the proposal of the government to call a
referendum on the issue as they may not         CIF                      per Cu.m
get the result they deisre.                     Brazilian WBP BB/CC 6mm US$460
                                                 " Mahogany 6mm          US$1265
The latest monthly trade figures are            Indonesian WBP 6mm     US$435-460
particularly bad with a dficit in the visible
trade of Sterling 3.6 bil., the largest ever    Eire, MDF BS1142        per 10 Sq.m CIF
recorded.                                       12mm                            Stg34.90
The timber manufacturing sector has been
                                                For more information on the trends in the
particularly weak over the last quarter and
                                                UK market please see
analysts expect a difficult period ahead for
the sector.
                                                Report From Holland
Log Prices in the UK
                                                Most markets have their 'ups and downs'
                                                and the tropical timber market is no
FOB                                             exception however, the market slide in
plus commission          per Cu.m               Holland is now as long as analysts have
Sapele   80cm+LM-C       Euro 240-250           ever seen in the past 4 decades. For more
Iroko    80cm+LM-C       Euro 240-250           than two years now the tropical timber
N'Gollon 70cm+ LM-C      Euro 185-205           market in Holland has been depressed. The
Ayous 80cm+LM-C          Euro 185-205           decline started in September 2000 and
                                                there has been no sign that the situation
                                                will improve soon as there is no
                                                confidence in the market. Too many
                                                uncertainty factors play a role here.

                                                The economy is ailing, the unemployment
                                                rate in Holland is growing at an alarming
                                                rate according to the media and company
                                                profit margins get narrower every year and
                                                for many it is only the losses that grow

bigger. Whatever argument the authorities      Rotterdam-levels for most common
use to explain that inflation is within        specifications in KD DRM Select & Better
manageable and estimated levels, the           PHND (Bukit end Seraya) remained very
consumers know better. In the past 12          firm.
months analysts say it is quite clear that
life in Holland has become considerably        Some traders forsee a slight increase in
more expensive. The same authorities that      prices over the next weeks and this is
say that inflation is within the range of      fuelled by the currently increasing oil
2.5-3% have increased national and local       prices and the fear that in January
taxes as well as excise-duties quite           container freight rates for the sector Port
drastically.                                   Kelang - Rotterdam will increase. Some
                                               people are of the opinion that the box-rate
Due to enormous losses on the stock            will be stepped up byUS$100 in early
markets several pension funds have lost        January but also an increase of US$400
fortunes and this has lead to higher           per box has been talked off.
pension premiums; higher health insurance
and medical expenses are getting more          Despite the firm price level in Malaysia
expensive. With this gloomy economic           and the very low level of offers from
outlook the prospects for 2003 are not         Peninsular Malaysia that have reached
looking good and most traders have             Dutch importers, a situation which is
adopted a wait and see attitude and the        likely to last the coming weeks, several
willingness to spend has faded. As a result    Dutch traders have attacked the local
of all this analysts see that the housing      market with extremely low priced deals in
sector has growing difficulties in the sense   an all out effort to sell something in this
that certain developments are not              extremely depressed Dutch Meranti-
attracting buyers so developers are holding    market. In the first week of December the
back on new projects. Also, properties in      value of the US dollar dropped 2% below
the expensive, upper segment are hardly        the and whether this will last or whether
changing hands. For the first time in a        the US dollar will drop even further
long time prices of houses are coming          remains to be seen. The traders in African
down. With a stagnating building sector        Mahogany will worry if Meranti gets
the demand for timber, and notably             cheaper for the Dutch.
demand for Meranti,          is negatively
affected.                                      Some Dutch importers have postponed
                                               stock replenishment until mid January,
The weakness in the timber sector has an       gambling that exporters need some extra
impact on trading and several importers        funds for the annual Chinese New Year
have merged their businesses. Formerly all     bonuses so they might be willing to let go
these traders were independent buying          some exports at attractive CNF Rotterdam
units and remained active even in times of     prices. Whether bargains can be found
recession, through this they created some      during the second half of January remains
stability through regular trading pattern.     to be seen as ocean freight rates must
The new large "clusters" seem to have          increase so some occasional purchases can
only one goal - to reduce stocks and get       be expected to be made during December.
stocks centralised and easily accessible by
all group members. As along as the urge to
lower the stock position is there, stock
disposal      takes     precedent      over

Offers in typical Dutch sizes in PHND KD
for Dark Red Meranti (DRM) from
Malaysian exporters during the first half of
December remained at a very low level.
For reasons as explained earlier the CNF

