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               518-462-5658      .                          .
                             518-462-5684 (FAX) info@preservenys.org www.preservenys.org.

National Trust For Historic Preservation                        John E. Streb Fund for New York provides nonprofit
The National Trust provides matching grants and low-            organizations and public agencies matching grants
interest loans for preservation activities. Funding is          from $500 to $5,000 (typically from $1,000 to
available for site acquisition, rehabilitation costs,           $1,500) for preservation planning and education
inner-city neighborhoods, education programs, and               efforts. Funds may be used to obtain professional
for the restoration of historic interiors. See                  expertise in areas such as architecture, archeology,
www.nationaltrust.org/help/preserving_sacred_sites.html.        engineering, preservation planning, land-use
Unless instructed otherwise, contact Brent Leggs,               planning, fund raising, organizational development
Northeast Regional Office, for information on the               and law as well as preservation education activities
National Trust grant programs: NTHP Northeast                   to educate the public. Funds are not available to
Regional Office, Seven Faneuil Hall Marketplace, 4th            support “bricks and mortar” restoration costs.
Floor, Boston, MA 02109, 617-523-0885,                          Application deadlines are February 1 and
Northeast_Office@nthp.org,                                      October 1.
                                                                Save America’s Treasures is a partnership between
The Johanna Favrot Fund for Historic Preservation               the National Park Service and the National Trust.
provides nonprofit organizations and public agencies            Historic properties owned by active religious
grants ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 for projects              organizations may be eligible for funding if they
that contribute to the preservation or the recapture            meet the national significance criteria. See guidelines
of an authentic sense of place. Individuals and for-            at www.saveamericastreasures.org, or contact Trust
profit businesses may apply only if the project for             staff at 202-588-6202, 877-873-2787 or
which funding is requested involves a National                  saveamericastreasures@nthp.org. Only nationally-
Historic Landmark. Funds may be used for                        significant sites are eligible (i.e., National Historic
professional services, conferences, workshops and               Landmarks or National Register of Historic Places
education programs. Grants generally range from                 sites listed at the level of national significance). For
$2,500 to $10,000. Funds are not available to                   information on the NR status of a site, see
support “bricks and mortar” restoration costs.                  www.nysparks.state.ny.us/shpo. To discuss
Competition for these grants is intense; this is a              upgrading your site contact Mark Peckham at
national grant source with a very limited number of             NYSHPO:
funds. The application deadline is February 1.                  518-237-8643. For questions directly related to the
The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Fund for Historic Interiors          federal grant program process, call Joe Wallis at
provides nonprofit organizations and public agencies            the National Park Service at 202-354-2054.
grants ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 to assist in
the preservation, restoration, and interpretation of            New York Landmarks Conservancy
historic interiors. Individuals and for-profit businesses       For information about the following NYLC programs,
may apply only if the project for which funding is              contact Ann-Isabel Friedman, Program Director,
requested involves a National Historic Landmark.                annfriedman@nylandmarks.org, or Elizabeth
Funds may be used for professional expertise, print             McTigue, Manager of Grants and Technical Services,
and video communications materials, and education               emctigue@nylandmarks.org; New York Landmarks
programs. Funds are not available to support “bricks            Conservancy, 141 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY,
and mortar” restoration costs. Competition for these            10010, 212-995-5260 or visit
grants is intense; this is a national grant source with a       www.nylandmarks.org.
very limited number of funds. The application
deadline is February 1.
Selected Sources of Assistance: Historic Religious Properties                                               Page 2
Preservation League of New York State, Technical and Grant Programs

New York Landmarks Conservancy, cont.                            Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) provides
                                                                 reimbursement grants to municipalities and nonprofit
Sacred Sites Program (SSP) provides grants for the               corporations, including religious institutions, for the
preservation of historic religious buildings and                 preservation and restoration of historic properties
related sites throughout New York State. Support for             and development of the state's Heritage Areas
planning and implementation is available. Eligible               System. Historic preservation grants must improve,
properties must be owned by a religious institution,             protect, preserve, rehabilitate or restore properties
and designated as a local landmark or listed in the              on the State or National Registers of Historic Places.
State or National Registers of Historic Places. The              All grants are made available on a matching basis
maximum grant is $10,000. The recipient must match               of up to 50% of total project costs. For the long term
the award dollar-for-dollar. Deadlines for                       protection of the property, recipients must convey a
application are generally May 1st and November                   covenant to OPRHP, based on the amount of funding
1st of each year.                                                received. For information regarding the next funding
                                                                 round and the name of your regional grant staff, see
Consulting Grant Fund
                                                                 websites listed above or contact Austin O’Brien,
The SSP administers another 50/50 matching grant
to support professional fees for the preservation of             518-237-8643, x3279. Note: Clean Water/Clean
historic houses of worship and related sites in New              Air Bond Act funding is no longer available.
York City. Projects considered for funding include:
conditions surveys, master plans, specification
writing, project management, engineering reports,                         TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE
stained glass surveys, and laboratory testing. There
are no deadlines for this program. Contact staff for
eligibility.                                                     Interfaith Coalition on Energy (ICE)
                                                                 ICE is a not-for-profit organization that assists
Robert W. Wilson Sacred Sites Challenge                          religious institutions to reduce the costs of operating
This SSP grant program awards matching grants of                 facilities, use less energy, purchase energy at a
$25,000 to $50,000 for large church restoration                  lower cost, and to anticipate and prevent problems
projects. Eligible properties must be owned by a                 with mechanical and electrical systems. ICE publishes
religious institution, actively used for worship, and            “Comfort and Light,” a quarterly newsletter, and also
listed as a local landmark or on the State and                   provides documents, research reports, and articles
National Registers of Historic Places. Priority is given         related to the conservation of energy in religious
to the large-scale, comprehensive restoration of                 buildings. These are available for a small fee.
steeples, roofs and related drainage systems,                    Contact: Andrew Rudin, Interfaith Coalition on
exterior masonry walls, and stained glass windows.               Energy, 7217 Oak Avenue, Melrose Park, PA
Consultant fees and planning documents will not be               19027, 215-635-1122 or
funded. Prospective applicants must first call to                andrewrudin@earthlink.net.
discuss their projects.
                                                                 Interfaith Coalition on Energy (ICE) - WNY
                                                                 ICE-WNY is a not-for-profit organization that assists
New York State Historic Preservation                             religious institutions in Western New York with
Office (SHPO), Office of Parks                                   energy studies, consulting services, and educational
Recreation and Historic Preservation                             programs. To be placed on the newsletter mailing list
                                                                 contact Maureen Gensler at 716-882-4793 or
(OPRHP)                                                          mggensler@aol.com. For energy related questions,
Information on all SHPO programs is available at:                contact Viki Ingersoll, Technical Liaison, Interfaith
www.nysparks.state.ny.us/shpo; 518-237-8643; or                  Coalition on Energy - WNY, 795 Main Street,
Field Services Bureau, NYS OPRHP, Peebles Island,                Buffalo, NY 14203, 716-847-8389;
Box 189, Waterford, NY 12188. For National                       VIngersoll@Buffalodiocese.org.
Register, Technical and Grants or Archaeology units
regional staff contacts, visit
www.nysparks.state.ny.us/shpo/state/map.htm or go                Designation of Landmarks
to the main site and click on the “Territory Maps” link.         To list buildings as local landmarks, ask the municipal
For information about grants and availability of                 clerk whether your community has a preservation
applications, visit www.nysparks.state.ny.us/grants/.            ordinance and a preservation commission
Selected Sources of Assistance: Historic Religious Properties                                                Page 3
Preservation League of New York State, Technical and Grant Programs

