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           A Practical Guide to Government Contract
                      Proposals (GEB1120)
 Our courses are conducted            I.   Brief Overview of Fiscal Law                    c.   Building a Template
                                           a. Authorizations and Appropriations                 1. Tasks and Subtasks
   by seasoned business
                                           b. Who (really) Holds the Purse Strings?             2. Calendar and Fiscal Year
 people, with many years of                c. Color of Money                                          considerations
 experience in the industry.          II. Who Can Help?                                         3. Period of Performance
                                           a. Organizations                                d. Elements of cost
                                                 1. Government                                  1. Labor
     Dates and locations:                        2. Commercial                                       (a) Individuals vs. category
                                           b. Large Businesses and their Small                            pricing
Orlando, FL      03/06/08                        Business Contracting Plans                          (b) Mixing and matching
Arlington, VA 03/27/08                     c. Network, network, and network –                        (c) Escalation
                                                 Did I mention networking?                           (d) Uncompensated Overtime
Las Vegas, NV 05/08/08                II. Finding a Need                                        2. Travel
San Jose, CA 07/10/08                      a. Federal Business Opportunities
                                                                                                     (a) Federal Travel Regulations
                                                                                                3. Material
                                           b. Small Business Innovative Research                     (a) Bill of materials
 All classes will run from 9 am to               (SBIR) Program                                      (b) Basis of quote
4:30 pm, with registration starting        c. Small Business Technology Transfer                4. Subcontractors
                                                 (STTR) Program                                      (a) Request for Proposal
    at 8:30 am. A continental              d. Broad Agency Announcements (BAA)                       (b) Proprietary packages
    breakfast will be provided.            e. General Services Administration (GSA)             5. Other Direct Costs
                                      III. Filling a Need                                       6. Bases of Estimate
                                           a. Request for Proposals (RFP)             VI. Proposal Preparation – Phase 3
                                           b. Invitations to Bid (IFB)                     a. Assembling the volumes
                                      IV. Proposal Preparation, Phase 1                    b. Exceptions to contract terms and
       Tuition: $395                       a. “Shredding” the RFP                               conditions
                                           b. Sections of the RFP                          c. Validity period
We do offer discounts for mul-                   1. Statement of Work                      d. Submission
                                                 2. Section K                         VII. Cost or Pricing Data
tiple attendees as well as on-                        (a) ORCA                             a. Defending Your Proposal
 site training. Please contact                   2. Section L                                   1. Indirect Rates
                                                 3. Section M                                   2. Direct Labor Rates
         us for details.                              (a) Best Value Procurement                3. Supporting Documentation and
                                                      (b) Past Performance                           Quotes
  Registration will close one              c. Roles of the Responders – Internal           b. Negotiations
                                                 Team Formation                                 1. Certificate of Current Cost or
  week prior to the course.                      1. Technical                                        Pricing
                                                 2. Contracts                                   2. Confirmation of Negotiations
 To register, please visit our                   3. Financial
                                           d. Roles of the Responders – external
          website at:                            Team Formation                       Because we don’t live in a static world, some course
                                                 1. Subcontractors                    content may vary slightly in order to provide the most                              2. Teaming Agreements
                                                 3. Proprietary Data Exchange
                                                                                      current information available.

     1809 E. Broadway Avenue                          Agreements
                                      V. Proposal Preparation – Phase 2
            Suite 349                      a. Bottoms-up vs. tops-down pricing
        Oviedo, FL 32765                   b. Pricing Strategy
                                                 1. Contract Type
    Phone: 407-349-3955                          2. “Buying In”
     Fax: 407-349-1448                           3. Fee

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