                                               profitability. It is to be hoped that the
CNF Rotterdam                 per ton of       current shortage of green lumber will
50 cu ft                                       ultimately be reflected in a slower supply
Malaysian DRM Bukit                            of KD lumber and thereby reduce the
KD Sel.Bet PHND in 3x5"       USD 910          excessive stock. The KD-stock may also
Indonesian DRM Bukit                           shrink a bit due to the upcoming slower
KD Sel.Bet PHND in 3x5"       USD 890          "drying season".
Malaysian DRM Seraya
KD Sel.Bet PHND in 3x5" USD 930-               Demand
Indonesian DRM Seraya                          The American economy is apparently on
KD Sel.Bet PHND in 3x5" USD 905/910            the mend. Profits from publicly held
Merbau KD                                      companies are slowly improving. Even
Sel.Bet Sapfree in 3x5" USD 920               though consumer confidence is sagging,
                                               the house construction and remodelling
                                               markets continue to exhibit strength. New
All based on container shipment at             home sales in September reached a record
US$1700 per G.P. box,40ft.                     of 1.02 million units and new housing
                                               starts stood at a 16-year peak. Sales of
The State of the American Hardwood             existing homes are also robust. Analysts at
Market                                         AKTRIN do not anticipate interest rates to
                                               rise so the good fortunes in the residential
Supply                                         building industry are likely to continue.
                                               On the other hand commercial building
Hardwood production in the USA is              activity is slow but it is anticipated that
currently below the levels of the past         there will be a revival of this sector next
months. During the fall hunting season         year, in line with improving corporate
logging was scaled back and - typically -      earnings.
logging during the Christmas holiday is
also reduced. With the onset of wet and        Furniture retailers' inventories are also
snowy winter weather logging will be           quite large and few are in the mood to buy
hampered even more and this will further       in more items before their stock has been
acerbating the log shortage. Currently a       reduced to more manageable levels. It is to
number of mills reportedly have                be hoped that the good housing market
difficulties maintaining an adequate log       translates into more furniture sales early
inventory and no relief is anticipated soon.   next year and that retailers will start to
This shortage has resulted in rising prices    place orders with manufacturers again. It
for logs and green lumber. The high log        seems that furniture of Soft Maple is
prices make it almost more profitable to       gaining some popularity.
sell unprocessed logs rather than sawing
them into lumber. Similarly, with the          The kitchen cabinet market is also a great
narrowing gap between prices of green          beneficiary of the strong home building
and kiln-dried lumber, drying plants           and remodeling activity. Furthermore,
experience increasing difficulties to sell     good customer service by manufacturers,
lumber at a profit and some of them may        such as fast delivery and a wide selection
have to close their business temporarily.      of products, is stimulating sales. The
                                               demand for Hard Maple cabinets is
In contrast to the situation for green         reported to have declined a bit in favor of
lumber, the inventory of unsold KD             other species.
lumber is said to be uncomfortably high
and sales are very slow. Several sawmills      Due to sluggish commercial construction,
have large amounts of capital tied up in       the architectural millwork business is quite
expensive stocks - mainly Hard Maple and       slow but noticeable improvements are
Cherry - which, in turn, is depressing their   expected in 2003.

The demand for strip flooring is - and is
likely to continue to be - vibrant.
Nevertheless, keen competition in the           Red Oak       Oct 2002    Nov 2002
industry will keep prices in check.             North, KD     US$1625     US$1640 
Flooring plants that do not already have an        Green      US$1320     US$1325 
adequate lumber inventory in place may          South, KD     US$1320     US$1335 
                                                Green         US$1025     US$1020 
encounter difficulties to cover their raw-
                                                Appalachian   US$1495     US$1493 
material needs. The supply shortage has         KD
led to some upward price pressure for           Green         US$1175     US$1203 
lumber. This is difficult to absorb for
many strip flooring plants - notably the
smaller ones - in the face of flat prices for   White Oak      Oct 2002   Nov 2002
finished products.                              North, KD      US$1195    US$1195
                                                   Green       US$ 775    US$ 785 
                                                South, KD      US$1055    US$1055
The wood-component business is closely          Green          US$ 760    US$ 770 
tied to the furniture business. Demand for      Appalachian    US$1240    US$1240
wooden components and parts is currently        KD
"lukewarm" and competition is severe in         Green          US$ 902    US$ 920 
this sector. To survive, suppliers must
offer excellent customer service, such as       Cherry         Oct 2002   Nov 2002
selling in small volumes, fast shipments in     Appalachian    US$3105    US$3130 
spite of short lead times, or holding           Green          US$2563    US$2558 
inventories for end-users. Analysts do nit
expect much improvement is anticipated          Hard Maple     Oct 2002   Nov 2002
before the spring of 2003.                      North, KD      US$2090    US$2018 
                                                   Green       US$1710    US$1695 
Export volumes are improving. Much of           Appalachian    US$1910    US$1890 
the increase is due to substantially higher     KD
Alder shipments to the Far East. In             Green          US$1585    US$1575 
contrast to demand from Asia, European          Soft Maple     Oct 2002   Nov 2002
buyers are using less US lumber,                North, KD      US$1405    US$1395 
particularly of the upper grades. Only a           Green       US$1045    US$1075 
modest economic improvement is forecast         Appalachian    US$1430    US$1450 
for Europe next year so there is little         KD
chance of a swing in demand soon.               Green          US$1125    US$1160 

