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									                           Grants Opportunities Newsletter
                                                              Spring 2007-08

                                        Multidisciplinary Projects
American Honda Foundation supports youth and                       USDA: National Research Initiative- Competitive Grants
scientific education                                               Program supports research in a variety of field related to
DEADLINE: 05/01/2008                                               agriculture; topics covered by June deadlines are: Air
PHONE: 310-781-4090                                                Quality (202-401-6417); Animal Genome (202-401-5823);
WEB:                                                               Animal Growth & Nutrient Use (202-401-4336); Arthropods               & Nematodes- Suborganismal Biology, Tools (202-401-
                                                                   0222); Human Nutrition- Obesity (202-401-5178); Small
NSF: International Research and Education: Planning                Farms- Agricultural Prosperity (202-720-7536), and; Plant
Visits and Workshops supports the initial phases of                Biosecurity (202-401-5042)
developing and coordinating integrated research and                DEADLINE: 06/05/2008
education activities with foreign partners. Support is             WEB:
primarily for travel and subsistence expenses; salaries and
stipends are not typically supported                               Bradley (Lynde and Harry) Foundation, Inc. supports
DEADLINE: 05/20/2008 (Workshops)                                   projects that focus on cultivating a renewed, healthier, and
WEB:                     more vigorous sense of citizenship among the American
                                                                   people and among peoples of other nations
NSF: Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement                DEADLINE: 06/01/2008 (final)
(CCLI) supports projects that build on prior work and              PHONE: 414-291-9915
contribute to the knowledge base of undergraduate STEM             WEB:
education research and practice. With an emphasis on
measurable outcomes , the program will support: 1)                 NSF: Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Conducting research on undergraduate STEM teaching                 supports projects at colleges and universities that provide
and learning; 2) Creating learning materials and teaching          opportunities for undergraduate students to participate &
strategies; 3) Developing faculty expertise; 4)                    interact in math, science & engineering research
Implementing educational innovations; and 5) Assessing             DEADLINE: 06/06/2008 (Antarctic)
learning and evaluating innovations                                WEB:
DEADLINE: 05/20/2008 (Phase I, states A to M)
              05/21/2008 (Phase I, states N to W)                  Lindbergh (Charles A. & Anne Morrow) Foundation
PHONE: 703-292-8670                                                supports research on agriculture, aviation/aerospace,
WEB:                             conservation of natural resources, education, exploration,
                                                                   health, and waste minimization and management. Seeks
NSF: Alliance for Broadening Participation in STEM                 projects that further a balance between nature and
programs seeks to increase the number of students                  technology
successfully completing quality degree programs in                 DEADLINE: 06/12/2008
science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)            PHONE: 763-576-1596
DEADLINE: 5/30/2008 (letter of intent- Graduate                    WEB:
PHONE: 703-292-8640

Canadian Embassy: Canadian Studies Program                            Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF): Sustainable
Enhancement Grant encourages scholarly inquiry and                    Development Program. Human activity is causing the
multidisciplinary professional academic activities that               depletion of essential resources, global warming, rapid loss
contribute to the development or expansion of a program               of biodiversity, and accelerating degradation of Earth's life
dedicated to the study of Canada or Canada-U.S. relations.            support systems. These developments threaten the
Of particular interest are innovative projects that promote           livelihoods, health, and security of people in all nations and
awareness among students and the public about Canada                  cultures as well as the well being of the greater community
and Canada-U.S. relations. Programs are encouraged that               of life. The RBF's sustainable development grantmaking
foster student mobility (exchanges, study tours,                      endeavors to address these challenges by supporting
internships, scholarships) to Canada and that promote                 environmental stewardship that is ecologically based,
institutional linkages and research collaboration in priority         economically sound, socially just, culturally appropriate,
areas with Canadian institutions. Institutions must                   and consistent with intergenerational equity. The Fund
demonstrate their funding support for the program and that            encourages government, business, and civil society to
they are bringing innovative ideas to the program.                    work collaboratively on environmental conservation and to
DEADLINE: 06/15/08                                                    make it an integral part of all development planning and
WEB:                                  activity. Recognizing the global nature of many
washington/studies/canadianstudies-en.asp                             environmental problems, the Fund also promotes
PHONE: 202/682-7727                                                   international cooperation in addressing these challenges.
                                                                      In 2006, grants ranged in size from $1,500 to $300,000,
Canadian Embassy: Canadian Studies Conference                         and in length from six months to three years.
Grant Program supports conferences that address                       DEADLINE: anytime, letter of inquiry
important and timely issues about Canada, its relationship            PHONE: 212/812-4200
with the United States, and its international affairs.                WEB:
DEADLINE: 06/15/08                                                    programs_show.htm?doc_id=472517
      washington/studies/canadianstudies-en.asp                       Rockefeller Brothers Fund: Peace and Security
PHONE: 202/682-7727                                                   Program focuses on two factors that may be key to
                                                                      advancing or undermining global problem solving: (1) the
Hagley Museum and Library Short-term Grants-in-Aid                    content and style of U.S. global engagement in the face of
support visits to Hagley for scholarly research in the                new perils and opportunities; and (2) the strength and
imprint, manuscript, pictorial, and artifact collections. They        quality of relationships between Muslim and Western
are designed to assist researchers with travel and living             societies. In addition, peace and security is a theme that
expenses while using the research collections. Scholars               may be identified for attention in one or more of the Fund's
receive a stipend, make use of the research holdings, and             pivotal places. In 2006, grants ranged in size from $1,500
participate in the programs of the Center for the History of          to $300,000, and in length from six months to three years.
Business, Technology, and Society.                                    DEADLINE: anytime, letter of inquiry
DEADLINE: 06/30/2008, 10/31/2008, 03/31/2009                          PHONE: 212/812-4200
PHONE: 302/658-2400                                                   WEB:
WEB:                                programs_show.htm?doc_id=502534

