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            The Mail Center is the First Line of Defense                           October 26, 2007
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                                                                         Suspicious Package Shuts
                                                                         Down Umass-Amherst
            Marc Lane                                                    Campus
                                                                         Texan Gets 40 Years For
                              16 Embassies In Brazil Receive             Abortion Clinic Bombing
                                  Mysterious Green Powder                Attempt
                                                                         New Hampshire Hospital
            Brazil's federal police on Wednesday collected               Employee Charged In
            envelopes containing a suspicious green powder that          Fake Bomb Hoax
            were delivered to 16 foreign embassies in Brasilia. The      Terror Exercise Drill
            envelopes, bearing Brazil's official stamp and               Believed To Be Cause Of
            identifying the nation's president as the sender, were       Bomb Scare
            sent to the embassies of Denmark, Belgium, Canada,           Other News (That We
            Peru, the United Kingdom, China, the United States,          Couldn't Fit In)
            Germany, Italy, Iran, Palestine, Japan, Bolivia, Saudi
            Arabia, Syria and Australia. No one was harmed by the mysterious powder.

            The fire brigade's hazardous substance section, the bomb squad, Special Police sniffer
            dogs and the National Nuclear Energy Commission were all mobilized in response to
            the incident. "A one-off operation for this event was undertaken, isolating and
            containing this dust. The material has been picked up for analysis," said lieutenant 10/26/2007
Mailroom Safety News                                                                                   Page 2 of 8
            colonel Alari Garcia Jr, commander of the fifth Brasilia Military Police Battalion. "For
            the moment, no one has been hurt or felt any illness due to contact with the material."
            The Brasilia National Criminology Institute will publish its analysis of the material
            within 30 days, but for the moment officials said it was most likely a prank.

                                                                                         More News

                   Anthrax Mail Scare Shuts Post Offices and Hospital in Tennessee
            ELIZABETHTON, TN -Two post offices and part of a hospital were temporarily shut
            down Wednesday after a woman opened a piece of mail and found a white powdery
            substance inside. "A woman went to the Hampton post office (Wednesday). She
            opened a letter, and it had a white powder inside," said Ed Herbert, spokesman for
            Mountain States Health Alliance. "She went home and showered and changed clothes.
            Hours later, she came here (to Sycamore Shoals Hospital) with no symptoms." Shortly
            before 5 p.m., the woman brought the envelope with her to the hospital, prompting an
            immediate shutdown at the hospital as well as the post offices in both Hampton and
            Elizabethton. "When she walked in we issued a Code Alpha, which deals with chemical
            radiation," Herbert said. "We closed off the immediate areas and protected those not
            already exposed. We followed all the procedures."

            The hospital's emergency room remained on lockdown for hours as a hazardous
            materials team from Kingsport came in to further investigate the suspicious
            substance. Around 7 p.m., Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes reported that
            authorities did not believe there was any serious threat to the general public. Testing
            of the substance, though, was still ongoing. "We don't believe there is a threat, but
            we're taking every precaution thinkable just to ensure everything is OK," Mathes said.
            "We feel comfortable we're doing everything possible."

            Heating and air vents were closed off at the hospital to prevent further exposure,
            while employees and patients inside the emergency room were prohibited from
            leaving. Two vehicles reportedly in contact with the woman following the incident were
            impounded as well, authorities said. It was around 8:30 p.m. when authorities
            officially deemed the substance nonthreatening and gave facilities the go-ahead to act
            under normal operation again. According to officials, the substance appeared to be
            some kind of powder that often is found in bulk mailings.

            Authorities commended the woman for bringing the substance to the attention of
            authorities but offered others who might find themselves in a similar situation a few
            important recommendations. "The main thing is to call the local authorities. Contain it,
            don't try to mess with it," Mathes said. "Don't snowball the issue. Let us come (to you)
            and do our job right there." Members of the Carter County Sheriff's Department,
            Elizabethton police and fire departments, Kingsport Fire Department and HazMat
            Team, the FBI and U.S. Postal Service all assisted in Wednesday's incident.