Demand, supply and price movements              Walnut         Oct 2002   Nov 2002
                                                Appalachian    US$2280    US$2310 
vary significantly between different            KD
species, quality grades, drying levels, and     Green          US$1715    US$1765 
growing regions. Generally, sales for most
sawmills are fair. The common grades
moved better than the upper grades.             S. American    Oct 2002   Nov 2002
                                                    KD         US$3570    US$3500 
Below, are listed the price changes during
                                                Green          US$3065    US$2980 
the past month of several widely used
species. (Note that the following
comments and data refer to 1000 Board           African        Oct 2002   Nov 2002
Feet (MBF) of top-quality lumber, 1"            Mahogany
thick. Imported lumber is quoted at             KD             US$2080    US$2025 
dockside West Coast port of entry.
Approximately $ 50.00 to $ 55.00 will
have to be added for East Coast ports).

Imported Woods                                cabinet and flooring industries should
                                              absorb a good portion of the production.
The demand for South American
Mahogany has slacked off lately. This,        In addition to steady sales of Soft Maple to
along with the ongoing competition from       domestic buyers, there is a growing
African Mahogany could negatively             demand for this species emanating from
impact prices of the South American           the Far East.
variety. North American imports of this
wood have also declined, but inventory        The strong overseas demand for Walnut
levels should be adequate to meet the         lumber and logs continues and there are no
demand over the next few months.              indications of a letup in the near future.
                                              Prices of this wood will remain firm.
The supply of common Red Oak is
abundant. It is not likely to shrink much     The demand for Yellow Birch from
unless there is a significant decline in      flooring, moulding and kitchen cabinet
production. Both, the domestic demand         manufacturers remains healthy.
and the foreign demand from China are
only lukewarm. On the other hand,             Orders for Hickory/Pecan by cabinet and
markets for green Red Oak are vibrant, a      flooring manufacturers remain quite good.
situation that should continue throughout     As Hickory is difficult to saw in cold
this winter. With green Red Oak prices        weather, production is usually low in
strong, many sawmills and kiln operators      winter. On the backdrop of these fact,
are not drying the species. This may          price will remain firm.
ultimately alleviate the supply surplus of
KD lumber.                                    Ash demand continues to improve, thanks
There is a resurgence in the demand for       to some heightened activity in furniture
White Oak. Due to still relatively low        and export markets. Low prices may spur
prices flooring plants are buying more and    even more interest in Ash. The supply of
more common White Oak rather than the         the wood is still adequate, except for a few
much more expensive Red Oak. The              thick items and green stock. It is not likely
export demand from Europe is also             that green production will increase unless
improving. A number of suppliers may not      prices go up.
have enough wood in stock to meet the
expected requirements early next year. As     There is some increased interest for Aspen
White Oak production is not likely to         in Far Eastern markets.
increase much, prices of this species may
start to rise soon.                           Cypress wood is suffering under the
                                              competitive pressure of several substitute
The demand for Cherry wood remains            species. Production of this wood this year
healthy, above all for the common grades      has been well below the level of 2001and
and green lumber. Usually, harvesting of      if production will further decline - as is
Cherry trees is stepped up in the fall and    expected - the supply of the most popular
winter, however the current high log prices   grades and sizes may become tight enough
stand in the way more production.             to trigger some modest price advances.
Furthermore, inventories of Cherry lumber
are sufficient to meet the demand and         The domestic demand for Poplar from
prices are expected to remain stable.         millwork and furniture plants and other
                                              end-users is not strong. The export
Sales of Hard Maple lumber have been          demand - mainly from China - is also
sluggish lately. As more Hard Maple will      weak. As the supply of Poplar is abundant
be produced during the next few months,       and inventories may further increase in the
the species will probably remain              months to come, prices are on a downward
oversupplied for a while, above all the       trend. The Poplar market is very volatile.
upper quality grades. For the common          Market conditions were much more
quality grades, the demand from the           favorable a few months ago and it is very