Hagley Museum and Library: Henry Belin du Pont                        Rockefeller Brothers Fund: Democratic Practice
Fellowships honor the memory of Henry Belin du Pont, a                Program supports grants to address the health of
founding trustee and long-time supporter of Hagley. The               democracy in the United States and the strength of
Henry Belin du Pont Memorial Fund supports access to                  democracy in global governance. In 2006, grants ranged in
and use of Hagley's research collections. These                       size from $1,500 to $300,000, and in length from six
fellowships are intended to support serious scholarly work.           months to three years.
They enable scholars to pursue advanced research and                  DEADLINE: anytime, letter of inquiry
study in the library, archival, and artifact collections of the       PHONE: 212/812-4200
Hagley Museum & Library.                                              WEB:
DEADLINE: 06/30/2008, 10/31/2008, 03/31/2009                          programs_show.htm?doc_id=473836
PHONE: 302/655-2400

                              Arts, Humanities & Education Projects
NEH: Challenge Grants support institutions that are
interested in developing new sources of long-term support for           National Historical Publications and Records
educational, scholarly, and public programs in the humanities           Commission Archival Projects, Digitizing Historical
DEADLINE: 05/01/2008                                                    Records and Electronic Records supports the
PHONE: 202-606-8309                                                     preservation, publication, and use of documentary sources
WEB:                                                       relating to the history of the United States
                                                                        DEADLINE: 06/02/2008 (Full)
NEH: Fellowships provide salary support for college faculty             PHONE: 866-272-6272
and independent scholars to support the pursuit of advanced             WEB:
work that can enhance the fellows' capacities as interpreters
of the humanities and enable them to make significant                   NEA: Challenge America Fast-Track Review Grants offers
contributions to thought and knowledge in the humanities                $10,000 grants to small and mid-sized organizations for
DEADLINE: 05/01/2008                                                    projects that extend the reach of the arts to underserved
PHONE: 202-606-8467                                                     populations - those whose opportunities to experience the
WEB:                                                       arts are limited by geography, ethnicity, economics, or
Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education:                    DEADLINE: 06/02/2008
Comprehensive Program supports and disseminates                         PHONE: 202-682-5530
innovative reform projects that promise to be models for                WEB:
improving the quality of postsecondary education and
increasing student access. Awards are made in a number of               Princess Grace Foundation supports talented young artists
areas including: postsecondary education access; retention              in the fields of theater, dance, and film.
and completion; student preparation for college; cost-                  DEADLINE: 06/02/2008 (Film)
effectiveness; and curricula reform. Awards each range from             PHONE: 212-317-1470
$400,000-$600,000 for a four-year project.                              WEB:
DEADLINE: 05/05/08
FED-REG: 03/21/08                                                       NEA: Learning in the Arts for Children and Youth funds
WEB:                              projects that help children and youth acquire knowledge,
PHONE: 202/502-7506                                                     skills, and understanding of the arts consistent with national,
                                                                        state, or local arts education standards
NEH: Preservation Assistance Grants for Smaller                         DEADLINE: 06/09/2008
Institutions help small and mid-size institutions--libraries,           WEB:
museums, and historical societies, town and county records
offices, archival repositories, community colleges, and                 National Endowment for the Humanities: Preservation
underserved departments and units within colleges and                   and Access: Humanities Collections and Resources
universities and other larger institutions--improve their ability       combines support for activities that were funded previously
to preserve and care for their humanities collections                   through two separate grant categories: (a) Preserving and
DEADLINE: 05/15/2008                                                    Creating Access to Humanities Collections, and (b)
PHONE: 202-606-8570                                                     Reference Materials. To ensure that significant collections
WEB:                                                       are preserved and available for research, education, or public
                                                                        programming in the humanities, applications may be
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts residential fellowships           submitted for the following activities: (1) digitizing collections;
in Mt. San Angelo, VA support writing, visual arts, and                 (2) preservation reformatting; (3) conservation treatment; (4)
composition                                                             deacidification of collections; (5) arranging and describing
DEADLINE: 05/15/2008 (for Fall residence)                               archival and manuscript collections; and (6) cataloging
PHONE: 804-946-7236                                                     collections of printed works, photographs, recorded sound,
WEB:                                                       moving
                                                                        image, art, and material culture.
National Historical Publications and Records                            DEADLINE: 07/15/08
Commission supports a wide range of activities involving the            WEB:
preservation, publication, and use of documentary sources               Collections_and_Resources.html
relating to the history of the United States                            PHONE: 202/606-8570
DEADLINE: 06/02/2008 (Final- Electronic & Founding Era)
PHONE: 866-272-6272