                                                                                         More News

                   Pennsylvania Woman Says Message on Mailed Billing Constitutes
                                                                     Hate Crime
            CLIFTON HEIGHTS, Pa. -- A local woman said she is outraged by what was written on
            a bill she got in the mail. Now, she wants police to take action, according to NBC 10
            investigative reporter Harry Hairston. "Somebody just wanted to be mean. Somebody
            just wanted to just let us know that's what they thought about us," said Tracey
            Patterson. The Clifton Heights resident said that when she recently checked her
            mailbox what she thought was annoying junk mail turned out to be an insulting
            message. "I'm not a stupid person, and I can read between the lines. I could see right
            away what the message was," Patterson said. The bill is addressed to "Iman Igger." 10/26/2007
Mailroom Safety News                                                                                    Page 3 of 8
            Patterson said that's a play on the name to deliver a racially charged message that
            includes the 'N'-word. "This is really a shame that, in this day and time, people think
            they can get away with intimidating people like that," Patterson said.

            "This possibly could be looked at as, possibly, a hate crime, OK, because of the play
            on the name used, sending it to this particular individual's address," said Acting Postal
            Inspector In Charge Oriey Glenn. Glenn said he has seen a lot of harassing mail, but
            this one raises more concerns. "This may not be the only incident, the only situation
            or only type of harassment that they may try, and we definitely don't want this to
            escalate to something more vicious," said Glenn, adding that his office will investigate.
            "Racism, acts of racism, whatever, is not acceptable, and it's not going to be tolerated
            by innocent people," Patterson said.

            Glenn may get the lead he needs. The company that sent the bill didn't want their
            name used but said they do want to help, Hairston reported. The company's lawyer
            told NBC 10, "We are a victim the same as Ms. Patterson and will cooperate with
            police." And the lawyer said, "We have located the three order cards that were used to
            open the account. We are willing to turn them over to police for fingerprinting."

            Patterson said there are only a few African-American families living in her area. "It
            made me sad for whoever had to do it because I'm looking at it as, obviously, there's
            something missing in their lives that they would have to attack someone and make
            someone feel bad," Patterson said. She also said she hopes the person responsible
            sees the story and hears her message. "They need to seek counseling, and they need
            to love themselves. If they can love themselves then maybe they can appreciate and
            love everyone else despite their differences," Patterson said. The postal inspector said
            anyone convicted of harassment through the mail could face up to a year in prison.

                                                                                          More News

                                Hate Mail Sent to High School Principal Includes Noose
            Brooklyn, NY--The same day the State Senate unanimously passed legislation that
            would create harsher punishment for people who etch, paint, draw or otherwise place
            or display nooses on public or private property, the principal of Canarsie High School
            received hate mail including a noose made of string."

                                                                                          More News

                         White Powder Scare In District Attorney's Office in Memphis
            Memphis, TN--Dist. Atty. Gen. Bill Gibbons' office was under quarantine for a brief
            period this afternoon after a prosecutor received a letter containing a white powder
            later determined to be baking soda. The letter to veteran prosecutor Thomas
            Henderson was opened around 3:15 p.m. in the prosecutors' third-floor office in the
            Criminal Justice Center at 201 Poplar.

            As a precaution, the fire department's hazardous materials team was sent to
            investigate and gave the all-clear about 30 minutes later, said office spokesman
            Jennifer Donnals. She said a letter and powder apparently was sent by a prisoner at
            the Shelby County Penal Farm who has a pending aggravated robbery charge. She
            said the sheriff's department is investigating and that new charges could be filed.

                                                                                          More News

                             Missouri Man On Trial For Sending Letter Bomb to Police
            The jury trial for a man accused of mailing a pipe bomb in a package addressed to the 10/26/2007
Mailroom Safety News                                                                                   Page 4 of 8
            West Plains, Mo., Police Department has been continued to January. Donald W.
            Schamber, 60, of Mountain Grove, Mo., is scheduled for jury trial Jan. 7 in the U.S.
            District Court for the Western District of Missouri, in Springfield. His trial had been
            scheduled for Oct. 22. The trial was moved so the defense can get a psychological
            evaluation, which will be completed within two months, according to the defense
            motion filed in court.

