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					City of Goodyear, Arizona

Job Title:                     Judicial Enforcement Officer
Department:                    Court
Supervisor:                    Court Administrator

 Origination Date:                  06/14/2006
 Revision Date:                     05/05/2010
 Job Grade                              805
 FLSA Status                       Non-Exempt

Provides for and maintains the overall security of the court, the employees and visitors. Coordinates all
in-custody defendants transportation between the Justice Facility and detention facilities. Oversees the
management of all court compliance and enforcement programs including warrant, orders of protection,
and injunction against harrassment service.

This information is intended to be descriptive of the key responsibilities of the position. The following examples do not identify all duties
performed by any single incumbent.

           Strength Code                                  ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS
   1               S            Maintains the peace and overall security of the City Justice Facility.
                                Understands, maintains, and operates any related security equipment.
   2               S            Coordinates all in-custody court appearances with the Clerk of the Court, the
                                City Prosecutor’s Office, and various detention facilities. Is responsible for the
                                care, custody, control, and transport of all defendants while in custody.
   3               S            Manages all court compliance and enforcement programs to include follow-up
                                on cases involving defendants that are not in compliance with orders issued by
                                the court. Includes locating and contacting defendants in attempt to resolve
                                such matters and issuing complaints for violations of failure to appear, failure
                                to comply, failure to pay, and related Arizona State Statutes.
   4               S            Performs other duties by working closely and communicating with other
                                agencies, exchanging information, attending meetings and training with local
                                agencies, attending training seminars, and keeping abreast of all current laws
                                and statutes.
   5               S            Maintains a warrant management program to effectively locate and effect the
                                arrests of individuals who have outstanding arrests warrants issued by the city
   6               S            Researchs, organizes, and implements proactive programs or procedures that
                                will reduce the amount of outstanding warrants and fines.

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City of Goodyear, Arizona


                                           JOB REQUIREMENTS
 Formal Education /            Work requires knowledge of a specific vocational, administrative, or
 Knowledge                     technical nature that may be obtained with six-months/one year of advanced
                               study or training past the high school equivalency. Community college,
                               vocational, business, technical or correspondence schools are likely sources.
                               Appropriate certification may be awarded upon satisfactory completion of
                               advanced study or training.
 Experience                    Minimum of two years experience in a court, law enforcement or related
 Certifications and            Valid Arizona Operator’s Driver’s License
 Other Requirements
 Reading                       Work requires the ability to read general correspondence, reports, court
                               papers, statutes, graphs, grids, and diagrams.
 Math                          Work requires the ability to perform general math calculations such as
                               addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
 Writing                       Work requires the ability to write letters, reports, court papers, and
 Managerial                    Semi-Complex - Job has no responsibility for the direction or supervision of
                               others but may provide advice/direction to an employee with less
                               experience/skill or tenure.
 Policy/Decision               Significant - The employee normally performs the duty assignment after
 Making                        receiving general instructions as to methods, procedures, and desired end
                               results. There is some opportunity for discretion when making selections
                               among a few, easily identifiable choices. Work involving discretion is
                               typically reviewed before finalized.
 Technical                     Limited Application - Work requires the use of standard technical skills
                               appropriate to the work environment of the organization. Limited analysis
                               and independent thinking is utilized.
 Interpersonal / Human         High - Interactions may involve support of controversial positions or the
 Relations Skills              negotiation of sensitive issues or important presentations. Contacts may
                               also involve stressful, negative interactions requiring high levels of tact and
                               the ability to respond to aggressive interpersonal interactions.

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    City of Goodyear, Arizona

                                                       Frequency Code Scale
 N = Never                 R = Rarely              O = Occasionally     F = Frequently                            C = Constantly
 Never occurs         Less than 1 hour/week        Up to 1/3 of the time      From 1/3 to 2/3 of the time      2/3 or more of the time

Physical      Frequency Code                Description:                    Physical     Frequency Code            Description:
Demand        (Mark only one)           (Check all that apply)              Demand       (Mark only one)       (Check all that apply)

          N                        Making presentations                  Pushing/     N                   File drawers
          R                        Observing work site                   Pulling      R                   Equipment
          O                        Observing work duties                              O                   Tables and chairs
          F                        Communicating with                                 F
          C                          co-workers                                        C                   Hoses
          N                        Computer keyboard                     Climbing
                                                                                        N                   Stairs
          R                        Telephone keypad                                   R                   Ladders
Dexterity  O                                                                           O
                                    Calculator                                                              Step stools
          F                                                                            F
          C                        Calibrating equipment                              C                   Onto equipment
          N                        To other departments/offices          Vision
                                                                                        N                   Reading
          R                        Around work site                                   R                   Computer screen
          O                                                                            O                   Driving
          F                                                                            F
          C                                                                            C                   Observing work site
          N                        Supplies                              Foot
                                                                                        N                   Driving
          R                        Equipment                                          R                   Operating heavy
          O                                                               Controls     O
          F                        Files                                              F                     equipment
          C                                                                            C                   Operating Dictaphone
          N                        Supplies                              Balancing
                                                                                        N                   On ladders
          R                        Equipment                                          R                   On equipment
          O                        Files                                              O
          F                                                                            F                   On step stools
          C                                                                            C
          N                        Desk work                             Bending
                                                                                        N                   Filing in lower drawers
          R                        Meetings                                           R                   Retrieving items from
          O                        Driving                                            O                     lower shelves/ground
          F                                                                            F
          C                                                                            C                   Making repairs
          N                        For supplies                          Crouching
                                                                                        N                   Filing in lower drawers
          R                        For files                                          R                   Retrieving items from
          O                                                                            O                     lower shelves/ground
          F                                                                            F
          C                                                                            C
          N                        Paperwork                             Hearing
                                                                                        N                   Communicating via
          R                        Monies                                             R                    telephone/radio, to
          O                                                                            O                    co-workers/public
          F                                                                            F                   Listening to equipment
          C                                                                            C
          N                        Filing in lower drawers               Twisting
                                                                                        N                   From computer to
          R                        Retrieving items from lower                        R                     telephone
          O                          shelves/ground                                    O                   Getting inside vehicle
          F                                                                            F
          C                                                                            C
          N                        Under equipment                       Talking
                                                                                        N                   Communicating via
          R                        Inside attics/pipes/ditches                        R                     telephone/radio, to
          O                                                                            O                     co-workers/public
          F                                                                            F
          C                                                                            C
Other                              (Explain)