                     Science, Engineering and Mathematics Projects
NASA: Land Cover/Land Use Change supports studies on                 Dreyfus (Camille and Henry) Foundation: Faculty Start-Up
land cover and land use change that are coupled to climate           Awards provides new faculty at primarily undergraduate
variability and global change and are likely to effect the           institutions with a Start-up Award designed to help initiate
resources and services that agriculture, forest, and                 their research programs
rangelands provide to society and the natural environment            DEADLINE: 05/08/2008
DEADLINE: 05/01/2008 (letter of intent)                              PHONE: 212-753-1760
PHONE: 202-479-9030                                                  WEB:
                                                                     NSF: Coupling, Energetics, and Dynamics of
National Research Council: Senior and Postdoctoral                   Atmospheric Regions supports research to understand the
Research Associateships provide opportunities for                    behavior of atmospheric regions from the middle atmosphere
scientists and engineers to perform research in participating        upward through the thermosphere and ionosphere into the
laboratories within Federal agencies and organizations               exosphere in terms of coupling, energetics, chemistry, and
DEADLINE: 05/01/2008 (CDB, NRL)                                      dynamics on regional and global scales
PHONE: 202-334-2760                                                  DEADLINE: 5/10/2008
WEB:                                 PHONE: 703-292-8529
American Astronomical Society: Research Grants support
international observational astronomy with the emphasis              Research Corporation: Cottrell College Science Awards
upon long-term, international visits. Also funds small               support faculty research in chemistry, physics & astronomy at
research grants for astronomers from smaller, less endowed           predominantly undergraduate colleges
institutions and from individuals not associated with an             DEADLINE: 05/15/2008 (target)
institution                                                          PHONE: 520-571-1111
DEADLINE: 05/01/2008 (Small Research Grants)                         WEB:
PHONE: 202-328-2010
WEB:                                             Collegiate Inventors Competition awards cash prizes to
                                                                     students and their faculty advisors for developing new
NSF: Antarctic Research supports research in Antarctica              inventions in science-related fields
and related research & analysis in the U.S.                          DEADLINE: 05/16/2008
DEADLINE: 05/02/2008 (Research on the Oden)                          PHONE: 330-849-6887
PHONE: 703-292-8033                                                  WEB:
                                                                     NASA: Origins of Solar Systems Program (OSSP) solicits
Sun Microsystems, Inc. Academic Excellence Grant                     basic research proposals to conduct scientific investigations
Program provides equipment to institutions of higher                 related to understanding the formation and early evolution of
education who have developed creative projects that address          planetary systems and to provide the fundamental research
Sun's investment priorities and create partnerships for              and analysis necessary to detect and characterize other
success.                                                             planetary systems.
DEADLINE: 05/04/2008                                                 DEADLINE: 05/23/2008 (final)
WEB:                                         WEB:
                                                                     NASA: Astrophysics Theory and Fundamental Physics
EPA: Consequences of Global Change for Water Quality                 supports efforts to develop basic theory needed for NASA's
supports research into the consequences of climate change            space astrophysics programs.
for U.S. water quality to support human and aquatic life uses.       DEADLINE: 05/30/2008 (final)
DEADLINE: 05/08/2008                                                 PHONE: 202-358-0441
PHONE: 202-343-9802                                                  WEB:
Dreyfus (Camille and Henry) Foundation: New Faculty
Awards Program provides an unrestricted research grant of            NASA: Planetary Astronomy Program supports ground-
$40,000 that is generally made before the new faculty                based telescopic observations that contribute to the
members formally begin their first tenure-track appointment,         understanding of the general properties and evolution of the
and is based on institutional nomination                             planets and their satellites, and of asteroids and comets
DEADLINE: 05/08/2008                                                 DEADLINE: 6/06/2008 (final)
PHONE: 212-753-1760                                                  WEB:

