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Home Renovation Budget List by kwh12369


Home Renovation Budget List document sample

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									                               LOVE IT OR LIST IT

   Thanks very much for your interest Love it or List it! Please take some time to fill out the
following application. Only complete applications will be considered. Unfortunately, we are not
able to return any application materials. We will review your application once it is received and
    get in touch with you if we wish to pursue your submission. Please note that we have an
                                    ongoing casting process.

                      Once your application is complete, please send it to:

                                       Love it or List it
                                      C/O Guest Casting
                                 145 Front St. East, Suite 105
                                    Toronto ON M5A 1E3



                               THANKS AGAIN AND GOOD LUCK!


General Information

Names, ages and occupation (if applicable) of all family members currently living in the home:

Home address:

Phone numbers:

Your email:

Are any members of your family affiliated with any performer organization or union (such as

Have you appeared on or applied for any other television shows? If yes, which one(s) and
Have you seen an episode of ‘Love it or List it’?

Part A – The House

What is the age and square footage of the home?

How many bedrooms and bathrooms are in your home?

How long has your family lived in the house?

What was the purchase cost of your home?

Explain what you love most of about your home. (Pros)

Explain what you love the least about your home. (Cons)

List the renovations that could inspire you to stay at your current home and how it will
improve your home life if they are done.

List any recent renovations that have been completed.

Were all relevant permits (if needed) obtained for the listed renovations?
What is your current renovation budget?

List what criteria you would be looking for in a new home (Wish List).

What areas would you consider moving to?

What is your purchasing budget?

Part B – Your Family

Tell us about your family dynamic—what is daily life like in your home?

Tell us what makes your family unique—characteristics, interests…any quirks?

Explain why the house no longer suits your family and why the renovations haven’t been done.

What makes your family a good candidate for Love it or List it?
Please tell us how you heard about Love it or List it!

Part C – Photography Requirements

Please email us or send a CD of images that includes:

3-5 photo of the exterior of the house and backyard

3-5 photos each of interior rooms that need to be addressed

1-3 photos clearly showing your family

Please save the photos as jpeg files.

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