            Schamber was arrested in June for allegedly putting a live pipe bomb in a collection
            box at a West Plains shopping center. The package was addressed to the police station
            and was a plot against his ex-wife's husband, according to court documents. A city
            postal worker, Carl Farruggia of Mountain Home, unloaded the package from the bin
            and noticed it was unusual. He alerted authorities, who found the package contained a
            live bomb. Schamber was charged with the intent to injure another person. In June, a
            federal grand jury indicted Schamber on four charges, replacing the earlier complaint.

            The first count of knowingly depositing a pipe bomb in a mail depository carries a
            possible sentence of 20 years in prison, while the other three counts of making a pipe
            bomb, mailing the bomb with the intent to injure a person and transporting in
            interstate commerce carry possible 10-year prison sentences, according to court

                                                                                           More News

                                               Suspicious Powder in Mail Evacuates GE Oil
            Oshkosh WI--Employees at GE Oil and Gas, 3300 Medalist Drive, evacuated their
            offices on Thursday as the Oshkosh Fire Department investigated a possible chemical
            incident. According to Battalion Chief Mark Boettcher, a GE employee said they opened
            an envelope and saw a white powdery substance about 1 p.m. Hazardous material
            teams from Oshkosh and Appleton responded. The teams checked the envelope, which
            did not have a white powdery substance, Boettcher said. Members of the Appleton
            team tested the envelope and found no particles or residue, Boettcher said. The team
            cleared the scene about 3 p.m. The Oshkosh police department will investigate the
            incident, Boettcher said.

                                                                                           More News

                 NYC Police Respond to Report of Suspicious Powder in Mail at City
            NEW YORK -- Police say a City Hall official received an envelope that contained a white
            powder today, but officials don't belive the substance is dangerous. Police say the
            envelope was found in the 17th floor mailroom at around 2:45 p.m. Wednesday. There
            were no official evaucations, but a spokesman for City Council speaker Christine Quinn
            says some people on that floor were sent home after the incident. Quinn wasn't in the
            office today. Officials removed the envelope and are testing the substance, but there
            was no contamination and no injuries were reported.

                                                                                           More News

                           Italian Prime Minister Sent Threatening Letter With Bullet
            ROME- Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi has been sent a threatening letter with a
            bullet inside and a demand that he resign, his spokesman said on Thursday. The letter
            was sent to the centre-left premier care of the opposition newspaper Il Giornale, which
            is owned by the brother of conservative former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The
            prime minister's spokesman, Silvio Sircana, played down the seriousness of the
            incident, saying Prodi "often receives threats". "We choose not to dramatise incidents 10/26/2007
Mailroom Safety News                                                                                     Page 5 of 8
            - which are serious and worrying nonetheless - to avoid debate, manipulation, or,
            worse still, uncontrollable copy-cat cases," Sircana said.

            But he gave Il Giornale a dressing-down for only mentioning the threat to Prodi at the
            end of a report on similar threats sent to two magistrates probing politicians' business
            links. The media says Prodi himself is being investigated in one of these cases, but
            there has been no official confirmation and the prime minister has denied any irregular
            business activity.

            Sircana said in a statement that the letter was signed by an unknown group called
            "the Social Justice Committee" and read: "Prodi must resign or there will be no further
            warnings." "Does Il Giornale think that a partly live bullet, with such accompanying
            phrases, is a non-story while at the same time it gives pages of coverage to other
            bullets?" asked Sircana.

            A bullet in an envelope is a common way to threaten public figures in Italy, with
            politicians and Roman Catholic churchmen among the recent recipients. Prodi is no
            stranger to such threats. In his former job as European Commission president he
            received a letter bomb at his home, others were planted outside, and another with a
            suspicious white powder. Prodi was not hurt in any of these incidents.