well possible that we will see again an        are also sagging. Items most in demand
upswing early in 2003.                         include common Cherry, Hickory, Soft
                                               Maple, Red Oak, and Walnut. Due to the
Regional Differences                           short Walnut supply prices for this species
                                               are firming.
The US National Weather Service's long-
range forecast for this winter is for wetter   Compiled by AKTRIN from various sources
than average conditions across the             including Hardwood Review,
Southern United States, and warmer than
normal conditions across the North.
Neither is good for logging.

In the Northern United States, log
shortages in the upper Midwest, Tennessee
and the Northeast led to noticeable
curtailments in lumber production.
However, the reduced supply had only
minor effects on the availability, as the
demand for lumber was also weak, both
from domestic and foreign buyers. An
exception is provided by some Soft Maple
items - above all - green lumber. Canadian
cabinet and furniture manufacturers
continued to buy Yellow Birch, and
flooring plants are looking for common
Red Oak and White Oak.

Like elsewhere, the log shortage causes
problems in the Southern region. Many
mills in Alabama and Georgia are losing
business due to the lack of logs. The
demand for lumber sales is fair, but prices
are      depressed.   Some         furniture
manufacturers introduced new lines in
Ash, which boosted the demand for this
species modestly. On the negative side,
common Ash sales to the Far East are
slow. Red Oak purchases by flooring
plants and millwork manufacturers picked
up and prices firmed a bit. Most southern
low-grade items - above all pallet lumber -
are again in good demand. Export sales are
satisfactory. The most required products
include top-graded White Oak, and
Cottonwood for China and Italy. The
supply of White Oak is barely sufficient to
meet the heightened demand.

Log decks are low throughout the
Appalachian region. The shortage is most
critical in Tennessee. With the exception
of green stock and low-grade lumber for
crossties and pallets the domestic demand
for lumber is not strong. Overseas sales of
White Oak and common Poplar (to China)

                           World Value of the US Dollar 6th December 2002

 Australia       Dollar       1.77828                       Indonesia               Rupiah      8992.806
 Bolivia         Boliviano    7.4595                        Japan                   Yen         123.56
 Brazil          Real         3.7481                        Korea, Rep. of          Won         1220.554
 Cambodia        Riel         3835                          Liberia                 Dollar      1
 Cameroon        C.F.A.Franc 649.39                         Malaysia                Ringgit     3.8
 Canada          Dollar       1.5657                        Myanmar                 Kyat        6.4137
                 C.F.A.Franc 657.77
 Central African Republic                                   Nepal                   Rupee       76.5
 China           Yuan         8.2781                        New Zealand             NZ Dollar   1.9932
 Colombia        Peso         2799.6                        Norway                  Krone       7.215
 Congo D.R       C Franc      399                           Panama                  Balboa      1
 Congo, P. Rep. C.F.A.Franc 649.39                          Papua New Guinea        Kina        3.892
 Cote d'Ivoire   C.F.A.Franc 649.39                         Peru                    New Sol     3.5224
 Denmark         Krone        7.3529                        Philippines             Peso        53.4792
 Ecuador         dollar       1                             Russian Fed.            Ruble       31.8674
 Egypt           Pound        4.6325                        Surinam                 Guilder     2178.5
 EU              Euro         0.9903                        Sweden                  Krona       8.9767
 Fiji            Dollar       2.0992                        Switzerland             Franc       1.4573
 Gabon           C.F.A.Franc 649.39                         T hailand               Baht        43.573
 Ghana           Cedi         8330.0                        T ogo, Rep.             C.F.A.Franc 649.39
 Guyana          Dollar       179                           T rinidad and T obago   Dollar      6.16
 Honduras, Rep. Lempira       16.86                         United Kingdom          Pound       0.6345
 India           Rupee        48.1928                       Vanuatu                 Vatu        134.86
                                                            Venezuela               Bolivar     1321.004


