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Pen Picture Bristol North SpR Post


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									                                  BRISTOL NORTH CLDT
                             Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Alan Kellas
                                    Specialty Registrar Post

CLDT Base and Administrative Support

1.      The post is based in Phoenix House, which together with adjacent Lewis House form the
        base for the Bristol North Community Learning Disabilities Team. These two buildings in
        Westbury-on-Trym were originally in the grounds of the old Brentry Hospital for people
        with Learning Disabilities. Since the closure of the hospital these units continued to serve
        their purpose whilst the rest of the grounds were sold and are covered with newly built
        upmarket houses. The remaining land next to the CLDT base has been developed to
        become a local Mental Health NHS Resource Centre.
2.      There are ample parking facilities in the grounds.
3.      The team base is within easy access to the M5 and M4 motorway.
4.      The Specialty Registrar shares a pleasant office with the ST2/3, each with their own desk,
        telephone and PC with internet access next door to the satellite library and very close to
        the Consultant in the team.
5.      The rest of the two buildings is occupied by the large multi-disciplinary team with whom
        there are good relationships and communications.
6.      There is excellent secretarial support.

Clinical Work

1.      Bristol North has a large number of residential homes for people with Learning
        Difficulties. Most of these people have additional challenges like Autism, Physical
        Disability, Mental Health problems, Epilepsy and Personality disorder.
2.      Wherever possible we are treating people in their own homes/out-patient clinics, but
        occasionally we admit for a more comprehensive multi-disciplinary assessment, which the
        Specialty Registrar would be leading.
3.      The Specialty Registrar works fully supported by other team members but has
        responsibility for his/her caseload with regular supervision by Consultant.
4.      We get about 5-6 new referrals per month.

Training Issues

1.      The Clinical Supervisor, Dr. Alan Kellas, sees the Specialty Registrar weekly for 1:1
2.      There is an ST2/3 trainee attached to the team which would give the Specialty Registrar
        some opportunity for teaching.
3.      There are regular slots timetabled for teaching medical students which the Specialty
        Registrar is encouraged to take part in.
4.      There are two special interests and two research sessions within the timetable and there
        may be some degree of flexibility with these sessions depending on the Specialty
        Registrar’s educational need. The timetabling of the sessions can also be flexible.

Dr. Alan Kellas has an interest in services for people with autism, developing communication
skills and Action Research methods in psychiatry.

Updated Feb 2008

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