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									Paul Shorey - PHP Developer / UI Designer                                                                                                              860 849 1282

Web designer and developer with 6 years web publishing experience. Specializing in creating unique and
exciting user interfaces, looking for a team that shares the same passion for clean code and good design.

November 2009 - Present | Focus Features | New York NY                                       Technologies
Front End Developer, Fulltime                                                      PHP, HTML, CSS, LAMP
   Published pages and film sites viewed by 1,000,000+ visitors/month       JavaScript, JQuery, Mootools
   Worked in dev/stage/live environments using SVN+SSH Subversion                   MYSQL, SQL, InnoDB
   Coded new pages and interactive widgets to design specifications                      AJAX, XML, JSON
   Updated existing pages and mini-sites for IE6 and newer browsers                     Actionscript 2 & 3
   Added data and interactivity to frontend pages using a custom CMS                  Smarty, HAML, ETC
   Developed interactive Javascript login, comment, and search boxes
   Created custom slideshows, galleries, scrollers, popups, and effects                           Software
                                                                                  Subversion via SSH+SVN
   Worked in a team environment to meet strict deadlines
                                                                                     Dreamweaver w. FTP                      Adobe CS3 Photoshop, Flash,               Indesign, Illustrator, Lightroom                                       Linux, Apache                                Microsoft Office                                     Windows and Mac
    More at - division of NBC Universal Pictures
May 2006 - Present | Freelance Development | New York NY                           Firefox, Safari, Chrome
PHP Developer, Fulltime/Contract                                                       IE6, IE7, IE8, Opera

   Developed unique PHP/MYSQL content management platform                             Custom UI Widgets
   Developed user-friendly interfaces for public-facing applications                       JSCSSUI Library
   Created new Javascript and JQuery tools and modified existing ones              IE6 vertical positioning
   Collaborated with designers to publish interactive sites                IE6 semi-transparent graphics
   Worked with lead developers and managers to meet deadlines                          IE6 Update toolbar - easy to use content management                          JQuery flash titles plugin - UI for ad buyer/seller portal                        JQuery AJAX CSS popups - custom ecommerce/mailer scripts                    JQuery advanced slideshows - cross-browser CSS / JS framework
    More at - my multimedia portfolio                           Custom PHP Applications
                                                                                       User Friendly CMS
April 2004 - Present | Freelance Design | New York NY                      WordPress Ecommerce Plugin
Web Designer, Contract                                                       Mailinglists, and mail forms
                                                                                 Shopping and payment
   Designed websites from scratch using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator                         integration
   Coded websites using valid HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Flash               AJAX data for user interfaces
   Developed custom Javascript interactions, widgets, and effects
   Published sites using a custom CMS, in a PHP/MYSQL environment                             Education
   Worked directly with clients to create their dream websites                      2009 BFA Media Arts - fine-art photographer                                          Hartford Art School - fine-art jewelry maker                                       West Hartford, CT - fine-art jewelry maker - championship downhill skiier                                             References
    More at - my design portfolio                                    available upon request

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