                                                                                          More News

                                    Canadian Post Office Evacuated During Bomb Scare
            OSHAWA -- The Durham Regional Police bomb unit used a robot to explode a
            suspicious package in a parking lot adjacent to the downtown Oshawa post office.
            While police took every precaution to evacuate the post office of 150 employees, it
            turned out the suspicious package, blown up just after 9:30 a.m., was a dud. A postal
            worker said the package, discovered at about 5 a.m., was "found by a clerk, a sorter,
            at the front wickets and then she let the boss know and they took it out back and
            phoned the police." Cops from 17 division got to the post office at about 6 a.m. and
            cordoned off an area in the vicinity of the post office.

            Durham Regional Police spokesman Sergeant Paul McCurbin said officers were taking
            no chances. "We came down and determined that it was suspicious in nature, not only
            what it said on the front of it, but also the contents that appeared inside," said Sgt.
            McCurbin. "It's a little scary to see the bomb squad out here," said Chris Brant, who
            couldn't get to his car parked in the public lot at Celina and Athol. "You hear about this
            happening other places but you don't think it will happen here." Letter carrier Todd
            Boles said this is the first time he has witnessed a bomb scare at the Oshawa post
            office and said he was told by colleagues the suspicious envelope was bulky and had
            no postage on it. "You never know with this stuff, you can't be too careful," he said.

            By 9:30 a.m. police had detonated the package with a loud bang and employees were
            allowed back in the building soon after. According to Albert Lee, a spokesman for
            Canada Post, there are several things that might prompt an employee to flag a
            package as suspicious. "Something like an odd smell or an odd stain or the way it is
            addressed even. We have a checklist posted for staff to refer to," he said. "In this
            case, we followed all the protocols to the letter. Safety is always of the highest
            concern for us."

                                                                                          More News

                               Suspicious Package Shuts Down Umass-Amherst Campus
            Springfield, MA--A suspicious package shuts down the campus of UMass Amherst for
            the morning. Officials found a bomb-like package just after 5am and quickly went into 10/26/2007
Mailroom Safety News                                                                                     Page 6 of 8
            action. "It was made out of a 30-pack of beer and it had wires and a battery, and
            there was fluid and white powder in it," says Glenn Ellis, the Buildings and Grounds
            Supervisor. A custodian found a suspicious package sitting on a desk in Herter Hall. He
            was about to move the box when he found a threatening note. "It was a typed sign
            that said, 'If this is moved it will explode,'" says Ellis.

            The State Bomb Squad was called in, and police blocked off the area surrounding the
            academic building, rerouting buses away from campus. "The police had a security
            perimeter established, there were police and fire on the scene so nobody could get
            near the scene," says UMass Spokesperson Ed Blaguszewski. "It was an isolated
            scene." While police investigated, administrators notified students and staff. Morning
            classes were canceled and students were urged to stay in their dorms. "I walked to
            the elevator and saw a sign on the elevator saying there was a bomb threat," says
            Freshman Mike Lane. "I got an email that said potential explosive device found in
            Herter Hall," says Sophomore Nicholas Ortolani. The sidewalks remained almost silent
            as students nervously awaited news it was safe. "We were all really nervous, we
            watched it on the news and called our parents," says Senior Tami Brumeister.

            Officials say it looks like this time it was all an elaborate hoax, but students say they
            were still wary to step back onto campus. "I'm not going in Herter," says Brumeister.
            School officials say a full investigation is underway and police spent the rest of the day
            gathering evidence and conducting interviews. But so far they have not released the
            names of any potential suspects.