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City of Goodyear, Arizona

Physical Demands (continued)
Machines, Tools, Equipment and Work Aids:
Radios, video camera, wire scanners, vehicle, telephone, other miscellaneous office equipment.
Computer Equipment and Software:
Microsoft Windows and Office software, Internet, Photo Studio, Internet, and Arizona Criminal Justice
Information System (ACJIS), printers, PC

Environmental Factors:
              Environmental Conditions                      Never     Seasonally   Several Times   Several Times      Daily
                                                                                    Per Month        Per Week
Extreme temperature
  (heat, cold, extreme temp. changes from outside                                                                   
Wetness and/or humidity
   (bodily discomfort from moisture)
                                                                                                                    
Respiratory hazards
   (fumes, gases, chemicals, dust and dirt)
                                                                                                                    
Noise and vibration
   (sufficient to cause hearing loss)
                                                                                                                    
Physical hazards
   (high voltage, dangerous machinery, aggressive                                                                   
   prisoners, patients – not customers)

Health and Safety Conditions:
   Health and Safety Conditions               N = Never    R = Rarely     O = Occasionally   F = Frequently    C = Constantly
                                                Never      Less than 1     1/3 or more of    From 1/3 to 2/3   2/3 or more of
                                               occurs     hour per week       the time         of the time        the time
Mechanical hazards                                                                                              
Chemical hazards                                                                                                
Electrical hazards                                                                                              
Fire hazards                                                                                                    
Explosives                                                                                                      
Communicable diseases                                                                                           
Physical danger or abuse                                                                                        
Other (specify)                                                                                                 

Primary Work Location:
 Office Environment
 Warehouse
 Shop
 Vehicle
 Recreation Centers/Neighborhood Centers
 Outdoors
 Other (Specify) ______________________________________________________________________________

Protective Equipment Required:
Non-lethal force weapons such as: taser, pepper spray, baton, and or other equipment may be
required at the discretion of the Court Administrator.

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City of Goodyear, Arizona

Job Demands

Overall Strength Demands:

                                            Overall Strength Demands
                                           Exerting up to 10 pounds occasionally or negligible weights frequently;
        Sedentary                                                 sitting most of the time.
                                               Exerting up to 20 pounds occasionally, 10 pounds frequently, or
        Light                           negligible amounts constantly AND/OR walking or standing to a significant
                                                Exerting 20-50 pounds occasionally, 10-25 pounds frequently,
        Medium                                                 or up to 10 pounds constantly.
                                               Exerting 50-100 pounds occasionally, 25-50 pounds frequently,
        Heavy                                             or from 10 up to 20 pounds constantly.
                                             Exerting over 100 pounds occasionally, 50-100 pounds frequently,
        Very Heavy                                       or from 20 up to 50 pounds constantly.

Non-physical Demands:

                     Non-physical Demands                     Frequently    Occasionally     Rarely            Never

       Time Pressures                                                                                        
       Emergency Situations                                                                                  
       Frequent Change of Tasks                                                                              
       Irregular Schedule/Overtime                                                                           
       Performing Multiple Tasks Simultaneously                                                              
       Working Closely with Others as Part of a Team                                                         
       Tedious or Exacting Work                                                                              
       Noisy/Distracting Environment                                                                         
       Other (Describe below.)                                                                               

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City of Goodyear, Arizona


                                         Staff – Expected Behavior
The employee is expected to embrace, support, and promote the City’s values, beliefs, and culture
Which include but are not limited to the following:

         Be positive. Do not participate in gossip
         Maintain confidentiality
         Walk the talk – uphold and live the Goodyear culture
         Encourage positive feedback
         Be accountable – submit responses to all requests for information by due date and meet deadlines
         Support a learning culture
         Be on time for all meetings
         Create and implement ethical standards for your worksite
         Be fiscally responsible
         Support the City’s values and mission
         Let common sense prevail
         Be visionary – anticipate issues
         Support organizational change
         Establish and maintain positive and effective working relationships with co-workers, supervisors,
          subordinates, contractors and vendors
         Understand City policies and procedures, make rational decisions/recommendations in
          accordance with established policy.
         Work in a safe manner and report unsafe activities and conditions. Follow the City-wide safety
          policy and everyone’s responsibility. Make it a critical part of the day to day operations.
         Foster teamwork and actively participate on teams and in City activities
         Lead by example
         Provide outstanding customer service to internal and external customers

These traits are not basic job requirements but are expected behavior. Other duties and responsibilities
will be performed as assigned.

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City of Goodyear, Arizona


I have reviewed this job analysis and its attachments and find it to be an accurate description of the
demands of this job.

                                           ___________________________________      ____________________
                                                   Signature of Employee                    Date

  ___________________________________      ___________________________________      ____________________
          Job Title of Supervisor                  Signature of Supervisor                  Date

  ___________________________________      ___________________________________      ____________________
      Job Title of Department Director         Signature of Department Director             Date



The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by
individuals assigned to this job. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities,
duties, and skills required of personnel so classified in this position. This job description is subject to
change as the needs and requirements of the job change.

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