NSF: Small Business Innovative Research & Small                     PHONE: 212-753-1760
Business Technology Transfer (STTR). The STTR                       WEB:
Programs stimulate technological innovation in the private
sector, by strengthening the role of small business concerns        NSF: Chemistry Research Instrumentation and Facilities:
in meeting Federal research and development needs,                  Departmental Multi-user Instrumentation (CRIF:MU)
increasing the commercial application of federally supported        enables NSF’s Division of Chemistry to respond to needs for
research results, and fostering and encouraging participation       infrastructure that promotes research and education in areas
by socially and economically disadvantaged persons and              traditionally supported by the Division. The Departmental
women-owned small businesses                                        Multi-User Instrumentation component of CRIF (CRIF:MU)
DEADLINE: 6/10/2008 (Phase I)                                       provides funds to universities, colleges, and consortia thereof
PHONE: 703-292-9057                                                 for the purchase of multi-user |instruments. The maximum
WEB:                     request is $500,000 for instrumentation.
                                                                    DEADLINE: 06/23/2008
Lindbergh (Charles A. & Anne Morrow) Foundation                     PHONE: 703/292-4454
supports research on agriculture, aviation/aerospace,               WEB: pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=13579
conservation of natural resources, education, exploration,          NSF-DOC:
health, and waste minimization and management. Seeks       pub_summ.jsp?ods_key=nsf08539
projects that further a balance between nature and
technology                                                          Dreyfus (Camille and Henry) Foundation: Henry Dreyfus
DEADLINE: 06/12/2008                                                Teacher-Scholar Awards Program supports the research
PHONE: 763-576-1596                                                 and teaching careers of talented young faculty in the
WEB:                                    chemical sciences. Based on institutional nominations, the
                                                                    program provides discretionary funding to faculty at an early
NASA: Planetary Instrument Definition and Development               stage in their careers. The Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar
Program supports the advancement of spacecraft-based                Awards Program is based on accomplishment in scholarly
instrument technology that shows promise for use in                 research with undergraduates, as well as a compelling
scientific investigations on future planetary missions              commitment to teaching. Nominees must hold a full-time
DEADLINE: 06/13/2008 (notice of intent)                             tenure-track academic appointment, be between the fourth
WEB:                                  and twelfth years of their independent academic careers, an
                                                                    be engaged in research and teaching primarily with
Dreyfus (Camille and Henry) Foundation: Special Grants              undergraduates. The award provides a $60,000 unrestricted
Program in the Chemical Sciences supports projects in               research grant.
chemistry education; proposals are invited in areas                 DEADLINE: 06/26/2008, nominations
consistent with the Foundation's objectives but not covered         PHONE: 212/753-1760
by other Foundation programs                                        WEB:
DEADLINE: 6/15/2008 letter of inquiry, 11/13/2008 full    