                                                                                          More News

                           Texan Gets 40 Years For Abortion Clinic Bombing Attempt
            HOUSTON - A Texas man who earlier pleaded guilty to the attempted bombing of an
            Austin health clinic where abortions were performed was sentenced on Friday to 40
            years in prison, officials said. Paul Evans, 27, left a nail-packed bomb in the parking
            lot of the Austin Women's Health Center on April 25, but it failed to go off. Prosecutors
            have not disclosed why he wanted to bomb the clinic, but the Austin American-
            Statesman said Evans admitted in court on Friday he wanted to harm abortion
            providers. "I never meant for anyone, except for the abortionists, to get hurt," Evans
            told U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks. "I obviously have a lot of beliefs and honestly, if I
            had that day to do over again, I would change everything about it," the newspaper
            quoted him as saying.

            Sparks gave Evans the maximum 40-year sentence he faced after pleading guilty to
            the crime in July in a plea bargain with prosecutors. Evans was linked to the bomb
            through purchases he made at stores in Austin and Lufkin, Texas, and was arrested on
            April 27. He had previous convictions for aggravated robbery and burglary, officials
            said. "In America we are free to think and believe as we wish but no one has the right
            to force their beliefs on others through the use of fear, intimidation and violence," U.S.
            Attorney Johnny Sutton said in a statement.

            The National Abortion Federation, which tracks violence against abortion providers,
            said Evans' attempted bombing was the only "major attack" against an abortion clinic
            this year. It said 41 abortion clinic bombings have occurred in the last 20 years, with
            the last one reported in 2001.

                                                                                          More News

                     New Hampshire Hospital Employee Charged In Fake Bomb Hoax
            PORTSMOUTH, N.H. -- Portsmouth police have charged a Portsmouth Regional
            Hospital employee with planting a fake bomb at the hospital during the weekend and 10/26/2007
Mailroom Safety News                                                                                      Page 7 of 8
            are investigating him in several other crimes around the hospital. 21-year-old Steven
            Mullins of Dover was charged with placing the device outside the emergency room
            Saturday night. Police Captain Janet Champlin said police believe Mullins also is
            responsible for a number of other crimes in and around the hospital. She said other
            charges are expected. Mullins was a maintenance worker, but has been fired and
            barred from grounds.

                                                                                            More News

                            Terror Exercise Drill Believed To Be Cause Of Bomb Scare
            PORTLAND, Oregon: The largest U.S. terror exercise inadvertently sparked a real
            terror scare, briefly shutting down commuter trains and several blocks in a busy part
            of Portland after bomb-sniffing dogs alerted their trainers to a possible threat. But it
            appeared to be a reaction to traces of explosives in cars belonging to federal and
            military personnel that were parked Thursday at a hotel garage, according to Sgt.
            Brian Schmautz, Portland Police Bureau spokesman.

            Thousands of federal, state and local officials have been conducting a terror drill here,
            called TOPOFF 4, since Monday. The dogs were part of a sweep of the DoubleTree
            Hotel near the busy Lloyd Center Mall before Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff
            arrived during his visit to Portland to participate in the TOPOFF drill, Schmautz said.
            "It's very unusual to have a concentration of military and law enforcement vehicles in
            the same place," Schmautz said. Explosive residue can get "baked in" to vehicles, he
            said, noting that members of the Portland police explosives team frequently set off
            alarms in airports because residue is in the fabric of their clothing. A light-rail line in
            the area was halted and streets were blocked off before 2 p.m. but everything was
            getting back to normal after 4 p.m., officials said.

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                                                       Other News (That We Couldn't Fit In)
            Here's a sampling of of other news stories that we didn't have room for in the
            newsletter. They can be viewed and read in their entirety on our website. Just go to
            the Mailroom Safety News page of our site:

                  Local Businesses in Georgia Participate in Bioterror Attack Response Preparation
                  GAO Report Cites Waste In Anthrax Vaccine Cache
                  Bomb Scare at UK Post Office
                  White Powder Scare At Australian Parliament
                  Condos and Country Clubs in Florida Enlisted to Assist During Bioterror Attack
                  Insects May Be More Effective Than Anthrax in Terror Attack
                  Senate Panel Votes to Extend Terror Insurance 7 Years

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