LM    Loyale Merchant, a grade of log parcel                    Cu.m  Cubic Metre
FOB   Free-on-Board                                             SQ    Sawmill Quality
SSQ   Select Sawmill Quality                                    KD    Kiln Dry
AD    Air Dry                                                   FAS   Sawnwood Grade First and
Boule A Log Sawn Through and Through                                  Second
      the boards from one log are bundled                             WBP Water and Boil Proof
      together                                                        MR       Moisture Resistant
BB/CC Grade B faced and Grade C backed                          pc    per piece
      Plywood                                                   ea    each
MBF 1000 Board Feet                                             BF    Board Foot
Sq.Ft Square Foot                                               MDF Medium Density Fibreboard
FFR   French Franc                                              F.CFA CFA Franc
Koku 0.278 Cu.m or 120BF                                           Price has moved up or down

                                   Appendix 1                                                                      Tropical Timber Product Price Trends

                                                                                                                               Tropical Log FOB Price Trends



Price Index (Jan 1997=100)




                                                                                                                         Meranti SQ & Up                                  Keruing SQ & Up
                                                                                                                         African Mahogany L-MC                            Obeche L-MC

                             20                                                                                          Sapele L-MC                                      Iroko L-MC

                                    Dec                                                             Jan      Feb         Mar       Apr         May      Jun           Jul         Aug     Sep     Oct   Nov


                                                                                                                   Meranti and Keruing Log FOB Price Trends

                                          Price Index (Jan 1997=100)




                                                                                                                                                                    Meranti SQ & Up
                                                                                    55                                                                              Keruing SQ & Up

                                                                                                          Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun                         Jul     Aug Sep Oct Nov

                                                                                                                          W. African Log FOB Price Trends


                                                                       Price Index (Jan 1997=100)



                                                                                                                                                                African Mahogany L-MC
                                                                                                                                                                Obeche L-MC
                                                                                                                                                                Iroko L-MC

                                                                                                           Dec     Jan    Feb     Mar    Apr     May    Jun         Jul     Aug     Sep   Oct   Nov

                                                                                                                  Tropical Sawnwood FOB Price Trends



Price Index (Jan 1997=100)   120




                             40                                                                                          Meranti                                       Brazilian Mahogany
                                                                                                                         Sapele                                        Iroko
                                                                                                                         khaya                                         Utile

                                   Dec                                                        Jan      Feb         Mar      Apr          May          Jun              Jul       Aug         Sep      Oct   Nov

                                                                                                           Dark Red Meranti Sel & Btr FOB Price Trends


                                    Price Index (Jan 1997=100)





                                                                                               Dec    Jan    Feb    Mar      Apr     May       Jun         Jul         Aug     Sep     Oct     Nov

                                                                                                    Brazilian and African Mahogany FAS 25mm FOB Price


                                                                 Price Index (Jan 1997=100)




                                                                                                                                                                 Brazilian Mahogany


                                                                                                     Dec    Jan    Feb     Mar     Apr     May       Jun         Jul     Aug     Sep     Oct    Nov


                                                                                      W. African Sawnwood FAS 25mm FOB Price Trends


                                                                          140                 Wawa            Sapele

                                             Price Index (Jan 1997=100)
                                                                          130                 Iroko







                                                                                 Dec    Jan    Feb     Mar   Apr   May    Jun   Jul     Aug   Sep   Oct    Nov


                                                                                        Tropical Plywood FOB Price Trends



Price Index (Jan 1997=100)




                                                                                         Indonesian 2.7mm                       Indonesian 6mm

                                                                                         Brazilian Virola 5.2mm                 Brazilian Pine 9mm
                                                                                         Malaysian 2.7mm                        Malaysian 9mm

                                  Dec   Jan                                     Feb      Mar          Apr     May         Jun         Jul     Aug         Sep    Oct   Nov

                                                                                       Indonesian Plywood FOB Price Trends

                                                                                              Indonesian 2.7mm
                                         Price Index (Jan 1997=100)

                                                                                              Indonesian 6mm





                                                                                Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov

                                                                  Malaysian Plywood FOB Price Trends


                                                                        Malaysian 2.7mm

                             Price Index (Jan 1997=100)
                                                                        Malaysian 9mm





                                                               Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov

                                                                  Brazilian Plywood FOB Price Trends

Price Index (Jan 1997=100)





                             50                                                                Virola 5.2mm
                             45                                                                Pine 9mm

                                                          Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov

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