                               Social & Behavioral Science Projects
Wenner-Gren Foundation: Post PhD. Research Grant                    interests and goals of SPSSI and particularly those that are
support basic research in anthropology, particularly projects       not likely to receive support from traditional sources
using comparative perspectives or integrating two or more           DEADLINE: 05/01/2008
subfields of anthropology                                           PHONE: 313-662-9130
DEADLINE: 05/01/2008 (letter of inquiry)                            WEB:
PHONE: 212-683-5000
WEB:                                             Mailman (A.L.) Family Foundation supports projects in
                                                                    early childhood care and education, family support, and
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues                children and youth's moral education and social responsibility
(SPSSI): Grants-In-Aid Program supports scientific                  DEADLINE: 05/01/2008 (letter of inquiry)
research in social problem areas related to the basic               PHONE: 914-681-4448
interests and goals of SPSSI and particularly those that are        WEB:
not likely to receive support from traditional sources
DEADLINE: 05/01/2008                                                Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research:
PHONE: 202-675-6956                                                 Conferences and Workshops support up to $15,000 for
WEB:                                      events that foster the creation of an international community
                                                                    of research scholars in anthropology and advance significant
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues                and innovative anthropological research.
(SPSSI): Grant-in-Aid small grants support scientific               DEADLINE: 06/01/2008, 12/01/2008
research in social problem areas related to the basic               PHONE: 212/683-5000
programs_show.htm?doc_id=370402                                        money for innovative research that may challenge the
Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research:                   discipline, stimulate new lines of research, and create new
International Collaborative Research Grants support                    networks of scientific collaboration
international research collaborations between two or more              DEADLINE: 06/15/2008
qualified scholars, where the principal investigators bring            PHONE: 202-383-9005
different and complementary perspectives, knowledge,                   WEB:
and/or skills to the project. Supplemental funds are also
available to provide essential training for academic research          William T. Grant Foundation: Scholars Program grants
participants in ICRG-funded projects (co-applicants,                   further the understanding of human behavior through
students, as well as other professional colleagues). Grants            research. Today, the majority of Foundation funding supports
are for a maximum of $30,000 for the research project.                 empirical studies that advance theory, as well as policy and
DEADLINE: 06/01/2008, DEC 1                                            practice, to improve the everyday settings of youth ages 8 to
WEB:                                      25 in the United States. The Scholars Program is designed to
programs_show.htm?doc_id=368683                                        foster career development among
PHONE: 212/683-5000                                                    promising early-career researchers.
                                                                       DEADLINE: 07/09/08, nominations
American Psychological Association supports scientific                 WEB:
research conferences to promote the exchange of important              PHONE: 212/752-0071
new contributions and approaches in scientific psychology.
One of the primary organizers must be a member of APA.                 Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Resesarch:
Independent research institutions must provide evidence of             International Symposia support symposia involving a small
affiliation with such an accredited institution. Joint proposals       group of invited scholars who meet for intensive discussion
from cooperating institutions are encouraged. Conferences              and debate.
may be held only in the United States, its possessions, or             Symposia topics are either initiated by the Foundation or
Canada. $500 to $20,000, is available for each scientific              selected from submitted proposals on the basis of the
conference. The conference must also be supported by the               importance and timeliness of the topic, the promise of
host institution with direct funds, in-kind                            meaningful exchange among scholars representing diverse
support, or a combination of the two.                                  perspectives and fields, and the potential for opening up new
DEADLINES: 6/1/2008, 12/1/2008                                         approaches to significant problems.
WRITE: Attn: Stephanie Cox, APA Science Directorate, 750               DEADLINE: anytime
First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242                            WEB:
PHONE: 202/336-6000                                                    programs_show.htm?doc_id=368542
WEB:                           PHONE: 212/683-5000

American Sociological Association: Fund for the
Advancement of the Discipline small grants provide seed

                                        Health & Medicine Projects
Nat'l Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia/                          enable eligible institutions to develop or enhance research
Depression: Distinguished Investigator Award stimulates                training opportunities for individuals, selected by the
the development of key personnel and resources, facilitates            institution, who are training for careers in specified areas of
the rapid initiation of research in innovative areas, and              biomedical and behavioral research
enables investigators to create unique opportunities for the           DEADLINE: 05/25/2008
study of schizophrenia and depression; competition open to             PHONE: 301-435-0714
scientists at the rank of professor or equivalent                      WEB:
DEADLINE: 05/15/2008 (letter of intent)                      
PHONE: 516-829-0091
WEB:                      NIH: Program Projects Grants (P01)
                                                                       an award mechanism that supports broadly based, often
NIH-Fogarty International Center: International Research               multidisciplinary long-term, health-related research programs
Collaboration Award (FIRCA) supports collaborative                     of major objectives or themes
research between US biomedical scientists supported by NIH             DEADLINE: 05/25/2008
and investigators in the developing world. Separate                    PHONE: 301-435-0714
deadlines for Basic Biomedical (BB) and Behavioral and                 WEB:
Social Science
DEADLINE: 05/21/2008 (BB)
PHONE: 301-496-1653

NIH: Institutional National Research Service Awards

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