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									 Page 1 of 3                                              NVQ 3 First line Management
                                                                       Candidate -

        NVQ Level 3 First Line Management Course
                Professional Discussion
    Candidate:

    Company:

    Position :

        Phone:

                 List of things covered in the one hour discussion

                                     Stage 2
                   Evidences given by candidate                          Yes/No
                         Job description
   Team responsibilities and objectives for the year + business             Y
                   plan/company objectives

             Organizational chart and explain who does                      Y
                  Regular team meeting/minutes                              Y

       1:1 appraisal with your manager and 2 members of staff               Y

Employers handbook/or quality process and any company policies              Y

         Samples of work plans/job description of your team                 Y

             Copies of any quality standards and awards                     Y
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                                                           Candidate -

                     (company name Ltd)
Describe the business goals and objectives/service it provides

Describe how your role fits into these goals and objectives

What are you goals and targets

How clear are your staff or project teams goals and targets
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                                                         Candidate -

How do you manage development of yourself and your team from when
you first joined the company to ongoing and planned training to date?

How do you monitor how well you and your team are doing

Describe how you provide feedback to your team

What/where are the biggest opportunities for yourself and your team to
become more effective and how are you going to try to meet these

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