Landmarks, continued                                             Partners for Sacred Places
local landmarks and historic districts. For information          Partners for Sacred Places is a national, not-for-
about listing on the State and National Register of              profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to
Historic Places and issues regarding landmark and                the sound stewardship and preservation of America’s
historic district designations, first visit the National         religious properties. Through its Information
Park Service website : www.cr.nps.gov/nr/, or                    Clearinghouse, annual conference, and educational
contact the National Register Reference Desk at                  projects, Partners provides information on fundraising
202-354-1496. Then contact the NYS OPRHP, Field                  strategies, repair and rehabilitation techniques,
Services Bureau by visiting                                      shared space projects, and local sources of
www.nysparks.state.ny.us/shpo or calling Mark                    assistance. For more information, visit
Peckham, 518-237-8643, x 3258.                                   www.sacredplaces.org or contact: Partners for
                                                                 Sacred Places, 1700 Sansom Street, Tenth Floor,
                                                                 Philadelphia, PA 19103, 215-567-3234;
National Park Service                                            partners@sacredplaces.org.
The website has an extensive list of resources, a
section on “Caring for your historic building,”
briefs on preservation issues, technical                         Preservation League of New York State
information and publications. The main page is                   The Preservation League of New York State is the
                                                                 statewide, not-for-profit, membership organization
www.nps.gov; technical briefs on a broad list of
                                                                 dedicated to the preservation of New York State’s
topics are at www.cr.nps.gov/architecture.htm,
                                                                 historic resources. Staff provides assistance with
www2.cr.nps.gov/tps/index.htm.                                   building-specific and general preservation planning
Secretary of Interior's Standards for                            issues and advocacy assistance. The Preserve New
Rehabilitation. Detailed guidelines on accepted                  York grant program provides funding for survey
practices for the various approaches to                          projects leading to landmark designation, and
preservation work, see www.cr.nps.gov/local-                     religious sites may be included in the resulting historic
law/arch_stnds_0.htm.                                            districts; however, a religious organization cannot be
                                                                 the lead applicant. Contact: Tania Werbizky,
National Trust for Historic Preservation                         Director, Technical Grants & Programs, 202 The
The Trust has a website section on preservation of               Commons, Suite 302, Ithaca, New York 14850, 607-
                                                                 272-6510, twerbizky@preservenys.org; or at 44
Historic Houses of Worship. See:
                                                                 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12206, 518-462-5658
There are several publications available as PDF
files including Preserving Historic Religious
Properties: A Toolkit for Congregations and                                   OTHER RESOURCES:
Community Leaders. The toolkit helps identify
important character-defining features of historic                African American Heritage Preservation
church structures, gives examples of other successful               Foundation, Inc.: www.aahpf.org
reuses of churches in Boston and surrounding
communities, and offers guidance for repairs and                 Faith and Form Magazine:
redevelopment of historic church structures. The                      www.members.tripod.com/FaithNForm
toolkit also provides basic information on how local             H-Stained-Glass listserve on History-Net,
zoning and permitting processes work, and lists                  www.h.net.org, is an Internet discussion forum on
specialists who can be called upon to help plan for              historic research, documentation, creation, restoration
the repair, maintenance, and sensitive reuse of                  and preservation of architectural stained glass. The
historic religious structures. While focused on                  list provides a forum for reporting research findings
Massachusetts, the information is relevant for other             on stained glass artists and studios, styles,
regions. The Trust also publishes a number of books              techniques…raising issues related to repair,
on preservation, fundraising, etc.. See                          restoration and preservation…To subscribe visit:
www.nthp.org; www.preservationbooks.org; or                      www.h-net.org/lists/subscribe
contact preservation_books@nthp.org; or
                                                                 Stained Glass Association of America:
                                                                                                          November, 2006

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