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									Car Insurance Rates Introduces Collector Cars Quotes

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 The insurance partners of Car Insurance Rates have begun offering complimentary quotes
 on coverage for antique or collector’s vehicles. This coverage may now be purchased
 online in addition to policies for traditional automobiles.
Online PR News – 06-May-2011, a site that provides complimentary
estimates on auto insurance coverage, has announced that its partner carriers will now offer free
quotes on collector car insurance , also known as antique vehicle insurance . The site will now
deliver estimates on this form of specialty coverage in addition to policies for standard vehicles as
they always have.

“In analyzing the needs of our visitors, we discovered a small but underserved market in collector’s
car insurance policies. This type of coverage is typically considered highly specialized, so many
carriers only offer it through their agents. Car Insurance Rates has bucked this industry trend by
making quotes on antique auto insurance available 24/7 for drivers,” explained Nathan Ackerman,
spokesman for CIRS.

With most CIRS affiliates, antique car insurance is substantially cheaper than standard policies
because such vehicles are usually driven far less frequently than their modern counterparts. The
new quotes will reflect the significantly lower mileage driven in such vehicles.

“Collectors and car buffs have consistently told us that they do not drive their collectible or antique
vehicle frequently enough to justify the cost of a standard car insurance policy. In most cases, the
car is garaged or otherwise stored for the bulk of the year, so liability insurance requirements are
minimal, at best. We hope our visitors will find that the car insurance quotes our carriers supply are
more than reasonable and better-suited to their needs,” said Ackerman.

CIRS reported that visitors can access the new type of car insurance rate the same way they would
with any other policy—by visiting their home page and inputting information into the brief online form.
The carriers that offer quotes will determine whether the vehicle in question qualifies for collector’s
car insurance.

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